Part Two





Scene Six


Over the Ashy Hill


-=Pride Rock=-


~Time passed from last scene: One Hour~


-= The view come in at Pride Rock in the royal cave, it’s night =-



KYA: (Whispering quickly) Lacchelo, we have to find out what’s with those falling stars.


LACCHELO: (Whispering back) But how? I’m kept here and everyone thinks I cubnapped you and whatnot.


KYA: We’ll sneak out.


LACCHELO: How? I mean, look at all those guards!


(They both look up to see a ring of lionesses about them.)


QUWIN’GO: KYA! Get away from him!


 THURAIA: Right now!


(Kya sighs and gets up, rolling her eyes as she slinks slowly over to her parents, her tail low. Both Thuraia and Quwin’go glare at Lacchelo, before going outside onto the peak. Kya sighs again and lays down in the entrance of the cave, her tail curled around her. Suddenly, there’s a loud sound, like a boom at first. Then there are the cries of many animals.)


RAYANA: (In the distance) The stars!


RANDOM LIONESS #1: (In the distance) That one fell!


KUSA: (In the distance) We have to go check it out!


(Everyone, including the guard lionesses have ran out. Only Kya and Lacchelo are left in the cave. Hurriedly, Kya runs back over to Lacchelo.)


KYA: (Quickly) It was a star. It fell right in front of Pride Rock! It was huge! It almost killed one of our lionesses. I think she’s OK, though. Anyway, c’mon.


(Kya takes a paw and swipes at the rocks where there is a hole in the wall. She makes it bigger and crawls out. Lacchelo, glancing wonderingly back at the entrance of the cave, climbs through the hole, too, following. That had been the hole Kiara had made in The Lion King II when she was older and it was after Simba had exiled Kovu.)


KYA: (As she runs by Lacchelo, into the south of the Pride Lands) We need to find out what’s making all those stars fall now. (Looks up to the sky, watching many more stars falling)


LACCHELO: Yeah…but how?


KYA: (Gravely) I don’t know. (Pauses) Remember when I had said my parents thought it was from either evil spirits or a whole bunch of animals dying?


LACCHELO: (Sarcastically) Noooo, Kya. I did not remember when you said that a few minutes ago.


KYA: Hey! (Bats a paw playfully at Lacchelo when they stop) Anyway, do you know anything that is whipping out many herds or just killing many animals?


LACCHELO: No. Not at all. From what I’ve heard, all the animals are healthy. And have been.


KYA: D’ ya think anyone in your family would know?


LACCHELO: Nope. (Shakes head) They’d probably know just as much as me or you.


(So for awhile, the teens forgot about their problems, and instead of seeing the stars as a threat, they looked up to them as beautiful things that what would complete a great night of rolling around and roaring, slashing and batting at each other playfully, licking and grooming each other as well. When the sun started to climb into the sky at dawn, the stars were still flying. Far to the south in the Pridelands were Lacchelo and Kya. Kya pounced Lacchelo and they went rolling down a hill of unusual flowers. Which was still very unnatural to have flowers out in the savanna in the first place. At the base of the hill, Kya laid on top of Lacchelo, her paws on his chest. They smile at each other, and then Kya looks over, still further south, passed a small river. She tilts her head. They both get up and jump the river, climb up a hill, then stop at the top and both of them gasp. They look at each other, then back over to the south where there is a gray land, blanketed  with ash. It’s smoldering and smoking, and all about are craters and great holes. Both the lions walk over and star to slowly walk about in the ash.)


LACCHELO: (Nervous) Maybe we should go.


KYA: (Smirks and looks at Lacchelo with a sharp eye) What? Not afraid now are we, Lacchelo the great hunter?


LACCHELO: Heh, did I say that?


KYA: You didn’t have to.


 (Lacchelo snickers as they just sit there, staring at the ash covered ground. Then there’s suddenly a rustling sound, and they both jerk around to see a tigress leap out from a nearby bush.)


TIGRESS: What are you doing here? I didn’t think this is where lions live.


