Hi, this is my fanfic. The story TLK with a character or two of mine. I hope you enjoy!

          P.S. I didn’t copy Jed’s idea. It just so happened that We had the same Idea.




The Last of a Pride


I.           The Survivor


One morning Mufasa went out for a morning walk through the Pride Lands. On his way back he saw something moving towards him. He went to see what it was. It was a cub! The cub’s fur was light brown and had sky blue eyes. Mufasa went closer to find it severely wounded. He took pity on the cub and tried helped him. The cub noticed Mufasa and got up and jumped onto his feet. The cub growled at Mufasa not knowing if this lion would attack. He jumped at Mufasa trying to knock him down. Mufasa stood still, watching the cub. The cub, noticing that he is no match for this lion, was scared and started quivering.

“What do you want.” The cub said, his voice trembling.

“Nothing” Mufasa replied

“Please don’t hurt me.” the cub said lying down on the ground and covered his head under his paws.

He asked the cub “What are you doing here.”

“I’m looking for Sarabi.” The cub replied, shaking.

Mufasa was surprised. How could this cub have known his wife. ”Why are you looking for Sarabi?” asked Mufasa

”My mother told me to look for her and ask her to take care of my little brother.” The cub said.

Mufasa then noticed another cub but younger had gold fur with a hint of tan in it and baby blue eyes. It was newly born. Hidden behind the cub he was talking to. “Why. . . what happened to your parents, why did you bring him here instead of them?”

”Our Pride was attacked by Hyenas, we were out numbered. . . We were picked off one by one and decided to leave.” There was a pause and started to cry. “Then my parents told me to bring my brother to Sarabi. They delayed the hyenas so we could get a head start. But the hyenas caught up with us in the end. And I had to fight them off to protect my brother. And eventually arrived here” the cub just stood there. Then he walked over to Mufasa and slept.

Then Mufasa brought the two cubs to Pride Rock. The other lionesses already awake by this time, were concerned for the cub. Mufasa told Sarabi what happened when the cub woke up. The cub was filled with joy on the inside to finally have found Sarabi and told her what he had to say. The only thing was that he couldn’t stand. He was still exhausted from the journey

“. . .Please take care of my brother Erevu and tell him everything when it is the right time.” And the cub looked at his brother, took his last breath then, he was gone. Sarabi lightly brushed her paw on the cub’s body and carried Erevu and placed him beside Simba and they adopted Erevu as their son.


II. pouncing lesson

         Erevu grew up with Simba at the Pride lands with Mufasa and Sarabi as his parents. One day Mufasa promised Simba to show him the Kingdom at dawn. Simba woke up before dawn, excited. Erevu was not included just in case he might get envy.
”Erevu wake up, wake up” Simba said while trying to wake Erevu. Simba wanted Erevu to eavesdrop on what he and his father would talk about, even though Erevu wasn’t up for it.
“I’ll” he yawned “be up in a few minutes” then Erevu fell back asleep. Simba sighed and tried to wake his dad “Dad? Daad. dad, dad, dad--” 
Sarabi said sleepily over the barrage of ‘dads’  “your son. . . is awake” 
“Before sunrise he’s your son” replied Mufasa 
“Dad? Daad! Come on dad,” Simba tugs Mufasa’s ear “Daa- whoa!” Simba losses his grip and fell back crashing into Erevu “sorry” Erevu shrugged and turned over. Simba hit Mufasa in the head “you promised!” 
“Okay, Okay, I’m up, I’m up” said Mufasa “Yeah!”. On the way out Simba tried waking Erevu again without drawing attention but failed. Simba talked with his father at the top of Pride Rock

In the den Erevu was sound asleep. His mother stood behind him and licked the cub’s head. Erevu twitched at the sudden lick he slowly opened his eyes.

“Aw, mom” Sarabi licked him again he started to get annoyed “Okay, Okay I’m Up! Ma. . . stop it!” he got up and looked at his mother and gave her a smile.

“You and your brother will be taught some lessons now” his mother said “Your Father and Simba are on the way down” she gestured to the opening “Go on now” Erevu went to join his father as soon he and Simba went down.

They went out on a walk through the kingdom. Mufasa said “everything you see exists together, in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance, and respect all creatures from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.”

“But dad don’t we eat the antelope?” Simba asked.

Erevu has been listening intently to the whole thing and also had the same question in mind.

“Yes, Simba let me explain.” Mufasa started “When we die our bodies become the grass and the antelope eats the grass. And so we are interconnected in the great circle of life”

“Oh I get it.” said Erevu. He already knew what Simba and his Dad talked about in the morning

Zazu landed on a nearby rock ”Good morning, sire” Zazu greeted

“Good morning, Zazu” said Mufasa

“Checking in for the morning report” Zazu said

“Fire away”

Zazu reports about everything that has been going on in the Pridelands. Meanwhile Simba and Erevu notices a grasshopper, who were not paying any attention to Zazu whatsoever. Simba pounces on it but misses, and in doing so hit his head on a rock. Erevu covered his mouth with his paws to try and hide his laughing.

