Taka’s Scar II

****Note: if you did not read Taka’s Scar read it…you won’t understand this one


            Stop teasing me!”  Zira whined. She was only a small cub and wished her father had been different.

            “Oh my!” teased Simba “Are you gonna scar us? Will your daddy scar us? Who will scar you?”

            “Stop!” She cried.  Simba and Nala laughed, then suddenly stopped.  Scar walked up and asked Zira to come with him. Simba and Nala can be heard giggling in the back. As Scar walks his daughter home Zira thinks about why they tease her; Stupid Jerks! If only dad would eat more and stop acting so darn depressed! I’m sick of it!

            “Dad,” Zira stated, “they always make fun of me! Why?”

            “ They are fools,”he mumbled, the shouted “MY BROTHER THE LEADING FOOL OF THEM ALL!”

            Zira backed into the corner.  Zadi’s death was still upon his mind, eating it away, like a parasite.  He had been spending to mush time with the hyenas.  He was going mad.

            After a few days Scar came home grinning widely.  He said nothing to Zira and left to talk to the hyenas.  He came after Zira had fallen asleep. 

            The next evening Zira saw Simba and Nala walking back from the Pridelands, heads down, behind Mufasa.  She looked for her father and could not find him in the Pridelands, so she left for the Outlands. 

            “Daddy!” she ran to him,” What happened?”

            He smiled, “You mean what will happen…”The hyena’s began to cackle hysterically.  Scar planned to kill the king, and his son.  Zira had a very negative feeling but did not object.  She was much too frightened of the hyenas.

            Scar’s plan worked perfectly.  He came back to Pride Rock and made the terrible announcement that both Mufasa and Simba were dead.

            “…. with great sorrow I take up the throne as king, King of a new Era when hyenas and lions join together and form a great power…” Zira sat aside and saw a tear roll down Nala’s cheek.  She suddenly felt sorry for her enemy. Why had she allowed her father to do this?  Now the hyenas were everywhere, had Scar lost his mind?  Was Zadi’s death just too much?  Zira was devastated.

            After a few years Zira and Nala grew older.  Zira felt something was going on that she knew nothing of with the lionesses, for whenever she approached the group of them chatting they immediately dispersed and left her alone. 

            One day Sarabi decided to send Nala and Zira out into the jungle.  Zira couldn’t believe her ears! She always felt left out.  Now perhaps she was being accepted.  After a few weeks, Nala told Zira she was pregnant with Scar’s cubs.

            “No!” Zira cried. “He wouldn’t!  I – there has to be a mistake!”

Nala shook her head sadly.  Zira was shocked.  She thought Scar would never do that, especially since Zadi had died!

“I am going to run away…that is why Sarabi asked me to go…. so I could escape.  You can go back and tell them that I died! Good Bye Zira!”  Nala left Zira standing alone. 

Zira was stunned and sat quiet for a few hours.  Then it became dark, and Zira was lost.  She did not know how to get back to Pride Rock.  Nala did.  Then Zira realized Nala had lied.

“They just wanted to get rid of me!!!” Zira sobbed to nobody, then whispered “why?”

At least she knew how to hunt.  She would survive the lioness’s treachery, and get her revenge….

After days of loneliness, Zira came into heat.  That is when a large rogue began to stalk her.  After a few days, when she was hunting, he stopped her by smacking her across the face. 

“Why did you do that!” she screamed at him.  He leapt onto her, pinning her down.

“Your choice: die or have a cub…” he was ready to kill.  We all know what she chose.

She got away as soon as she could, but it was not soon enough.  Soon she grew to hunger more and more, yet catch less and less.  Finally after weeks she produced a small scraggly cub, she named Nuka. 

Nuka tried to help her hunt, yet always seemed to be in the way. Soon she was faced with another problem.  Love.

A handsome male met her by a waterhole.  He was brown, and his bangs covered his eyes.  He looked at her kindness absolutely filled his eyes.

“Hello.” she said. “ What is your name? “

“ Does it really matter,” he paused “ Ok, name’s Basama, yours?”

“ Zira.”

“Odd name, why were you named that?”

