The Lion King IV – The End of a Kingdom


This fanfic will continue and end the storyline of “The Lion King” in my way.

If you notice anything similar to the contents of this fanfic, tell me about it.

There may be character names that also appeared in other fanfics.

If that’s the point, I didn’t know it, I’m sorry but I won’t change it unless you tell me to directly per e-mail, in chat or in ICQ. And last but not least: The beginning and some other parts of this fanfic are different from parts of the first one, but you will see some scenes you may have seen in earlier fanfics again.

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These characters are (C)Disney:

Kiara, Kovu, Rafiki, Simba


The following characters are (C)Agnimon/Chaii/Garou (that’s me)


Ahnu, Aren, Nama, Taran, Vanar






1) Dire rain

2) Born under a dark star

3) Taran tells his tale

4) Tireless

5) Heart ache

6) An old enemy returns

7) The end of a kingdom

















Dire rain


The sound of short, fast breathing breaks through the silence of the night.

On a giant rock inside a cave, a group of lions is sleeping.

One of them, a lioness with a quite dark brown fur colour and royal blue eyes, seems to have a nightmare.


Mysterious voice: “Dark clouds will appear, covering the Pride Lands completely. When the hour is at it’s darkest, a ray of pure starlight will break through the clouds and touch Pride Rock. At that moment, the last one will be born. Born under a dark star, he will be the end of the kingdom... (Fading out) Born under a dark star...”






Familiar Voice: “Nama! Nama wake up!”

Nama: “What? Oh, it’s just you, Vanar.”


As the lion Nama is talking to walks out of the shadows, the light reveals his full body:

A big, strong lion with a brighter - but still dark brown – fur colour and shiny red eyes stands in front of her. He has a well grown mane.


Vanar: “What’s the matter? You seemed to be scared of something, so I thought it would be the best to wake you up... Was it that dream again?”


Nama nods.


Vanar: “You have the same dream since almost five days. Is there something bothering you?”

Nama: “No, don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Vanar (sounding worried but serious): Are you sure?


Vanar looks at her with a very serious look.


Nama: “Okay, I’m a bit nervous, that’s all...”


Vanar now lies down to her and gives her a big hug.


Vanar: “Nervous? Why?”

Nama: “Well... It’s almost time.”

Vanar: “You mean... It’s coming?”

Nama: “Yeah...”

Vanar: “That’s great.”


Suddenly lightning hits a tree near the Pride Rock, lightening up the cave.


Nama: What was that?

Vanar: “A lightning hit a tree. Don’t worry, we’re safe inside the cave.”

Nama: “I hope that you’re right.”


Another lightning hits the ground near another tree.


Nama (thinks): “But why did that voice in my dream sound so ... familiar?”

Vanar: “Try to sleep again.”

Nama: “I’ll give it a try”


He smiles at her one more time, then lies down and closes his eye.

Nama looks out of the cave and notices that the lighting stopped, but that it’s still raining outside.


Nama (thinks): “Born under a dark star...?”


After that, she also lies down and soon falls asleep.




The sound of short, quiet steps wakes her up.


Nama: “Taran! Where are you going?”


The lion who made the sound turns around.

He has light brown fur colour and green eyes.


Taran: “Out on a hunt. That’s not forbidden yet, is it?”

Nama: “But it’s still dark outside...”

Taran: “I don’t know why, but the clouds won’t disappear. They’re still there since the last night.”

Nama: “Is that so?”

Taran: “If you don’t believe me, just look outside. Everyone went out already.”


Nama does as she was told to and sees the dark clouds still covering Pride Rock. They even grew larger than before!


Nama: “That’s strange...”

Taran: “Yeah, whatever. I’m out of here.”


As Taran almost left the cave, Nama heard the mysterious voice talking again:


Mysterious Voice: “Born under a dark star...”

Nama: “Wait!”


Taran turns around quickly, looking a bit annoyed.


Taran: “What is it now?”

Nama: “Would you mind if I join you?”

Taran: “What? But you never wanted to-“

Nama: “Please...”


Taran rolls with his eyes.


Taran: “Alright. But don’t fall behind.”


With these words he runs out of the cave and Nama follows him.

After some minutes, Taran notices that Nama can’t run as fast as him, so that she becomes slower by every second. He tries to slow down a bit. Soon he just walks beside her.


Nama: “I’m sorry. I must be a burden to you like this...”

Taran: “No, you’re not. You’re just not enduranced enough. You don’t need to run if you don’t want to.”

Nama: “Okay...”

Taran: “Do you feel better now?”

Nama: “I don’t know.”

Taran: “A dream shouldn’t scare you that much.”

Nama: What? How do you know about that?”

Taran: “Vanar told me about it. However, it was just a dream.”

Nama: “It’s like watching a nightmare become truth.”

Taran: “The weather is just being odd, that’s all. It’s not related to your dream.”


Nama: “If it would just be like that...”


Then they stopped talking. After a few minutes of silence, they see a herd of antelopes.


Taran: “Be quiet now...”


He hides within the high grass, getting closer to the herd without being seen.

Suddenly, Nama hears a voice calling for help. Quickly she follows the sound of the voice that leads her to an old monkey who fell from a tree.


Nama: “Hey, Rafiki, are you okay?”

Rafiki: “Yeah, yeah, don’t worry.”

Nama: “Just what happened?”

Rafiki: “Oh, it’s embarassing... I climbed up the tree to grab one of the fruits for the following ceremony as the branch I were standing on suddenly broke off. I’m getting old...”

Nama: “You we’re just not lucky. You’re not old.”

Rafiki: “Thank you, but you don’t need to comfort me. I’m old and my end is near. This ceremony will be the last one for me...”

Nama: “Don’t say such things! It’s too sad...”

Rafiki: “My dear Nama, I know you don’t want to believe it, but you know that day will come...”

Taran: “What are you two talking about?”


Taran just came out of the grass.


Nama: “It’s nothing... Were you successfull?”

Taran: “Not really. They noticed me and it was already too late to get my paws at at least one of them.”

Nama: “So the big hunter was unable to get his breakfast?”


Nama giggles.


Taran: “Hey, even the best have bad days.”


Nama now starts laughing out loud.


Vanar: “What’s so funny?”


Vanar just joined the conversation.


Taran (to Vanar): “I were just not lucky at hunting today. (To Nama:) Will you stop laughing now?”


Nama tries to hold back the laughter.


Nama: “I’m sorry.”

Taran (to Vanar): “So, what are you doing here?”

Vanar: “I were hunting, but unlike you I were successfull. Noone was in the cave when I returned, so I started looking for you two.”

Nama: “Oh, were you worried?”

Vanar: “A bit.”

Nama: “Well, as you can see, we’re okay.”

Vanar: “That’s good. Now let’s get back to Pride Rock. Our breakfast is waiting.”


Later on.


Nama: “Look, it’s still dark outside.”

Vanar: “Is that even normal?”

Taran: “They’re still growing.”

Nama: “Like in my dream...”

Taran: “It’s not related to your-“


Before he could end the sentence a single lightning lightens up the cave as a shadow stands at the entrance. Everyone looks at it.


Voice: “You may not believe it, but it is...”


As the light finally expires, the weak outlines of a monkey can be seen.


Taran: “You again? Oh please leave me alone with your strange stories.”

Nama: “Taran! Yeah, he can be crazy sometimes. But the truth is that he is very wise deep inside. Ain’t I right, Rafiki?”

Rafiki: “Such nice words. Thank you.”

Vanar: “What do you mean, ‘it is’?”

Rafiki: “It is really related to her dream. No, I should say, it IS her dream. Or maybe it’s not a dream, but a vision of the future, sent to her by the great kings of the past.”


Taran rolls with his eyes.


Taran: “Not that one again... Excuse me, I’m out.”


He leaves the cave.


Nama: “But what exactly does it mean?”

Rafiki: “Maybe it’s a warning...”

Vanar: “Hey, how do you know about all that stuff?”

Rafiki: “King Simba himself told me about it.”

Vanar: “Can’t be. He died a long time ago.”

Nama: “Yeah, but the true family members can talk to their ghosts sometimes.”

Vanar: “’True family members?’”

Nama: “Only the ones of the direct blood line. Not the ones that came in after.”

Vanar: “That sounds crazy...”

Rafiki: “But it’s true.”

Nama: “So that dream really is a vision of the future?”

Rafiki: “Not exactly. It’s a vision of a possible future, means it can be changed.”

Nama: “But how? How do I do this?”

Rafiki: “I don’t know. You’ll have to find it out by yourself. At least you have much time to do so.”

Vanar (to Nama): “Say, what exactly were you dreaming of? The only thing I know is that these clouds are an important part of it.”

Nama: “As far as I can tell, it’s about the end of the Pride Lands...”




































Born under a dark star


Vanar: “The end of the Pride Lands...? But how could that be?”

Nama: “I...”


Nama suddenly feels ill.


Nama: “I don’t know...”

Vanar: “Nama, are you okay?”

Nama: “Yes, don’t worry about me.”


She tries to look happy, but soon collapses and falls asleep.


Vanar: “Nama!” (Fading out) Nama!”


Nama opens her eyes and only sees clouds.


Nama: “What do you want to tell me?”

Mysterious Voice: “Beware... The last one will be born soon...”

Nama: “Why is he the last one?”

Mysterious Voice: “Born under a dark star, he’ll be the end of the Pride Lands...”

Nama: “But how?”

Mysterious Voice: “When the times comes, you’ll receive the answer...”

Nama: “I don’t understand...”

Mysterious Voice: “Be prepared for the end... (Fading out) The end... The end...”


