The Outland Era

Warning: Contains mild Actions and Scenes !

If you are person who cannot stand violence and blood. Please turn away,  Part of his story is also Military based. Also this is not intended for young childern. Mainly potty mouth.  (Bad words).

You HAVE been warned.

The time is June, 4 1997 2:43 p.m.

There was a small group of humans that had been sent to collect a group of lions for testing. The only lions that were caught were a small family of lions that called themselves the Outlanders. A day before they were going to be processed, they escaped, They worked like a team and when it came down to the end, Suka sacrificed himself and held the fence open so everyone could get out on the next cargo plane to Africa, They all escaped, All but one. They detanied him and did many tests and things to him. They called him a success and gave him the name, Darklion.


United states Army Corps.

  The bustling base was full of people in training for the war in South America. There was one solider, His name was Suka, But most just called him, Darklion. For he attacked from the dark shadows with the strength and speed of a lion. And for the fact he was a lion, that could talk. He was one of the army finest, But he himself was far from fine. His head was a rumble of emotion. At times he would become VERY agressive and once he killed 3 freindly marines. He was becoming a problem. He had only one friend in the army, His name was Ryan Stellar, He considered the lion a GOOD additon to the army. Before Ryan was sent to South America he told Darklion he was the best he had seen.  The next night he got a black edged letter. After that a note came. Ryan had written it. he said he was going to be sent into the junge, He knew he would die. He told Darklion to make his dream come true and make his father and his "Bitch" pay. Darklion swore he would. One night while the base was on lock down he snuck out of the base and loaded a military half-track with every weapon in the armory. Then he came upon something he had never seen before, Some kind of gun. He had no clue WHAT it was, But the put it in the truck anyways and put all the extra glowing things he thought went with it in the truck along with every peice of reloading equipment.. Then, As he was about to leave, He remembered some kind of experementel vehicle that they had in their poession. He silently drove the half-track over to the compound where the vehicle was stored. He found a gard watching the door, He silently krept up to the marine and efficently slit his throat without making a sound. You could have heard a pin drop as he silently killed the man. He took the marine's keycard and opened the door. What he found inside stunned him. The US had one cool looking Half-track-tank. He shut down the security syestem and took a look inside the tank, This thing's got enough room for a small army ! he gloated. he shut the armored hatch and loaded all of the weapons into the kiling machine. And climbed back into the tank. Just as he went to turn the key, He felt the icy cold of a gun barrel on the back of his head. Get out right now or I kill you on the spot, And dont make a sound either. Darklion was stunned, Why did this man want him to be QUIET? the man spins you around and prepares to kil you. You stupid guards when are you . . . then the man see's your medals and your face. Comander Darklion? What are you doing? asked the marine. I think the question is, What are YOU doing in here marine? Sir, I was planning to escape in the new prototype, Sir. Well, Isnt that intresting. Said Darklion as he put a gun to the marine. Thats the same thing I was going to do. Darklion waited . . . Are you gonna take the gun or not? he asked. Darklion, Sir, Are you suggesting I come with you? Yes, Now stop talking like a dam robot and get into the tank. The two got into the tank and Darklion got to the controls. Marine, Could you go to the back and unhitch the tank? Yes sir! The marine got out of the tank and went to the back. Darklion rubbed his forehead and got out his gun and looked out the hatch. Sir, There's no Latch Sir. Darklion aimed at the marine and shot him in the head. He then got back into the tank and said. I TOLD ya ta Stop acting like a dam robot. He started the tank up and plowed through the doors. By now the whole base was on red alert. Darklion crashed throught the buildings and headed towards the runway. Lets hope this thing does what I've heard. he yelled as he pulled back on a lever. With that the tank sprouted wings and two massive jet engines. The tank picked up speed rapidly. It soon took to the air. Everyone began to shoot at the tank. STOP WASTING AMMO ! yelled the General. Thats tank's immune to our ammo. The tank sped off into the sky. There were some people that had to pay. His first target was in Indiana. Hunington, Indiana. To be presice, 1212 Salomonie drive.


Meanwhile, in a large termite mound in Africa.

 There was a pair of lion's debating about something to do with somewhere called the Pridelands. We shall attack them tomorrow ! yelled a large male. You will be risking your life my love. said a large, golden lioness. So be it, I must make him pay for what he tried to do to me. We shall ALL go tomorrow. said the lioness.


