The Lion King V:


                 Attempts of the White Lioness







Once again there’s a new generation for the Boulder of Strength. But what about the heir to Pride Rock? Ambushes, fights, spirits appearing, star gazing and more is what happens in this all new adventure. So join the cute, young Baynarr, the spiritual lioness Aurora, the "other Simba" Timba and the rest of the prides as they take on the white lioness Shyla and try to pull her back into the light.




 Note: All the characters Timba, Aurora, Runu, Larka, Baynarr, Mangel, Singa, Zaraku, Sithuka, Sekeita, Kadio, Tanko, Pala and Shyla have been created by me and are not allowed to be used without my permission. If any names are the same as any in the other fan-ficts I apologize and I won’t change them unless you email me first. Also, if you would like to use any names, then email me as well. All the characters, Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Sarabi, Scar, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa, Kiara, Kovu and Rafiki have been created by Disney.



 Warning: You won’t understand this if you haven’t read my first stories, The Lion King III: A Clash of Kingdoms, The Lion King IV: Part One: The Cubs, The Lion King IV: Part Two: Sekeita’s New Cubs and The Lion King IV: Part Three: Darkening Captors. And it should be obvious that you have to had seen both movies first to understand as well.






1. Another New Generation (Boulder of Strength)


2. Still King and Queen (Strengthlands)


 3. New Jobs (Boulder of Strength)


4. Return of Shyla (Strengthlands)


5. Ambushed (Strengthlands)


6. Runu’s Ceremony (Strengthlands, to Boulder of Strength, to Strengthlands)


7. A New Shaman (Tree of Life, Pridelands)


8. Star Gazing (Boulder of Strength)


9. The Announcement (Outlands)


 10. Another Fight (Strengthlands)


Pacing Lioness (Boulder of Strength)






Simba- Once King of Pride Rock, father of Kiara, and mate of Nala


 Nala- Once Queen of Pride Rock, mother of Kiara, and mate of Simba


Mufasa- Once King of Pride Rock, mate of Sarabi, and Simba’s father


Sarabi- Once Queen of Pride Rock, mate of Mufasa, and Simba’s mother


Rafiki- Shaman of Pride Rock and brother of Garofé


Kiara- Queen of Pride Rock, mother of Mangel and Shyla, and mate of Kovu


 Kovu- King of Pride Rock, father of Mangel and Shyla, and mate of Kiara


Timon- Royal baby-sitter and friend of the prides


Pumbaa- Royal baby-sitter and friend of the prides


Zazu- Royal stooge of Pride Rock


Mangel- King of the Boulder of Strength, father of Aurora, Timba and Runu, older brother of Shyla, and mate of Singa


Singa- Queen of the Boulder of Strength, mother of Aurora, Timba and Runu, and mate of Mangel


Zaraku- Once King of the Boulder of Strength (Gry), father of Singa, and mate of Sithuka


Sithuka- Once Queen of the Boulder of Strength (Cry), mother of Singa, and mate of Zaraku


Shyla- Daughter of Kovu and Kiara, baby sister of Mangel, and princess of Pride Rock


 Aurora- Daughter (youngest) of Mangel’s and Singa’s, and princess of the Boulder of Strength


 Runu- Son (middle one) of Mangel’s and Singa’s, and prince of the Boulder of Strength


Timba- Son (oldest) of Mangel’s and Singa’s, and prince of the Boulder of Strength


Pala- Tigress, friend of the prides


Larka- Friend of Aurora’s, Timba and Runu, and mate of Timba


Baynarr- Son of Timba and Larka, prince of the Boulder of Strength







~Another New Generation~


(Boulder of Strength)




The sun shimmered brightly as it came down through the clouds and poured its light onto a new born lion cub. A baboon held it over a great Kingdom called the Boulder of Strength. Down below were many animals who cheered and bowed.



 When it was all over, Rafiki lowered the cub and held it in his arms.


"Why who is this little one now?" asked an old lion. It was Kovu. He and his pride had just climbed up the main path on the Kingdom. They met up with the other pride.


"I’m not sure what we’re going to call him," replied Kovu’s grandson, looking at his own son. "What do you think?"


Timba turned to his mate, Larka. She was a cream colored lioness. She nuzzled her baby and looked at Timba, exhausted from the birthing earlier. "I don’t know," she purred. "How ‘bout…Baynarr?" At the last of the name she had purred it, on the "arr" part.


