The Legacy of the Outlanders


On a cool, breezy day in the Pridelands there was a lioness giving birth to a new generation of lions. Her husband looked out at the lands that they would soon rule. Soon after, the lioness gave birth to a young male cub who's name they decided would be Nuka, in honor of the pervailant river, The Nuka. Then there were more contractions, there was to be another cub, Then another cub was brought out in to the world. They named this cub Suka, for he would be the replacement king if something happened to Nuka. The births were over, and two new cubs lay before the lovers, They would continue the Dianasty of Ushraunda and Taka.


Two months later...


In the late afternoon sunlight, two brothers played together, and two lovers resting on the cliff above them. Mufasa (the present ruler of Pride Rock) came to pay the couple a visit to see how everything was going. "And how are you two today" Mufasa asked the two cubs. "Were fine" said Nuka "We were just wresteling, and I was winning"" You were winning?" the two cubs began fighting agian. "Hello Mufasa" grumbled Taka "Hello brother" Taka never liked Mufasa very much, since he was chosen over Taka to be king. The trio talked, the wind blew gently, and the cubs fought, Everything was normal, but not perfect. Taka wanted to be the king of Pride Rock, but he would never out live Simba (Mufasa's son, and heir to the throne). Ushraunda wanted to have a family that was dominant, and yet had strong family values. And the cubs were happy..enough.


One day Nuka and Suka were playing together in the Eleaphant Graveyard (A place were they are NOT supposed to be), They were seeing who could jump over the most gysers, before they started to go off agian. The gyesers went off one by one in a row, once the gyesers stopped you jumped over the most you could before the first gyser went off, so you didnt get burned. So far Nuka was up to 5 but Suka had 7, It was Nuka's turn, The gyesers stopped, he jumped over 1..2..3..4..5..BOOM ! The gyesers were starting agian, but Nuka kept jumping hoping he could get more than Suka. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!6..BOOM! BOOM! 7.BOOM! AHHHHH!!!!! Nuka had been hurt ! "NUKA !" wailed Suka Nuka had been severely burned, help me, he weakly replied. Suka ran off to get help.


Mom! Dad! hurry, Taka and Ushraunda ran to see what the problem was, What is it asked a nervous mother and father. Nuka's been hurt ! How badly? asked Taka. Real bad said Suka. Ushraunda ran off to her cub. We were playing in the Elephant Graveyard an.. WHAT ??? Roared Taka. Nuka's hurt please hurry. Taka followed Suka to find his mate warding off an army of hyenas, trying to eat Nuka. "Touch my child and i'll kill you !" Roared the lioness. Taka ran down to help his mate. "Leave or die now !" Thundred Taka the hyeanas tried once more before getting hurt and then ran off into the mists. Taka found his mate standing over their wounded child. "He's burned badly Taka, I dont know what to do, the swelling wolnt stop" Said Ushaunda "Lets get him home where we can take better care of him." The 4 made their way home to the Pridelands, along the way Taka gave Suka a talk about obeying what their parents told them. Taka would give Nuka the speach when he was fully healed. That night Taka and Ushraunda became one.


8 months  later...


Nuka had healed, to an extent. His mane was charred and never from that day on was it ever smoothe and straight like his father's. Suka and Nuka became more responsible of themselves. And Now Scar (Taka) was hungry for power and in this hunger he had set up his own nephew. And killed his only brother, Mufasa. Ushraunda was not in the best sprits either since she was pregnent. In the late afternoon Ushrunda sent Suka to get his father, The birth was near. Scar came to see his new son/daughter, it was a girl, She was named Vitani, The name meant " War" Since the lands were in turmoil, this would be a reminder that anything is possible, even in a harsh world.


One day Ushraunda was out on a hunting trip. She had cornered a lone wildabeast, Just when she was about to strike a sound rolled on the wind a moan...This in turn scared the wildabeast away. Ushraunda went to see what had made the sound, She found an abandoned cub lying in the grass. He had been hurt, but was still alive. Ushraunda was shocked at how the resemblence the cub had of Scar. Ushraunda took the cub home with her, after she kiled a Carabu. The young prince was considerd the next heir to the throne. this made Nuka angry. Now Nuka didn't have much chance of becoming king, And Suka had no chance of becoming king, but Suka was not upset about this, He loved his family just the way they were, King or not it made no diffrence to him. Time continued on for about another year before...