Back in America


Ahh, Im here at last! sighed Darklion as he landed the plane in a small field. Now, I shall tear throught this town and test out my mighty tank. He aughed as he headed towards the glow of the city. Now, Lets get aquinted to all the controls. Darklion looked over the control module. Humm, this is the main cannon, Machine guns, Plasma cannons, Telsa Claw? he wondered. humm, Think i'll test that. he thought. Darklion aimed what he thought was the Telsa Claw at a farmhouse about a mile away. now, it says I have to bring the weapons syestems online before I can fire. Suka fiddled with the controls, turning dials, targeting the weapon syestems and then bringing the weapons systems online. A large HUD appeared infront of him. Okay, Cool, this thing tells ya everything ! he laughed as he messed around with it. There, Only got four shots, Humm. he thought. How am I gonna reload this thing? he thought. Well, After I level this town I'll find out where this thing gets its ammo, And stock up. Now, Lets rock ! he yelled as he drove towards the town. think I'll still test out my strength on that farmhouse. he drove up to the house and put the tank's massive plow a few feet from the house and then gave it a little gas. the tank quickly crashed throuht the home. leveling it totaly. Well, I got enough strength. The farmer just happened to be out in the barn. He came running outside to come face to grill with a massive machine. The farmer yelled and shot his 410 Winchester at the beast. Not even a scratch. He ran back in the barn as Darklion floored the tank and leveled the barn. Within half an hour Darklion was in the town. Im gonna have so much fun. he thought as he drove his tank through all of the large homes, tearing through them like tinfoil. I love this thing ! he yelled as he roared down the road. Soon Darklion was on his targeted street. Salomine Drive, He hissed. He revved the tanks massive engines as he prepared to have some fun. He gunned the tank and tore through the homes like nothing. Then he came to it, His target, 1212. He stopped the tank before it leveled the house. He got out of the tank and kicked down the door. The occupants were awake in a flash. The female cried and tried to call the police. Their station had already been leveled. There wasnt power or anything. The stairs creeked as he climbed the stairs. He stopped just before a .22 Cal shot zoomed past his face. he looked at the man who had fired the shot. My turn. he laughed. The man tried to shoot Darklion in the heart, But his gun was old and it jammed. Aww, Gun jammed? asked Darklion as he assended the last stairs to show he had a weapon. A 30-OT-6. A very powerful rifle. It seems your gun is jammed. He laughed as he primed the large gun with a shot and put the magizine in. Well, I cant say you've had the best relationship with your son. As he cocked the gun and slammed the bolt back. But, here's where you get to know each other. Now, You can move aside, And I'll end this problem, Or I can end you. Your choice. The man now thought for awhile and then shot Darklion in the chest. Darklion looked to his chest, A tear formed in the corner of his eye. You shot me in the heart. He cried as he looked to his friend's father. You were more willing to kill me then to just stop me. He took off his shirt and showed the man his vest. I didnt think you would shoot me. He then aimed the gun at the man's heart. I wish you wouldnt have killed me. He said as he fired the gun. It made a hellish bang as it tore the man asunder. Ryan told me to tell ya. Goodbye dad, He still Love's ya. Now he looked to the lady in the room and said one word, CINDY ! he walked in the room and she slapped him and tried to go for her pistol. he shot her in the arm with his Desert Eagle. It practialy blew her arm off. She screamed and fell to the floor crying. Ryan says hi Cindy, you have messed with him for the last time. he growled as he pointed the rifle at her head. Now, He want's you to suffer. he said as he grabbed her good arm and handcuffed her to the raditor in her room. He then walked outside and she heard the massive engines roar to life. he aimed the 140 million candlepower lights in the window. The intense beames burned her skin horridly and started a fire in the house. better put that out. he thought. He then put the tank into drive and began to drive the tank slowly up to the side of the old house. He put its grill up to the side of the hose and its massive spikes tore throught the side of the house. He then revved the tank causing to house to lean to the side heavly. The snaping and cracking of beams could be heard, so he stopped revving the tank and the house retained its normal form. But now it looked like a mess. Everything Cindy had worked so hard to improve was being crushed. The house groaned and creaked as Darklion gave it a little gas. The house groaned agian and he almost pushed it over. he then listened to he screaming as the house's walls began to crumble under the stress put on them. Good bye Cindy ! yelled Darklion as he watched her house crumble to the ground with her in it. Now its on to Wherever I get ammo. Darklion looked over the module. Humm, Nevada huh. Okay, next stop Nevada. Darklion drove the tank over to Arizona crushing anything and everything that got in his way.




We cannot attack today. said the golden lioness. I wish to attack soon. said the large lion. How about we attack in a few days. perhaps tomorrow? asked the golden lioness. Just then three more lions came out of the cave, Two were Males and the other was an Female. What are ya talkin about? asked the younger male. We were plannng when to attack the Pridelands. Cool. said the older male. When were you planning to attack them? asked the female. Soon my Vitani, Soon.




Darklion was crossing into Arizona. Now, According to this I should be looking for a sign that says, Exp. Equip. Okay, Weird, Why would they broadcast their location? odd, AH, here it is, Darklion turned the tank onto the dirt road and drove down it. Then a voice came over his radio. Please transmit Id code. Darklion had no idea what to do. So, He put in his code. Checking...Checking...Id approved. Darklion was amazed. I guess I DO have clearance. he drove the tank on and found out what would have probably happened had he not transmitted his code. There were two large cannons gaurding the gate. he continued on. He got up to the gates and a man came out of the booth and asked him for his Id card. He took the ID out off the dashboard. let me check this up. the man went back into the booth and put the card into a machine. Darklion's heart was racing. the man came back out and stuck a gun in Darklion's face. What are you doing here? I am here to resupply my tank with ammo for the South American war, solider. The solider looked over the card. Didnt realise you were a comander. He went into the booth and raised the gates. Darklion went into the base and went to a loading bay. Another man came up to the hatch. Please give me your Stock list. Darklion didnt have a stock list. he noticed there wasnt anybody else around as he pretended to dig for a stock list. He was actually putting a silencer on his Desert Eagle. Darklion picked up a clipboard and held his gun below it. Here you are. he handed the clipboard to the man. He didnt see the gun under it. When he looked back up to tell Darklion there was no list he was silently shot in the head. Darklion took the man's Id and keys and went into the warehouse, Then he realised, How was he going to carry all this ammo? The god's must have been looking over him. There in front of him was a prototype that went with his tank. It was ment to carry more men and supplys, but he used it to carry more weapons and ammo. He loaded it with over a ton of gunpowder and reloading supplys. He also found a place where he could get something else he needed. Fuel. And lots of it. He even found a 100 gallon fuel tank. He loaded all of this into the trailer with a forklift. Then came the moment of truth. Would it still fly? He started the tank and gave it the gas and up to speed. He deployed the wings and hoped. After a few hops and skips the tank and trailer flew. he yelled to the skys as he flew off. I REALLY LOVE THIS THING ! His next plan was to get out of the US. he decided to go to Africa and hide in the jungles.