 Smiling, the lion who looked so much like Simba nodded in agreement. "Yes. What a great name."


Kiara nuzzled the cub.


Mangel and Singa slowly walked over to their son and new daughter-in-law, as well as their new grandson. They both took turns licking and nuzzling the little ball of light golden brown. He was lighter even than his dad or his great great great grandfather.


"Hello, my Baynarr," Singa purred.


Chuckling, Mangel replied, "He will be a great King one day…And you," he looked to his son who was now King. "You will complete the circle of life, with Larka. You two are the new King and Queen, and your mother and I are the new Cry and Gry."


Rafiki carried the cub into the royal cave.


Aurora laid down by her new nephew and started to groom him while Larka and Timba curled up right next to them, watching. The rest of the pride surrounded them, looking about lazily, but also ready for any danger. Right before Kovu’s and Kiara’s pride left, they felt strange.


Laughing lightly, Mangel said to his parents, "I never thought I would be the Gry before you, Dad!"


Smirking, Kiara and Kovu licked their son and grandson and gave a big farewell to the others before they left.






~Still King and Queen~





As the two old lions led their pride through the savanna in the Strengthlands, heading south for home, Kovu nudged his mate lightly.



"Yes?" Kiara growled playfully.


"Um," he said, almost cubbish like. "Don’t you feel weird that we’re great grandparents now and we’re still King and Queen?"


"Well," Kiara then growled, not as playful. "Maybe we wouldn’t be if our daughter was there to take over. And she would be there if you hadn’t let her go!"


Kovu’s ears lowered. "But we had to. She was struggling and fighting—"


"Those lionesses had complete control!" she suddenly yelled out. The whole pride was listening now. "If we just had sat her down and explained, then she would’ve come back!" Kiara had meant come back to Pride Rock, but also come back into the light.


"She wouldn’t have understood!" her mate roared back.


"Oh? Then when will she understand?!"




 Kovu sighed and whispered, "She wasn’t ready…"






~New Jobs~


(Boulder of Strength)




"Ah," replied Mangel as he and his mate laid on rock in the royal cave. He yawned and stretched out. "Isn’t it nice to be the Gry and Cry?"



"Yeah, for once, just take it easy, instead of ruling and giving orders, and never getting a bit of sleep." replied Singa. "But, I will miss those days. And the days when our cubs, were cubs. But still…" she yawned. "I’m takin’ it easy from now on."


"You’re tellin’ me," chuckled Mangel.


But Timba, Larka, Runu and Aurora all overheard them. As Larka laid down and kept grooming her new baby, Timba said to his parents, "What? Is it bad to be King?"


"Or Queen?" added Aurora.


 "Er, um," Mangel then said.


"There’s nothing bad about it, kids," Singa said.


 "’Kids’?" Timba asked, almost laughing.


"Sorry," muttered their mother. "I’m just so used to saying it. But seeing as you have your own kid, I shouldn’t be saying that."


Runu and Aurora coughed. Everyone else giggled. Then Aurora cuddled up with her mother and closed her eyes halfway, her tail tip twitching ever so often. "I’m not sure I even want to be Queen," she then said.


"What do you mean?" asked her father.


"Well, Rafiki is the shaman and he’s wise ‘n all…But he’s really old and don’t think he’ll last much longer," She looked about for a second, then continued. "I think I’d like to take over that job…That is, if it’s OK with him and the prides."


"I’m sure it’ll be fine, hunny," Singa said, licking Aurora’s head.


"Is this really what you want?" questioned Mangel.


Aurora nodded. Then he did in response and laid his head on his paws.


Runu looked down at the little sleeping cub. He sighed and then licked it. "I think," he said. "I’d like t’ give up the job of King as well, and be this little one’s guardian."


"Really?" asked Larka, now looking up at him.


"Yes. It’s not like I’m gonna get a mate anytime soon anyway to rule with me," They laughed. "But seriously, I’d like to look after him."


"That’s great," purred Timba, staring down at his son.