KYA: What are you doing here? These are my lands.


TIGRESS: (Surprised) Really?


LACCHELO: Yeah, she’s the princess! Almost the queen! (Sticks tongue out)


KYA: (Rolls eyes and bats playfully at Lacchelo) Yeah, it’s true, I am. (Giggles)


TIGRESS: Well that’s great. Then you can tell me where my sister is.


KYA: (Curious) Your sister?


TIGRESS: (Nods) M’hm.


KYA: Who’s your sister?


TIGRESS: She is my elder sister, Pala.


KYA: (Gasps) I’ve heard of her.


TIGRESS: You have?


KYA: Yeah, but…only stories of her and the ones in the past. She was a great friend of the royal pride. In fact, she was in the pride. In fact, Pala was my great grandmother’s guardian as cub. But…one day, before I was even born, she made up her mind and went with my grandpa’s cousin back t’ the jungle.


TIGRESS: Hmm…well I had left the jungle just a few suns ago, went passed the desert and made it here to the savanna, looking for her. She had left a long time ago, when I was just barely a cub.




TIGRESS: I’m not sure. I can’t really remember what she said it was so long ago. I think she said it was because she wanted more in her life than to stay in a place, crowded with overgrown trees.


KYAS: Well, so, she didn’t come back?


TIGRESS: (Chuckle) Oh hun, isn’t it obvious? She’d dead now. (The cub teens gasp, but the tiger laughs again) Of old age of course. I’m pretty sure I mean. Even if nothing had killed her, then that would’ve been it.


LACCHELO: But, aren’t you even sad?


TIGRESS: Sad? Why, yes, sad. I am. But I had barely known her, even if I did love her so. The best and only sibling I had. (Sighs) Yet, I, too, will be leaving for the stars, for I am old as well. Though I can’t help but wish I could’ve said goodbye. (Long pause…Tigress yawns, stretches and shakes) Well, I have told you what I am doing here, and I know these are your lands, young one. I guess I came here for no reason at all. My name is Parra. I must leave soon, but there is one thing I have to tell you two.


KYA: Oh? (Tilts head)


PARRA: Well, I haven’t lived in the savanna of Pridelands, but I can tell you that this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. All this ash, I mean.


 LACCHELO: Yeah, duh, it came from the stars.


PARRA: Plus, as you are the ruler here—or future ruler—I don’t think others are supposed to go against you. I don’t think they would. Or, not many.


KYA: What are you saying?


PARRA: Follow me


(Parra turns around and leads the youths in a walk, to an ash covered hill, further southwest. Both the teens gasp as they see that over the ashy hill, is a mixed herd of elephants, rhinos, wild dogs and dholes, and hyenas.)


KYA: What’s happening? Why are they all there?


(They see a single lioness atop a rock, roaring and giving out directions to the other animals.)


PARRA: They’ve been doing this for awhile now. And I mean suns when I say that.


LACCHELO: I’ve hear of this. It’s a rebellion thing.


 KYA: But why would they rebel against us? I mean, my parents have been great rulers, and all my family has…except a few flaws in the past. But everyone has their bad times.


LACCHELO: Well if they did anything, it wouldn’t matter. After all, your pride is strong and, I’ve seen many other animals about, who I think are loyal to you, or just wouldn’t fight against anyone like this.


 PARRA: He is right. There aren’t that many animals in her troops, (Points a paw to the leader lioness) compared to all the other animals out there. Which is good that most of the others are loyal. But if these ones attacked, then it’d be pretty bad if it’s a herd of elephants and rhinos and more against just a pride of lions.


KYA: Yeah, you’re right. But it looks as if she’s still training them.


(The animals go about, ramming into things and fighting against each other in training.)


LACCHELO: So they probably won’t attack for a few more suns. Or maybe a lot, if they really wanna take ya down.


KYA: How can she do this? Why?


LACCHELO: Brainwashing.


KYA: Lacchelo, don’t be silly.