Suddenly she hears the sound of a familiar voice getting louder, calling for her.


Voice: “Nama... Wake up, please.”

Nama: “What... What happened...?”

Vanar: “You collapsed and slept for almost a whole day.”

Nama: “Really? I still feel sick...”

Vanar: “Don’t worry. That’s normal. You’ll feel much better soon!”

Nama: “I don’t think so...”

Vanar: “But-“

Nama: “How could I feel any better with such dreams...?”

Vanar: “It’s no surprise you had that dream again...”

Nama: “No, this time it was different... But still the same confusing as before...”

Vanar: “What?”


Nama sighs.


Nama (thinks): “What exactly am I talking about?”

Nama (to Vanar): “I don’t understand it.”

Vanar: “Me neither.”


Taran enters the cave.


Taran: “So, did she already wake up?”

Vanar: “Just some minutes ago.”

Taran (to Nama): “How are you?”

Nama: “Could be better.”

Taran: “At least you’re awake”

Vanar (to Taran): “Now leave her alone. She needs silence.”

Taran: “If she wants me to go, she can tell me to by herself, can’t she?”

Nama: “No, it’s okay.”

Vanar: “But Nama...”

Nama: “I’m fine.”

Vanar: “Are you sure?”

Nama: “Yes...”

Vanar (to Taran): “Okay, stay if you want.”


Tarans rolls with his eyes again.


Vanar: “Now that we’ve got that behind us... (to Nama) Can you remember what exactly you were dreaming now?”

Taran: “Another dream?”

Vanar (to Taran): “Be quiet please.”

Taran: “What?”


Nama: “As I said before, it’s different. But not completely! The same things appeared... But then there was this voice...”

Vanar: “A voice?”

Nama: “It was talking to me...”

Taran: “First clouds, now voices. What else will come next?”


Vanar angrily looks at him.


Taran: “Calm down... I’m already quiet.”

Vanar (to Nama): “Continue.”

Nama: “I asked it something, but it didn’t answer... It was just talking about the end like in the other dream. That’s all.”

Taran: “That didn’t help us at all.”

Nama: “I know...”

Vanar: “That’s quite a confusing dream.”

Taran: “Not really. It’s about our end, that’s all.”

Vanar: “And how do you want to know that?”

Taran: “I don’t know it. However, there will be no end. It’s just a dream.”

Nama: “You still don’t want to believe it, do you? It’s not just a dream. Remember what Rafiki said?”

Taran: “Oh please, not him. He’s crazy you know.”

Vanar (thinks): “Here we go again...”

Vanar: “Stop it you two. This is not the rightful time for that.”

Nama: “You’re right...”

Taran: “Whatever... It’s no use to think about that dream anymore. It won’t help us to find out what it means.”

Vanar: “You never know unless you try.”

Taran: “Fine. Try. You won’t be successful.”

Vanar: “Instead of going on our nervs you could try to help us.”

Taran: “No, I’m not interested...”

Vanar: “Then please don’t disturb us.”

Tarnar: “So, are we already getting angry?”

Nama: “Taran, please leave us two alone for a while.”


Visible hurt he leaves the cave without any comment.


Nama: “I’m sorry. I don’t know why he’s like that.”

Vanar: “Maybe he’s just scared.”

Nama: “You think so? Why should he be scared?”

Vanar: “Isn’t it obvious? We’re getting a child. We’ll conecntrate our whole x on the child, so that he becomes unimportant. That’s what he’s scared about.”

Nama: “But it won’t be that way.”

Vanar: “We both know that, but maybe he don’t.”

Nama: “He’s more confusing than that dream sometimes...”

Vanar: “It’s because of his hard past.”

Nama: “He don’t understands us.”

Vanar: “Unfortunately we don’t understand him, too.”

Nama: “How could we? He never tells us about him.”

Vanar: “Maybe because it’s not easy for him to remember it...”

Nama: “But we only want to help him.”

Vanar: “I know that.”

Nama: “But he doesn’t...”

Vanar: “There’s nothing we could do about it. Maybe he’ll open his mind and heart to us someday.”

Nama: “I hope so.”


Meanwhile, somewhere near Pride Rock, Taran is still angry about how the two chased him out. In his anger, he don’t even notices that he walks in a circle.


Taran (thinks): “Who does he think he is? A superior? And all just because of that stupid, meaningless dream. A vision. That’s what it’s supposed to be. Nonsense. That crazy monkey seems to like telling his crazy stories too much.”


Suddenly he feels something wet dropping on his head, causing him to look up. For a moment, nithing happens, but then it starts to rain heavily.


Taran: “Not now...”


He quickly runs back up to the cave. As he is almost going in, he remembers what they said and decides to stay out.


Inside the cave.


Vanar: “It’s raining outside.”

Nama: “What about Taran?”

Vanar: “He hasn’t returned yet.”

Nama: “Do you think he is mad at us?”

Vanar: “Mad? No, why?”

Nama: “Because we chased him out earlier...”

Vanar: “I don’t know. But he provoked it.”

Nama: “It wasn’t right. Didn’t you see the expression in his face?”

Vanar: “Not really.”

Nama: “He looked so ... disappointed.”

Vanar: “Disappointed?”

Nama: “Yeah...”

Vanar: “You care much for him, don’t you?”

Nama: “Of course I do! He’s my brother... And since my parents...”


Nama starts to cry a little.


Vanar: “It’s okay. You don’t need to say much more. I understand.”

Nama: “Do you think he’ll come back?”

Vanar: “I’m pretty sure.”


Nama smiles. A lightning lightens up the cave. As Vanar looked back to Nama, he noticed that she collapsed again.


Nama sees herself standing on top of Pride Rock, which is again completely covered by dark clouds.


Mysterious Voice: “It’s almost time...”

Nama: “For what?”

Mysterious Voice: For the birht of the last one...”

Nama: “How can I change it? I don’t want it to end...”

Mysterious: “You can’t... It will end, no matter what... But you can change the way it ends...”

Nama: “How? How do I do this?”




Nama: “How can I change it...? Great kings of the past, please answer!”


For a short moment, Nama sees Simba’s Face in the clouds.


Familiar Voice: “Don’t worry.”

Nama: “Who... Who’s there...?”


Sunlights breaks through the clouds, revealing Simba’s full body. Big and strong with an almost orange fur colour, a great mane and his brown eyes he now stands in front of her...


Simba: “Listen. Your parents aren’t dead. Find them, they’ll help you find the answer.”

Nama: “Grandfather... Thank you.”


He suddenly disappears and everything else becomes darker by every second as Nama again hears Vanar’s Voice calling for her.


Vanar: “Wake up dear.”


Nama stands up very fast.


Nama: “My parents! We must find them!”

Vanar: “Your parents? But aren’t they-“

Nama: “No, they’re not!”

Vanar: “But you said that...”

Nama: “I thought it, too. But now I know the truth. Please...”

Vanar: “No. You’ll stay here. You collapsed the second time already. I’ll go ad search for them.”

Nama: “But I want to come with you...”

Vanar: “As weak as you are now, you might just die out there before we could even get close to find them. Of course, if they’re still alive...”

Nama: “They are!”

Vanar: “Calm down. You’ll wait here. I’ll find them. I promise it.”

Nama: “But... Okay.”


Vanar walks out of the cave and without any hint, he starts searching for them. Taran sees him.


Taran (thinks): “And where is he going now? As I thought, in hard times he just runs away, leaving her alone... He’s such a-“


At that moment, another lightning hits the ground.


Taran (thinks): “When will this clouds disappear...?”


He hears noises from inside the cave. He gets worried, so that he just walks inside and sees Nama is about to get the child. He runs to Rafiki’s tree to tell him about it.


Not too far away, Vanar is about to give up the search already.


Vanar: “This is stupid. She didn’t even tell me where to begin. I wonder if she’s okay... But there’s no time for such thoughts, I promised to find them...”


At the next day, everone is quite excited. The animals are gathering, lead by the wind. Rafiki stands on top of Pride Rock, guiding all the animals to gather there. Next to him stands Taran, watching all the happenings, but his thoughts are somewhere else.


Taran (thinks): “He’s still not here. But why? Nama is busy wih the child... It would be a waste to ask her. I bet she don’t even knows. I knew he wouldn’t be good for her.”


By every second, more and more animals arrive at Pride Rock. They’re all awaiting the ceremony. Some minutes after, Rafiki walks over to Nama, who is holding a cub with black fur in her paws. He breaks a fruit in two and draws a crown on the cub’s head with the juice of the fruit. Then he grabs a hand full of sand and spreads it on the cub, causing it to sneeze. Rafiki picks it up and carries it to the point. He holds it up, so that everyone can see it. The animals cheer loudly. Since now, they all ignored the clouds growing even darker and larger than ever before. Instead of sunlight, a hole appears in the clouds, and a giant, shiny red star can be seen. The light of the star fills almost the whole view of Pride Rock in a strange red tone. The cub now opens his eyes for the first time, revealing it’s scary blood red eye colour. Rafiki gives the cub back to Nama.


Rafiki: “I’ve never seen a lion with these colours... Nor have I seen something like this happening before... But unfortunately, I won’t see the true meaning of this. But you...”


A short break.


Rafiki: “The last thing I can do for you is this... Vanar is very close to find your parents... Don’t give up your hope, Nama. Good bye”


Nama is now about to cry, but tries to hide her sadness. It would have worked, but a small tear betrays her.


Nama: “Good bye...”


Rafiki leaves Pride Rock and walks towards his tree, but he collapses and dies.

