El Rey Leon : The prequal








El Rey Leon: The Prequal


Part One

The Royal Birth







A mighy lion stood atop a giant rock formation, the backdrop rising up, as if  a shadow in the early morning sunlight. A light blue bird was flying toward the summit of the great rock. He landed at the lion's feet, and bowed deeply. The lion smiled. Down below, the animals parted to make way for the shamen Rafiki, who was coming to annoint the young princes. As the shamen walked to the base of the rock, the animals talked about King Ahadi's birth. King Ahadi had been a little spunky curious cub, just as his twin sons were going to be. HIs queen Akase was one month yonger. Many months beforethe king and queen had lost triplets- two boys, and one girl cub. The queen had given birth to three cubs in this litter, but she had lost the girl cub in the early morning hours. Her name was to have been Elanna. The names of the two boy cubs were not yet known. "I know it" the elephant said. "Ssh. it's Rafiki" the zebra said. The animals hushed. Rafiki paused for a moment, than lifted the tiny cub high into the air. The animals cheered. Rafiki nodded to Ahadi, and he came forward, with his mate Akase by his side. "His name is Mufasa!" Ahadi shouted to the animals of his kingdom. "Long live Prince Mufasa!" they shouted. Rafiki let the cub down, and took the second cub from Queen Akase, then lifted the cub high into air, above the cheering animals. "His name is Taka!" Ahadi shouted to the celabrating animals. Rafiki, than took both cubs in his arms and lifted them high into air. King Ahadi and Queen Akase smiled, proudly. Rafiki handed the cubs back to the queen, and one of her lionesses to let them sleep. Zazu laneded at Rafiki's feet. "The ceremony went well, dont you think?" Zazu asked the shamen. Rafiki nodded. "I dont think I saw Timba. Ahadi is mighty angry" Rafiki said. Zazu watched as the shamen made his way back to his tree. "Zazu!" the king called from above his head. Zazu glanced up. The king was high above him, on the summit, overlooking his kingdom. "Yes sire" the bird said,landing on the king's shoulder, surveying the kingdom with him. Zazu watched the great lion king closely. Rafiki was right. Ahadi had appeared angry all morning. "Tell Timba I want to see him. Prepare him for my arrival. Pronto" Ahadi instructed. Zazu flew off Ahadi's shoulder, and around the bend to the area at the back of Pride Rock. The king watched him, shaking his head, furious at his brother for missing his nephews' presentation. "Ahaid" a lionness said from behind him. He turned, and saw his mate standing there. "I take it Timba didnt show up" she said. He nodded. She came up along side him, and licked his cheek in a effort to comfort him. "He probably forgot" she said. She turned around and headed for the den. "You are in deep trouble with the king" Zazu told Timba, who snickered. "I'm in fear" Timba said, sarcastically. "He's as a mad as a hippo in the watering hole" Zazu said. "I'm really scared now" Timba said, sarcastically, coming near with a strange look on his face. "No, Timba dont look at me like that, no dont eat me" Zazu squaked. Timba snapped Zazu up in his mouth. "Timba, drop him!" the king shouted, racing toward his brother, who was trying to eat his majordomo. Timba spit the bird out, and Zazu hobbled toward Ahadi and hide behind his forleg. "I didnt see you this morning at the rock. Is something up?" Ahaid said. "That was today?" Timba faked his shock. "I feel simply awful" Timba said, trying to hide his anger at the fact that Mufasa, than Taka would become the next lion kings. Ahadi snorted. "These little furballs stole my rightful place in the circle of life" Timba snarled at his brother, the great lion king. But not for long Timba thought, smiling widly at the idea that was beginning to form in his head. Ahadi growled. "These furballs are my sons, and your future kings, if you live to see Taka claim the throne" Ahadi said, indicating his younger son, and second in line.  "Dont walk away from me Timba" Ahadi nearly shouted. "Oh no Ahadi, you shouldnt walk away from me" Timba said, looking back at his brother. "Is this a challenge Timba?" Ahadi asked, shouting at the top of his voice. "I dont have any plans of challenging you, but then again you lack when it comes to brute and strength" Timba said to his brother. "Get the hell out of my sight, now!, befor I ripe you apart" Ahadi shouted. Timba ingored his brother, and walked away.






The end of part one