PARRA: No. He is right on that, too. If someone has a strong will and determination, they can get what they want, just with words. She’s obviously brainwashed your ‘subjects’. Because I have heard too many good things of this royal pride in the Pridelands. Just too many to ever believe a word she says. But for as why, I don’t know.


LACCHELO: (Standing up, growling) We should go get her and teach her a thing or two about betraying your own leaders!


KYA: (Grabs Lacchelo) Lacchelo, no. We obviously can’t do it alone. Even with the pride, like Parra said, we’d be dead.


LACCHELO: What are we gonna do then?


KYA: We’ll talk t’ Aurora.


LACCHELO: What? No! She’ll tell on me and your pride will kill me! Literally!


KYA: She wouldn’t. She’s the wise, ol’ shaman.


(The three get up and start walking back north.)


KYA: (Looks to Parra) You’re coming with us, right?


PARRA: If you want me to.


(Kya nods. They all take off in a run. By evening, they get to the Pridelands in the far north. There, Kya leaps up the Tree of Life. Parra and Lacchelo climb up, too.)


KYA: I know, I forgot.




KYA: My parents’ rules, about going out of the Kingdom. Aurora follows them, too.


VOICE: Sometimes I like to come back, though.


(They all jump, startled as they whirl around and see Aurora climbing up. The shaman glances around with a warm smile, before taking a paw and going over Bahari and Kya’s pictures on the tree walls. She gives Bahari a part mane, and outlines Kya partly.)


KYA: (Curiously) What are you doing?


AURORA: You two are almost adults, and so I have given you the signs of adolescence. Soon I will outline you all the way, and give Bahari his full mane, once you’ve grown up all the way.


KYA: (Suddenly desperate) Aurora, I’ve got something to tell you.


LACCHELO: (Butting in) Yeah, that Bahari lied about me!


KYA: Actually, that’s not what I was gonna say, but it’s true, Aurora. Bahari did lie about him. And Lacchelo is a great friend of mine.


(Aurora nods as she finishes and sits down, looking at them all.)


AURORA: I believe you. (Grins as Lacchelo sighs in relief, then she looks over to the tiger) And who is this?


PARRA: I am Parra, younger sister of Pala.


AURORA: (Blinks in surprise) Really? How can that be?


PARRA: (Laughs) It’s true, I’ve seen my suns, and they will soon end, so that I will be reunited with my sister and the rest of my kin. I had come here, looking for her when they told me she had left a long time ago.


 AURORA: (Nods) Nearly three generations ago.


PARRA: My, that is a long time. Anyway, I hadn’t seen her in the jungle forever, that’s why I came here. Now I know that if nothing killed her, then she had died from old age, awhile back, too. Though I had wondered why I hadn’t seen her after her journey back within our homelands. Then again, the jungle is a big place. A huge place. (Sighs, but smiles)


 ARUROA: Well this is very surprising indeed.


 KYA: But that’s not the only thing we had to tell you, Aurora. Parra showed us a place, far in the south, over a great and ashy hill where animals are meeting up and being brainwashed by a single lioness. She is training them, and I think that soon, they will attack our pride.


 LACCHELO: I think they’re rebelling against you guys.


KYA: But, why, Aurora? Why would they do that? We’ve been good leaders.


AURORA: Yes. But, why? I’m not sure. We’d have to listen to the lioness’s words ourselves to find out. The important thing now, though, is not why, but when. When will they attack? We don’t know.


 LACCHELO: Don’t worry, though. All your other subjects and animals are still loyal. In fact, there were barely any over there, but I still think your pride would be dead if a few elephants or a couple rhinos fought against you all.


 AURORA: Then we must report this to the King and Queen immediately. Then we’ll go down and see why they’re doing this and when or even if they attack.


PARRA: Oh they’ll attack all right. I’ve heard that the lioness is planning on attacking in a few suns, after more training. Stupid how she actually had them rounded up, right in the Pridelands. (Laughs) I’ve also heard that her name is Ezima.