Diaster... Simba had come back to reclaim his lands, Scar was at a disadvantage, those backstabbing lioness, They were HELPING Simba. All but one, Ushraunda. she stood by Scar through thick and thin, and this war wasn't going to slow her down. Even though Scar needed help, Ushraunda couldn't do anything to help, thanks to the "Loyal" lioness.

Ushraunda saw Scar on the cliff with Simba hanging off it, her heart rate began to stablize, The whole time Nuka was yelling how dad needed his help. Nuka wanted to help, but his mother didnt want him to get hurt. Nor did she want Scar to get hurt, but there was nothing she could do about that. And Kovu was far to young. Scar's scream brought her out of her delima. Simba and Scar were fighting at the top of Pride Rock. Scar was winning, until Simba intured a quick kick that sent her beloved Scar plummeting to the bottom. When she got to the area where Scar had landed she saw ther were hyenas everywhere. a soothing sensation rolled over her, and the melted away to nothing when she saw them advancing on Scar, With hungry looks. Ushraunda covered he eyes with her paws just as Scar wailed out in pain. No, you dont understand, no, no,  NOOOO !!! She had to run away from the area as the flames engulfed what was left of her beloved. She ran on, and on. far out into the Borderlands. Cries of pain and sorrow filled the cold night air. Roaring her emotions to the heavens. " SCAR I WILL SEE YOU AGIAN, IN LIFE OR DEATH, WHAT EVER IT TAKES, ONE OF YOUR OFFSPRING WILL BRING THAT BRUTE DOWN ! As Ushraunda cried she died inside, Her heart became icy, and cold. her eyes slowly changed from Sapphire to Chrimson, Blood, Red. Her good side, her heart, and Ushraunda died that night, and in her place a sinister pillar rose.


Pridelands, the next day. Simba confronted Ushraunda, Ushraunda my lioness's tell me you ties to me may be questionable. She looked had at Simba and hissed 'Ushraunda is dead, you killed her." Oh is that so, then who are you? asked Simba "My name is Zira, and I am loyal to Scar and only Scar." Scar is dead, Now you may stay in our pride if you break all ties with the deseased. I can only stay if I forget my one true love? she hissed. Id rather kill you where you stand, you killed my lover. Then you will leave our lands. No ! Leave or the son's of Scar die ! Simba motined towards Kovu. If you do not leave, I'll kill him. You wouldn't dare. Mearly a pound of fleash to feast upon. Zira obeyed and left the Pridelands with her children, As she left with Kovu in her mouth she mumbled " One of us will come back and kill you.


Outlands 3 years later. Zira was inspecting Kovu before he went to the Pridelands to kill Simba. Nice, Very, Nice he he he, You have the same blackness in you soul that Scar had, WHAT IS YOUR DESTINY ? I will avenge Scar, take his place in tha Pridelands. Yes !, What have I taught you? Simba is the enemy. AND WHAT MUST YOU DO?  I MUST KILL HIM. Kovu then left to "Rescue" Kiara from the fire that they were going to create.



Pridelands, night. Kovu was on the ledge of Pride Rock, He ahd just come back from a night of " Upendi" (Love). Kovu relucantuly went to the cold,windy spot where he was allowed to sleep. Simba noticing that Kovu had brought Kiara back agian, and seeing Kovu's situation walked over to Kovu. Its kind cold tonight, Come on in. Kovu happily followed Simba. This is when I should attack, But why cant I? Thought Kovu. Little did he know he was being watched. Yes, Now...What are you waiting for Kovu, Get Him...GRRRRR !.


Outlands, You're sure ! Affirmative, I saw it with my own eyes. No.. Kovu cannot betray us. But what if he is? Asked Suka. Yeah mom, If ya just woulda sent me, I woulda killed him the first chance I got. Shut up Nuka, Im trying to think, If he's going to betray us, Then he is just a gutless Pridelander like Simba, And just another target...To kill. Mother, Arent you being a little too serious? No Vitani, If he wants to side with..HIM..Then he is just another one of them. Here's the plan, We shall attack Kovu tomorrow, And then Simba will once agian be at a disadvantage. How? asked Nuka. If Simba dosent have another male in his pride, Then there wolnt be anyone to mate with Kiara, thus the end of the Pridelands. What about us? Asked Nuka. You idiot, You're my son, Simba would have to get through me first. Oh, I get it now, Kiara wouldnt be able to have cubs without your permission. I guess you could say it that way. Well then, Everyone, Get some sleep, We have work to do tomorrow.


