The Lion King VII:



Kusa and Cheasala






Kusa is the prince of Pride Rock, who’s a lion filled with boredom most of the time, until he meets a new cub his age called Cheasala. But will Cheasala choose to stay with him? To save a whole Kingdom that lion would have to choose yes, and yet she and Kusa are both kept from the secret of why it would be good. So they take their time in having a blast around the Pridelands and even in the dreaded elephant graveyard! It’s all fun and games until the day Kusa goes out on his own. Hopefully there will be a way to find him.




Note: The characters Mangel, Singa, Shyla, Timba, Runu, Aurora, Larka, Pala, Sithuka, Zaraku, Garofé, Sekeita, Kadio, Tanko, Onay, Baynarr, Monagbor, Kusa, Cheasala, Ariko, Bayngo, Russtet, Rayana, Hârdlayje and Corga have been created by me and are not allowed to be used without my permission, so please email me first if you would like to use any of them. And I apologize if any are the same in other fan-ficts and I didn’t know, so I won’t change anything unless you email me. You can also email me at if you would like to say anything about the stories. The characters, Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Sarabi, Sarafina, Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Rafiki, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa, Zira, Kovu, Kiara, Vitani and Nuka have been created by Disney.



 Warning: You won’t get this if you haven’t read my first stories, The Lion King III: A Clash of Kingdoms, The Lion King IV: The Lost Trio (all three parts), The Lion King V: Attempts of the White Lioness and The Lion King VI: Pride Rock’s Heir. Also, you obviously won’t get any of this if you haven’t seen The Lion King or The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, both created by Disney.



 What it’s Based On…



This story was somewhat based on the very first TLK. Mostly in the beginning when they’re in the elephant graveyard and whatnot. Also when Kusa runs away like Simba did, only this obviously is different still. In this story you’ll see it gets more spiritual than my other fan-ficts, sort of like in the first TLK also. Well, I hope you enjoy. =D Oh and by the way, all my other TLKs are created like a story. This one is, too, but it’s made differently because I was hoping I could get both more action and dialogue in it this way…it didn’t really work, but hey, it was easier. I don’t know if I’ll be doing any other fan-ficts like this.






1. A New Cub


2. The Other Pride


3. Startled


4. Elephant Graveyard


5. Farewell, Pala


6. Desperate


7. Runaway


8. The Story of Simba


 9. Corga


10. Hippos


11. Teachings of the King


12. The News Ones





Original Characters from Disney



Simba (Once King of Pride Rock, son of Mufasa and Sarabi, father of Kiara, mate of Nala)


Nala (Once Queen of Pride Rock, daughter of Sarafina, mother of Kiara, mate of Simba)


Mufasa (Once King of Pride Rock, mate of Sarabi, father of Simba)


Sarabi (Once Queen of Pride Rock, mate of Mufasa, mother of Simba)


Rafiki (Once shaman of Pride Rock and the Boulder of Strength, brother of Garofé)


Timon (Once royal baby-sitter)


Pumbaa (Once royal baby-sitter)


Zazu (Once royal majordomo of Pride Rock)


Kiara (Once queen of Pride Rock, daughter of Simba, mother of Mangel and Shyla, mate of Kovu)


 Kovu (Once King of Pride Rock, son of Zira, brother of Vitani and Nuka, father of Mangel and Shyla, mate of Kiara)


Zira (Mother of Kovu, Vitani and Nuka)


Nuka (Son of Zira, brother of Kovu and Vitani)


Vitani (Daughter of Zira, sister of Kovu and Nuka, guardian of Shyla)



My Characters



Mangel (Once King of the Boulder of Strength, son of Kovu and Kiara, father of Aurora, Timba and Runu, older brother of Shyla, mate of Singa)


Singa (Once Queen of the Boulder of Strength, daughter of Zaraku and Sithuka, mother of Aurora, Timba and Runu, and mate of Mangel)


Zaraku (Once King of the Boulder of Strength, father of Singa, and mate of Sithuka)


Sithuka (Once Queen of the Boulder of Strength, mother of Singa, and mate of Zaraku)


Shyla (Daughter of Kovu and Kiara, baby sister of Mangel, and princess of Pride Rock)


 Aurora- (Daughter -youngest- Mangel and Singa, sister of Timba and Runu, shaman of the Boulder of Strength and Pride Rock)


 Runu (Son -middle one- of Mangel and Singa, guardian of Baynarr)


Timba (Son -oldest- of Mangel and Singa, King of the Boulder of Strength)


Garofé (Once shaman of the Boulder of Strength, brother of Rafiki)


Sekeita (Sister of Kadio and Tanko)


Tanko (Brother of Kadio and Sekeita)


Kadio (Brother of Tanko and Sekeita)


Pala (Guardian of Shyla, tigress in the Pride Rock pride)


Larka (Friend of Aurora’s and Runu, mate of Timba, Queen of the Boulder of Strength)


Baynarr (Son of Timba and Larka, prince of the Boulder of Strength)


Onay (Royal majordomo of Pride Rock)


 Monagbor (Mate of Shyla)



My New Characters



Kusa (Son of Shyla and Monagbor, prince of Pride Rock)


Cheasala (Daughter of Ariko and Bayngo, sister of Rayana, Hârdlayje and the other lionesses, betrothal of Kusa)


Ariko (Father of Cheasala and Rayana and Hârdlayje and the other lionesses, mate of Bayngo, leader of his pride)


 Bayngo (Mother of Cheasala and Rayana and Hârdlayje the other lionesses, mate of Ariko, leader of her pride)


Rayana (Sister of Cheasala, Hârdlayje and the other lionesses, daughter of Bayngo and Ariko)


Hârdlayje (Hare-d-lay-ha-hey) (Sister of Cheasala and Rayana and the other lionesses, daughter of Bayngo and Ariko)


Corga (Monkey, friend of Kusa)


 Russtet (Hippo, leader of the hippos)


Tayquwya (Lioness of Shyla’s and Monagbor’s pride)







Scene One:


A New Cub


-=Pride Rock=-


~Time passed from last story: Six Months~


 -= View: Everything shows suddenly =-



(The sun is high as many animals gather at Pride Rock. On top of Pride Rock, right on its peak is a lioness who walks very slowly. She is a beautiful dark gold. In her jaws is a newborn cub. Its fur is in-between light and dark—almost—yellow. The baby blue eyes blink many times as it is carried to the very tip of the peak. Finally, the lioness drops it slightly so that it now hangs from its scruff. And then, she takes one last step at the tip, her left front paw up and curled, herself standing tall on the other three paws so that the baby is hanging over the tip. All the animals many many yards down start to cheer and bow. Four lions’ faces appear in the clouds. They are smiling down at the new heir to Pride Rock, and sending their love and light upon it, letting the sun shine down on it.


At last as it is over, the lioness turns around as all the animals start to leave. She turns with the baby in her mouth still and spots its mother: another beautiful lioness, but, she’s very unusual, for she is all white. Both lionesses smile at each other. And then, the shaman turns to see the father beside the white lioness. They bow to each other.


 Carefully, Aurora sets the cub down in Shyla’s front paws as she lies on the peak. As the animals below scatter, the other lionesses from their pride stay in the cave. But, there had been another pride who had bowed just as the other animals. They were the pride from the Boulder of Strength. As they climb Pride Rock, the majordomo of Shyla’s and Monagbor’s pride greets them with a squawk. The leaders come over to the Queen and King.


 Timba looks darkly at his aunt, but smiles weakly at Aurora and Monagbor before bowing, grinning at the cub, and setting off again. An adolescent lion blinks and turns to the cub. He purrs, his hay-colored bangs hanging over his spotted face. And then, Baynarr follows his father. The pride roars out to the other one and then goes off with their King. Winking at Shyla, Aurora, Monagbor and the cub, the Queen, Larka, turns after her family.


 After awhile, the departing family is gone over the horizon in the distance in the north.)



