The Lion King 3:

Kovu's Reign

Part Six

Sauda came up behind Vitani as she stood up.

"The coronation's beginning, Vit."

The two of them ran down to see their new leaders, giggling like cubs as they went.

Rafiki stood before the pair, waving the staff above them. He then stepped up to paint the ceremonial markings on them. Vitani's eyes filled with tears of pride. "That's Kovu out little brother!" her thoughts proclaimed. "I hope he does a good job," she said to herself.

"He will, Vitani...he will."

At first she thought it was Sauda, but she was transfixed on the ceremony before them. Then Vitani saw the pair of reddish eyes again, and knew. "How do you know?" she demanded of Zira.

"It's one of those mother things."

Then Rafiki stepped back as Kovu and Kiara stood proudly before their pride. The wild cheers came up as the lionesses celebrated their new king and queen.

Rafiki then left to his tree. He gazed in fond remembrance at the long-ago paintings of Simba and Nala, and those of Kovu and Kiara beneath them. He smudged the drawings of the now-dead king and queen, and then painted the royal markings on Kovu and Kiara.

A week after, the announcement came that Kiara had borne a cub. Weusi, so named for his dark pelt, was carried up to the top of Pride Rock by Rafiki and held aloft.

Zira sighed, in a voice only heard by Vitani.

"The new generation has begun..."