The Eternal Bond

A short story by

Black Lion


Note: I recommend reading this with a nice song (Flaw: My Letter, preferably, or Coldplay: Warning Sign, maybe both) and with an open heart.


            Kovu ran at a fast pace, his flowing mane whipping about in the cool, night air. As he ran, he looked up, and saw the night stars shining in all their glory. Kovu smiled, and tears filled his eyes as he knew that The Great Kings of the Past were watching over him, every one.

Kovu picked up his pace, and made a full speed course for Priderock.

He ran up the stone ramp, and ran up to the tip of the promontory. There he sat, and looked up at the stars. They seemed to flicker at him beckoningly, as if signaling him to come with them, to fly away to a land of eternal peace.

Kovu felt tears coursing down his cheeks, wishing that some way he could say yes.

And what of Kiara?

Yes, Kiara would come with him, and the two would fly away together.

But Kovu knew all too well that his time would one day come, and he could only wait.

A light flashed above him, and Kovu looked up again.

He saw a marvelous white butterfly. But this was no ordinary butterfly. It was a butterfly that burned like fire, trails of flames following it as it passed along.

It fluttered near his face, and Kovu did not fear.

The fire was not hot, yet it was cool. Suddenly, the butterfly shot from him and flew high into the sky. Kovu easily could see it, hovering beautifully in the air.

Suddenly, it exploded, and an immaculate iridescence of colors and sparks flew forth, dancing and spinning in the air.

Kovu could not believe the heavenly sight before him. The spheres of color took form of all the animals of the Pridelands, from the leaping gazelle, to the rampant elephant, to the kingly lion.

They all chased each other like children, until Kovu realized that two were in the center of the commotion. They did not chase or roar with joy, yet it was a lion and lioness, caressing each other. The figures floating in mid-air came closer, and the other figures  waned and disappeared into nothing. They came so close that they were right before him, clearly so that he could see. A smoky aura surrounded them, and Kovu felt joy for the pair.

Suddenly, the pair began to show features, instead of their silhouetted form. Both the lion and lioness began to take strangely familiar features, until Kovu recognized who they were.

It was Kiara and He.

Kovu gasped, and watched as the pair smiled as they caressed each other, licking and purring. They flashed open their eyes, and both looked at him. Kovu saw himself and Kiara, both staring back at him with loving smiles. Kovu saw Kiara's eyes, glowing that transfixing fiery red that he loved so. He looked his own figure over, his own piercing green eyes staring happily at him. They slowly closed their eyes again, and Kiara tucked her head under Kovu's neck, and he gave her a loving hug.

Suddenly, and figure of a cub burst out of nowhere from the pair, and jumped out at Kovu with a playful roar.

Surprised, Kovu winced his head to the side, shutting his eyes, afraid of a strike from the cub. Kovu saw the cub, but could not really take a good look at its features.

Kovu felt no physical intrusion, and opened his eyes. Straight ahead of him where the apparition of Kiara and he was now again the flaming butterfly, hovering happily before him. Kovu tilted his head to the side, marveling at the creature. It slowly fluttered upwards to the heavens, and Kovu never let his eyes off of it until he could see it no more.

"Kovu?", he heard a soft voice behind him, and turned with a smile.

There stood Kiara, worried over her love. Kovu smiled warmly, and approached her.

Her worried look was wiped off her face. Kovu gave her a loving head rub, and she asked,

"What were you doing?"

Kovu released her and sat before her. He smiled broadly, and answered,

"Having a talk with the Kings."

"What did they say?" She asked softly.

Kovu only smiled, and the two walked into their den.



The End.

(Yes, I know, it could have been much better as a short animation, but I'm workin' on it!)