The Lion King IV: Part Two: Sekeita’s New Cubs



Note: All the characters Mangel, Singa, Zaraku, Sithuka, Garofé, Aurora, Runu, Timba, Shyla, Sekeita, Tanko, Kadio and Pala have been created by me and are not allowed to be used without my permission. I apologize if any of the characters are the same from any other fan-fic and I didn’t know so email me. All the characters Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Sarabi, Scar, Kiara, Kovu, Nuka, Rafiki, Timon, Pumbaa and Zazu have been created by Disney. The first two movies The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride were also created by Disney.




Warning You won’t get this story without reading my others, The Lion King III: A Clash of Kingdoms and The Lion King IV: Part One: The New Cubs.







1. Despair (Strengthlands to the Boulder of Strength)


 2. A New Family (Outlands)


3. A Stranger (Boulder of Strength)


 4. Followers (Elephant Graveyard)


 5. The First Task (Elephant Graveyard)


 6. The Discussion (Boulder of Strength)






Simba- Once King (Gry) of Pride Rock, mate of Nala, father of Kiara, son of Mufasa and Sarabi


Nala- Once Queen (Cry) of Pride Rock, mate of Simba, mother of Kiara


Mufasa- Once King of Pride Rock, mate of Sarabi, father of Simba, brother of Scar


Sarabi- Once Queen of Pride Rock, mate of Mufasa, mother of Simba


Scar- Once King (evil) of Pride Rock, brother of Mufasa, uncle of Simba


Kiara- Queen of Pride Rock, mate of Kovu, mother of Mangel and Shyla, daughter of Simba and Nala


Kovu- King of Pride Rock, mate of Kiara, father of Mangel and Shyla, son of Zira


Vitani- Kovu’s sister, daughter of Zira, and Shyla’s guardian and Shyla’s and Mangel’s aunt


Zira- Mother of Vitani, Kovu and Nuka (Not in this story)


Rafiki- Shaman of Pride Rock


 Timon- Royal baby-sitter and friend of the prides


Pumbaa- Royal baby-sitter and friend of the prides


Zazu- Royal stooge


Mangel- King of the Boulder of Strength, mate of Singa, father of Aurora, Runu and Timba, son of Kiara and Kovu, older brother of Shyla


Singa- Queen of the Boulder of Strength, mate of Mangel, mother of Aurora, Runu and Timba, daughter of Zaraku and Sithuka


Shyla- Princess of Pride Rock, daughter (youngest) of Kiara and Kovu, baby sister of Mangel


Aurora- Princess of the Boulder of Strength, daughter (youngest) of Mangel and Singa, sister of Runu and Timba


Runu- Prince of the Boulder of Strength, son (middle cub) of Mangel and Singa, brother of Aurora and Timba


Timba- Prince of the Boulder of Strength, son (oldest) of Mangel and Singa, brother of Aurora and Runu


Zaraku- Once King (Gry) of the Boulder of Strength, mate of Sithuka, father of Singa


Sithuka- Once Queen (Cry) of the Boulder of Strength, mate of Zaraku, mother of Singa


Garofé- Shaman of the Boulder of Strength


Sekeita- Lioness who takes the cubs and becomes their "mother", Scar’s mate, sister of Tanko and Kadio


 Tanko- Sekeita’s and Kadio’s brother who becomes "uncle" of the cubs


Kadio- Sekeita’s and Tanko’s brother who becomes "uncle" of the cubs


Pala- Tigress who helps the Kings and Queens, friend of the prides








(Strengthlands to the Boulder of Strength)



 The day was cold and bare. Everywhere in the Strengthlands were lions. They were searching for the missing cubs. They soon separated and some searched in the Outlands. When there was no success, some of them moved on to the southernmost borders of the Pridelands. But still, they didn’t find the lion cubs.



 "Oh Kovu!" cried Kiara. "I want my baby back,"


"We all do," Kovu said sadly, nuzzling his mate. "We’ll find them."


"I hope,"


Those two lions were out in the Strengthlands. Back at the kingdom, the Boulder of Strength, there were only two lions there. Mangel and Singa. They were both frightened for their cubs and very devastated.


"What could have happened to them?!" Singa cried out.


"I don’t know," Mangel whispered, shaking his head, trying to think. "Maybe those lions that attacked us have something to do with it."


"That attacked you?" someone said. It was the Gry, Zaraku. He entered the cave with his mate, the Cry, Sithuka. Outside it stared to rain.


"Yes," Mangel replied.


"You didn’t tell us that!" growled Sithuka.


