Lion King III:


Divided Prides




NOTICE: The characters Mufasa, Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kovu, Vitani, Zira, and Rafiki are © Disney. All of the other characters are © me (Abbey “Kubiae”)








The leaves on the trees blew as the wind swirled around Pride Rock. The sky had turned a purple color, leaving everything cold without the warm light of the sun. It was evening into night, then night into day, a cycle. Just like the Circle of Life was a cycle. Mufasa had died, leaving Simba in his place as king. He and Nala had given birth to Kiara, and now she and Kovu were continuing that cycle by bringing Mya into the world. Mya was as energetic and rambunctious as her mother, but unlike Kiara as a cub, she is looking forward to being queen. The sun was just peaking over the horizon when Mya woke up…


          “Momma!” Mya scrambled around the cave underneath of Pride Rock. “Dad!” She mewed, biting Kovu’s ear. Neither of them woke, so the young cub bit her father’s ear harder. From the corner, Nala stirred. She sat up and swiped her tongue around her muzzle a couple of times before saying, “Hello Mya. Do you want to wake your parents up to go out and play?”


 “Yes Grandmother, will you wake them up for me? They’re such sleepy heads!” Nala laughed.


 “Sure, just give me a few seconds.” She nuzzled Simba, who woke up as well. His eyes, which were dull from tiredness, suddenly brightened at the sight of his granddaughter. It seemed as though Mya brought joy to anyone around her. Nala swiftly stood up and gracefully made her way over to where Kiara and Kovu where cuddled up in a little ball. She prodded Kiara with one paw. “Kiara! Mya wants to see you…” Kiara grumbled a bit before finally sitting up. She sighed. “What honey?”


 “Momma! You said yesterday that you would take me out to play! And Daddy said that he would show me the Kingdom. What ever happened to our agreement?” Even though her words suggested something else, there was a gleam of hope in Mya’s eyes. “Ok, Mya. Let’s go.” Kiara said, sighing again. An echo spread across the cave as Simba spoke. “Wait a minute. Let me say hello to my favorite granddaughter.” A smile greeted his words as Mya leaped across the dim area and nuzzled her neck against Simba’s.


          Mya padded alone outside; Kiara had let her play alone now. She went over to where Tyan and Sharaha were playing, they were two of her best friends. Mya’s light brown fur gleamed in the bright sunlight, and her yellow and green eyes sparkled. Tyan was Vitani’s cub, and Sharaha’s mother is Lundia, one of Vitani’s friends. “Hi Mya!” Sharaha said.


 “Sharaha, come back here!” Lundia said from the top of a rock. She jumped down and picked her daughter up by the scruff of her neck. Sharaha wiggled and protested. “Mom! Let me go! I wanna go play with Mya!” She said. As Mya shook her head, the little tuft of tan fur on the top of her head moved. “No Sharaha, let your mom give you a bath. I’ll play with Tyan for a while.” At the sound of his name, Tyan looked up from the leaf he was playing with. “Who said my name?” He asked, looking around. Mya blinked her eyes. “I did.” She purred. Tyan stared at her quizzically. He knew that Mya liked him, but not like that! “Ookayy.” He said, looking down to his white paws. When the wind blew, his light tan fur ruffled, and he licked it. “Let’s play.” Mya said, changing the subject. “Okay!” Tyan said again, this time sounding excited. “First one to pounce on that leaf over there wins!” He said, pointing with his tail. Sharaha scowled while Lundia licked the top of her head. “Yeah! One, two, three! GO!” Mya mewed. They raced together to where the leaf was sitting calmly. Tyan pounced, but by the time he touched the leaf, both of Mya’s paws where resting there. “I won!” She said joyfully. “Oh yeah?” Tyan jumped onto Mya’s back, and the two cubs rolled around playfully. Mya had Kiara’s gene of playfulness and gentleness, but Kovu’s of rough and toughness. She growled, but then Sharaha joined in on the scuffle.


          All of a sudden, this huge black and brown lion emerged out of nowhere. At once, Vitani jumped down from her resting place. “Step-Father!” She exclaimed, wrapping herself around him. “Vitani! How much you have grown! Where is your mother?” The lion asked, his black mane blowing in the wind. Vitani’s voice lowered into a whisper. “She fell into the river.” She said, looking down. “Oh. Well… have you chased those brutes out of our Pridelands?” At the sound of that, Mya rolled away from her two friends and cocked her head at him. “Oh no, Step-father! We all live together now! Anyway,” Vitani said, flicking her tail to Mya, Tyan and Sharaha, ”this is Tyan. He’s mine. And this is Mya. She’s Kiara and Kovu’s daughter.” Vitani’s step- father looked up. “Kovu? And Kiara? What?!” “Father! It’s okay! And this is Sharaha. You know Lundia, Sharaha is hers.”