Three hours later


Darklion was just getting over Africa when he heard something, But he didnt know what it was. then he looked over at his fuel gauge, Empty. was all it said. that noise was the fuel alert. He was out of jet fuel and crashing to the ground fast. He realised where he was. he was just outside the Outlands. Somehow he managed to land the tank softly enough that when he hit the ground the tanks engines fired right up. But now he had a full tank of Deisel fuel. He drove the tank onwards he could see the Mesa Escarpment or Outland Hill through the sandstom in the distance. He gunned the tank and headed towards his old home. The tank flew across the sand throwing it this way and that. Fiannaly he neared The Mesa Escrapment. He blew the Air Horns to get his family's attention. he could see someone standing just outside the hill. He drove the tank up the the hill and the lion ran into the hill to hide. He stopped perfectly in front of the hill and blocked the searing wind. He got his pistol and an extra clip just in case his family was not here anymore, and got out of the tank. He slowly walked towards the entrance of his home. he knew the hill by heart. He headed towards the den to try and find whoever was here, Family or not. Suddenly a lioness attacked him, He was about ready to shoot her when he reckongised who it was. Dont kill me, Im your son ! The lioness stopped trying to kill him, But slashed his face. How dare you say you're my son ! she yelled. but I am. Its me, Suka. the lioness backed away and looked at him. If you are Suka then whats that thing at your side. She pointed at Suka's Pistol. Oh, Dont worry. its called a gun. It is made for killing. The lioness bared her teeth at him. No, Not you, I was afriad someone else was here. Oh really, then whats my name? She asked. Mom. He replied. She jumped on him, teeth bared. The name your father calls me ! she hissed. Suka gulped, Well, He call's you alot of things, He calls you Dear, Love, Zira.. The lioness got off of Suka when she heard her name. Is it really you? she asked. Yes, its me. And im back. Before we start to trust him we must find out if he is INDEED our son. Said a fimaliar voice. It was Scar, His father. Hi Dad. said Suka. He knew he didnt beleave him. If you are family then you should know us all. said Scar. Well of course I do. Name us. said Scar. That's my sister, Vitani. That's Dumb old Nuka. Of corse, that's Zira. Your my father, Scar. And that's Kovu, My other brother. Very good. said Scar. Now, The only test Left is the smell test. I know my family's smell well, you dont smell anything like us. Explain. Well, Iv'e been around humans for awhile. But I know how I can prove to you that I am your son. Very well, said Scar. Prove it. Suka Looked Scar in the eyes. "Thy fight was true and thy blood pure." was all he said. Scar looked him in the eyes, Your mother told me that at the fence. said Scar. Yeah, Iv'e never forgot it. Welcome home son, said Scar. Thank you, Dad. Suka then got comfortable with his family. Ya know, When this sandstorm dies down, I have something I need to show you out front.  We shall all go see it tomorrow, For now, Lets get some rest. I agree. said Nuka. I second the notion. said Vitani. It's gonna feel good to go to bed in my room tonight. said Suka. With that, the family went to sleep. As a family, Whole.


Outlands, The next day.