-= Fades =-



Scene Two:


The Other Pride


-=Pride Rock to Pridelands=-


~Time passed from last scene: Two Months~


-= View: Behind a flying hornbill =-



(It’s a sunny day. The hornbill flies over some plains and hills in the savanna of a mixture of very long, yellow and green grass. It passes a couple elephants and giraffe that eats from a tree. Over the river it flies, sticking its feet in the water as it flies down low before coming high up again. Then, after a few seconds of more traveling in the air, it’s right at the tip of Pride Rock’s peak, but it keeps flying. The view is just barely showing the flat rock about a foot beneath the bird. When it comes to a cave, the hornbill turns easily to the right. The view is still behind the flying bird as it flies now, only five feet above the ground. It swerves down passing many lionesses who lie lazily about, sunbathing on rocks and ground on the main pathway of Pride Rock. As it passes the lionesses, a mixture of purrs, growls and gossiping is heard. It flies low, and even flies under a standing lioness, the view still following. But soon, the  hornbill turns once again to face Pride Rock as it starts to fly upward, a tree is seen in front of the bird. Finally, it comes to a stop and perches upon one of its few branches. The view suddenly turns around so that the bird’s face is seen as the view starts to back up, back to the ground passed the lionesses once more. Once again, the view changes as a pair of lions come out to the main path way.)



-= View changes to normal =-



SHYLA: (In a cheerful voice) Onay! D’ ya have any news?


(The lioness’s tail swishes back and forth as Onay ruffles her feathers and stretches.)


ONAY: Yeah! (Happy, young voice, not in any way sounding snooty) I saw ‘em. They’re just a few miles from the Prideland’s western borders. It’ll probably take them a couple good suns to make it here. But, I was thinking, maybe you could meet them at the borders. That’ll be faster t’ see them.


SHYLA: (In a thinking way) Yes, I suppose so. (Turns to the lion that stands on her right) What d’ you think, Monagbor?


 MONAGBOR: Well sure! Why not? Besides, Kusa needs t’ get out of the Kingdom. (Gets excited) It’ll be his first time off from Pride Rock!


(A little lion cub comes running down from the royal cave. He stumbles a bit, but then reaches his parents. He is of light brown all over, and now has brown eyes.)


KUSA: (Excited) What? Are we goin’ somewhere? (Both his parents nod) That means I finally get t’ step out on land! Whoohoo!


SHYLA: (Not too sure) Well…


KUSA: (Pleadingly and cute like) Pleeeeeease?


SHYLA: (Sighs in defeat) Oh, all right.


KUSA: (Excited again) Yeah!


MONAGBOR: You’re growin’, son! It’s time to step paw out of the Kingdom for the first time.


(Both the King and Queen roar to the pride.)


ONAY: (Cries out happily as she takes to flight) I’ll lead you!


(The King and Queen, after the bird, lead their pride out into the Pridelands, their cub right between them. Evening rolls around and they find themselves at a place with yellow, swaying grass upon a hill. Onay lands proudly in front of the pride. There’s another pride that comes over, a lioness and a lion in front.)


LION: Greetings, Queen Shyla and King Monagbor of Pride Rock. (Bows respectfully)


 MONAGBOR: (Casually) ‘Ello there, o’l fella.


SHYLA: (Scowls) Mongabor! (Elbows him, but then looks to the lion and his mate beside him and bows) Evening, Ariko. (Turns to the lioness and bows) Evening, Bayngo. (Respectfully)


 (Kusa stays under his mother, looking curiously and quite frightened at these new lions.)


ARIKO: (Chuckles, looking at the cub. Looks up to Shyla and Monagbor again) We have brought two adolescents and three young adults who have all agreed to join your pride.


(Five young lionesses step out from behind the lead lions and bow to the King and Queen.)


Bayngo: (Sadly) They’ll make your pride youthful again.


(Bayngo and Ariko both lick their daughters before the lionesses step beside Shyla and Monagbor. Then, another lioness from this other pride steps out from behind her leaders with a small cub in her mouth. The cub is pale. Her figure would look like Nala. She is sleeping.)


SHYLA: The betrothal?


(Bayngo nods sadly and licks the cub.)


ARIKO: (Wearily) She is our youngest…Please take good care of her.


SHYLA: We will. After all, she is the princess.


(Bayngo starts to cry. Her mate licks and nuzzles her affectionately.)


ARIKO: (Reassuringly to Bayngo) It’s for the best.


 (In turn, the lioness nuzzles him back. And then her youngest daughter. Ariko licks his cub, too. The lioness with the cub in her mouth sets her down in front of Shyla. She still doesn’t awake as Aurora comes up and takes the little lion in her mouth.)


BAYNGO: Her name is Cheasala.


 MONAGBOR: Does Cheasala know your are leaving her with us?


ARIKO: (Shakes head) She wouldn’t understand.


(Suddenly a tigress steps over to them. Ariko and Bayngo, along with their pride are surprised, for they have never seen a cat like this. Pala growls lowly at them all.)


PALA: What are you doing with this poor cub? (Glances at the sleeping Cheasala) How do you think she will feel when she wakes up to see that her parents and the rest of her family have left her?


ARIKO: Her sisters will still be with her. Besides, this is for her own good. And your pride’s own good.


PALA: Really? How is it good at all?


SHYLA: (Steps to Pala, and purrs reassuringly) Please, Pala. Try to understand. For many generations prides from the Outlands have given up cubs to be the betrothal to the prince or princess of Pride Rock.


PALA: (Looks at Shyla coldly) Oh yeah? Well how come I’ve never heard of this?


SHYLA: I don’t know. Mother and Father have told me about it, though. Simba and Nala were the last ones to have that done. Nala was betrothed to Simba when she was just a cub, given up willingly from a passing pride. After that, it kinda got out of paw. Now I would like to start this tradition again.


 PALA: Why take a cub away from her family?! (Outraged)


MONAGBOR: (Roars at the tigress suddenly) Why go against your Queen’s rules?!


PALA: (Lashes out at Monagbor as she jerks to him) I’m not going against her rules! I just see that this is unnecessary!


RADNDOM LIONESS FROM SHYLA’S PRIDE: Please, you’re scaring Kusa. And you’ll wake the other little one.


(Kusa whimpers under his mother. Shyla licks him reassuringly.)


SHYLA: (Turns to look at Monagbor and Pala) Tayquwya’s right. You two hush. (Turns to Pala) If you don’t like this, fine. You don’t have to. But I don’t see any other choice. Besides, it’s to carry on the Circle of Life. (Turns to her mate before Pala can react) Stop your roaring and calm down. She’s my friend and you must treat her with respect. Even if you are the King. You are a leader, but it doesn’t make you better than anyone else.


(Shyla bows to Ariko and Bayngo. Roars to her pride and turns around to start back to Pride Rock. Onay takes flight and Aurora continues to carry Cheasala in her mouth. Pala scowls and follows, glancing back darkly at Ariko and Bayngo. Monagbor bows to the other leaders, glances at the news lionesses, then follows his mate. Kusa pounces around under his mother, following, too. The two prides separate.)


 ARIKO: (Calls over his shoulder in a roar) We’ll visit in a few suns!



-= Fades =-




Scene Three




-=Pride Rock=-


~Time passed from last scene: Three Hours~


-= View: Pride Rock fades in, later that evening, and then the view goes inside the cave =-



CHEASALA: (Sleepily) Wha…? (Looks around and blinks, then starts to panic) Where am I?! Mom? Dad?


LIONESS: (Reassuringly and purring) It’s all right, Cheasala. I’m right here.


(A lioness nuzzles the cub.)


CHEASALA: Rayana! (In relief) Sissy, where’s Mom and Dad? And the rest of the pride.


(The cub gasps as she looks around. She and her older sister are in the royal cave.)


RAYANA: Don’t worry, Cheasala. We’re in a safe cave. A royal cave at that!


CHEASALA: (Confused) Huh?


RAYANA: Mother and Father have left for a few suns. Along with the pride. They’ll come back in a few suns to check on us.


 CHEASALA: (Panicky again) What’s happening? Why’d they leave us?!


RAYANA: For our own good. And this pride’s own good.


CHEASALA: Our own good? What pride? (Tilts head)


RAYANA: I and your other sisters have decided to stay here. Live here with this pride.




RAYANA: (A matter of fact) Because it’s a royal pride that needs to be carried on. The King and Queen are young, but their pride is old. It needs youthful lions in it t’ hunt and carry on the life. They even let us bear our own cubs if we ever find mates. And we get t’ stay in this place called Pride Rock, which is the Kingdom, and we’re in it right now. And the lands are called the Pridelands. They’re lush and great and have a lot of fresh water and much prey. You get t’ roam around all day or sunbathe on a rock if you want. But all t’gether the pride stays here, instead of traveling all the time. And they’re so well respected. It’s great!


