Life's Twists and Turns

By: Suka Lee Outlander


In life so many thing's can go wrong.

So many life's can be shattered.

So many heart's can be broken.

So many dream's can be ruined.

So many family's can be torn.

And so little that ever goes to plan.


The one's we loved are dead,

 The one's who raised us are gone,

The one's that gave their heart and soul,

The one's that stuck with us,

Till the end,


..Will never be seen agian...


Life kill's


Time took the one's near to our hearts.

Time killed our parent's

The one's that loved,

The one's that gived,

The ones that took,

The one's that lived,

The one's that breathed,

The one's who cared,

About us,


Their children.


Our enemy is a true enemy,

One that would kill a family,

One that would ruin a child's life

One that would Kill an innocent love.

And one that would end,

A Legacy.


I sit here on a rock,

Steady as the love that once flowed through here,

Steady as mother's heartbeat,

Steady as father's strength,

Steady as my brothers will,

And steady as our family was.


How cold do you have to be to end a legacy,

How evil do you have to be to kill an innocent lioness,

How heartless do you have to be to kill a once loving father,

Their hearts beat for one reason and one reason only,

To protect and nurture their children,


Do you see them anywhere,



 Just the sprits of the dearly departed,

Their blood is on his paws,

How will he ever live this down,

How will we ever survive,

How can anyone call him king,


Do you see their children anywhere,



Only mere shells of their former selfs,


Do you see a lion trying to please his mother,



He was killed trying to please his mother,


Do you see two loving mate's,



Simba and Nala ?


The ones who killed this fine legacy?

How could you call them loving?

They destroyed love between two lovers,

Then killed the product of pshysal love,

Is this the definiton of love?



This is the defeniton




Death to all things,











Time is endless,

We must give our children the best world we can,

Some tried to change the world,

The world cut them down,

And killed us on the inside.


We are the Outland alliance.

We stand for justice.

We support the Outsiders,

To their bloody,


And sorrowful,



We are Outsiders,

Loved by none,

Hated by all.


We are the soul survivors of the war,

The war for Power,





Iron will.


We lost,

Our lives,

In that very Battlefield.


We tried to show the world that we can make a diffrence,

But they threw the chance in the dirt,

 And put our parents in the dirt,

Within the Cold, Dark, and Lonely dirt.


Is that what these lives deserve?

Eternal sleep,

At young age,

Young at heart,

Young at spirit,

Young at mind,

And young,

Not old,

Not their time,

Not at all.


So Young and full of energy, and life.

So living,


Never more.


They are gone,



We will never see their warm smiles agian.

I will never be able to sleep by my mother, and hear her soothing heartbeat.

We will never see our parents agian,


We will never see her clean the cave agian,

Or hear he tell us how much she loves us.


Our father can no longer hug us,

Nor his beloved wife,


We will never hear their voice's agian,

Our own mother and father,

Gone forever,