Darkened Love




Note: This is a story I made up of Scar, Zira and Sekeita, and the past behind the three of them so that there’s not so much confusion. Everyone knows Zira and Scar had a "thing" after all, but it says in my characters list that Scar and Sekeita were mates. So this short story is about them.



 My characters were originally created by me, and are not allowed to be used without my permission. But other characters were created by Disney.



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A lioness stalked slowly over to a lion. It was dusk, and the two were now nuzzling each other as they stood in the long, swaying grass of the yellow and green savanna. The lioness glanced around, eyeing it all wearily.


 "Don’t worry, my love." said the lion, his piercing green eyes boring into the lioness’s soul with the only love he had felt for many years.


 Indeed Sekeita was the only one for him. Sekeita and Scar were mates. In fact, this lion, who had once loved and had been loved in the days of his calling of Taka, was so overwhelmed by this almost new feeling, for it was the dawning of affection within his dark heart once more.


 He started to close his eyes, listening to the lullaby of Sekeita’s purring.


 Sekeita smiled warmly, forgetting the scar above her mate’s left eye. She started to lick his face for awhile, before they both laid down. Scar put his paw over her neck and she nuzzled the top of her head under his chin.


By nightfall, all the stars were out. Scar glanced up at them and, only for a split second did the memories of his cubhood rush through his head. But then, the hate washed over him like a wave, and he was yet again, trapped in the dark. Sekeita, too, held hatred for these so called rulers in the Pridelands, for she had heard only the bad words of them from Scar.


 Tonight was a night they would both remember, for Scar was planning on killing his brother, Mufasa, and his nephew, Simba, so that he could be King. Finally.



Finally. It was a great word, and Scar would utter it just the next sun. He had been waiting and planning and seeking it all so that it would lead to his rising, and soon, this great behest of his would be at its zenith, and then, he would bore a cub with Sekeita. That would continue and carry on the Kingdom that was overruled by him. Scar.


Suddenly, there was a rustling in the grass. And then, another lioness leapt out. Her eyes widened and she roared, outraged as she saw Scar and Sekeita together.


"Scar!" she cried, trembling with both fury and hatred, as well as a deep grief. "What are you and her doing?!"


Scar sat up calmly, yet Sekeita couldn’t help but somewhat hurt as his warm, red and orange fur separated from her smooth, dark fur. She frowned, her eyes settling on the lioness.


"Zira," said Scar, gently. "You and I are not mates, and never will be. I am sorry, but I do not feel that way for you."


"But with her you do?!" snarled the lioness called Zira, now rage boiling in her blood.


Glancing at Sekeita, he nodded to Zira.


 "Yes." he declared strongly. "For she is my one and only."


There was an awkward silence, before Zira roared out again, and took off to the north. She snarled to herself, thinking. The lioness couldn’t help her extended claws. If it weren’t for Scar, she would’ve attacked Sekeita, and either killed her, or died trying.


 Once she was far away enough that she hung out on a ledge that was coming over a high edge of the gorge, she sighed, clawing the ground as she looked south now, Pride Rock a small, misguided pebble in the distance. Growling, she laid down, tail sweeping back and forth and tuff twitching.


 Zira’s feelings lightened up as the sun did the day, for it was the next. She yawned and stretched, and soon was looking down at the gorge in awe, for there were many running wildebeests. Taka, she thought to herself. What have you done this time, my brilliant Scar?



 Pitying herself, she sighed and walked away. I’ll make Scar jealous, she made up in her head. I’ll have a cub of my own…But with who?



Suddenly she stopped, and saw Kamau standing in front of her. He was a dark lion, like Scar, and he was also scrawny and slim like him as well. She smirked. Kamau had been her mate, but she had left him, for Zira had thought she had had a chance with Scar. Only her stomach tightened into knots, as she had seen Sekeita and her future lover together. And until yesterday, she had thought she could’ve won him over.


