Kovu's pride




 1.Simba step down.

 2.birth of the two cubs.

 3.another cub

 4.to be king or queen.

 5. the dead of kaira.

 6.first hunt.

 7. the plot.

 8. the dead of Sarabi.

 9.the war become

10.final bathel/marrage of Tamira and Ramy






old caracters


Simba(old king bodygaurd)

Nala(old queen hunter)

Kovu( king of the pridelands)

Kiara(queen of the pridelands)


Kirani(special hunter)

Vitani(hunter mates whit Kirani)

Sarabi(hunter Simba's mother)


new caracters


Ramy(son of Kovu/Kiara)

Kaira(daughter of Kovu/Kiara)

Tamira(daughter of Kanah/Kahish)

Kanah(dark ruller of the outlands Simba's brother)

Kahish(Mates whit Kanah)

Kamy( older brother of Tamira)

Nahu( one of Kanah's lioness a spy)





                                                                             Simba step down


(When al the animals are gettering Simba and Kovu standing on top of priderock.

Simba had a speach for al the animals becus Simba step down and Kovu will be

the new king)


Simba: I'm now stepping down and Kovu wil be the new king.

           I be now Kovu's bodygaurd.


The animals are happy but theres a spy on.


Lioness: I must tell Kanah.


Deep in the outlands


Lioness: Master master!

            I saw somthing.

Lion: What is it this time

         You sey that i'm napping.

Lioness: Sorry master.

             But Simba is stepping down.

Lion: Thats good news.

Lioness: There is a bad news.

             Kovu will be the new king.

Lion: So i must kill that Kovu

         but not now.

         oke Nahu.

Nahu: as you wish Kanah.


Back at priderock.


Simba: Kovu are you happy now.

Kovu: Yea its great.

Simba: I let you to alone.

Kovu: Its wonderfull to be king

          would you agree Kiara.

Kiara: Yea your right



                                                                              birth of the two cubs       



(The animals are gettering again but this time its happy.

 Kovu and Kiara had two cubs)


Kiara: Kovu are you happy two cubs.

Kovu: I can belief it how can that be.

Simba: I'm happy for you to.

Nala: Me to.

Simba: What should you call them.

Kiara: Kaira and Ramy.

Nala: I think they are bautifull cubs.

Vitani: yea so do i.

Kirani: Kaira have i think more of you Kiara and Ramy from Kovu

Kiara: thanks.


That spy again.


Nahu: I must this tell Kanah.

Nahu: Master master.

Kanah: What is it this time.

Nahu: Kovu and Kiara had two cub.

          There names are Kaira and Ramy.

Kanah: I have a strong Lion.

Lion: Did you sey somthing.

Nahu: Ho is that.

Kanah: This is my son Kamy.




                                                                                              another cub


deep in the outlands.


Lioness: Are you not happy whit your new daughter Kanah.

Kanah: Yea my dear kashy its like a dream come true.

Kahish:But what should we call it.

Kanah: Maby Tamira.

Kahish:Thats a great name

Kanah: Are you not happy whit your new sister.

Kamy: Yea.




                                                                                         to be king or queen


In the morning when evry one asleping except for Kaira and Ramy.


Ramy: Dad dad.

Kaira: Come on you promis.

Kovu: Not now ask grampa.

Ramy: Why?

Kovu: He dos now more about to be King or queen.

Kaira: Where is grampa.

Nala: He's at the waterhol.


 Ramy and Kaira waiting at Simba.


Ramy: Thers grampa.

Kaira: Olright!

Simba: Are you ready for your lesson.

Ramy and Kaira: Yea grampa!.

Simba: If you whana be a king or queen you must hold on the rules.

Ramy: Why?

Simba: Becus one litlel mestake and the pridelands will be destroyd.

Kaira: t-t-terrible.

Simba: Now the place where you can go.

           The north is where a river is thats a big long river

            its call it the kube.

Kaira: What is that name.

Simba: I tell you the story that my father told me.

           As whe die whe go to the stars.

           And a Lion named Mohatu is the brightis star.

           His father named Kube and Mohatu's father wher die becus he

            fell in the river.

            but Mohatu's family whas destroyd except for his wife Kary.

            So they start there one pride and Mohatu find Rafiki and Zazu

             And Mohatu had a cub and died whit his wife and become the

            brightis star.

            and so Mohatu call this river Kube.

Ramy: Wow that story is interesting.

Kaira: Yea can we play now dad!.

Kovu: Yea but stay away from the outlands.

Ramy: Promy's

Kaira: Promy's


Kaira and Ramy are gone.


Kovu: Timba come over her.

Timba: what is it your majesty.

Kovu: Call me Kovu.

Timba: As you wish Kovu.

Kovu: I whant you to look over them.

Timba: As you wish Kovu.


Timba lookt over them.

Ramy and Kaira are pouncing eachother ontell then.


Kaira: Wats this place.

Ramy: Thats the outlands we may not here you now lets out of here.

Kaira: are you scared.

Ramy: No!.


A stramge cub came.


Cub: Ho are you pridelanders.

Ramy: I'm Ramy and this is my sister Kaira.

Cub: My name is Tamira.


They play a long time


Ramy: I think i like you.

Tamira: I think i like you to


a  strange Lion came


Kaira: Grampa is it you.

Lion: Yea.

Ramy: Kaira this isent grampa its somebuddy.

Kaira: what did you mean.