Taran sits down next to Nama, noticing that she’s now crying heavily.


Taran: “Hey, it had to happen. There was nothing you could do about it.”

Nama: “I know, but it’s still... He was a close friend to our family...”


Taran also notices the strange colours of the cub.


Taran: “So, who might this little one be?”

Nama: “I think I’ll call him ‘Ahnu’.”

Taran (thinks): “A strange name and strange colours...”

Taran: “That’s a good name.”

Nama: “I wish Vanar was here now...”

Taran: “Wherever he is, I’m sure he thinks of you now.”

Nama (thinks): “I hope he finds them soon...”

Nama: “Yeah...”

Taran: “By the way... Why exactly is he absent?”

Nama: “It’s hard to explain...”

Taran: “I have time.”

Nama: “I had another dream...”

Taran: “Again? What about?”

Nama: “The same thing as before. But this time I saw Simba and he-“

Taran: “You saw grandfather? Are you making fun of me?”

Nama: “No! Really, it was Simba. And he told me, that our parents are still alive.”

Taran: “And Vanar is...”

Nama: “He is looking for them.”

Taran: “So... And did Simba tell you where they could be?”

Nama: “Unfortunately, no he did not.”

Taran: “Let me summarize that: You told him to go out and search for them, without any hint where he should go to and else. Are you crazy?”

Nama: “Hey!”

Taran: “Sorry, but you know how crazy that sounds, don’t you?”

Nama: “It is very important for us!”

Taran: “It’s very important for you...”

Nama: “You miss them, too.”

Taran: “That’s different...”

Nama: “No it’s not. You would do the same thing in my position!”

Taran: “But I won’t let him go alone!”

Nama: “Why not? He’s an adult lion. He can watch out for himself.”

Taran: “No he can not... Because of him...”

Nama: “You don’t really think that he’s still out there, do you?”

Taran: “At least it’s possible.”

Nama: “It’s also possible that our parents are still alive.”

Taran: “You-“


He stopped. He noticed that she was right. It’s no use to say more about it.


Taran: “Even if Vanar finds them... What if Aren surprises them? You don’t know what he can do...”

Nama: “You’re right... Please help him...”

Taran: “Me? But...”

Nama: “I know you don’t want to face Aren. But if it’s true what you say, Vanar could be in great danger...”

Taran: “...Okay.”


Before he leaves the cave, he looks at the little black cub for a short moment.


Taran: “It seems so innocent... I hope it do’t causes her too much trouble when we both are away...”


Finally he follows the traces Vanar left.


Nama (thinks): “At least the rain stopped.”


The rain stopped, but part of the traces were already washed away, making it harder for Taran to follow them.





























Taran tells his tale


A few days later. Vanar still didn’t find Nama’s and Taran’s Parents. Worse than that, he don’t even knows where he is. It’s a scary place... Skeletons of animals lie around everywhere, almost like in the Outlands. But this was far away from the Outlands.


Vanar (thinks): “What is this place?”


With fear he looks around. It was not only a scary, but a very stinky place.


Vanar (thinks): “Where does this strange smell come from? From the skeletons? No, they smell different...”


Trying to ignore this intense smell, he continues the search. After a few minutes, he stops.


Vanar (thinks): “Enough... I can’t stand it... Why would they come to such a place? I wouldn’t... Not even to die...”


He’s almost going to leave this place as he hears a strange sound. He follows the sound, noticing that he’s getting closer to the unknown smell. Inside one big skeleton, he sees a group of hyenas, sleeping.


Vanar (thinks): “Hyenas? So, this is the place they escaped to after Simba chased them...”


One of the hyenas makes a loud noise, scaring Vanar for a short moment.


Vanar (thinks): “I thought he’d wake up... They’re sure not here. Now I have to get out of here very quiet...”


He slowly walks out of the skeleton. Outside he thinks he is save, but then he accidentaly steps on a skul and falls, making a huge noise that wakes all the hyenas up.


Vanar: “Oh no...”


He tries to stand up.


Vanar (thinks): “Ouch. There’s no way I can walk nor run with these wound... But there too much to fight...”


The hyenas noticed him and they’re getting closer now.


Vanar (thinks): “Shall this be my end? I promised it... I promised I would find them... But now...”


The hyenas get closer to him by every second. He already seems some of them drooling.


Vanar: “What are you waiting for? I’m hurt and helpless, so come and get me already!”


Bravely he stands in front of all the hyenas and closes his eyes. A few seconds, nothing happens. But then he hears a roar.


Vanar: “I’m ready. I can’t do anything... Why aren’t they eating me already...?”


He hears the roar again.


Vanar: “Wait... That don’t sounds like a hyena... Could it be?”


He opens his eyes and sees Taran fighting the hyenas. Shortly he gets in an advantage and beats the hyeans, one after another.


Vanar (thinks): “Impressive...”


As the last hyena escaped, Taran turned around to Vanar.


Taran: “Are you okay?”

Vanar: “Er... Yes, thank you... What are you doing here?”

Taran: “I’m watching over you.”

Vanar: “What? I don’t need a guardian. Get lost already.”

Taran: “Oh, is this your way to thank someone for saving your life?”

Vanar: “What do you want from me?”

Taran: “As I said before, I’m here to protect you from danger.”

Vanar: “I don’t need your help.”

Taran: “I saw that.”

Vanar: “Now leave me alone.”


He does one step and as his paw touches the ground, he quickly raises it in pain.


Taran: “You’re hurt?”

Vanar: “It’s just a scratch.”

Taran: “You can’t even walk...”

Vanar: “I can!”


He tries to do another step, but raises his paw in pain again. Taran looks at him slightly amused.


Vanar: “Okay, I can’t.”

Taran: “Come on, let me help you-“

Vanar: “No! I don’t need your help!”

Taran: “But-“


Vanar does another step, ignoring the pain, he does another and a third one.


Vanar: “It’s as I said: I don’t need your help.”

Taran: “So...?”


Taran pokes Vanar’s paw.


Vanar: “Ouch! Hey!”

Taran: “And what about that...?”


Taran touches it again.


Vanar: “Stop that! Okay, you may help me! But stop doing that!”

Taran: “Good boy.”

Vanar: “We have to find your-“

Taran: “My parents, I know. Nama told me about it.”

Vanar: “She did? Oh, well...”

Taran: “But this is not a place they would go to.”

Vanar: “I noticed that, too.”

Taran: “It’s too stinky.”

Vanar: “Oh really? I thought that was normal!”

Taran: “Very funny. They liked warm but shadowy places...”

Vanar: “So? Do you have any idea where we could find such a place here?”

Taran: “We have to go north. Motly of the warm places are north of here.”

Vanar: “And wheres north?”

Taran: “There.”


Taran points to a direction.


Vanar: “How do you know all that stuff?

Taran: “That... That was all part of the training...”

Vanar: “You mean the time you spend with Aren...?”

Taran: “Yeah...”

Vanar: “So... It also had good sites...?”

Taran: “No it has not! It was pure torture!”

Vanar: “Sorry.”

Taran: “It’s okay. Let’s go now.”


Vanar does a step, but raises his paw in pain again.


Taran: “Wait. I’ll help you”


Taran supports Vanar.


Vanar: “Thank you.”

Tarnar: “No problem.”


Together they go north.


Taran: “It wasn’t pure torture...”

Vanar: “What?”

Taran: “The time with Aren.”

Vanar: “Really?”

Taran “There were also moments of joy...”

Vanar: “He wast he one who told you how to hunt, wasn’t he?”

Taran: “Yeah, but that’s only one of many abilities I gained by him...”

Vanar: “What else?”

Taran: “I followed your trace. That’s how I found you.”

Vanar: “That’s ... great.”

Taran: “As I said, there were also moments of joy... I really liked him...”

Vanar: “You liked him? But he tried to kill us all!”

Taran: “I know that!”

Vanar: “Sorry...”

Taran: “You don’t need to apologize. You’re right... But untikl then, he was so nice to me... He was one of the most important lions in my life.”

Vanar: “And we exiled him...”

Taran: “It’s okay. He was a murder and he had to be punished...”

Vanar: “That must have been hard...”

Taran: “It’s past... It can’t be changed... And as a wise meerkat once said: ‘You got to put your past behind you.’”

Vanar: “But it’s wrong to run away from the past.”

Taran: “Sometimes you just feel better that way...”

Vanar: “Maybe...”

Taran: “Hey, I’ve got an idea. I just remembered something that could help us a lot...”

Vanar: “And what would that be?”

Taran: “Rarely, we – I and Aren – visited this cool place...”

Vanar: “A cool place?”

Taran: “It’s not far away from here.”

Vanar: “By the way... Where is ‘here’?”

Taran: “This is just another elephant graveyard next to the Outlands.”

Vanar: “The Outlands? But I lived in the Outlands for a long time and I’ve never been here!”

Taran: “Well, this place is hard to find. But once you did, it’s easy to find back.”

Vanar: “Oh...”

Taran: “Now, the place I was talking about, is to the east.”

Vanar: “East? But you said north earlier.”

Taran: “I know. It’s an exception. You could say it’s a wonder that the place is there, in the middle of nowhere.”

Vanar: “Whatever. Let’s find that place.”


They now go east. Soon they arrive at the place Taran was talking about: It’s a deep hole, surrounded by wasteland. In the mittle of the hole is a little sea. In a specific range it’s green because plants are growing there. There are also a few trees and a cave.


Vanar: “This place... It’s wonderful!”

Taran: “Yeah...”

Vanar: “Oh, I can go alone now, thanks.”


Taran releases Vanars paw, so that he can walk on his own again.


