The Lion King IX:


The Falling Stars






Something is disturbing the laws of nature, and the Circle of Life. It’s thought to be from hate and evil, but Kya, the new princess will be sure to find out.



Note: The characters Mangel, Singa, Shyla, Timba, Runu, Aurora, Larka, Pala, Sithuka, Zaraku, Garofé, Sekeita, Kadio, Tanko, Onay, Baynarr, Monagbor, Kusa, Cheasala, Ariko, Bayngo, Russtet, Rayana, Hârdlayje, Tayquwya, Corga, Quwin’go, Zariy, Uhäki, Thuraia, Kwennoir, Irawh, Medi, Kutu, Baytamba, Kya, Bahari, Lacchelo, Parra, Ezima and Koriche have been created by me and are not allowed to be used without my permission, so please email me first if you would like to use any of them. And I apologize if any are the same in other fan-ficts and I didn’t know, so I won’t change anything unless you email me. You can also email me if you would like to say anything about the stories. The characters, Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Sarabi, Sarafina, Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Rafiki, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa, Zira, Kovu, Kiara, Vitani and Nuka have been created by Disney.



 Warning: You won’t get this if you haven’t read my first stories, The Lion King III: A Clash of Kingdoms, The Lion King IV: The Lost Trio (all three parts), The Lion King V: Attempts of the White Lioness, The Lion King VI: Pride Rock’s Heir, The Lion King VII: Kusa and Cheasala and The Lion King IIX: The Spirit of Uhäki. Also, you obviously won’t get any of this if you haven’t seen The Lion King or The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, both created by Disney.



 What it’s Based On…



This story wasn’t really based on anything, I just made it up.






1. The Beginning of the Falling Stars


2. Lies


3. Together






1. The New Little One (Pride Rock)


2. Passing On (Pridelands, to Tree of Life, to Pride Rock)


3. Lacchelo


4. Falling Stars


5. Bahari’s Lie


6. Over the Ashy Hill


7. Betrayer


8. Escape


9. Another Flaw


10. Marriage





Original Characters from Disney



Simba (Once King of Pride Rock, son of Mufasa and Sarabi, father of Kiara, mate of Nala)


Nala (Once Queen of Pride Rock, daughter of Sarafina, mother of Kiara, mate of Simba)


Mufasa (Once King of Pride Rock, mate of Sarabi, father of Simba)


Sarabi (Once Queen of Pride Rock, mate of Mufasa, mother of Simba)


Rafiki (Once shaman of Pride Rock and the Boulder of Strength, brother of Garofé)


Timon (Once royal baby-sitter)


Pumbaa (Once royal baby-sitter)


Zazu (Once royal majordomo of Pride Rock)


Kiara (Once queen of Pride Rock, daughter of Simba, mother of Mangel and Shyla, mate of Kovu)


 Kovu (Once King of Pride Rock, son of Zira, brother of Vitani and Nuka, father of Mangel and Shyla, mate of Kiara)


Zira (Mother of Kovu, Vitani and Nuka)


Nuka (Son of Zira, brother of Kovu and Vitani)


Vitani (Daughter of Zira, sister of Kovu and Nuka, guardian of Shyla)



My Characters



Mangel (Once King of the Boulder of Strength, son of Kovu and Kiara, father of Aurora, Timba and Runu, older brother of Shyla, mate of Singa)


Singa (Once Queen of the Boulder of Strength, daughter of Zaraku and Sithuka, mother of Aurora, Timba and Runu, and mate of Mangel)


Zaraku (Once King of the Boulder of Strength, father of Singa, and mate of Sithuka)


Sithuka (Once Queen of the Boulder of Strength, mother of Singa, and mate of Zaraku)


Shyla (Daughter of Kovu and Kiara, baby sister of Mangel, and princess of Pride Rock)


 Aurora- (Daughter -youngest- Mangel and Singa, sister of Timba and Runu, shaman of the Boulder of Strength and Pride Rock)


 Runu (Son -middle one- of Mangel and Singa, guardian of Baynarr)


Timba (Son -oldest- of Mangel and Singa, King of the Boulder of Strength)


Garofé (Once shaman of the Boulder of Strength, brother of Rafiki)


Sekeita (Sister of Kadio and Tanko)


Tanko (Brother of Kadio and Sekeita)


Kadio (Brother of Tanko and Sekeita)


Pala (Guardian of Shyla, tigress in the Pride Rock pride, elder sister of Parra)


Larka (Friend of Aurora’s and Runu, mate of Timba, Queen of the Boulder of Strength)


Baynarr (Son of Timba and Larka, prince of the Boulder of Strength)


Onay (Royal majordomo of Pride Rock)


 Monagbor (Mate of Shyla)


Kusa (Son of Shyla and Monagbor, prince of Pride Rock)


Cheasala (Daughter of Ariko and Bayngo, sister of Rayana, Hârdlayje and the other lionesses, betrothal of Kusa)


Ariko (Father of Cheasala and Rayana and Hârdlayje and the other lionesses, mate of Bayngo, leader of his pride)


 Bayngo (Mother of Cheasala and Rayana and Hârdlayje the other lionesses, mate of Ariko, leader of her pride)


Rayana (Sister of Cheasala, Hârdlayje and the other lionesses, daughter of Bayngo and Ariko)


Hârdlayje (Hare-d-lay-ha-hey) (Sister of Cheasala and Rayana and the other lionesses, daughter of Bayngo and Ariko)


Corga (Monkey, friend of Kusa)


 Russtet (Hippo, leader of the hippos)


Tayquwya (Lioness of Shyla’s and Monagbor’s pride)