CHEASALA: (Thinking and admiring) That’s sounds great. But Rayana, I miss Mom and Dad. And the whole family. Why can’t we all stay here?


RAYANA: If another pride came in with this one, it’d be intruding on them. Besides, Mom and Dad are traveling lions. They can’t just ever stay in one spot.


CHEASALA: (Getting up and yelling) I don’t wanna stay here if they’re not gonna!


RAYANA: (Annoyed) Calm down. Sheesh. (The cub starts to whimper and Rayana lightens up) OK, look. Mom and Dad wanted you to stay here, too. Got that? They want you to.


CHEASALA: (Sniffles) Why?


RAYANA: (Sighs) ‘Cause it’s for your own good. They think traveling’s hard on a young cub. And it is. It’s very dangerous out there. Even with your family. (Grumbles) Believe me, I know. (Goes to normal talking again) Now you can stay here and live in one place. One safe place. You’re lucky. I would’ve loved to have this opportunity when I was your age.


 CHEASALA: But I want them here!


RAYANA: Me too. But they’re not gonna…Don’t worry. In a few suns, they’re coming back to visit.


CHEASALA: I wanna go with them!


RAYANA: All right, well, talk to them and see what they say. But, it is dangerous out there, Cheasala. (Nuzzles) It’d be mighty sad if we lost ya. Anyway, you and I and your other sissies are gonna be stuck here for a few suns until they come back. Within that time, try t’ get used to it here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll like it and change your mind.


CHEASALA: No way! (Huffs)


 (A lioness enters the cave.)


LIONESS: (Nicely) Hello.


RAYANA: (Respectfully) Hello, Queen Shyla. (Gets up and bows)


(Shyla chuckles and shakes her head.)


SHYLA: No need for that. Even my own lionesses don’t do that.


(Rayana blushes as she lays back down by her sister, who sits up and looks up at Shyla, wonderingly.)


SHYLA: Why, hello, little one. You’re finally awake. Have a good sleep?


(The cub nods, but says nothing.)


SHYLA: (Trying to please) Well I’m sure you’ll like it here. There’s plenty of everything. Food, water, space, even fun. In fact… (Trails off as she turns around to look back at the entrance of the cave and calls out) Kusa!


(A couple moments go by before Kusa comes running in happily. But he stops and looks at Rayana and Cheasala. He stands by his mom, mostly looking at the other cub his age.)


SHYLA: (To Kusa) How ‘bout you show Cheasala the Kingdom, Kusa?


KUSA: Ah, Mom! (Looks up at Shyla pleadingly) Why? (Turns to Cheasala) It’s big, but mostly just rock so there’s nowhere t’ go but here, the peak and the pathway…Unless…


SHYLA: (Sharply) Oh no, Kusa. You’re not goin’ up there.


KUSA: Pleeeease?


SHYLA: (Firmly) Nope. Your father will take you up there in a few suns. In the meantime, you can stay in the cave, on the peak or path or…


(Kusa tilts his head.)




SHYLA: (Sighs) It’s time for you to be able to travel about the Pridelands.


KUSA: (Excited) Yay!


 SHYLA: (Serious tone) When I say that I mean around near Pride Rock. Where I or your father or anyone in the pride can keep an eye on you. I’m not talking about going out near the borders or Outlands or anything. So stay close. Got that?


(Kusa nods mischievously as Rayana and Cheasala are still quiet, watching. Rayana gets up then and nudges her sister with her nose.)


RAYANA: (To Cheasala) So why don’t you and Kusa go explore?


SHYLA: That’s a great idea. They’ll both get to know their lands together.


KUSA: What? (Blinks) ‘Their’ lands?


SHYLA: (Nods and smiles) Cheasala will be staying with us from now on.


(Cheasala meows suddenly and jumps up, racing out of the cave, crying. Kusa, Shyla and Rayana watch her go, surprised at this.)


RAYANA: (Still surprised) I better go get her.


(Rayana sets off after her sister hurriedly.


Cheasala still runs, going down the main pathway passed unfamiliar lionesses. She glances at a weird bird, but keeps going. There’s even a striped lion, but that just makes her run faster. Into the Pridelands she goes, running in green, swaying grass. The lionesses watch her go, not knowing if they should go after her, so they stay where they are. Cheasala turns around and makes her way to the lands behind Pride Rock in the east.


 She comes to a rock near a large puddle. -It’s the rock Kiara went on as a cub when Pumbaa and Timon scared her and she fell in and Pumbaa jumped on her. She also passed it when she was older and looking for Kovu.- Panting, the cub sits there, looking down at her reflection. For some lucky reason, she had managed to escape in the long grass when she turned, having Rayana keep heading north in confusion. But the cub just keeps siting there and then sighs, a single tear trickling down her face.)


VOICE: (Caring but mysterious) What’s wrong?


(Cheasala perks and her left ear twitches as she looks around in the darkening evening. Suddenly a great lion appears. He’s big with a red mane. The lion sits down by the cub, who just stares up at him, her eyes wide and her jaw dropped.)


LION: (Nicely) Please don’t be alarmed.


CHEASALA: (Regretting that she had left the Kingdom, she stutters fearfully) W-wh-who are y-you?


LION: I used to live here in this Kingdom, in these lands. It was great. My name is Simba.


CHEASALA: (Starting to calm down) Are you the King?


SIMBA: Well I was the King at one time. But now I only come around occasionally to check on things. You wouldn’t know it, but all the great Kings and Queens of the past do this, checking on their Kingdom and home and whatnot.


CHEASALA: Well I’m Cheasala. I’m going to stay here for awhile I guess.


SIMBA: Yes, I know…Nala was brought here when she was born so she always thought of this as her home. (Sits down by the cub) I wonder what she would say if she was brought here at your age.


 CHEASALA: What? Who’s Nala?


SIMBA: My mate. She was Queen here one time, too.


CHEASALA: How come you’re not King anymore and she’s not Queen?


SIMBA: Because.


 (The stars are getting bright and suddenly Simba lays down on his back, looking up at them. Cautiously, Cheasala joins, laying beside him and looking up.)


SIMBA: The stars are the great Kings of the past. Queens, too.


CHESALA: What about others who aren’t Kings and Queens? What happens to them?


SIMBA: (Chuckles) They, too, go up there. But you’re going to find out one day.


CHEASALA: (Whimpers slightly) I wish I could be with my family…


SIMBA: So, you’re gonna stay here? You’re the betrothal to little Kusa.


CHEASALA: (Confused) Huh? Betrothal? What’s that?


(Simba gets up, noticing the mistake he makes.)


SIMBA: Nothing…Er, I mean, you’ll find out.


CHEASALA: I don’t wanna be here.


SIMBA: (Chuckles) You and Kusa are going to have a blast if you stay here.


CHEASALA: How do you know?


SIMBA: Well Nala and I had a blast. I remember when we were cubs. The grasslands and getting rid of Zazu and I remember the elephant graveyard…


CHEASALA: (Gets curious) The elephant what?


SIMBA: (Regretfully) I can’t believe I said that…It’s nothing, kid. I…well…I must go now. Bye


(Simba get up and walks over to a nearby hill. He takes one last glance at the cub, his left front paw curled, then he goes away.


 Cheasala gets up and starts back to Pride Rock in the dark. She glances wonderingly up at the sky as a shooting star goes by. Then she thinks of how mysterious that lion was.


Simba suddenly is sitting on another hill nearer to Cheasala, watching her go and he sighs.)


SIMBA: (To himself) Hopefully she doesn’t get any ideas…Oh, what am I saying? (Memories flood his mind and he remembers his idea he got from Scar of sneaking off and going to the elephant graveyard) Don’t worry, little Cheasala. Don’t worry, little Kusa. If you go to that bone-garden I will be there. I will be there ‘cause I know it was my fault that you would even come across that place…


(The lion fades into the wind.


Back at Pride Rock, it’s still dark. Cheasala is romping through the long grass hurriedly, trying to get back, but she hears commotion in much talk and growls from the lionesses in the pride nearby. A couple are on the main pathway. Most of the others are running around.)


CHEASALA: (To herself gravely) Oh no. (Her ears lower)


(The cub makes it to the pathway and starts up, just as she hears Shyla speak to the lionesses.)


