Ode to the Archive.

There once was a time when art wasn't my thing

I couldn't draw, I could only dream.

Little I knew that the day would soon come

And I'd find myself at last in the sun.

It began with a movie and a passion lit up

I practiced those horses, tried not to give up

I didn't do well, though, on the archive itself

So my talent -for awhile- had to sit on the shelf.

But on I plunged into the blue sea,

Practicing and waiting for opportunity.

It came with the chance to build myself a site

I put my art on it and it turned out all right.

And yet I was lonely, I freely admit

My art on my site would just plain ol’ sit.

I decided it was time to join that one place,

And as I thought, a smile lit my face

Everyone was so friendly there! I liked the movie, too

There was so much to look at, so much to do.

I’d been visiting there for almost a year,

I’d drawn a few lions (though they looked a bit queer)

So I practiced those lions and colored and scanned

‘Til I thought that perhaps they were acceptable and

I studied that place many a night and a day

I could define “char” “TLK” and “art trade”

And lo! When I joined it was a Thursday

And I was uploaded that next Saturday

I had to wait to see myself on Monday

For I’m not allowed on the computer on Sunday

But my parents that day made an exception for me

So I got on the Internet and went to go see

Oh my! Eleven comments had been said about my pics!

I could’ve sworn my eyes were playing evil tricks!

5 of my 8 pics were in people’s faves

I jumped around the room giving God praise

That such friendly people would be brought my way

And that they all had such nice things to say.

Since then my art has improved quite a bit

people will fave them, the pics don’t just sit.

I’ve done enough trades to choke a grown horse

(But I love to make things for people, of course)

Now, I could rant on about the fun times I’ve had,

but this poem’s getting long, and my rhyming’s  getting bad.

So let me just say how much I love the place

When I think of all the nice people, I get a smile on my face.

For an old community, it’s still very much alive,

There’s no online place quite like The Lion King Fan Art Archive.


© 2004 Heather Summers (Bruyère)