Suka woke up to the sound of commotion coming from the den. Suka got up and found the family talking to each other. Suka came up to them and asked them what was wrong. Scar and Zira were crying. Nuka was laying on the floor with a gunshot to the head, The red on his head must have been blood, But something wasnt right. Suka got down and asked Nuka if he was alright. Nuka said it hurt really bad. Suka felt Nuka's forehead, the red wiped off and there was no hole, But there were little pieces of plastic. Suka then got up and looked at his parents with a grin. What the hell is so funny? roared Scar. And Zira just cried harder. Well, Your son has been shot in the head by a paintball gun. He'll be fine. Scar got down and looked at the wound. Zira got down on instinct and licked the wound. She spat out the red. What the hell is that? she yelled as she hacked and coughed. That is viniger and paint. Nuka realising he wasnt hurt, got up. What was that thing? he asked. That was something called a paintball gun. It cant hurt you, Unless you get shot in the eye. You mean im gonna be alright? he asked. Yes. Laughed Suka as he felt is brother's head. What in the heck were you doing? asked Suka. Well, I got in that thing out front and got into your stuff. I found that thing and thought it was somekind of stick. Something on it moved and it hit me with something. I thought I shot myself. Suka was rolling on the floor laughing. Nuka didnt find it a bit funny, His head had a knot on it and Suka was laughing about it. I'll show you what I brought. said Suka still trying to catch his breath. They all went out front to the tank. This is called a tank. Nothing can hurt it. said Suka proudly. Also, Everything in here is now all ours. Suka took them inside and showed them the controls. Nuka went over to the Paintball gun and kicked it. I see Nuka found the stick. laughed Vitani. Everyone chuckled about that. Suka went to the door and put his key in it. These are the dangerous ones. said Suka as he opened the door. The walls were lined with all kinds of weapons. All of these are called firearms or weapons. said Suka. Can I fire a real gun? asked Nuka. Sure, just dont kill yourself with it. said Suka. Nuka picked out a 9mm. Good choice. said Suka. Here, This is called a Magizine, Put it in there. Okay, Now This is called the bolt, Pull that towards you until it clicks. Good, Now, Point that thing at whatever you want to hit. Nuka aimed out one of the portholes and aimed at a termite hill near the tank. tic. Nuka jumped back, Cool, He aimed it at the termite hill agian. tictictitictictic. he tore the mound apart. Good, Keep pratcing Nuka. Nuka was letting the 9mm tear the mound apart. Now I want you all to pick one gun right now. Scar picked up a rocket launcher of the floor. Zira took a sniper rifle. Vitani took an M-16 And Kovu picked out a sub machine gun. Good, Now Scar, Pick up that long round thing off the floor. He did. Okay, Now put that in the back of the gun, But watch it ! It'll take out of your paws. Scar put it in the back of the launcher And it sucked the rocket out of his paw. Good, Now Point that red dot at a FAR away target. That gun will push you back so watch it ! said Suka. Scar aimed it at a far away rock. FWOOOM ! he fired the rocket and it sped towards the rock, But missed. Hey, Thats good for your first try. Zira loaded a magizine into her rifle and tried to aim. I cant see past this thing. she yelled. That is caled the scope, look in it. Zira looked in it and her muzzle twisted into a grin. She aimed at a far away rock. We watched it crack in two when she hit it dead in the center. Suka was speechless. Pretty dam good huh? said Zira. Very dam good ! Said Suka. Then Vitani loaded her gun and got off without any help. She also hit what she aimed for. Very good.  said Suka. Kovu aimed the Sub and tried to shoot it. tick tick What the heck? said Kovu. What? asked Suka. It's shooting, but it dosent make much noise. Nope, Said Suka. Why? asked Kovu. Suka took a hold of the end of Kovu's gun, And twisted it off. This is why, its called a silincer. It makes your gun very quiet. said Suka. Also everyone couldnt understand why their guns wouldnt fire. Okay, remember the magizine? said Suka. Its empty. Suka taught them all how to reload their guns. Okay, Now thay you've had your fun, Time for me to play. Suka Opened another door. These are the real nice guns. said Suka. Everyone went into the second room that was half gun shop, half reloading shed. Suka showed them the guns on the wall. Nuka came up to Suka with the weird glowing gun. And asked. Whats this? Ya know, I really dont know myself. said Suka. But we're gonna find out. Suka lead them out of the room and he pointed the weapon out the window. click click click. Suka loked over the gun, I wonder why it wolnt fire. Nuka looked at the gun too. Where's the magazine? asked Nuka. Good question. Nuka, Go to the back and look through the boxes and try to find anything that glows. Nuka ran to the back and started digging through the boxes. Do you have any clue WHAT it is? asked Scar. Nope, But we're gonna find out dad. Nuka returned with a smaller box, Here's all the glowing things I found. Suka rumaged throuhg the box while everyone messed around with all of the weapons. Then Suka found something that looked like a magizine. It had something glowing inside of it. Like a luquid. Suka looked at the gun and found a lever and pulled it back. Then without warning the gun hissed and let out a bunch of steam. Everyone including Suka hit the dirt. the gun fell to the floor and stopped hissing. Suka slowly got back up and looked at the gun. It looked like the thing he found would fit, So he cautiously put the "object" in the "Thing". The "object" fit perfectly and made some noise. Suka pushed the lever forward and it covered the "object" and then hissed for a few seconds, Then the gun began to pulse with a green glow and it hummed lightly. Okay, Hold on to your butts said Suka as he aimed it out the porthole. he aimed it at a faraway mound and pulled the trigger. Vrreeeee...Click...Fissss...wo...wo..wo.wowowowo...VREEEE FA BOOOM !  