Pridelands, Morning. I have to tell her today, but where do I start? Kiara, Zira had a plot, and I was part of it, but I dont wanna be, its beacuse I love you... Oh, she'll never beleave me. But I have to try. Kiara! Kovu. Kiara, I dont want you talking with him... I want to talk with him. Said Simba.




Scar couldn't let go of his hate, And in the end it destroyed him. I cant beleave it mother, The're both out here. Said Nuka. Hush. Everyone, Surround them. I've never heard the story of Scar that way, He truly was a killer. Fire is a killer, Whats left behind can grow better than the generation before, If given the chance. Suddenly Outlanders began sliding out of the ghost-like mists. Why Simba, What are you doing out her, and so.. Alone. Zira ! Well done Kovu, Just like we always planned. She knew this would upset Simba. YOU ! No! I didnt have anything to do with this. ATTACK ! hissed Zira. The battle was feirce, And Simba was almost safe. He was climbing a slope of logs that had been formed into a natural dam. Get him Kovu ! yelled Zira, Hoping Kovu still had some Outland blood in him. But he simpily ran off. Nuka saw his chance, I'll do it for you mother ! Nuka yelled and began to clinmb up the slope of logs. Mother are you watching? Im doing it for you. And im doin it for me. he whispered under his breath. Nuka had caught Simba's ankle. This is my moment of glory ! Suka was beginning to climb up the slope also. Suddenly the log Nuka was standing busted in two. And he began to fall, He landed in a hummic of limbs. And then he saw a huge log come tumbeling down towards him. Suka looked to his brother, Then his mother. In her eyes he heard, Save my son, son. Suka jumped and lande where Nuka had fell and moved him out of the log's path just as it landed in the spot Nuka was, and crushed all of the timber below it, then the whole dam began to fall apart. When all of the commoition was over Suka could be seen on top of Nuka. He had pushed Nuka out of the way just in time. Any longer and Suka, and, or Nuka could have died right there. Nuka looked into the eyes of his brother. You saved me... Hey, its a brother thing. said Suka. Suka then was suddenly slammed to the ground and felt wet all over, he figured Zira had slashed him in the face, But he felt little pain. Zira was indeed on top of him, But she was licking him an uncountable amount of times. Between licks he heard. Suka, You, (lick) Saved your, (lick) bro, (lick) ther, (lick) (lick) Oh  (lick) How I  (lick) (lick) love you. (lick) Hey it was no problem, He's my brother, Uh mom... MOM ! could you get off me? Zira obliged and let Suka up. How can I ever forgive you? You could start with making a new king of the Outlands. Very well, You shall be the new king of the Outlands. No, Not me mom, Nuka, I want him to be king. Nuka looked into his brother's eyes with a look of so much love. Thank you. Was all he said. But deep down, Suka knew his brother was thanking him greatly. Very well, Nuka, I here by make you the new king of our lands. Zira then walked over to Suka. What you just did was the biggest sacrifice you could have given. I am proud of you, You truly have Scar's blood in you, You would do anything for family, and nothing for Outsiders. You are truly the king of revenge. I have something I want to tell you tonight. Meet me in my den. With that, Zira walked back over to Nuka.  Well, im proud of what I just did. thought Suka. Kovu then came down the ravine side. What happened? asked Kovu as he saw everyone had tears in there eyes. Zira stood out and told him the score. Kovu, you have betrayed the Outland Pride for the last time. You are no longee my son, Now get out of here, Go back to Simba, Whatever. Just get away from me. You are an Ourtsider. and I wolnt stop myself from killing you if you don't leave. But what happened? Zira snarled at Kovu, You almost got your brother killed ! Kovu looked at Suka. What, He dosent look hurt. Suka walked over to Kovu and slashed him full in the face. You almost killed Nuka ! You could have ended his life today, Now leave before I end your's. Kovu then attacked Suka out of anger. All of the Outlanders began to approach the combatants. No! yelled Suka. Everyone get back, I will take this trator down my self. Suka then got into the battle stance, Now you pay for your decisons. Kovu knew he was doomed. He was surronded by the Outlanders, And Suka was a good fighter, He fought with the loyalty for his mother. And this made him very fast and extreamly acute, As if Suka wasnt aware enough already. Also if Suka got mad enough, he would go beyond the feel of pain, to this point he will fight until he wins, or dies, Without knowing. I will give you one more chance. Leave our lands Outsider. I will if you stop the useless war. You pitiful fool, You dare question our leagion,You dare question the word of Zira? YOU DARE DEFY OUR RELIGON ! ! ! YOU WILL FALL ! Kovu was getting scared, He had never seen Suka so mad...Look, Im sorry, Can I just leave? Suka looked up a Kovu, Kovu was met by a face burning with hatered, A mask of complete evil. Suka's eyes burned like fire, His claws were extended so far. It was all to clear, Suka had gone mad. Now his voice was that of the rolling thunder. YOU WILL LEAVE OUR LANDS, OR PAY THE ULTMATE PRICE. I shall leave your lands, Just dont kill me. Very well, Let us never see you agian. Kovu then ran, He ran as fast as he could. He was very scared.


