Lion King III

                                  A Clash of Kingdoms

                                                                                 By Baby Fire Wolf



Note: The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride as well as The Lion King 1 1/2 were all created by Disney. The characters Mohatu, Ahadi, Uru, Mufasa, Scar, Sarabi, Simba, Nala, Sarafina, Rafiki, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa, Kiara, Kovu, Nuka, Vitani and Zira were also by Disney. All the characters Mangel, Singa, Zaraku, Sithuka, Kamau and Garofé have been created by me and aren’t allowed to be used without my permission. I apologize if any of them are the same as characters in the other fan fictions and I didn’t know so I won’t change anything unless you email me. 



Warning: You obviously won’t get this if you haven’t seen The Lion King or The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, both created by Disney.






Updated 9/20/04

 I updated this first one because it needed more and less to it. I mostly edited and revised it, but I took out some things and added a couple. Like Chapter Three: Beside the Water Hole since I thought Simba, as he was the original lion that brought up all The Lion King, deserved more recognition in this story. So I decided to give him his "spot light" in this chapter, teaching the new cub a thing or two in life.


Updated 4/23/05

 I updated this again, planning to update the rest as well. More revising and editing, and I took the songs out, too, as they take the story nowhere. This has more description but is still kept pretty basic for a story so that it can move along quickly. I even conjoined Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 which were both called The New Generation. Now I hope I can get a scanner soon for my fan art.



 What it’s based on…


This story was basically based on The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. But with a twist, so it’s not like you’re hearing the same Romeo and Juliet lion story over again. ;) I didn’t actually realize it was similar until after I had written it. But, read the other fan-ficts of mine and you’ll see they’re much different as each generation of TLK has its own story. Really, even though this one has the same plot as TLK II, it’s still different. ^.^




1. The New Generation (Pride Rock and Boulder of Strength)

2. Beside the Water Hole (Pridelands)

3. Lessons (Outlands to Pridelands)

4. Decisions (Boulder of Strength)

5. Death (Outlands to Pride Rock)

6. A Different Jungle (Outlands to the Jungle)

7. A Fight (Jungle)

8. Lion Love (Outlands)

9. Chased (Outlands)

10. A Clash of Kingdoms (Outlands)

11. The Newest Little One (Pride Rock)


Disney Characters


Mohatu - Father of Ahadi, once King of Pride Rock


Ahadi - Son of Ahadi, mate of Uru, father of Mufasa and Taka, once King of Pride Rock


Uru - Mate of Ahadi, mother of Mufasa and Taka, once Queen of Pride Rock


Mufasa - Son of Uru and Ahadi, brother -elder- of Scar, mate of Sarabi, father of Simba, once King of Pride Rock


Scar (A.K.A Taka) - Son of Uru and Ahadi, brother -younger- of Mufasa, mate of Sekeita, once (evil) King of Pride Rock


Sarabi - Mate of Mufasa, mother of Simba, once Queen of Pride Rock


Simba - Son of Sarabi and Mufasa, mate of Nala, father of Kiara, once King of Pride Rock


Nala - Daughter of Sarafina, mate of Simba, mother of Kiara, once Queen of Pride Rock


Kiara - Daughter of Nala and Simba, mate of Kovu, mother of Mangel, Queen of Pride Rock 


Kovu - Son of Zira and Kamau, brother -youngest- of Nuka and Vitani, mate of Kiara, father of Mangel, King of Pride Rock


Rafiki - Shaman of Pride Rock, brother of Garofé


Timon - Royal baby-sitter


Pumbaa - Royal baby-sitter


Zazu - Royal majordomo of Pride Rock pride


Zira - Mother of Nuka, Vitani and Kovu


Nuka - Son of Zira and Kamau, brother of Vitani and Kovu


Vitani - Daughter of Zira and Kamau, sister of Nuka and Kovu



My Characters


Mangel - Son of Kiara and Kovu, prince of Pride Rock


Singa - Daughter of Sithuka and Zaraku, princess of the Boulder of Strength 


Zaraku - Mate of Sithuka, father of Singa, King of the Boulder of Strength 


Sithuka - Mate of Zaraku, mother of Singa, Queen of the Boulder of Strength  


Garofé - Shaman of the Boulder of Strength, brother of Rafiki


Kamau - Father of Nuka, Vitani and Kovu







 ~ The New Generation ~

(Pride Rock and Boulder of Strength)


The sky’s blue was blanketed by many dark gray clouds. A light breeze drifted in the crisp air. Animals moved past each other, withering this way and that, either to the south or to the north. But as an elephant moved away from another, they would glare at each other. Or as a rhino pushed a different one of its kind to make its way to the north, the violated one reacted violently. Yet soon, all the animals were separated—an anxious, unusual group heading north, an excited mixed herd making their way south.

            In the south, there was a great Kingdom, called Pride Rock. A pride of lions lived there and, as the presentation was continuing there, there was still another in the north. It was a different Kingdom, as red as could be, miles past the Pridelands and the Outlands, where the grass was yellow and dry, and everywhere that day it was overcast as well. There were animals, gathering around a monster boulder that towered into the sky, as Pride Rock would climb to the clouds. There was a cave in the middle, and a strip of itself came out to give a wonderful sight of the savanna below.

            In the Outlands, the animals had separated; some had gone to Pride Rock, others, to the Boulder of Strength. Even animals in the same herds had spilt up and became temporary enemies.

            There was a royal pride that lived at the Boulder of Strength. Indeed those lions were strong. They, too, had a new cub that would bring on the Great Circle of Life. Most of the lions were darkened in their fur. There was one male lion. He was the King there. His name was Zaraku. His fur, too, was darkened. Muscles rippling beneath his skin, an almost black mane waving wildly in the wind, he walked out to the strip of the red boulder that came out over the air and  land. His dark eyes settled upon the animals below. And then, something came out from his cave: a baboon. It was much like Rafiki, only night shaded as well. His left ear was torn, and, as he came out, he was holding a bundle of pale fur. It was the princess, whom Sithuka, the mother, would call Singa. 

