The Tournament of Death


This story was written by me, Dave Castle, or as im usually called, Xaal. Kovu is the only character I grabbed from Disney, and I thank them for making such an awesome guy. All made up characters are my creations, and if you would like to borrow them, you can e-mail me here

-> YES, this is a story of Kovu AND the Lion King

if you must be warned, this short story has large amounts of adult content(sex NOT being one of them), so turn back if you cannot handle this. here we go


Chapter 1 Forced to Kill


            Kovu woke suddenly, his vision a drunken haze of moving objects. The last peaceful sight he saw was of beautiful Kiara, his loving and, to him, very attractive mate. Kovu felt that he was enclosed by a cold object, with cold bars surrounding him. Kovu felt more nauseated then ever, and fell to unconsciousness again.

            Kovu woke again, but he woke in a more visible area. His vision was no longer a haze, but just as it had been before. Sharp. Kovu was wakened by the strangest creature to walk the earth. It had only two paws to walk on, and it used its upper two for handling things. It stood upright, and Kovu could see no fur at all. it reminded him of Rafiki for some reason. At last, he had seen the rumors he always thought were lies. He was staring at humans.

 It prodded him with a stick through the container he was in. The cage was composed of something that was harder than rock and colder than death, he thought. The human prodded him again, and Kovu lost his patience with the thing and growled at him and bit the object. The human pulled it back, and with anger, stabbed at Kovu with it. Then, the human grabbed a piece of meat and threw it into Kovu's cage, and walked to the next cage. The next cage? Kovu looked and saw that he was not the only Lion, but all the other cages were populated by Lions!

"Don’t fight them." He heard a voice ahead of him.

"They will kill you in the end." The voice said again.

Kovu looked forward and saw another lion, much larger than he, also imprisoned by a cage. This lion had a pitch black mane and a deep brown pelt just like Kovu's, and his body was built well, and even had a long scar on his left forepaw. another small but noticeably deep scar populated his right cheek.

"Who are you?" asked Kovu.

"My name is Xaal. And I want to help you get out of here."

"HELP ME?!?" Kovu was angry, "Why the HELL would you want to help me?!?"

"You stood up to the human. Most lions wouldn’t even dare look at them." Xaal pointed at the dark skinned human who had prodded him earlier. The human looked over to Kovu and hit the cage with the stick, and yelled gibberish Kovu could not understand.

"Alright, what am I doing here?" Kovu asked patiently now.

"You've been selected to fight in an arena." Xaal said coolly.

"An ARENA?!?" Kovu raised his voice again, "Why in the name of God would I be put in an Arena?!?"

"Stay calm." Xaal said unexpectedly.

"What?" Kovu said just as a human with a large object behind him used the end of the object and clamped down hard on Kovu's ear, and immediately released. Kovu yelped in pain and stumbled to the side, hitting his cage hard.

"ARGGHH!!" Kovu said as he scratched at something on his ear, and heard Xaal shout,


Kovu looked up at Xaal with his forepaw closed tightly around his ear.

"Don’t rip it out, many lions have died because of that." Kovu was about to ask just as Xaal had answered his question, "I have seen it too many times."

And as if on cue, Xaal revealed his left ear, which was pierced also by a round object with what seemed to be a blinking orb that shined brightly.

"That hurt a lot." Kovu said as he rubbed his ear.

"Yeah, it does. I remember the first time I was here. they really stuck that thing on me! they didn’t want me to take it off." he said as he rubbed the thing on his ear.

"What happened to your wrist?" Kovu asked, totally ignoring the last remark.

Xaal looked down to his wrist and gave a grin of disgust as he looked at it. He looked to Kovu through his cage with a sad face and said,

“It was quite a while ago, when I was fighting for the first time.”

He paused and sighed.

“It was against another lion named Thel’Jak.” Xaal looked up to Kovu and said, “The Cannibal.”


“Shit. I cant believe this. They surely want me to die.” Xaal said to himself as he circled his opponent in the steel arena. His opponent stared at him with seemingly dead eyes, as the scarred and pale lion didn’t even blink. Thel’Jak was ugly, his eye color an unnatural white, leaving only his black iris visible. Thel’Jak continued to stare at Xaal, drool starting to drip from his ugly mouth. Suddenly, Thel’Jak approached Xaal slowly, silently taking each step cautiously, never taking his eyes off Xaal’s orbs.