The gun threw Suka agianst the wall and fired its massive blast. It was a very bright green spining ball. It hit the far away hill and atomised it in a catstrophic nucular explosion. Suka yelled. GET DOWN, STAY DOWN, AND COVER YOUR EARS ! The sonic boom from the explosion hit. It practily blew the tank over. And the noise was defening. Within seconds it was over. Suka looked up and uncovered his ears. You can get up now. said Suka. What the hell was that? yelled Scar. That was something called a nucular explosion. This gun is EXTREAMLY dangerous. The gun layed on the floor, It's barrel still glowing green. Suka noticed the spot where Nuka layed down was covered in urine. Nuka, Did you pee yourself? Nuka looked down at the place where he had layed. Uh, No. was all he said. Well Now that we all know how to use a weapon. What shall we kill? asked Vitani. Personaly, I think we should make the people that detained me pay. said Suka. Well, Why dont we? asked Scar. Beacuse im out of jet fuel. What fuel? asked Zira. Jet fuel, it burns alot hotter than gasoline. Oh, Well, I dont think we have any around here. said Scar jokingly. We would have to drive to wherever. What if we drove to somewhere that has Jet fuel? asked Kovu. Good idea. Now, Let me look over my map and see if I can find a station. Suka looked over the map. There. pointed Scar. Yes, this map says that base has jet fuel. but it's a base. Said Zira. Yeah, looks like we'll have to take the tank. You mean you have fuel for it? asked Scar. Yep, Hundred gallons. said Suka. Well then, lets go. said Scar. Everyone get your weapons, they wolnt be to happy when we crash through the gates. said Zira. Suka got the tank refueled and fiannly reloaded the weapons on the tank. We're all ready. said Suka as he started up the tank's massive engines. Everyone on board? asked Zira. 1,2,3,4,5,6. Yep, We're all here. said Vitani. Good. said Suka. He put the tank into drive and gave it some gas. The tank pulled itself out of the sand flawlessly and began to make its way to the base on the map. A few hour drive. As the tank thundered across the savanna Nuka noticed that the tank had its own weapons. Hey Suka, What kind of weapons does this thing have? asked Nuka as he looked over the manual. Oh, thats right. I've never found out. Now that we've got ammo we'll find out. Suka brought up the HUD. Lets see, machine guns, Telsa Claw. Iv'e always wanted to try that out. Now I will. Suka armed the Telsa Claw. and a large barrel slid out the front of the tank. But this was not any ordnary cannon. This looked like some kind of grapple. As Suka engaged the cannon the claws came closer and created an arc across each other. They began to spin slowly at first but picking up as speed as they arced. Soon the barrel had created a pulsing ball of Pure energy. He told everyone to hang on and he engaged the cannon. The claws rapidly came together concentrating the ball of energy into a focused beam, much like a laser, But MUCH more powerful. The beam hit a mound far away and they watched as it cut the mound clean in two. As it did the next it came in contact with. Then the cannon's shot drained. and it powered down to prepare for its next shot. Sheeyeah. said Suka. What shall we try next? You choose Zira. Zira looked at the HUD and selected the A-DAT. Suka Disarmed the Telsa Claw and Armed the A-DAT. A large, Sinister looking barrel came out the front of the tank, Followed by two more. Suka locked onto a heat signature. It seemed to be another mound. The weapon found the heat signature and orentied its barrels. Okay, Here we go. He armed the cannon..s. They fired all at once causing the tank to burrow into the ground about a foot. The large shells could be seen in mid-flight. They all three hit a faraway mound, Dead on. They were powerful, Homing mortar. Okay, Scar, Your turn. Scar came to the front and selected the HellBlaze. A meidum sized barrel came from the front of the tank. Oh well. said Scar. Suka Disarmed the A-DAT and armed the HellBlaze. He aimed it at a far away mound and the HUD changed. Anyways he fired the cannon and it let off a great deal of fire as if launched a ball of something VERY hot. It hit the ground and caused a massive fire. It'll put itself out. said Scar. Suka aimed at a nearby rock and the HUD changed agian. Suka fired the cannon and this time it was in the form of a Ungodly powerful flamethrower. It melted the rock Suka aimed at. Sheeyeah. whooped Suka. My turn. Said Nuka. He selected the Lead Curtian. But it armed itself. It was a large turret on top of the tank. Nuka went up into the turret and armed it. From one large barrel formed two, four, eight, sixteen, and thirty two. barrels. Whoah ! yelled Nuka. He took the controls in his paws and armed his rectal. And aimed at a nearby mound. He pulled the trigger an the barrels began to spin, faster and faster until a roar of munitons was heard from above. A ammouniton count was tallying on Suka And Nuka's HUD. In three seconds the turret had went through 6,000 rounds, of 25 mm ammo ! Nuka was having a blast. littearly. he was destroying everything he saw. Suka dis armed the cannon. and Nuka came down. That Was the COOLEST ! he yelled. Okay Vitani, You've been nice and quiet. Vitani went up to the controls and selected the Mach 10 Assault Sniper Cannon. Another turret above armed and Vitani went up into it. It was much more advanced. Okay, She examined the controls for a second and then brought it online. A HUD came up telling her everything about what she was aiming. She aimed the cannon at a mound and it automaticaly zoomed in to the right level. temp 105 Degrees, Range, 1 mile 34 feet, Resistance, Moderate, Switching to medium round. The cannon then switched to meidum rounds. She aimed it and fired. The shot made the tank tip a little. The shot hit within a millimeter. according to the cannon. She tried out all Light, Meidum, and Heavy rounds. She liked meidum the best. She came back out of her turret and told everyone that they had to try that thing. Next up. Kovu, its your turn. Kovu selected something called the ARC-95/CLR Mac-6. We had no clue what it was. Then the tank began to make alot of noise as it sprouted many spikes around it, Created a shield around the whole tank (even below it) And a HUGE barrel came out of the top and slid down to the front of the tank. What in the hell did you choose? asked Scar. Another sheild activated. Then another. The hud then came on and said we had one, And ONLY one shot. Should we shoot it? asked Kovu. No, I have an idea. said Suka. Lets test this out on Pride Rock some day. Good idea. said Zira. It would shurely end them all. But Nuka had a worried look on his face. Whats wrong Nuka? asked Zira. Its a doomsday device. Was all he said. A what? yelled Suka. Suka stopped the tank abbruptly. and Went to see what Nuka was talking about. He was at a control panel and he had acceses the weapons syestems. And on the screen it Said. Experemental weapon # 483 ARC-95/CLR aka Doombringer. A massive doomsday cannon. This weapon was created to end all life within a 5,000 Mile radius. The massive cannon comes with a Super conduction, Triple shield. The blast happens right above the vehicle. This will protect agianst Heat, Radation, And blast damage. The blast can be focused into a unscalable amount of Thermo-Necular energy. No containment unit is know to hold the energy contained. Cannon is armed with a T-10 cluster that can focus the beam into necular energy that can sustain the tank for centuries. or supply the tank with a nearly unlimited supply of plasmic energy, And or supply the tank's shields to stay active for decades. END. Suka stared at the screen. We can never use this. he said. What shall we do with it. Focus the energy into the shelid generators. Okay, Nokay, I cant. said Nuka. I'll give it a try. Said Vitani. Okay, Route: Thermo- Energy: T-10 Cluster, Focus Shield generators. With that the tank began to shudder and then it stopped and the shields came online. Everyone was amased. Vitani just smiled. Okay, On to that base we were heading to. said Suka as he looked at his sister suprised. When we get to this base, I want that cannon removed immedeatly. said Zira. My thoughts exactly. said Scar.