Pridelands, later. Simba, talk to me , what happened? asked Timon. KOVU ! ambush.. Simba then fell to his side. Later on Kovu arrived at the Pridelands. Simba, I come in peace. I have to tell you something. Please I had nothing to do with that attack, Not once did I lay a paw on you. You are right, But how can I trust you? Just trust me Simba. I shall hold it this way, You may never go back to the Outlands, Ever. I shall never ventuere onto the Outland soil agian. Very well, Now what is so urgent? Simba you must beleave me. There is something about Suka, Something happened in the gorge, He...Changed. What do you mean...Changed? He evolved or something, He turned into something compleatly different. Impossible. You may stay, But dont start scareing my people.


Outlands, That night. Zira? Where are you? Suka, Over here, Suka looked over at her sleeping corner. There she was. You said you wanted to talk? Yes, Come over here. Suka walked over to her and sat down beside her. Suka, How much do you remember about your father? Well, I remember quite alot about him, Why do you ask? Suka would you do me a favor? Sure mother. Get everyone and bring them into my den. Ok, I'll be back. Suka said in a terimanitor kind of voice. Suka went and got his brother and sister. Hey guys, Mom wants us all in her den, I think something bad is happening. All of the offspring went to their mother's room, But they were shocked at what they saw. There was their father standing by their mother. Suka ran into the room, Nuka and Vitani soon followed. Dad? Yes son? Suka had wanted to hear that for such a long time. How did you get here? It's a long story... Well, I have a lifetime for my parents. Scar beamed and Zira smiled at her son. Very well, When the hyenas attacked me I thought I was going to die, but Shenzi whispered in my ear before she pounced on me, Play along if you wish to leave alive. I followed along, And everyone thought I was dead, Even your mother. She fled the scene of fear. Afterwards I was carried out of the Pridelands, Well, Dragged out of the Pridelands. I was dragged to the Elephant graveyard. There the hyenas asked me only one favor, What was that dad? asked Nuka. Well, They asked if I would, Kill them. What? Yes, they said they didnt want to exist anymore. I told them to leave, I wasnt going to kill the ones who saved me. So we came to a agreement. What? asked Vitani. I left them with a reminder of me. I gave them a peace of me, We became blood friends. You all know what means, We added a drip of each others blood into our own. Anyways, I want to your mother to introduce you to some of your relatives. Who? asked Suka. Zira then stood up. Ok Everyone, come in. Then a group of lions came in, 2. Children, Meet your Aunt Mirhiza and Aunt Shada. Now, I beleave you can introduce yourselves. My name is Mirhiza, I am the sister of you mother. None of you have ever seen me. That is beacuse I have come a long way, Clear from the Shadowlands. I will let you all know I am just like my sister in all ways but one, Im better looking. Zira gave Mirhiza a grin. And my name is Shada, I am you father's sister, I want you all to know about your father's past, I shall tell you all once I gain your trust, Beleave me, You can trust us, We're family. Well, if your our parents sister's Then we trust you just as much as we trust our own parents. Said Suka. Very good. now, How about we all get some sleep? asked Scar. With that everyone went to sleep in their own den's. The rest of the Outland family would come tomorrow.


