Lonely Sprits of The Departed


As the wind blows through the Pridelands, You can hear the whispers on the wind, tortured souls walk through the Outlands, Wandering sprits pass through the Shadowlands. All the souls of the dead are roaming the lands, trying to find peace and scerenity, some find peace, some love, and some cross over. but a few I shall tell you of, These are the lonley sprits of the departed, We shall now enter the life's of the dead.


                                                                    Taka Pridelander


On a cool sunny day in the Pridelands there was going to be a birth, to be true to the fact, two briths, the first was a young king, He was named Mufasa, for his look of power, Then there was another birth, another young prince, he was caled Taka, for his look of wisdom. Mohara died while having Taka this caused Ahudi to hate Taka.


Mufasa and Taka grew up together, even with the fact that Mufasa got alot more attention than Taka, since Mufasa was heir to the throne. No matter the attention Taka got, he still loved his father, and his brother.


One day Taka and Mufasa were wresteling, Mufasa had the upper hand until Taka accidently slashed Mufasa on the face, Mufasa being the favorite, started to pretend to cry, this got his father's attention, Ahudi came running to see what was wrong with Mufasa. Mufasa told his father he was just pretending it really hurt, it wasnt a bad slash, barley a cut, but Ahudi was furious, "HOW DARE YOU HURT MY SON YOU LITTLE WELP!" Ahudi pulled back his paw and slashed at Taka, He hit little Taka alot harder then he ment to, Taka's frail little body flew across the dirt, Ahudi hadnt noticed what he had done until he looked at Taka to see if he was still alive. Taka's little face was covered in blood, his eye had a VERY nasty slash across it. Ahudi had to get rid of him somehow, What would everyone think of him if they saw the poor lion cub torn to ribbons. he had to get rid of him, say he was killed in a stampede. Ahudi took Taka to the Elephant Graveyard the hyeneas there would make short work of him. Ahudi slashed a cut down his side and said " Taka I no longer have to raise you anymore, I swear on my own blood that if you ever come back, ill KILL you" Ahudi then walked off to tell everyone about the "bad" news. Poor little Taka had been alive and had heard everything, as Taka began to cry he heard the footsteps of death coming to kill him.


"Well,well,well what have we he-..." Oh my stars what kind of animal would do this to an animal, said the hyena as she licked her lips. "My dad" replied Taka weakly. The hyena jumped  " Your still alive?" Yeah now would you please kill me. How can you still be alive, your torn to peices. I dont know, lucky I guess. Just then the hyena's children ran out from behind their mother. "Whats that thing asked Shenzi ".looks like a piece of ... i dont know "said  Banzi . "hahahaahhaha" said Ed children this is your new friend.


 The rest of the story continues with the death of Taka, and birth of Scar.


         Ushruanda Shadowlander


On a Hot, blistrey afternoon a lioness was born into the world, Her name was Ushruanda, for her look of Peace, Stangely her eyes were blood red, strange indeed. Her parents must have liked the word. But she was a kind and sweet lioness, she grew up in a troubled family. Life to her was hard and sour, but she indured. One day she met a lion by the name of Kisasi, The wandering lions were in love at first sight, sadly he was killed by Muffasa, the king of the Pridelands, Afterward Usharunda was a loner for about 2 years. one day while laying in the jungle she saw a beatifule lion walk over to the water and cry. Ushraundra sauntered out of the grass, The male was awestruck by the beauty of this lioness, she had a golden pelt like the rising sun, she was lovley shaped, VERY muscular, and her eyes were blood red. She was first to speak " And who might you be?' " My name is Scar" he replied. What kind of sadistic parent would call their cub that? she thought. the lion raised his head and she saw the reason for the title. "My name is Ushranda" replied the lioness It was love at first sight, The two had 3 cubs, first was Nuka, he was named after a river, then came Vatani, She was named after the word "WAR", and then ther was Kovu, he was found half dead in the desert, he was named after Scar. In Scar's lust for power he was killed by the same hyenas thet saved him from his death.


 After Scar's death Ushrunda's life ended and she was reborn as Zira. The Queen of Hate



                                                                 Nuka Outlander


On a hot day in the Outlands( As if is isint hot all the time) A lion cub was born. He was the son of Taka and Ushraunda, he resembled his father any every way. Nuka was given his name in honor. He was named after the prevalint river, The Nuka. Nuka was born in the Outlands. ( As if you didnt know) He had a hard childhood. He was constantly being trained byu his mother, Who wanted revenge on Simba for killing her mate. But Nuka just didnt have the right stuff for the mission. So Zira trianed Kovu for the mission. Nuka was alwaysn jelous of nhis brother Kovu. Scar wasnt even his father, He just took him in. Nuka was always trying to please his mother. This is what got him killed. One day theOutlanders were going to ambush Simba,. Since Kovu wasnt doing his job. They ambushed Them in the outer part of the Pridelands. Why Simba, what are you doing out here and so ALONE. Well done Kovu, Just like we always planned. YOU! yelled Simba. No, I didnt have anything to do with this. said Kovu. Attack! yelled Zira. The outlanders chased Simba up a hill of unsteady logs. Kovu didnt follow his orders. I'll do it for you mother yelled Nuka Nuka climed the pile of logs. Tjis is my moment of glory. Nuka grabbed Simba's paw just as the log he was standing on broke. NO ! wailed Zira as she watched Nuka fall and then another log hit him. Kovu ran over to Nuka's resting place. He began to dig through the logs, He was abruptly pushed away by his mothers strength. Nuka. she cried Im sorry mother I tried. Shhh she whispered. Nuka then went limp, Dead. Scar, watch over my poor Nuka. cried Zira.


                                                                        Suka Outlander


Suka was born after Nuka by around 1 miniute. Nuka and Suka look alike. Suka is just more laid back. Suka lives for one thing, To please his mother. Nuka and Suka are constantly fighting for Zira's attention. They get along fine though, They both love to pester the termite (Kovu). Suka and Nuka both want to please their mother, and their mother wants Simba Dead. So Nuka and Suka are constantly thinking up ideas to kill him. Suka demands respect. Just like Nuka. The reason why there are so many comparasons of Nuka to Suka is beacuse they Act, Think, And want what the other does. They are siamease twins. Today was the day that the Outlanders would attack Simba. Well the attack was foiled when Nuka was killed, Suka was Very upset. Suka had lost his brother. Zira was also upset, But she wanted Simba dead so bad it ended up costing her her life. All of the Outlanders joined Simba's side, all but one, Suka. We will never let the past go. Then he heard his mother say This is for you Scar! Then in a flash his mother had went over the cliff. And was seconds from being taken under by the rampaging river. Without a second thought he jumped into ther river to try and save his mother. He found her, But she was dead,  The river had crushed her up agianst a rock. She was gone, his mother would never be seen alive agian. And with all the loyalty in his heart, he picked up his dead mother and walked into the raging river, where both were swept away, Never to be seen agian.



Suka Outlander was found dead at the scene with his mother, Zira was killed. He must have tried to save her. But he failed in competing the legacy. He chose death over a life without her.. As for Scar, Nuka, Zira, And Suka. Well they are the undead souls of the past. To this day they still roam the lands looking for something. What though, is unknown.