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"The Murky Future"

A Fan-Fic By:
Victor Tarsus

***Author's Note***

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"This fan-fic contains names that are copyright to Disney for the years of 1994 and 1997 coinciding with the releases of the Original Lion King and Simba's Pride. The name's thus mentioned are copyright to me.

***Author's Note***

This is a partial list of new names that are affiliated with characters who were known to main characters in the past.

Deceased lover of Askari(name means Song)
~ Tamu
Deceased mother of Askari, Queen of the northern most outlands pride(Name means Gentle)
Deceased father of askari, King of the northern most outlands pride(name means Large)
Deceased sister of Askari(name means Offspring)

Chapter 2
"Omnipotens Ex Askari"

Simba had allowed Askari to rest up before he would eventually go about his business else where. Askari was sleeping soundly, but dreaming violently of his parents' death.On more than one occasion, there were two phrases that slipped into his mind. "Deus Ex" and "Omnipotens Ex". Omnipotens Ex meant Power with In.

Askari's mother had taught him those values. He was named after a great king in his past who had conquered many lands. The pride then was the largest it had ever been. Askari's mother would constantly remind him that he was that king reincarnated or something like that. The second return of Askari the Great. Over the years, the blood of Askari the Great mingled with outlander blood.

Askari today was more of an outlander lion than of his Pridelander ancestor. He however had no animosity against his appearance. It had won him the heart of his childhood friend, Wimbo. Askari also remembered almost all the details of his actual family compared to the rest of the pride. Kubwa  his father was a large, yet caring lion. Tamu, his mother was as gentle as she could be in the outlands.

Finally his little sister, Mwana was only too young to realize the  significance of Zira's attack. This cub like ignorance, had costed her life. Askari was too young to really know what was going on, but promised to seek revenge once he was old enough to travel as a rogue lion.

Askari woke up late in the night to see no one around. He slowly got up and walked out onto the jutting rock of pride rock to see the moon gleaming rather softly in the night sky.  It was then that Askari noticed that the rest of the pride was down on the soft grass talking. Askari was not one to spy, but he thought he might listen on the conversation.

Quietly, he walked to the edge of the cliff and listened.

"So, then. Any one have any ideas when Zira's pride attacked Askari's pride?" Simba asked a bit causal, yet remaining formal.

"Well its hard to say, Simba. My mother tried to expand our borders in the outlands a few times as Kovu and I grew up." Vitani said as she sat next to Kovu and Kiara.

"Hmm, then it is safe to assume that your mother had failed in one sense. She left an extremely strong cub alive or did not know of his whereabouts when she and the pride attacked." Simba said, but it was more like a question to himself.

"So then, what will we do about Askari. His words, "Deus Ex" are known to Rafikii. They mean do mean God From With In...." one of the other lionesses said as she yawned.

"Not to mention I heard him talking in his sleep while we rested in the cave. He spoke Omnipotens Ex, which Rafikii said was Power With In. Askari could either be a threat or a great ally." Vitani said as she too yawned her tiredness away.

"Well its late by any means. We all should go to sleep." Simba said as he stood up.

Askari walked away from the ledge and into the cave. He fell asleep where he had been sleeping most of the night. He was not entirely sleeping when the Pridelanders walked past him to their resting places. Vitani, looked down at the sleeping Askari and smiled a bit. She only now noticed how much he looked like her. She continued to walk to where she usually slept.

Askari slept more sounder this time. His dreams were a common thing, but came and left at their own accord.

The next day started out simple for the Pridelands, but trouble in the form of hyena clans were spotted by Zazu in the early morning.  To Askari's surprise, no one was around, except for Vitani who was still sleeping. He looked down upon her, knowing she was from Zira's pride, but harbored no resentment towards her.

To Askari, Vitani made a conscience choice to defy her mothers orders and leave her pride for Simba's. Askari however instead saw strength in Vitani, a strength he had only saw once before. His own strength in the years that led up to his rogue lifestyle.

Askari woke Vitani up, quietly. He then spoke, "Where is everyone?" he asked.

"Vitani was a bit disoriented, but then replied, "I thought I heard Simba say earlier that hyenas were in the Pridelands. Why do you ask?" Vitani said sitting up.

"Well, I'm actually in the mood for a good fight. want to check it out?" He said, uneasily.

