1.nightmare pride for Vitani and Kirani.

3.Mohatu warning.

4.the priderovers.

5.birth of Kirani and Vitani's cub.

6.Kirani's pride distroyd. for the priderovers.

8.revange of the priderovers.




old caracters                                                              Age


Simba(bodygaurd old King)                                       six years three monhts

Nala(old Queen mates whit Simba)                            six years two and a haf monht

Kiara(Queen of the pridelands mates whit Kovu)       four years and eleven months

Kovu(King of the pridelands)                                     four years and eleven months

Ramy(Son of Kiara/Kovu)                                         two years and two months

Tamira(Mates whit Ramy)                                          two years and two months

Timba(Royal babysitter)                                             five years and nine months

Mohatu(brightis stars great grandfather of Simba)       thousand years (in the stars)


new caracters


Saraha( priderover female mates whit Zazah)              five years and two month                         

Zazah(priderover male)                                              five years and one month.

Varum(priderover Queen)                                          six years and six months

Zader(priderover King)                                              six years and five months

Hatim(lioness of Kirani's pride messenger)                  four years and eleven months

Sahu(daughter of Kirani/Vitani)                                   six months

Sahari(lioness of Kirani's pride special hunter)             four years and eleven months

Ahida(lioness of Kirani's pride Spy)                            five years and two months



Note: You must first read revange of Zadi and Kovu's pride to understand this.








(Its night the pride is still oke but whit Kiara not.

She have a nightmare)


In Kiara's dream.


Kiara: this place is beautifull but wher am'i

Dark Lion: your in the land of the dead.

Kiara: Ho are you and what do you whant.

Dark Lion: I'm Scar.

Kiara: that can be your dead.

Scar: Thats why you hear.

Kiara: Your lying.

Scar: Hahahahahaha!!(evil laugh)

Kiara: No No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kovu: Kiara are you alright.

Kiara: Kovu is it really you.

Kovu: Yea you had a nightmare so i wake you up.

Kiara: Thanks but i think i can rest.


Back at Kiara's dream's


Kiara: Where am'i its have blue clauds the other dream had black cloud.

Lion: Kiara is that you.

Kiara: Yea but ho are you strange Lion.

Lion: I'm Mohatu.

Kiara: You are Mohatu you are the son of Kube.

Mohatu: Your right.

Kiara: Where am'i.

Mohatu: your are in the dead pride if we die we going to the stars.

Kiara: Am'i dead.

Mohatu: No i sent you to come her,lissen there comming priderovers on the west side.

            There names are priderover becus they rulel prides and there very strong so

             watch out.

Kiara: wait Mohatu No!!!!!!!


Kiara awaik


Kovu: Kiara rae you alright its morning.

Kiara: I'm oke.




                                                                         New pride for Vitani and Kirani


(at morning al the animals are gettering becus theres a new pride for Vitani and Kirani.)


Kovu: There was a new pride left from Kanah

           I give that pride to Kirani and Vitani.

           As a precent i give you three Lionesses.

           Are you agree whit.

Kirani: I agree.


The animals are chering.

At the new pride of Kirani


Kirani: So Vitani are you happy that we have a new pride of are own.

Vitani: Yea and three lionesses.

Kirani: What are there names.

Vitani: Hatim,Ahida and Sahari.

Kirani: Hatim you will be the messenger.

          Sahari your a special hunter.

          And Ahida your a spy.

Vitani: Thats not so bad.

Kirani: I think so bud there must be a cave some where.

Vitani: Look there.

Kirani: He your right .

Vitani: This cave is big..




                                                                        Mohatu's warning


At night where Simba al alone on priderock

talking to his father.


Simba: Father i think that a enemy live.

           Thats way i ask you your the only ho nos about that.


A cloud came where a big Lion came.


Simba: Father is that you.

Lion: I'm not your father i'm your great grandfather.

Simba: Your the son of Kube that means that your Mohatu.

Mohatu: Thats right.

             Its truw what your saying about a enemy.

Simba: Ho!

Mohatu: They are Priderovers.

Simba: Priderovers whats about them.

Mohatu: They are rulers they rule only there come to steel your pride.

Simba: Why us?

Mohatu: I don't now

             but tell  Kovu not.

             I must go on.

Simba: Goodby king Mohatu.




                                                                                 The priderovers


At morning a cave nearby Kirani's pride a big

lion came out of the cave.


