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                Simba and Nala slowly pass away, Kiara and Kovu stand behind Rafiki greiving there soon loss, parents.  "Kovu, never give up. Never give in. No matter what happens. Remember, Kiara is my daugter, you are my apprentice. You mustent give up." Simba said with his final breath.

                "NO! Dady, stay with me." Kiara cried. She lifted his paw with hers. Then let go. He fell down, forever. Kiara wept. "Don't cry my dear, It's all part of the Circle of Life." Nala said, attempting to cheer her up. "Okay," Kiara said still crying. "I love you." Then Nala colapsed dead. Kovu, and Kiara both started crying. 

                "It is time." Rafiki said.  Rain started pooring outside. "Go my king. Long live King Kovu, and Queen Kiara!" Kovu started walking up to the peak of Pride Rock.

                "STOP!" A voice ecoed.

                "Zazu, What are you doing?" Kovu asked the bird when it came into veiw.

                "Why informing you that you are braking a law. Taka made a law stating, that there HAS to be royal blood in the futer king. Kiara can't lead 'cause of what the original king made it a law stating that it has to be a male. So, I don't think anyone can lead."

                "My son can." Kovu said.

                "Your sons is unborn."

                "VITANI!" Kovu shreeked for Vitani. Vitani calmly walked up, "Yes Kovu?"

                "Do we have any relatives that can lead, male, direct descendent of Scar, or and one able to lead?"

                "No!" Vitani said immediatly, and with a look of guilt.

                "THERE IS ANOTHER!" A lioness roared, she was still loyal to Scar.

                "Who?" Kovu inquired to the lioness.

                "His name is Banabi." The lioness roared.

                "Where is he?"

                "Right here." Just then a lion strode up. Almost identical to Kovu, only slightly more powerful. "Hello. I am Banabi."

                "I've never heared of you." Rafiki said, coming out of the den.

                "No one ever heard of me. I was ignored like Nuka, the difference is I enjoyed not having attention, Nuka wanted as much attention as he wanted."

                "I don't beleive you." Rafiki said.

                "Don't belive me if you will." He turned toward Zazu, "I was told I am the only one who can lead."      "Yes." Zazu ansered. The futer king cerimony took place. Afterwards, Banabi started speaking to the pride.

                "For my first law,  ALL OF YOU OUTLANDERS OTHER THAN ME OF COURCE ARE BAN FROM THE OUTLANDS! For my second law, ALL OF YOU WHO REMANE LOYAL TO SIMBA YOU ARE LOYAL TO A DEAD MAN AND MUST LEAVE THE PRIDE!" When, he relized that the entire pride started leaving, he cried. "THE HUNTERS MUST STAY! I OR DIE!" Kiara came out of the den. "STAY HUNTERS WE CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT YOU!"

                So the hunters stayed. Kovu and Kiara bor there son. Shortly after his birth, Kiara died. Kovu spent the rest of his life mourning over her loss. Then he died, by mysterious causes. The rest  of the lions were to old to go on. Only Vitani, Timon, and Pumbaa remained. Vitani named Kovu's son after her dead brother, Nuka, Nuka the 2nd {Which we call Nuka from now on} grew up. Vitani took on role as mother. Timon and Pumbaa became adopted fathers. Because of Nuka, Timon and Pumbaa turned into Vitani, Timon, and Pumbaa. Soon Nuka had to ask.

                "Mother, Vitani, Why is it my father is a different speices as me?"

                "Because they aren't your father." Vitani ansered. She told him the whole story.

                "So I am the true king of Pride Rock?"

                "Yes. You are. Knowing you, you'll persue your destiny, and we're with you to the end."

                "and so are we." A unfamillier voice echos. Timon and Pumbaa screamed and hid behind a rock. "Who are you?" Nuka asked.

                "Shenzi, Bonzai, and Edd." Shenzi, ansered.

                "Intrging names." Nuka says.

                "Thank you." Bonzai said. The hyena's start to laugh. Then more hyena's come.

                "Who are they?" Nuka asked.

                "Why there Bonzai's aunt's pack, all they want is a permanent place to live."

                "Okay, you help me fight off Banabi, and you get any place you want. Aside from the pridelands."

                "Give us the elephant graveyard, and acsess to the pridelands for a hunt."

                "But, your scavengers."

                "I know. We are going to take all we can get though."

                "Okay, deal."

                So they prepared to fight Banabi. Meanwhile back at the pridelands. "BURN IN HELL ALL OF Y'LL!" Banabi roared.

                "Sir. We are trying our best." A lioness ansered.

                "NO YOUR NOT!" and with that he swiped off her head and tossed the body off the tip of priderock.

                "COWARDLY BLOW BANABI!" Nuka shouted.

                "You dare raise your voice to me. ME! LORD OF THE PRIDELANDS!! I'm sorry who are you I don't know you, and for that your PACK must die."

                Then Nuka pounced on him, but Banabi quickly ducked. "All who remain LOYAL to ME attack this bastard." Most of the pride attacked, but only through fear of him. The hyena's started to defend him. "Do not kill any of them." Nuka screamed. The two lions started battleing. In an attempt to save his life, Banabi tossed Nuka over his sholder, then took off running. Nuka landed on his feet and charged after Banabi.  Banabi and Nuka battled on, after a wile Nuka and Banabi had to take a breath.

                "You... you... you... want to know how your father and your mother died?" Banabi said out of breath.

                "No... Vitani... she said they  died by trying to kill you." Nuka ansered.

                "Close but no... I killed them... I had the hyena's helped me slaughter them..."

                "NO!" He turned to the pride. "KILL THEM!" He turned back to Banabi and quickly took aim for his neck. "LET JUSTICE BE SERVED!" Nuka roared. The clouds parted a voice cried out.


                Nuka didn't bother to listen. He attacked Banabi and smote off his head. The pride did as the voice said. They saw that he showed no mercy. Therby, making him a murder. Not that anyone could blame him but if they were going to have a king that was going to burn in the firery pits of Hell it mite as well be Banabi. He at least had lessons in ruleing a kingdom.

                "Oh Nuka. Nuka you have done one of they most ultimate crime. You didn't even show mercy." the voice said quietly. "and to think I saved you from so much."

                Nuka started to cry, he commited a crime, and for that he would burn. Far worce all he once loved now hated him.

                After his "I'm new king." ceremony, he baned the hyena's. Then... Vitani came up to him.

                "Now you have no use for me." She said. Then she offed her self from the tip of pride rock killing her on impact. Nuka started to cry again. "I must be strong... but now... I have no mother."

                "Or fathers." Timon said. "Yeah, we're leaving." Pumbaa countinued.

                Then they left. Nuka did not even bother to cry anymore. "THE MOST BEUTIFUL LIONESS IN ALL THE REALM MUST MARRY ME!" Nuka cried out. A lioness walked forth, with tears in her eye's, he came. "Acording to Banabi, I am the most beutiful lioness in the realm..." another slight pout. "... my name is Jamala." She nuzzeled him. They wedded... and soon she became pregnanent.

                The end.

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