            Back at Pride Rock, the subjects of the Pridelands kept waiting for the new one to be lifted. Soon, the shaman, Rafiki, was slowly walking to the peak of the Kingdom. At the end, he briefly glanced down at the animals below. And then two lions—the parents—came over. They were called Kovu and Kiara. Once again, another pair of lions came to sit behind the parents. These ones were the grandparents of the new cub. Simba and Nala.

            Finally, both Garofé and Rafiki lifted up the cubs at the same time, though they were miles away from each other, without even knowing it. Abruptly, everyone in both the Pridelands and the Strengthlands erupted with their cheers.

            There were the sounds of elephants, the cheers of zebras, the cries of wildebeests, the shrieks of monkeys, the screeches of many birds, and so much more commotion from many animals who’s eyes settled upon a tiny cub, held high upon Pride Rock’s peak, and the ones who watched the cub at the Boulder of Strength noisily.

            There they were, Rafiki on Pride Rock’s peak, bearing the new prince, Kovu, the father, standing on the monkey’s left, and Kiara, the mother, on shaman’s right, with the grandparents standing proudly behind them. The cheering went on, and, all of a sudden, light from a deep gray cloud above, poured down upon the cub. A great lion head was  in the clouds, its mane swaying in an unseen breeze as it looked down proudly at all of this.

            At last, it was over and the animals below started to scatter.



~ Beside the Water Hole ~



Many suns past before the young prince of Pride Rock finally went out of the cave and played. In the Pridelands, right beside a waterhole, Simba and Nala lay down, cubsitting the little one called Mangel. Mangel was a bright and yet dark colored lion. Very unusual he was. When he had been born, he had had a tuff adopt his head of red/brown, gold and pale gold. Now it was gone as he was older, but he was still, altogether, a mixture of those colors.

            It had been just a few months after his birth and now he was hopping around after bugs and splashing anyone near.

            "Don’t go too far," Nala called to her grandson as she watched him, resting her head on Simba.

            Simba chuckled, also watching his grandcub. "He reminds me of…" and he paused to think before saying cheekily, "me!"

            "Yeah," Nala smirked. "You mean annoyingly energetic like you?"

            Their tails were swishing back and forth lazily as they stayed in the yellow grass.

            "Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean!" Simba replied, sarcastically.

            "I’m just kidding," his mate laughed.

            Simba grumbled. Then Kovu and Kiara came over.

            "Mangel! I just gave you a bath!" Kiara called out and ran over to him as he started to roll about in the mud.

            Kovu sat down by his parents-in-law and watched happily.

            "No, Mom! I’m clean!" Mangel insisted and struggled within Kiara’s front paws as she cleaned him.

            "Yes. He is like you, Simba." Sarabi said suddenly.

            The old lioness was walking towards them now. She lay beside him and started to lick her son.

            "All right all right, Mom," Simba said under his breath and barely pushed her away, for she was very old now. She chuckled.

            Kovu sighed then, a sudden change in emotions as he got up and slowly stalked away, head down 

            "Simba," said Nala quietly, and she nodded to Kovu.

            The old King nodded as well, and got up to follow Kovu.

            "What is it?" Simba asked.

            "Simba…I don’t know how to be King. Or how to be a father." the red lion replied quietly.

            "You’ll be great at both." Simba said, then chuckled.

            "What’s so funny?" Kovu growled, and then they sat, a little ways off from the family.

            "This is what I thought when I first had Kiara."

            "But how could you think that, Simba?! You were a great King!"

            "Well, if you say that about me…" Simba winked. "Who knows what could happen to you? Besides, you've done great so far. I mean, you don't see anyone dead, do you?"

            Kovu smiled weakly, now feeling better as Simba got up to walk back to his mother and mate. But then the younger lion sighed and started to follow.

            "Mangel?" Simba said as the cub was finally released from Kiara’s paws.

            He ran over to his grandfather. "Yeah, Grandpa?" he cried out in excitement, suddenly.

            "What do you think of these lands?"

            Mangel blinked and looked around then looked back to his grandparents and great grandmother. "I think it’s great here! Here, we have a lot of mud to roll around in!" His tail flicked back and forth happily as his mother rolled her eyes, shook her head and groaned. Everyone laughed but Kiara.

            "All right, Little Mangel, so you like it here?" Simba went on.

            "Like it? I love it!" He pounced around.

            "That’s good. It is good here. The Pridelands is such a lush place with a lot prey to fill our bellies. Fresh water to quench our thirst. Much land to roam around in. You and everyone else love to be happy and healthy."

            "Yup!" the little one meowed in joy.

            "But," Simba added, which caught the cub’s attention and he looked back. "You must not let this go when you are older…when you are King. You must grasp this feeling, this life, this place, and hold it. Rule proudly with your pride, keep everyone in line. Learn to love and share and take care of each other…Mangel, you will make a fine King one day. Don’t let this life go."

            Mangel tilted his head, a little confused.

            "Simba," Nala growled. "Mangel doesn’t know what you’re talking about. Wait till he’s older for this talk. In fact, let Kovu and Kiara do this for their cub."

            Simba nodded, but knew this thought would be kept in the cub’s mind for the rest of his life. Indeed, it did stick to the back of Mangel’s thoughts. And anyway, Kovu was somewhat relieved Simba had talked to his own son about this. It would give him ideas of what to say in the future to the kid.

            Just a few suns later, Sarabi died.




 ~ Lessons ~

(Outlands to Pridelands)


Mangel’s parents would watch over him carefully. Yet, there was one time when he wandered far out into the Pridelands while they weren’t looking. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shinning high and so many animals were out.   

            He pounced around after a flying beetle, laughing and meowing with joy. Back to the south, far in the distance was his home. But now the giant rock looked like a speck. All of a sudden, he leapt onto the bug. Yet, as he did, so did someone else. It was another cub.

            "Ow!" they both cried, flying back after knocking into each other, rubbing their heads with their paws.

            But as they both set eyes upon each other, they got up again, abruptly. The other cub was a girl. Her coat was very pale, except the lining of black fur about her left eye.

            "Who are you?" asked Mangel.

            The girl cub smirked and replied, "Why do I have to tell you?"

            "Because you’re on my lands!"