Quwin’go (Son -oldest- of Kusa and Cheasala, brother of Zariy, prince of Pride Rock)


Zariy (Zar-eye) (Son -youngest- of Kusa and Cheasala, brother of Quwin’go, prince of Pride Rock)


Kwennoir (Leader of zebra herd)


Irawh (Zebra)


Medi (Zebra in Kwennoir’s herd)


Kutu (Son of Medi)


Thuraia (Lone lioness)


Uhäki (Zebra, great spirit)


Baytamba (Once King of Pride Rock)



My New Characters



Kya (Daughter of Quwin’go and Thuraia, princess of Pride Rock)


Bahari (Son of Koriche, betrothal to Kya)


Koriche (Bahari’s mother)


Lacchelo (Lion, son of Ezima)


Parra (Younger sister of Pala)


Ezima (Mother of Lacchelo)




Part One:


The Beginning of the Falling Ones






~The New Little One~


(Pride Rock)



So many animals were at Pride Rock, cheering and bowing down, for their new ruler was held high by Aurora at the tip of the Kingdom. Light came down on the new little one, and there were lions in the sky, plus a pride in the grasslands, farther out. Then the animals started to go their own ways as it ended.







~Passing On~


 (Pridelands, to Tree of Life, to Pride Rock)



All throughout the Pridelands that night, it started to rain heavily. At the Tree of Life Aurora was finishing up the picture of the new young princess of Pride Rock. There was another cub beside that one, which she painted, too. It was the betrothal to the princess. Back at Pride Rock, the lions were mournful, for their old leaders, Shyla and Monagbor, had passed on. The newborn cub, along with the betrothal, were both kept in the back of the royal cave, each nestling into their mothers’ fur while they nursed. Thuraia was sad for, as she let her new one suckle, she had to miss the ceremony of the Cry and Gry’s death. Yet she had told the rest of the pride to get it on with because she didn’t want to make this harder for them. So later, Aurora arrived, sprinkled sand on Shyla and Monagbor, then said a few words before pushing them into the sacred water hole behind the Kingdom. Onay was sent the next day to the Boulder of  Strength to tell them of the news.




Scene Three




-=Pride Rock=-


~Time passed from last scene/chapter: Three Months~


 -= A view at Pride Rock near the royal cave fades in =-



 VOICE: (Excited) Hey!



(A little cub of orange and gold pounces another cub which is of light gold. They laugh and roll about near the peak of Pride Rock, right at the entrance of the royal cave.)


CUB OF ORGANEA AND GOLD: Got’ch ya, you’re it!



CUB OF LIGHT GOLD: Well ya better run!


 (Both the cubs run around for a bit, laughing and meowing until they run onto the beginning of the peak and bump into a great lion. The lion chuckles and takes a giant paw and gently pushes up the fallen princess, Kya, who is the light golden color, and the betrothal, Bahari, who is the orange and gold.)


ZARIY: Whoops, (Chuckles) Be careful there, you two.


KYA: (Cheesy) Ah, sorry, Uncle Zariy.


BAHARI: (Meowing) We were just havin’ too much fun. (Laughs)


VOICE: (Sharply) I bet you were.


(A slender, dark lioness comes out of the cave and looks down at Bahari, disgusted, though her eyes are also filled with love.)


BAHARI: (Looking up at the lioness) I’m sorry, Mom. (Giggles)


BHARI’S MOTHER: Bahari! (Scolding) You’re to respect the King!


ZARIY: It’s all right, Koriche. He was doing nothing wrong. Just being a cub.


 (As Zariy chuckles again, and Koriche keeps staring sternly down at her son, Thuraia and Quwin’go come out of the cave.)


ZARIY: (Cheerfully) Ah, brother.


QUWIN’GO: (Almost sarcastically) Dear King, (Laughs, bowing) How’s it goin’? (Sits up after the mocking bow)


ZARIY: (Chuckles) Just fine.


(Onay flies down and lands between them and bows.)


ONAY: (Respectfully bows) Sires. (Bows to Thuraia) Mistress. (Bows to Kya) Young Mistress.


 KYA: Hey Mom, can Bahari and I go play out in the Pridelands?


THURAIA: I see no reason why you can’t.


QUWIN’GO: Thuraia! (Surprised) They’re just cubs!


KORICHE: I agree.


THURAIA: (Rolls eyes) Fine then, Onay can watch them.


QUWIN’GO: I don’t know what’s with you, but I for one am not letting my daughter’s life in the paws of a bird!



(Corga comes out of the cave as he sits on the slow walking, older Kusa.)


CORGA: You mean the wings.


 CHEASALA: (Walking out of the cave, too, following her mate) What’s going on?


ZARIY: (Whiny, like a cub) Mom, Quwin’go’s being a stuck-up dork!


 (Everyone laughs but Quwin’go, who grumbles.)


QUWIN’GO: All right, all right. People can shush up now. (Snickering)


CHEASALA: Just let ‘em play, dear. They’ll be fine.


QUWIN’GO: Says you.




KUSA: I agree.


THURAIA: They will be fine, Quwin’go. Just give ‘em a chance.


ZARIY: Stop having a stick up your tail, Quwin’go!


CORGA: They’ll be all right ol’ pal!


ONAY: I’ll watch them as if they were my own hatchlings, Sire! (Proudly)


BAHARI: (Stands up, chest out, and says strongly) And I’ll protect your daughter from any harm!


KORICHE: (Warmly but sharply) Bahari! (Chuckles, though)


QUWIN’GO: Oh, all right.


