The Lionesses



One sunny morning Nala woke up after a wonderful dream. She had a dream about when she was still a cub and she and Simba were playing in an open field. They were pouncing on one another, pouncing was their favorite game when they were young. Now Nala and Simba were all grown up and had two cubs of their own which were also now adults. Their names are Kiara and Tani. Kiara is now married to Kovu and Tani is married to Vitalani. Vitalani is actually Tani and Kiaraís sister but, they didnít know that until the outlanders moved in with the pridelanders. The rule is you do not marry your sister or brother only cousins. But, this is an exception. The reason Tani and Vitalani are brother and sister is because Nala had a cub with her father (Taka). Taka is supposed to be dead at the end of the Lion King but they never said he was so in this story he is alive. Just so you know the name "Taka" is Scars name when he was a cub. He became nice again after the hyenaís attacked him.


Back to the story. That day was a beautiful day the sun was shinning with not one cloud in the sky. Kiara went over to her mother, "Mom I have something very important to tell you." "Yes Kiara whatís the matter?" "Nothing at all but, their is something Iíd like to tell you." "Yes?" "Mom I am pregnant! Kovu and I are gonna have a cub!" "Wow! I am going to be a grandmother!" "Yes mom you are. Where are daddy and the others?" "Theyíre still inside sleeping theyíll be out in an hour or two." Kiara nodded and said, "Okay let me go in and rest some more too." "Okay sweetheart." Suddenly Nala fell over and almost fainted. "Mom, mom what is the matter are you alright?" "Go get your sister sheís at the bottom of Pride Rock, and hurry." "Okay mom Iíll be right back!" Kiara ran down to her sister. "Vitalani, hurry, mom collapsed!" "Okay I am coming! Where is she?" "Sheís at the top of Pride Rock." So, they ran as fast as they could to their mother. "Mom, mom are you alright?" "Yes Vitalani I am ok. I just need some water." "Mom Iíll get the water you go to the cave and rest for awhile." "Alright Kiara." "Mom?" "Yes Kiara?" "Please be careful." "Donít worry Iíll take it easy." Kiara and Vitalani went down to the waterhole together to get some water for their sick mother. Vitalani was really worried but knew her mom would be fine.


That afternoon Nala felt a lot better. Kiara told her dad, grandparents and others the good news. Now that she has said her good news Vitalani wanted to tell hers too. "Mom, how are you?" "A lot better honey." "Thatís good." "Mom I have to tell you something." "Alright what is it?" "Well, I am kind of pregnant." "Really? My two daughters are pregnant. This is so exciting!" "Yeah I guess so." "What do you mean?" "I am scared mom!" "I was scared the first time when I had you." "I know mom, but youíre a lot braver than I am. I only try to at tuff." "Why?" "I donít want to look pathetic." "You are not pathetic. You are my daughter and I love you and so does everyone else." "I know that. I am just scared." "Donít be scared; thereís nothing to be afraid of. It hurts but, you get used to it." "What do you mean it hurts?" "While youíre pregnant it hurts. You get pains in your stomach. Not anything to be afraid of." "So, it hurts but, itís worth it?" "Yes of course. Why wouldnít it be? Being a mother is the best thing in the world." "Mom, I wasnít planned was I? "Well, no. But, so what youíre my baby girl and thatís all that matters." "Yeah youíre right mom!" Vitalani skipped away like she was a cub again to go announce the good news to her sister and everyone else.


The next day Nala felt even sicker then the day before she didnít know what her pains were. Simba came up to her to see how she was doing. "Nala are you alright? You look pale." "I am not sure I donít feel good at all." "Nala, I may know why youíre sick in the first place." "Why Simba?" "Nala youíre probably pregnant." "You think?" "Yes, I do think so. Youíve been in pain in your stomach and nowhere else. What else could it be?" "Youíre right!" "I always am." Nala pounced Simba like when they cubs and then grabbed her stomach in pain. "I shouldnít have done that." "No I don't think so. But, you'll be fine in a few days. The pain always goes away." Nala nodded her head. "I better tell the others." "Later, rest awhile first. Tell them tonight after we eat dinner." Nala went into the cave and laid down and went to sleep she knew she'd be just fine.