Again, Zira felt the anger and, stalking over to Kamau, she smirked inwardly. The lioness could sense Kamau’s feelings. She knew that, no matter how mad he was at her leaving him, he couldn’t help the hormones. Now she had her chance to get Scar back. I’ll have a cub, she made up in her mind. I’ll have even more than one cub if I want. And the first will rule the Kingdom of Pride Rock.



But even when Zira had given birth to her first cub, Scar merely congratulated her. She had snorted at that, and Kamau and her had yet another. Once again, Scar wasn’t mad, but smiled at Zira. Zira, herself, wondered why Scar and Sekeita hadn’t given birth to any cubs of their own yet.


 Zira and Kamau had one last cub, as Kamau had died when he had gotten too near Sekeita. Scar had snarled, and ordered Tanko and Kadio, Sekeita’s brothers, to kill him. Zira was very taken aback by this, but she could not fight, for she was letting her newest suckle.


It had been a drizzly day, and after Kamau’s death, Zira was laying down in the rare grass of the Pridelands, glaring at the passing Scar and Sekeita, as she was grooming her new one. Vitani was still too young to eat meat, and so she, too, was suckling at her mother’s tits. Nuka was out playing, being watched by one of Zira’s friends.


 Zira wrapped herself around her cubs as her leader passed. She was doing it protectively, and couldn’t help nor fight her mothering feelings. But, this time, Scar actually walked over. Perhaps it was the fact that she had actually tried to protect her cub from him. This was, after all, the only time she had wrapped herself about any of her cubs when Scar passed, for Zira always sought for his mateship, so that he could actually father them himself and leave Sekeita.


"Why, who do we have here?" he asked, standing tall and proud.


 And he should be, for right then, he was at his zenith. Scar was a powerful King then.


 "I have named him Kovu." stated Zira sourly.


 Sekeita, as well, wasn’t too fond of seeing her mate interested in another lioness’s cub.


Scar solemnly dipped his unusually long muzzle down to sniff the cub, then lick Zira, who purred. Sekeita growled disapprovingly, but Scar ignored his mate and started to walk about Zira slowly.


 "This one is different than the first two," he exclaimed dryly.


"He is my second son." Zira replied.


"Yes." he growled, standing up tall again. "I don’t know why, I just feel it. What is his name again?"


"Kovu." she stated.


"Very well. Zira, I have made my decision and, I will not kill him, nor the first two."


"Thank you very much," Zira replied, bowing her head respectfully.


Why was she doing this? Why wasn’t she protesting and smarting off to him about how she would have never let him kill her cubs anyway? Zira would’ve done that, and then given a good fight. The fact was, she didn’t care much if they did died, she would’ve just loved to have made Scar angry, and pretend to be protective. But, then again, she had wrapped herself around them…At least…to protect Kovu. For some reason, she and Scar both saw something in him. Maybe they saw Scar himself…or perhaps Taka within this cub.


 "If for any reason," he added. "there is no way Sekeita and my cub can’t take over the Kingdom, this cub will."


With that, he walked off. Sekeita scoffed, but followed. She couldn’t help but feel angry about this.


Zira snickered, watching Sekeita. She also felt very proud of herself about this, and very proud of this new cub. Starting to groom the cub once more, she thought, Scar isn’t that bad. Sure, he killed Kamau, but I was only using him. And he also let me keep my cubs. Also, he picked out Kovu to follow in his footsteps. Perhaps I will befriend Scar…as only, and only a friend…



That rat! Sekeita was thinking right then. He didn’t even ask if I was OK with this! But as she stalked around in a circle, she glanced at her brothers, Tanko and Kadio. She couldn’t help but soften right then, for, though she was mad at Scar for what he had just done, she couldn’t help but feel very grateful that he hadn’t killed her brothers once he became King. Yet it probably had been the fear of actually going into combat with even one of Sekeita’s brothers, for Scar was skinny, and they were buff and muscular. Though he did have the hyenas on his side.


Sekeita laid down.


 Yes. Scar was her mate after all and, she had to be thankful for that.



 The End



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