            She smirked again. "Really? Are you the King here?"

            "I…uh…" he fumbled aloud.

            Then she raised a paw to bat at him playfully. Suddenly, Mangel leapt on her and they started rolling down a nearby hill, laughing.

            "Mangel!" Timon, the meerkat called.

            "Oh great," whispered Mangel sarcastically, rolling his brown eyes.

            Pumbaa, the warthog whom Timon was riding, said with a scratchy voice, "Timon, stop freaking out. He’s right there." And they looked down at the cubs from the top of the hill.

            "Oh thank goodness!" cried the meerkat, leaping off his friend. "You’re alive! But what were you thinking?!"

            Both cubs stared at the overreacting animal.

            "Who are those weirdoes?" whispered the other cub.

            Mangel replied quickly, "Uh, I don't know. I don't know them!"         

            "C’mon, Timon, he was just playing," Pumbaa insisted.

            "Pumbaa, are you nuts?! He was far from Pride Rock! Too far! In fact, now in the Outlands! He could’ve gotten hurt, which would’ve gotten us hurt! He was probably trying to run away!" He paused. "Hey, I got it. What if he was just playing?" Timon then suggested.


            And Timon ran over and snatched Mangel’s tail and started to pull. "It’s to the Pridelands with you, young prince."

            "You’re a prince?" gasped the other young lion. Then she batted the meerkat away and jumped on Mangel. "I’m a princess!"

            "Huh? But how can you be—" Mangel started to say.

            "Enough! This cub is lyon…Heh, get it? Lyon? Lion?" Timon joked, elbowing Pumbaa.

            "Uh, Mangel, your parents would like to see you." Pumbaa said nicely.

            "Oh fine," the cub muttered.

            Timon popped up in his view and cried out, his hands clasped the sides of his face, "They want t’ teach ya how t’ be King!"

            Mangel rolled over and got up, shook and started to follow Pumbaa, who had Timon once again on his neck. They trotted off, yet Mangel couldn’t help but give the "princess" one last look.



 ~ ~ ~



"Mangel, where were you?" asked Kovu, frustrated.

            They were now in the Pridelands, walking slowly.

            "Well I tried t' wake ya, Dad, but you wouldn’t get up! Even when I head-butted you!" meowed Mangel, defensively.

            "But you—"

            "Enough," growled Kiara. "We must teach him how to be King…Thank you, Timon. Pumbaa."

            The two royal animals bowed and trotted off to Pride Rock.

            "But, Mom," said Mangel, tilting his head. "How do you know how to be King? You’re Queen."

            They were now walking on the rise Mufasa and Simba were when Mufasa was teaching him about the Circle of Life before pouncing Zazu.

            "That’s equally important. Both Queen and King have to know this; that everything exists in a delicate balance. To be King, you must know it and protect it...that is what my father told me."

            "But I don’t understand, Mom."

            "Just know one thing, my son. We are all connected in the Great Circle of Life." Kiara said, licking her cub.





(Boulder of Strength)



 "Mom, Dad, I met another cub today," exclaimed Singa excitedly.

            She and her family were in the Boulder of Strength’s cave right then. The King was a dark gold and a mixture of a slim and yet buff body with a broad face. His mate, Sithuka, was dark, too, so it was a mystery how Singa had become so light.

            "Really?" growled her mom.

            "Yeah, and he’s a prince!"

            "A prince? How can that be?"

            Zaraku sat and listened carefully as Singa told her parents what had happened.

            "How can that be?" Sithuka asked again after her daughter had finished.

            "Garofé!" Zaraku then called, with a conjoined roar.

            "Yes, Sire?" said a dark brown baboon as he stepped forward from the shadows, walking slowly with a stick for a staff.

            "What of your brother?"

            "My brother? You mean…Rafiki? Well, the herds have said that Pride Rock has a new cub. It’s male and will be King one day. But that is all I know."

            "So…they are successful, too." growled Zaraku lowly.

            "What are you talking about?" Sithuka asked.

            "Garofé has a brother named Rafiki." exclaimed Zaraku, dryly. "They had gone their own ways when they were younger, and now they both belong to a kingdom."

            "Indeed," said the shaman, quietly.

            "We’ll just have to keep our daughter away from that kingdom." stated the King.

            "But why, Dad? That cub seemed nice." pleaded Singa, almost sadly.

            "A clash of Kingdoms can cause a collapse," Garofé growled.

            "How?" asked the Queen, straightening up as she now sat. "I thought the meeting of Kingdoms was good. Most have their heirs marry so that they both can stay royal, through and through."

            "Yes, but this is different." exclaimed Garofé, and they all listened intently. "When Simba, the Gry,"—Gry was a term used for the male who had once been King, but wasn’t anymore because of age and generations—"was in his King time, he had killed Scar. And now we are enemies,"

            "And why are we enemies because of that? Who is Scar?" questioned Zaraku, fur rising slightly.

            "Scar was a strong leader at one point. So many were loyal to him. In fact, the newest half of your pride that mysteriously had come from the Outlands, is still loyal to Scar. And now he is dead because of Simba. Now if your daughter was ever near that cub again, that could and would cause commotion…if anyone in our pride found out."

            "How come I was never informed about this Scar and Simba, and yet half my pride is still loyal to Scar?!" Zaraku roared with anger.

            Taking a step back, the baboon replied, "You knew nothing about him. The newer lionesses who joined your pride not too long ago never found a reason to tell you."

            At last, the lion calmed and the King and Queen of this Kingdom decided not to let Singa near Mangel ever again.




~ Death ~

(Outlands to Pride Rock)


Both cubs were older now—almost full-grown.

         Singa was running after a wildebeest and the sun was up, littering the ground with its spectacular light. She suddenly leapt on the prey, yet it didn’t come down easily. In fact, with such a struggle, it almost got away, until someone else pounced on it as well. Still, with a kick, it got away, leaving Singa lying in the grass. Tail twitching and swaying back and forth angrily, she looked up, growling. Then  she gasped at who was there. The other lion was so strange, and beautiful. His fur was so silky and golden as well as red. But his still-growing mane was an unusual mixture of deep reds, darkened browns, light golds and pale yellows. This young lion was Mangel. But then Singa shook as she stood, growling once more.