“What are you doing son?” Mufasa asked Simba

“Pouncing” looking at his empty paw.

“Let an old pro show it’s done” Mufasa said. Zazu kept blabbing on. Mufasa asked “Zazu, would you turn around?”

“Yes, sire” not noticing about what’s going on turned around and kept reporting.

“Stay low to the ground” whispered Mufasa

“Okay, stay low to the ground got it, right. . . yeah. . .” Simba repeated.

Zazu notices something’s going on behind him “What’s going on?”

“Pouncing Lesson” replied Mufasa.

“Oh very good. pouncing,” suddenly realized “POUNCING! ? ! Oh no, sire you can’t be serious. . .” Mufasa tells him to turn around “Oh. . . this is sooo humiliating.” Mufasa whispered something. “What are you telling him, Mufasa?” he turns around seeing nothing “Mufasa? Simba?” He notices Erevu sitting in the grass looking at him. He holds out a paw and waves it up and down as if saying good bye with a wide grin. Zazu does the same in waving his ‘hands’ with a perplexed look on his face. Then Simba pounces on Zazu leaving him stunned on the ground.

Mufasa laughed “That’s very good.”

“Nice one, Simba!” Erevu laughed his head off. A gopher came out under Zazu’s head

“Sir, news from the underground” the gopher said urgently

“Now this time--” Mufasa said speaking to Simba and Erevu But was interrupted

“Sire! Hyenas! In the Pride Lands” urgently Zazu said

“Zazu, take Simba and Erevu home.” Mufasa said in a hurry

“Oh, dad can I come” Simba asked

“NO!” Mufasa heads off into the distance.

“I never get to go anywhere”

 “Oh, young master, one day you will be king. And you can chase off those slobbering mangy poachers from dawn until dusk.” Zazu said on their way back.

“On the bright side, we could always practice are skills on Banana Beak over here” Erevu turned his head towards Simba and gave a smile.




III. Journey to the northern boarder


Simba split up with Erevu and went off to see his uncle Scar. Erevu rested for a while wondering where his brother went. He went to look for Nala and see if she was free. He found and played with her. They wrestled and played, pinning each other. They were both equally good. They eventually ended up where their mothers were resting.

Sarafina, the mother of Nala, calls “It’s time for your bath dear”

“Yours too Erevu” Sarabi said grabbing Erevu. She dropped him lying on his back, on his mothers front legs. He didn’t like baths, just like his brother and he struggles to get free from his mother’s grasp but couldn’t, so he just gave up and dropped his head leaving his mother to bath him.

“Baths aren’t all that bad” Nala happily says as she enjoys her bath

“Yeah they’re not bad” he mocked a smile and then turned into a frown “just annoying” he said through his clenched teeth

After sometime, Simba came. “Hey Nala, Erevu” Erevu was finished earlier than Nala and was lying near Nala.

“Hi, Simba” Nala and Erevu greeted together.

“Guys, Come on I heard of this great place”.

“I’m kind of in the middle of a bath.” Nala said through her teeth.

“As always” Erevu gave a small smirk

“And it’s time for yours.” Sarabi said picking up Simba. Simba tries to run but it was to late.

“Mom!. . . Mom. Your messing up my mane.”

Erevu giggled “At least my nightmares are over!”

Sarabi smiles. “Okay, okay I’m clean. Can we go now?” Simba asked.

“So where are we going? It better not be anyplace dumb.” Nala said

“No. It’s really cool.”

“Oh Really? Is it any better than that other place?” Erevu asked with disbelief.

“Yes it is!” Simba retaliated

“So where is this ‘really’ cool place?” Sarabi asked his son who was caught off.

“Oh. . .” thinks “. . . Uh. . . around the water hole.”

“The water hole?!” said Nala and Erevu shouted.

“What’s so great about the water hole?” continued Nala.

“I’ll show you when we get there.” whispering to the other two so their mothers wouldn’t hear.

“Oh. . .uh mom can I go with Simba?” Nala asked her mother.

“Mom may I go too?” Erevu asked her with wide big eyes

“Hmmm. . .what do you think Sarabi” Safrina asked

“Well. . .” looking at Erevu and then Simba

“Pleeeease. . .” the three said together with a large, forced smile. Sarabi started to think

“It’s alright with me.” said Sarabi.

The cubs were overjoyed and started jumping around, “All Right!” said Nala, “Cool!” Erevu said aloud, “Yeah!” said Simba.

“As long as Zazu goes with you” The cubs stopped dead. “What!” Erevu whispered, “No, not Zazu.” Simba said.

On their way to ‘the water hole’ Nala whispered “So where are we really going?”

“Yeah, Simba I’m dying to know.” Whispered Erevu.

“An elephant graveyard.”

“Wow!” “Cool!” Nala and Erevu said aloud simultaneously

“Shhh. . . Zazu” Simba gestured to the flying bird

“Right” Erevu said

“How are we going to ditch the dodo?” Nala whispered.

“I have an idea.” Simba said and started whispering

“How about (whispers)” Erevu started

Then they started whispering on the plan, after a while Zazu lands in front of them.

