The sun rolled across the sky above the sweltering savannah.  It had been exactly one day since the Kiara had ventured into the Outlands, and Waka wasn’t being very nice to the little Princess.

            “ Hey Kiara!”  Pried Waka as he reached the water hole, “how did the Outlander smell?”

            “He didn’t!” Kiara defended her friend in the Outlands.

            “Well I bet I could just roll in the mud and it wouldn’t even know I was a Pride Lander!” Waka jeered.  Waka should have been such a bigot considering his background.  Waka had come to the Pride Lands as a cub with his mother during Scar’s reign as King.  When Simba took the kingdom he kept Waka, so when he was fully-grown he would not take over the Pride lands by force.

            Kiara was born to Simba and Nala a while after Waka and was the only heir to the throne, since her brother was assassinated.  This was why she was absolutely not allowed in the Outlands, for her safety.

            “ Well he is smarter and smells better than you ever will!” she countered.

            “Kiiiiiiiaaaaaaarrrrrrraaaaaa!” Nala called her daughter.  Kiara trotted away leaving Waka alone at the water’s edge.  While he was drinking Simba walked up to him.

“Waka I have good news for you.  Tanya didn’t produce any male cubs and any males younger than that are too young for Kiara.  I have no choice but for you to be future King.  Lessons start tomorrow.”

            Waka watched Simba leave and smiled as he looked out over to the Outlands, where someone’s training had already begun.

            Back in the Outlands, Zira was training her son to be future king of the Pride Lands. 

            Zira had been Scar’s Queen during the famine.  She was exiled after Simba’s son was assassinated and now lived in the Outlands with her teenage son Nuka who was as old as Waka and her cubs a girl named Vitani and a boy, Kovu, the outlander Kiara had met.

            Kovu was fighting with Nuka, and winning paws down. 

            “ Good, go for the jaw! Now the eye! Perfect!” Zira coached.

            “ Ooooww!” Nuka complained.  “He hit my nose!”

            “Well done Kovu,” Zira beamed at her son. “ It’s getting late, as soon as Vitani comes back with the news you can rest.”

            Within minutes Vitani had arrived panting, “Mom, Kiara has just been betrothed!”

            “ To who?” Zira demanded.

            “Waka, son of that lioness Faye.  He is the one.”

            “ Well Kovu will have to kill him too.  Thank you Vitani, now take your brothers to bed.”  Vitani and Kovu scampered off to the den, Nuka following behind, and Zira sat on a rock, watching the sun go down with a devious smile on her face.

            “Zira, I heard you plan to kill Waka, my brother.” Mona came from behind her.” Did you ask my mother?”

            “ Yes, she is giving me permission.  Are you ready?”

            “ I was born ready.”

            Years passed as all of the lions and lionesses grew.  Kiara was starting to hate Waka more every second and the tension wouldn’t stop building.  Finally it was the first day Kiara would hunt, if she killed something she would officially be an adult, and be married three days later.  The Outlanders knew this to, so they set their plan in motion. 

            Vitani and Nuka set the dry grass on fire as she was near them.   Kovu leapt to Kiara at Zira’s command

Kiara ran and stumbled and eventually rendered unconscious because of lack of oxygen.  Kovu found her and carried her to safety on the other side of the river.  Their Simba and the Pride arrived.  Kovu demanded that he would be given a chance in the Pride for saving Kiara’s life, and Simba accepted.  Waka was suspicious.

It took less than a week for the two to fall in love, and Waka noticed this, he also noticed that Zira, and her pride were always watching Kovu, as if expecting him to do something important.

            One day Kovu and Simba went for a walk.  They walked far, all the way to the border where the ashes of the fire remained.  Waka crept along behind.  

            “Fire is a killer, like Scar, but sometimes things can grow back better than the fist generation,” Simba said “ if given the chance.”

An evil cackle rang out in the air, and Zira’s pack appeared in the mist.

“ Well done Kovu,” Zira pretended that this was actually her plan, although it wasn’t.  “ ATTACK!”

            About a dozen lions piled onto Simba.  Kovu ran in to help his King, and was kicked into a tree.  Waka ran out from his hiding and came to the rescue, saving Simba, then turned to Kovu. “Traitor!” cried Waka and he leapt onto him. 

            Kovu retaliated, and bit Waka’s ears, and then Waka slapped Kovu’s face, leaving a scar exactly like Scar’s.  While Waka stared disbelievingly, Kovu leapt and knocked him over the canyon’s edge. 

            Eventually Simba escapes the Outlands, and makes it home.  When Kovu comes back to both homes he is exiled.  Then, through the nature of love Kovu and Kiara save both prides and restore the happiness to the Pride lands, get married, become rulers, and bear cubs.  Yet to this day only Kovu knows who really killed Waka, and that it was unintentionally, or was it?
























Characters © to Disney are: Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kovu, Vitani, Zira, Nuka, and Scar.

My Characters are: Waka, Mona, Faye