            "Good job, ya let 'im go!" she said, sarcastically.

            "Who are you?" he asked, ignoring her question, though he couldn't help his stomach churn in embarrassment, for he was still not a great hunter yet either.

            Smirking then, Singa replied, "Why should I tell you?"

            "Because these are my lands,"

            "Are they?" and she looked around with a snicker. "Are you the King?"


            This lioness was somewhat familiar to Mangel, causing him to tilt his head slightly. Then he straightened up and growled.

            Singa’s fur bristled, but she giggled. "You’re funny when you’re mad,"

            Mangel blinked and cocked a brow. "Am I?"


            "Well I don’t mean to be."

            But then a large baboon showed up. He was greatly brown, and reminded Mangel of Rafiki.

            "Singa, what are you doing so far in the Outlands?" the monkey growled.

            "Hunting, Garofé. There wasn’t much in the Strengthlands." replied the lioness, pawing the ground.

            "Strengthlands?" asked Mangel.

            Singa turned back to the lion and nodded. "Yeah, that’s where my Kingdom is."



            "Your parents wouldn’t be happy with you around someone like him," the shaman said coldly.

            "Hey, what d’ ya mean ‘someone like him’?" growled Mangel.

            And then Rafiki came out of nowhere, laughing. "'Eet is, a new time, my brother. Let 'em be."

            "Rafiki!" Garofé cried angrily and almost desperately leapt at his brother, who turned and ran further into the Outlands. 

            For a while, the two lions just stared at each other, surprised.

             "What are you doing, Mangel?" roared Kovu as he came near.

            His eyes settled upon the other lioness. Then he looked to his son.

            "Your mother is in tears because your grandparents are about to pass to the stars and you’re just standing here!" Kovu snarled.

            Suddenly, wrapped shamefully with guilt, Mangel ran off with his dad to a giant rock in the distance, though it looked small from where they were just then.




 "No," sobbed Kiara as she nuzzled into her dying parents.

            They were back at Pride Rock—right at the top. Simba and Nala were very old now. Both were around the age of thirteen or fourteen years. They looked warn and their power and strength went to their daughter, as well as Kovu.

            "Remember, Kiara. We are one." Simba whispered. "I love you. And you and Kovu take care of Mangel. He will be a great King one day."

            Mangel just stood by his father, looking down at the two old lions, sadly, his claws digging into the Kingdom he stood on. Timon and Pumbaa sat quietly with Zazu, watching.

            "And Kiara, dear, we will always be with you…" Nala whispered and closed her eyes. She died.

            "Just look to the stars…" And Simba, too, died.

            Kiara broke out crying. Then Kovu and his son couldn’t help it. The meerkat and warthog wailed with the bird.

            Rafiki—who somehow had gotten away from Garofé earlier—sadly sprinkled some sand over the two dead lions, and then gently pushed them over a cliff on the other side of Pride Rock where they landed in a small waterhole. It was the place where all the Grys and Crys (Cry was the female Gry) were put after their death.





~ A Different Jungle ~

(Outlands to the Jungle)


It was a long, hard time after that. But Kovu, the next year, was leading Mangel out at night to the edge of the Prideland’s northern borders.

            "I told you already, Dad, I know how to hunt…sorta…with help I mean." Mangel added, somewhat embarrassed but annoyed.

            "I’m not teaching you how to hunt," replied the older lion. "I am bringing you out here to carry on the Kingdom. Your mother’s parents died. And, one day, I and Kiara will be the Gry and Cry, and you will have to be the King of Pride Rock. But you’ve got to carry on the pride, with a Queen."

            "Oh…" Mangel gulped, thinking carefully about this.

            "You’ve gotten older, and soon you should have a mate. Then, once you do, you will be King. And she will be Queen. And we will be the Gry and Cry."

            Indeed Mangel was older. Now his mane was completely done growing, and he had recently entered young adulthood.

            "Oh, well I don’t know who will be Queen."

            "It’s all right. You don’t have to have a mate that soon." His dad chuckled warmly.

            But then Kovu left for Pride Rock.

            "Dad, I’ll be with you in a little bit." he called.

            Kovu nodded and kept on walking away. Mangel sighed and looked about, then trotted further east until he was in the Outlands. After a couple hours of wandering around mindlessly, thinking of his grandparents’ deaths and how one day his own parents would die, he came to a cliff that oversaw the jungle. He sighed and laid down on the edge.

            Soon, his hackles rose as he lifted his head and looked about, lightly growling, the grass rustling.

            "Who's there?" he asked, strongly. "Show yourself!"

            When no one came, he got up and roared, but was interrupted when something pounced him. It was the pale lioness, Singa.

            "Don't do that!" he snarled when he realized who it was. "I could've hurt you!"

            "Like you did with that wildebeest?" she laughed, and he frowned, then smiled.

            "Hey, that was a year ago!"  


            "So you’re a princess?" asked Mangel then, rolling over and pawing at her playfully.

            She nodded.

            "Well I’m a prince,"

            "I know, but how?" she asked.

            "I was wondering the same thing."

            "Well, like I said," exclaimed Singa, her tail twitching as she sat on Mangel. "my Kingdom is in the Strengthlands."

            "And mine is in the Pridelands."

            "Wait. When I was younger, my dad had said that Garofé, the shaman, had a brother named…uh…Rafoki?"

            "Rafiki?" suggested Mangel.

            "That’s it! And they went their own ways when they were younger and both are now part of a kingdom."

            "Well Rafiki is part of ours,"

            "And Garofé is part of ours."

            They were silent for a while again. And then, as they got up, Kovu and Kiara were suddenly walking toward the teen cubs. Yet, at the same time, Zaraku and Sithuka were coming from the other direction. Both pairs were each at a distance.

            "Oh man," muttered Singa.

            "What?" asked Mangel in a whisper.

            "Those are my parents. But they had always said to stay away from you or anyone in the Kingdom of Pride Rock or the Pridelands."

            "Then let’s go!" growled Mangel playfully as he leapt up. "You don’t want t’ get us in trouble now, do ya?"