SHYLA: (Loudly to the lionesses in a worried tone) Has anyone seen her?


(The lionesses in response to their answer, don’t answer, and keep running around until finally all but a couple lionesses are left at the Kingdom, Shyla included. Kusa is laying under his standing mother, closing his eyes, as if sleeping.)


CHEASALA: I’m right here. (Walking up the pathway gravely)


SHYLA: (Relieved) Cheasala!


(Shyla runs over to the cub and nuzzles her. This takes Cheasala by surprise as she blinks and looks up at the lioness, her head tilted. But then Rayana runs passed the nearby Monagbor and jumps over to Kusa and stands by Shyla and her little sister. She looks coldly down at Cheasala who scuttles under Shyla.)


SHYLA: (Reassuringly to Rayana) Please, Rayana. She’s had a tough time. (Looks down at Cheasala, taking a step back to leave her uncovered) But, Cheasala, don’t do that again.


(Cheasala nods guiltily. Shyla looks to her mate.)


SHYLA: Monagbor, why don’t you take these cubs in the cave. There’s dinner in there for ‘em. Then they can go to bed.


RAYANA: But Shyla, my sisters would like to know that she’s here and safe.


(Shyla nods and turns to Onay as Monagbor leads the cubs in the cave.)


SHYLA: Onay, go get the other lionesses and tell them Cheasala is here.


ONAY: (Taking to flight hurriedly and nodding) Oh yes, of course.


(Shyla and Rayana sit on a rock together, watching Onay fly out south in the Pridelands.)


SHYLA: (To Rayana) Please don’t get too mad at your sister. Just see through her eyes.


(Rayana nods, but says nothing.)


SHYLA: (Sadly recalling and thinking as she says) I guess Pala is somewhat right. (Her tail swishes) To wake up and see that your family has left you.


RAYANA: (Defensively) They haven’t left her. I mean, they left her with my sisters and I. And you and your pride. Plus, it was for her own good.


(Shyla nods and turns around with Rayana and they slowly walk up the path into the cave.)



-= Fades =-




Scene Four


Elephant Graveyard


 -=Elephant Graveyard=-


 ~Time passed from last scene: One Week~


 -= A place with many bones fades in and it’s day =-



(Young voices are heard, but their talkers aren’t seen yet.)


YOUNG FEMALE VOICE: (Eager) I’m tellin’ you, it’s somewhere here.


YOUNGE MALE VOICE: (Annoyed) Well ya better find it quick. (A yawn is heard)


(Then, on the other side of a bone hill are two cubs. Kusa and Cheasala.)


 KUSA: I’m gettin’ bored.


CHEASALA: Hey wait!


 (They both start running up the bone hill. When they get to the top they look around to see a whole bunch more bones and giant skulls on the other side.)




(They look at each other, then down at the bones again. Then they both start running down until they get to flat land and they run around.)


KUSA: This is so cool! Let’s explore!




(For awhile, they go about excitedly, pawing at bones and jumping through skulls. Then they come to another bone hill, which they climb up and see a giant skull, a spine behind it.)


KUSA: It’s a slide!




KUSA: Let’s go down it!


(As they inch closer to the skull, careful not to fall down the hill with many bones that stick out like spikes, something pounces Kusa. It’s a hyena, but it’s shaggy and somewhat like Scar’s hyenas, only this one is brown/red and spotted.)


CHEASALA: (Worried and surprised) Kusa!


ONAY: (Worried and surprised) Children!


 (The bird comes flying down suddenly and passes Cheasala who’s still on the hill’s top. Onay flies down to Kusa and the hyena who are both rolling down the hill. They stop at the bottom, but are both OK. Onay squawks and flaps her wings in the hyena’s face, giving Kusa just enough time to run away.)


CHEASALA: (Desperate and scared) Hey! W-wait up!


(Cheasala suddenly runs through the skull and slides down the spine. Kusa keeps running while Onay keeps distracting the annoyed hyena. As Cheasala lands on flat land, Kusa stops for a second, waiting for her. Then, when she gets to him, they both start running again until they come to another spine. As they gasp and look behind them, Onay is swapped by the hyena. The hyena runs after the cubs now as the bird tries to gather her wits.)


KUSA: (Quickly, in a whisper) C’mon.


(The lion cubs start sliding down the spine and come flying up at the end, into the foggy air. They land on another hill of bones and run up it. The hyena is close behind, while Onay flies above the cubs now. They run down the hill and onto flat land. It’s only when they get to a steep cliff that goes high into the air do they stop.)




KUSA: Where d’ we go?!


(Suddenly, as the hyena almost jumps them, the ground beneath the cubs flies up from fire in the ground. The cubs quickly jump while on the piece of small land and rock in the air, onto the cliff’s edge. The rock falls down and breaks into many crumbling pieces. Turning around and panting as Onay comes up to join them, Kusa smirks and sticks his tongue out to blow a raspberry at the hyena. The hyena growls, just standing there and looking up at them with blood-red, hungry eyes.)




(The cubs laugh as they run upon the cliff’s top.)


ONAY: (Relieved but shaken up) Children, what were you doing here? You were way behind the Pridelands.


 KUSA: So?


ONAY: (Getting a tad mad) ‘So?’ You could’ve died! (Sighs and shakes her head as she flies just a foot above the trotting cubs) Your parents will be very unpleased with you, Kusa. And your sisters will be quite burdened, too, Cheasala.


KUSA: (Pleadingly) Ah, Onay…You wouldn’t tell ‘em, would ya?


(Before Onay replies, the three of them stop and gasp, looking in front of them at a huge lion.)


CHEASALA: (Happily) Simba!


SIMBA: Hello, little ones.


 CHEASALA: We’re here in this place you told me about. (Proudly)


SIMBA: You shouldn’t have come here. It’s very dangerous. (Looks up and sniffs the air, looking in the distance) In fact, the hyena is gaining on you. It found a way. It’ll probably pounce you all pretty soon.


(They all gasp.)


SIMBA: (Reassuringly) Don’t worry. You’re near the borders of the elephant graveyard. Just hurry upon this cliff and you’ll get to another skull. Go through it and you’re out. It’ll still be dangerous, though, so hurry up and get home. (Pauses) While you go, I’ll hold off the hyena.


CHEASALA: Thanks, Simba!


SIMBA: It’s the least I can do. (Shamefully) I should’ve never brought this place up.


(The two cubs start running as Onay keeps flying overhead, glancing behind at Simba. They make it over the cliff and through the skull. They keep running, though, into the Pridelands.)



-= Fades =-


Scene Five


Farewell, Pala


-=Pride Rock=-


 ~Time passed from last scene: Two Hours~


-= It’s evening and they’re back at Pride Rock on the main pathway =-



SHYLA: Kusa! What were you thinking?! (Mad)


MONAGBOR: We told you not to go too far! (Mad)


SHYLA: You were supposed to stay in our sight, or in the sight of someone in the pride!


(The cubs’ heads are low, same with their ears and tails.)


MONGABOR: (Turns to Shyla) No wait, Shyla. (More gently) It’s our fault…We didn’t get Kusa assigned to a lioness.


SHYLA: (Blinks) Assigned?


KUSA: What? Assigned? Like…having a baby-sitter?! I’m not a baby!


 MONAGBOR: (Turns to Kusa with a dark look) You’re in no position to protest.


 (They are all at the main pathway of Pride Rock. The cubs sit by Onay, while the King and Queen sit on a rock, looking down at their son and Cheasala. Suddenly Rayana and Cheasala’s other sisters stand on the rock with Shyla and Monagbor. They all give Cheasala dark looks.)


 RAYANA: (Mad) Cheasala! How dare you break the rulers’ rules!


 CHEASALA: (Giggles)


RAYANA: (Getting madder) It’s not funny!


SISTER #1: Why would you even think about doing that?!


CHEASALA: I’m sorry, Hârdlayje.


 HÂRDLAYJE: Mom and Dad are gonna be back tomorrow, and what are they gonna say when they find out what you’ve done?


KUSA: Yeah, they’d get mad at her since it was her idea.


CHEASALA: It was not!


KUSA: Was too!


CHEASALA: Well you wanted to go and followed along!


(They are about to start a whole argument when Monagbor roars. The cubs become quiet and so Kusa’s parents continue to scold and lecture him while Cheasala’s sisters do the same.


