A Reborn Soul


 Simba battled Scar (or Taka his birth name.) until he finally fell over the large cliff. Simba looked over the ledge and checked to make sure Scar had actually fallen over and was not still hanging onto the cliffs edge like he had done a few minutes before. Scar had fallen and Simba saw hyenas start to come over to his uncle. Scar smiled casually, "Aww my friends." Shenzi one of the hyenas looked confused, "Friends? I thought we were the enemies?" Banzi smirked, "That’s what I heard. Ed?" Ed just laughed. Scar had started to speak again, "No, no let me explain... I didn’t mean it!" The hyenas ran over to Scar and started to attack him. Scar knew he was going to die for sure.



 About ten minutes later Scar had managed to escape the hyenas and he headed towards Pride Rock. He finally realized what he had done to the pride all those years had been wrong and he realized he shouldn’t have killed his brother. He was now feeling really guilty about what he had just done to his nephew. Then, he heard a big roar coming from Pride Rock, and then heard many roars after the one long one. He knew this meant that Simba had become king and had his rightful place in the circle of life. He had just hoped that Simba would find it in his heart forgive him. He started to walk towards all the lionesses and lions. They looked at him in shock and in rage. One of the lionesses shouted, "King Simba! Scar is back!" Simba turned around in rage, "What do you want Scar?" Scar looked really scared and helpless, "My nephew please I beg you to forgive me for what I have done to this pride and to you." Simba glared angrily at his uncle, "Why should I?" Scar looked up at the king, "Simba I have realized I have done some wrong things in my life, but I now feel I need to make it up to you and this pride!" Simba calmed down a little, "Uncle Scar you have done so many wrong things in your life! You raped your daughter, killed my dad and destroyed the pridelands!" Scar looked even more ashamed with himself. Simba was making him look bad, but he did disserve it. Simba continued to speak once again, "But, Uncle Taka, I do forgive you!" Taka looked up at his nephew and he thought, this lion has a big heart just like his father. The lionesses jaws looked like they were falling to the ground. Nala stood up and smiled, "If Simba forgives you papa so do I." Everyone seemed okay with it. Sarifina, (Taka’s wife) smiled, "Taka I am so happy you are back to your old self again." Simba was confused, "Old self Aunt Sarifina?" She smiled, "Yes, your uncle was kind when he was younger around the time we had Nala." "Uncle Taka I am glad you are kind again too. I am sorry I threw you to the hyenas." Taka smiled, "Simba I deserved a good beating from those vultures." Simba chuckled, "I think we’ll get along just fine don’t you mom?" Sarabi came up in front of Simba, "Yes, my son I think we will all do just fine now that you have come back so have the rains." Sarifina and Taka nuzzled a little. Taka was happy that everyone welcomed him back with open arms, this is what his father Ahadi meant when he said he’d find his place in the great circle of life.



That night Sheena (A lioness with two young cubs and one on the way) smiled at her cubs. Well, actually one of them wasn’t hers it was Nala’s, but she had given it to her because she wanted her cub (Nela or her knew name Vitalani) to grow up big and strong with a caring mother that could make her become a wonderful lioness. Sheena’s mate Shene came up to her, "Are you feeling ok?" Sheena smiled, "I am great!" How is Nuka and Vitalani?" He smiled at his children. She smiled too, "They’re fine honey." They nuzzled each other for awhile. Taka walked into the cave, "How is my daughter?" "She is just fine Taka." Shene looked at Taka, "I want her to grow up believing that we are her real parents. This made Taka mad inside, but he understood, "Okay you have my word and Nala’s. We won’t tell her who her real parents are." Shene felt better "Thank you Taka." He smiled, "Taka we’ll tell Nuka eventually that you’re his real father." Taka purked up, "Thank you so much Shene. I am really sorry I mated with your wife." Shene smiled again, "That’s over Taka we must get on with our lives. You know I forgave you when Nuka was born." Taka nodded, "I will leave you two love birds alone now." He skipped off out of the cave.