Taran: “Maybe they’re somewhere around here.”

Vanar: “Let’s split up.”

Taran: “Okay.”


Vanar directly goes into the cave. He goes deeper and deeper inside as he notices short, little breathing noises. He does one step more and accidentaly kicks a little rock. Now he sees eyes opening everywhere. The eyes are flying towards him, chasing him out of the cave. Outside, he sees that it were just a group bats.


Vanar: “Okay, it’s obvious that they’re not here.”


He does one more step, but is suddenly pinned to the ground by a stranger.

Meanwhile, Taran walks around between some of the trees as he notices a hole, hidden by the trees and shadows. He dares to look inside and sees Kiara, who has a light orange fur colour, sleeping.


Taran: “Mother? Is that you?”


Kiara opens her eyes, revealing her brown eye colour.


Kiara: “Who’s there?”

Taran: “It’s me, Taran!”

Kiara: “Taran? Really?”

Taran: “Yeah!”


Lead by happiness, the run towards each other and start hugging like crazy.


Kiara: “I missed you.”

Taran: “I missed you, too...”


Suddenly they hear a mighty roar nearby. The run towards the direction the sound came from as they see a big lion with dark brown fur colour roaring at Vanar.


Kiara: “Kovu, stop it!”


Kovu turns around.


Kovu: “What? Taran?”


Happily he runs to Taran and is about to hug Taran, who evades the hug at the last moment.


Taran: “Dad stop that! Not in front of him...”

Kovu: “Him?”

Taran: “Vanar.”

Kovu (to Vanar): “Oh, you’re Vanar? I’m sorry. You changed a bit... I didn’t recognize you.”

Vanar: “It’s okay.”

Kiara: “What are you two doing here?”

Vanar: “It’s not easy to explain...”

Taran: “Nama had a vision about the end of the Pride Lands.”

Kiara: “A vision?”

Vanar: “It’s not just that. She said we had to find you two as fast as possible. I don’t know why.”

Kiara: “So you want us to go back to Pride Rock?”

Vanar: “Exactly.”

Kovu: “We can’t.”

Taran: “Why not?”

Kovu: “It’s an old rule that there can only be one king at a time in Pride Rock... And you, Vanar, are now the rightful king.”

Vanar: “I don’t understand that.”

Kovu: “It is like I said: We can’t go back.”

Kiara: “Basically I could, but...”

Taran: “But what?”

Kiara: “But I want to stay with your father, Taran.”

Taran: “So, it seems that it was useless to come here.”

Vanar (to Kiara and Kovu): “Your daughter needs both of you. You’re not really going to disappoint her, are you?”

Kovu: “Well...”


Kiara and Kovu confused look at each other.


Kovu: “I think in that case we could make an exception...”

Taran: “Great!”

Vanar: “So, it’s decided?”

Kiara: “Yes.”

Taran: “Then let’s go back.”

Vanar: “Oh please, give me a break... We were wandering for about three days now...”

Taran: “Are you already tired?”

Kovu: “About three days?”

Vanar: “Yeah.”

Kovu: “That’s strange. We only needed a half day.”

Taran: “But we were not going here directly...”

Vanar: “Whatever. I’m tired...”

Kiara: “These holes are a perfect restin place.”

Vanar: “Really?”

Kiara: “Try one.”


Vanar does as he was told to and lays down in one of the holes.


Vanar (thinks): “Comfortable...”


Taran (to Kovu): “So this was the reason...”

Kovu: “What?”

Taran: “We thought you left us because you two are about to die. But it was only because of that rule.”

Kiara: “Not exactly...”

Kovu: “It was better for you two to live without your parents for sometime. You seemed kind of addicted to our support.”

Taran: “Oh...”


Taran looks at Vanar, who already has fallen asleep. He also looks out for another hole and soon finds one, lays down inside, but keeps his eyes open just to look at his parents for some time.


Taran (thinks): “Unbelieavable... She was right. They’re still alive... Maybe it’s really more than just a dream...”


Finally he alo closes his eyes and falls asleep. Strangely he sees himself as a young lion lying on a meadow. A little bug lands in front of him and he tries to catch it, but is too slow. He then hears a voice calling for him. As he turns around he sees Aren, a big lion


Aren: “Taran, what are you doing?”

Taran: “Hunting.”

Aren: “So? You’ll never get it that way...”

Taran: “We’ll see.”


Taran pounces at the bug, but is again too slow, so that he misses. The bug flies away but is quickly caught by Aren.


Taran: “No, you’re hurting it!”

Aren: “So? Did I?”


He releases the bug, which is not hurt, but tries to fly away again.


Taran: “How did you do that?”

Aren: “I’ll show you.”


He looks out for another bug to land and soon finds one.


Aren: “Okay, first you have to learn how to catch it without being heard nor seen. Stay low to the ground.”

Taran: “Stay low to the ground...”

Aren: “Shh, not a sound. Now go for it, but slow... And then catch it. But be careful: If you hit it too strong it will get hurt.”

Taran: “Yes.”


He slowly walks over to the bug.


Aren (whispers): “One more step and then...”

Taran: “Pounce!”


He pounces at the bug and catches the bug, trying not to hurt it he hits it softly and holds it down.


Taran: “I did it!”

Aren: “You’re a fast learner.”

Taran: “I only had a good teacher.”

Aren: “Oh no, you’re embarassing me...”


The bug is not hurt and tries to escape. Taran releases the bug and watches as it flies away.


Vanar: “Hey Taran, wake up already!”


Taran opens his eyes and sees Vanar standing in front of him.


Vanar: “Your parents already went to Pride Rock. We’re the only two left here.”

Taran: “What? But why didn’t they wake me up?”

Vanar: “You seemed to have such a nice dream. We thought it was better to let you sleep some more.”

Taran: “Then let’s hurry back.”










Vanar: “What? Really?”


Vanar seems quite shocked.


Taran: “And she already gave him a name: Ahnu.”

Vanar: “I wish I’d been there...”

Taran: “It wasn’t your fault.”

Vanar: “I know... But it’s very important for me.”

Taran: “Noone knew when it would happen.”

Vanar: “Don’t you understand? I’m his father! I were supposed to be at the ceremony and-“

Tarnar: “Why can’t you just forget these stupid rules? You had a very important thing to do, so that you were absent at the ceremony. Don’t think about it. It happend, now it’s past and can’t be changed...”


For the rest of the journey back to Pride Rock, they aren’t talking to each other anymore. As they arrive, Vanar directly runs into the cave to see Nama and the cub, but they’re not there.

Worried he starts looking out for them everywhere.


Vanar (thinks): “Where? Where are they?”


As he almost gives up his hope...


Taran: “Hey, what’s the matter?”

Vanar: “Nama... I can’t find her..:”

Taran: “Oh. They’re down at the waterhole. I’ve just been there.”


Without any comment Vanar runs away like crazy, towards the waterhole. And as Taran said, Nama, her cub, Kovu and Kiara are there.


Vanar: “There you are!”

Nama: “Thank you.”

Vanar: “What for?”

Nama: “You hold your promise... You found them.”

Vanar: “Oh, no, it wasn’t just me alone. Taran found them at least.”

Nama: “So? Where is he?”

Taran: “Here.”


Taran just arrived.


Nama: “Then I have to thank you, too.”


Taran blushes slightly.


Taran: “Oh that? That was nothing...”

Vanar: “Don’t be shy. I wouldn’t be here without your help.”

Nama: “Why not?”

Vanar: “There was a group of hyenas...”

Nama: “Hyenas?”

Vanar: “Yeah. I were hurt and unable to escape. In the last moment, Taran saved me.”

Kovu: “So our son is a hero?”


Taran blushes even more. Everyone but Nama and Taran starts laughing.


Nama: “Now, the reason why I wanted to see you...”


Everyone becomes quiet and looks at her.


Nama: “I had a vision. It was about the end of the Pride Lands.”

Kiara: “We already know that.”

Nama: “There’s no way to avoid the end, but we can change it... I just don’t know how. That’s all Simba told me.”

Vanar: “Simba?”

Nama: “Yeah, in my dream. He said my parents would help me find out how to.”


The cub lying in Nama’s paws yawns and opens his eyes.


Kovu: “The cub...”

Kiara: “Kovu?”

Kovu: “They’re right. It is the end.”

Kiara: “What are you talking about that? Do you know something I don’t?”

Kovu: “Yeah. There was a prophecy in the Outlands...”

Nama: “A prophecy?”

Kovu: “Right. About the end of the Pride Lands. I thought it was nonsense, but now...”

Taran: “Can you remember what exactly it said?”

Kovu: “I know every word. I never forgot it somehow.”

Vanar: “Then ge on with it already.”

Kovu: “Okay. It said that dark clouds will appear, covering the Pride Lands completely. When the hour is at it’s darkest, a ray of pure starlight will break through the clouds and touch Pride Rock. At that moment, the last one will be born. Born under a dark star, he will be the end of the kingdom.”

Nama: “That’s just like in my dream.”

Kovu: “That’s not all. It’s also said, that the end might be changed. It depends on how the last one will live. If it’s a good life, filled with fun, happiness and luck... Then everything will be fine. But...”

Nama: “What if it’s a bad life?”

Kovu: “If it’s a bad life, filled with hate and sadness... Then everyone will die.”

Nama: “Die...?”

Kovu: “That’s it.”

Kiara: “Terrible...”

Taran: “So all we have to do is make his life as good as it can be?”

Kovu: “Exactly.”

Vanar: “That won’t be easy...”

Nama: “Together we should be able to do that.”