“Oh, just look at you two” looking at Simba and Nala “Little seeds of romance blossoming in the savannah.” Erevu looked at Simba and Nala confused. “. . .your parents will be thrilled having you betrothed and all.”

“Be-what?” Simba asked

“Betrothed, Intended, Affianced.”

“Meaning” Nala asked.

“One day you two are going to be married.”

“Yuck” “Eeew” Simba and Nala said, disgusted of the idea. Erevu’s mouth drops, dumbstruck.

“I can’t marry her she’s my friend” Simba started

“yeah it would be so weird.” Nala continued.

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but you two turtle doves have no choice. It’s a tradition going back generations” Simba mimicked Zazu on the last three words.

“Well when I’m king that’ll be the first thing to go.” Simba said happily.

“Not so long as I’m around” Zazu said

“Well in that case. . . your fired” trying to deceive Zazu.

“Nice try, but only the king can do that.”

“Well, he is the future king” Nala said.

“Yeah and you have to do as I tell you.” Simba said boss-like.

Their conversation went on, Meanwhile Erevu left them to his position for the plan and dug a shallow hole, which at the bottom, had some soft substance(like quicksand) for Zazu to fall in if the plan goes as expected.

“This should do the trick. Heh, heh” Erevu smiles maliciously and motions over to Simba and Nala and hid behind a tree. He winked at Simba and in turned also replied with a wink. Then the plan was on the move, including a song, in a few minutes Zazu fell into the hole and got stuck, and eventually got squished by the rhino.


IV. The Elephant Graveyard


Erevu met the others a little far of. “All right, It worked” Simba shouted.

“We lost ‘im” Nala said gleefully. Erevu wanted to surprise Simba. He climbed on a rock, and readied himself for the pounce

“Okay, stay low to the ground” he whispered to himself remembering what his father told Simba, and waited. “Just one more step” adrenaline rushed through his body. He eagerly waved his tail around. Then pounced on Simba and pinned him to the ground. “HA! Got ya ! !” Erevu shouted at Simba

“Hey! Get off.” Simba shouted. He got up annoyed. “I. . . am a genius.” He said arrogantly and confidently.

“Hey, genius, it was my idea.” Nala said now slightly angry

“But I pulled it off.” Simba said proudly.

“With us” Nala and Erevu shouted in unison. Simba jumped at Nala and there was a small fight and eventually Nala was on Simba “Ha. Pinned ya.”

“Hey, lemme up” Simba said irritated.

“Whoa! Simba pinned by a girl I can’t believe it! Ha!” Erevu teased

Then when Nala got off Erevu tried to pin Simba to the ground again, but at the same time Simba jumped on Nala and Erevu missed, tripped on a branch and toppled down the side of a hill with the fighting cubs. Erevu landed on his back nearly hitting a rock, Nala Successfully pinned Simba again.

“Ow” Erevu whispered while rubbing his head

“Pinned ya again” Nala said, then there was a loud sound of a geyser which is actually the rock Erevu almost hit. They all got up stood beside each other surprised.

“This is it we made it” Simba said “Whoa” said the cubs observing the surrounding.

“It’s really creepy.” Nala said in a low voice

“Yeah. . . Isn’t it great” replied Simba

“We could get in big trouble” Nala said naughtily

“I have a strange kind of feeling, something. . .is watching us. . . and also something bad could happen you know” Erevu said worried looking at the skull.

“Why, is our little ‘revu scared ?” Simba teased Erevu.

“It’s not that!” staring at Simba then looked away “it’s—” Erevu noticing they were going to the skull.

“I wonder If it’s brains are still in there” Nala asked as they headed for the skull.

“Hey wait!”

“There’s only one way to know” Simba replied “come on lets go check it out.”

Zazu suddenly emerges in front of Simba “the only checking out you will do here is to check out of here”

“Aw, man”

“We’re way beyond the boundaries of the pride lands.” Zazu whimpered

“Look banana beak is scared” Simba taunts Zazu

“That’s Mr. Banana beak to you, fuzzy” poking Simba’s nose “and right know we are all in very real danger” Zazu said worried. Simba moved closer to the skull.

“Danger? Ha! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger Ha, Ha, Ha” confidently laughed Simba,

“Since when was there a wild side to him” Erevu whispered to Nala “He’s always wild” Erevu rolled his eyes. Simba’s laughter was followed by more laughing from inside the skull. Simba ran and hid behind the others.

“Oh no” Erevu softly as he backed up. Three hyenas emerged from the skull. “whoa!” Erevu tripped over the tusk and out of sight. No one noticed.

“Well, well, well, Banzai. What have we got here” said one hyena. Erevu recovering from the fall started to get back up. Seeing what was happening, the hyenas were circling them.

“Hmm. I don’t know. . . Ed?” asked Banzai, Ed laughed hysterically “Just what I was thinking a trio of trespassers”

“Ahem” suddenly Erevu cleared his throat for no reason at all “oops”

“Make that four.” Banzai then looked at Simba “you must be the—”

“future king” Simba finished

“Do you know what we do to kings who step out of their kingdom?” asked banzai

“Puh, you can’t do anything to me” Simba replied.