“Oh, you mean why was I named “hate”, my father named me.”

“Wow. Do you come here often?”

“Yes, you?”

“Brand new.”

“Would you like me to…”


Obviously the two were in love.  Basama and Zira decided to bond until one died.  Soon after they planned to have cubs and Zira became pregnant. 

“Do you think we could find the Pride lands?”  Zira asked him.

“Sure we could.” He assured her.  “Let us run.”

As they ran Zira thought of ways and explanations that her father might agree to and let him stay. Father will need an heir to the throne, and there are no other males…she thought…maybe, just maybe.   Then the fires came. 

“I-I- can’t breath!” Zira gasped.

             “HOLD ON!” he yelled.  He dragged her up the valley and noticed Nuka was still stuck down at the bottom.

            “Nuka!” Zira cried. Basama leapt down from his safe perch and went to save Zira’s son. 

            “MOM!” Nuka screamed. Fire had begun to burn his mane.  It would never be a good mane, if he survived. 

            “ Uh!” Basama grunted and threw the cub into the air. Zira caught him.  Basama struggled up the slope, and a branch cracked.

            “NO!” screamed Zira “NO! NO!  NO!” she turned to Nuka and sobbed. “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!” She fell to the ground, wetting the dirt with tears that eventually became mud.  Her voice sounded old and hoarse ever since that day.

            After only another day Pride Rock was in view.  They had made it home…but the landscape was gray.  It was like a ghost town, only animal’s skeletons remained.  What if the pride left? She wondered. What if…? Her answer was clear when she heard a roar from the great rock.  They were still here.

            She made her way up the path to the structure, once a symbol of happiness and pride.  Now it was gray.  She lost her balance, for her cubs were to be born very soon, in less than a week, possibly even tonight. 

            “Why aren’t you hunting for us?” a hyena demanded. “We’re hungry!” 

            “You don’t recognize me?” She asked them.

            “Uh…who’s to recognize?” 

            “I am Taka’s daughter!” she replied crossly.

            “He wishes to be called Scar,” a harsh voice scattered the hyena.

            “I am Zira.” She proclaimed.

            “Zira?” He brightened up, a little. “Are you all right? You sound terribly hoarse.”

            “No, I have lived through treachery, terror, one cub, a dead love and a fire since you last saw me.”

            “Dear, dear,” He shook his head. “Shenzi, take my daughter to my cave.”

    The hyena led Zira to his cave.  She sat down, got comfortable and went to sleep.

When Zira had finally awoken, she heard voices coming from outside of the cave. 

“But you loyal subjects?” she could tell it was Taka, “have they put it behind them?”

“Simba, what is he talking about?” a lioness, it sounded like NALA! Zira felt a rush of anger, which was quickly followed by a surge of pain. 

“Now Daddy isn’t here to save you and everyone knows WHY!” CRASH!  Nuka squealed.  Zira heard the terrible crackle of flames, killing fire. 

“MURDERER!” Simba…

“So they can hear you!”

“I killed Mufasa!”

“AAAAAaaaaaahhhhh” Zira screamed in pain as the fighting outside commenced.  She could hear the death, the cries of pain, everything.  She had no help, to birth two new cubs.  After minutes that crawled like hours Zira spotted her father.

“DAD!” she yelped.  He did not here her.  Simba pursued him onto a ledge where Zira could not see.   After what felt like ages of frightening worries… she finally saw something, her father fell down the rock and lay limp at the bottom.  Zira left the den immediately, carrying a small brown cub, which was a male.

“Grab you sister,” she told Nuka and she left the cave, running to him.

“GET OFF!” she roared, and the hyenas left.

“Zira?” a weak voice.

“Dad, its me” she went to his side.

“Did you bring a cub with you?”

“Yes,” she trembled and pushed her newly born son toward him.

Scar made some ceremonious moves with his paw and said, “I name this cub, my heir and future king.” He coughed, “I love you Zira…”

“NO!” Zira moaned anguished. He began to cry, and tears soaked through her fur, and began to blend with the rain that wetted her as well.  Nuka sat next to her, unsure, and spoke nothing except…”its him…” she looked up.