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"The Murky Future"

A Fan-Fic By:
Victor Tarsus

***Author's Note***

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"This fan-fic contains names that are copyright to Disney for the years of 1994 and 1997 coinciding with the releases of the Original Lion King and Simba's Pride. The name's thus mentioned are copyright to me.

This List is a complete list of Characters, ones flanked by an "*" are copyright to me, V. Tarsus.


~ Mbele
Son of Kovu & Kiara(Name means War)*
~ Zuri
Daughter of Kovu and Kiara(Name means Love)*
~ Baridi
Son of Vitani & Askari(Name means Cold)*


Outsider King, mate to Queen Umla*
Outsider Queen, mate to Xan*
Only son of Xan & Umla, heir to the throne
Only daughter of Xan & Umla, successor to Searak's rule
King of the Pridelands and mate to Nala
Queen of the Pridelands and mate to Simba
Lead hunting lioness, daughter of Scar and Zira
Princess of the Pridelands, mate to Kovu, daughter of Simba & Nala
Prince of the Pridelands, mate to Kiara, son of Zira & ???
Former outlander lioness
Rogue Lion from the outlands(Name meaning Soldier)


Simba's personal assistant Major Domo Bird.
A witty Meerkat always around with his warthog buddy, Pumba
A rather gaseous warthog with a veracious appetite for grubs
A Cheetah who causes mistchife in the pridelands


The evening had already begun to cast its shadows upon Pride Rock when Simba returned with a few of the pride's lionesses close behind. Their hunting party had been sucessful to say the least. Their bellies showed their approval of their hunt. Simba was leading the hunting party back to Pride Rock when Zazu landed infront of him. Simba studied Zazu's face, but already knew it was bad or at least somewhat good news.

Chapter 1
"Deus Ex"

"Sire, I have come to report that Princess Kiara has now given birth to her first litter of cubs. She named the male cub Mbele and her daughter Zuri." Zazu reported with a bit of pride.

"Thank you, Zazu. Come on every one, lets get back to Pride Rock!" Simba enthusiasticlly said as he ran in the direction of Pride Rock.

it was now revealed that Nala, Desein & Vitani were the three lionesses with Simba. Vitani was a bit of a quite reserved lioness. She had no intention to be any ones mate, but refused to mate with Simba a few times in the past. She very well knew that it was not healthy to refuse to mate, but she was not ready for that commitment to a lion yet. She new her heat was soon to occur, but Vitani usually put it out of her mind until she was in that position to leave for a few days and walk off her seasonal heat.

As the hunting party of Pridelanders made their way back to Pride Rock, Simba's attention was caught off guard by Vitani's expressionless face. He then slowed to a halt kicking up sand and dirt as he stopped. He turned to see the face of his mate, Nala looking at him questioningly.

"What is it, dear?" she asked, a bit flustered.

"Nala, Desein? Go on ahead, I need to talk to Vitani alone for a moment." Simba said as he sighed a bit and panted as he caught his breath.

As soon as the two lionesses were gone, Simba confronted Vitani. He was neither mad nor happy.

"Vitani? I know you have refused to mate with me in the past, but i can see where you are coming from." Simba said slowly, letting his words sink into Vitani's willing mind.

"What do you mean?" Vitani said quickly as she sat down in a well mannered fashion, obviously a trait picked up when she was an outlander in Zira's pride.

"Well, you are an awesome hunter. I have not seen any of the others, including Nala hunt as well as you hunt. I believe you are putting service to the pride before your personal needs and wants." Simba said sitting down in front of Vitani.

"Thank you, Simba. I guess I do serve the pride more than tending to my self, but I only wish to do this for now. I am not ready to have cubs yet." Vitani said as she relaxed the way she was sitting.

"I'll honour your wish to remain cubless, Vitani. You have served the Pride with a never ending will to excel, but someday you'll find a lion in whom you'll entrust your love." Simba got up and started to walk off in the direction of Pride Rock again. Vitani followed suite, she now was a bit happier that she was even now praised by Simba him self for her service in the name of the Pride.

Later that evening, Vitani got her first look at her half  brothers cubs. They were just like their  parents, but reversed. Mbele's fur was just like Kiara's and Zuri was more like her father Kovu. She was amazed that these cubs were Kovu's. Kiara was cuddling both of her cubs on her folded front paws.

Vitani was about to leave, when Kiara spoke, "Please, come look at my children, Vitani. Their so special....don't you think?" Kiara said, sobbing for joy a bit.

Vitani ventured closer to the new cubs. She laid down infront of Kiara and smiled. The scent of her sort of nephew and niece were a little bit of joy for Vitani.Kiara;s eyes were tired and heavy, but she had enough strength to smile and shed some tears of joy for her special cubs.

Vitani, fell asleep there as well, as Kiara. Kovu and Simba saw the two lionesses sleeping from just outside of the main entrance of  Pride Rock. Simba was still a bit worried, but was a little bit more at peace after having spoken with Vitani. Simba turned to his son-in-law and spoke to him casually.

"I sense, that your half sister is very unhappy, Kovu." Simba said as he looked to the stars.

"Yes, she feels alone." Kovu said slowly and sadly.

"Alone? How is she alone?" asked Simba as he looked about the jutting rock formation of Pride Rock, for some of the other lionesses were enjoying some restful napping and quite conversation.

"Yes, she told me that she feels alone for the fact that you have Nala and I have Kiara. You above all else, have the right to mate with all the lionesses and you do that to a degree, but my sister wishes she had a mate of her own." Kovu said as he swished his tail around.