Lion: Goodmorning priderover.

Priderover: Don't call me that Zazah.

Zazah: Oke Saraha

Lioness: Is every thing alryd.

Zazah: Yes queen Varum.

Varum: Have you see Zader.

Lion: Here i'am

Zader: What is it my queen.

Varum: I here for to start a new pride a bigger


Zader: And where did you find that bigger pride.

Varum: There.

Zader: Thats big very big.

Varum: But we must rule this pride nearby us.

            Becus this land scary

Zazah: I'm for.

Zader: Oke.




                                                                         birth of Kirani and Vitani


At night


Vitani: Kirani i don't feel so good

Kirani: What is it.

Vitani: My belly is to heavy.

Kirani: Hahaha.

Vitani: What are you laughing at.

Kirani: Your preynant

Vitani: Really wow.

          send Hatim to Kovu that i'm preynant.

Hatim: As you wish your majesty


Hatim sending the messeg to Kovu

The next morning.

Al the animals are gettering Kirani's pride


Vitani: Are you not happy

           we have got a daughter.

Kirani: Yea but what should we call her.

Vitani: I think more Sahu.

Kirani: great!


Three months past


Sahu: Dad dad dad!

Kirani: What is it

Sahu: Can i play pleasse!!!

Kirani: Oke

           but do not go to far.

Sahu: Is alright whit me

Kirani: Oke Sahari folow her.


In Kovu's pride.


Ramy: Father have Vitani a cub.

Kovu: Yea and her name is Sahu.

Tamira: I won to see him.

Kovu: She's a beautifull cub.

Kiara: Look there she is.

Kovu: Sahu are you playing.

Sahu: Yea.

Kovu: Now can you see are holl family.

Sahu: Aha.

Kovu: This is Simba my father in law

Simba: Hey Sahu this is my queen Nala.

Nala: Please to you.

Sahu: The same to you.

Kovu: And this is my queen Kiara.

Sahu: Greatings ant Kiara.

Kiara: Thats funny.

Kovu: And this is Ramy and his wife Tamira.

Ramy: Your a beautifull cub.

Tamira: I think the same.

Sahu: Thanks.

Kovu: Ramy is my son and Tamira my daughter in law.

Sahu: You have got a big family.

Simba: Your hungry hah.

Sahu: Yea you bet.


Nala hunt for Sahu and caught a zebra.


Nala: Hir is the zebra

Sahu: Thanks Nala.

Sahu: I'm going bey.

Evrybody: Bey.





                                                                         Kirani's pride distroyd



 Sahu is almost home.


Vitani: I think that Sahu is going to Kovu.

Kirani: I think to

Vitani: I love you.

Kirani: I love you to.


Kirani see's a green color eye.

But than the lion came.


Zader: So look ho we have one lion and four lionesses.

Kirani: Ho are you and?why did you came here?

Zader: I'm Zader i'm came here to take over your pride.

Kirani: Its not gona work Zader.

Zader: O yea Zazah Saraha distroyd his pride.

Zazah: Yeas sire.


Zazah murder Ahida and Hatim.

Saraha murder Sahari.


Zader: Your lioness are weaker than i tought.

Kirani: I have Vitani she's strong.

Zader: O yea Varum!.

Varum: Yes dear.

Zader: Murder her.

Varum: As you wish.


Vitani fighting for her pride but Varum is to strong.

Vitani scrath her eye.

But Varum murder her and Varum had a scar on her eye like



Zader: You see.

Kirani: Dont you think that you won.

Zader: Your gona die.

           bye bye.

Kirani: NO!!!!!!!.


Zader murder him and Kirani's pride

is now for Zader.

There coms Sahu.


Sahu: What happend here.


She see here mom and dad lying dead.


Sahu: No i gona warn Kovu.


She see a lioness and a lion.


Sahu: This is not Hatim Sahari or Ahida.

         Ho are they.

Zader: This is beautifull Varum we have a better pride.

Varum: Yes Zader its great.

Sahu: They killed mom and dad.

          I'm going to Kovu.


She's go's to Kovu.

She's in the prideland.


Sahu: Kovu,Kovu.

Kovu: What is it.

Sahu: Mom dad are dead by some

         Lion named Zader and a lioness Varum.

Simba: The priderovers!.

Kovu: Do you now about that.