Two hours later.


We're almost sot the base. said Scar. Everyone, get your weapons ready ! But before anyone could even pick up their guns, A massive explosion errupted from the tank's rear, Something had shot us. And our tank was dead where it sat. Suka armed the turrets and everyone prepared to assault the vehicle that had attacked them. It was someone with a roclet launcher. Nuka sped up the Lead curtian. Everyone watched as the man was ripped to shreds with the first few shots. Then, Suka noticed something out of the corner of his eye. One of these men looked fimilar. This was another hunthing squad, they intended to capture them, not kill. Everyone listen to me. said Suka. I know who these men are, they are here to capture us, Not kill.  Then we could just outrun them then? said Nuka. Perhaps, Im just afraid that they'll have tranq guns. Everyone looked to him. They make you fall asleep. said Suka. Still, Our only escape is to run. Wait, I have an idea ! said Vitani. What if we make the tank's reactor explode. What if we run before it does? she asked. Dam good thinking. said Scar. You all get ready, I'll hack it. said Suka. Everyone got to the door and prepared to run. Everyone ready? asked Suka. Yes. said Zira. Okay, Now we'll only have a few seconds to get away, And we'll need to get far away. So when that door drops. Run as fast as you can. Suka counted down. 3 2 1 Suka reversed the core's polarity. RUN !!! he yelled. All of the Outlanders ran out of the tank as fast as the could. the men rasied their guns to sedate the Outlanders. Then the tank erupted in a powerful explosion. The explosion was so great that it flung the Outlanders into the air. Suka opened his eyes as he flew through the air. He could see that they were going to land in a river. Suka thanked the gods and shut his eyes. SPLASH ! After a few hours Suka woke up on the bank of the river. Scar and Zira had pulled them out of the water. Suka got up and looked at his surrondings. Where are we? asked Suka. Scar walked over to Suka and replied. My son, We are only a few miles from the Outlands. Is everyone awake? Yes. replied Suka. Good, Shall we go home? Yes, Im ready to just go home. moaned Nuka. With all the Outlanders headed towards their home, The Outlands.


15 miniutes later


Home ! yelled Nuka. I'll race ya home ! yelled Suka as he ran off. Scar and Zira just nuzzled each other as they headed towards their home. Vitani soon joined in on the race. When Suka got to the hill he noticed something. When they blew up the tank, They destroyed their stash of weaponry. Dam, Oh well, My family is better than any type of gun. Scar then Walked up to Suka and told him they would begin their plan tomorrow. Suka was thrilled and scared at the same time. Scar, I want to ask, Iv'e been gone so long, Is Kovu still going to be the one to trick Kiara? asked Suka. Yes, We are still sticking to the original plan. Alright, Just wanted to get the update on that situation. said Suka. The plan was simple really, Vitani and Nuka would start a wildfire while Kiara is out on her first hunting trip. Then Kovu would save her from the inferno and slowly get accepted into the Prideland ranks. Then when he got the chance he would murder Simba. And then Scar and Zira would become the new king and queen, Simple. Everyone went to bed with that plan on their minds. Expecally Kovu.