Later, Onay takes Shyla from the others and tells her what had happened and that they had seen Simba. Shyla gasps and tells Aurora. Aurora suggests that it’s a spirit. Shyla suggests that it’s Timba, but when she does, Onay says she’s certain it wasn’t. From then on, they all keep their eyes peeled.)



-= Fades, along with the voices =-



-= It’s early in the morning the next day at Pride Rock =-



VOICE: (Excited) Mommy! Daddy!


(Cheasala suddenly is running into the grass to the west, just a few feet off the main pathway of Pride Rock. She meets up with a pride. Her pride. Her mother and father have led it to Pride Rock. The parents nuzzle their daughter, then are greeted by the roaring of the royal pride. As the lionesses of the royal pride lay about lazily on the pathway, Monagbor and Aurora walk slowly over to the other pride, Kusa pouncing around excitedly in front of his father and the shaman.)


BAYNGO: Cheasala! (Nuzzles her daughter and licks her many times) Oh how we’ve missed you!


ARIKO: We sure have (Licks his daughter)


(The pride huddles around the cub and nuzzles her. Then Rayana, Hârdlayje and the rest of the sisters of Cheasala go over to their parents and pride and are nuzzled and licked, too.)


CHEASALA: (Backs up and looks confused up at her parents) Why did you leave me here?


ARIKO: It was for your own good. As well as this pride’s good.


CHEASALA: (Almost crying) You didn’t even ask me!


(Ariko and Bayngo are about to say more when Shyla leaps on a rock nearby.)


 SHYLA: Well that’s why they’ve come here now…to ask you.


(Cheasala blinks. Shyla chuckles.)


SHYLA: Ever since Pala left, I’ve taken her words to heart.


(Kusa suddenly looks at his mom as his dad and Aurora arrive. He tilts his head.)


KUSA: (Panicked and surprised) Pala left? Where?!


VOICE: I’ve decided to travel back to my lands in the jungle, for I am a jungle cat.


(Pala suddenly leaps beside Shyla on the rock. Shyla is somewhat surprised.)


SHYLA: I thought you left.


PALA: Not yet…I thought I’d say goodbye first.


(The rest of the royal pride comes down with Onay to bid farewell to Pala.)


PALA: (Stands tall on the rock, looking at the royal pride) I have loved it here. It’s like another home. Alas, I must travel back to my original home.


KUSA: (In tears) Why?


PALA: (Gently to Kusa) Because I have grown old, and I would like to end my days there before it’s too late. (Looks up again to the whole pride) You’ve all been so great to me, and I thank you. You are another family of mine. I will carry you all in my memories, even to the last of my breath.


SHYLA: None of us will ever forget you, Pala. And I will miss you. We all will.


PALA: (Nods gravely, then says to all) Baynarr, from Timba’s and Larka’s pride is going to assist me back to the jungle in the west.


 (Suddenly an adolescent lion in his late teen years shows up nearby with a hay colored mane, almost done growing. Baynarr. Shyla shifts uncomfortably, but as Baynarr just waits for Pala, Pala roars out.)


PALA: Goodbye!


(Pala nuzzles Shyla, then Kusa, then bids another farewell to the rest of the pride and leaps from the rock. She meets up with Baynarr and they suddenly take off in a run to the west.)


KUSA: (Meows out sadly) Don’t go!



Scene Six




 -=Pride Rock=-


 ~Time passed from last scene: One Second~


-= Pride Rock =-



(Shyla takes Kusa in her mouth, lays down on the rock and sets her cub in her front paws to groom him while he cries. After a few minutes, Shyla looks to Cheasala.)


SHYLA: If you’d like, you can go on with your pride.


 CHEASALA: (Gasps happily and turns to her parents)


KUSA: (Suddenly yells out) No! Why do you have to go? I mean, first Pala and then you, Cheasala? You’re my friend!


(Kusa jumps from his mother and runs up the main pathway. Shyla jumps down and starts to follow him when Monagbor stops her.)


MONAGBOR: (Whispers to Shyla) Let ‘im go. He’s had a rough time.


 (Shyla nods.)


CHEASALA: (Plops down and whimpers) Why can’t I go with you? (Asks her parents)


ARIKO: Like I said



CHEASALA: (Interrupts) I know what you said! But how will it help the pride?


(Cheasala suddenly takes off, running up the pathway and then leaps on a rock ledge, close to the southwestern side of Pride Rock’s cliff. Aurora suddenly jumps up beside her and purrs.)


AURORA: (Reassuringly) It’s all right.


CHEASALA: (Sniffles and snaps out) No it’s not. (Get up and looks at Aurora.) If I go, then I can be with my mom and dad and the rest of the pride. If I stay, then I will make Kusa not as sad, and it will be good for me and this royal pride and I can stay here with my sisters. But…I don’t know what to do. (Shakes head) There are so many good reasons to go and stay and so many bad.


AURORA: (Hopefully) It sounded like you named more good reasons for staying.


CHEASALA: You just want me to stay! (Mad)


AURORA: Well of course I do. You’re a nice cub and friend. It would be safer for you and better for this pride. And yet, don’t let the influence of otherslike me [Chuckles]make your choice. Just follow your heart.



CHEASALA: [Whispers] But I still don’t know what I should choose.


(Cheasala takes off again, running on the ledge of the Kingdom until she’s at the back of it, high up, but not on top yet. She lays down on the edge, crying quietly. Suddenly the wind blows on her and a lion appears nearby on another ledge.)


CHEASALA: (Surprised) Simba!


SIMBA: Hello, little one. What’s wrong?


CHEASALA: (Jumps from her ledge to his and nuzzles into his fur) I don’t know if I should go or stay.


SIMBA (Thinking) Hmm…




SIMBA: Believe it or not, I know what you’re going to say. I mean, I have a pretty good guess ‘cause this same thing happened to my friend, Nala, who’s now my mate.


CHEASALA: [Tilts her head] She had this same problem?


 SIMBA: Well, like I said, she was taken here right when she was born, so it was pretty different. But still similar. What I’m trying to say is she was in the same position of being princess and marrying the prince.




SIMBA: Cheasala…She was betrothed to me. And the reason why it’s good for the pride for you to stay here is ‘cause you are betrothed to Kusa, and if everything goes to plan, then you’ll bear the new heir to Pride Rock and keep the pride going. Especially with the help of youthful lionesses that aren’t going to pass for awhile, like your sisters.


(Cheasala gasps and thinks.)


CHEASALA: But why does this have to happen to me? I don’t want my life planned!


SIMBA: (Nods) Yes. No one does. (Grumbles) It would’ve been smarter for them to have gotten a betrothal when the cub was born. (Normal voice) But I guess the reason why it is happening to you is fate.




SIMBA: (Chuckles) You’ll understand.


 (Simba jumps away into the distance to another ledge that seems impossible for any mortal lion to jump. He turns around and winks at the cub as the wind starts to blow.)


 SIMBA: Well, I must go. Oh, and by the way, Nala and I actually fell in love one day. That wasn’t planned out.


(Suddenly, as the wind keeps blowing, a lioness is by Simba now. The wind blows even more and both lions disappear as Cheasala closes her eyes because the wind is just too strong. When she opens them again, Simba and Nala are both gone.)



-= Fades =-




Scene Seven






~Time passed from last scene: One Day~


-= The Pridelands fade in and it’s a sunny day with Pride Rock in the distance =-



(The cubs are playing together, laughing and rolling around in the green, swaying grass near a hill.)


KUSA: (Grateful and excited) I still can’t believe you decided to stay. You’re a lifesaver.


CHEASALA: [Blushes] (Pleased) Yeah well…For some reason I think I might like it here. I mean it was fun ‘n all. Plus, my parents say it’s good for me. And my sisters are here, too. Oh and…they says it’s good for your pride.


KUSA: It’s your pride, too, now! [Pauses] But why is it good for my pride also?


(Cheasala giggles and pounces Kusa and they both go rolling down the hill -example, like Nala and Simba do in TLK down the hill at the borders of the Pridelands when they’re cubs after the song "I Can’t Wait to be King" and Nala always says, "Pinned ya!"- .)