While they were having their discussion Erevu was looking for a place to run, but the only place was deeper into the graveyard. He went back over the tusk and hid. He signaled to the others to run with him when the hyenas were busy joking around. When the hyenas noticed they were far off. After a while the cubs stopped running.

“Did we lose ‘em” said Nala trembling

“I-I think so. . .” Erevu said panting real hard

“Uh guys. . .” Nala and Erevu look at Simba “where’s Zazu?” Simba Said. They found the hyenas with Zazu shoot through the air. “Why don’t you pick on some one your own size?” shouted Simba with guts, Nala and Erevu stare at him.

“Bad idea Simba” Erevu said through his clenched teeth, trembling

“Some one like you?” shouted Shenzi.


‘Oh great!’ Erevu thought.

They were being chased through the graveyard, Simba and Nala suddenly changed direction. Erevu slipped and tried to go in the same direction just before he noticed “Ahh!” he went straight through a pile of bones! He groaned as he regained balance. the hyena chasing him stopped. He met up with the other two to find a dead end. They tried to climb but fell. Turning back they saw the hyenas again.

“I told you something bad might happen” Erevu said to Simba.

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty,” Shenzi taunted, Simba roared but it was only a cub like growl. “Is that it, do it again” Simba roared again ,but the roar was now a grown up roar Erevu was surprised also the others. Mufasa had arrived and fought the hyenas

“We’re in trouble” sighed Erevu.


V. Erevu’s Past


They left for Pride rock the three cubs were at the back bowing in shame.

After a while “Zazu” Mufasa called, still angry “bring Nala and Erevu home I’ll have to teach my son a lesson, I’ll talk to Erevu later.” Zazu flew back to the cubs

“Nala, Erevu come with me” Zazu said ,Erevu was not listening and thought he would be with Simba. Simba started to walk to his dad, Erevu followed but was pulled back by Zazu “Not you young master, you will talk with him later.”

They walked towards Pride Rock “I hope Simba is going to be fine” Nala said downhearted.

“You mean Simba and me, since we’re brothers” Erevu said miserably

“Oh yeah” Nala said.

“Ow!” Erevu suddenly felt as if something pinched his left leg, he looked down to find a cut.

“Are you alright, Erevu?” Nala asked

“Yeah I’m fine” Erevu said hiding the cut.

Nala entered the den

“I’ll be waiting here for Dad.”

“alright” said a sleepy Nala from inside.

“I hope we are not in much trouble” Erevu said as he lied down outside the den. He groaned.

It took a long time till Mufasa and Simba came back. Erevu dozed off while waiting. He awoke when Simba entered the den and his father walked up to him.

“I’m so sorry dad. . .” Erevu started

“It is alright” Mufasa said, clearly showing that he lightened up after talking with Simba. “But that was dangerous you could’ve got hurt or worse” Erevu looked down on his left front leg and there was a wound which he just noticed just now, then looked at the ground. “that has got to hurt.” Mufasa said with concern, bringing him down to the water hole Mufasa washed it.

“It stung a bit, but now it is better” Erevu said and started to sob

“I think it is time that I tell you about your real family.” Mufasa said

“My real (sobs) family?” Erevu said wondering what this meant.

“your brother, just as old as you are right now, brought you here. He was severely injured because of attacking hyenas” Mufasa took a deep breath “Your real family, your pride was attacked by Hyenas, your pride was picked off one by one so you’re parents decided to flee for safety but they, the hyenas, gained on your family. Your parents were forced to delay the hyenas as much as possible, but died in the process.” Mufasa sighed “your brother had to fight to protect you and when he arrived here, he was dying. He told us everything before he died. You couldn’t remember all this since you were a new-born cub. Your parents and brother sacrificed their lives for you.”

“oh” sobbing uncontrollably.

“I didn’t want your family’s sacrifice be useless and so I shouldn’t let you die.”

“I-(sob) thought you were my parents” now crying

“yes Erevu we are your parents, your real parents are watching from the stars above”

“The stars?” asked the bewildered cub

“Yes the stars as I’ve told Simba that the great kings of the past are up there watching over us.” Erevu yawned loudly “I think it is time for bed” Mufasa said with a soothing voice they started to walk then Erevu remembers something

“Uh. . . dad” Erevu said quickly.

“What is it son?”

“don’t we have a punishment, I mean me and Simba?” said Erevu thinking about what it may be.

“I’ll tell you in the morning but now it is time for bed” Erevu lied down and fell asleep in no time. Right where he was.


VI. Nightmare


Erevu had a nightmare after hearing about his family. He dreamt that he was in the exact place where he had really been during that time but his sight was very blurry. “What’s going on?” Erevu said in his dreams “where am I?“ they ran for a long time

“Take Erevu to Pride Lands, there you will find Sarabi, my friend” said Erevu’s mother

“Mom aren’t you coming with me?” Erevu’s brother asked worried

“No, Rashi I must help your father to delay the hyenas.”