Outlands, The next day


Kovu, Are you ready? snapped Zira. Yes. Very good, Zira then went out into the savanna with Kovu. That was Vitani and Nuka's signal to get going. Within miniutes Nuka and Vitani had arrived at the elephant graveyard to catch their sticks on fire. Uhh, This place is even creepier since the hyena's ran off. grumbled Nuka. Oh Geeze. said a muffled Vitani. Im noscared, Okay? A gyeser went off and caused Nuka to fall of the mound. I just dont know why we have to be here thats all, If Kovu's so special then why does he need us? he groaned. I never even had a chance. A gyeser went off and scared Nuka out of his witts. Thats' it ! Now come on ! yelled Vitani. They then ran off to start the blaze. Meanwhile Kiara was out hunting. Unaware of the plan creeping up behind her. She scared a heard of wildabeast and she ran off after them. Meanwhile a few hunderd yards away Nuka yelled. lets light FIRES ! he jumped and pranced around as he lit the dry grass aflame. Vitani just chuckeld and thought to herself. Dum dum doesnt even know whats about ta happen. Nuka lit a circle of grass on fire, Eventually he knoticed he was in the middle. . . FIRE ! AHHH ! ! ! He jumped out of the burning ring of fire and landed on the ground. He didnt even get to chuckle before Vitani yanked him away from the flames. Kiara soon learned that there was a wall of flames approaching when a stampede came flying over a hill. Far away, Zira and Kovu were watching the whole thing. The plan is in motion, GO ! she yelled. Kovu then ran off to "save" Kiara. The fire blaze out of control and Kovu himself found it hard to survive the flames. When he reached Kiara she had already passed out from all the smoke. Naturally, Pridelanders are so weak. he thought as he lifted her off the ground and charged away from the flames. Once we end this dynasty of Simba, We shall rule these lands. Kovu then got Kiara to safety on the bank of the river. In seconds Kiara awoke and looked at her surrondings. Where am I? she quietly asked. Your safe, In the Pridelands. The lioness jumped to her feet. The Pridelands, Who do you think you are? yelled Kiara. I THINK im the one that just saved your life ! snapped Kovu. I had everything under control. she calmly said. You had passed out in the grass, You call that Under control? chuckled Kovu. Just as Kiara was about to yell, Simba came running over the hill. Kovu was saving me . . . Kovu? thundered Simba. Kovu and Simba announced twin roars. You saved her? Why? asked Simba. Ungrateful slob. Thought Kovu. How dare you save the king's daughater Kovu. laughed Rafiky. I wish to join your pride. said Kovu. NO ! you were banished with the rest of the Outsiders. yelled Simba. I have left the Outsiders, I am a rouge, Judge me now for who I am, Or am I to be blamed for a crime I didnt commit? asked Kovu. Simba, You owe him your daughater's life. said Nala. Yes sire, We are truely in his debt. said Zazu. For now we shall see what you turn out to be. said Simba as he turned away. Kovu smiled as he saw a fimilar figure far out in the savanna grasse's, Vitani.


Pridelands one week later.


One night Kovu was out walking through the Pridelands when he came across a fimilar pair. Nuka and Vitani. What are you two doing out here? asked Kovu. We came to check up on you, Mother's slightly worried that your not strong enough to have your love's father killed. said Vitani. Well, I dont think I can go through with it. said Kovu. She was right, Well, that is why we have brought a friend. said Nuka. Who? asked Kovu. Ariz, Come here. Kovu was breath taken when he saw a lioness walk out of the grasses. This lioness was an exact twin of Zira, With one diffrence, Aside all the symbols drawn upon her. Her chin was graced by a Beard. There in front of him was a bearded lioness, An EXTREAMLY rare trait in lioness. Hello my nephew. she said with a voice as oily as Scar's mane. You wish to protect Simba? asked the lioness. Yes, I do. he said. Ariz took the pouch from her side, I will need a hair from Zira and Nuka. she calmly asked. Nuka walked and picked through his fur and found a gold strand. I always nuzzle Mother before I go anywhere. said Nuka. Then he yanked out one of his hairs. Here ya go Ariz. Nuka handed the hairs to her, She put them in some of the mixture and put some of the savanna grass with it. Then she proceeded to crush the mixture on a boulder with a rock. She then asked Kovu to lick the mixture up. Kovu looked at her and asked. What will it do when I lick it up? he asked suspisouly. In that mixture is the blood of you mother and your brother, You will see their futures if you DO go along with your plan. Kovu then proceed to lick up the mixture and waited. and waited. Why am I not feeling tired? he asked. You must close your eyes and concentrate on the taste. Ariz said calmly. Kovu closed his eyes and concentrated on the taste. Then he saw himself and Simba talking. His family approached and they chased Simba into a gorge. there he climbed a pile of logs. Zira yelled for Kovu to attack Simba. Kovu buckled under the pressure and ran. Nuka gladly jumped to his paws and proceeded to catch Simba. I'll do it for you mother. he yelled as he climbed the logs. He had just got ahold of Simba's paw and then it happened. The log Nuka was standing on shifted and sent Nuka tumbeling down where another larger log crushed Nuka. Kovu ran to help his brother. But was pushed away by a worried mother. Zira dug until she got to Nuka's crushed form. Nuka coughed on the thick dust. I tried. he gasped. Zira replied with a calming. Shhhh. Well, I fiannaly got your attention, Didnt I? asked Nuka. He then fell limp. Zira's head dropped. Vitani walked up beside her mother and sadly cried. Nuka. Kovu's eyes burst open with tears. Please tell me that was just a dream. cried Kovu. What? Your brother's death? asked Ariz. Kovu whimpered. Close your eyes and see what happens to your mother when you betray her. Ariz quietly said. Kovu closed his eyes and concentrated on the taste agian. He saw the the Outlanders facing the Pridelanders. Zira, Scar, and Simba were circling each other, Preparing to fight. He then saw himself and Kiara jump between them. Stopping the battle. Kovu stood his ground on the Prideland side. he watched as his sister joined The Prideland ranks. Soon all the Outlanders joined. All but two, Zira and Scar. They claimed that they would never let the past go. Scar was about to attack Simba when he saw Nala attack Zira. Kovu was horrifed as he saw himself WATCH his parents fight. He watched as Simba and Scar fought. There was a dam of logs at the far end of the river, it was nearing the breaking point. Kovu watched as Simba throw Scar over the cliff and saw his dad plummet to his death. Zira backhanded Nala and sent her skidding across the mud. Simba, enraged, turned to her and asked her to go home. once more, She answered with a simple, This is for you Scar. She lept at Simba intent on sending him to his death at the bottom of the gorge. Kiara jumped in the way and stopped Zira from tackling Simba. Instead, Zira and Kiara were sent flying over the cliff. The both stopped, Kiara on a soft incline, Zira on a sheer slope. Kiara tried to save Zira, But she was too torn over the loss of her family. She slowly looked up at Kiara and sadly said. You must forget about me, my legacy is doomed, as I. She began to slide down the cliff face. Soon she would meet the cliff's end and plumet to her watery death. tears were forming in the corner of her eyes. Kiara looked down at Zira and told her she could help her. Zira slowly looked down at the raging water and slowly looked up at Kiara and simled and said. Goodbye, as she let go of the cliff. She then fell backwards into the raging water. Many large logs filled the place where she had landed. Her limbs could be seen being twisted and snapped by the torrent of logs and raging water. Soon the splashes of water were lined with red. A very dark spot of red could be seen floating down the river. A twisted and mangled corpse. In his dream, Time continued. Kovu saw two figures. At first he couldnt tell what he saw. Then he knew what he was looking at as he saw a golden lioness crying by the two forms. It was Vitani, She was crying by the forms of her mother and father, Zira and Scar. Both of their bodies were hideously mangled. Scar was basicaly smashed when he made contact with the hard floor of the cavern he fell into. And Zira had landed in the water however, she was torn asunder by the many logs that basicaly impaled her agianst the cavern's walls and whatever slowed her form. Kovu watched as time passed, Their forms layed their for decades. Their bones were left there to either slowly fade away or be washed away by the seasons. No one in the Pridelands cared about them. They were the Outlanders, And no one cared for them. And Vitani had'nt been seen since their deaths either, She obiously took her own life. The Outland blood was forever gone when Kovu was killed in a wildabeest stampede that snuffed his lifeforce. Kovu awoke from his dream, Crying uncontrolably. There was no sign of any of his family. He called for them, but no one answered him. At first he feared all had come true. his mind was reliefed when he heard Ariz's voice trailing off. Never forget, Your family line depends on you, You are the chosen one.