Kovu: “Nama...”


Nama looks at Kovu, quite confused. Not talking, but awaiting something.


Kovu: “You three will have to do that alone.”

Nama: “What?”

Taran: “Is it still because of that rule?”

Vanar: “This rule is useless now. As the king, I allow you two to stay here as long as you want.”

Kovu: “Thank you, but it’s not just that.”

Taran: “What else?”

Kovu: “We’re not the youngest, you know.”

Nama (quietly): “No... Not again...”

Kovu: “Did you say something?”

Nama: “No.”

Kovu: “It’s better if we go. It will just hurt you if we stay here much longer...”

Kiara: “I agree.”

Taran: “But-“

Nama: “No, let them go...”

Taran: “But Nama...”


Nama is about to cry.


Nama: “Just let them go. They’re right. It’s better that way.”


Silence. Kovu and Kiara leave. Strangely noone says something. Taran looks slightly disappointed.


Vanar: “Why aren’t they saying something? It’s the last time they see them...”

Nama (thinks): “I don’t want to see them dying...”

Taran (thinks): “I wish she’d let them stay a bit longer. Now they’re leaving me once again...”


They just sit there and look after them.


Taran: “This is stupid.”

Vanar: “What?”

Taran: “You let them go. As if you don’t care for them.”

Nama: “It’s better for us.”

Taran: “And why did we bring them here? It was useless.”

Vanar: “No it was not.”

Nama: “No we know what to do...”

Taran: “Oh, and that’s all you want?”

Nama: “No...”

Taran: “Do what you want, but I won’t let them go that easily...”


He runs after them but is stopped by Vanar.


Vanar: “You’re not going anywhere!”

Taran: “Who will stop me?”

Vanar: “I will!”


Vanar pounces at Taran, who throws himself down on his back to kick Vanar away.


Nama: “Stop it you two! Taran, why don’t you understand me?”

Taran: “You don’t care for them as much as I do!”

Nama: “I do...”

Taran: “I don’t want to lose them again...”


Nama notices a tear in Taran’s eye.


Nama: “You’re crying?”

Taran: “What? No...”

Nama: “This is the first time that I see you crying...”

Taran: “I’m not crying!”

Nama: “I know you love them... I love them, too... But I don’t want too see them dying...”

Taran: “You...”


A few seconds they’re just staring at each other. Vanar stands next to them, not knowing what he could say.


Taran: “Me neither...”

Nama: “Do yu understand me now?”

Taran: “Yes. I think I do.”

Taran (thinks): “But she still don’t understand me.”

Vanar: “I’m glad you two stopped arguing. I thought you were almost pouncing on each other.”


The cub yawns again and they all end up laughing.


Taran (to Nama): “These visions caused us so much problems...”

Nama: “Didn’t you say that they were just stupid dreams?”

Taran: “Yeah, but they helped us to find our parents. It’s a waste that only true family members are able to have these visions.”

Nama: “That’s right.”

Vanar (thinks): “Only true family members... I had none yet... Does that mean that I’m not a part of the family?”

Nama: “Oh my, the happenings made me very hungry.”

Vanar: “Why don’t we tell our great hunter to geat us something to eat?”


Vanar giggles.


Nama: “Taran?”


Taran rolls with his eyes.


Taran: “I guess I have no choice, right?”


As he receives no answer, he wents out of the waterhole to go on a hunt.


Vanar: “I’m sorry.”

Nama: “Why?”

Vanar: “I wasn’t here.”

Nama: “What are you talking about?”

Vanar: “When you got the child... I even missed the ceremony...”

Nama: “Oh... You don’t need to apologize.”

Vanar (thinks): “That’s the same thing Taran told me...”

Vanar: “You’re just like him.”

Nama: “Him?”

Vanar: “Taran.”

Nama: “Oh, you think so?”

Vanar: “Yes.”

Nama: “I don’t know...”

Vanar (thinks): “Even if I’m not part of the family...”

Nama: “We have much differences...”

Vanar: “But you two sound the same.”

Nama: “So?”

Vanar: “Yeah.”

Vanar (thinks): “I’ll do my best to help them...”

Nama: “Are you okay?”

Vanar: “Yes. Why?”

Nama: “You don’t look healthy...”

Vanar: “I’m just tired.”

Nama: “Oh...”

Vanar (thinks): “It doesn’t matter...”


He turns around.


Nama: “Where are you going?”

Vanar: “Sleeping...”

Nama: “Oh, have sweet dreams.”

Vanar: “Thanks.”


Vanar leaves. Inside the cave, he lays down and quickly falls asleep. He’s dreaming, but he doesn’t sees anything. He looks around, but there’s nothing. It’s an empty world...































Heart ache


A litte, black lion runs out of the cave, as it almost falls from the rock he tries to stop. In the last moment, his father Vanar pulls him back.


Vanar: “Ahnu, what did I tell you? It’s-“

Ahnu: “Too dangerous to run around up here... I know.”

Vanar: “I don’t want you to get hurt. That’s all.”

Ahnu: “But it’s so boring...”

Vanar: “Why don’t you go out and play down there?”

Ahnu: “Can I?”

Vanar: “Yes.”

Ahnu: “Yeah!”


Ahnu runs away, Vanar just looks after him.


Vanar (thinks): “He seems so innocent... How could he be the end...?”


Vanar goes into the cave. Ahnu runs and does not looks where he is running. Finally he runs into something and rolls over. As he opens his eyes, he sees a little cub in his age. A white fur colour decorates her gracefully body. She directly looks in his eyes and seems annoyed.


Cub: What was that good for?”

Ahnu: “Oh; I’m sorry, I were just...”

Cub: “You better watch where you are going!”

Ahnu: “I said I’m sorry!”

Cub: “Whatever, I have no time to talk to you. Bye.”


And she runs away. Quite confused Ahnu sits there, looking after her.


Ahnu (thinks): “Wow...”


Suddenly he gets poked in the back. He turns around and sees Taran.


Taran: “Who was that?”

Ahnu: “I don’t know.”

Taran: “You’re little girlfriend?”


Ahnu is blushing.


Ahnu: “What? No! We were just... I mean, I were just-“

Taran: “You’re blushing.”

Ahnu: “No, I’m not!”

Taran: “You are.”

Ahnu: “What are you doing here?”

Taran: “I was over there and heard a sound. I just wanted to know what caused it.”

Ahnu: “You’re not spying are you?”

Taran: “What? Me? No. How could I...?”


Ahnu looks at Taran, disbelieving.


Taran: “Okay, okay. You’re father told me to watch over you.”

Ahnu: “Oh...”

Taran: “He just don’t wants you to get hurt.”

Ahnu: “I know...”

Taran: “I said he can watch out for himself, but no... You know how he’s like...”


Ahnu starts laughing. Taran pokes him again.


Ahnu: “Hey!”

Taran: “But she wasn’t that bad, right?”

Ahnu: “Well... Maybe...”

Taran: “And her body...”

Ahnu: “So beatiful..”


Taran pokes him again.


Ahnu: “Stop that!”

Taran: “Now I’ve got you...”

Ahnu: “What?”

Taran: “Sooo beatiful...”


Ahnu is blushing again.


Ahnu: “It’s not like that...”

Taran: “Don’t try to hide it anymore.”

Ahnu: “I said it’s not like that!”

Taran: “You like her, don’t you?”


He pokes him a few times.


Ahnu: “A bit I think...”

Taran: “Aw, come on. I know you can say that much better.”


Now he pokes him like crazy, accidentaly tickling him. Ahnu starts laughing.


Ahnu: Stop that!”

Taran: “So, are we ticklish?”


He pokes him even more. Ahnu almost dies from laughter. He now tries to fight back, looking for Taran’s ticklish spots and soon finds one. They’re now tickling each other for some minutes, as they end up lying  on the ground, still laughing.


Ahnu: “That was funny...”

Taran: “Yeah...”

Ahnu: “Let’s go it again!”

Taran:” Oh, give me a break...”

Ahnu: “I really don’t know her.”

Taran: “So?”

Ahnu: “I just ran into her.”

Taran (quiet): “That’s still one of the best ways...”

Ahnu: “What?”

Taran: “Nothing. At least she was talking to you.”

Ahnu: “Yeah... Do you think she’d like me?”

Taran: “Not if you run into her again.”

Ahnu: “That was by mistake! I’m serious... Do you think she would?”

Taran: “Who knows?”


Now Ahnu starts poking Taran who squeaks loudly and then he pokes back. Soon they’re lying on the ground, again tickling each other.

Meanwhile at Pride Rock, Nama and Vanar are talking about Ahnu.


Nama: “What do you think?”

Vanar: “Nothing bad happend to him yet. I would say it’s a good life.”

Nama: “That’s great...”

Vanar: “Yeah...”

Nama: “Where is he now?”

Vanar: “I don’t know, but Taran is watching over him.”

Nama: “I hope they’re fine...”

Vanar: “You’re worrying too much.”

Nama: “Maybe...”

Vanar: “But there’s something else bothering me...”

Nama: “What is it?”

Vanar: “How could he be the end? I mean, he’s just a child.”

Nama: “I don’t know... But he’ll not stay a child. Maybe we’ll see it when he’s an adult.”

Vanar: “I’m not sure...”

Nama: “Hey, it will all be fine. You said nothing bad happened.”

Vanar: “Right...”

Nama: “Now who is worrying too much?”


Nama giggles.


Vanar: “Maybe we both.”


An image of himself hanging on a cliff flashes into his view for less than a second. He shakes his head.


Nama: “What’s the matter?”

Vanar: “I just thought I saw something.”

