Kovu lay on the sand trail, thinking. His mother, Zira, had given him a break on his training for him to rest. That was unusual for her to let him rest; she just had just trained him for the whole day, and then sent him back to the den. “Kovu!” Came Zira’s harsh voice, interrupting his thoughts. “Come here, little one.” She said. The young cub dragged himself up, coming over to his mother’s side. “What mother?” He asked. “Back to training.” She declared, looking up to the sky. She then moved her gaze over the border, and into the Pride Lands. “Brutes.” She muttered. “Mother! Kiara is my friend, and she’s not a brute!” Kovu said, clearly outraged. Ziara glanced down to her son, and then let her eyes focus back on the lush, green land…


          “Daddy!” Kiara called. “Will you play with me?” Simba reached over, and picked up the cub by the scruff of her neck, then lifted her up so that she was sitting on his back. “Dad!” She giggled, “Let me down! By the way, will you take me into the Out Lands? I want to play with Kovu again!” Simba was shocked. “No. I will not take you to see that Kov-whictamichcallit again.” “His name is Kovu. And why not?” Kiara flattened her ears against her head, but then walked away. “Come back here, young lady!” Kiara ignored her father. She kept on walking, until she was at the place where she had gone into the Out Lands before. She looked nervously back, and then kept on going. She crossed the border into the other territory, and heard Kovu growling and  Zira rasping. Kiara kept her self-hidden in a bush, and then she was aware of Zira’s burning stare resting on her. She flattened closer to the ground, but it was no use. Zira opened the bush, and picked her up painfully by her stomach. She flung Kiara back into the Pride Lands, even though Kovu made a faint protest.




Story © Abbey Kubiae S. Characters © Disney