KYA AND BAHARI: (Excited and jumping) Yeah!


(As they run off, Onay follows in the air, Cheasala and Kusa, with Corga and Koriche, go in the cave as Zariy and Quwin’go and Thuraia all stay on the peak, watching the cubs run in the distance into the Pridelands.)


 ZARIY: Boy, you really need t’ loosen up, Quwin.


 QUWIN’GO: Don’t call me that! (Annoyed)


ZARIY: (Laughs) OK, OK. (Walks into the cave.)


THURAIA: (Nuzzling her mate and purrs, reassuringly) It’s all right, hun. They’ll be all right. They can take care of themselves for awhile.


QUWIN’GO: (Suddenly looking at his mate) How do you know? What if something happens? What if they—


THURAIA: You do need to loosen up, dear.


QUWIN’GO: (Getting mad) Yeah? Well you need to tighten up! Thuraia…(Sighs)…You’ve had a past of running about in the Outlands and going through tough stuff, and you were used to all of this…That’s not what I want for our daughter.


(Thuraia growls, but says nothing.)



-= View suddenly goes to Kya, Bahari and Onay in a split second =-



KYA: (Laughing) I can’t believe we’re finally out here!


BAHARI: Yeah I know, isn’t it great? (Mischievously)


ONAY: You two stay in my sight! (Calling from just a few feet above the cubs)


(They are walking in the west in the Pridelands. It’s evening now and the swaying, long grass looks almost red as the cubs pounce about in it. Then they turn and start heading southwest. Suddenly, the cubs take off, running as they lose Onay. For awhile, as Onay searches, the cubs crawl on their tummies in the long grass, before taking off further southwest. They get up and start running again, until they pass Pride Rock.)


BAHARI: (Smirking and laughing) Oh my gosh! I can’t believe we lost her so easily!


VOICE: (Sarcastically) Neither can I.


 (Suddenly, as the princess and Bahari gasp, another lion cub leaps off a large log of some sort. It’s a male cub who has a thick muzzle, and about him he’s pretty much a brown color mixed with unusual light gray. He has bangs, though, that are brown and black that line his neck and come over his head, like a mohawk, making him look like he was already starting his mane. Yet, he was still too young to start puberty. So they were just bangs. In fact, he was just about as old at Kya and Bahari.)


CUB: (Yawns and stretches) I gotta admit, that bird’d be easy, but it’d be hard for a couple of kittens like yourselves.


 BAHARI: (Insulted) Hey!


KYA: (Giggles) What’s your name?


CUB: (Quickly) Lacchelo.


 KYA: Hey, Lacchelo, I’m Kya, and this is Bahari.


LACCHELO: Your boy friend? (Snickers)


KYA: (Immediate) NO! YUK!


 BAHARI: (A little hurt) No, but neither are you!




BAHARI: I mean, no I’m not, (Trying to convince) Ew!


LACCHELO: Hey, ya guys wanna see me hunt?


KYA: (Admiringly and surprised) You can hunt?!


LACCHELO: (Proudly and strongly) Why of course I can. (Smirks)


BAHARI: (Sarcastically) Yeah right!


LACCHELO: (Smart allek) Just watch me.


(They follow the new cub farther southwest.)


LACCHELO: (Smirking) Shh…


(Lacchelo sniffs the ground, examining a few hoof prints, when suddenly, there’s a whole herd of gazelle, leaping right over them all.)




LACCHELO: (Now somewhat worried) Grab on!


(Lacchelo suddenly pounces up onto the side of a gazelle as it passes him, and he sticks down a paw to grab Kya, so they both latch into the side of the pouncing animal.)


 KYA: (Worried and calling, looking back) Bahari!


(But Bahari is left in the stampeded of pouncing gazelle. Just minutes later, the gazelle finally pass, and as they get near a tree, Kya and Lacchelo leap from their gazelle to find their claws digging into the tree branch. There’s a lot of dust. The cubs climb down off the tree, coughing slightly as they look around for Bahari.)


KYA: (Questioningly in a call) Bahari?!


LACCHELO: (Coolly) ‘Ey li’l one! Where are ya?


VOICE: (Coughs) I’m right here! (Coughs)


(Bahari gets up from under a rock that folds over. He coughs and looks at Kya, then glares at Lacchelo.)


BAHARI: (Sarcastically) Some hunt. (Coughs once more)


LACCHELO: (Pawing the ground and says cheesy) Uh huh, yeah…ahem…sorry. I may need a bit more practice in hunting.


BAHARI: May?! And a bit?!


(Lacchelo flips his bangs coolly and calmly as they all look at each other.)


LACCHELO: Hey, ya wanna come over t’ my place and meet my family?




LACCHELO: I wasn’t talking to you. (Takes his paw and flicks Bahari’s nose with it)


BAHARI: (Wiggling and twitching nose) Hey. (Sneezes)


(Kya giggles and looks at Lacchelo fondly.)


 KYA: Sure.


LACCHELO: All right, let’s go!


(They start farther southwest when suddenly Bahari leaps in front of them.)


BAHARI: (Firmly) No. (He puffs out his chest and stands tall, growling a little as he talks and tries to say his words strongly) This is the princess and I’m supposed to protect her. We’re going home now.


KYA: (Outraged) Bahari! Don’t tell me what to do!


LACCHELO: (Scoffs) She can take care of herself.


 (Kya and Lacchelo start off again, Lacchelo elbowing Bahari before they start.)


BAHARI: (Growls lowly) Fine. But I’m telling on you!


(He starts running off toward Pride Rock, which is now in the distance. The cubs keep walking as they talk.)