"Heh. And don’t worry, it’s not like I’m gonna be another Scar," Runu joked. But no one laughed that time. In fact, now all the pride was staring at him. He coughed. "Ahem…Sorry…"


"But Runu, what if something happens? Like a predator tries to get him? What’ll you do? You’ll be too scared," Aurora then said, trying to bring up the light and conversation again. She pawed her brother playfully.


"Heh, yeah," He pawed back. "We’ll be fine,"






~Return of Shyla~






 Baynarr ran out into the Strengthlands, happily. His uncle and guardian, Runu, followed. He was huge and had many muscles, but was very timid and barely used them for anything extreme.



"C’mon, Uncle Runu!" cried Baynarr as he pounced on a fly. "Teach me how to hunt or something!"


Chuckling, Runu said, "Sorry, Baynarr, but that’s your parents’ job. Besides, you’re still to young."


The cub rolled his eyes and shook his head before running after a little mouse which scurried into its den. He growled and started pawing at the hole in the ground.


Baynarr was extremely light and golden, though not pale. He was the lightest golden one the family of both Kingdoms had ever seen. His stomach, chest, tail tip and sides were creamed colored like his mother. There was also a patch of hay colored bangs that stuck over his head and came slightly over his eyes.


Just then, Runu took the little one in one of his great paws and started to groom him. Though Baynarr didn’t mind. He found it quite soothing actually. And so, he rolled over on his back to kick his hind paws playfully up at his uncle.


 Something rustled the bushes nearby. Baynarr just tilted his head curiously, but Runu’s fur raised and he started to growl lowly.


"What is it?" asked the cub.


Runu shook his head and then took Baynarr in his mouth and slowly walked back to the Boulder of Strength, ever so often looking over his shoulder.


Then, something laughed as it came out from its hiding place in the bush.


"Runu!" it called. It was a white lioness.


Dropping Baynarr so suddenly and turning around to face his aunt, he roared out, "Shyla!" But he didn’t know if the roar was of excitement, or anger.


"Oh, isn’t the cub cute? Is he yours?" Shyla replied, almost sarcastically as her ice blue eyes rested upon the new prince.


Runu shook his head, his long, thick gray mane waving with it. "This is Baynarr. The new prince. He’s the son of my brother, Shyla. And of the lioness Larka."


Shyla growled lowly. "Well I can’t believe my nephew got married and had a cub without informing me!"


Runu tilted his own head. "What?" he snapped. "Where were you this whole time, Shyla?!"


"Away." And she sat down and started to lick her paw.


"Who’s that, Uncle?" asked Baynarr quietly.


Shyla looked up and purred at the cub. "I am your great aunt."


"If you’re my great aunt, wouldn’t you be old?"


"Shh!" Runu put a paw to his nephew’s mouth.


"You don’t look old," Baynarr managed to say.


The lioness laughed. "My parents had me when they were old. I’m barely older than your own father, uncle, aunt, or mother."


"Shyla, what happened to you?" Runu then asked.


"I went away and was trained."




"Yes. Trained."


"For what?"


"To kill the King and Queen of Pride Rock."


Runu gasped. "They’re you’re parents!"


"And to kill the King and Queen of the Boulder of Strength." Before Runu could react, she went on. "And to kill the heir of this Kingdom."












"But Shyla!" Runu cried. "You’re going to kill your own family! You don’t want to be like Scar, do you?"



"Who’s Scar?" peeped Baynarr.


"Shh," Runu purred, nuzzling the cub in reassurance.


 Shyla crouched, ready to pounce, her claws extended and her teeth showing.


"I will not let you kill this cub, Aunt Shyla." declared Runu, standing protectively over the prince. "It is my duty to take care of him. I pledged my life to him the day he was born."


"You may not let me kill him, Runu, but I have helpers." Shyla replied slyly.


With those words, two old lions and a mangy lioness came suddenly out from behind her. Though the three new ones were all old, they would be enough, with Shyla, to kill Runu and Baynarr.


 "Good job, Shyla," said the lioness, chuckling.


 "Thank you, mother." Shyla replied, smirking.


Runu picked the cub up and started to backup slowly. Shyla laughed, almost evilly, her eyes gleaming.


"Mother! Kadio, Tanko, attack!" she then commanded.


And with that, they all went for Runu and Baynarr. Immediately Runu turned around to run, but he was caught under the weight of Kadio. Tanko started to slash at Runu’s face brutally, causing him to drop the cub. That was when Sekeita leapt over the three lions and grabbed Baynarr before jumping back to her daughter.