"Hmmm, well she won't let me mate her for that reason?" asked Simba as he looked to Kovu.

"Yes and no. She likes you a lot, but has no real relationship like love to give you. She waits for some one new." Kovu said slowly.

At that same moment, a couple hundred kilometres into the outlands, a fight was unfolding between the outlander pride and a rogue lion who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The rogue's name was Askari. A well seasoned fighter, but now he was out numbered by Xan & Umla's pride. He had already taken the life of one of the younger lion's who had mistaken his opportunity, for it had cost him a fatal wound to his neck. Askari surveyed the situation and made the decision to go on the    offensive. He knew that there might be a chance that he could get out of this fight alive, but he knew he was out numbered 7 to 1.

Askari, began to pace around the fallen body of the young lion who had feebly attacked him. Blood stained the dry dirt cracked land of the outlands. This somber thick liquid was most likely thing the land would see in a long time. The land fed off of death through out its vast void of desolation.

Askari was slowly backed up into a termite hive. Umla the queen of the pride of outlanders, was about to attack. Askari already sensed the tension in her mind and body. He always had a knack for that kind of thing, thus was the meaning of his name, a soldier. Askari, pushed harder onto the hive behind him. It gave way and he fell through backwards. Askari landed a few metres below on his back, however it did not injure him. He looked up and noticed that he had judged correctly, for Umla was now tumbling after him. Askari was already on his feet and darting off into one of the other caves.

By the time, Askari was hidden from view, Umla struggled to her feet.

"Get down here, you gutless idiots!" She roared up at the opening Askari had just made. Outside of the newly made hole, Xan pushed two of the others down the hole. One of them was another lion and an adolescent lioness. the lion land with his chest into a pile of smaller termite mounds and the lionesses fall was broken by his back. The trio was now on its feet. Askari laughed as he back away from his hiding spot deeper into the termite cave.

"Your going to die for invading our land!" scream Umla.

"You call this desolate waste, land? Ha! Your vision is clouded by your ignorance, Umla!" Askari mocked from the shadows of the caves he passed through.

"I was born here therefore it is my LAND!" Umla snapped back with deeper guttural growling.

"Spare me the sympathy you have for this termite infested hole, it does not suite a lioness to say this is her home!" Askari padded softly along a darkened ledge as he watched the three outlanders below. He was not trying to make his presence know, but it was all to tempting to mess with Umla's fragile mental state. However, he calmed his mood down. He was now ready to exit from this nightmare. He spoke one last time before heading into a small cave with light from shining through.

"This bores me, I think I have had enough of mingling with you termite eating lions, good bye and say hello to the bugs for me!" Askari said as he headed into the cave.

"Damn...Damn you Pridelander!" Umla roared after him, but her threats did not take any effect.

Askari emerged from the mound on the other side. Every one else was on the other side of the mound waiting, so Askari left even more quitter than he had arrived. Askari knew that he had made enemies this day, but he had no intention of letting a few undersized lions in a ragtag outland pride boss him around.

A few hours later, Askari lowered his pace to regain his pace from running. It was dark and cold that night, but Askari had no fear of the cold. He continued to walk. In the pale moon light, it was revealed that he was an impressively muscular lion. Askari's fur was a decent shade of yellow, much like Vitani's fur. His mane was darker shade of yellow which was more like bordering on being yellowish orange. His eyes were red and seemed to burn with an inner fire. His tail tufted swished from side to side, it too was the colour of his mane.

Askari continued to walk through out the night and into early morning. He was now at the border of Simba's Pride territory. He knew that the new pride he was about to encounter was stronger and heartier than the outlanders he had ran into around dusk of the following night.

Askari found a small stream of cool water and drank slowly from the cool refreshing waters. Just as Zazu had done for years in the service of the pride, he was doing his morning report when he came across a rogue lion drinking water from the stream that headed south of the prideland. Zazu turned about and headed back to Pride Rock with fright on his face.

Askari looked up and noticed that a bird was frantically headed away from him.

"So much for passing through unnoticed. Damn, I do not need to fight every pride I run into. I need to ask someone about my missing family...Perhaps this pride and its royal family might be lenient with me for passing by." Askari thought to himself.

It was not long till half the pride was there at the stream. Lead by Simba, the pride was more than ready for a fight. Askari looked up from the water where he had been resting. There he saw Simba growling. It was all the same to him, strange pride lions growling at him. he then spoke slowly before Simba could speak.

"Deus ex." He said slowly.

"What? What did you say?" Simba asked with a confused look on his face.

"It means "god from with in", if you did not know it, then you are to tell me where I might find the pride of Zira." Askari ordered as he sat down on the bank of the stream.

"She was defeated in battle, but most of her former pride members are now in my pride. You seek for her in vane." Simba replied a bit confused.

"Good, my vengeance was never completed, yet I feel that I might have not had the ability to control myself from killing her shaming my family." Askari felt a weight lift from his shoulders.

"Your family? Who were they?"

A Pride that was destroyed by Scar as he continued to press the borders of this land into the north. My family was killed, I was never even going to naturally see an active rule of the kingdom, but what is left to rule has been destroyed by Xan & Umla's outlander pride."

Askari held his head low and began to cry. He didn't notice that the Pridelanders were watching him in this moment.

He then began to speak, to him self, "Mother, I have not received the revenge I sought for, but know now that Zira is dead. I can now get on with my life."