            "Well, no." Singa started, uneasily.

            "Then let’s go!" he cried again and he ran off to the north, along the cliff. Singa followed, almost desperately.

            The night was pitch black, but they could see just fine. There was a ledge and Mangel pounced on it and ran down with his friend on his tail. Down into the trees they went. It was much different here. The stories that Simba had told Mangel, described the jungle to be great! But here it was just so dark and new that it was almost frightening. But they kept running and running until their legs could carry them no more.

            Panting, Singa asked, "Where are we?"

            "The jungle," answered Mangel.

            They laid down next to each other in a small clearing, which was a grassy hill. Their eyes met for a second, but then they looked away as something flew right passed them. It was a strange looking, yet colorful bird. Different than Zazu, though. And smaller. But then, as the lions kept watching it, it flew into a whole flock of colorful birds. The whole thing was beautiful, and they could actually see almost perfectly with the bright stars and moon above as the birds flew off, looking as if they were all together to form the shape of a heart.

            Mangel’s ears twitched and his stomach did a flip as he looked back at Singa. "That circle around your eye is kind ‘a peculiar."

            "Yup," giggled Singa. "I’ve had it since I was born…But that mane of yours is strange, too."

            "Ah," And Mangel flipped his mane wildly around. They both started laughing. Finally he explained. "It came from my father's and mother’s furs—one dark, one light."


            "Hey, I forgot to ask you; what's you name?"

            "I'm Singa. You?"

            "Mangel." Then he paused. "Well I wonder what the ‘rents are doin’ right now…"

            Sing said gravely, "Probably fighting,"


            "'Cause my mom and dad said our Kingdoms could collapse if we met."

            "What? Why?"

            "I don’t know. Something about Simba killing Scar."

            "Huh? My grandpa? So? Scar was evil…He had a darkness in him that he couldn’t escape. At least, that’s what my mom says."

            "Well, some of the lionesses in my pride are still loyal to him. And if we get in a fight, then one of the Kingdoms will have to lose."


            For a while longer, they laid on their backs beside each other, looking up at the stars through the finger like branches of many trees, which had all actually been far off. But then, a light breeze came and the two got up, shook, and yawned.

            "If they are fighting, we better stop them," Singa exclaimed.

            "I know…"

            But why they had just stayed there for many minutes while their parents could be killing each other in that time, they both didn’t know. Yet they knew it must’ve been something strong that had kept them.

            As they started to walk back, their tail tips wrapped about each others’. But there were no roars of battle in the distance, and so, they decided to have a little more time by themselves.

            The two walked together beside a hill. There was then a crumbling sound and they fell over, tumbling down something until a cold rush of water filled up around the two. Mangel and Singa surfaced and looked around to see that they had landed in a river and that about it, it was bare. There weren’t many trees anymore too near and right in front of them, there was a waterfall. They were being sucked toward it. Panic struck Mangel, but then, he hit something: a log. Clawing at it and wrapping his paws about it, he finally didn’t struggle anymore, as he knew the currant was just too strong. But maybe this would help.

            "Grab on!" he called to Singa.

            Singa desperately swam over and held the log beside him. And then, they plummeted down the waterfall. It wasn’t as bad as right when they hit, they surfaced seconds after.

            "Are you OK?" Mangel asked as they stumbled upon some land.

            Sputtering, Singa was about to reply when all of a sudden the ground started to move beneath their paws. Again, there was a land slide, right by the river, and then they were sliding down it, laughing and roaring out in joy as they went down the mud. At last, they stopped and started to play and roll over many times, batting at each other and nipping and licking happily.




~ A Fight ~



Well, as Singa and Mangel had roared out in joy, both their parents were near in the Outlands. Their eyes had settled upon each other. Kovu and Kiara’s full of curiosity. Zaraku and Sithuka’s full of disgust.

            Before any of them said anything, they ran out to the east, hearing the roars. As fast as they could, they came to the cliff and looked worriedly over it at the many trees below.

            "Kiara, wasn’t this where Simba was with Timon and Pumbaa?" asked Kovu, hurriedly.

            Kiara shook her head as Zaraku and Sithuka growled at the mentioning of Simba.

            "No. Daddy’s jungle was to the west. Not the east. This is totally new to anyone in our pride." she exclaimed. "Or anyone that I’ve heard of."

            "So, we meet. And your son is killing our daughter," growled Zaraku. "Now our time has come for the clash of Kingdoms."

            "What?" asked Kovu, his fur bristling. "What are you talking about? Our son would never…Oh never mind. We have to get to him now!"

            And Mangel’s parents ran passed the other two lions. Singa’s father and mother growled, but followed until they came to a ledge.

            "Down there," said Kiara.

            The four of them ran down the cliff and into the trees. But soon they were lost as they looked about.

            "Where could she be?" asked Sithuka, worried.

            "We’ll find her soon, don’t worry," Zaraku assured and nuzzled his mate. "If that rat even touches Singa we’ll—"

            "Excuse me, but ‘that rat’? If you’re talking about our son…" snarled Kiara.

             "Of course we are." Sithuka replied with a snap. "Someone who comes from a ‘Kingdom’ such as yours—"

            "‘A Kingdom such as ours’?! What are you talking about? Do you have a Kingdom?" Kovu asked suddenly, with anger.

            "Yes! And a great Kingdom at that!" Zaraku yelled. "One that has quality lions!"


            "Enough!" roared Kiara. "Both our cubs are gone. And we need to find them…now! Before something happens!"

            "Like your son going to hur—" started Sithuka, but Kiara snapped at her. "I said enough! Now let’s go!"

            Kiara ran off and her mate followed. Glancing at each other, the King and Queen of the Boulder of Strength followed, deeper into the crowded groves.

            But Singa and Mangel were both OK. In fact, they were enjoying themselves. Together, they snuggled upon many roots that were covered with leaves to make it comfortable.



            Their parents suddenly came out of the bushes. For an hour at least, they were tracking the two, and finally succeeded.

            "Mother! Father! What are you doing here?" asked Singa, standing up, dumbfounded.

            "Mom? Dad?" Mangel said, tilting his head slightly as he sat up.