Shyla smirked as her mother dropped the cub at her front paws. Baynarr stared up at Shyla, whimpering, his light, brown eyes wide with fear. Right as she lifted her paw up, another lioness pounced her. It was Aurora. They started to role around, slashing, biting, roaring, growling, kicking up dirt. Runu struggled under the other two lions, also biting and roaring out. Sekeita was the only free lion now, and after glancing at her fighting daughter and Aurora, then to her brothers and Runu, she looked back down to see the absences of the cub.






~Runu’s Ceremony~


(Strengthlands, to Boulder of Strength, to Strengthlands)




 "Mommy! Daddy!" cried Baynarr as he ran to the Boulder of Strength.



His parents heard his cries and ran out to meet him.


 "What happened?" asked Timba urgently.


Larka nuzzled her son.


"Mommy, Daddy, Runu’s being killed!" he meowed.


They gasped. "What?!"


"Someone named Shyla is hurting him, Daddy!"


"Take him to the cave," Timba ordered Larka.


She growled and shook her head. "Don’t order me like that." she replied hotly.


 But her mate then took off into the savanna. She sighed, worried and then took her cub in her mouth and ran up the main path of the Kingdom until she got to the cave. There, she dropped her cub in the front paws of Mangel, who laid next to his mate, Singa.


"I’ll be right back," she said before taking off.


Mangel and Singa looked at each other and blinked, confused.


"Grandpa! Grandma!" Baynarr said and nuzzled into his grandpa’s fur. "Runu’s dying!"


Timba stared down at his dead brother. He was literally torn apart. Timba looked down and groaned.


Then his mate came.


"Who did this?!" Timba suddenly called out.


Larka jumped at the sight of Runu’s mangled body.


 Suddenly Aurora limped over to her brother, panting, bleeding scratches and gashes all over her.


"Aurora!" Larka screeched. "What happened?!"


Aurora told them for she had been following Runu and Baynarr from faraway. She was going to go to them for a walk when she saw Shyla. She had sped up and finally made it before her nephew was killed. But it was too late for her brother.


The news brought everyone down. There wasn’t a lion who didn’t cry. The next day they immediately had a ceremony for Runu. Rafiki had come, along with the Pride Rock pride. He sprinkled sand all over Runu’s body before pushing him into a water hole on the other side of the Boulder of Strength. It was a place where the dead Kings, Queens, Grys and Crys were put.






~A New Shaman~


(Tree of Life, Pridelands)




Just a couple weeks passed before Aurora met Rafiki again in the Tree of Life. She was free to do as she pleased, as she was full adult, and her parents weren’t King and Queen anymore. Her brother Timba and her friend Larka were. And her brother Runu had been the guardian for the cub. She thought she had to have her own place, too. And so, that is why she came to the Tree of Life to speak to Rafiki, the shaman of both prides and Kingdoms.



"So, Rafiki," she said, laying down on a branch, her tail swaying slowly back and forth. "What d’ ya think best fits me?"


"Aurora, you ‘aw wise for your age…most of dee time," Aurora smirked as Rafiki said that. He continued. "And you believe in de spirits. I ‘dink you would make a wonderful shaman, seeing as I am to pass away bery soon."


Aurora perked, then her ears lowered. Feelings of happiness filled her head for hearing that she should be the new shaman, but then she felt sad all over again since her brother’s death. Soon, Rafiki would die.


"All right," she said. "I’ll take the job. Teach me how to be the shaman."


 Rafiki chuckled. "You already ‘aw."


"What?" her head tilted.


"You ‘aw dee shaman now, that is, if you want to be."


"Of course I do!" she cried, jumping up. "Did you not just hear me?!"


Again, the baboon laughed. "Excited, aren’t you. Heh. Well, you ‘aw now da new shaman."


"Huh? But, what about you?"


"I am retired now." he yawned. "Like a Gry. Now, you will take over. Tomorrow dee announcement will be made to both prides."




Again, mixed feelings came over her. She sighed and laid down.


"And," Rafiki went on. "Soon, if everyt’ing works according to plo’ns, ‘ten you will get to show the new prince or princess soon."


"But," said Aurora, confused. "How can I? I mean, if little Baynarr does have any cubs, it won’t be for a long time."