Pridelands, The next day


Kovu and Kiara were planning to go out on a walk. Simba stopped them. Kiara, I dont want you talking to him . . . I want to talk with him. he said. Simba slowly walked off with Kovu as Kiara smiled from behind. Simba lead Kovu out into the still charred savanna. Kiara went back into the den and all of the lioness congragulated her. He's fiannaly accepting him. said one lioness. He's fiannaly going to be full fledged Pridelander. said another. Kiara walked into her den and curled up and took a nap as she dreamed of Kovu and her frollicking through a field. The lioness sat and talked outside and thought about their new king to be. He looks like king material. said one lioness. Another said. I see a great king in him. The lioness sat and talked about their future king, Kovu.




Kovu and Simba could be seen walking through the Borderlands together. There is a great deal of responsibility in being king. said Simba. I know, I have to keep the balance in the land. said Kovu. Yes, If you maintain the balance then the lands will flourish and and blossom and the animals will look to you for support and wisdom. said Simba. I fear the animals will dislike me due to my blood line in the Outlands, They will dislike me from your kingship. said Kovu as he thought about the future. he grimmaced at the thought of death. My father really was a killer wasnt he? asked Kovu. Simba looked into the scorched lands. Fire is a killer. he bent down and dug throught he ash and uncovered a small flower. Whats worse can grow better than the generation before, If you give it the chance. said Simba. An evil laugh penetrated the mists that were now forming around them. Why Simba ! sneered Zira appearing from the mists. Simba lowered and snarled. Zira ! What are you doing out here . . and so . . alone? she snickered. Well done Kovu, Just like we had always planned. Simba looked at Kovu and bared his teeth. Kovu had to think at lightning speed, Should he choose the life with the Pridelanders and be honored for life, or choose to protect his family and uphold his family name? Kovu's thoughts were inturupted by Zira's yell. ATTACK ! The Outlanders attacked Simba and tossed him into the gorge nearby. Kovu had to think fast, Prideland or Outland, Honor or loyalty? Kovu was brought from his predicment by his mind, And worse of all, His family's future. He rushed into the gorge and found Simba trying to climb a pile of logs. Kovu found a small path and ran up to the top of the cliff that overlooked the spot where Simba was climbing. Get him Kovu ! yelled Zira from the ground. Nuka's future flashed before Kovu's eyes. Kovu tried to knock the pile of logs down but Simba scrambled up and knocked some more logs loose that tumbled down the pile. Luckly no one was on the pile when the logs fell, he had saved his brother, But he had betrayed Simba. He felt awful. Simba ran off into the distance and the Outlanders regrouped. I tried. said Kovu as he prepared for his mother to hit him. But she calmly looked at him and said. We all tried to. she said slowly. I tried too !  yelled Nuka trying to get Zira's attention. Yes, We all did, But we failed, Scar we shall try agian, And this time we shall prevail. she slowly turned around and waked off to the Outlands. Kovu and Nuka looked at each other in amazement.





 The Outlanders


Note: Keep story on a GOOD level, No BAD ending.


                                                            To be continued, Dont worry, I will. . . Eventually.