Nama: “So?”

Vanar: “But it was nothing.”

Nama: “Maybe you had a vision, too?”

Vanar: “I don’t think so. I never had one... And it was quite short...”

Nama: “It was just a thought.”


The images flashes into his view again. This time it stays for at least two seconds. It disappears and Vanar shakes his head again.


Vanar: “I need to get out! See you later.”


Quickly he runs out of the cave.


Nama: “Vanar! Wait!”


But it was already too late. He doesn’t hear her. He doesn’t stop running.


Vanar (thinks): “What is that?”


An image of himself climbing up the cliff flashes into his view. He closes his eyes.


Vanar (thinks): “Stop...”


An image of dead Kiara and Kovu lying on the ground flashes into his view.


Vanar (thinks): “Why won’t it stop...?”


Again he sees himself climbing up the cliff.


Vanar (thinks): “It seems familiar...”


As he reaches the top of the cliff he notices a shadow trying to help him.


Vanar: “It’s...”


The shadow forms a lion. First it seemed to be Taran, but suddenly it changes to Ahnu.


Vanar: “...That dream... But it’s different...”


Ahnu pulls him up. He smiles at Vanar. But suddenly Vanar is thrown off the cliff by another shadow. The last thing he sees is Ahnu watching him falling.


Then everything disappears.


Vanar (thinks): “Was that a vision...? So I really am a part of the family...”


He stops running and opens his eyes. He sees Ahnu and Taran lying on the ground, poking each other like crazy.


Vanar: “What are you doing there?”


The notice Vanar and stop. Taran breathes a few times before he answers.


Taran: “Don’t ask. What about you?”

Vanar: “I’m...”

Vanar (thinks): “He’d just laugh at me.”

Vanar: “Hunting.”

Taran: “Hunting?”

Vanar: “Yeah.”

Taran: “I don’t see anything to hunt around here...”

Vanar: “That’s because you two were too loud.”

Taran: “Where we really that loud?”

Ahnu: “Sorry.”

Vanar: “It’s too late to apologize now. But it doesn’t matter anymore, so...”

Taran: “So what?”

Vanar: “Why shouldn’t I ask?”

Taran: “Er...”

Ahnu: “Yeah, why not?”

Taran: “We were just playing.”

Ahnu: “Playing?”


Taran bows down to Ahnu.


Taran (whispers): “Just play along...”

Ahnu (to Vanar): “He’s right. We were just playing.”

Vanar: “Aren’t you a bit too old for that, Taran?”

Taran: “You’re never too old to have some fun.”

Vanar: “Whatever, I’m leaving now.”


Before he leaves he looks at them one ore time.


Vanar (thinks): “Playing...”


He goes back to Pride Rock where Nama is alreay waiting for him.


Nama: “Vanar, are you okay?”

Vanar: “I don’t know...”

Nama: “Just what happened?”

Vanar: “I saw these ... things...”

Nama: “Things?”

Vanar: “Things I’ve already seen ... in a dream.”

Nama: “A dream?”

Vanar: “That was a long time ago.”

Nama: “Oh...”

Vanar: “But it was also something about the end of the Pride Lands.”

Nama: “That means you had a vision!”

Vanar: “Yeah... But this time it was different.”

Nama: “Different?”

Vanar: “The last time I had that vision was in deep sleep... But today I was awake.”

Nama: “That’s strange...”

Vanar: “But that’s not the only thing that changed...”

Nama: “What else?”


He tries to remember, but it’s all gone.


Vanar: “I don’t know... I can’t remember...”

Nama: “You can’t remember? Why not?”

Vanar: “I just can’t...”

Nama: “I thought it could help us a it more...”

Vanar: “Me too.”

Nama: “You scared me.”

Vanar: “I’m sorry... It also scared me.”

Nama: “It scared you?”

Vanar: “I saw terrible things...”

Nama: “I know how you must feel... But visions are nothing to be scared of.”


Vanar suddenly remembers the image of Nama’s dead parents and shakes his head again.


Vanar: Your parents...”

Nama: “What?”

Vanar: “They’re ... dead... I saw it.”

Nama: “Dead...”

Vanar: “I’m sorry.”

Nama: “Don’t be. It’s good to know... But I thought the would have a bit more time...”

Vanar: “What will you do now?”

Nama: “I don’t know...”


Vanar puts his paw on Nama’s, and they nuzzle.


Nama: “At least I didn’t have to see it...”


That moment, Taran and Ahnu enter the cave. They’re both laughing.


Nama (whispers to Vanar): “But how to tell him?”

Vanar (whispers): “Maybe he don’t needs to know...”

Nama (whispers): “What? But-“

Vanar (whispers): “Taran already suffered too much. It would just hurt him more...”

Nama (whispers): “I hope you’re right...”


Ahnu sits down in fron of Vanar.


Ahnu: “I’m ready.”

Vanar: “For what?”

Nama: “Did you forget it?”

Vanar: “Forget what?”

Ahnu: “You said you’d teach me important things about how to be king.”

Vanar: “Did I?”


Disbelieving he looks at Nama, who nods.


Vanar: “But...”

Ahnu: “Come on!”

Vanar: “Okay, okay... Follow me.”

Ahnu: “Yeah!”


Vanar leaves the cave, Ahnu follows him. Outside, they walk around somewhere in the Pride Lands.


Vanar: “Ahnu, everything you see here exists together, in a delicate balance. You have to respect and to protect that as a king.”

Ahnu: “What if I’m not?”

Vanar: “Then your kingdom will suffer and fall.”

Ahnu: “Oh...”

Vanar: “You have to watch over everything. Noone is allowed to eat more than they need.”

Ahnu: “Why not?”

Vanar: “It’s a waste. And some kinds of animals might disappear that way.”

Ahnu: “Really? What about us lions?”

Vanar: “We’re on top of the food chain. Noone can harm us.”

Ahnu: “Noone? Cool...”

Vanar: “The only thing we could be really worried of are the hyenas.”

Ahnu: “Hyenas? But they’re not really strong.”

Vanar: “One is not. But many of them are...”

Ahnu: “And they’re not very intelligent.”

Vanar: “They’re still dangerous. It’s good to know that they’re not around here anymore.”

Ahnu: “If they dare to come here, I’ll show them who is boss!”


Vanar breaks out laughing.


Ahnu: “Hey, don’t laugh at me!”


Ahnu pounces at Vanar, causing him to fall backwards, but still laughing.


Ahnu: “Come on...”


Vanar stops laughing.


Vanar: “Sorry. “

Ahnu: “So, that’s all I have to do?”

Vanar: “Yes. Protect your kingdom or everyone, including the lions, may starve.”

Ahnu: “I never thought it would be that imporant...”

Vanar: “But tthat’s not all.”

Ahnu: “There’s more?”

Vanar: “Even as king you have to follow the rules.”

Ahnu: “That’s not fair...”

Vanar: “One litte mistake and everything can become bad and worse by every day. It’s very important to follow these rules.”

Ahnu: “But it’s no fun.”

Vanar: “Of course, being a king is never fun only. But it’s a great honor.”

Ahnu: “That sounds difficult...”

Vanar: “It’s much easier than it looks like.”

Ahnu: “Really?”

Vanar: “You’ll see someday.”

Ahnu: “When will that be?”

Vanar: “A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, Ahnu, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king.”

Ahnu: “Then everything will be mine?”

Vanar: “That’s right. But don’t forget what I told you.”

Ahnu: “I won’t forget it. I promise it.”


Vanar feels flattered.


Vanar (thinks): “He’s serious.”

Vanar: “That’s all for today. You can go and play now.”

Ahnu: “Really?”


Vanar nods and watches Ahnu who runs away again.


Vanar (thinks): “He promised it...”

Vanar turns around and goes back to Pride Rock. Ahnu stops running as he sees the white cub he met earlier sitting on a rock. She hears him and turns around.


Cub: “You again?”

Ahnu: “You remember me?”

Cub: “You’re the one who ran into me.”

Ahnu: “That was by mistake!”

Cub: “Yeah, whatever. Usually I’m not talking to strangers...”

Ahnu: “I’ve got a name.”

Cub: “Tell me about it.”

Ahnu: “My name is Ahnu.”

Cub: “That’s a strange name.”

Ahnu: “Do you think you have a better one?”

Cub: “Of course! My name’s Bakia and that sounds much better.”

Ahnu: “You’re right.”

Bakia: “What?”

Ahnu: “It sounds wonderful.”

Bakia: “You’ve got a real problem.”

Ahnu: “No, I just...”


He stops.


Bakia: “Just what?”

Ahnu: “Nothing. Forget it.”

Bakia: “You’re as strange as your name.”

Ahnu: “Would you stop citizing me?”


Bakia jumps off the stone.


Bakia: “No.”

Ahnu: “Why not?”

Bakia: “Because...”


Bakia comes one step closer to Ahnu.


Bakia: “...You ran into me.”

Ahnu: “How many times do I have to tell you that it was by mistake? And I said that Im sorry!”

Bakia: “So? I didn’t hear it. Do it again.”

Ahnu: “I’m sorry.”

Bakia: “I feel so much better now.”

Ahnu: “Do you want to play?”

Bakia: “What? Hey, don’t start thinking that we’re friends just because we were talking to each other.”


Ahnu looks disappointed.


Ahnu: “I never said we’re friends.”

Bakia: “So, does that mean you dont even want us to be friends?”

Ahnu: “That’s not what I said!”

Bakia: “Calm down, it was just a joke.”

Ahnu: “That wasn’t funny...”

Bakia: “You seem to be a nice guy.”