Ramy: Grampa has brown eye's and this one green eye's.

Kaira: And ho are you then.

Lion: I'm Kanah the brother of Simba.

Kaira and Ramy: What!!!!!! cant be.

Kanah: Yea becus of Mufasa can't i not be king.

           I was a bad cub so they kickd me.

            So I start my one pride.

            I'm the older brother of Simba.

Ramy: What are you going to do kill us.

Kanah: Not me my lioness.

Kaira: Run!!!!!!!!.




                                                                                                the dead of Kaira




They run but its the top the only way is jumpt to the other side.


Kaira: What shuld we do.

Ramy: the only way is to jumpt to the other side.


A big lioness jumpt but Timba came whit Kovu and Simba.

The lioness run away.

Timba,Simba,Kovu and Ramy jumpt to the others side.

but  Kaira not.


Simba: Hangon Kaira.

Kaira: it dos it workt.


Kaira cant hangon so jumpt her self in the river of the outlands bacus.

They going back to priderock.


Kovu: why did you go to the outlands

Ramy: its not my fould.

          I tell you the story but not without mom Simba and Nala.

Kovu: Now you can tell it.


(Ramy tels his storyabout Simba's brother)


Simba: You telling me that somebuddyfrom the outlands say that I'm

            his brother thats rediculus.

Ramy: He has a pride to.

           He's the king of the east lands.

Simba: But Kaira fell af a river like Kube.

            But this time is it the river of the outlands bacus so tomorrow

             its the name Kaira.

Ramy: What?

Simba: If sumbuddy fall in the river than the river whill call Kaira.

           So like the river wher Zira fell that name is Zira its in the souht side.

Kovu: But the name bacus where dus it com from.

Simba: Thats from my grampa's friend he died the same as Kaira.

Kovu: Wow.

Simba: Lets go back to the cave.


Deep in the outlands


Nahu: Kanah i got great news Kaira is dead.

Kanah: Exelent now we can to part two of the plan.




                                                                                          first hunt



Its a bautifull day and a wonderfull day for Ramy it his first hunt.


Sarabi: Are you ready for your first hunt.

Ramy: Yea.

Kovu: Becarfull.

Ramy: I will.


Ramy's hunting was great he has got one anilope.

But the spy is hangin again.


Nahu: I must tell Kanah.


In Kanah's den.


Nahu: Master Ramy has his first hunt.

Kanah: Exelent.




                                                                                      the plot


Deep in the outlands.


Kanah: Lissen evry one ive got a plot.

           We whant get a normal life.

Al Lioness: Yes.

Kanah: And take over the pridelands right.

Al Lioness: Right.

Kanah: This will be the plan.

           If Sarabi's going to hunt.

           We kill her.

Tamira: No! I dont whana fight what she did.

Kanah: Nothing butt thats the only way to get rid of Kovu and Simba.

Tamira: No!!!!!


 at the pridelands.


Simba: Ho are you.

Tamira: I'm Tamira daughter of Kanah.

Simba: Your the one ho play whit Kaira and Ramy.

Tamira: I've got a warn you where is your mother.

Simba: Hunting.

Tamira: No bring me to your king i expleen.

Ramy: Tamira.

Tamira: Ramy is it realy you you where killd by Kanah.

Ramy: Not me but Kaira.

Kovu: Why did you bring me hear.


Tamira tels his story about the plot of  Kanah.

That spy again.


Nahu: Kanah!Sarabi is hunting.

Kanah: Exelent.


Kamy: Did you call me.

Kanah: Kill Sarabi.


Sarabi is still hunting.

Untill Kamy came.


Sarabi: Ho are you..

Kamy: I'm Kamy son of Kanah.

Sarabi: Your never take priderock.

Kamy: O yea.


Kamy kill Sarabi but Sarabi can walk.


Simba: Mother what happen.

Sarabi weakly voice: Son of Kanah kill me.

Simba: Mother mother no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Simba: Feel My revange Kanah



                                                                              the war become


the animals are hiding and its raining and tunder becus a bathel begin.

Kanah is going whit his lioness and Kovu to.


Kovu: Last change Kanah go home.

Kanah: I'am  home.


the lioness of Kanah are stronger but Ramy and Simba get rid of them.

Kanah: I have Kamy and Kahish.

Kahish: Tamira why did you join them pride.

Tamira: becus I love somebuddy.

Kahish: you will die.


Kahish burnt by the fire.


Kanah: Kahish you will pay that Kamy get rid of them.


Kamy jumpt to Ramy but Kamy fell af a rock and fell 20 miles.


Kanah: you will pay for this brother.

Simba: your going down.




                                                                           final  bathel



Kanah: you think your the king but if i wasint exild by Mufasa i was the king.


Ther walking a circel Kanah pull his paw and attack simba.

But Simba escape Simba pull his paw and scrats Kanah.

Kanah give up.


Kanah: I give up kill me.

Simba: No i dont i have better idea your giving your pride your lioness and you

           will be exild to the tigers land





                                                                                              marriage of Tamira and Ramy


The animals are gettering becus its the marriage of

Ramy and Tamira Simba is still bodygaurd Nala is Hunter Kirani and Vitani start ther on pride on the east side and Timba still royal babysitter Kovu and Kiara are still King and queen and Kanah is killed by the tigers.


Timba: I hate to be still royal babysitter.

Simba: And i hate to be bodygaurd.

Timba: But i'm happy.

Simba: Me to.