-= As Kusa and Cheasala both go rolling down the hill, both their cub forms fade and they’re suddenly teenagers -example, like when Simba was walking on the log with Timon and Pumbaa and his form kept changing from cub, to teen, to adult, only this time Cheasala and Kusa are still just teens.- Kusa is still light brown but now has a dark golden mane just barely beginning to grow, coming from the top of his head, lining down his neck to the first part of his back. Cheasala is also bigger than she was and quite slim. She’s all light and pale like Nala. =-


~Time passed from being cubs: Seven Months~


(Kusa pins Cheasala when they get to the bottom of the hill)


 KUSA: Ha!


CHEASALA: (Defeated) OK, OK.


(Kusa gets off Cheasala and they giggle.)


VOICE: Kusa! C’mon! Stop playing games. It’s time for your hunt. Yours, too, Cheasala.


KUSA: (Like a cub) Ah man!


(The voice was Monagbor, who is now standing in the distance on top of the hill.)


KUSA: (To Cheasala) See ya.


(Kusa runs up the hill to his dad and they both run off.)


VOICE: Cheasala, as princess, and now a young lioness, you obviously have to learn how to hunt as well.


(Shyla stands near on the hill.)




(Gets up slowly and starts up the hill to Shyla. They turn and start heading west in the Pridelands, as Monagbor and Kusa had headed east in the Pridelands.)



-= Goes dark for a split second and then Monagbor and Kusa are seen in a place in the grasslands where it’s mostly yellow grass. =-



MONAGBOR: Now, the first thing in hunting is learning to be quiet and hidden. [Crouches down in the grass] Once you spot your prey, you crouch down. Stalk it and then when you get close enough—that is if you were quiet enough—you pounce—!


KUSA: (Bored) I thought only the lionesses hunt.


MONAGBOR: [Gets up and looks at his son] They do, most of the time. But you should still know how to yourself.


 KUSA: [Yawns] Why?


MONAGBOR: [Loosing patients] So that you will know how just in case.


KUSA: Why?


MONAGBOR: [Yells] Why must you be like this, Kusa?! I’m just trying to help you so that one day you will be a great King! [Shakes head] I don’t even know why you’re so negative about hunting. I mean, most lions love to learn how.


KUSA: (Quietly) I’m not most lions.


MONAGBOR: Yeah, you’re right! The only way you relate to any other lion is being lazy. Wait…no, you’re the most lazy of ‘em all! All you wanna do is lay down all day.


KUSA: Tuh, all lions want to. That’s mostly all we do anyway.


 MONAGBOR: (More gently) Well, I suppose you’re right. And yet you’re not.


KUSA: Huh?


MONAGBOR: (Getting angry again) Now that you’re in your teen years and almost an adult, you should start acting like one! Especially since you’re going to be King one day! But no, it’s either play or sleep. Play or sleep. You’re not gonna be a cub for much longer, Kusa. Your mom and I aren’t always gonna be around to protect you and feed you and keep you warm.


 KUSA: (Defensively) Now you’re saying like I’m just a baby!


MONAGBOR: Because you are acting like a tiny cub!


 KUSA: No I’m not.


 MONAGBOR: Well then prove that to me, your mother and the whole pride by learning to hunt! [Tries to calm down, but then yells out again] NOW EITHER LEARN HOW TO HUNT OR STARVE TO DEATH!


(Kusa is outraged at this and surprised. Not knowing what to do, he turns to the west and suddenly starts running. His father sits down where he was, watching his son run up a hill and disappear. Monagbor doesn’t go after Kusa, still angry.)



-= Fades =-


~Time passed from Monagbor’s scolding: Two Hours~


 -= Shyla and Cheasala are heading to Pride Rock when they spot Monagbor, still sitting in the same place.=-


SHYLA: (Excited) Oh, hunny, you’ve got to come see what Cheasala caught! On her first try!


CHEASALA: (Excited) A whole zebra!


 MONAGBOR: [Grunts as he stares at the ground like a cub who just had a temper tantrum]


 (Shyla nods toward Pride Rock, motioning for Cheasala to go.)


SHYLA: (To Cheasala) Go tell the pride about your hunt.


(Cheasala nods and runs off, still excited. Shyla walks down the hill to her mate and nuzzles him.)


SHYLA: (Gently) What’s wrong?


MONAGBOR: [Looks up at his mate] (Shamefully) I…was kind of hard on our son.


SHYLA: [Perks] What’d you do?


MONAGBOR: [Looks away] It wasn’t what I did more than what I said.


SHYLA: [Places a paw under Monagbor’s chin and pulls his face toward her] (More gently) Then what’d you say?


MONAGBOR: I told Kusa that he was one of the laziest lions ever.


SHYLA: [Chuckles] Well, he is.


MONAGBOR: But more than that I…told him to hunt or starve to death.


SHYLA: Hmm…Well, if he doesn’t learn, that is an option for him. A bad one that we would never let happen.


MONAGBOR: But…the way I said it made it sound that we would let it happen.


SHYLA: [Gasps] But we would never! [Pauses] You don’t think he thought…we would, do you?


MONAGBOR: [Nods] At least me.


SHYLA: But you wouldn’t! [Nuzzles Monagbor again]


MONAGBOR: I know I wouldn’t…but he doesn’t know that.


SHYLA: So where is he now?


MONAGBOR: I don’t know. He just took off running.


 SHYLA: He’s probably back at the Kingdom.


(They both get up and start to walk to Pride Rock.)



-= Fades =-


Scene Eight


The Story of Simba


-=Tree of Life=-


~Time passed from last scene: Twenty Minutes~


-= A part of a tree shows up with a painting of a sitting cub which is supposed to be Kusa, and another cub near that one who’s laying down. The one laying down is supposed to be Cheasala. It’s evening. =-



(Aurora chuckles as she adds part of a main on Kusa and halfway outlines Cheasala with more juice to show their adolescence.)


AURORA: (Thoughtfully) Hmm…


(After she’s done adding the other touches to the paintings, she suddenly jumps down from the tree and makes her way to Pride Rock in the distance. When she gets there, everyone is sad.)


AURORA: (To anyone) I know you’re all sad, except I don’t know why. I don’t need to know ‘cause I don’t want to be intruding or anything, yet I came to see if everything was all right. And perhaps I could tell a story to everyone. In fact, now that I think of it, Kusa nor Cheasala have ever heard the stories of Simba or Kovu and Kiara, or not really any stories.


 (Aurora hears a sniffle and sees Cheasala, sitting in the main pathway. Aurora goes over and looks at her. Cheasala is crying.)


AURORA: What’s wrong?


CHEASALA: He’s…gone.


(She gets up and runs up the path and into the royal cave. Aurora tilts her head, then sees Monagbor at the tip of the peak of Pride Rock, so the shaman runs up the paths and to the tip of the peak.)


AURORA: What’s happening? Why is everyone so sad?


MONAGBOR: Because my son has runaway.


 AURORA: (Gasps and is surprised) What? Why?


MONAGBOR: (Shakes head) Because I was a jerk.


 (As he tells Aurora what happened, their voices start to fade, as the view moves to Shyla, who is walking into the cave.)


SHYLA: Cheasala, may I talk to you for a sec?


(Cheasala, who is being comforted by Rayana and the rest of her sisters, nods gravely and gets up and walks slowly to the Queen.)



-= Fades, but then the view shows the top of Pride Rock as the sun starts to set and Shyla and Cheasala are both at the top, sitting beside each other. =-



SHYLA: Cheasala…did you really see a lion who claimed to be Simba?


(Cheasala nods.)


SHYLA: Well…no has told you, or even Kusa.


(Cheasala looks up at Shyla and blinks, confused.)


CHEASALA: Told us what?


SHYLA: The story of Simba. Aurora will tell you.


(Suddenly Aurora comes up from the back of the rock from the trail. She walks over as Shyla chuckles.)


 SHYLA: Just when we need ya, Aurora.


AURORA: Need me? For what? I was just coming up to check on both of ya.


SHYLA: Would you please tell Cheasala the story of Simba and the generations of Pride Rock, starting from the day Simba was born, to the day Cheasala came?


(Aurora blinks, thinks, then nods and smiles, sitting between the other two lionesses, watching the sunset.)


AURORA: Well, I will if you can listen, Cheasala. For it is a long one.


CHEASALA: I will listen.