Ahnu: “You’re nice, too.”


Bakia pokes Ahnu.


Bakia: “Tag. You’re it!”

Ahnu: “I’ll get you!”


Bakia jumps on the rock and off and then she runs away, with Ahnu following her. Quickly he gets closer to her and pounces, but misses. He runs after her again and tries to get closer than before. Soon he’s running directly next to her.


Bakia: “You’re fast... But I’m faster!”


Bakia runs even faster and Ahnu falls behind. He looks back at him wih a superior look as she bumps into Taran.


Taran: “Hey!”

Bakia: “I’m sorry mister ... big lion, I didn’t mean to-“

Ahnu: “Taran?”

Taran (to Ahnu): “Isn’t that your little friend?”

Bakia (to Ahnu): “You know him?”

Taran: “Why don’t you introduce us?”

Ahnu: “Do I really have to?”

Bakia: “Come on.”

Ahnu: “Okay... Bakia, that’s my uncle, Taran. And Taran... That’s Bakia.”

Bakia: “Nice to meet you.”

Taran: “Same here.”

Ahnu: “Now you know each other. Can we go now?”

Bakia: “But we just met! And I want to know more about you and your family.”

Taran: “You didn’t tell her about us yet?”

Ahnu: “No, not yet...”

Taran: “Not even that you’re a prince?”

Bakia: “You’re a prince? Cool!”

Ahnu: “She didn’t need to know about that!”

Taran: “Why not?”

Bakia: “Yeah, why not?”

Ahnu: “It’s just...”


He stops. They both look at him curiously.


Ahnu: “...Nothing.”

Bakia (to Ahnu): “If you’re a prince, what is he?”


She points at Taran.


Ahnu: “I don’t know.”

Taran: “I’m noone special. But his father is king.”

Ahnu: “Noone special? Are you kidding? I don’t know anyone who is as good as you at hunting!”

Taran blushes.


Taran: “I’m not that good....”

Ahnu: “Don’t be shy. Of course you are!”

Taran: “Well, if you say that...”

Bakia: “You two guys are cool.”

Ahnu: “You think so?”

Bakia: “Yeah.”

Ahnu: “You’re also not bad.”

Bakia: “Thanks.”


Taran notices a shadow watching them. As he looks at it, it disappears.


Taran (to Ahnu): “Let’s go back to Pride Rock now.”

Ahnu: “What? But why?”

Taran: “Don’t ask. We have to hurry.”

Bakia: “Hey! What about me?”

Taran: “I think it’s okay if you join us.”


Carefully they walk back to Pride Rock. Tarans looks around all the time, searching for the shadow he has seen before, but don’t sees it again. They arrive at Pride Rock. Up, inside the cave, Nama greets them.


Nama: “And who’s that?”

Bakia: “My name’s Bakia.”

Nama: “Bakia – That’s a cute name.”

Bakia: “Thanks.”

Ahnu (to Bakia): “This is my mother.”

Nama: “I’ve got a name, too. And it’s Nama. And that sleeping lion over there...”


She points at Vanar.


Nama: “That’s my mate Vanar.”

Bakia: “This is so cool...”

Ahnu: “I think it’s kinda boring...”

Bakia: “Yeah, that’s because you’re used to it. But for me it’s completely new!”

Ahnu: “It’s not as exciting as you think it may be.”

Bakia (to Nama): “So, you’re a queen? This gets better by every second...”

Taran: “Oh, by the way... I need to talk to you Nama.”

Nama: “Is it urgent?”

Taran: “Quite.”

Nama: “Could you two leave us alone please?”

Bakia: “I want to hear it, too.”

Ahnu (whispers to Bakia): “When they’re like that they’re not listening to you. Just do what they say.”

Bakia: “Oh...”

Ahnu: “Okay.”


They walk away.


Taran: “They must have been following me.”

Nama: “Who?”

Taran: “The hyenas. I noticed a shadow and the smell of them.”

Nama: “Hyenas? But they disappeared a long time ago.”

Taran: “Well, when we were looking for our parents, we found them. I bet those slobbering mangy stupid poachers just came for revenge.“

Nama: “I don’t understand...”

Taran: “That’s right. We didn’t tell you everything about it, did we?”

Nama: “No, I don’t think so...”

Taran: “Well, it was like that...”


Taran tells her about the happenings.


Taran: “And now they’re back to take their revenge on us.”

Nama: “That’s terrible...”

Taran: “But I only saw one. I don’t know how many are already there.”

Nama: “What should we do now?”

Taran: “Right now I think it’s the best if we wait and watch...”

Nama: “And what will we tell Ahnu?”

Taran: “Nothing. He shouldn’t worry about such things in his age. But someone should watch over him.”

Nama: “I agree. And I know someone who is perfect for this job...”

Taran (thinks): “Me and my big mouth...”

Taran: “Okay, okay... I’ll do it.”

Nama: “That makes me feel better, thanks. Oh, there’s one more thing...”

Taran: “What?”

Nama: “It’s about Bakia...”

Taran: “What’s it?”

Nama: “I think it’s too dangerous for her to go home alone.”

Taran: “I think we could keep her here for a while. She would enjoy it.”

Nama: “I hope you’re right.”


They look over to Ahnu and Bakia, wo also started talking.


Ahnu: “What about your parents?”


Bakia looks down for a moment.


Bakia: “I have no parents...”

Ahnu: “Oh, I’m sorry...”

Bakia: “They died when I were younger... I’ve been wandering around in the Outlands since then.”

Ahnu: “That must have been really hard for you...”

Bakia: “I’ve put it behind me a long time ago.”

Ahnu: “So...”

Bakia: “Hey, cheer up already. Do you want to know what keeps me happy?”

Ahnu: “Sure, what is it?”

Bakia: “It’s...”


She comes one step closer to him.


Bakia: “...You.”


Ahnu blushes.


Ahnu: “Me?”

Bakia: “Right. See, before I met you, I almost died from sadness! I’ve been alone for such a long time...”

Ahnu: “Er...”

Bakia: “But now...”


She comes one step closer again and puts her paw on Ahnu’s, who blushes even more.


Bakia: “I feel...”


She’s almost nuzzling him.


Bakia: “...Save.”


Finally, she nuzzles him, but he pulls away his paw and falls backwards. Bakia giggles, Ahnu smiles at her. Nama and Taran stop watching them.


Nama: “They’re so happy... You’re right, we shouldn’t bother them with such things now...”

Taran: “But we have to be careful.”

Nama: “Yeah...”

Taran: “Now excuse me, I’ll also be resting over there.”


Taran walks away. Ahnu got up again, Bakia is still giggling.


Bakia: “You’re funny.”

Ahnu: “I didn’t mean to do that...”

Bakia: “I know.”

Ahnu: “Well, I don’t know what to say-“

Bakia: “Don’t say anything, just enjoy it.”

Ahnu: “Enjoy what?”

Bakia: “Someone likes you, that’s something that could make others jealous.”

Ahnu: “Someone?”

Bakia: “Me...”

Ahnu: “You...?”

Bakia: “I like you.”

Ahnu: “I like you, too.”


Bakia smiles at Ahnu and puts her paw on his again, but now he don’t pulls it back.