“But, Mother where. . . should I go(sob)”

“go west, and when you find a stone sculpture go there, I have to go now”

“will I ever see you again?” Rashi quickly asked

“You will my son” his mother said before running off to her husband.

“Mother” Rashi said in a soft voice. He picked up Erevu and started to run, when he looked back he saw the very last thing he wanted to see. “No!” his parents dead. Now the hyenas were chasing them, he ran as fast as his little legs can carry. They were slowly gaining, he had no choice, he had to fight. Erevu watched in shock as his brother put him down, fought the hyenas but it didn’t go so well.

“You can do it Rashi, come on pal” Erevu said. Rashi was getting more and more hits, cuts, bleeding and everytime his brother was hit Erevu shouted. “No, brother please don’t die, no. . . no. . . no. . . no. . .NOOOO! ! !” Erevu awoke instantly with tears filled his eyes, panting very fast, noticing that Simba and Mufasa looking at him. It was still night.

“Are you alright?” Simba asked

“My family. . .my parents (Sob). . .my brother (sob)” Erevu said quivering and still panting.

“Don’t worry it’s only a dream” Mufasa said trying to comfort the little cub. “Try to sleep some more, it is long before sunrise” and Erevu went back to sleep with Simba. It took a while before Erevu slept.


VII. The Stampede


Erevu was shaken by the dream he had last night, he saw what happened to his family. He was up again still before sunrise, everyone was still asleep. He walked out of the den wondering if that nightmare was true. He sat in the cool breeze just outside the den. Recalling everything he dreamt.

Simba noticed he was already awake and seemed a little worried. He went over to Erevu

“Are you alright, Erevu?” Erevu was startled and quickly looked around

“Oh, it’s just you, Simba.” said Erevu depressed

“Anything bothering you?” Simba said trying to comfort Erevu.

“Oh nothing, It’s just my nightmare last night.” Erevu sighed

“By any chance does it have to do with your family?” Simba asked

“Why, Yes. . . how did you know about that?” Erevu questioned

“You told us last night silly, plus dad told me about them last night.” Simba said.

“Oh.” Sighed Erevu

The sun was now rising “Sunrise is always perfect here.” Erevu said to himself. Simba concerned for his buddy, thought of ways on cheering his bud up.

“Hey, do you want to play?” Simba asked

“Sure!” And the cubs ran to and played at the water hole.

Mufasa was up and watching his children play from the top of Pride rock “Have you thought of their punishment yet?” Sarabi said softly from behind.

“I think a punishment won’t be needed Sarabi. I think they learned their lesson” Confidently Mufasa said.

A little while later Nala had joined in the fun. They were playing happily until lunch when they were called. After lunch Erevu saw Mufasa walking a few yards away “I’ll just go ask dad something.” He told Simba and ran off.

“Alright, see you” Scar walked in, a few minutes later, towards Simba “Simba come with me I’ll tell you something” Scar said. Simba got up and went with him they went to the gorge.

“Daddy has a little surprise for you” Scar said

“Really? Can you tell me Uncle Scar?”

“No Simba” Scar said about to leave “I’ll go get your daddy.”

The herd at the top of the gorge was moving. Meanwhile Erevu is still heading for his dad even though it was a short distance he had difficulty due to his injured leg.

“The herd is on the move.” Zazu Exclaimed.

“Odd” Mufasa said. Erevu came running down It took him some while.

“Dad, dad.” Erevu cried

“What is it son?” his father answered

“I have a question about—”

Scar comes running in “Mufasa, Stampede, in the gorge Simba’s down there!” Scar with a mock scared voice.

“Simba?!” Erevu said on their way to the gorge. Zazu went ahead to look for him. Mufasa, Erevu and Scar tried looking for Simba.

Zazu returned “He’s there on that tree!” they all looked in the direction Zazu was pointing.

“SIMBA! ! !” Erevu shouted. Mufasa went down into the stampede to help. Erevu was with Scar, following them along the edge, Erevu was in front of Scar on the edge of falling. “I need to help them, I want to help them, but how?!” Erevu said to himself.

Scar heard these words then Scar whispered sarcastically “Then go help them” he pushed Erevu of the side into the stampede.

“AAAHHHH! ! !” Erevu shouted as he fell.

Simba saw Erevu fall “NO!”

Mufasa saw him fall too, but didn’t see Scar push Erevu. He got Simba first and put him on a ledge then went to get Erevu. Erevu hit the ground. He shut his eyes closed in pain, then he felt some one pick him up. Mufasa was going on the edge of the cliff where Scar was, he was dangling on the step wall, cub in his mouth “Scar, Brother, help me!”

Then Scar dug his paws in Mufasa’s “Long live the king” Scar whispered in Mufasa’s ear then let go. Erevu noticed Scar was talking and looked up just in time to see Scar release Mufasa. Mufasa fell and let go off Erevu and roared

“NO!” Simba said at the same time watching his father and brother fall. Erevu hit the ground, unconscious and was hit a few times by the hooves of the wildebeests.