-= As Aurora starts to tell Cheasala, the view and their voices fade =-




Scene Nine






 ~Time passed from last scene: Half an Hour~


-= Kusa is seen slumping down by a water hole and a tree in the west, Pride Rock far in the distance. =-



KUSA: (Asks himself gravely as he looks at his reflection in the water) What am I gonna do? (Closes eyes)


VOICE: I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do. (Annoyed)


 (Kusa opens his eyes suddenly and gasps and perks.)


 VOICE: You’re gonna get away from my tree!


KUSA: (Surprised) Who said that? (Looks around)




KUSA: Who’s me? Or you?


(Suddenly a little brown monkey hops from the tree and lands on Kusa. Kusa is taken back and blinks at the creature on his shoulder, surprised it wasn’t afraid.)


KUSA: Who are you?


MONKEY: Muh name’s Corga. And you’re too close to my tree!


(Kusa gets up, having respect for this creature for it was brave enough to yell at him and jump upon him. He starts walking away slowly, tail and ears low with shame.)


CORGA: (Blinks and is surprised and says more gently) Hey, where ya goin’?


KUSA: I don’t know.


CORGA: Well…if ya want, you and I can share the tree and water hole.


(Kusa smiles and looks up at the monkey. He trots back over and sits down where he was. The monkey leaps upon his head and starts picking at his mane, looking for bugs. Corga is overjoyed when he finds one and eats the bug.)


CORGA: Yup, you and I could be pretty good friends if ya want.


KUSA: (Happily) Sure…Why are you so nice all of a sudden?


CORGA: (Happily) Ya got a mane full of bugs! And not only that, but your mane’s still growing. I can hardly wait till you’re full grown.


(Kusa smiles and lays down, closing his eyes peacefully. Then opens them suddenly.)


KUSA: Wait, a mane full of bugs?! (Pauses) Oh yeah, I forgot I ran through that termite mound.



-= Sudden black out for a split second before the next scene =-


Scene Ten






~Time passed from last scene: One Month~


-= Kusa is seen by a huge water hole with many hippos in it, and Corga is on the lion’s back =-



CORGA: (Gives one long whistle) So, ya gonna go hunt one or what?


KUSA: (Hesitantly) I…guess…I mean forever I’ve just been eatin’ bugs with you. I’m dying for meat.


CORGA: (Mutters) You mean the animal you kill will be.


(Kusa suddenly leaps in the water and Corga screams out and latches onto a root sticking out of the dirt wall just above the water. The monkey holds on as Kusa plummets into the water. When the lion pops up out of the surface and starts screaming, Corga sits on the branch and watches him, frowning.)


CORGA: (Getting nervous) Uh, Kusa, I don’t think this is such a good idea. I mean, look at those monsters.


(The hippos are splashing around and grunting and even giving their own kind of growls and roars as they crash into each other, fighting. Kusa says nothing and keeps swimming toward them.)


COGRA: I really don’t think you should do this!


(Kusa smirks and keeps swimming until finally he gets to one. With much effort, the lion attaches his claws to the hippo. The might animal cries out and throws Kusa far into another part of the water hole. Quickly, though, the hippo starts after him, very angered.)


CORGA: (Worried) Kusa, look out!


KUSA: Ahh! (Starts swimming away)


(Soon all the hippos are after him, but they’re so much faster than him and they get to Kusa and gang up on him.)


KUSA: (Desperately yelling) I’m the King! I mean prince! Please don’t hurt me!


(Corga puts a hand to his face and shakes his head with a disgusted sigh.)


KUSA: (Pleading more) Please!


(The hippos think for a second, then the one big one Kusa had clawed at, swam closest to him.)


HIPPO #1: What is your name then?


KUSA: (Nervously) My name is Kusa, and I am prince of Pride Rock. My father is King Monagbor and my mother is Queen Shyla…Please don’t hurt me.


HIPPO #1: (Starts laughing) Some brave prince you are! (Sarcastically)


 HIPPO #2: (Sarcastically) And some smart one as well, messing with hippos.


 KUSA: (Desperately) I’m sorry! I was just so hungry ‘cause I haven’t hunted forever and—


HIPPO #2: How come you haven’t hunted?


HIPPO #3: How come you chose us for your meal, eh?


HIPPO #4: Yeah. How come you didn’t just eat that monkey?


CORGA: (In the distance) Hey! (Insulted)


 HIPPO #1: Well?


(Kusa stays there in the water, trying to tread water, surrounded by all the giant hippos who give him dark looks.)


KUSA: I…I…I don’t know why I chose you for my meal. I mean, you were the closest to me, the only thing I could actually find really. Every time I try to catch an animal, they always run. And Corga’s my friend. And… (Looks down, ashamed) …I can’t hunt.


HIPPO #3: ‘Course not, especially us hippos!


HIPPO #1: We’re not going be easy with you, little one.


HIPPO #4: Let’s kill ‘im!


(The hippo who just spoke starts to get closer, almost charging at the lion when the first hippo who spoke stops him.)


HIPPO #1: No.


HIPPO #4: Ah please, Russtet. (Pleadingly)


 HIPPO #1: No.


HIPPO #4: Just let me wrestle him a bit. Teach him a lesson.


RUSSTET: (More firmly) No.


(The hippo named Russtet pushes the other hippo away.)


RUSSTET: (To everyone) He should be taught a lesson—


HIPPO #5: (Mutters) Yeah, like how to hunt.


RUSSTET: —but alas he is royal blood. And so we cannot harm him.


HIPPO #3: But he harmed us first!


(Russtet looks at Kusa, who is deeply relieved.)


 RUSSTET: We will let you go…on one condition.


KUSA: (Smirks) On one condition? You’ve gotta let me go now ‘cause I’m royal blood.


CORGA: (To himself) No, buddy, don’t screw you chance at life up.


(Russtet is very angered by this and roars out, scaring Kusa and causing the other hippos to back up. He breathes deeply many times, then looks to Kusa again.)


RUSSTET: Don’t mess with me youngin’, for I am Russtet, leader of the hippos in this water hole! (Starts to calm down, but is still mad) Because you cannot prove that you are actually the real Kusa, we could kill you if we wanted. But, I will let you go if you do not mess up again by saying something like that again.


 KUSA: (Gulps, says in a high pitched, scared voice) W-what is the condition?


 RUSSTET: Have your so called "friend" fetch either the King or Queen of Pride Rock. The monkey will bring them back over here and if they say you are their son, then we will let you go.


KUSA: (Gasps) But I can’t!


RUSSTET: You can’t, but he can. (Nods to Corga who’s still on the branch)


KUSA: Please, anything else!


RUSSTET: No! Listen, kid, unless you’re really their son, this should be easy.


(All the hippos smirk, except Russtet who keeps a serious look. Kusa nods and starts swimming passed the literal opening of hippos and to the edge of the water hole where he puts his claws to the dirt wall/cliff so that he doesn’t drown too soon and looks up at the monkey.)


KUSA: Corga, please, you have to do this for me or I’m dead…literally!



CORGA: Don’t worry! I’ll help ya out, buddy! (Jumps from the branch up to the land) You can count on me! (Pauses) You’re Kingdom is that big rock in the distance, right?


KUSA: Yes! Now go!


(Corga takes off, hopping around the water hole and then goes far to the east, to Pride Rock.)



-= A split second of blackness and then the view is at Pride Rock =-


(The monkey runs up the main pathway, and most lionesses are dozing, so they don’t notice. When Corga gets to the cave, he looks around and calls out.)


CORGA: King! Queen! Where are you?


(Many lionesses in the cave, even on the pathway wake up and look curiously and surprised at the monkey.)


VOICE: (Loud, booming, surprised and mad) Who are you?!


(Corga turns suddenly around to see a great lion standing over him. It’s Monagbor. He looks mad, but there are wrinkles under his eyes and there are signs of depression.)


CORGA: Are you the King.


MONAGBOR: I might be.


CORGA: (Pleadingly) Please, it’s about your son!


(Everyone gasps. But then Monagbor roars and raises a monster paw. Right when he’s about to slash the monkey, a white lioness stops him. Shyla.)


SHYLA: (To Monagbor) What are you doing? Who’s the monkey?


MONAGBOR: (Yanks paw away and grumbles, then says) He says it’s about our son.


SHYLA: (Gasps) Then why are you hitting him?!


MONAGBOR: He is clearly mocking us!


SHYLA: (Shakes head) You really need to learn more, Monagbor. No one in the right mind would risk their life to come into our lands, passed our lionesses and into the Kingdom, just to mock us.


