Part Three:





Scene Ten






~Time passed from last scene: Two Years~


-= The Pridelands fade in and it’s day =-



(There is a lioness in the Pridelands. She stalks over to another lioness. They are Kya and Thuraia. Kya is full-grow.)


THURAIA: (Smiles) Are you nervous?


KYA: (Nods) But not about the wedding.


THURAIA: (Tilts head) Then what of? It’s not that this is your first hunt, is it?


KYA: No, Mother. That’s not it. I’m just afraid…


THURAIA: (Gently as she nuzzles her daughter) Of what?


KYA: What if Lacchelo, Ezima and the other rebels come back? I mean, they were planning on attacking us.


THURAIA: It’s been two years, hun, and they never did. Do you think they are now?



KYA: (Sighs) I can’t help thinking that.


THURAIA: (Nuzzles again and purrs) Our pride is strong.


 KYA: Yeah, but against elephants and rhinos and all those other animals? We could never beat them, Mom.


(Then Quwin’go comes over. He nuzzles his daughter and licks his wife and sits between them.)


QUWIN’GO: So how are things?


THURAIA: Our daughter’s nervous.


QUWIN’GO: (Chuckles) She’s supposed to be that way.


KYA: No, not about the marriage, Dad.


 QUWIN’GO: Then why are you nervous?


KYA: Because, Dad. What if they attack?


QUWIN’GO: Huh? Who? Oh, you mean Ezima and the rebellions? (Laughs) It’s OK, dear. I’ve heard that Lacchelo died.


KYA: (Gasps, surprised) Huh?


QUWIN’GO: Well he was killed, actually. By Ezima herself.


KYA: His own mother killed him! Why?


QUWIN’GO: (Shrugs) I’m not sure. I’ve just heard that. And I’ve also heard the most of the animals have gone. Zariy did the work on exile for them. (Yawns) You know, I can’t wait until you and Bahari are married.


KYA: How come?


THURAIA: He just wants to become lazy again! (Laughs)


QUWIN’GO: Hey! (Pauses) Well, that is kind of true. Hehe. I just can’t wait till I’m Gry. Hey, that would make a good song. (Kidding like) I Can’t Wait to be Gry!


(They laugh.)


KYA: You mean you can’t wait to be old.



QUWIN’GO: Or that. (Chuckles) But then again I lived a quarter of my life with zebras, and I’d like to kick back, relax and be a lazy lion cub again, except this time, take the cub part out.


THURAIA: (Stretches, yawns and shakes as she gets up and leads the others back to Pride Rock) Well, we better get back before the ceremony starts.


KYA: But, Mom, what about my hunt?


THURAIA: Oh yes, your hunt.


(They start walking further into the Pridelands then, to the north. They are passed the Tree of Life.)


THURAIA: I’d just like to hurry back in case another star falls.


KYA: Hey, wait, that’s it!




KYA: (Excited) Mom, Dad! The stars! There are barely any falling stars anymore. I mean, it’s like it used to be, when I was a really young cub. That must mean that they won’t attack. That must mean that they are gone…I just hope that they don’t come back. (Shudders)


(Kya goes hunting and gets an antelope. After the fast meal, they go back to Pride Rock. Quwin’go and Thuraia and Bahari and Kya all roar at the tip of the peak of the Kingdom, looking down at all the animals after Aurora had shook a staff above the younger lions’ heads. The pride, including Parra, was behind them, roaring out with them.)



-= Fades =-



The End




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