Taka’s Scar I


     Where did Zira come from?  Why did she love Scar?  What was a better reason to kill your own brother?  These are all frequently asked questions of the Ling King community.  Some explanations for why Zira and Taka had a connection is that they were mates.  I disagree.  Zira would be very, very old if this is the case and it just doesn’t make sense to me.  Here is my explanation to all of this confusion.  This story begins in the outlands.

            “Mother!” cried Zadi.  “ I am so hungry, where can we find some food!”  Zadi (ZAY-dee) was a scraggly light cub, with a brown stripe on her back, and blue eyes.  Her mother was the dark color of rouge.

            “Just be quiet about food!” grumbled Moko, her nearly black brother, his bangs nearly covering his eyes.

            “Hush!” their mother quieted them. “The hyenas are nearby!”

            “But mother….”Zadi stopped whining.  They were surrounded. 

            “Stay close their mother warned,” they did as were told.  The cubs heard wild laughing all around for hours until they reached the border.  “Let’s go.”  Their mother led them away from the Outlands.  After a while they were in sight of Pride Rock, and even a few minutes later Zadi spotted a small brown cub walk through the grass towards them.

            “ Hello,”he talked in a very dignified voice, “are you new to the Pridelands?”  They nodded.  “I canshow you around if you like.” 

            As the he turned around a larger golden cub came flying though the grass and landed on top of the brown one.

            “ Gotcha Taka!”  He smiled brightly and looked at the new comers. “Hi! My name is Mufasa, who are you?”

            “They’re new here Mufasa,” Taka was getting up slowly.

            “Oh,” he smiled again, “ would you care to see the Pridlands with me?  I’ll bring you all to my father, hes king you know, and I’m gonna be a king too!”

            Taka sighed and just sat there, staring at the ground as he watched Mufasa continuously talking to Moko, Zadi, and their mother.  Zadi looked back t Taka and left the others with Mufasa.  She walked over to him. 

            “ Are you okay,” she asked.

            “ Just a little depressed, that’s all.”

            “ Will you show me round?”

            He smiled “I’d love to.” 

            The years passed on, and all of the cubs grew.  Taka and Zadi became inseprable, Mufasa and Sarabi were no longer upset about their engagement, and Moko met Sarafina.

            After the Death of King Ahadi and Queen Uru, Mufasa and Sarabit took the throne, and Taka was given a side cave to live in.  Zadi often was with him in his cave, and was at that cave more than she was at the Pride’s cave where she was supposed to be.  Taka would often tell her to go back.

            “ Taka,” she would lay her head on his back “ you worry to much.”  Eventually they could hold back no longer and broke the code; they had a cub before Sarabi, who was pregnant.

            “ Taka,” Mufasa was calm with his brother, “ why could you not wait? It would only be a matter of about a week, and you would be allowed!”

            “ I’m sorry, I guess I didn’t heed the rules, shall we leave?”

            “ Of course not!  I don’t want you to leave, just follow the rules okay?”

            “ Yes your majesty” Taka was a little disturbed.  He went home disappointed.

            About a week later Sarabi gave birth and only a day later Sarafina did as well. Now there was a problem, Sarabi’s cub was a male, and Taka and Sarafina’s cubs were female, who would be the heir to queen of Pride Rock?

            That is where all the trouble began.  Taka’s cub remained unamed, and you all know who Simba and Nala were.  The fighting began. 

            One day Zadi left with her brother Moko to discuss which daughter was to be Queen.  Taka was worried for his wife.  After about an hour he became uneasy and left his cub to seek out Zadi.  He reached the gorge and followed the sound of their voices…

            “Nala will be Queen of the Pridelands!” Moko was shouting.

            “Nala is not of royal blood,”Zadi countered.

            “Taka is not royal!” Moko leapt onto his sister, pinning her down and hissed this into her ear.  Taka leapt out to protect his love.  Moko smacked Zadi hard, not yet seeing Tkak until he had tackled him, and threw him over the gorge.

            “ Oh no,” Taka was afraid, then looked at Zadi.  She was lying on the ground, and staring up at him took great effort.  He ran over to her, and looked inte her eyes.  She stared back, content, yet pained. 

            “ Zadi,” he soothed her with his voice, “you’ll be all right.”

            “ Go take car of our cub,” she whispered, and laid her head down onto the gournd muttering only one more thing, “I love you…” then she said no more. 

            “Zadi!” Taka cried. “No! Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me!”  He wept and lay beside her, until he was awoken by a firm shake.

            “Where is he?”  Mufasa demanded.  Taka looked up. 

            “ I didn’t mean to, I, it was an accident!” Taka pleaded.

            Mufasa loomed over him and struck his face. “You killed one of my best friends!  Nala is to be queen!”

            “ B-but, no!  He killed Zadi” Taka protested, he felt a drop of blood run down his face where Mufasa had scratched him.“You can’t—“ 

            “ Got to your cub Scar,” Mufasa hissed and left. Scar wandered off to his cave and cradled his little girl between his paws. 

            “ Got to sleep now,” He purred,”my little Zira.”