the revange of zadi






    1.marriage of Kovu and Kiara

    2.hunting lesson

    3.sister of Zira

    4.Timba tels his story

    5.unknow lion

    6.vitani's love

    7.rhino rush

    8.vitani's marriage

    9.the final battel





     Simba(king of the pridelands)

      Nala (queen of the pridelands)

      Kovu (prins of the pridelands)

      Kiara (prinses of the prideland)

     Vitani (sister of Kovu)

     Timba(brother of zadi)

      Zadi(sister of zira)

      kirani(unknow lion)







                                               marriage of Kovu and Kiara


Al thie animal are gettering around by the rock the lions are roaring becus Kovu and Kiara are married.


Nala:Kiara i'am proud of you.

Simba: me to you can do wat ever you want


Simba and Nala are sleping


Kiara:Kovu whats the mather.

Kovu: nothing.

Kiara:We must think in the future.

Kovu:yea your rite.

Kiara:did you think already the names of are futere cub.

Kovu: no but i'm thinking.

Kiara:why do we call it ramy.

Kovu: yea but as its a girl.

Kiara: i now kaira

Kovu: thats a great idea.


the next morning


Kovu:Simba wake up.

Simba:whats up.

Kovu: whitsh land can i go

Simba:you can go evry ware but not thie outlands or elephant graveyard.

Kovu:whats about elephent graveyard.

Simba: there are hyena's i banish  them to the elephant graveyard.



Kovu's waiting for Kiara et dawn.Kovu's giving her a hunting lesson.


Kovu:there you are now we can begin

Kiara:time for my second lesson     



                                                                   hunting lesson


Kovu's giving Kiara a hunting lesson but she mist kovu evry time


Kovu:your still breathing to hard.

Kiara: i did my best.

Kovu: yea you did.

Kovu: do it again.


she trist but it still not working.

now she tris it again but this time it work she grapes Kovu


Kovu:good job your reddy for your third lesson

Kiara: o yea.

Kovu:the third lesson wil be hunting bugs.

Kiara: so what must i do.

Kovu: you must  grapit whit your pahw but not to hard.

         like this.


kovu grap the bug and let it go


Kiara: thats not so hard.

Kovu:it looks like that but it is int.


Kiara did the same thing as Kovu did and it workt


Kiara:se you its not so hard

Kovu: wow i'm imprest inough for today we are going to priderock






                                                                   sister of zira



         Deep in the outland


Zadi: o man Zira is dead,Vitani and Kovu are in the pridelands what must i do.

Lion: whats the mather.

Zadi: my family are in the prideland and Zira is dead.

Lion: and ?

Zadi: so we must kill Kiara she killed Zira.

Lion: why ? we have no army and i dont whana kill her.

Zadi: why not Timba.

Timba: i dont whana kill sumbudy.

Zadi: you are afraid.

Zadi: i have a idea we yous the hyena's for are army.

Timba: what hyena's!!!!!!!! you are crazy.

Zadi: thats the only army.

Timba: but the are far from us.

Zadi: no ther not ther are in the elephent graveyard.

Zadi: we are going tomorrow.


the next morning


Zadi: Timba wake up!!!!

Timba: now what.

Zadi: we must go to the elephent graveyard now!

Timba: okee okee.


ther going to the elephent graveyard ther now in a beatiful place.


Timba: this land is beatiful  can we rest here we are walking tree hours.

Zadi: yea your right.

Timba: lets rest here some hours.


there going to sleep.


Zadi: goodnight.

Timba: sleeptight.


the next morning


Zadi: Timba wake up.

Timba: yea i'm going.


then the going to elephent graveyard.





                                                                               Timba tels his story


Zadi: its not far any more.

Timba: how far.

Zadi: i dont now execly but it is not far any more

Zadi: my father and Zira  walking every time,from are home to elephent graveyard.

Timba: What was happening whith your father.

Zadi: hi is dead by a stempede.

Timba:my father has dead by the tigers i never forget thet.

 Zadi: what where happening.

Timba: look my father and mother and my brother lived in a tiger land.

Timba: They sad you me stay but only one week.