Simba went down “Dad, Erevu” then a lone wildebeest came trotting through. Simba found a limp, lifeless form on the ground “dad?” when he came closer he saw another body just a few feet from Mufasa “No!” starts crying “we got to go guys,. . .(sob) Guys?” He went under the paw of his dad.

Scar walked in “What have you done Simba?” he asked, Simba got up instantly.

“There (sob) was a (sob) stampede and . . . and it was an accident (sob)” Simba said.

“I know, bad things happen” pulls Simba closer “But the king is dead, and so is your brother. If it wasn’t for you they’d still be alive. . .” Scar lied and gasped “What would your mother think?” Scar said with a fake sorrowful face.

“What should I do?” Simba asked trembling

“Run, Run away, and never return” Scar said.

Simba ran away and, at the same time Erevu regained consciousness “What happened? (notices Mufasa) NO! !” and Erevu moved towards Mufasa and notices Scar “You killed him! ! !” Erevu shouted

“Why yes, you know, you heard and saw me, I pushed you off the cliff quite amazing your still alive.” Scar said happily

“You’ll never get away with this!” tears trickling down Erevu‘s cheeks

“Oh on the contrary, I will” three hyenas came out “Kill them both!” Scar ordered. The hyenas chased Erevu. Ed and Banzai saw Simba and chased after him, Shenzi chased Erevu. Erevu had a difficult time to get away due to his leg.

“Oh, no!” Erevu thought and made a sharp turn and jumped over a passageway where Simba passed. Shenzi was surprised and didn’t jump and hit her own comrades.

“Simba!” He followed Simba but had to go through a small cave when Shenzi gave chase. He saw an opening and jumped out, just to find thorns awaiting. “WHOOAAA! ! !” Erevu screamed as he went straight into a few thorns “AAAHHHH! ! !”  He was covered in scratches. He came out of the sea of thorns limping with his left leg in pain again.


VIII. The splitting of friends


He saw Simba and tried to reach him. He couldn’t get closer, after some time Simba dropped, “No!” Erevu shouted as he ran towards the now unconscious Simba “No. . .Simba.” Erevu said as he tried to wake Simba. Vultures came and he tried to shoo them away from Simba’s body when suddenly, he was thrown in the air. And hit his head on a rock and fell unconscious. By the time Erevu regained consciousness Simba was gone.

“No,. . . what should I do?” Erevu said looking here and there “Should I go back to the pride lands—No! I shouldn’t, uncle Scar would kill me there and then” then Erevu gave a deep sigh. Erevu kept on walking under the blazing sun. He was very hungry, thirsty and exhausted. He decided to get some rest and lied down. He had the nightmare and awoke at sunrise. He kept wandering for hours until he saw some grass and then he saw some lionesses in the distance “I need help, I should ask them if I could just stay for a while” Erevu weary limped on his way there through a herd of antelopes and passed out with a loud thud making the antelopes run. A lioness that has been stalking the herd was disappointed to lose them but saw the cub.

“Oh my, I think he’s gone through so much, I mean look at all those wounds” She pitied him. She said to the others and went to pick him up “and must be starving too” she finished on the way back to her den.

After two hours Erevu woke up hard he then looked around “Where am I?”

“He’s alive.” Shouted a lioness “are you alright?”

“Who are you?” he paused “what are you gonna do to me?” Erevu said trembling as he backed away from the lioness.

“Whoa, Wait It’s okay, It’s okay I won’t hurt you.”

“You won’t?” Erevu said relieved. After a few moments Erevu hung his head and started walking out crying silently.

“Are you okay? You look depressed.” The lioness asked but he did not reply “My name is Gina, what’s yours?”

“mine (Sniffing and sobbing) is E-Erevu” Erevu said, gloomily

“Erevu?” Gina asked and Erevu nods his head “Where did you come from?”

“I, I. . .” Erevu started but ended buried his face in the fur of his front limbs and started to cry hard.

“Oh, uh. . . would you like to play with the other cubs” but Erevu kept on crying “Hmm. . . do you want to eat?”

Erevu nodded. And they went for lunch which the other lionesses finally caught a few antelope. Erevu ate as much as his stomach could take in and left with a weak “Thank you”

“Gina why did you bring him here?” asked a lion, seemingly the leader of the Pride.

“He was out there all alone, and just look at him all those wounds and scratches” Gina answered then went to Erevu “Hey Erevu what’s bothering you?”

“My  family. . . My foster father. . . brother. . .” then started crying again.

“Why what did they do to you Erevu?” Gina asked.

“what did they do?” still crying “what did they do, My real parents sacrificed themselves for me, and my brother had to protect me from the hyenas and brought me to the Pride lands just in time for him to die, my foster father was killed by my foster uncle who tried to kill me and. . ” Erevu said very quickly and harshly “Simba, my best friend” he calmed down “I tried to keep him from being eaten by the vultures to find myself flown into the air and knocked, to wake up and. . . find him gone!” Erevu panting really hard.

“You must’ve had a rough time, I think you should get some sleep” Erevu slept where he was. Gina brought Erevu inside a den and put him down.