KYA: Pff. (Rolls eyes and shakes head)


LACCHELO: What’s wrong with him?


KYA: (Shakes head again) Oh, he’s just all worked up about protecting me and whatnot ‘cause he’s gonna be King.


LACCHELO: But I thought you were the princess.


KYA: I am. But he’s the betrothal of me.


LACCHELO: Really? (Tilts head and giggles) A bozo like him?


KYA: He’s not a bozo. A little annoying, but not a bozo.


LACCHELO: Yeah well, they should at least pick someone who could actually fit the needs of the princess.


 KYA: Yeah…Wait, what are you saying?


LACCHELO: I’m not one to brag—


KYA: Ha! Yeah right!


LACCHELO: —but I just think I could do better in that job.


(They fall silent a bit as they look around, listening to the now-chirping crickets. The sun is falling.)


KYA: But…you can’t. I mean, he’s betrothed to me and that’s final.


 LACCHELO: Why? (Head tilts again slightly)


KYA: Because my mom and dad made it that way. So I can carry on the Kingdom and the Great Circle of Life.


LACCHELO: But do you want to?


KYA: (Surprised and blinks) Of course I want to carry it on!


LACCHELO: No, but I mean…with him?


KYA: (Pauses) I don’t know. (Sighs)


(Suddenly a bird comes flying down with a loud squawk. It’s Onay.)


ONAY: Kya! Finally! Oh, (Makes a weird sound, as if growling) You’re to go to the Kingdom…RIGHT NOW!


KYA: (Rolls eyes and says to Lacchelo) Arg, I gotta go. Sorry.


LACCHELO: (Somewhat sad) But you haven’t met my family yet.


KYA: (Calls over her shoulder as she runs off, making her way back to Pride Rock, Onay flying just a foot overhead) Rain check! Bye!


LACCHELO: (Calling back) Bye!



-= Fades =-




Scene Four


Falling Stars


-=Pride Rock=-


~Time passed from last scene: Half an Hour~


-= Pride Rock fades in =-



THURAIA: We’re just glad you’re all right.


(Thuraia nuzzles her daughter. They are now all on the peak of Pride Rock.)


QUWIN’GO: Yes and we’re also very disappointed in you, Kya!


 KYA: Ah, c’mon. (Paw sweeps the rock floor) I was just havin’ fun!


BAHARI: But you went away!


KORICHE: And so did you, Bahari! (Lightly takes a paw and bats her son)


KYA: Yeah! (Huffs)


(Suddenly there’s a loud noise, and as there are so many stars out because it is night, all the lions look to the east, seeing a great, smoldering and smoking hole in the ground, farther to the east in the Pridelands.)


BAHARI AND KYA: (Surprised) What’s that?!


THURAIA: I don’t know.


ZARIY: Maybe we should go check it out.


(Zariy gets up as his parents suddenly come trotting out of the cave, the monkey leaping behind them, and then Onay fluttering after, and then all the pride comes out.)


CHEASALA: What was that noise?


QUWIN’GO: We’re not sure, Mom.


KYA: It was big and loud!


CORGA: Well we know that.



KUSA: C’mon. Let’s go investigate.


(They all start down the main pathway, when Bahari and Kya are both stopped by their parents.)


QUWIN’GO: You two are going to stay in the cave with Aurora.


KYA: (Groans) Ah, Daddy!


THURAIA: Mind your father, Kya.


KYA: Sorry. (Grumbles)


BAHARI: But I can go out and help!


 KORICHE: Bahari! Did you not just hear the King? You’re staying!


BAHARI: (Ignores his mom and turns to the King) Please, Sire. Let me help. I can help. I understand why you don’t want your own daughter out there, not only because she is your daughter, but ‘cause she’s the princess, too.


KORICHE: Bahari! How dare you not listen to me!


QUWIN’GO: Little one, you should listen to your mother and the leaders. But, the reason why I’m not letting you go either, is not only because you are the betrothal, but because you are a cub. And out there is too dangerous for cubs right now.


(The King, Queen and Koriche take off after their pride. Bahari sighs and plops down, while Kya runs over to the peak to watch.)


AURORA: (Gently) All right, kids. Into the cave.


(The lioness ushers them in.)



-= Fades…View changes a split second to the great hole in the ground, just a couple miles east of Pride Rock in the Pridelands. The hole is smoking, and now all the lions, as well as the bird and monkey are gathered about it =-



TAYQUWYA: What is it?


RANDOM LIONESS #1: It’s smoking!


RANDOM LIONESS #2: It came from the sky.


RAYANA: We should be careful.


(There’s more chat from the lionesses as Quwin’go stares down deep into the crater, seeing a great rock.)


QUWIN’GO: Indeed it came from the sky. And yeah, we should be careful. I’m not sure what it is.


RANDOM LIONESS #3: It’s a star!


ZARIY: Huh? (Tilts head)


CORGA: How can it be a star?


CHEASALA: No, she’s right. It came from the sky. And look now.


(All the animals gasp as they look up to see many more stars that are flying. They are shooting stars.)


RANDOM LIONESS #2: What’s happening?!


RANDOM LIONESS #3: The sky is falling!


(Still more commotion about the pride.)


 KUSA: But where are those stars going?


 CHEASALA: I’m not sure.


CORGA: Maybe they’re running from something…? (Shrugs)


ZARIY: Who knows.


THURAIA: We must find this out.


HÂRDLAYJE: Yes, or the Pridelands won’t be safe anymore!



RAYANA: What about the cubs? How will they carry on the Kingdom?