That night Simba gathered everyone into a big circle at the top of Pride Rock. "Everyone, we have some good news to tell you all tonight." The lionesses started to whispered and got really excited. Nala started to speak. "The reason I haven't been feeling very well is because of the same reason my two daughters haven't been feeling good." Kiara and Vitalani looked up at their mother and smiled. "Everyone I am going to have a cub!" All the lions and lionesses cheered for joy. Then, Simba started to speak again, "Even though we wonít be in charge anymore." The others understood but Kiara and her sister look at one another in confusion. Nala knew what to say. "Well Kiara you are married to Kovu now and youíre going to have a cub so Simba and I are handing the thrown to you two tomorrow night." Kiara and Kovu smiled at Nala and Simba; they were really happy. Kiara asked, "Really mom?" "Yes Kiara really. When the heir of the thrown gets married and pregnant the mom and dad have to step down and give the thrown to the heir." Kiara and Kovu were going to be King and Queen and three lionesses were going to give birth in two months.


The next morning Kiara woke up really early. Kovu walked up to her, "Kiara you look scared are you alright?" Kiara nodded her head, "Yes, I am fine just a little spooked about having a cub I guess." Kovu nuzzled her and said, "It'll be fine just wait and see. Letís go back to bed." Kiara still looked a bit scared and started to speak, "Kovu are you afraid too?" Kovu nodded his head, "Everyone gets afraid when they become a parent for the first. My mom and dad were. "Really" "Yes, really. Come on lets go inside for a bit." "Okay." Kiara and Kovu walked inside the cave to get a few more hours of rest. Since Kiara and Vitalani and Nala were pregnant they all needed the best rest possible out of anyother lionesses in the Pridelands.


That afternoon Taka came up to Nala, "Nala you ok?" "I am fine daddy." Nala looked around then asked, "Dad?" "How come you hated me when I was young?" She was referring to when she had Vitalani. (Or her real name Nela.) "Nala I never hated you." "So, why did we have Nela?" "I donít know honey that was a big mistake and I am so sorry I did that." "Itís alright daddy it was my fault too." "Nala I love you so much." "I know and I love you too." "Dad?" "Yeah Nala?" "Did you have a good childhood like Simba and I did?" "Yes, my father and mother loved me so much and my brother." "So, why do you have that scar on your face?" Taka put his paw to his eye and choked back some tears, "I ran away when I was two and my father got angry and gave me this scar." "Was your daddy mean? I donít remember him being mean to you when you were older." "He wasnít mean, but he did loose his temper and hit me so times. I forgave him though because I loved him too much to hate him." "I forgive you too daddy." Nala and Taka nuzzled for a bit then went to eat dinner.


At dinner Kiara was really nervous about becoming queen and she new Kovu was nervous about becoming king. After dinner all the animals in the pridelands went to Pride Rock. Rafiki hugged Kiara and whispered in her ear, "Youíll be a great queen, donít worry." Kiara smiled and looked at Kovu. They hugged each other and started to walk up to the top of Pride Rock. Nala and Simba smiled at each other. They were but also sad that they had to give up their positions of ruling Pride Rock. But, they knew in their hearts that Kiara and Kovu would do just fine. Taka and Sarafina smiled and Sarbi did too. Even though Mufasa was dead she knew he was watching this. Kovu and Kiara let out a huge roar and all the lions and lionesses roared back. Th elephants cheered and stomped and so did the cheetahs and leopards and rhinos. Mufasa was in the clouds and smiled upon Kiara and Kovu. All the animals in the pridelands smiled back at him. Taka saw his father and mother and brother and started to cry. To cry because he missed them all so much and cried for his granddaughter and for the fact that he had killed his one and only brother. He also cried because he was still with them today and for many days to come.