"Of course, but have you forgotten about Pride Rock already?"


"Hmm? Pride Rock? Pride Rock has an old King and an old Queen. They’re never going to have cubs again…most likely."


"Well, there is dee heir to Pride Rock and her future…"


"Oh? You mean…Shyla?"


Rafiki nodded. "Shyla." he repeated.


"But she’s gone mad! And, she’s been gone all together! First, we don’t see her forever. And when we do, she’s evil! She let my brother be murdered! Brutally!"


"Calm down, Aurora. We ‘aw bery sad for his loss, but Shyla didn’t mean to."


"Didn’t mean to? How can you not mean to let someone get murdered?!"


"Indeed da murderers will pay dee price one day. But, Shyla had no control over this. It wasn’t her fault."


"Not to mention, she was going to kill Baynarr herself! If it weren’t for me, she would’ve!"


Rafiki looked down and shook his head, glancing up at the painting of Baynarr on a nearby branch.


"Aurora, I hope you understand some day. Yet I might not be around to help you understand…Who knows? Maybe you’ll find out on your own…Hopefully…"


"Rafiki!" gasped the new shaman. "How can you take her side?!"


He shook his head sadly.






~Star Gazing~


 (Boulder of Strength)




Baynarr was lying in his mother’s front paws as she groomed him. Timba was lying right next to them. They were on the side of the peak that came out from their Kingdom, staring up at the night sky which was full of stars. Then there was a shooting star.



 "What was that?!" Baynarr cried out in delight as his mother licked his back.


Timba giggled and said to his son, "It was a shooting star, Baynarr."


His head cocked to the side. "What are shooting stars?"


"Stars are the great Kings and Queens of the past. That is what my mother and father told me. Shooting stars are new spirits, just freed from the mortal body."




"Someone…who just died." Timba sighed.


"Daddy, is it just all Kings and Queens up there?"


"No, son. They are also others from the prides."


"Maybe that shooting star was Runu!" suggested the cub.




"Hunny," said Larka to Baynarr. "Whenever you feel alone, look up to those stars, all right?"


He nodded to his mother and then rolled on his back to get a better look at the sky, as well turning so that Larka could clean his stomach easier.


"Mommy, Daddy, who’s up there?" he then asked.


"Your father just told you, Baynarr." Larka purred.


"No, but I mean who exactly is up there?"


"Well," said Timba. "There’s Zaraku and Sithuka, my great grandparents. Oh and my great grandpa and grandma also, who would be your great great grandparents, Simba and Nala. There’s also Mufasa, my great great grandpa."




He nodded. "Mhm. They said he was one of the greatest Kings ever. And Simba, too, brought on the next generation greatly as well."


"Was he King here?"


"No, Mufasa and Simba were both Kings of Pride Rock."


"What’s that?"


"You ask too many questions," he licked his son. "I will tell you the story of Mufasa and Simba and Kovu and Kiara sometime."


"Ah, why don’t you let your sister tell it?" Larka suggested. "After all, she’s the one who likes to tell the stories."


Timba smirked and nodded.


"Tell what?" Aurora asked as she just climbed up from the main pathway of the Kingdom and was padding closer to them on the peak.


"Tell Baynarr the story of Pride Rock’s Kings and Queens," replied Larka as she smiled.


"I guess I will, as shamans always tell the stories," she laughed.


 "What are you talking about?" Timba questioned.


 "You’re looking at the new shaman of both prides," she replied, proudly.


"But what about Rafiki?"


"He’s retired."


That was a shock.


"But shh," Aurora then whispered. "Don’t tell anyone. We’re having an announcement to both Kingdoms tomorrow."


They all nodded, grinning.


Aurora laid down between Larka and her brother. "I would love to tell him the story…But, you gotta promise one thing," she said to Baynarr.


"What’s that?" he jumped up excitedly. His mother put a paw on him and pushed him back down.


Chuckling, his aunt said, "You can only hear this if you can stay awake."


He nodded. "I can do that!"


"All right…But I’m warning you, this is a long story. And I’m just starting from Mufasa."


"I can stay up!" he whined.


"Settle down, Baynarr," growled his mother lightly.


He silenced himself and listened to Aurora.