RANDOM LIONESS #4: She’s right! What will we do?


CORGA: Hope no more stars will fall down!


ONAY: Oh my goodness, I hope we can do something besides just hope.


CHEASALA: We should talk to Aurora about this.


ZARIY: Yeah. She’s the all mighty wise, shaman lion.


CORGA: Got that right!


KUSA: C’mon, let’s go.


(As the pride starts back to Pride Rock, Quwin’go stays a minute by the crater, still staring at it. And then, he follows.)



-= Fades…View changes to the top of Pride Rock and it’s still night and Quwin’go, Zariy, Thuraia and Aurora are all up there =-



QUWIN’GO: So what do you think they are?


(All the lions have their heads tipped up as they all watch the many shooting stars.)


AURORA: Quwin’go…have you ever heard how the stars are the great Kinds and Queens of the past?




ZARIY: Mom and Dad always told us about that.


AURORA: Well…(Wonderingly)…maybe…I mean, one sun, Baynarr and I were talking, and we talked about the shooting stars, and how the shooting stars are the new spirits. (Looks to Thuraia, Zariy and Quwin’go) Ya know…like the recently dead.


QUWIN’GO: (Nods) So it’s that?


AURORA: I’m not sure.


THURAIA: But they keep falling! They won’t stop! How will we raise our cubs in such a world?


QUWIN’GO: (Nuzzles Thuraia and purrs reassuringly) We’ll find a way, Thuraia. Don’t worry.


ZARIY: Well if ya ask me, I’m sayin’ since there are a lot of shooting stars, there is a lot of drying right now.


QUWIN’GO: (Gravely) Yeah…probably.


AURORA: That is if it’s it.


QUWIN’GO: Do you believe they are, Aurora?


AURORA: (Pauses) I don’t know.


(Suddenly they all sit in a circle; Aurora and Quwin’go across from each other, Zariy and Thuraia across from each other. The view slowly rotates within the middle of the circle of sitting lions, seeing each other their faces.)


AURORA: Back when Shyla was still a young adult—


ZARIY: Still alive you mean


AURORA: (Ignores that comment) She kept coming to me about how she didn’t have a mate and how she thought she was going to never have a cub and carry on the Kingdom. I said, that if she never had a mate, and there was no one to carry on the Kingdom, then that was Shyla’s and the pride’s fate.


ZARIY: Ya mean her fate was to let the pride die?!


AURORA: No…Well, that’s sort of what I was saying. (The other gasp as she goes on) No, listen. There is a time when everything ends and everyone dies. There will be a time when this pride ends. Fortunately, for Shyla, that wasn’t her fate, nor the fate that she brought on to the pride. Now, her time has gone, and many lionesses from her time have, too.


 ZARIY: Yeah, well they were old when she was young.


AURORA: Anyway, (Gives Zariy a sharp look) there will be a time when this pride ends. I hope it’s not soon. I hope it’s not in our days. I hope it’s not in the days of mine, for I am old, and shall see many. Probably even passed yours. And so, one heir, one lion, one animal, one day, has a fate, that shall end the Kingdom and this pride and family. Though, they can end it peacefully. As in, all the lionesses could die from old age, including that one leader. That is, after all, the way everyone should die.


QUWIN’GO: What are you getting at, Aurora?


AURORA: I am saying, it does seem like these are new spirits. Perhaps, many are dying right now. And, perhaps, our deaths might not be that faraway either.


THURAIA: (Outraged) Aurora!


 QUWIN’GO: It’s true, Thuraia. If those are really new spirits, then many are dying right now. And who says we’re not going to end up as one of those stars soon?


ZARIY: But what’s killing them? Maybe we can stop them. Ya think?


ARUORA: Perhaps. (Looks at Zariy) Or, maybe it is your fate, (Looks at Quwin’go) or yours, (looks at Thuraia) or yours. Or anyone’s. Or perhaps, even your cub’s fate. Or anyone after her.


 THURAIA: You mean it might be mine or my daughter’s fate to let the pride die?!


AURORA: Yes…it could be.


 THURAIA: So we just sit here and not do anything?!


ZARIY: Like I said, we should go see what’s killing all the animals and creating these stars.


QUWIN’GO: Or…(Trails off)


(They all look at Quwin’go questioningly.)




QUWIN’GO: Or maybe, those are spirits that are falling. Ya know, evil spirits. Like Uhäki.


AURORA: Or Scar?


QUWIN’GO: Yes. What if they are evil…Or I mean, what if they each have a dark side to them, and so they are sent to plummet. I mean, if shooting stars are new spirits, like Kings, Queens, and others, shouldn’t they all stay up there? Like all those other stars?


AURORA: True, that the others up there. In fact, the first time I saw a shooting star, I wasn’t sure what it was. And I never thought it actually came down. Not until I saw this one today.


 ZARIY: So somewhere out there…they all fall.


AURORA: Yes. Most likely.


THURAIA: But then that would mean that there is much evil out now!


QUWIN’GO: Look, everyone. I’m tired. We all are. We’ve had a hard day. Tomorrow, we’ll send Onay out to tell the Boulder of Strength about this. But for now, we must go to bed, for it is late. Kya is wondering where we’re at right now.


THURAIA: But we don’t know what they are yet, Quwin’go!


QUWIN’GO: Will we ever, though, Thuraia? And if we do, when? I doubt it would be tonight.


ZARIY: Yes, probably not tonight. (Yawns with a roar and stretches)


THUARAIA: But what about the cubs? It will be too dangerous for them to go outside of the Kingdom now, because of all these stars. If they keep falling that is.