After the ceremony Kiara and Kovu were talking to Sarafina and Nala. Nala smiled and said, "Kiara, Kovu I am so happy for you both." Nala started to cry. Kiara looked worried but knew they were tears of joy not of sadness. Simba nuzzled her and smiled. Taka and Sarafina did the same. Then Taka said, "I am so happy for you two." Nala knew her dad had meant this and knew that he was sad on the day that Simba came back to the Pridelands. He was not mad at him anymore because he realized he loved his nephew more than anyone would ever know. He was just disappointed with himself for not being a better king and a better uncle. But, he promised himself when he changed that he would take care of Mufasaís son and wife not matter what the situation was.


Two weeks later Kiara, Vitalani and Nala werenít feeling very well and everyone was concerned and also knew that they would be okay. Kiara was very concerned about her mother because she was older and had a harder time dealing with the pregnancy. Tani kept telling Kiara that everything would be ok but she had to know for herself. So, that afternoon she confronted her father and mother and asked, "Mom are you okay?" "Yes, I am. Why do you ask?" "You always look tired mom and I worry about you." "I am fine." Simba went up to her and said, "Kiara your mom is fine sheís older yes but that doesnít make a difference. Does it Nala?" Now Nala looked at Simba and said, "You two should know I am a fighter and I never give up in anything." "We know mom, we know." Simba walked up to the top of Pride Rock and let out a very loud and ear piercing roar and then smiled! Tani ran up to Pride Rock panting and shouted, "Hey dad whatís wrong?" Simba was still smiling, "Nothing Tani I just felt like roaring thatís all." "Well, dad you scared me to death." "Sorry son. I just needed to roar out my feeling." "Oh, thatís ok, sometimes I want to do that too." "Well, why donít you son? It feels great." "Tani nodded, "Sure what could it hurt?" So Tani let out a huge roar that filled the air. Not as loud as his dads but heíll learn. Simba looked at Tani then at Nala and then at Kiara he was so proud of his family and soon he would be a grandfather and a new daddy too.


A month later. Itís getting close to all of the births, first Kiara's then Nela's then, Nalaís. The best thing about having a cub Nala thought is it brings her close to her family and friends again. Taka walked up to Tani. Tani asked, "Everything okay grandpa?" "Yeah I am alright just a little confused thatís all." "Why?" "Tani when a lion becomes my age he wonders about things." "What things?" "Well, how long we are going to live or how long our mates are going to live." Tani smiled and said, "Grandpa donít worry you will live for another ten years and so will grandma." Taka looked at his grandson. He knew he was right but, something didnít feel right. Tani was still concerned, "What is it grandpa?" "Nothing, nothing at all. I am just glad to be alive and kicking." Tani laughed then, Taka did too. Sometimes Taka thought Tani was smarter than he was and he knew because he showed it just like his brother Mufasa had. Taka said, "Come on Tani lets go inside itís getting pretty late." The two of them went into the cavern and smiled at each other. Tani thought he would never make it without his grandfather and Taka thought that he would not make it without his grandson. But, that night the two of them knew that the other would be fine. They went to bed and had a good night sleep.


It was the night before Kiaraís birth of her cub. Nala walked up to Kiara, "Honey are you alright?" Kiara looked really scared, "Oh, mom I cannot go through with it!" Nala shook her head, "Itís a little late to decide this now. Besides youíll be fine." Kiara made a fake smile, "I guess but you were scared when you were going to have me right?" "Yes very scared. But, you get over it. Itís all worth it in the end." Kiara smiled for real, "Yeah mom youíre right." Nala nodded her head agreeing with her, "Iíll help you through it and Vitalani through hers." "Whoís going to help you mom?" "My mother. Who else?" Kiara smiled. Nala didnít need to answer she knew that Kiara understood that mothers always helped their daughters through their births. If not their mom their friends or other family. The males were supposed to stay outside the cave until the birth is complete.