 "As you know, there are ceremonies for every newborn prince and princess. Well, Pride Rock is far to the south." She pointed a paw. "It’s like the Boulder of Strength, but gray, instead of reddish brown. And it’s peak is longer, but only slightly higher.


 "One day, Mufasa and Sarabi—they were King and Queen—waited as many many animals gathered at their Kingdom…"


And so that night Aurora told the story of Simba and Mufasa and Scar, along with Zazu and Timon and Pumbaa and Nala and many more. Then of Kovu and Kiara. She told of the generations, all the way until the birth of Baynarr himself.


"How do you know all this?" asked Baynarr after Aurora was done. He was tired and yawned, he eyes half closed, but he was still very interested.


Aurora purred, "Those were stories passed on through the generations. Every generation has a great story with it, and is passed on to the next."






~The Announcement~






The next day both prides met up together in the middle of the Outlands for the announcement. It was very exciting, especially for Baynarr as this was his first day in the Outlands. He had never gone that far from his home before. A few nearby animals stirred and listened.



"I am sadly retiring, but my days have come and gone. But, I would like to announce de new shaman, Aurora!" Rafiki cried out.


The lions roared and cheered, then bowed as Aurora stood up between the prides.


 "We’re proud of you, Aurora," said Kiara and she licked her.


"Congratulations," Kovu said and nuzzled her.


"Aurora, I didn’t think I’d live to see the day," joked Timba and he batted a paw at her playfully.


 "Good job. You’ve made it this far, and now you can carry on the shaman spirit," Larka growled, friendly.


Mangel said, "Aurora, my granddaughter, you will be a fine shaman."


"The best!" Singa laughed and she licked her.


Aurora thanked everyone and then bid a farewell to Kovu and Kiara and their pride, as well as Rafiki before heading off back to the Boulder of Strength with her pride.






~Another Fight~






Baynarr and Aurora were walking the next day in the Strengthlands to the east.



"I miss Runu," Baynarr meowed sadly.


 "Yes, we all do, Baynarr. But, he is in the stars. Remember what your mom and dad and I told you about the stars?"


 He nodded gravely.


She said, "Good."


"Runu would always be the one to take me out on walks," sniffled the cub. "How come you are now?" He tilted his head up at her. "Are you my new guardian?"


"Er…well…I guess you could say that."


But then Shyla suddenly pounced out of nowhere, along with Sekeita, Kadio and Tanko.


"Not you again!" growled Aurora, scars still over her from the last fight.


Shyla giggled. "We won’t let the cub go this time."


"No we won’t." Sekeita growled, glaring down at the cub who scrambled under his aunt.


"Don’t touch him," Aurora growled back.


Again, Shyla giggled. "There’s nothing you can do about this, Aurora. He is going to die. Along with you if you keep up in this fight. Remember what happened to Runu? Well, it can and will happen to you if you don’t get out of the way."


Heavy memories sagged down on Aurora, but she shook them away. Except, she couldn’t help but remember. Shyla’s the one and only one who will kill this cub, she thought. Otherwise Sekeita would’ve gotten him done with when she first grabbed him. But no, she had brought him over to Shyla.


First, Aurora tried to talk Shyla out of it. "Shyla, why are you with them? Them! They’re the ones who cubnapped us when we were younger! Remember?"


"It was for our own good," replied the white lioness. "You should’ve stayed. Not only would you have been saved by our overruling, but you would’ve learned how to fight great for once." She laughed.


As Shyla had said that, Aurora glared. She knew she couldn’t talk her out of it. I just have to keep Shyla away from Baynarr and he might be able to live at least, she said in her mind sadly but hopefully.


 Suddenly, Aurora leapt on Shyla, which surprised everyone that she was the first to make the move. They started to fight as they had before. Kadio leapt on Aurora and held her down, right as she thought her plans could’ve worked.


"Run!" she yelled to Baynarr under the lion’s weight. "Run, Baynarr! Run!"


But Baynarr was trembling as he backed up, staring up at Sekeita, almost in shock as she looked pure evil. Somehow, she had gotten some of her own evil into Shyla.


 Then, Baynarr suddenly fell into hollow ground. He fell into a meerkat colony—like Aurora, Timba and Runu had once.


 "Kid, get out of here!" said a nearby meerkat, hotly.