QUWIN’GO: It’ll be too dangerous for everyone.


ZARIY: What do we do?


AURORA: I suggest that no one ever goes out of the Kingdom while the spirits are falling. Only for hunting, drinking, etc. Everything we actually need to outside, we do. But no more of anything else.


THURAIA: D’ ya think so, hun? (Nudges her mate with her nose)


QUWIN’GO: (Looks up at the stars once more, then sighs after a long pause) Yes. I think that is for the best.


(They start down the back of the Kingdom.)



-= Fades =-



-= The view changes suddenly to day, and the view is at the main pathway of Pride Rock, near the back of the Kingdom on the southwestern side =-



(Kya sits on a rock, looking into the Pridelands in the southwest, with Bahari by her, though not on a rock, on the pathway’s floor. Kya looks thoughtful as her little tail swishes back and forth, her nose twitches as she sniffs the air, and once in awhile her ears give a twitch as well. And then, she looks down at Bahari, who is sitting right next to the rock.)


 KYA: I’m going.


BAHARI: What? Why? What for? Where?


KYA: If Mommy and Daddy never let us out into the lands again, or off the Kingdom, I’ve gotta at least say goodbye to Lacchelo.


BAHARI: Oh, that kitten?


KYA: He’s not a kitten! I mean, (Groans and growls a little, shaking her head) He’s my friend.


BAHARI: (To himself) He’s a dork.


KYA: Well I’m goin’.


(Kya almost leaps off the rock land onto land, but Bahari leaps on the rock, too, stopping her.)


BAHARI: No you’re not. Your mother and father made me the betrothal, and so I’m supposed t’ look after you. And since the stars keep falling, and the King and Queen say we can’t—


KYA: Oh you’re just saying this ‘cause ya don’t like Lacchelo! (Irritated)


 BAHARI: (Defensively) That’s not it!


(Kya smirks as she jumps onto land and starts running, calling over her shoulder.)


KYA: (Calling over shoulder) I’m going no matter what!


BAHARI: (Growls to himself, watching her, then calls) Well then I’ll tell!


KYA: (Stops and looks back at Bahari) Oh, please don’t Bahari! You don’t understand. He’s my friend…and if I can’t ever see him again, I’d at least like t’ say goodbye. (Pleadingly)


BAHARI: He’s just a stupid cat!


KYA: (Snarls) Fine! Tell if ya want, but you’d just be a tattletale!


(Bahari, not liking the idea of being a tattletale, growls)


BAHARI: Fine I won’t.


 KYA: I’m going! (Takes off running again)


 (Just a few minutes later, two big lions jump in front of Kya, causing her to gasp. Her ears lower as she stares at her parents.)


QUWIN’GO: (Outraged) Kya! We told you not to go off the Kingdom!


THURAIA: (Outraged) It’s dangerous out here with these starts! You could die! Die! Do you want one of those stars to fall on you? Do you?!


KYA: (Whimpers) No.


QUWIN’GO: C’mon. We’re going back.


(They all start back to the Kingdom, but Kya doesn’t give up.)


KYA: Mommy, Daddy, please! I’m sorry! (Sniffles) I just went out here to say goodbye to a friend!


THURAIA: A friend?


KYA: Yeah! I mean, if I never get to see him again ‘cause I can’t go out into the lands, then I’d at least like t’ say goodbye.


QUWIN’GO: I’m sorry, Kya. But you could die out here.


KYA: But Daddy! There are no stars falling now!


QUWIN’GO: They might come. We need to be careful. (Glances up at the sky) They could fall anytime.


 (They keep walking back, and when they get to the Kingdom, they all stay by the entrance of the cave. Kya growls, looking at Bahari.)


KYA: You tattletale!


THURAIA: He did not tell, hun. We found out ourselves. We saw you.


QUWIN’GO: (Firmly) And it’s a good thing we did. We could’ve lost you. (Nuzzles Kya and says more gently) Please try to understand, Kya, we care about you. We don’t want one of those stars coming down to crush you.


KYA: But it’s not even night!


THURAIA: It will be soon. (Watches as the sun sets) And they could fall anytime anyway.


(As they go on, lecturing their cub, Zariy trots over to Onay, who had just landed at the edge of the main pathway.)


ZARIY: (To Onay) Ya gave ‘em the news?


ONAY: (Nods after bowing) Yes, Sire. And they also have the same problem. Many stars are plummeting and have been at their place for awhile actually. And all about there were falling stars. Not just in the Pridelands or Strengthlands, but Outlands, too, as far as the eye can see. There were many. And they’ll start again at night.


ZARIY: (Sighs and looks down) This is what I’ve feared. (Looks back up and starts up the pathway toward the cave) Come, Onay. Let’s get the others into the cave and prepare for a deathly night.


(Onay nods once more, before taking flight and following. Zariy tells the others and they all huddle up in the cave for the night.)



-= Fades =-




Scene Five


Bahari’s Lie


-=Pride Rock=-


 ~Time passed from last scene: One Day~


-= The view comes in at Pride Rock and it’s day, but evening =-



(Bahari comes down off the edge of the main pathway when no one is looking. He runs out into the Pridelands to the west. When he comes to a water hole, he stops, looks about for awhile, and then - *SPLASH!* He had jumped in.)