AURORA: Good. Anything else?




LACCHELO: But we can’t tell the King and Queen! (Pleadingly) Please don’t! They’ll kill me that I was in their lands, near their Kingdom, and most of all, with their daughter! They really will.


(There was a long silence, before Aurora finally sighs.)


AURORA: All right. We won’t tell right now.


LACCHELO: (Sighs in relief) Thank you so much. (Glances inwardly at Kya)


PARRA: I suggest we find out more then…?


AURORA: No. It’s time to eat, then sleep for them. Then, at sun-up, we’ll go. Lacchelo, would you like to stay here for the night?


LACCHELO: (Ignores Kya’s pleading face) Er, uh, sorry, I can’t. My family is probably wondering where I am. But, goodnight. (Jumps off the tree and takes off)


AURORA: (Surprised) Well that was strange. (Shrugs) Guess he’s in a hurry. (Turns to Parra) Would you like to stay here? Or better yet, come with us to Pride Rock? I’m sure they’d love you to stay once they find out you’re Pala’s younger sister.


PARRA: (Smiles) That would be nice.


(Kya, Parra and Aurora make their way back to Pride Rock.)



-= Time passed from last scene: Six Hours =-


-= It’s night, Lacchelo is where Ezima and the other rebelling animals are =-



LACCHELO: (Standing tall and proud) Yes, Ezima.


EZIMA: (Strong and sharp) Good. They think we’ll attack later, but oh no. (Chuckle) Tomorrow, at dawn, when the princess and that old shaman, plus that dumb tigress will come here and we’ll steal them. We’ll keep them. There will be a ransom. We’ll want…five lionesses. We’ll say they are for our temporary usage. They give us the lionesses. But we kill them once we have our paws on them. The leaders go out and try to rescue their dear daughter and the other two. Once the King and Queen are out here, we’ll send the dholes and hyenas out. They’ll be killed.


 LACCHELO: But what about the other King?


EZIMA: Ah, yes. (Thinks, then says) Fine. We won’t kill the King and Queen at first. We’ll capture them on their way here and, put them in the pit with the dholes and hyenas. The other King will come and see them in the pit. We’ll push him down when he’s not looking, and that’s when they are torn to shreds by are our subjects. Once it happens, we will have five of the lionesses, the princess, shaman and tiger, and all three rulers out of the way! That will leave but a small part of the pride left. They will be easy to conquer. We’ll go over, tell them what has happened to their precious family and then, if they do not join us, we shall kill them, too. I will then be Queen! And you, prince.


LACCHELO: Yes, Mother. (Gives a fake laugh) It’ll be great…but…(Trails off)


EZIMA: (Snaps back) But what? It’s a perfect plan.


LACCHELO: (Nods) It is. But what if we left the princess alive?


EZIMA: Why? There will be no reason to.


LACCHELO: Just for a little while. Then the King and Queen will be determined to go after her if they have proof that she’s alive. If they see her alive I mean. That’ll make things go faster, easier and smoother, don’t you think?


EZIMA: (Think for a second, then replies) Ah, yes. You are a smart one, Lacchelo. You are just like your ancestor, Scar. He was great and evil, and you are, too.


 (Ezima walks away into a den. Lacchelo watches his mother go, then sighs heavily and closes his eyes. He then opens them and looks around, pawing at the ground, very sad like.)


LACCHELO: (Thinking) Why am I doing this? Why did I ever want to? I’m just in the position of that Kovu lion dude.


 (Lacchelo sighs, and finally walks slowly to a rock, ears and tail low. He lays down, sighs once more, and falls asleep.)


-= Fades =-



Scene Seven




-=Pride Rock=-


~Time passed from last Scene: Two Hours~


-= Inside Pride Rock, in the royal cave =-



KYA: (Is laying down inside the cave) So, do you think that’s why the stars are falling? Because of all that evil?


AURORA: Probably.


KYA: But it’s not like they’re dead. I mean, it’s not like their spirits are ‘free’ yet, to actually fall.