"Sure, why not." Vitani said as she stood up and stretching a bit.

Out in the middle of the fields of the Pridelands were the rest of the pride, fighting off the hyena invaders. They were of no real special skill, but seemed a little too organized in their attack patterns. Simba was in front of the group of lionesses with him. All of whom were snarling at the taunting hyenas. Simba had one of the hyenas pinned down while he tended to several other hyenas who were preparing for an attack only meters away from Simba.

A far bit back were Vitani and Askari running to Simba's aid. Vitani was a bit amused that she was out running Askari. Askari saw that she was enjoying the lead, so he kicked up his speed and over came Vitani's speed. Vitani saw this and was amazed. She had never ran as fast as this with someone of equal abilities. Vitani thus picked up her pace, only to match Askari's. She was running as fast as she could go, but she could only match his speed. The two were now neck and neck with each other. Askari took the opportunity to increase his pace even more, leaving Vitani behind a few meters.

Again, Vitani was amazed, someone who she had never known was over powering her skills. Askari was running well too fast for Vitani to catch. Askari slowed down to stop at the location of the fight. Vitani came up close behind him, ready to attack any of the hyenas who were there. Askari had already singled out one of the hyenas who had attacked Simba. As fast as the scuffle had begun, the hyenas front legs were severely broken in a few places.

The remaining 8 hyenas saw that only one lion had rendered one of their kin, immobile, thus they turned on Askari. The first two were knocked away, but the third had clamped its jaws around Askari's front right paw.This infuriated Askari, thus he began thrashing the hyena around until it was on its back. Askari, took that moment to rip its neck around with his powerful teeth. The hyena let go of his grasp of Askari's paw and thrashed about violently dying from his fatal wound.

Two of the other hyenas came up behind Askari. He however was quick to respond to their presence by falling backwards onto his back and then onto his feet. One of the hyenas received a broken leg while the other got up and faced Askari head on.

Askari roared a few times as the hyena continued to laugh as he circled around him.

" killed my brother! Die lion!" the hyena howled as he lunged face first at Askari.

Askari did not bother replying to the hyena with words, but a counter move. Askari caught the airborne hyena in his jaws. Askari thrashed the already helpless hyena around, smacking the hyena on the ground a few times. Finally, Askari whipped his head to the left and let the hyena go flying. The motionless body struck a rock a few meters in front of Simba and crumpled to the ground. Simba looked up from the hyena who he was pinning down.

Simba was all too amazed that this outsider was already proving to be a great ally. The last hyena who remained back up against a wall, fearing for his life. Askari approached  the cowering hyena with his teeth bared and deep threatening guttural growls escaping his throat as he moved closer.

"Please, show mercy! I only followed my masters orders! I didn't want to be here!" the cowering hyena feebly pleaded for his life as Askari got closer.

"Why should I believe you!?" Askari growled.

"You wouldn't hurt a helpless hyena who just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, would ya?" The hyena was now visibly crying, an un-usual thing for a hyena to do, since all they did was laugh.

"Fine, get out of my sight, before I change my mind." snapped Askari as he made all the movements to conclude he was going slash at the hyena with his right paw.

The hyena cowered off, rather quickly into the morning mist. Simba looked to Askari who was calming down. Simba then looked to the rest of the pride. All were looking at him, speechless, awestruck, amazed. Of those who were at least awestruck was Vitani.

Simba walked up to Askari and stood over him as he sat in the grass catching his breath. Askari looked up and into Simba's eyes.

"What? Are you mad or something?? I could have never come out here with Vitani...if that is what you preferred...." Simba only smiled in response to Askari's words.

"No, I have never seen precise combative skills like that before now. It would be an honour if you would join my pride, Askari." Simba spoke with a deep resonating pride, that all the lionesses and Kovu were caught completely off guard.

"So.....what of a position?" Askari asked as he broadened his sitting stance.

"You'll take your direct orders from Vitani as a hunter and guard of the pridelands." Simba announced.

"Vitani? I belive you and your subordinate should get to know each other. Go out and hunt for a bit while the rest of us clean this mess up before the rest of the hyenas return in force.

Vitani was more than shocked at Simba's orders. She had not believed that Askari would be accepted into the pride to begin with, not to mention actually be her subordinate in rank. Vitani straightened her stance and spoke, "Yes, Sire." Vitani then walked over to Askari and sat next to him.