An old enemy returns


Noone notices Vanar making quiet noises. In his deep sleep, Vanar finally remembers everything of his old dream. He sees himself hanging down at a cliff. The herds are gone. The Pride Lands are covered in clouds and far away, the whole of Pride Rock is burning. He tries to climb up to the top of the cliff. He looks down once and sees dead Kiara and Kovu lying on the ground. He feels fear in his heart. As he reaches the top of the cliff, a dark shadow arrives trying to grab his paws. Something tells him that it will help him. Suddenly the shadow grows bigger and forms a lion. It's Ahnu. He pulls Vanar up. In a save moment, they happily look at each other. Then, totally unexpected, Varnar is thrown off the cliff by another shadow. During his fall, which would surely lead to death, he watches the shadow form another lion. This time it’s Aren. As Vanar almost reaches the ground he’s catched by Taran. Vanar is stunned by his confusion. Helpless Taran watches Aren fighting Ahnu. From the beginning, Aren had a big advantage. He was bigger and much stronger than Ahnu. But then Ahnu tricks him, causing him to fall down the cliff directly into the fire. A lightning hits the ground, everything turns white and Varnar wakes up. Still breathing short and quickly, he realizes that the dream totally changed.
Varnar (thinks): “Why did it change? But if this dream was a vision, then we’re on the right way...”
He looks around. It’s already night and everyone’s sleeping. Except for two: Ahnu and Bakia. They’re not around there. He almost starts to worry about it, but then he hears their voices from outside and listens to them.
Ahnu: “That’s such a sad story...”
Bakia: “I know... But as I said before, I put it behind me long time ago, so I’m okay with it. Thank you.”
Ahnu: “For what?”
Bakia: “You showed me something very important.”
Ahnu: “And what would that be?”
Bakia: “How to play.”
Ahnu: “What?”
Bakia: “I never played with other lions before.”
Ahnu: “Really? Why not?”
Bakia: “I didn’t know how to.”
Ahnu: “Oh...”
Bakia: “But you showed me and I would like to thank you for that...”
Ahnu: “Oh, you don’t have to-“
Before he could finish the sentence Bakia already kissed him on his cheek. He seems quite surprised, but happy. Suddenly Ahnu notices shadows moving far away. They’re heading for Pride Rock.
Ahnu: “Hey, do you see that?”
Bakia: “What?”
Ahnu: “Over there. What do you think that could be?”
Bakia: “I don’t know, let’s go find it out.”
Ahnu: “Isn’t that dangerous?”
Bakia: “Are you scared?”
Ahnu: “No.”
Bakia: “Good. Come on.”
They run towards the shadows. As they come closer, they recognize the shadows were hyenas.
Ahnu: “Hyenas?”
Bakia: “What are you waiting for? Run!”
They turn around and are about to run, but stopped by a big lion. They hyenas form a circle among them.
Ahnu (whispers to Bakia): “Stay behind me.”
Lion: “Well done my little friends.”
Ahnu: “Wait.... You’re Aren, aren’t you?”
Aren: “Yeah, that’s what everyone calls me...”
Ahnu: “What do you want from us?”
Aren: “Oh, you’ll see soon enough. But for now-“
One of the hyenas does a step.
Hyena: “Hey, why can’t we eat them right now?”
Aren: “You fools! I told you we need them.”
Hyena: “That’s right, we need them... For what?”
Aren: “They make a good lure for our real target...”
Hyenas: “Who was hat again?”
Aren: “Look over there.”
He points at Pride Rock.
Ahnu: “What? You’re after my parents? First you’ll have to fight me!”
Aren: “You’re a brave one. But be careful. Courage not only leads you to success...”
Ahnu: “Shut up!”
Hyena: “I can’t stand it! I want a piece of them now!”
The hyenas runs towards them and is about to bite Bakia, but Ahnu scratches it and saves Bakia. Unfortunately Ahnu also got his cheek hurt.
Ahnu: “Stay away from her!”
Hyena: “You little-”
Aren: “Silence!”
The hyena yields back.
Aren: “I’ll handle this. You go for the plan...”
Hyena: “Yes, sire...”
Ahnu watches the hyenas as they disappear in the darkness of the night, one after another.
Aren: “Now back to you...”
Ahnu: “Do with me what you want, but let her go!”
Aren: “You’re not in the position to make conditions.”
Ahnu tries to roar at him, but unfortunately he only brings out a sweet noise.
Aren: “Is that all?”
Ahnu roars again, but this timme it sounds like the roar of an adult lion. Suddenly Taran appears and attacks Aren, who avoids the attack easily.
Aren: “Look who we have here. If this isn’t Taran...”
Taran: “What are you doing here? You’ve been exiled a long time ago.”
Aren: “I’ve come back to take my revenge...”
Taran: “You only want me, don’t you? Let the childs go, they’re innocent!”
Aren laughs madly.
Aren: “You changed... But you’re wrong. Your not my target.”
Taran: “I’m not? But you said...”
Aren: “I know what I said! But I changed my mind... Why only you? I’ll take my revenge on everyone of the royal family!”
Taran: “You’re insane!”
Aren: “But mighty...”
Taran: “You won’t be able to do that alone.”
Aren: “Oh, I’m not alone... I’ve found allies.”
Taran: “I don’t see any!”
Aren: “They’re not here...”
Aren turns around to Pride Rock with a very enthusiastic look.
Aren: “Look over there!”
Tousands of hyenas are climbing up Pride Rock, heaing for the cave.
Taran: “No!”
Without waiting further he starts running, but is stopped and knocked down by Aren.
Aren: “You’re not going anywhere my friend!”
Taran stands up with an angry look in his face.
Taran: “Go out of the way!”
Aren: “Isn’t that strange? This situation seems familiar...”
Taran: “This is my last warning.”
Aren: “What will you do? Are you going to kill me? Give up. It will be too late, even if you go now.”
Suddenly Ahnu jumps on Aren’s back and bites him in the neck. Aren tries to pull him off, but he can’t reach him. Taran takes his chance and heads for Pride Rock. Soon he reaches it and don’t loses time to climb it up. Hyenars are trying to block him, but he beats them, one after another. On top he fights some hyenas who were almost entering the cave. He hears screams coming from inside the cave and runs in and sees Nama and Vanar trapped by some hyenas. He roars once very loudly and pounces at one. Another one is about to bite him, but he kicks it away and continues. Soon the hyenas flee from the cave.
Vanar: “What was that?”
Nama: “Thank you, Taran.”
Taran: “We need to get out of here quick! I bet there are far more of them around here!”
Nama and Vanar confusd look at each other, but agree ad follow Taran out. Out side, he turns around to them.
Taran: “From here it’s the best if we split up. You two go there, I’ll help Ahnu.”
Nama: “Ahnu? What’s with him?”
Taran: “He’s fighting Aren-“
Aren: “Are you talking about me?”
They all turnd around again and fearfully look at Aren, who just made his way up.
Taran: “You...”
Aren: “That little termite wasn’t a real enemy for me. He shouldn’t have interrupt us.”
Nama and Vanar stand next to Taran.
Ahnu (sounding sarcastic): “Oh, three against one? This isn’t fair...”
They all attack Aren at the same time. Aren jumps backwards and punches Nama away. As Vanar tries to attack him from the side, Aren also knocks him off. Now only Taran is left.
Aren: “It’s not beautiful to watch someone hurt your family, is it?”
Taran: “You won’t get away that easily with this!”
Taran pounces at Aren, who throws himself down and rolls away sideways, evading him. Taran runs after him and fiercefully jumps on Aren, who throws himself down again - but this time backwards – and kicks Taran, throwing him off the cliff. But Taran is lucky and lands on a rock. Taran tries to stand up again, but unfortunately notices that he’s hurt. He then looks up to Aren, who seems to look satisfied with what he’s done. Aren turns around and is about to kill Nama, as he’s bitten into the neck again.
Aren: “You again? But I thought you were-“
Aren grabs Ahnu and throws him down. Ahnu quickly stands up.
Ahnu: “I’m not that easy to beat.”
Aren: “I’ve already beaten you once.”
Bakia: “He’s not alone!”
Aren turns around and notices Bakia.
Aren: “Even two have no chance against me!”
Ahnu jumps on Aren again, but is thrown off before he could even bite him. Bakia also tries to bite him, but Aren just pins her down to the ground.
Aren: “This is what everyone gets who interferes me.”
He raises his paw for a final blow. Bakia tries to escape, but Aren is too strong and keeps her down.
Bakia: “No! I don’t want to!”
In the last moment Ahnu bites Aren in his neck causing him to fall backwards. Aren directly falls on Ahnu. He stands up again and looks at Ahnu, who is visible wounded heavily.
Aren: “I’ve got enough!”
Aren raises his paw again.
Taran: “No!”
Aren turns around.
Aren: “Perfect timing Taran. Now you’ll see him die! And when I’m finished, I’ll do the same thing with you!”
With these words, he continues, noticing that Ahnu is gone. Suddenly he falls sideways, rolling off the cliff and falling down. Ahnu, still wounded, threw him off and watches him falling. Arehits the ground and dieis immediately.
Ahnu (quiet to himself): “Now who’s the termite?”
Taran slowly walks to Ahnu.
Taran: “I’m sorry. We should have told you about the hyenas earlier.”
Ahnu: “You couldn’t know.”
Ahnu looks at Bakia.
Taran: “She’s not hurt badly, so she’ll be fine.”
Ahnu: “That’s good.”
With these words, he collapses.
The end of a kingdom
Still tired to death, Ahnu slowly opens his eyes. Everyone is looking at him.
Nama: “Are you okay?”
Ahnu: “Couldn’t be any better.”
Vanar: “Taran told us about what happened. You were really brave out there.”
Ahnu: “Thanks.”
Taran: “If you hadn’t been there... Who knows what might have happened? You saved my life! I obey you something...”
Ahnu: “That was nothing...”
Bakia: “Don’t be shy.”
She gives him a kiss.
Bakia: “Thank you.”
She comes closer.
Bakia (whispers to Ahnu): “You’re my hero.”
Ahnu blushes again, even more than ever before. Everyone starts laughing. But not too long after, Ahnu thinks about something.
Ahnu: “I still smell hyenas out there...”
Taran: “That’s right.”
Ahnu: “This place was once peaceful, but now it became a living hell.”
Nama: “Don’t say such things. We can change it if we want to.”
Vanar: “That’s right. But... Do we?”
Nama angrily looks at Vanar, who responses with a serious look.
Ahnu: “I don’t.”
Nama: “What? But Ahnu...”
Ahnu: “I’m tired of fighting already...”
Taran: “But what are we going to do now?”
Ahnu: “Well...”
He pauses.
Ahnu: “We’ll leave Pride Rock.”
Taran: “What?”
Nama (to Ahnu): “Are you sure?”
Ahnu: “Of course I am! There’s no way we can ever live in peace if we stay here.”
Everyone looks at each other, quite confused, not knowing what to do. But then...
Taran: “I agree.”
Vanar: “Me too.”
Now everyone looks at Nama.
Nama: “Well... Why not? I think it will be interesting to see more than this old rock.”
Ahnu: “So, it’s decided?”
Everyone nods.
Ahnu: “Good. We’ll leave just today.”
Nama: “But where will we go to?”
Taran: “It doesn’t matter. We’re together, that’s everything that counts.”
Bakia puts her paw on Ahnu’s again and the nuzzle.
Later on, they all look back at Pride Rock one last time.
Ahnu (thinks): “This isn’t our home anymore. The hyeans stole it. Maybe they were the rightful owner a long time ago. But who knows... I’ll never see it ever again. Good bye...”
He turns around with a happy look.
Ahnu (thinks): “Don’t let anyone destroy you. It would be such a shame...”
And they all leave Pride Rock forever. They don’t know where they’re going, but they’re together and they’ll never give up. One day they may findanother place, just like the Pride Rock, to live in peace for the rest of their live. This was the end of a kingdom.
The End