“Li-Lion.” Thel’jak said with a raspy voice.

Xaal looked perplexed at him.

“DIE!!” Thel’Jak roared as he pounced Xaal, and landed his jaws squarely on Xaal’s right shoulder, catching him totally by surprise. Xaal roared in pain as Thel’Jak sunk his long teeth into Xaal’s shoulder. Xaal reacted by scratching and clawing at Thel’Jak’s side and back. Blood started to pour from the wounds, but it only made Thel’Jak bite down harder. Xaal could feel his sharp incisors scratching against his bone. Xaal was infuriated, and clawed as forcefully and as deep as he possibly could, and Xaal made new wounds as well as re-opening old ones, but Thel’Jak didn’t flinch. Suddenly, Thel’Jak released him, ripping away Xaal’s flesh as he backed out. Xaal felt his incisor cut something in his arm, then Xaal felt the most agonizing pain he had ever felt in his entire life. He felt his shoulder shift out of its place, and Xaal finally realized what Thel’Jak had done. He had dislocated his shoulder, and for good measure, ripped one of the tendons holding it together. Xaal roared as the pain grew, and Xaal was sure to faint if he didn’t do something quickly. Thel’jak watched him with a smile as he stood there, wanting to see what he would do. Xaal turned to a pillar in the ground, and slammed, as hard as he could, his dislocated shoulder into it. Xaal roared as he felt the pain increase. He did it again, and once more, and the last time felt a painful pop as his forepaw was popped back into place. His shoulder wound still bleed, which trailed down his arm, staining his orange-reddish pelt. The pain ceased incredibly. Xaal turned and faced his opponent, which had already a pool of his own blood at his paws. Thel’Jak’s wounds were deep and wide, and he had already lost a considerable amount of blood. Nonetheless, Thel’Jak stood there as if nothing had happened. Xaal charged him painfully, and pounced, with his claws extended. Thel’Jak parried, and swiped at him swiftly, blood trailing from his claw. Xaal rolled, and faced his opponent, wondering why he had taken the chance to finish him off. Thel’Jak, still bleeding from his many wounds, which stained almost all of his pelt now, smiled and pointed to his left paw.

Xaal raised a eyebrow at Thel’Jak as he saw no wound or special feature on Thel’Jak’s paw. Then Xaal looked down at his own and nearly screamed. Xaal had a huge laceration extending from his palm down to the middle of his forepaw. The wound bled and squirted blood, staining the cold floor. Xaal looked at his opponent while clutching the wound, who was charging him now, with almost impossible speed. Xaal lost his temper and caught Thel’Jak on the neck. The lion stopped, and started to back away as he Xaal clamped his jaws on his neck. Xaal clamped down hard, and ripped back his head as quickly and hard as he could. Blood sprayed Xaal on the face, and all he heard was the dying gasps of Thel’Jak as he tried to breathe. Blood poured like a water fall from his neck, splashing the ground and filling the ground with blood. Xaal held Thel’Jak’s throat in his mouth, watching as Thel’jak slowly fell to the ground, and suffocated. Xaal had defeated The Cannibal.


“And now, I’m still standing.” Xaal finished as Kovu stared at him with wide eyes.

“What kind of savages would do this to you?” Kovu asked him.

“The humans, of course.” Xaal said matter-of-factly.

And as if on cue, light ceased with a snap.

“What happened?” Kovu asked, still able to see Xaal with his sharp eyesight.

“Time to rest.” Xaal said.

“But…” Kovu said impatiently

“Kovu.” Xaal said.

“Yes?” Kovu answered.

“Ill help you out of this if you help me. Is that a deal?” Xaal asked from him.

“How do I do that?” Kovu asked

“Don’t die.” Xaal answered sternly.

Kovu laid down his head, and tried to sleep. If to kill was the only way to escape this hell, he swore he would kill all in his way. He then remembered his beloved Kiara, and knew that he would have to make that promise a reality, or he would die trying.



 Chapter 2 The Match


How was that? I will continue to make these stories until the end, until Kovu finally finds his way out. It wont be easy, but he will die trying. E-Mail me to tell me what you think. I will post the second chapter soon, so stay tuned.