            "Singa! Get away from that rat!" snarled Sithuka.

            "Oh Mangel, we’re so glad you’re OK!" Kiara said, nuzzling her son and ignoring the other lioness’s remark.

            But Kovu leapt at Sithuka "Don’t you dare call my son a rat!"

            Zaraku jumped to Kovu, though. "Don’t you dare let that rat come near my daughter again!"

            "Stop!" growled Singa. "Mangel is not a rat. And I’m fine."

            But then Zaraku and Kovu were fighting. They lashed at each other with monster paws filled with sharp claws. They bit and rolled over and scared many nearby creatures away. Sithuka joined, and so did Kiara.

            For many minutes, as their son and daughter begged the four lions to stop, but they kept fighting. And, at last, the sun started to climb into the lightening sky. Finally, Singa ran off into the trees, farther east. Mangel, taking one last worried glance at the Kings and Queens, followed.





~ Lion Love ~



The sun was high as the two lions came out of the jungle in the southeastern most part. They walked gravely out into the savanna.

            "What’s going to happen?" whispered Mangel.

            "I don’t know, but nothing good." Singa replied sadly.

            For a while, they just walked around, exploring a bit and trying to get the idea of a battle between each Kingdom out of their heads. The sun was totally up, blanketing the ground with its light once more.

            "This was how my parents were," exclaimed Mangel, suddenly.


            "They loved each other, but their families were enemies."

            "Well, this isn’t really the same. I mean, our families just met and…I don’t know about the love thing."

            Another few minutes past by as they laid down on a rock and watched a small creek flow by in the yellow grass. Thoughts swarmed about in both their minds.

            After a few minutes of lying side by side, watching the stream flow soothingly across their path, they finally both got up and started walking southward.

            "I know I can be King," said Mangel to himself. "Not the best, but if I need any help, I can just look up t’ the stars."

            "The stars?" asked Singa with curiosity.

            "Yeah. My grandpa always told me about how the stars are the Great Kings and Queens of the past. And if I need help or something, I can just ask Mufasa…And now, Simba."


            "Mufasa was Simba’s dad. He had died a tragic death when Simba was just a cub. But it’s a long story."

            "Tell me."

            And so Mangel did. He told all of it. From the day Simba was born, (that part had been told by Rafiki to him) to the day he died. And then he told about Kiara and Kovu's primes as well.

            "And anyway," Mangel concluded, after telling the whole story. "I hope one day I can be as great of a King as Mufasa of Simba, or even my own dad, Kovu."

            "…Yeah, I bet you will be." Singa replied.

            Mangel blinked. "Really? Ya think so?"

            She nodded.

            "Well, I am pretty mature now," Mangel said proudly. "I don’t think I make many mistakes now. Or, ya know, get in as much trouble as I did when I was a cub."

            He kicked a rock down a nearby hill, which rolled down to hit a tiny twig, which just kept a log in place, but as the twig was hit, it fell over and the log hit the ground and started to roll down the hill. At the base of the knoll, it met a zebra herd, startling the leader, who reared up with a cry and started running away, the others following.

            "Whoops," muttered Mangel cheekily, his eyes wide.

            They watched the zebras run away, over another hill.

            "Heh," And then Mangel started to blush.

            "Hey, what’s that sound?" asked Singa and they turned around to see the herd running over another hill behind them. "Run!"

            "Oh man," whispered Mangel as they took off.







The sounds of thundering hoofs sounded throughout the air. But soon, Singa spotted a tree and she leapt high upon its trunk. Mangel hurriedly clawed it, just a few feet on the side of the base, and stayed there as the zebras ran passed.

            "Whoa," said Mangel cautiously as he looked up at Singa after the zebras had all gone. "That kind ‘a reminded me of Simba when he was in the stampede of the wildebeests."

            "Whatever," Singa growled, rolling her eyes, slightly annoyed but trembling a little as well. She leapt off the tree and started to clean one of her front paws.

            Mangel got off, too, and started to walk away. Singa followed. Then there was the sound of laughter behind them. Both looked over their shoulders to see a few hyenas near.

            "What the…How did you get here?" asked Mangel to them

            "‘Here’?" said a hyena. "What do you mean, ‘here’? It’s not like we’re in the Pridelands,"

            It was true. Singa and Mangel had been in the southern Outlands.

             The hyenas started to come closer as Singa and Mangel turned to face them, their fur bristling.

 "I thought you said your grandfather said that all the hyenas died in the fire with Scar," Singa whispered to Mangel franticly.

            He nodded. "That’s what Grandpa, Grandma, Mom and Dad said."

            "You know, there are more hyenas than just the ones who died in that fire," said one hyena, stepping toward them.

            The lions stepped back, growling.

            "Well," said another hyena in the back. "Since you scared away our first to-be lunch, I guess you’ll have to do,"

            "Yeah," growled another, quite fat hyena as he drooled, dreamily.

            They started to cackle.

            "But I thought hyenas were scavengers." Singa said.

            "Hey, something could've killed one of those zebras." offered a different hyena.

            "So is the brave King gonna fight us off or what?" replied the first one.

            They all started to close in around the two lions.

            "Run!" Mangel suddenly blurted out and turned around and sprinted away.

            Singa sprinted after him, but the hyenas were on their tails.

            "Some brave King," growled Singa as she ran beside him.

            "But we can’t fight off six hyenas!" Mangel replied, desperately.

             Panting, the lioness exclaimed, "Fine. But if we’re going to run, then we should actually run."

            "What? We are."

            "You call this running?"

            And then Singa suddenly took up speed and ran passed the other lion. Soon, she was yards away.

            Singa ran and ran and then stopped to look down a little cliff where small trees were clumped together and unusually pulled and wrapped around each other at the tops in an arch, making a small tunnel. But she looked over her shoulder to see her friend now being attacked by the hyenas. She suddenly ran over and leapt on one and dug her teeth into his neck.

            "That way!" she called to Mangel and pointed a paw to the small cliff where below, their escape awaited.