 “Wow! Let me introduce my self,” He said, turning to the cubs. “I am Balia. Kovu’s father, and Zira’s old mate.”








          Balia was making himself comfortable in the Pridelands, even though Simba, Nala, and Kiara were still suspicious. He had asked to join the pride many times, and even Tyan was reluctant to support him. Balia was unaware that Simba was on the brink of sending him into exile into the Outlands. It seemed as though he was stationed outside of Pride Rock.


          Meanwhile, Mya and Tyan’s relationship grew stronger as they spent more time together. They would sleep next to each other, play with each other, and sometimes eat together.


          “Come on slowpoke!” Mya said, prodding the heavily sleeping Tyan with one paw. “Let’s go! I want to get a drink at the water hole.” Tyan reluctantly sat up, swiping his tongue around his muzzle just as Nala had done. “Fine then,” He mumbled, “Let’s go.” Mya ran out of Pride Rock, flicking her tail slightly at Tyan’s face before letting him chase her. As they passed Balia, Tyan growled, “Balia is really getting on my nerves.”


 “I’m right there with ya.” Mya replied, obviously agreeing with him. They ran right up to the water hole, and Mya bent down delicately and gulped the water. Even though she is a cub like me, Mya is really beautiful. Tyan thought, now regretting the time Mya had shown her affection towards him and he had spat barbed comments at her. Kiara and Kovu’s cub looked up from her drink and saw Tyan gazing at her. “What. Do I look to much like my father and Balia?” She said. Hatred burned in her eyes, but there was a hint of understanding in the green depths too. “No. I was just thinking about how pretty you are.”


 “Oh really?” Mya retorted with sarcasm. The hatred then switched to unmistakable laughter, and she launched her self playfully at Tyan. Tyan tried to bat her away with sheathed claws, but instead, she pinned him to the ground. “Gotcha!” She said. Tyan laughed. “Let me up, you big furball!” Mya backed away, unprepared for Tyan’s “counter-attack”. He tumbled towards her with eyes shining with excitement, but Mya was ready. She dodged out of the way, and Tyan plunged into the water hole. “Oops!” She said, trying to hold in a fit of laughter. Tyan’s head bobbed to the surface and he spat out a mouthful of water. “Your turn!” Before she knew what was happening, Mya felt herself being pulled into the large lake with Tyan. “That’s not fair!” She said, gasping. “You cheated!”


 “That’s the art of playing.” Tyan shrugged. They both started to crack up, and they hopped out of the water hole and slowly made their way back to their home, Pride Rock.








          Time had passed since Balia had first come to the Pridelands, but he still hadn’t left. Every time Tyan and Mya passed him prowling out side of Pride Rock, Tyan growled. Balia wasn’t exactly popular with the Pridelanders, and he kept it that way.


           Anyway, as I said, time had passed, and Mya had grown into a fine lioness. It was time for her first hunt, and Tyan was there too. His golden mane, which had now grown in, swayed in the wind. Mya strode out of Pride Rock, and he rushed over to her and nuzzled his neck into hers. Mya returned the nuzzle passionately, even though Kovu gave her a stern look.


           Mya made it through the line of lionesses that had gathered around her to where her parents and grandparents were sitting. She nuzzled the four, while Tyan backed away to Vitani. “Dad,” Mya said, nodding her head, “I’m allowed to do this by my self, right?” Kiara shot a look towards her father, Simba. She remembered how she had asked him that, but he hadn’t kept his promise. Kovu nodded back. “Yes. Now say goodbye to your mother.” Mya went over to Kiara and nuzzled her. Then she turned back to Kovu and nuzzled him as well. As Mya backed away, she was aware of Tyan’s longing look, and Balia’s burning stare.


           Mya bent down low, digging her claws into the ground, just as her father had taught her. She eyed her prey, an old and weak antelope. She knew that even if she made the smallest grunt, moved the smallest stone, the whole herd would be running. As she crept up on it, Mya tried to be as quiet as possible, but it would be no use. There was no way out of this hunt without a chase. Flexing her powerful muscles, the lioness sprang out of the bushes and ran after the grazer. Mya pounced, digging her claws into the flesh of her first prey. So far, so good. Biting the back of it’s neck, she dragged it off of it’s hooves and onto the dusty savannah ground. She lifted her blood-stained muzzle and went in for the jugular to make the final blow, just like her training.