AURORA: You’re right, Kya. But that is all I can think of. Plus, I have a gut feeling about this one.


PARRA: You have told me lots about what has happened in these past generations, Aurora. It was interesting and I love it, and now I know almost as much as Pala did about your pride’s past. I just don’t know why anyone would want to hurt any of you. (Sighs) But are you saying then, that if the rebellions are talked out of it, then the stars will not fall? Or if all the rebellion stops? Including the evil words from Ezima’s mouth?


 AURORA: Perhaps. Yes, I think that is it.


(Bahari is seen from behind a rock, his paws on it. It’s clear he has been listening.)


KYA: But we’ll go south tomorrow and check it out?


AURORA: Actually, very soon we will.


 KYA: …Aurora, how come you believed me about Lacchelo?


AURORA: (Smiles) Hun, I just remember the stories of Kovu and Kiara. They always thought Kovu was the bad one, when they were wrong. This might be another one of those times. You need to learn to trust people. Except, you can’t be too trusting, of course. It just seemed to me that you would’ve been smart enough to tell us right then in front of everyone if Lacchelo really had killed, because our pride is big and smart and strong. Plus at the time, I hadn’t smelt the scents of other lions about. And I’m good at that stuff.


(Kya giggles. Aurora glances out the cave entrance to see that it is almost dawn. They all start to sleep, trying to grab all of it they can before they go out. Bahari sneaks passed them, towards the entrance, when a lioness suddenly steps up in front of him.)


KORICHE: (Sharply) Now where are you going?


BAHARI: Er, um, for a breather, Mom. It’s not like you have t’ know everything. I’m like practically adult.


KORICHE: (Growls slightly, then sighs) Fine. But be back before sunrise. And no going off the Kingdom, remember.


BAHARI: (Making his way out as he shakes his head and rolls his eyes and calls over his shoulder) I know, Mom!


(Bahari waits until she’s all the way in, before running down the main pathway and then running in the long grass to the south. He soon picks up the scent of Lacchelo and even Kya from awhile before, when they had snuck out. He sniffs the paw prints he finds, before taking off again. Just a few hours later, he arrives at the ashy place, down the flower-covered hill. Once he gets passed the river and up the other hill of ash, he blinks at what he sees. He growls, seeing Lacchelo in the middle of a group of different animals. He knows it’s the rebellions.)


BAHARI: (To himself, outraged) Great and powerful lion my tail!


(He runs down the hill and then starts sneaking around in the grass. Bahari almost roars out to scare Lacchelo, but thinks better of it as there are many other animals about, still. The sun isn’t up yet, and so many are still sleeping. Bahari suddenly puts a paw on Lacchelo’s muzzle and drags him away, into a deep ditch.)


LACCHELO: (Struggling around, saying things muffled before finally pulling away from Bahari and gasps, looking at him surprised before growling) What are you doing here? (There is a note of urgency in his voice, though)


BAHARI: (Smirks) You’re here? With the rebellions?


LACCHELO: How’d you find this place?


BAHARI: How could I not? I’m great a tracking.


LACCHELO: (Snickers) Yeah right. (Sarcastically)


BAHARI: But, (Growls) how can you do this? Going against the royal pride like this? And why?


LACCHELO: (Suddenly growls back) My mother and I are both in the circle of Scar’s pride.


BAHARI: (Gasps) Which means you would be related to Kya, too. (Grins, somewhat)


LACCHELO: (Quickly) No. I am not related to Kya. (Grins as Bahari’s smile fades)


BAHARI: (Confused) Huh? But you said—


LACCHELO: I never said I was related to Scar. My earlier relatives were just friends with him and sited with him. They were in his pride. But it’s not like he’s my great great great grandpa or anything. (Laughs suddenly) Were you for a split second, grateful I wasn’t related to her? So that I wouldn’t be her mate? Well that’s just too bad for you, huh? Anyway, (Flips his bangs) in just a couple hours, when the sun rises, our plans to take over the Kingdom will begin. And, thanks to me, Kya is saved. So I’m like her rescuer. She will be my mate.