-= In the air, as he is plummeting, he is a cub, but once he hits the water, the view moves with him into the water, and right when he hits it, and plummets into it, he is suddenly an adolescent =-



(Bahari starts swimming. He is now an adolescent, in his middle teen years. His mane has started growing, and it’s like a mohawk now, practically orange and red mixed with gold, though. He’s bigger and more muscular than he was, though still slim. In a few moments, he comes up out of the water, shakes, yawns with a joined in roar, shakes off more water, and then trots into some long, swaying, yellow grass upon a hill, where he gasps, seeing falling stars, even though it’s day. For the last two years, every night, and sometimes during the day, the stars would fall. Now they are falling again.)


FEMALE VOICE: They’re not as pretty in the day as they are at night, huh?


(Bahari gasps again, and looks down the hill to have a perfect view of Kya and Lacchelo walking side by side. Lacchelo’s bangs have grown with him, and he, too, has a growing mane of brown and black and gray mixed. His muzzle looks thick, but the rest of him looks thin. Kya is bigger, now, too, and she is very slender and beautiful. She is still of light gold.)


LACCHELO: (Replying to Kya’s comment) Yeah. They’re beautiful at night. (Looks up, then looks at Kya and laughs) They sure are, and don’t mind me being Romeo cat, but you are, too.


(They both laugh, but Bahari crouches atop the hill, growling lowly as he stays hidden in the grass, watching, listening, waiting. He makes plans in his head of what to do.)


BAHARI: (To himself) So, sneak out, too, Kya? Pft. I feel sorry that you must have to meet that creep while hiding. (Laughs quietly to himself) I’ll smash your muzzle in, boy. (Glares at Lacchelo) How dare you take my mate. I’ll fight you. I’ll kill you. I’ll…(Trails off and thinks, as he watches)


KYA: I’ve really missed you, Lacchelo.


LACCHELO: And I you. It’s been boring without a cool cat such as yourself.


KYA: (Giggles and blushes) Cool cat, right. (Sarcastically)


 LACCHELO: No really, I mean it. But, (They sit down, next to each other by a water hole) I wondered why you never came back. Remember? You were going to meet my family?


KYA: Yes but, the falling stars have done this, Lacchelo. It’s all because of them that I can’t go outside. Bahari and I were miserable! We still are! Imagine having to be inside all the time! I mean, sure, we could got out on the peak and pathway and whatnot, and go out to drink, but that was all! And we’re still having to live like that!


LACCHELO: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. But, you can’t go out all ‘cause of that? Why? I mean, my mom and dad and the whole pride are always out. No star has actually come down on us.


KYA: I know, it’s stupid. My parents are just being overprotective. They don’t get it. Only one star has fallen within our lands, and three over in the Strengthlands, but they still think it’s too dangerous to go out. I haven’t even learned how to hunt yet!


LACCHELO: (Giggles) Well, I could show ya.


KYA: Really?!


 LACCHELO: Yeah. After all, they’re just a few stars.


KYA: Yeah but, (Paws at the water) Lacchelo…this is the reason I came out to see you.


LACCHELO: Oh, really? Sorry, I thought it was ‘cause ya wanted to meet up with a friend and whatnot. I thought ya wanted to be with me and in my presence! (Snickers as he is sarcastic)


KYA: (Giggles) No, I really wanted t’ see ya! I mean it. But, the reason I came out now, is ‘cause I’ve been listening to my parents talk and…well they said they might think it has to do with either a whole bunch of animals dying, or a whole bunch of evil spirits. I’m not sure. But, I think, maybe our lives could be better if we find out what’s causing all these darn stars to fall, and stop it. Maybe ya could help…?


LACCHELO: Of course! (Laughs) I’m flattered ya came t’ me for this!


KYA: (Guiltily giggles) Yeah. (Says, feeling bad like) But I haven’t even asked Bahari first. I don’t know if I should. I mean, he’d be outraged. Just ‘cause he’s the betrothal of me doesn’t mean he has to be overprotective like my dad is! Sheesh! I mean, seriously. He always thinks he’s the tough one and whatnot. It’s getting annoying.


LACCHELO: (Thoughtfully) Kya…do you really love him?


KYA: Huh?


LACCHELO: I mean, if he’s betrothed t’ ya, then you two have to get married and be mates, but do you really love him?


KYA: (Sighs) Yes…


(Bahari, listening to that, smirks and stands up slightly.)


KYA: But like a brother.


(Bahari slinks back down, growling lowly again.)


LACCHELO: (Relieved) Well then ya shouldn’t have t’ marry ‘im!


KYA: I know, but my parents already arranged it all, right when I was born. I have to, to carry on the Great Circle of Life and the Kingdom and whatnot.


LACCHELO: Yeah but you should do it with someone you love.


KYA: Maybe they just did this in case I would never find a mate on my own.


LACCHELO: Ya never know. (Winks)


KYA: (Giggles, then says dreamily) Yeah…


(They start licking each other, their tails wrapping about each other. Bahari thinks, and tries not to roar out as his fur starts to bristle and teeth start to show as he glares down at them.)


BAHARI: (To himself) I’ll kill him! I’ll make him pay! I’ll make him be sorry for even getting near my mate! She’s mine! Not his! He’ll die for this, I’ll make sure of it! I’ll kill him myself if I have to! I’ll…(Trails off as he watches, then smirks) No…I can see they love each other. If they really do, then I’ll just break it apart. And then Kya will be mine, and no one else’s. Especially his. She’ll be mine, no matter what.



-= Fades, the view showing Bahari’s darkened face…The view comes up once more at the hill, but Bahari is gone =-



(In the distance, many roars and yells and commotion is heard, along with running.)


QUWIN’GO: Are you sure, Bahari?


BAHARI: I’m sure.


(They get to the hill and all of them, the pride, gasp at Kya, who is sleeping next to Lacchelo.)