"We were just so worried about the cubs, Mother, that we forgot to tell that part," Singa said, almost in tears.


Aurora, the one cub of Singa’s and Mangel’s who wasn’t missing, came over and nuzzled into her mother’s fur. Singa laid down and started licking Aurora numerous times while Mangel told Zaraku and Sithuka what had happened that day their cubs were taken. It was only three days since the incident.


"Well we must search for any unusual lions as well, then," declared Zaraku. As the rain picked up he said, "I’m going to search more." With that, he and his mate darted out of the cave.






~A New Family~






The cubs were OK. They had been taken by a lioness and two lions. The two lions were the ones who had attacked the cubs’ parents.



 "Ha! Look at the lil fur ball!" cried a lion, laughing.


His giant paw swept out and batted a little, dark lion cub away. It was Runu. Runu was being used as a ball, being batted between the lions.


 "Look at ‘im roll!" the other lion laughed.


The cub’s brother and cub-aunt cuddled together and whimpered helplessly, watching Runu, scared.


"Idiots!" cried a lioness as she came near. She ran over and put a paw out and stopped the cub right as he was rolling in the middle of the lions. The lioness roared out and pushed the cub to the other cubs. "We’re not here to play! Especially with our cubs!" Her pale fur was bristling as she glared at the two with her crimson eyes that were full anger.


"But Sekeita," said one lion. "We were having fun,"


"You’re acting like the cubs!" she snarled and smacked a paw across his face, leaving a red mark and some scratches. "You’re supposed to watch over them!"


"Sekeita," said the other lion.


 He was a big lion. The biggest out of the adults and he was yellow with a black mane. His tail tip was black as well. The other lion was his brother, who looked almost the same, but with an unusual black chest as well and darker eyes. The rest of his body, though, was lighter.


 "What are we to do with the cubs for now?"


"Well," said Sekeita, smirking slightly. "We can teach them how to hunt…"


"But they’re just little cubs,"


"It’s good to start early."


She turned around and smiled wickedly down at the three. "Hell, little ones. You’re going to come with your mother and learn to hunt."


"But Mama’s back at the kingdom," said Timba, strongly, but he was very scared.


"Yeah, and my mom’s at—" Shyla stared, but Sekeita interrupted.


"Enough," she growled. "I’m your mother now,"


"What?!" peeped Runu as he huddled between the two other cubs, trembling.




"Then who’s father?" asked Shyla, standing up and trying to look brave and smart.


"Well…your father is far from here…But Tanko and Kadio will be your uncles." She nodded toward the two lions. Runu shivered more as his brown-blue eyes settled upon them. "And you will all be siblings." the lioness said and looked down at the fur balls again.


 And then she took Runu by the scruff and motioned the other two cubs to follow. One of the lions, Tanko, followed, while Kadio stayed. They went out into the grass. Where they were it wasn’t raining, just overcast.


 Sekeita dropped the cub and said to Tanko, "You’ll be the prey. Lie down."


Tanko obeyed obediently.


"All right, cubs," said the lioness. "You must sneak to your prey. Don’t be loud or they’ll hear you." Then she nudged Runu forward. "Why don’t you try out pouncing, little one?" Runu just stared up at Sekeita with wide, frightened eyes. She chuckled. "It’s all right. He won’t bite." But she looked up and gave Tanko a cold look. "If he does, I will deal with him." Tanko rolled his eyes, swishing his tail back and forth in the grass.


"I’ll try!" cried Shyla. Timba blinked at Shyla’s enthusiasm, thinking he had heard a little happiness in her voice.


 "All right," Sekeita said, nodding.


Suddenly, the little cub pounced upon the lion, who just laid there, feeling humiliated.


 "That’s great!" the lioness said happily as the cub started to chew on Tanko’s ears.


With that, Timba decided to make the best of his time, too, and pounced on the lion. Runu stayed put, though. For awhile, they practiced the pouncing. Then stopped and Sekeita ordered Kadio to watch over Shyla, Timba and Runu as she and Tanko went off hunting. And so, he did.






~A Stranger~


(Boulder of Strength)



 "Sire," said a lioness to the King of the Boulder of Strength. She was part of his pride.



"Yes?" asked Mangel.


It was night and had stopped raining. Everyone was asleep but Mangel, Singa, Kovu and Kiara. As well as that lioness.


 "I found no cubs," she said, shaking off the water that had poured on her earlier. "However, there is a stranger who would like to speak with you and the Queen…She said it’s about your cubs."


"What?!" said Singa and Mangel. "Show us to her!"


Kovu and Kiara got up and followed the three lions outside to the peak of the kingdom. Standing there was a beautiful orange tigress.