Simba: Mohatu told me about.

           I must you to tell you but Mohatu sey

           dad i must not tell it but if the priderovers


           They are rovers over the hole land.

           There stromnger than the tigers and can distroy or

           rule a pride.

Kovu: Wow we must be prepared.

Simba: Yea and they stronger.

Kovu: Sahu you mey stay but i adobt you

          so you mey sey daddy.

Sahu: Oke daddy.




                                                                               search for the priderovers


The next morning


Kovu: Lioness we got to search for the priderovers

          or else they rule are pride.

Lioness:What must we do.

Kovu:We must search evry where.

          This is the plot.

           Simba and Timba you searching for the cave where the

           priderover sleep.

           Ramy and Tamira you got to spy what there plan is.

           Nala and I whil going to warn evry body.

Kiara: And i.

Kovu: You whil roar if the priderovers coming.

           Now evry body move it.


in the outlands.


Timba: Man this place is creepy.

Simba: Yea but we gona find the cave.

Timba: This it is i think.

Simba: I think not even the priderovers is this to creepy.


At the old pride of Kirani.


Ramy: They distroy Kirani's pride.

Tamira: I hate the priderovers.

Zader: I here somting.


Tamira jumpt on Zader

but Zader scratch her.


Zader: Sahari kill her.

Sahara: As you wish your majesty.


Sahara jumpt on Tamira and Tamira

scratch her but Ramy jumpt on Sahari

Sahara lost the battel.


Ramy: RUN!!.

Zazah: No now i 'm really mad.

           feel my revange Ramy.




                                                                    revange of the priderovers


Zader: O right we now going to priderock.

          We must kill Kovu,Simba and Ramy.

           evry body agree.

Zazah and Varum: Yes!.

Zader: We going to priderock.


At priderock.


Lioness: Did you see somthing.

Kiara: No.

Lioness: O.K.

Kiara: Wait there are the priderovers.


Evry body roars.


Kovu: Nala the priderovers are comming.

Nala: Go to priderock.

Tamira: What is it Kiara

Ramy: Yea what is it.

Kiara: The priderovers are comming.

Tamira: I now they whant revange.

Kiara: Why?

Tamira: Becus i killed Sahara.


 In the outlands


Simba: Do you here the roar
Timba: The priderovers.


Simba and Timba run to priderock.

At priderock.


Kiara: Kovu look the priderovers.

Kovu: You right.

          Evry body go we going to fight.

Nala: Look Simba.

Simba: I hear it.

Kovu: Did you find the cave.

Timba: No.


Zader jumpt to the rock.


Zader: look ho we have Kovu Kiara Ramy and Simba.

Kovu: Whats the meaning of this.

Zader: We whant your pride.

Kovu: Never.


Kovu and Zader on a fight.

The rest attackt Zazah or Varum.

Nala Kiara fight whit Varum.

They scratch the other eye.

and Varum had a scar on her other eye.

Simba and Timba fight whit Zazah.


Zazah: Your to weak.

Zader: Kovu your gona die.

Varum: STOP!

           I have thinking.

           This whill never work Zader.

            We fight allong time ago and we rule so many places.

           This time we will not rule again.

Zader: I think your right.

Zazah: What your not give it up your crazy.

Zader: The king of the priderovers sey we quit.

Zazah: I hadel this myself.


He Jumpt on Simba but fell.


Zazah: Simba help me!

Simba: Kovu what do you think.

Kovu: Ask Zader.

Zader: Zazah your history.

Zazah: NO!!!!!!!!!.


He fell of the cliff and die.






At morning


Varum: He you!.

Sahu: Yes.

Varum:We sorry about your parents will you vergive us..

Sahu: I vergive you.

Kovu: Maby will them your adobt daughter.

Varum: Yea I love it if Zader O.K. whit this.

Zader: Of cours.

Sahu: O.K. mom and Dad.

Simba: Kovu am'i still bodygaurd.

Kovu: Yea you are but yea are a good bodygaurd.

Simba: Thanks.


The fight is over the priderovers stop to rule.

Kovu stepping down and Ramy the new king and Kovu will be

the special hunter Kiara king/queen advisor Timba is  still royal baby sitter and

Nala will be a spy and Zader and Varum and Sahu join the pride and Simba is

still a bodygaurd.


But thats a other story.

This will maby the last story of this continu or not.