Once the rest of the pride was gone, she looked to Askari. The expressions on his face showed her even more of his personality. She then spoke.

"Where on earth did you learn to fight like that!?" Vitani said with a smile on her face.

"Ha, learning is not my strong suite, Vitani. I guess I only discovered my abilities 2 years ago when I entered the rest of the outlands in search of your mother. I found my self on the second day surrounded by wild dogs. They of course like my self were starved. I thought was doomed, but I found my self predicting their moves and countering them with brutal and fatal attacks. The moments after the battle were like I had woke up from a long sleep. I ate their flesh, as it was survival out there, but paid honour to their efforts of survival." Askari slowly spoke, he was still catching his breath.

"You mean, that you had these abilities?" Vitani asked, more then confused.

"Deus mean god, it was my given name by my mother, but my father demanded me named after his ancestor, Askari the King of the Northern Outlands. Ex was the other part of my name, meaning From In. Thus my mother thought I might have been a normal lion with another form inside of me in the form of a god. Thus Deus Ex means God From With In." Askari tried to explain this to Vitani, but it too confused him.

"I don't understand, but for now I'll stand by and watch over you as my rank dictates." Vitani almost sounded as if she was mother, but she quickly dismissed that feeling in her mind.

"Fine with me boss, where do we start today?" Askari sounded a bit like a child, but was just having some fun.

Vitani smiled a bit and shook her head at Askari's joke. She then stood up and looked down upon Askari.

"We will head to the eastern portion of the pridelands and patrol that area, perhaps we can chat some more there?" Vitani said as she stretched out a bit.

"Ok." Askari said as he too stood up.

Vitani turned to face Simba who was licking some of his minor wounds.

"Sire, we will patrol the eastern quadrant of the pridelands." she said as she turned to walk eastward.

Simba nodded as fashionable as he could. Askari got up and followed Vitani closely. For the first time in a long time, a thought had entered his mind. A thought of fondness for Vitani. Askari followed for a about half an hour until their patrol round was done in the eastern part of the pridelands. Askari came up beside Vitani and sighed.

"Whats the matter, Askare?" She said slowly.

"Its Askari, thank you and I was just thinking about how lovely this land is." Askari systematically corrected Vitani's mistake, for it was a habit.

"Sorry, yes, this land is wonderful. I was born here, but extenuating circumstances lead to my mothers banishment along with me and my brothers Nuka & Kovu. I was raised to hate Simba's pride, but I realized the error of my ways during the last pride war between my mother and Simba. I am at peace here in this pride...." Vitani over drew her last sentence, but Askari obviously saw the truth in her words, for he was smiling.

"Well, you seem not too fully happy. What truly troubles you, Vitani?" Askari asked as he sat down in the tall grass of the Savannah.

"Well, I am lonely. I see Simba and Kovu with mates, why not me?" She admitted this a little uneasily, but the idea was sent clearly across the gap between her and Askari.

"Open your self up to new things, you'll benefit from the experience as a mate and mother. All I live for is to serve my undying need to reveal Deus Ex from my mind."  Askari spoke as if he only sought truth for his own personal goals, however this was not the case in the murky future of Simba's Pride.

"What? You make your gift out to be just yours. You could share it." Vitani said looking to Askari who was looking up at the pristine blue sky.

"Share it? How would I even accomplish that!? I don't know anything of it, let alone share it with others." Askari seemed a bit sad for a moment, but brushed the tone out of his voice.

Vitani sensed the sadness he had just suppressed. This too made her sad. Here was a lion with a gift  of foresight, but unwilling to share it and sadness tainted him. Vitani's head sank low for a moment.

"Why are you sad?" She boldly spoke her mind.

" I sad.......i-i lost the love of my life...........I feel unworthy to sustain a sane state of mind knowing that Wimbo is dead. My mother, father, Kubwa and my sister Mwana are all dead. I should not have been spared..." Vitani listened and finally cut in after he had spoken of death.

"Now stop that right now! You were spared my mothers hatred for a reason, perhaps to be with me.....who knows!" Vitani spoke what was on her mind and felt even more proud for having said it.

"What? What did you say?" Askari quickly said as he looked up from his tears soaking the dirt.