BAHARI: (Growls) She wouldn’t want to be.


LACCHELO: (Glares) Fine. If she doesn’t want to, then that’s too bad for her, too. Because I will be prince, and she will be the princess. And the day Ezima—or my mother—steps down—


BAHARI: (Gasps) She’s your mother?!



LACCHELO: —She and I will be King and Queen.


BAHARI: (Snarls) You! You will not ever touch her!


LACCHELO: (Laughs, pitifully) What? Do you think she’d want to be your mate either, after that lie?


BAHARI: (Looks down, shamed and whispered) I’m sorry.


LACCHELO: (Growling) Sorry’s not good enough! Our plans would’ve been delt with by now if you hadn’t said that!


BAHARI: (Sighs heavily and looks up) I truly am sorry. I will tell the pride of my lie and they shall deal with it. But, with that I am also telling them what you are planning on doing.


 (Bahari turns to leave as Lacchelo laughs loudly.)


LACCHELO: (Calling after the laugh) You will not get very far! (Roars loudly out, suddenly)


(As he roars, many of the animals get up and start chasing Bahari. Bahari is frantic and keeps running, but is soon trapped within the circle of animals.)


LACCEHLO: Take him to the pit. (To the animals)


(The animals push Bahari in a deep pit. Hyenas and dholes leap in and start growling and snapping at him, mouths frothing. Lacchelo looks over the edge of the hole and laughs.)


LACCHELO: Don’t worry. They won’t hurt you. At least, won’t kill you. No. That’ll be left for me. But right now I don’t want to waste my energy on a worthless excuse for a lion when attack is just so close now. So, goodbye for now. We shall meet another time.


(Lacchelo turns and disappears from Bahari’s view.)



-= Fades =-


Scene Eight






~Time passed from last scene: Half an Hour~


-= The sun rising over the red savanna fades in, showing three figures walking on the horizon =-



(The sun rises. Two lions and a tiger are walking south.)


KYA: Just this way, Aurora. You’ll see.


AURORA: (Chuckles) I believe you, though, young’n.


(They soon get to the ashy hill, and are silent as they watch the many animals train. Suddenly, they hear something, and turn around to see three elephants and three rhinos charging at them. But there’s nowhere to go except down the hill to the other rebellions. The lions and tiger run down the hill as they are chased. Suddenly, though, they are each pushed over by a group of running dholes and snapping hyenas. The elephants, rhinos, hyenas and dholes go.)


VOICE: (Evilly) Ah, it’s so nice to see you here.


(The three wild cats are each about to get up, when a dhole comes running toward them, crying out and snapping. The voice was from a lioness, who’s standing on a rock. It’s Ezima.)


EZIMA: (Chuckles) Don’t get up, unless you want your ears bitten off…literally.


(So Aurora, Kya and Parra stay down as the dhole trots back to its pack.)


AURORA: (Strongly and loudly) What do you want, Ezima?


EZIMA: I want the Kingdom back. I know it’s harder than that, (Says that while slapping her paw once, hard down on the rock) t’ get it. That’s why, my son is going to lead you all to the dwelling you shall be staying at for awhile.


(Then Lacchelo comes out from behind a bush, slumping towards them.)


KYA: (Gasps, outraged, sad and very surprised) Lacchelo! How could you?!


LACCHELO: (Looks at Kya with a sad face, but then shakes and growls) I am rightfully prince there, not you, Kya. All though, I am sure there can be a way for you to still be princess.


KYA: (Roars out) I’ll never be your mate!


 LACCCHELO: (Frowns, but growls) Well then that’s just too bad, ‘cause Mom and I have decided we want you as the only one alive.


 (Kya, Aurora and Parra all gasp.)


LACCHELO: (Laughs) And you could’ve still had a great position, too!