Timba: one week later they sad you are banish to the outlands

           but my father sad i never going to the outlands.

            the sad you will be kill then.

             my mom and dad fight for it even my sister and i left them.

   Zadi: wow i never hurt that story.

Timba: thats way i wont kill sombudy

   Zadi: thot worry the hyena's do the job

Timba: okee.


                Now they are in the elephent graveyard


 Timba: Wow this place is crepy.

  Zadi: yea but we must find the hyena's.


    A hyena jupt of him


Hyena: ho are you.

   Zadi: i'm Zadi and this is Timba we are outlanders.

Hyena: o yea why came you her.


Zadi tels his story about Zira.


Hyena: so thats why.

   Zadi: yes but we told are name ho are you

Hyena: i'm Shenzi

   Zadi:lets going whith are army.


Shenzi gave the hyena's a missie.


Shenzi: evrybody coms!







                                                                               unknow lion


In the Pridelands go evry thing alryd.


Vitani: Simba! cane i go hunt.

Simba: yea you cane go but be carful!


She se a dark shadow and Vitani jumpt an him


unknow lion: auwwwwwww!!!

Vitani: sorry i thaht that you are a zebra.

unknow lion: thats okee.

Vitani: where thit you come from.

unknow lion: from the jungel in the tigers land

Vitani: thats dangers.

unknow lion: i was banish

Vitani: thats not fair.

           come to are prideland there its better and we got a king and queen.


they are in the pridelands.


Simba: where did he come from.

Vitani: he is from the tigers land and now is he banish.

           he is a nice lion.

           say whats your name

unknow lion: kirani.

Vitani thinking: thats a rare name.

Simba: you cane stay.

Kirani: really wow great.





                                                                            Vitani's love


at night


Vitani: Nala i must talk to you.

Nala: its night talk tomorrow.

Vitani: no not her its about Kirani.

Nala: evry thing is alryd whith him.

Vitani: no not that, i'm in love.

Nala: ho?

Vitani: Kirani.

Nala: whath!!!!!!!!!!! i can belief my eys him.

Vitani: yea but i aske you what must i do ho did you get Simba.

Nala: i no say the truth say to him what you feel about him.

Vitani: but i can say it.

Nala: look you are beatiful.

Nala: i think you get Kirani.


Nala go back in the cave.

the next day.


Vitani: Kirani i have somting to tel you but not her.

Kirani: oke.



                                                                             rhino rush




they are going to a place where the rhino's  are


Vitani: do you like me.

Kirani: yes i like you as a friend.


the come closser and Vitani nuzzel him on his nose.



Kirani: what was that.

Vitani: i dont no but its sounds like a army rhino's

Vi,Ki: RUN!


they run to a cave.


Kirani: what a blast!

Vitani: yea.

Kirani: he Vitani.

Vitani: yes.

Kirani: i like you so much.

Vitani: i like you to.


they hugging to gatter.


Simba: look them .

Nala: yea its romantic just like us.

Simba: yea.





                                                                        Vitani's marriage


Al the animals gettering around becus  Vitani has married  the lions and lionnesses are roaring.


Kovu: look them Simba i'm proud of her.

Simba: me to.

Kiara: what al the animals are gone.

Simba: somthing smels not good,its smels like hyena's!


A Hyena jumpt to priderock.


Kiara: we are soroundith.

Shenzi: so look hos here are growing up young cub.

Simba: Shenzi whath do you whant.

Shenzi: not me this lion whants somthing.

Zadi: so whath do we have Simba and Kiara.

Simba: Zadi!

Zadi: i whont to kill Kiara!


the lions fight against the Hyena's.







                                                                                    Final bathel


The lions fight the hyena's and the hyena's run.


Zadi: now you gonna die Kiara.


she jumpt to Kiara but Timba jumpt to Zadi.


Timba: stop it! this whil never work.

Zadi: out of my whey Timba or i kill you.

Simba: go home.

Zadi: i am home.


she jumt to Simba but Timba jumpt and yous his head and Zira fell of the cliff.

they going back to priderock and Timba has going to.