"Nothing, you just need to live more to find out what your gonna do and be in life." Vitani spoke a little too, quick.

"My ears are not stupid, lioness, you said with me. What did you mean?" Askari demanded as he stood up.

"Ok, so your not deaf. Sorry for insulting you, but I spoke what was on my mind and love is that thing." Vitani clearly spoke her mind, but at what cost. She dreaded his response, but waited.

"Well, its been a long time since a lioness said anything like that to me. We'll see what the future has in store for us both."

The two patrolled a bit longer in the eastern part of the pridelands and finally walked back to pride rock around early evening. There was no dialog between Askari and Vitani, but both of them were smiling. If one could see closely, they just seemed to enjoy each others company and did not do anything stupid like talk to break that joyful time.

Soon, Pride Rock was in sight. Askari felt a bit of an itch on his chest and stopped to scratch it free of his fur. He used his right paw and scratched his chest. As soon as it was gone, he picked up his pace. Vitani waited for him, which was unusual because she was usually very impatient withe the rest of the pride.

Askari stretched his neck as they continued to walk back to pride rock. One could hear his neck vertebras cracking, but Vitani paid no attention to the noise. Before long. Vitani felt an unusual feeling. She looked behind her to see Askari's tail brushed against hers. He was yawning at that moment.

When he stopped, Vitani spoke, "Askari? Don't stop?" She said playfully.

"Stop? Stop what?" He asked confused as he finished his yawn.

Vitani did not answer, but instead she put her tail around his.

"Oh, that?" he said with a large sheepish smile on his face.

"Yes, that." Vitani said all the while nodding.

Back at Pride Rock, Simba could already see the two coming home from their patrol. Simba smiled a bit knowing that Vitani might have just found that special someone to call a mate. When Vitani and Askari got back, some of the other lionesses in the pride backed up.

They mostly saw that Vitani had feelings for Askari, thus they made the choice not get in her way of talking to Askari. Vitani saw their actions and respected a bit more for it. Simba walked over to Askari and spoke softly.

"I need to talk to you alone, Askari." Simba spoke slowly to let his words sink in.

Askari got up and walked with Simba for a ways and stopped with Simba stopped.

"Askari. You know that this pride already has two lions with mates. It is unusual for a third to have a mate in a pride. I mate with most of the lionesses, but Vitani has refused me more than once to be frank. You might be her special love. If I let you have her, you must swear an undying allegiance to me and any future members of my royal family."

"I pledge my undying service to you and your future kin. I shall be your to command in times of dire situations and Perle. I am and will always be a servant of the Pridelands." Askari said slowly as he sat down to show submission.

"I'm sure that in the future, when you are seeking Deus Ex, Vitani your betrothed will be there to help you through thick and thin." Simba proudly spoke as he turned to face his new pride member.

"Betrothed?" Askari asked.

"Yes, you and Vitani both have a gift. She is an excellent hunter and you are nothing like I have ever seen. God help your enemies if you were king." Simba said with pride in his voice.

"Do you really trust me with this power in a low rank in your pride?" Askari asked this to benefit Simba and himself.

"Yes, I sense tremendous good in your soul. You only need a place to mature and expand your abilities. You'll tried by many things, but I foresee a bright future for you and Vitani.

"If you are strong enough in your heart to trust me, than I'll honour you and stay here with Vitani as my betrothed mate." Askari said as he got up and turned to walk back to Pride Rock.

Before he had arrived, Nala was finishing her side of the bethral of Vitani and Askari for Vitani.

Vitani looked to her right and saw Askari walking up the path to Pride Rock. She got up and took a short run to Askari to meet him. They both smiled as they nuzzled each other. Vitani could not produce any words in her mind as her face brushed Askari's the blinding softness of his dark brown mane. Tears could be seen in both of their eyes.

Simba walked past the two and looked to the rest of the pride. He then spoke quietly, "Come one everyone. Askari and Vitani need to be alone for a while. They are most likely going to be up alright, so lets go and get some sleep."

Throughout the night, Askari and Vitani talked and enjoyed each others company. The morning came with out any mist or trouble. The night had been peaceful for both Askari and Vitani.

it was at this moment that Vitani would travel down new roads in her life. The life of a wife and mother were only just down the road and around the corner.