But Baynarr backed up into him as a paw came down. The meerkat squeaked and scurried away, deeper into the smaller holes. The paw tried to grab the cub, but Baynarr took his little teeth and dug it into the paw. Sekeita cried out and pulled her paw out, snarling.


"He bit me!" she roared. "Tanko! Get ‘im!"


And Tanko hesitantly put his own paw down. Right as he did, Baynarr bit again, but Tanko only flinched. Gasping, the cub backed up even more as he was almost pulled out.


"Just a little farther," whispered Tanko to himself, feeling around.


As Aurora was trapped under Kadio, Shyla smirked and took the other lioness’s neck in her jaw. Right when she was about to twist, a roar came out of nowhere. Shyla, Tanko, Kadio and Sekeita all looked up to see a great lion not too faraway. It looked like Timba, but there was something different about him. Then, the lion took off, Kadio and Tanko following.


"Fools! Get over here and help!" Sekeita roared out as her brothers ran off.


Aurora jumped up and leapt on Shyla again. Snarling, Sekeita glanced down the hole once more before helping her daughter. But, Aurora was going against too lions. Now she was dead for. Then, there was another roar. Not from a lion, but as they looked up, it was a tiger.


 "You!" Sekeita growled, remembering Pala.


As old as the tiger was, she jumped into the fight. It lasted long, but eventually Shyla and Sekeita were beaten. Sekeita ran off and they let her, but Pala and Aurora held Shyla down.


"Aurora, don’t!" Pala growled as Aurora was about to make a move to slash Shyla.


"Why not?" she growled back. "She deserves it! She almost killed Ba—" She gasped. "Where’s Baynarr?!"


"I’m right here," he meowed, scared, shaking and coughing a little as he crawled out from the ground.


 Aurora immediately grabbed him and set him down next to her. "Are you OK?"


He nodded.


 She laid down and started to groom him, keeping her eye on the silent Shyla, who Pala still held down surprisingly. Another surprising thing was the silence. Last time Shyla was kept hostage she had cried out.






~Pacing Lioness~


 (Boulder of Strength)




"Shyla," said Kiara gently. "We love you."



The white lioness was taken back to the Boulder of Strength and kept in its cave. Three lionesses guarded the back of the cave where she was kept hostage still.


 Aurora had told them what had happened. The strange thing was, that Timba hadn’t ever been out there to save them by distracting Kadio and Tanko. Rafiki had thought it might’ve been a spirit, and who else looked more like Timba than Simba? It was something very mysterious, especially when a couple lionesses were sent out to search for this lion, but didn’t find him. Deep in her heart, Aurora felt it was Simba.


"Rafiki said we were the only ones who could get her back in the light," Kovu whispered to his mate, who nodded.


They stared at their daughter, who paced back and forth, growling. She wasn’t listening. Mangel stood beside his parents, watching his sister sadly.


"He will help," Rafiki whispered to Kiara and Kovu, nodding to Mangel.


They nodded.


"Shyla, we missed you," Kiara said.


Shyla stopped and looked at Kiara and roared, "If you missed me and loved me you would’ve gone after me!"


"We had Pala to look after you and make sure you didn’t get hurt," Kovu replied. Pala was sitting next to him, staring at Shyla. She was glad she had finally brought her back.


"Yes well," said Shyla. "She was the only one who cared for me. She kept her promise and came back for me. I had even seen her every once in awhile, lurking about, making sure I was OK."


Aurora wondered if that was why Shyla hadn’t struggled or cried out as she was held, as Pala—besides Sekeita, Kadio and Tanko—was the only one she trusted.


"She will chose if she wants to stay with you and carry on the circle of life at Pride Rock," Rafiki then said, before anyone could react. "We’ll bring her back and keep her in da smaller cave, next to dee royal one. Seven suns and seven moons will pass before she decides what she wants." He whispered to Kiara and Kovu, "And make sure you use that time wisely." Then his voice raised again. "If she doesn’t want to be Queen, ‘den let her go."


They nodded. And so, Kiara, Kovu, Rafiki and the pride left with Shyla who stayed inside a circle of lionesses. They bid farewell to Timba’s and Larka’s pride and Aurora and Baynarr before heading back to Pride Rock where they would try to convince their daughter that she belonged with them, and take her out of the dark and into the light.



The End



By Baby Fire Wolf