The River of Time

Written by: Suka Outlander

This story is in the memory of our mother, Zira. She waited for a soul to return to her, that never would.


Chapter 1: The Trail of Right


The time- July 16, 1999, Just after Kovu's Decival.

Place- Outlands

Time- Early Evening


The chrimson sunset in the Outlands was beautful, It painted the sky shades of red and orange. It made the sky look like a massive wildfire. And under this sky stood the Mesa Escarpment, or formaly known as Outland rock. There a family sat and talked about one of their members decival. Why would he do such a thing? Asked a golden lioness. He caused one of his family member's deaths. Said another lioness. If he is the son of Scar, Then he will return. Said the golden lioness. And then she slowly walked into the mouth of the cave. She didnt turn around, She didnt want anyone to see the tears forming in her eyes. A dark lion watched all of this from a high vantage point on the Outland rock. Why Kovu? Why did you do this? Do you know what pain your causing our mother? Kovu, Why?


Chapter 2: The Wait of Eternity


For many days, The golden lioness set at the mouth of the cave and waited for Kovu to return. She just sat there, For weeks. The only way she survived was beacuse her children, Vitani and Suka kept her alive by giving her food and water. She never adknowlged them of their efforts, Just stared at the horizon.


Years passed, She still atended to her watch, But now she would go into the cave to sleep, and cry, all night. Years flew by. But he never returned. Vitani and Suka were moving on. They were going to start their own lives in a distant land. She sadly let her last two children go into the chrimson sunset. She was now alone. Sadly, Forever.


Chapter 3: Kovu's Unknown Loss.


Kovu sat at the edge of Pride rock looking over his lands ( Simba had passed away three weeks ago) As Kiara came up to his side. What is it Kovu? asked Kiara. Oh, its nothing, Important, Its just... I wish i could still be with my mother, Nice or not, She did raise and protect me, I owe her my atention. But she would never want to see me after what I did back at the gorge. Kovu, You have your own kingdom, its time to move on in your life. Said Kiara. Yeah, I guess you're right, She probably hates me still anyway. Kovu then walked off with his mate and they went to the watering hole together. If Kovu only knew how much we WAS wanted by his mother.


Chapter 4: Till The End of Time, I Will Always Love You Kovu


The golden lioness sat on a ledge of rock, Still wating for her Kovu to return, But he never would, And she would die waiting for him. Sadly time continued and eventualy the once golden lioness began to fade, Her fur faded into a light grey, Her once built frame wasted to nothing, And her once golden eyes, Became light and sore. The lioness waited all her life for her Kovu to return, But he never did. One day the once golden lioness layed her head down on the rock formation, Once called Outland rock. Now it was just another rock, And she was just another lonely old lioness, breathing her last breaths. He mind went back to the times her family had shared togheter. Her mind recoiled as she saw two distant forms in the distance. Soon the forms became clear, it was Suka and Vitani. The lions ran to their dying mother. Mother! yelled Vitani. Suka ran after his sister. Mom, Whats wrong? asked Suka Nervously. Oh Suka, Nothings wrong, Im just tired thats all. The two lions loved on their mother as she began to fade away. The slghtly golden eyes turned to Suka and Vitani. My children, Do me one favor. Asked the lioness as she struggled for breath. Anything ! cried Vitani. Tell Kovu I love him, And i'll always be there for him, As I will be for you. Her eyes began to close...Mom...I...I...I LOVE YOU ! cried out Suka despratly. As her eyes closed her lips let one last gasp of breath out. I love you too. Then she went still, Her head fell to the ground limply. Suka went to the ground crying his eyes out. We were to late Vitani, She's dead. Why didnt I come sooner? Cried Suka. Vitani looked at her mother's frail body. She sat here her whole life waiting for him, But why? asked Vitani. I guess she wanted to tell him...tell him... She loved him. Finished Vitani. Yeah. Said Suka. The two lions looked at the corpse before them, We must bury her in the Outland rock's interior, Right beside the stump that served as Kovu's bed. Then the two dug a hole for her to rest in. And then they put her tired body to rest, In peace.


Suka Outlander, Thursday, October 14, 2004