(After Ezima nods for them to get up, Lacchelo leads them to a pit in the ground. He shoves Parra and Aurora in, but takes Kya to a different pit, over a grassy hill. It’s near Bahari’s. Lacchelo sighs, and starts to nuzzle Kya.)


KYA: (Snarling and pulling away) Don’t touch me, you freak!


(Bahari hears Kya’s voice, and gasps, but keeps quiet. Kya hasn’t noticed the pit he’s in.)


LACCHELO: (Sadly) Please. It was the only thing I could do. I even made sure you did live. I was the one who did that. (Reassuringly and purring) And I will make sure you won’t die or even get hurt.


KYA: (Snarls) I rather die than give you respect!


LACCHELO: (Suddenly snarls back and swipes a paw over her face) You will respect me! And you will be princess still!


 KYA: (Looks away, snarling still and says quietly) I should’ve listened to Bahari.


 LACCHELO: (Coldly) Yes, you should’ve, if you wanted to listen to a rat like him.


KYA: (Jerks her head back to Lacchelo) He’s not a rat!


 (Lacchelo roars out and pushes her in. He then stalks off. After a few minutes, Kya’s ears twitch as she hears someone else nearby.)


KYA: (Curiously) Hello? Is someone there?


BAHARI: (Relieved) Kya! It’s me! Bahari! Are you all right?


KYA: (Also relieved) Bahari! Yes, I’m fine. Just a scratch. (Puts her paws on the hole’s wall and tries to get out, but can’t. Then sighs) Bahari, I’m so sorry. I should’ve listened to you.


BAHARI: It’s all right. I was kind of bratty then. Plus, I did lie. (Silence) I’m sorry. I’m sorry to you, and I’m sorry to him. I even told him I was. And I really am sorry. If we ever get back, the first thing I’m doing is telling everyone I lied.


(Kya smiles slightly, then sighs again and sits down.)


KYA: I just trusted Lacchelo. He was my friend. (Pauses) What’s gonna happen now?


BAHARI: I don’t know. (He tells her what Lacchelo had told him)


KYA: Well, that explains it I guess. Why is there always someone trying to take over the Kingdom?


 BAHARI: I don’t know.


KYA: Aurora thinks that this is why all the stars are falling.


(They both glance up, watching some flying stars in the distance, before Kya gasps.)


KYA: (Urgent) Oh no! Aurora! Parra! They’re going to be killed!


BAHARI: What? How do you know?


KYA: Lacchelo said I was the only one he wanted alive.


BAHARI: He said he’s going to force you to be his mate.


KYA: I know. But right now I’m worried about Aurora and Parra.


BAHARI: How d’ we help ‘em?


KYA: I don’t know. (Shakes her head) The pit’s too deep. (Thinks, then says) Hmm…if only we could get a star to land in the middle of the pits. It’d cause them to break apart and the ground to come down so that we could climb up the debris.


BAHARI: Well, Kya, if they’re really from all the evil here, can’t we get a rebel here and like, do something to make it angry?


 KYA: What? Why?


BAHARI: That way there’d be more ‘evil’ around us, then a star might fall here…?


KYA: Bahari! You’re a genius!


 (They both roar out, and a curious elephant comes over. It puts its trunk down in one of the pits and Kya claws at it while Bahari says some bad things to it. The elephant backs up with a loud cry, its trunk bleeding. It stomps the ground angrily and rears up, but then a star suddenly hits the ground. The elephant runs away in fright.)


KYA: (Now she can see Bahari, as the holes have become one big one since the star hit right between them and she leaps on the dirt mound it made from the collapsing walls of the ground) C’mon!


(They both run up and start toward the pit that Aurora and Parra are at. Quickly, after sighs of relief that they are both alive, they help them out. The four of them crawl on their stomachs in the grass. Once they far enough away, they start running northeast. But that’s when the pack of dholes cry out and start chasing them.)




(They run as fast as they come, and finally come to a break in the ground. The four of them jump it, but the dholes do as well. Four of the dholes fall, but four are still chasing them. They finally make it to a water hole, which they all jump in. It’s large and filled with crocodiles, but still, the dholes follow.)