          Mya dragged her kill back to Pride Rock for the pride to feast. As she entered the cave, Sharaha came up to her. “Great job!” She said. Mya nodded in acknowledgement. When she dropped the dead antelope in the middle of the cave, Tyan pushed his way through the others and nuzzled into her. Mya made a purring noise and pushed her now-clean muzzle into his neck. Only did the two lovers stop when Kovu was looming over them, eyes sparkling. “Go,” He ordered, “And leave that mushy stuff to the Pride Lands, not in front of the cubs!” He pointed with his paw to a bunch of giggling babies. “Sorry Dad.” Mya said, laughing. “Yeah, sorry Kovu.” Tyan said. Once Kovu had left, Tyan said, “Come, come with me.”








           Mya looked at him for a moment before finally following him into the Pridelands. Tyan sat down, his golden mane blowing once more. “What is it you want?” Mya asked, approaching him and sitting down as well. All of  sudden, Balia came over to them, and Tyan growled, “Come one step closer, rouge, and you’re prey for the cubs.”


 “Oh, but I think that it is you who will become prey for the cubs.” And with that, Balia lunged at Tyan, his thorn-sharp claws glistening in the bright sunlight. But Tyan was ready, he jumped out of the way, and Balia tumbled along in the grass. “Greet Mufasa for me.” Balia softly roared. “Only after you!” Mya jumped into the fight, and scratched Balia on his nose, but he scratched back. Finally, the two lions and one lioness broke apart, panting. Clumps of mane and fur littered the ground, and the reek of blood was everywhere. Mya was badly injured, she had a long gash running along her side and blood was trickling out of her mouth. Tyan had bites and scratches too, as well as the traitor, Balia. Simba must of sensed something, for he jumped out of the shadows and onto Balia’s back. He  bit, and he bit hard, but Balia was quite a match for the old lion. A loud thump echoed as Balia fell to the ground, but it was Simba who Mya and Tyan grieved for. “Mya,” He rasped, “Get over here.” Mya limped over to her grandfather and licked his face. “Good-bye.” Simba softly sighed, and the light died from his eyes. “Nooo!” Mya wailed. “Please. Please come back to us.” Mya said, nuzzling Simba just as she had nuzzled Tyan.


          The lionesses and lions of the pride all looked with their eyes wide with shock, confusion, and grief as Mya and Tyan brought Simba’s body back. Rafiki trailed from behind, hoisting Balia. Kiara and Kovu were filled with sadness, but also with excitement. They were the new King and Queen! Kiara bent down to her father and gently licked his mane. “I’m sorry this had to happen, but now you are happy with my grandfather, and your father, Mufasa.” Kiara murmured. Kovu bent down also. “Does this mean that you are the new King?” Sharaha said. Nala just shook her head and brought Simba back to the den to sit vigil. Kovu raised his head proudly. “Yes. Yes it does.” 




 The New Pride




          Kovu flicked his tail to Kiara and they both went up onto Pride Rock. All of the animals, not just the lions, gathered there, waiting for them to make the ritual.  Kovu roared, and all of the lions roared back, including Tyan. Then Kiara roared, and the lionesses roared back. Then they roared together. The whole place was in an uproar, with all of the animals stamping their feet and making noises.


           Tyan came over to Mya, and he asked her to come with him again. She followed, and then he said, “Come on, let’s run away to the Outlands, start a pride there, and make it green again.” If Mya were to be just a little bit older, things would have been better, but being young and naive, she said, “Wow. Sure!” Her face bore excitement, and excepting a refusal, Tyan was surprised. “Okay then. We’ll sneak out after sunset…”


          The day came and went, and before they knew it, sunset had come. Together, they raced through the Pridelands, and finally made it to the Outlands. “Well, I guess this is home.” Mya shrugged, looking around the deserted land. They found a large, flat cave that Tyan and Mya could jump on top of, kind of like Pride Rock. Farther away…


          Rafiki swung around his tree, but he was not happy. With the death of Simba, he knew that dark things were about to come. The wind blew in the direction of the Outlands, and Rafiki yelled, “Simba! Mufasa! What is that you say! The start of a new pride! Have you done this?” The wind blew again, this time more strongly. “Oh. Well then, you are crazy!” He shrieked, taking a huge bite out of one of his fruits. With Simba and Mufasa knowing what Mya and Tyan were doing, the baboon relaxed a bit. Then a plan came to his mind…


          Tyan jumped onto the rock and said, “I hear by call this land the Greenlands, and this rock, the Green Rock. Mya, my queen, and I will take over this land, starting our new pride.” All of a sudden, Rafiki jumped out of a burnt bush and said, “Wow, Greenlands really suits this atmosphere.” He plucked at the black bush. Then he bowed his head. “I, Rafiki, know that Simba, Mufasa, Ahadi, and many others before them, know that you are doing this. And, I promise to be your faithful shaman in your times of need, and will have a second tree, right here.” Mya jumped down from the Green Rock and threw her arms around Rafiki, making him stumble a bit. Rafiki studied the land and chose a huge tree and said, “Okay. Me be right back. I must get supplies.”




The End