Erevu had the same nightmares again and still in shock every time he woke up. He had a nice time there made friends with the others especially a lioness his age, Patricia. He never forgot what happen in his past thanks to his nightmares. Erevu sat under the stars every night thinking and ‘talking’ before he went to bed.



IX. The good news


A couple of years passed by, Erevu was grown up and grew a gold yellow mane with streaks of red. He was looking up at the stars “What should I do? Father please send someone to give me a hint or an idea or something.” he sighed. This night Patricia was watching him.

“Who are you talking to Erevu” Patricia asked, confused. Erevu whirled around to see who it was.

“Oh it’s just you Patty, I was just talking to my father”

“Your. . . (looking up) father?”

“Yes, why don’t you go ahead and sleep.”

“Oh no, it’s okay”

“Anyway” Erevu said as he hung his head and gave a sigh. He spotted something dancing in the distance. He ran to it.

“Where are you going?” Patricia shouted but Erevu was far already.

Erevu approached the dancing animal. “Who are you?” Erevu asked to the dancing monkey “Hello? Are you deaf?” Erevu asked sarcastically. Erevu blinked and the monkey disappeared “where did he—’’

Who are you calling deaf!” the monkey asked while hitting Erevu real hard in the head.

“Ow!, Wait a minute I saw you one night with father um. . . what was your name ungh Raf, Raf — ael? ” Erevu said hastily

“Yes. . . I mean No,” He gave Erevu a menacing look “I’m Rafiki” Rafiki said bowing

“Oh yes Rafiki”

“You better go and help your friend.” Rafiki said

“My friend, wait—’’ Interrupted by his friend Patricia. He faced her

“Erevu who were you talking to?”

“Rafiki, a family friend” Erevu said looking back at Rafiki to find him gone “where’d he go?” there was a pause “help my friend, Simba? But isn’t he—’’

“Nope!” Rafiki shouted and again hit him hard in the head with his staff. Erevu rubbed his head and smirked. Rafiki turned away and suddenly Erevu hit Rafiki in the head with his paw

“Hey” Rafiki said angrily

“Sorry” Erevu mocked

“Hakuna Matata” Rafiki replied

“Hakuna Ma---- whata?”

“It means no worries” Rafiki said calmly “I think it is time to get back to the point here” Erevu was confused “your friend. . . brother. .” there was a short pause “ring a bell” Rafiki starting to lose his patience.

Erevu thought “He’s alive!” Erevu shouted with happiness filling him “he wants me to help Simba fight his uncle and all those hyenas.” thinking “Patricia, I’m going out”

“What?, Then I’ll go with you. . . I’ll just go tell someone” and she gone off, Erevu thought it through. After a while Patricia came back.

“You sure you don’t mind if you come along and fight?” Erevu asked

“No problem” said the Patricia “It is for the lost cub we promised to help if we found you” She said bowing

“What do you mean?” Erevu asked wondering if she knew

“My Mom is a friend of your parents, anyway let’s go”

“Thanks” Erevu said kindly and were off to the Pride Lands.



X. The Battle


Erevu saw Simba. He went over to Simba, Nala, and a Warthog and Meerkat. Patricia hid behind Erevu.

“Danger Ha! I laugh in the face of danger, Ha ha ha” Nala said, quoting Simba when they were little

“Not you too, Nala” Erevu shouted. The four of them looked at him. Erevu raised an eyebrow “What?”

“Who are you?” Simba asked slightly growling covering Nala “And how do you know her?”

“Simba it’s me—  Oh yeah! You must have forgotten me”


“Would you recog— no wait, Nala would you recognize this quote. He made his pitch dramatically higher, as high as his cub voice and said “since was there a wild side to him, He’s always wild”

“Erevu!” Nala said with glee. Timon and Pumbaa then screamed (late reaction) upon sight of the new lion not noticing he was Simba’s friend

“Are they always like that Simba?” Erevu said

“Stop it guys.” Simba said trying to calm them down but they kept screaming and whimpering.

“Hmm. . .” Erevu smirked and winked to Simba. He started to walk towards the two whimpering animals.

“What are you thinking?” said the meerkat who is Timon “what are you doing?” Erevu bared his fangs “No. No! please don’t eat me!” Timon pleaded while Erevu pinned Timon, growling and opening his mouth about to bite “NO! Simba help! Fight this lion. HE’S GONNA EAT ME ! ! !” Timon shouted out to Simba who started laughing. Erevu lowered his head above Timon’s body when Pumbaa, the warthog, rammed into him and made him fly.

“Owww. What did ya do that for.” Erevu said rubbing his head noticing he almost hit a rock, Again.

“Nobody eats my pal” Pumbaa said bravely ready to ram in to Erevu once more.

“Easy, easy I was just joking” Erevu replied with a smile.

“Thanks. . . Erevu” Timon said sarcastically

“Are you alright?” Simba asked

“yeah” Looking at the rock “almost like it” He had a flashback when he was shooing off the vultures.