            She flung the hyena over as Mangel did the same with another, causing it to roll into one of its own allies. He looked at them and gave a great, loud roar, puffing out his chest proudly. Then the two lions ran over and pounced down onto the ground over the cliff, and scrambled into the tunnel. But, as the hyenas gathered their wits, they followed closely behind again.

            Right then, they were stopped and had no way to escape as all the trees came together into a dead end.

            "There," Mangel said, nodding to a small opening where another littler tunnel of branches came out of the main archway, raised just yards above the ground.

            Mangel and Singa each climbed in right as the hyenas came and looked about, somewhat confused. But they soon spotted the hole that their "to-be lunch" climbed through. One by one, they started to crawl up into it.

            A roar tore out of Mangel as he fell, just dangling and hanging by the vines of the broken branches. But right below him were many venomous snakes, curled up together and hissing up at him. Singa looked at the first hyena behind them, and she suddenly took a branch in her paw and pulled it back, then let it hit the hyena, who flew back into her allies. Then the lioness reached her paw down and grabbed Mangel’s mane and slightly pulled him up, right as a snake almost struck into his neck. With much struggle, the two got up and  kept climbing through the small tunnel of branches until light flooded through an opening, which they went through.

            At first, they just sat there upon the open ground again, astonished and panting. They smiled and started to giggle with relief.

            "HA!" yelled a hyena that almost broke through another opening, but couldn’t fit.

            And then, as Singa and Mangel rolled back with surprise, they fell down another hill of mud and grass. Down and down they slid until finally they stopped on flat ground. Both got up and looked to the north where Pride Rock rested peacefully in the distance. They were looking to the back of it.

            "Oh Sire!" screeched Zazu frantically as he flew down to rest upon the ground in front of Mangel’s paws. "Your parents were worried and started looking for you last night. I haven’t seen them since, though!"

            "They’re in the jungle," he replied, trying to be calm.

            "The jungle?! But why? Where were you? What happened?"

            "No time to explain, Zazu. Just go out and find them in the eastern trees, below a cliff. We’ll follow, and you tell us when you see them."

            "Right, Sire."

            Then Timon came up, riding Pumbaa. "You!" Timon said. "We were looking for you! Ya need a beeper, kid!"

            "Timon, Pumbaa, just the ones I want t’ see." Mangel said. "Hurry and tell the pride that there might be another fight."

            "Uh, another fight?" asked Pumbaa.

            "Yes. Another fight. Like the fight with Mom and Dad’s families."

            "Fight? That wasn’t a fight. That was war!" Timon barked.

            "Well just warn them. I’m going t’ find my parents."

            They nodded and ran off toward the rock in the distance. Zazu took to flight and started for the northeast.

            "Singa, you should go back to your own Kingdom." Mangel suggested.

            "No. I’m staying with you. Both our parents are out there, remember?"

            After a moment of pondering, he nodded. "Of course,"

            They ran off, following the bird. A few hours later, they found the four lions that were still searching about in the trees for their son and daughter. It was surprising their parents hadn’t already killed each other.

            "Mom! Dad!" cried Mangel. His dam and sire ran over and nuzzled him.

            Glaring at the other prince, Zaraku and Sithuka nuzzled their own daughter.

            "Once my pride finds out about that rat cubnapping my daughter…" started Sithuka.

            "Mom I wasn’t cubnapped!" groaned Singa.

             "And once they know that you're the pride that killed Scar…" Zaraku growled.

            "Enough! We never killed Scar. Simba did…but even then, you could’ve said Scar killed himself from the position he put himself in!" roared Kovu.

            "You can’t start a fight!" Singa suddenly blurted out to her parents, who were about to leap upon Kovu. Kiara stood near, about to do the same as was her mate. "Not war! I mean, Mangel told me the story of two generations. And they were both happy, and yet sad. One part was where Mangel’s parents—now King and Queen—had t’ stop the war in the Outlands between the Pridelanders and the Outlanders themselves. It’s because they loved each other!"

            "Well you’re not to be with any Pridelanders! For you’re a Strengthlander." Zaraku growled, proudly.

            "No! We can’t start that again!" Kiara growled, memories flashing back to her of when her father and the Outlanders had their differences and how they fought.

            For a while, the four lions glared at each other.

            "All right, then let’s start back," Kovu finally suggested. "I really don’t want to have to be involved in another war."

            "Neither do I," Kiara said.

            "Nor I." replied Singa.

            "I don’t either," Mangel agreed.

            "…Fine." Zaraku said.

            They all started back to the savanna. Once in the Outlands, between the faraway speck of Pride Rock, in the south now, and the Boulder of Strength, a dot in the north, they started to separate.

            "Mangel?" said Singa, wearily. She looked at her parents who suddenly leapt in front of her, blocking her from Mangel. "No. I just need to talk to him…please."

            After an awkward moment of silence, Sithuka nodded and moved. Zaraku hesitated, but did the same. Kovu and Kiara sat nearby, trying not to listen. But the King and Queen of the Boulder of Strength sat right beside their daughter.

            "Mangel…this might be the last time I see you…" Singa whispered, gravely.

            Mangel nodded. "I know."

            "For if we did see each other again, our Kingdoms would clash…or that’s what they say," she muttered, nodding to her parents.

            "I’m sorry," And with that, Mangel licked Singa and walked off to his own parents.

            And so, the six lions separated…for now.




~ A Clash of Kingdoms ~



Three days went by. Mangel and Singa hadn’t seen each other since. And though they hadn’t known each other long, they both felt as if a great part of their lives was missing. So, one sunny day, after getting Timon and Pumbaa to sneak over to the Boulder of Strength to make plans for a meeting between the two lions, Mangel and Singa came together in the Outlands.

            "Now you two can talk, but we’re gonna be right here," said Timon, sitting on a log and watching the two with suspicious, shifty eyes.

            Right then, Pumbaa’s stomach growled.

            Smirking, Mangel nodded and said, "All right. But what about the grubs beneath you?"

            "Grubs?" Pumbaa asked quickly.

            "Yeah, they’re right where Timon is sitting."

            "Oh…ugh!" cried the meerkat.

            Suddenly, the two friends dug under the log and started to pig down on the hidden bugs.

            "Now c’mon," whispered Mangel to Singa.