 "Yes?" Mangel asked, slighting tilting his head.


The lioness limped a bit closer to them. She looked old and warn. About her body were many scratches, but she was still a wonderful sight. "Your cubs," she said. "are in the Outlands. They have been taken away by a lioness who is accompanied by her two brothers."


"Those must’ve been the two lions who had attacked us," said Kiara.


"How do you know about this?" asked Singa suspiciously.


"Yeah, and who are you?" Kovu growled.


"I am Pala. I wander throughout the savanna sometimes. I find it very peaceful. Sometimes even more than my home, the jungle. But, I had heard about some missing cubs. I had stumbled upon a river where around it was covered in trees. I knew they weren’t their cubs for I had overheard the lioness saying how she was their new mother." Kiara and Singa both roared out in anger. "And the other lions are their ‘uncles’. I snuck away from that place and found one of your lionesses."


"We must find them!" Mangel said loudly, stirring the prides.


"Show us," said Kovu.


"As you wish," said Pala and she bowed.


 Then they went far into the Outlands and she showed them the river.


 "Follow it," exclaimed the tigress. "They’re farther up there." And so the lions started to follow the water with the tiger.


But what they didn’t know was that they were being watched by Tanko, who ran passed them on the other side of the river and made it to his brother and sister before the others.


 Breathlessly he said, "They’re…there,"


"What?" asked Kadio. "Who’s there?"


"Shh," whispered Sekeita harshly. "You’ll wake the cubs,"


"But Sekeita, the Kings and Queens are coming!" Tanko growled.


 "No." Sekeita growled. "If they come now, they’ll ruin my plans…Tanko, stay here and…"


With the plans ready and set, Sekeita gently took Runu in her mouth and ran off. Kadio grabbed the other cubs and ran off before they could say anything. Then the Kings and Queens arrived.


 "Where are our cubs?!" roared Kovu with anger.


 "Temper, temper," said Tanko, casually. "I don’t know where your cubs are," He then laid down and yawned, acting as if he had been sleeping.


 "I saw you," said the tigress who stepped forward. "I saw you, and him, and her, and the cubs."


"Who are you talking about?" Tanko asked slyly. "I am just a loner. I never travel with others,"


"Liar," hissed the tigress.


 Then there was a roar in the distance and all of a sudden the Kings, Queens and tigress ran off. Tanko stayed put, smirking. And then, he leapt across the river and ran along it, north.


 "Wow," Shyla said, her tail swishing in the air slowly as she looked up at Sekeita, admiring the roar.


"How’d you do that?" squeaked Runu, crouched down, though, and still scared.


"Do it again!" cried Shyla happily. Timba was the only one now that didn’t trust this lioness.


But again, Sekeita roared. "Now let’s go," she said hurriedly and grabbed Runu. Grabbing the other cubs, Kadio followed.


 They were now in the savanna. But then, the two lions pounced within an unusual circle of large rocks that hid them.


 "Where’s Mama?" asked Runu as he was put down.


"I’m right here, sweety," assured Sekeita.


"You’re not her," growled Timba.


"A brave one you are to say such a thing," growled the lioness.


"Can you teach me how to roar like that…" asked Shyla. "…Mom?" she added. Runu’s and Timba’s jaws dropped.


 Sekeita smiled. "Of course, but not right now. We’re playing a game."


"A game?" Runu asked, almost excitedly. "What kind of game?"


"To be as quiet as you can."


 The other two cubs were starting to like this lioness, but Timba just glared at her, his little fur coat bristling. He was very surprised at how his brother and cub-aunt adapted so well to this stranger who had stolen them from their real parents.


But they all became very quiet as a few lions crept about outside the circle of rocks. Shyla peaked out a little gap and saw her parents and brother and his mate lurking about, but, for some reason, she hadn’t said anything or called to them. Yet she remembered her new "mom" telling them that if they meowed to loudly, then she would kill them.


 "Shyla!" called Singa.


 "Timba!" Kovu roared.


Kiara yelled out, "Runu!"


"Mom? Dad? Grandma and Grandpa?" asked Timba. He was about to yell out when Sekeita gave him a death stare. His stomach lurched as he gulped and stayed quiet.


At last, the lions left. Kadio grabbed Timba and Runu and Sekeita grabbed Shyla this time. They turned around and headed east, through the savanna. And then, they came to a vast, dark place filled with giant bones and monster skulls.


"Whoa," whispered Timba.


"Isn’t this…" started Shyla.


"Where are we?" Runu meowed.


