Wekundu Hewa juu Wekundu Kiwara


"I hate hyenas," Kianga spat, laying beside a tree. Jito and her newborn son, Kilio, were next to her.

"They're so ugly," Jito chimed in.

"And bad mannered."

"And they stink! I bet Aiheu himself can smell their filth!"

Najisi stepped up from behind them. "Well, at least they don't gossip about their pups."

Kianga startled. "Aiheu be great! Don't do that, Najisi!"

"So what can I do to you?"he purred, running a paw along her tawny body. Kianga stared at the dark lion that was nearly on top of her. "Wait till I'm in season, 'Jisi," she replied calmly.

Nyotakweu chuckled. "If you two can take a break from your moment of intimacy, I can tell you my message."

"Well?" they asked in unison.

"The cheetahs were having another meeting. I suspect they're planning to usurp the throne--I heard one of those scumbags mention Mufasa--you know. New king of the Pride Lands? Anyway, I figure we either beat 'em to the Pride Lands or just kill 'em and blame the hyenas for it."

Najisi wordlessly walked to her, then extended his claws and slapped Nyotakweu in her right cheek. She fell back, bleeding freely, gritting her teeth against the pain.

"Idiot!" he spat. "Do you really think that they'd let us in there?! About the only way we'd get in is if a shred of our flesh fell past the border! We're rogues!"

She slowly rose up. "If you hadn't challenged that worthless scrap of flesh Ahadi for his wife, maybe we wouldn't be this way." she said flatly.


She laid a paw behind his head. "Yes...worthless..."


"Kivumbi? C'mon. We're going to that meeting."

The face of a she-cheetah cub appeared from behind the tree. "Ah, mom, me an' Zulia, we dun' like meetin's, right, Zu?"

A younger male cub appeared next to her. "Yah. Meetin's 'r jus' annudah' way o' keepin' us cubs bored!"

Mcheza's muzzle twisted into a smile. "You cubs," she chuckled. She picked up a rather disagreeable Zulia by his scruff. “They have antelope haunch there,” she mumbled around his fur.

“Antelope haunch! Ya’ kiddin’, mom! Pullin’ my paw! C’mon, bro, we’re going to Pride Rock.”

“Did I have a choice?”


“Look, there they go!” Nyotakweu cried, pointing to the cheetahs. “They’re off to kill Mufasa, no doubt!”

Kipenyo, who was off in the shadows, raised his head. “Or maybe they’re just hunting so they don’t drop dead, you idiot.”

Najisi was on him in an instant, sinking his claws down through Kipenyo’s right shoulder. He shrieked like a kitten. Najisi just scrabbled down with his claws until he hit bone.

Nyotakweu just stood there in shock. Najisi finally released him. Kipenyo darted, dripping blood as he ran.

“You...you attacked him...just because of what he said,” she gasped.

“It’s just one of those...things.”