KYA: (Calls out to the crock) I’m royal blood and I tell you not to hurt them! Only the dholes!


(Because the crocodiles live in the Pridelands and are not rebels, they follow Kya’s rules, and go after the dholes. Kya and the others swim out at the other end, leaving the dholes to their fate. They run and run.)



-= Fades =-


-= Pride Rock quickly fades in, showing the lionesses, lion and tigress running toward it =-



(Once they are up on the peak, they stop, catch their breaths and watch as Zariy comes running out of the cave.)


ZARIY: (Surprised) Kya! What are you doing out? And you as well, Bahari?


KYA: We’ve got something to tell you.


(They all go in the cave, but before anyone can explain anything, Bahari leaps on a rock.)


BAHARI: There’s one thing I need to say. (To the whole pride) I lied about Lacchelo trying to drown Kya. I’m sorry. He never did. I was just jealous.


(Gasps and many of the lionesses start to growl, including his own mother. But then Quwin’go steps up.)


QUWIN’GO: Is that all you’d like to say, young one?


(Bahari shakes his head.)


BAHARI: I ask for forgiveness. Lacchelo hasn’t forgiven me yet.


KYA: (Steps) I’ve forgiven him.


(The pride nods.)


AURORA: After all, we’ve got to learn to put the past behind us. And now, for the most important part of what we need to say…


(Their voices fade as Kya and the others tell the pride about Ezima and the rebellions and what happened and what’s going to happen.)



-= Fades =-


Scene Nine


Another Flaw


-=Northwestern Pridelands=-


~Time passed from last scene: Five Minutes~


-= Ezima and the other rebellions fade in =-



EZIMA: (Crying out) It’s ruined! All ruined! Our plans! My plans! (Turns to Lacchelo, who is sitting right next to her and growls) You! Lacchelo. In two years, when you are full-grown, go fetch Kya.


 LACCHELO: (Blinks) But, why, Mother? I mean, they did get away. What are we gonna do now?


 EZIMA: You’ll do what I say! (Turns to look at them all) You all will! (Looks at her son again) Look, my first plan with you bringing her to our pride was ruined, not only from you being stupid enough to go and almost get all yourselves killed with the gazelles, but because that dumb bird found out! And then it was ruined again when that smart-tail betrothal cub made up that lie about you! And when you brought her to the ashy hill and that tigress came! And now, this? It’s ruined again?! Well then, OK. But you are going to get her here. You will kill her.


LACCHELO: You mean, we’re not going to take over the Kingdom. (Ezima shakes her head) Then why kill Kya at all?


EZIMA: Because she will be the leader. If you or I am not leader, then no one is! And, because of that little suggestion earlier.




EZIMA: What were you thinking?! Being her mate?! This will be for your own good. At least there will be some killing. And it will be her. And you will never fall soft for our enemies again! (Roars out and all the animals bow) Now. (Turns to her son once more) The time will come when she learns to hunt, though it is obviously late due to the stars. I suspect her parents aren’t going to let her do anything until she finally is full-grown. (Laughs) This is where you come in. By that time, you will have already learned to hunt and, you’ll be stronger and bigger. You will have your own time as the star as you kill her. It will be great for yourself.


LACCHELO: (Sighs) I feel like Kovu.


EZIMA: What? Why? There is no reason to feel as him. He was caught where he was because that lioness softened him up, and he fell in love and…(Blinks, and stares at her son, then snarls) Lacchelo! How could you?!


LACCHELO: (Defensive) I’m not in love with her! I just like her, Mom! She was a friend.


EZIMA: I’ll teach you to fall in love with the enemy!


(Ezima suddenly takes a paw and swipes her son. He is so taken to surprise at that, that he is thrown off the high rock they sit on. Lacchelo falls to the ground and dies after hitting his head hard on a sharp rock. Some animals gasp at this, but Ezima ignores them as she grooms her paw.)



-= Fades =-