Sekeita dropped Shyla and replied, "Our new home…the elephant graveyard."








 (Elephant Graveyard)




As they went deeper into the elephant graveyard, they found many hyenas. All the cubs gulped and started to tremble.



"I thought all of them died in the fire," Timba whispered.


"Some did," Sekeita said, hearing him. "But some escaped and went away. Then, I got them to come back to their old home."




 "Big plans my little one. Big plans…"


Then she leapt on top of a skull, leaving the cubs with Kadio and Tanko—who caught up with them earlier—on one of the tusks. Upon the ground were about twenty hyenas, staring up at Sekeita.


"All right!" she roared. "I’ve got cubs," She nodded down at them, then looked back to the hyenas, her followers. "When the sun rises, their first task will be given to them…And then we shall see who the new chosen one is!"







~The First Task~


(Elephant Graveyard)




The next day, Kadio was in the Outlands. He spied Mangel, Singa, Kovu, Kiara and Pala still walking together, searching.



 "Where could they be?" Kiara cried.


Sighing, Kovu replied, "Maybe it’s time to stop the search…"


Snarling, his mate smacked him across the face. "We can’t give up on our cubs!"


Kovu staggered, but said, trying to stay calm, "I know. But how long has it been since they disappeared? Almost a week?"


"Almost a week." growled Mangel, repeating his father.


"Well we can’t give up," Singa said sadly.


"I know where your cubs are," said Kadio slyly as he approached them.


They all stared at him, but were ready to attack as well.


"Where are they?" hissed Singa.


"Follow me," he replied with a deep voice and turned. So they did follow. "Oh," he then said, pawing at the ground. "I thought I saw a couple lone cubs here, but…"


And then there was a cry in the distance. Not from a full-grown lion, but a cub.


"Oh no!" Mangel roared and they all ran to where the cry was coming from.


Kadio smirked and took a shortcut to the elephant graveyard to tell Sekeita and the hyenas that they were coming.


"Good," growled Sekeita with pleasure. "Now remember," she said, turning around and looking at all the hyenas. (The cubs were playing loudly and meowing in a little circle of bones.) "We need to hide. But once they come, we’ll attack both Kings and Queens and then, our plan for both kingdoms will come true. And Scar will live on forever in our hearts, and the new prides."


"But uh," said one hyena, drooling. "What about the Gry and Cry of the Boulder of Strength?"


"Don’t worry, they’re old. They’ll die in time, or, we can kill them easily."


"And," another hyena said. "are you going to be Queen at both kingdoms?"


"Yes, of course!" she spat.


"Who will be King?"


"Scar!" she roared.


"But he’s—"


"Don’t you dare call him dead! He will live in our hearts! He will be the first King of both kingdoms! He will be even more of a legend! I will be the first Queen of both! And when I come of age, our cubs will carry on the kingdoms. Whoever is the new chosen one, they will King or Queen." She pointed a paw to the cubs who now looked up at her with curiosity, listening to what she was saying now.


"But those aren’t Scar’s cubs,"


"Yes, but his blood is in them! And so, the blood of Scar will run through every generation that will live on, having both kingdoms. Being Kings and Queens of both. Everyone of them will be from Scar’s blood."


"Weren’t they already? I mean, wasn’t Simba the nephew—?"


 "Stop with these questions you idiot! The Kings and Queens—for now, that is—are coming!" She paused. "But, I will answer that last question. Yes, there is already Scar’s blood in the families. Yet now that I will raise these cubs as my own, the darkness of Scar will live on, too."


With that, all the hyenas cackled loudly.


"Now hide!" she roared.


She leapt down and grabbed Shyla while Kadio grabbed Runu and Timba. They ran into a nearby skull and dropped the cubs.


 "Your first task," she said to them. "Will to be to get your old parents over here…Because if you don’t, you won’t ever see them again." she added.


"Oh I will!" Shyla meowed. "I miss them. I’ll get them!"


"All right,"


"What do you mean first task?" Timba asked suspiciously.


"Whoever completes this task, might just be the chosen one to be the new King or Queen…after me that is."


And then Sekeita gabbed her "daughter" and brought her out into the graveyard where they both were exposed.


 "Shyla!" Kiara roared happily as they stumbled upon the graveyard.


All of the lions and the tigress ran as fast as they could over to the cub.


"Mama! Daddy!" she called, struggling from Sekeita’s jaws.


 But Sekeita smirked as the twenty hyenas leapt out of nowhere onto the lions. They fought long and hard as Sekeita dropped the cubs with Kadio in the skull. She ran out as the lion watched over the cubs. But then, the lions’ prides came. Both prides did. Somewhere on the edge of the elephant graveyard, Rafiki had been watching, and he had quickly fetched the families and told them what was happening.