Pridelands,later that night. Simba, Simba where are you? called Timon. Im here, What did you see? Well, There are new lions in the Outlands. Did you hear their names? No, But one of them looked alot like Zira, Oh. We saw Scar too. What ! Scar is alive? Yep. This is not good for the Pridelands, If Scar AND Zira combine their strength...What Simba, What will happen? Asked Pumba. They will become unstopable. How? Scar runs off his devotion for power, Without a Queen, He has none. Zira and Suka run off their love for each other, Nuka builds his strength from his devotion to his mother. And Vitani is the most loyal lioness in their pride. If they combine their stengths, They will have no weakness's. Also you say there are now two more lions in the Outlands? Yep, Well, You said one of them looks like Zira, hmm...I wonder if that might be Mirhiza? Who? asked Timon. Mirhiza, She is the sister of Zira, If that is Mirhiza, Then the Outland army just got alot stronger. By chance did the other one resemble Scar? Yeah, kinda. Well that very well could have been the sister of Scar, Shada. If Mirhiza, and Shada have come from this long of a way it must mean trouble, Big trouble for us.


Outlands, The next morning. Shada, Would you come here for a moment? asked Scar. Why sure. said Shada. I have a quetion to ask you, How is dad doing? Ahudi? Yeah. Scar, Ahudi died three years ago. Oh, I didnt know. Well, I have another question, When is the rest of the family coming? Today, around noon. Good, I have been wanting to see my family. When we combine our strength we will be invincible. Yes, Indeed, With my stealth, You knowledge of war, Zira's Strength, Vitani's Speed, Nuka's Agility, Suka's smarts, Mirhiza's need to kill, And The rest of the Outland alliance, We will be unstoppable. By the way, Where is this Kovu I have heard of? I'll answer that question. said Zira. I have been listening to you two. Kovu WAS my last born son, Until he betrayed us all, he almost caused the death of Nuka, And if not for Suka, He wouldnt be here today. Your own son tried to kill Nuka? Well, The cards didnt actually fall that way, Kovu was supposed to attack Simba when he was at a disadvantage, Insted he ran off, Nuka then went to do what his brother had failed in doing. And in the process almost got himself killed. If Kovu would just have obeyed, He wouldnt be a gutless Pridelander. You mean he has entered the Prideland ranks? Yes, My own son. It must be very imbarrasing having your own son turn on you like that. Yes , it is. But it hurts me more than it angers me. Suka and Nuka walked up, Dont cry mother. said Nuka, Yeah, We'll never betray you. said Suka. These are my true son's, The one's who would never betray us. Yep, We go to the grave before we go to the Prideland ranks. Well Im glad that your TRUE son's are loyal to the end. Yes, Kovu wasnt even my real son, I found him in the desert on one of my hunting trips. I  trained him and he passed farther than Nuka, And Suka denies being king. Hey mom, Look theres someone coming. Yelled Nuka.

 A large from was coming across the lands, It was soon followed by others. The large male walked up to Zira and Scar. I take it these deserts are the Outlands? Yes, And we are Zira and Scar. Said Scar. Very good, I am Kisasi, King of the Shadowlands. Where is Mirhiza? She's in the termite hill, Nuka. Yes mom? Please escort Kisasi to Mirhiza's den. Very well, Follow me Kisasi. said Nuka. So, Who are you all? We are the Shadowland pride. said a lioness with pride. Well you are all now part of the Outland alliance. All of you that are of blood to the Outland family, Please go to the Outland termite hill for a meeting, the rest of you can all head to the deserts where all of the members are meeting each other, Also you can go to the Outland training course. If any of you have children you may do what ever you wish with them. carry on, And welcome to the Outlands. Zira walked off to the termite hill. All of you that want to to go to the training course can follow me. Said Scar. Then all of the lioness left went to the training course with Scar.