            They snuck off in the long, yellow grass to an abandoned waterhole.

            "So," said Singa.

            She and Mangel both laid down and started to lap up the water noisily.

            "So." Mangel purred as he sat back up, water dripping from his chin.

            Singa got up and looked at Mangel with desperate eyes. "Mangel…I don’t know if this is the last time we’ll be seeing each other or what."

            "You said that last time…No. It can’t be. You’re my friend and I don’t think it should turn out this way. After all, my parents were in somewhat of the same position, but they found a way."

            "Mangel, what are you saying?" Singa asked.

            But before Mangel could reply, a baboon leapt down from a nearby tree. He was brown with a torn ear. He raised his staff angrily and cried out. Then suddenly he came over to Mangel and Singa.

            "Your parents, Singa, and the pride, will know about this encounter with this…this rat!" he spat.

            Mangel got up suddenly and roared strongly. "I am not a rat!" he replied hotly.

            But as the two faced each other, about to fight, Singa jumped in between them.

            "You two can’t fight!" she cried out. "It will cause another war!" She turned to Mangel. "This isn’t what you want, is it? I mean, you said so yourself, you didn’t want it to be like your parents’ families." She then turned to the shaman. "And you are supposed to be wise. Not violent. You’re supposed to find ways to prevent things like this, Garofé."

            Garofé ran off, though, to the Boulder of Strength.

            "Oh no," whispered Singa, watching him spring away. "He’s going to tell."

            She shook her head sadly.




Each pride stood facing each other. They were all in the Outlands, between the distant Kingdoms. Kovu and Kiara stood in front of their own pride, with Mangel behind his parents. Zaraku and Sithuka stood in front of their pride, too, their daughter right behind them as well. The pride of the Boulder of Strength was ready to fight. But Kovu and Kiara’s pride was just ready for defense.

            "We don’t want to go over this again," Kiara called. "We should not fight, but live as one. Or at least live peacefully, side by side."

            "But your father had killed our leader!" snarled a lioness in the other pride.

            There was silence…

            And then, that pride went after Mangel’s. Everyone in the Pride Rock pride tried hard to just use defensive moves against their now new enemy, but each lioness leapt on the other, roaring and snarling, lashing and biting. Zazu circled above, screeching out. Timon rode Pumbaa into a nearby lioness. The fight went on. But suddenly, Mangel jumped up on a hill and roared out, louder than ever. Singa sat beside him and roared, too. Everyone stopped and looked up at the two lions.

            "We don’t want anymore fights!" Mangel said loudly.

            But right as he was about to speak more, Garofé leapt at him. Everyone watched with worry as the two rolled about, roaring and biting at each other desperately. Kovu and Kiara started making their way up the hill, when all of a sudden, Garofé raised his staff above the lion after knocking him down. Mangel’s parents ran as fast as they could; Zazu kept circling; Timon and Pumbaa started to follow Kovu and Kiara. But suddenly, as Mangel was about to be hit, Singa jumped into his way between the baboon and her friend. She was struck.




~ The Newest Little One ~

(Pride Rock)


The prides of Pride Rock and the Boulder of Strength were both different now. Timon and Pumbaa had taught the lionesses who still believed in Scar, to put their past behind them. It was easier to do that and forget about it as they cared for their princess. Soon, though, Singa healed fully. Garofé was eventually forgiven, but had many restrictions now, and was always frowned upon. Rafiki and he got to know each other a little better after a while. And then, months later, animals started to gather at Pride Rock again.

            Mangel hadn’t proposed to Singa yet, nor had she to him. For some reason, after the fight of the prides, they were both awkward around each other for a while. And so, without a marriage, the two were not mates. Nor were they King and Queen yet.

            "You saved my life," Mangel whispered to Singa as they lied down in the cave of Pride Rock.

            They got closer and closer until they were nuzzling and licking each other lovingly, awkward feelings passing now. Things seemed to calm down a bit, so it wasn’t so strange. But just outside, the animals kept gathering.

            "I know," she muttered.

            "You sound almost ashamed," Mangel exclaimed, talking a little louder. "Are you all right? Is something wrong?"

            She shook her head. Then sighed, a tear streaking down her face. "Garofé and Mom and Dad and the whole pride and our Kingdom…What are we gonna do?"

            Mangel blinked, surprised at this. "I…I don’t know…But, we’ll find a way." And he licked her again. "Thanks."

            "For what?"

            "For saving my life, of course."

            Right then, Rafiki came in.

            "Where’s your brother?" Mangel asked curiously.

            Chuckling, the baboon replied, "Outside; thinking things over. As well as your parents, Singa." he added.

            Both the lions nodded.

            Then Mangel got up and walked over to his mother and licked her. "How are you doing, Mother?"

            "I’m fine," she said weakly. "It wasn’t as painful as your birth, my son."

            Giving a fake giggle, he licked the lioness, who was still Queen. Then smiled down at his sibling. The King, Kovu, came in and licked his son and his mate. Then his newest cub who rested in the front paws of Kiara. Singa smiled at the family, her heart going out to the cub—to all of them, as she wanted so bad to be in that kin.

             After putting some coconut juice on the cub and sprinkling some sand over its head, Rafiki took it in his arms and started to walk out to Pride Rock’s peak. Proudly, Kovu and Kiara followed. Mangel and Singa got up, too, and walked slowly behind them. And finally, at the tip and top of the Kingdom's peak, the shaman raised the cub high into the sky. Down below, the sounds of several animals came as they cheered and cried out. Then they started to bow low for the newest little  one.

            Singa grinned, seeing her pride and family, as well as Garofé, bowing, too.

            At last, everyone started to scatter. Zaraku and Sithuka’s pride came up stared happily at the baby that Rafiki held in his arms. Though Garofé—as this was part of his restrictions and punishment—was never allowed on or in Pride Rock, so he stayed below in the Pridelands. Kovu and Kiara’s pride stayed close to the baby and the other pride, too, admiring the new one.

            "You know," Mangel whispered to Singa (they were both standing together on Pride Rock’s peak, but away from their family). "We should have one of our own some day…"







By WolfCub A.K.A Baby Fire Wolf