(Her mate grumbles again and sits down.)


SHYLA: (Gently to the monkey) Tell us, what do you know about our son?


(So Corga quickly told them where Kusa had been for the last month. Behind the monkey, was Cheasala, who was listening carefully. When he told them where he was at now, they all gasped.)


SHYLA: We must get to him!


MONAGBOR: No hippo is going to harm my son!


(Both King and Queen lead their pride into the Pridelands, along with Onay who flies overhead. Really, the one who’s leading is Corga. Cheasala is right behind the King and Queen. They get to the water hole and stare, surprised at the hippos. They all gasp again when they see Kusa, who is swimming around in a circle, trying not to stay in one place again, for it was hard and he probably would’ve drown if he had done that much longer.)


MONAGBOR: (Booming and outraged, his voice mixed with a roar) HIPPOS!


(All the hippos look up to Monagbor and Shyla and the others. They, too, are surprised at this. The biggest hippo, Russtet, swims over to the edge of the water hole near Kusa, and looks up at them.)


KUSA: Help!


SHYLA: Don’t worry, hunny, we’re here now!


RUSSTET: So this cub truly is your son.


(Shyla and Monagbor nod.)


MONAGBOR: Of course he is!


HIPPO #3: He tried to hunt us! (Laughs) He didn’t know how to hunt!


(Kusa was truly embarrassed, but with those words he blushed, especially in front of all his pride and…Cheasala.)


SHYLA: Give us our son!


RUSSTET: As you wish.


(Suddenly the hippo swims under the water, and comes up from under Kusa, and so Kusa rides on his head across the water hole to a place where there’s no cliff. He sets Kusa on land and swims back out to his hippos. The pride, with Onay and Corga run over to Kusa.)


SHYLA: (Overjoyed) My baby!


(Shyla nuzzles him. Kusa breathes deeply, panting. He doesn’t care if his mother does that. In fact, he is so happy and relieved that he’s a live that he nuzzles her back. Everyone nuzzles him.)


ONAY: Oh, Sire, I’m so glad you’re alive! (Bows)


CORGA: Yeah but…(Stands proudly)…Who’s the one who couldn’t have lived with out me, eh?


KUSA: (Smirks) You are, Corga.


CORGA: Who’s the monkey? (Elbows Kusa) C’mon. Who’s the mon? Huh? Huh?


(A couple lionesses laugh a little. Then Monagbor steps up and licks his son.)


MONAGBOR: (Shamefully) Kusa…I…am so sorry for what I had said. Will you forgive me?


KUSA: (Gets up) Yes. Except, I really am lazy. (Chuckles at himself) The most laziest of you all. I do need to learn how to hunt.


RAYANA: And not hippos!


(A few more lionesses laugh. The pride starts to move slowly back to Pride Rock, Kusa telling his side of the story and what had happened to them.)


KUSA: (Turns to Corga when they get to the pathway of Pride Rock) Corga, would you like to join us and live here?


CORGA: (Flattered) Oh, what? Me? An old, shaggy, skimpy, bug eating monkey like me?


AURORA: You know, Timon and Pumbaa, two of the best friends of the great King Simba, ate bugs all the time. In fact, they even taught him to eat bugs. (Chuckles)


CORGA: In that case, I’m in! I don’t know who Simba is, but—


AURORA: Let’s have a great story tonight then, about him. (Turns to Kusa) It’s time for you to learn about the spirit you saw.


KUSA: (Confused and he blinks) What?



-= Fades =-


Scene Eleven


Teachings of the King


-=Pride Rock=-


~Time passed from last scene: Three Hours~


-= Everyone is in Pride Rock’s cave, listening to Aurora tell the story of the generations past, starting from Simba’s birth. =-



(Cheasala and Kusa both lay in the back of the cave, grooming each other. Cheasala had said nothing ever since she met up with Kusa again. When the story was over, he was very surprised.)


KUSA: (To Cheasala) Freaky, ain’t it? That we talked to a spirit?


CHEASALA: It wasn’t scary to me… (Turns away suddenly)


KUSA: What’s wrong?


CHEASALA: (Turns back, a tear in her eye) Kusa I…didn’t know what had happened to you that day.


KUSA: (Licks Cheasala) I ran off, that’s all.


CHEASALA: (Getting mad) Yeah, I know you did! (Sniffles and quiets down some) I’ve missed you, Kusa. I didn’t know if you were dead or alive or what. And then with those hippos…when I heard that you were with hippos and tried to hunt them I…didn’t know what to think.


KUSA: (Nuzzles Cheasala and whispers) I’m sorry.


CHEASALA: (Thinks, then says) You know…I why I am good for this pride’s own good.


KUSA: ‘Cause you’re you.


CHEASALA: (Flattered) No…It’s that we were betrothed.


 KUSA: (Surprised) What?!


CHEASALA: Don’t get mad…I mean, I…was mad, too. But…then…I got to know you better and…(Trails off)


(They smile at each other.)


KUSA: I know, I love you, too.


(The two teens are feeling something they have never felt before. Shyla and Monagbor smile at each other, glancing at the cubs. Aurora chuckles to herself lightly. Corga would be found at the intense of the cave, already asleep. Onay was perching on Rayana’s shoulder, who was with her other sisters. Soon, they all fell asleep.)



-= Fades =-


~Time passed from that night: Three Days~


-= It’s day and they are in the Pridelands in the grasslands =-



CHEASALA: (Laughing) You’re never gonna learn t’ hunt, Kusa!


KUSA: (Yells as he runs) I’m tryin’!


 (The herd of zebras runs of quickly. Kusa had been chasing them. He trots over to Cheasala and sighs and sits down.)


VOICE: Kusa! It’s time for your lessons!


(Kusa, panting, gets up and goes over to his mother. They nuzzle and then he sets off to Pride Rock. Once he gets at the peak, his father is there.)


KUSA: (Cheerfully) Hey, Dad.


MONAGBOR: Hello, Kusa. (Pauses and turns around to face him) It’s time to go up to the top.


KUSA: (Gasps excitedly) Really?


(Monagbor nods and they set off to the other side of Pride Rock, climbing a slanting ledge. They get to the top and Monagbor and Kusa sit together, looking at the Pridelands.)


MONAGBOR: This would be a lot easier if I was the one actually born here at Pride Rock. (Chuckles) Anyway, your Kingdom is everything the light touches.


KUSA: I thought it was the Pridelands.


MONAGBOR: Yes well…(Gets confused) Don’t blame me! Your mother’s the one who told me to tell you that! (Laughs) Anyway…(Calms down) Everything is connected in the Great Circle of Life and we are one and blahdy blahdy blah blah.


 KUSA: (Blinks and is very surprised at this sudden act from his father) Dad…?


MONAGBOR: (Laughs again) I was more of a kid than ever when I first met your mom! Even more than you! But, it’s actually my lionality. Yet since hunting is so important in life, I was trying to be a proper adult so you could look up to me and I could teach ya and whatnot.


 KUSA: (Tilts head and giggles) What does this have to do with anything?


MONAGBOR: The reason why I said "blahdy blahy blah blah." Really, what I’m saying is you don’t have to be a stubborn old fool like I was being with a stick up the tail. (Kusa giggles again) But there are many things in life that are important and that you have to know and understand. Like how to hunt. How to be King. (Winks)


(The two talk for awhile more.)\



-= Fades =-




Scene Twelve




-=Pride Rock=-


 ~Time passed from last scene: Two Years~


-= It’s a beautiful day all of a sudden that fades in quickly =-



(Many animals are making their way to Pride Rock. Including the hippos. Even Baynarr and his family are seen right below the Kingdom. They watch and wait.


 Aurora walks slowly to Kusa and Cheasala, who are now both young adults. She smiles, and then nuzzles them both.)


AURORA: (Whispers) It’s time.


(Both Cheasala and Kusa walk up to the very tip of Pride Rock and roar out loudly. The animals below all start to growl, roar, cheer, cry, squawk, flap, stomp, screech and much more. Then they all bow.)


KUSA: (Whispers to Cheasala) This is not planned…Our love I mean.


(They lick each other before they and their pride starts up roaring again, also Cheasala’s family in the distance, roaring.)



 -= View comes far from Pride Rock in the west, then it all ends in a split second. =-



 By Baby Fire Wolf