Where did the hyenas go?

by Kovu

            NUKA: Yeecch. This place is even creepier since the hyenas ran off.

            VITANI: {mouth full of kindling} Mmmh. Gee.

            NUKA: {annoyed} I'm not scared, okay? {They jump down next to one of the spouts; Vitani drops the kindling against the edge.}

            NUKA: I just don't know why we have to be here, that's all. If Kovu was so special, why does he need us?... I never even had a CHANCE! Yaaah! {he gets his butt burned by a jet of hot gas from the ground}


            AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO WONDERS WHERE SHENZI, BONZAI, AND EDD RAN OFF TO! Obviosly, they were ban after Simba became king. But WHERE DID THEY FRIGAN GO! This is what I think. There are a few new characters like: Mother Dudma

Shenzi, Boonzai, and Edd are all trademark of Disney while are all MY characters, I see any of my characters in any oter fanfics, I'll be worse than Disney would if we were using them illgally.


Shenzi: I'm glad we're leaving. This place reminds me of Scar.

Bonzai: I don't know Shenzi, he tasted good. Edd?

Edd: {mannically laighs}

Shenzi: It reminds of other things, too. It's just reminds me more of Scar.

Bonzai: Well, where we headed to?

Edd: {Dose his OOMEE like he did in the first movie.}

Shenzi: What Edd? Woa d'zavu.

Bonzai: {laughs alittle then says.} Hey did we order this dinner to go?

Shenzi: {Plays it out.} No why?

Bonzai: 'cause there it goes.

S, B, E: {laughs}

Bonzai: But seriously, where are we going?

Shenzi: Well, we could go to my aunt Carol's den or we could go to Edd's aunt Ublitaheds den. Your choice Shenzi.

Bonzai: I don't know Shenzi.

S, B: Edd?

Edd: {draws a path going north.}

Bonzai: I think he wants to go North.

Shenzi: Gee, I wonder why?

S,B,E: {wander off north. They look behind them to see, Simba taking his rightful place as king. They come upon a HUGE HOLE in the ground and go inside.}

Shenzi: Hey, it's empty.

Bonzai: Lets take over.

Edd: {coughs alittle} This is my mothers den.


Mother Dudma: {coming out of nowhere.} Of course my baby can talk. Of corce thats all he can really say.... I'm mother Dudma. Who are you?

Shenzi: Shenzi, one of Edds friends.

Bonzai: Bonzai his other friend. {the hyenas laugh}

Dudma: You can stay here as long as you like.

Shenzi: Thanks, but no thanks. We've been ban from here also.

Dudma: Oh really why?

Shenzi: We...

Bonzai: {cuting her off} were ading the enemy.

Dudma: OUT! Even you Edd. OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT!

SBE: Lets get out of here. {They run out. By now Tanabi has died.}

Shenzi: Well, that worked. {laughs}

Bonzai: You know those meercats we almost got for lunch. Let's go stalk them.

Edd: {Laughs}

Shenzi: That's right Edd. Lunch.

{The Hyena's laugh so long it tires them and they fall a sleep. The next day they wake and start walking. They come upon the holes where the meercats roam. No ones there}

Shenzi: Damn it! No where else to go but to beg for forgiveness from Simba.

            The End.

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