The next afternoon Taka walked up to Kiara, "Kiara your mom said you were scared last night. Are you alright now?" Kiara looked at her grandfather, "Yes, Iíll be fine. Grandpa?" "Yeah?" "Was mom really scared when she had Nela?" "Yes, she was." "Well, thatís how I feel. It feels like my stomach is in knots." "I know that feeling." Kiara had to laugh, "You canít give birth." Taka smiled, "No, I know that but I have been really nervous before." Kiara was confused, "When?" "When my father died. I was nervous because I needed him still." "I am sorry I didnít get to know him. Was he a good lion?" "Well, yes most of the time. Except when he gave me my scar." "Grandpa?" "Are you still mad at him?" "No I love my dad too much." "You mean the way I love you?" Taka smiled and said, "Exactly like that." "Letís go in to the cave grandfather." "Sure." They headed toward the cave. Ever since she talked to her grandfather everything seemed peaceful until that night when she was going to have the cubs.


It was time and Kiara was in pain. She called out for her mother, "Mom, where are you itís time!" She could see her mom barley since it was so dark. "I am right here honey donít worry." "I know I just need your help mommy." Mommy Nala thought, she hasnít called me that in a long time. Kiara gave birth to two beautiful cubs, one a girl and one a boy. "Kiara?" Kovu just walked inside. "Kovu we have two healthy cubs!" "Wow, two!" "What shall we name them?" Kiara thought, how about the girl should be Elanna and the boy hmm... should be Taka after my grandfather." Kovu smiled down at his cubs, "Those are perfect names Kiara." "Good." Kiara smiled at her kids and then at her husband. "Was Taka first?" Kiara nodded, "At least one Taka will serve as king for a full term." Kovu laughed and then smiled, "Yeah." That night Kiara was really tired. Her father and all the others came into see the knew cubs. Everyone was so happy. Her grandfather was the last one in. "Kiara, I am so proud of you." "Thanks." She smiled up at him. "The boys name is Taka after you." Taka blushed, "I donít know what to say." "Donít say anything just lay here with me for awhile." "Sure." Kiara and her cubs and her grandpa fell asleep. Taka felt important with his great grandson named after him and not Simba or Tani or anyone else in the pridelands just, him!


The next morning was the ceremony. Kiara and Kovu were so happy and it was the first time they saw their cubs in the sunlight. Taka looked just like Kovu except he had a lighter coat color and Elanna looked exactly like her mother. Sarafina walked up to Kiara and Kovu, "I am so proud of you both." Kiara smiled at her grandmother, "Thank you grandma, I love you so much." "I love you too." "Kiara I am so happy that you named your son after your grandfather he loves you so much." Kiara nodded her head, "I know he does and I love him too." Rafiki came up to Taka and Elanna, "Which one shall I hold up first for the kingdom to see?" Kovu knew what Kiara was thinking, "Taka junior." Kovu said with pride. "Rafiki hugged Kiara and then Kovu, "Don't worry I've been doing this for years I remember when I held you up, Kiara." Kiara smiled and nodded for him to take baby Taka. Rafiki hadn't lost his touch, he held up Taka in the air and smiled. Taka started to wave his paws around and giggled. It was so high up but he didn't mind. All the animals cheered for joy at the new prince of the pridelands. After a few minutes Rafiki carried Taka to his mothers arms and but some juice on his head and some sand, baby Taka sniffled a bit then smiled up at his parents. Now it was Elanna's turn. Rafiki took her and held her up for all the animals to see. They once again cheered for the princeís sister. Rafiki put juice and sand on her head and gave Elanna to her father. Taka walked up to Kiara, "I am so proud of you two." "I know grandpa and I am proud of you." Kiara and Kovu went into the den to rest with their cubs. They were very proud of them both, Kiara just hopped Elanna wouldn't be jealous of her brother like Scar was of his brother.