The next morning Taka got up really early right before the sun came up. He had done this many times at Pride Rock with his father when he was younger. He remembered one day when he was a cub he had begged his father to get up so they could watch the sun rise. He remembered what his father told him on that morning, "Taka everything the light touches is our kingdom. One day I wont be here and Mufasa will carry on in my place." Taka hurt inside every time he remembered this. He started to cry softly to himself and thought, why did father love Mufasa more than me? Then he had realized he wasn’t the first cub born so that made Mufasa the next king and not him. He had always understood why Mufasa had to become king, but never understood why the great kings of the past didn’t choose him instead. Taka thought, that was a very long time ago I must get on with my very happy life. Taka smiled at thought of his brother. He loved Mufasa but never new how to tell him this until it was too late. He knew greed had gotten the best of him for so many years and he knew he had to make up for lost time with his nephew and his nephews mother.


Sarifina walked up to Taka, "Taka are you okay. You look sad." Taka smiled, "Sarifina I am fine now that my sole has been reborn." She smiled at him and they nuzzled one another for a bit. Taka said to his wife, "I still feel guilty about Mufasa’s death." She licked him on the muzzle, "Taka your nephew and the pride has forgiven you. Isn’t that enough." Taka shook his head, "No Sarifina it isn’t. It seems that I want to turn back the time and relive my life the right way." She smiled at him, "It’ll be fine you have a fresh start right now." He knew she was right but something was missing. Then it his him, everything was perfect and everyone was fine. But, one lion wasn’t fine that was his brother. He started to cry again. He shouted to the sky, "Mufasa I am so sorry please forgive me!" Sarifina looked at Taka and then at the sky there were a few rays of sun shinning on Taka’s face. Taka looked into the sky too and swore with all his heart that he saw his brothers face smiling at him and whispering, "I forgive you my brother." Taka smiled he now knew that his life was complete in the circle of life. He still needed to talk to his nephew and Sarabi. He thought, "Later self I need to spend time with my wife first."


That afternoon Taka went to see Simba. Simba smiled at his uncle and Taka smiled back. Taka started to speak, "How are you doing today?" "Good Uncle Taka. How are those cuts healing on your back?" He smiled, "Good. Can I talk to you about something?" Simba nodded. "I was wondering what do you think about the sky?" Simba looked really confused, "The sky?" He shook his head, "I am sorry this is really hard to talk about." Simba smiled, "You know you can tell me anything Uncle Taka." Taka nodded, "Well, it’s about your dads death." Simba looked sympathetically at his uncle, "Yeah what about dads death?" He started to speak, "I want you to know I am very sorry Simba. I never meant to hurt you. Well, I did then but not anymore." Simba said, "Hey it’s okay. I told you I forgave you and I really do." Taka smiled, "Yeah I know." Simba looked at his uncle, "Are you sure you’re okay?" He nodded, "Yes. I guess I wanted to reassure myself. Simba where’s your mother?" He pointed to the waterhole, "She’s at the waterhole with Aunt Sarifina." Taka smiled again, "Okay I am going to talk to her then maybe we can go hunting later?" "Sure Uncle Taka." Taka ran off to the waterhole to speak with Sarabi.


About five minutes later Taka arrived at the waterhole, "Hi Sarabi." Sarabi turned around, "Oh, hi Taka how are you?" He smiled, "Good. I was wondering if I could speak with you alone." He looked at his wife and Shene. They got the hint and left. Sarabi was concerned, "Taka are you alright?" He nodded, "I am good. You forgive me about Mufasa’s death right?" "I have put the past behind me and so should you." He grinned, "Yes I know I just wanted to make sure we’re still friends with each other." Sarabi smiled too, "Yes we’ll always be friends through thick and thin." He smiled even more, "Would you like to come hunting with Simba and I?" She nodded and they both headed towards Pride Rock.


Simba saw them coming, "Mom, Uncle Taka you’re back!" Taka smiled, "Yes we are." Sarabi hugged her son. Simba groaned, "Mom, not in front of everyone." She chuckled and played with his mane, "Sorry son it’s a habit that every parent has." Simba grinned a bit, "Okay mom but in private?" "Sure." Taka was annoyed, "Sorry to break up this love frenzy, but are we going hunting?" They nodded. Simba spoke to his Uncle, "There are some things that will never change." Taka looked at his nephew, "What’s that?" He grinned, "You’ll always be impatient." "Yes, I am sorry but that’s the way I am." They all laughed.


They went hunting and had a great time. Sarabi caught two zebra and Simba got one antelope and Taka caught two rabits and a mouse. They knew things were going to be peaceful for a long time and that they’d get along too. The circle of life good again. Well, for now.



Written by, Heather Roppolo