“What are you talking about?” Nala asked Erevu

“I know now. . . you-- ” pointing to Pumbaa “bumped me when I was in the crowd of vultures trying to shoo them away and made me fly into the air and make me hit a rock and knocked me out” Erevu said quickly “Silly me to think Simba was eaten by vultures while I was knocked out” and sighed

“Sorry” Pumbaa apologized

“Hey, no problem” Erevu looked at Pumbaa and winked “Hakuna Matata”

“Hey how did you know that?” Timon asked

“Yeah?” Simba said

“The ol’ dancin’ deaf monkey told me” Erevu whispered to the others Jack smirked once again. Patricia stepped out from behind Erevu.

“Hello” She said kindly

“Who is she?” Nala asked gesturing to Patricia

“Who?” Erevu looked back at Patricia “Oh, she’s Patricia”

“Nice to meet you” Nala greeted Patricia

“Let’s go!” Simba whispered to the others as they started walking, Erevu and Patricia silently followed.

“SARABI ! ! !” Scar roared Erevu stopped at a distance to hear what’s going on. Scar and Sarabi talk, Erevu tried to contain his anger when he saw scar hit Sarabi, then Simba leaped in.

“Only one problem, You see they think I’m king” Scar said pointing to the hyenas.

“Well, we don’t!” Nala shouted lifting Sarabi. Erevu jumped up

“I don’t care about what they ” gesturing to the hyenas with an angry expression “think, Scar.” Patricia came up beside him. Scar gave a wicked grin. Erevu stood and watched with the other lionesses.

“Anyway” Scar continued “I hate to be responsible for the death of a family member wouldn’t you agree, Simba?”

“That’s not going to work anymore Scar. I’ve put it behind me” Simba countered

“Well what about your faithful subjects have they put it behind them?” Scar asked with an evil smile

“Simba?” Erevu asked

“What is he talking about, Simba?” Nala curiously asked

“Ahh” Scar said delighted “So you haven’t told them your little secret. Well, Simba, now is your chance to tell them. Who is responsible for Mufasa’s death!”

“What?! Simba?” Erevu asked Simba desparately “I thought uncle killed him?”

“Well you thought wrong Erevu” Scar said trying to convince Erevu. Simba on the other hand stayed still for a while then stepped forward.

“I am” Simba said. Sarabi approached her son

“No, tell me it is not true.” Sarabi weakly said

“What!? Simba it’s not you!” Erevu shouted

“It’s true” Simba said regretfully

“You see, He admits it Murderer.” Scar said angrily. Erevu was trapped in another world trying to remember what really happened when he came back to reality when Nala shouted “Simba” Erevu looked at the edge of Pride Rock and saw Simba slipped “No!” He shouted and tried going nearer without letting the hyenas know. And then Simba suddenly shouted aloud and jumped on Scar

“NooooOOOOO. . . Murderer”

“Simba Please. . .” Scar pleaded. Erevu couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation and only heard Scar admit. Everything about the Stampede returned to him. All the lions started to attack as soon they saw the hyenas jump on Simba. There was a clash of hyenas and Lions. It was a furious battle. Erevu saw Rafiki come and fought. After some hyenas were knocked out he went to Erevu and assisted him then quite suddenly, Crack! Rafiki hit Erevu on his head so hard making one of the fruits blew apart.

“Owww! WHY DID YOU DO THAT !?” Erevu shouted

“That’s what you get for calling me a deaf monkey!” Rafiki said and left.

The battle lasted quite a while. There were many hyenas to fight. Simba followed Scar. Erevu stayed and helped the others fight. Then Simba dropped Scar over a ledge. Scar met the hyenas and they ‘devoured’ Scar and the battle was over.


XI. The End


Simba took his rightful place as king. He gave a loud Roar all the lions roared in return. A few days later all the animals returned. Patricia decided to stay a few days. The night before she was supposed to leave, Erevu was outside talking with Patricia.

“Um. . . Patty” Erevu asked.

“What is it Erevu?” Patricia replied

“What did you mean when you said you know my parents?”

“Because we were betrothed, you and me”

“We are? B—but I thought I was the only one who survived?” Erevu asked in shock

“Yes you were one. My family left just before the incident”

“So you are also a survivor?”

“Yes” Patricia replied with a smile

“I have another question?”

“What is it?” Patricia asked. Erevu took a deep breath

“Do you want to stay here. . . with me?”

“I’d love to! This place is so beautiful I’ll just go home for a while to tell my parents” Patricia said to Erevu happily looking out into the distance.

“It is already taken care of, I asked them before we left.”

“Why thank you Erevu” Patricia said as she nuzzled Erevu “You are as clever as your name suggests”

“I love you Patricia.” Erevu said softly

“I love you too Erevu.” Patricia replied. They nuzzled each other affectionately. Suddenly Simba walks in.

“Hey Erevu—“ He notices the two nuzzling then he saw Patricia lick Erevu “Uh, see ya!” He ran off

Shortly after Patricia’s parents arrived for their wedding her parent’s decided to also stay at Pride Rock. They had a nice time helping Simba now and then in his deeds. Patricia and Nala became good friends. Simba and Nala, Erevu and Patricia had cubs of their own and thus completes the circle of life.


-Jaron Bautista (jberevu@yahoo.com)