It only took a few minutes before all the hyenas started running away, if they weren’t already killed. And then, Mangel found the skull the cubs were held captive in.


 "Daddy!" Timba and Runu cried.


"Brother!" Shyla meowed.


 "Singa! Mom! Dad! Pala! They’re here!" roared Mangel.


 "No," whispered Sekeita. "I’ve been planning this too long. I just got them…I’m not going to let all my plans fall…I need at least one…"


The Kings and Queens ran over as Rafiki was beating up the hyenas with his karate and martial arts moves while the Gry, Cry, and the rest of both prides fought the remaining hyenas. But, before Mangel could do anything and before the others came, Sekeita fell through the top of the skull. Shaking a bit, she grabbed the closest cub and ran off with Kadio and Tanko. But as Mangel started to follow, bones everywhere started to collapse. And then, after it was over, the lions looked about to see that they were trapped from the path that Sekeita took and the only way out of the graveyard was to go back to the savanna.


 The others arrived and grabbed their cubs, panting, but Kovu and Kiara called out, "Shyla!"






~The Discussion~


(Boulder of Strength)



 It was the next day and everyone was in the Boulder of Strength’s cave. They were happy for the cubs, but sad that Shyla was missing. Everyone cried, especially Kiara. Vitani was still gone. No one had heard from her since she had left. Pala was in the royal cave, too. Lions had started searching more than ever, especially Mangel, Singa, Kovu and Kiara as they were pretty sure that Shyla wasn’t too far yet.



 While Runu and Aurora were cuddled in Singa’s paws and were being groomed, Timba sat on a little rock on the cave’s floor, looking strongly at everyone as if he was an adult, or even the King. He told them what he remembered back at the elephant graveyard of what Sekeita had said to the hyenas.


 "She doesn’t want just Scar’s blood in the family of Kings and Queens," said Kovu gravely. "She wants Scar’s darkness within the kingdoms and future generations, too."


"Well we must keep our eyes open," growled Sithuka.


"She’s not getting in this kingdom," Zaraku roared.


"I will watch out for the little one," said Rafiki. "But there should be someone at Pride Rock, too. To watch out. I will go."


"We will, too," said Kiara gravely. "That lioness took my daughter and headed north, that way to Pride Rock."


Kovu replied, "Yes, we’ll go. Our pride will guard our kingdom as well." He turned to his son and Singa. "Take good care of your cubs. Don’t let them out of your sight."


"Or even out of the kingdom," Kiara whispered.


"We won’t," said Singa. She nuzzled her cubs, who nuzzled back.


"Don’t worry," Aurora meowed. "I won’t sneak out again,"


"But," said Rafiki. "I have spoken to the stars. I have spoken to Simba, Nala and Mufasa, as well as Sarabi. They all say that your cub is being taken far to the north, and much will change. It will be bad if you do not find her, and soon."


"I know," whispered Kovu, looking down.


"There’s more," the baboon said. "Only one of you must go find her."


"I will!" Kiara, Kovu, Mangel and Singa all said at the same time.


"No…it must be but one lion. The lion must be strong and willing and determined. And willing to risk death if something accrues. That is why it cannot be one of the Kings or Queens, or—"


"I’ll go!" blurted Timba.


"No you won’t," said Singa and Mangel. Singa took him in her paws and started to groom him. "You’re not getting out of my sight again," she said.


"Nor can it be a cub." Rafiki went on. "It must not be a parent of her…it must be someone who isn’t—"


"I’ll go," said Pala, standing up and stretching. After a yawn, she continued. "I’m not a parent, nor cub. I’m not even a lion, but I will go. I will find her and bring her back. I am willing to risk death for I am old, and I am not even part of her family, so if I do die, I wouldn’t be missed by her. And trust me, I’m not as weak as I seem. I was one of the strongest in my time. Besides, her aunt is already searching for her as you said. So if I die, all I have to do is find her first and tell her all that has happened and that only Shyla is missing. Then she can carry on the search and find her."


"All right, if you’d like, Pala…if the parents will let you," he turned to Kiara and Kovu.


 There was silence as everyone looked at them. Then Kiara said, "All right, you may go fetch my cub…I thank you."


Kovu nodded. "And I thank you, too." he said quietly.


 "I don’t know how long it will take, but I promise I will find her and somehow get her back, even if I’m not the one to bring her." And with that, Pala leapt out of the cave and ran off.



The End



By Baby Fire Wolf