That night it was Vitalani's turn to give birth. She called her dad in, "Daddy please get mom." "It's time?" All she could do was nod her head. Taka ran over to the others and said, "Vitalani is going to give birth everyone out!" "I am here dad no need to yell." Said Nala in a calm voice. "Sorry I just got excited, I never thought I'd live to see this day." "Me either daddy. Now let me go in to our daughter." "Sure." Nala trotted into the cavern,"Sweety I am here it's alright." "Mommy I thought you weren't coming." She started to cry. "No I was with your father he kept me back." Nala nuzzled her daughter. "It's going to be fine Vitalani." About a half an hour later Vitalani had given birth to a healthy baby girl. Taka ran into the cave, "Vitalani are you feeling better?" "Yes daddy, I am." "What's her name?" "I was thinking about the name Sala but I have to run it by Tani first." "I am sure he'll love that name." "I think he will. Can you get him daddy?" Taka nodded. Two minutes later Tani came inside. "How are you?" "I am good. I was thinking of the name, Sala. How do you like it?" "That's a very pretty name and I love it!" They looked at their daughter they knew that she'd was going to be betrothed to Prince Taka.


The next morning Nala gave birth to a baby boy. Simba came into the cave, "What's his name?" Nala thought for a bit, "How about, Ahadi?" "After our grandfather?" "Yeah. You like it don't you?" "I think it suits him perfectly." Nala and Simba looked at their son. Simba started to speak, "I think he should be betrothed to Elanna. Don't you Nala?" "Well, yes I do and we'll discuss it with Kiara and Kovu after Sala's and Ahadi's ceremony." "Sure that sounds good."


About an hour later animals started to gather around Pride Rock for the two ceremonyís. Everyone was very excited to see the two new cubs. Simba and Nala were with their son and Kiara and Kovu were with cubs and Tani and Vitalani were with their daughter. Their were four new cubs in the Pridelands and everyone always goes to the ceremonyís. Simba walked up to Kiara, "Kiara?" "Yeah father?" "What do you think about Ahadi and Elanna getting married when theyíre older?" "That sounds good dad." Simba smiled, "Also, Taka and Sala doing the same?" "Sure dad. How come I was never betrothed?" "Well. there were no other cubs to be betrothed to." "Oh." Kiara was happy she was not betrothed because then she wouldnít have married Kovu if she had. "Daddy, itís okay I didnít mind." "I know you didnít" Simba smiled at his daughter.


Rafiki finally got there and asked Nala, "Nala which cub shall go first Sala or Ahadi?" Well, I think Sala should go first." So, Rafiki took Sala from Taniís arms and lifted him up for the kingdom to see. The animals cheered and stomped their feet with joy. Sala waved her paws around in the air and smiled with joy. Tani started to cry for joy. Nala walked up to her son, "Tani itís alright." She said in a soothing voice. "Tani nodded his head, "I know mom I just want to hold her." Nala smiled, "I know you do." Rafiki took some juice and smeared it on her forehead and put some sand on it. Tani ran up to his daughter, Sala my baby come to daddy." Sala reached for her father and Tani cradled her in his arms. Vitalani was so happy she had a mom, dad, sister, husband and daughter who loved her very much. Rafiki walked up to Nala, "I have been doing this for a very long time I remember when I held you up." Nala smiled at Rafiki he knew this meant he could take Ahadi and show his to the kingdom. Ahadi was lifted up into the air. At first it looked as if he was scared but he then smiled down at the Pridelands and knew his mom and dad wouldnít let anything happen to him. Mufasa, and his parents, Ahadi and Sala were watching over the ceremony. Simba smiled up at his father and grandparents. Then, Rafiki gently put Ahadi into his motherís arms so he could put the juice and sand on top of his little head. He did so and said, "Ahadi you little rascal you look just like your father." Simba and Nala smiled at their son and went into the cave.


After the ceremony Nala and Simba played with Ahadi inside the cave since it started to rain. Everyone was happy that day. All of the cubs were healthy and very happy to be at Pride Rock. Kovu knew he would have to teach young Taka about how to be king in about nine months. But, he didnít mind he knew one day he would die and his son and daughter would carry on in his and their motherís places. Simba and Nala knew the same and so did Vitalani and Tani. The lions were very happy and would stay happy since everything seemed to be running smoothly at Pride Rock. The Circle of life continues once again.


The End.



Written by Heather Roppolo