BAHARI: (To Quwin’go and Thuraia) I told ya. He took her out here to trick and make her his mate!


QUWIN’GO: (Conjoined roar) NO!


(Quwin’go leaps down and runs toward Lacchelo, who looks up suddenly, with Kya.)


QUIWN’GO: (To Lacchelo) You! You get away from my daughter right now!


THURAIA: (Running right behind Quwin’go) We’ll kill you!


KYA: (Surprised) Mom! Dad! What are you doing here?!


BAHARI: (Looks at Kya and Lacchelo, then turns around and steps over to Quwin’go and Thuraia) Sire, Mistress, I saw this lion take your daughter away forcefully, without her permission. Without her wanting to go. He dragged her here. (Kya gasps) And, though I wanted to get to you as fast as I could—for I was not sure of this lion’s strength, and I wanted Kya completely unharmed—I couldn’t help but overhear his plan of a group of lions waiting about, ready to attack Kya at any moment if she were to scream or try to escape, or even say anything about this at all.


 KYA: (Gasps again) That’s not it at all!


BAHARI: (Keeps going, still staring only at Thuraia, Quwin’go and Zariy, too) I heard him say to her that the lions would be watching her at every moment once he let her free, and if she was to tell anything about this, then they’d immediately attack you and your pride, and kill her. And it was all that lion’s idea. (Nods to Lacchelo)


 (Lacchelo and Kya are dumbfounded and horrorstruck at Bahari’s lie, and their jaws are dropped as they stare at Bahari with wide eyes. Quwin’go and Zariy and Thuraia all gasp and growl. Their pride gasps as well and make dark faces at Lacchelo. Onay flies down by Bahari, glaring at Lacchelo.)


ONAY: (To Lacchelo, outraged) This is a princess! Royal blood! (Turns to Quwin’go) Sire, the consequences should be strong.


CORGA: (Hops up and down on Kusa’s head a few times, then shakes a fist at Lacchelo) Why you li’l… (Hops down and almost runs as Kusa puts his paw on the monkey’s tail) Why I ott’a! (Kusa lets go and Corga goes flying forward and face first falls in the dirt…he gets up and shakes) Who does that kid think he is?! (Talking about Lacchelo…Jumps back on Kusa’s head)


KYA: (Finds her voice and bounds over to her parents and Bahari) Mom! Dad! That’s not it all! (Shakes head as she says this pleadingly) Lacchelo’s my friend!


ZARIY: (Darkly) So Lacchelo is his name.


 LACCHELO: (Stands up straight, looking at the Kings and Queen) With all do respect, Majesty and Mistress, this is not at all—


QUWIN’GO: (Joined roar) SILENCE!


 (Lacchelo falls silent, staring fearfully at them all. Kya stands in front of Lacchelo, glancing coldly at Bahari.)


KYA: (To Quwin’go and Thuraia, pleadingly) Bahari’s lying! That’s not it all! (Shakes head again) Lacchelo is my friend and he didn’t drag me here! I went out on my own!


THURAIA: (Nuzzles her daughter and purrs and says gently) It is all right, my little one. You can talk of this now. No one’s going to hurt you. We’re here now, and our pride is too strong for him or his lions.


KYA: (Pulls away, frustrated) You don’t understand! Lacchelo and I are friends! Bahari’s just lying because…Well I’m not sure why he’s lying. But he is!


CHEASALA: Really, Kya. You can talk.


 CORGA: Yeah, don’t let this fool scare ya.


BAHARI: (To Quwin’go) Sire, this despicable thing of a lion, has come upon your land without your permission, along with his pride. He has stolen your daughter and is lying about it now! He’s threatened your daughter so hard that she can’t even speak the truth in front of her own parents! I suggest that you kill him!


ZARIY: I’ll take care of that!


(Zariy suddenly leaps on Bahari and pins him, snarling. He raises his right paw, which is giant and has claws extended out. With a final roar, he is about to slash and pound down on Lacchelo, when suddenly Quwin’go yells out.)


KYA: (Screams) NO!




(Zariy blinks, but stays on Lacchelo as he lowers his paws, still snarling at the teen cub.)


QUWIN’GO: (Calmer) I admit, a fair punishment is in order for this cub. (Glances darkly at Lacchelo, who gulps, then looks up to the others again) But we must not mess things up right now. I’ve got to say, it all points to Lacchelo cubnapping my daughter, and it’s all so convincing, though Kya says he didn’t. Now, we will bring him up to the Kingdom for further questioning, and then Zariy, Thuraia and I will discuss what to do with him. Now…(Nods to his lionesses, who all circle around Lacchelo) We must be careful.


(They all start back to Pride Rock. Bahari snickers to himself. Kya runs up to Quwin’go and Thuraia, now walking in-between her parents.)


 KYA: (Sad, surprised, outraged, pleadingly) What’s wrong with you?! How can you believe the betrothal, but not your own daughter?!


THURAIA: (Surprised) Kya!


QUWIN’GO: We’re just being careful.


KYA: Well stop because Lacchelo did nothing wrong!


QUWIN’GO: (Turns to Lacchelo, while they still walk) Ever since my daughter was born, I have smelt the scents in the wind, and have seen the prints in the ground of other lions. I’ve once even seen them in the distance. Is it true that you’ve got another pride here, about to attack us?


LACCHELO: (Tries to sound strong) It’s true that there’s another pride here. (Lionesses gasp) They’re my family. But we were never planning on attack you. And I didn’t cubnap your daughter, Sire.


 QUWIN’GO: (Carefully) Hmm…we’ll see…



 -= Fades =-