Okay people, I gotta tell ya one thing before ya read this story. This story does contain alot of nasty language, And the whole story is military based. And, As you can tell, Im an Outlander fan. I mean no harm to any Prideland fans. Okay, Now that we got that over. If you are below the age of 16, Do me a favor and go back to your home page, This story is NOT meant for little children, Please, I dont want to have to come and maim ya. Just kiddin, Enjoy the story.


The dawn of the Outlands 2.0



Friday, May 2 1998, 2:30 A.M. Genetics Lab 8-b

There are many large viles and assorted chemicals on the counter. On the East wall there are huge chambers, Genetic Experment Capsules, One reads, Genetic Experment 635, code name, (Suka Darklion) Experment has murdous tendices, unparreled speed, and is EXTREMLY DANGEROUS ! !.The experment is 72% lion, 25% human, and 3% demon. Subject is under cryostatis due to hostility. That very night Professor Lasser made a horrorbul mistake. He was working on the Milatary Enhacement Program, The same program that created Suka Darklion. He was trying to make a tougher human by combing human and animal parts. He was about to try the experemnt agian,That night it stormed like crazy, suddenly the power went out, thus the emergency generator kicked in, restoring power. Professor Lasser then continued to animate his creation, and in a fit of madness he kicked the machine into Maximum Overdrive, The generator could not take this strain and with a lot of buzzing and hissing it shorted out. Total power loss. Suka's chamber was drained of all it's cryogenic fluid. Suddenly he began to move, Professor Lasser grabbed his double barrel Elephant Gun and prepared to fire. . . CRASH ! Within a flash Suka's chamber brust into fragments of glass, and steel. The Proffesor went to see if "it" was dead, Shocked in suprise, when he got to the chamber, There was no Experment . . . As the lightning outside lit up the room Lasser saw it. a huge, sinister shadow lurking towards him. Lasser tried to fire his gun... click...Within seconds Lasser was attacked, grewsomely so. Suka decided he had best get somewhere secluded, only one thought hit his mind, Africa....

Suka went to the parking lot and stole a car, he had to get means to Africa, somehow. He spotted a military compound near the labratory, he tore off and was there in a flash. Stu, the base guard was having a usual night, that would all change fast. He saw a car heading towards the gate, but it wasnt stopping, he grabbed his M60 and began to pelt the vehicle with very large .762 Caliber bullets, the car wasnt stopping for nothing, he jumped out of the way just in time, he ran to the booth and raised the alarm just as Suka slamed through the gates. Within seconds the base was in total cahos, gunfire tore through the stormy night air. Suka ran to a barics military truck and flew off to the armory. doging the hellish wave of lead, bronze, and steel. He burst into the armory, grabbing everything out of the building and lobbed it into the truck, then he realized he needed to fly something if he hoped to get out alive, he tore out of the bulding, his truck getting hammerd, he thanked his good luck as he saw a carrier being loaded with all kinds of items, he took his chance and drove right up the ramp, stormed through the plane till he got to the cokpit, jammed the controls and the plane roared to life, taking a chance at life and death he began to acclerate on the runway, fiannaly taking to the sky, he plotted his trip, little did he know what was in the belly of the plane.


Suka was crossing into Africa within 4 hours, and planned to land in a decolate desert he spotted, unknown to him this land was inhabited. He took a crash landing, belly down in the sand. Suka then began to examine exactly what was in the plane, to his suprise there was expermental tanks and other military vechicles. Also there was a large door that read: Cargo Room. With a little effort he busted down the door, and to his supprise he couldent beleave what he had found, A huge supply of Rocket Launchers, Missle Launchers, Shotguns, Gernades, Gernade launchers Anti- tank Rifles, Machine guns, Rifles, Pistols, Uzi's, and Napalm Launchers. There was a onboard hospital with all the medical supplies that he would need and lots to spare. Also there was a part of the room that was nothing but reloding supplys, Missles, Rockets, Gernades, Machine gun bullets, Rifile bullets, pistol bullets, Shotgun shells, Nalpam, and some kind of Anti- tank shots. He then heard alot of growling and to his supprise, Talking. He grabbed his M-16 and opened the door. He saw some lions searching around his plane, then he heard a lot of snarling, he had been spotted by a lioness. He aimed towards her and let loose a wave of lead, everyone stopped when they saw this stick throw fire, and injure a fellow lioness. Another lioness was first to speak, "Vitani !, Oh no, please dont worry, moma's here, youll be alright". "How could you!" the lioness screamed. Suka pointed his gun at her but when he saw her he was stunned, he never see such beauty in his life. "Answer me you, you..." "Whats your name?" "Suka Darklion, Madam" "And if you would follow me i'll help your daughter". he went to pick her up, but was attacked by the lioness, "STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHATER !" she yelled. "I am sorry for shooting her, now get off me and i will help her, I promise." "How can you help her?" "I have whats called medical supplies. stay here and I will get some," "NO, I'll go with you, we cant have you running off." "Fine, follow me," the lioness followed the strange lion. she saw many things that were unknown to her. "Here you take this," "I'll take the morphine," "Whats morphine?" "When you get hurt it dulls the pain." "Now hurry your daughater dosent have much time." The duo went back outside to help the lioness's daughater. "We're here Vitani, dont worry." "If you dont heal her I'll kill you were you stand." Suka put some morphine on the wound, the lioness screamed, "Dont worry its supposed to hurt, there does that feel better ?" "Yeah", Suka continued to work on the wound in about a minute he was done."There your daughater WILL make it." "Vitani are you feeling any better?" asked the lioness, eyeing Suka with an evil look. "Yes mother he did help me." "Well then I guess I owe you an apoligy." "So what was that thing you hurt my daughater with?" "Its called a gun. it shoots metal very fastly." "But why did you shoot her?" "I thought she was going to attack," "Im sorry I hurt her." "She looks just like her mother.' A lion walked up to Suka, he was skinny and malnourished. "Yes?" "May I look at your "guns"?" "Why of coarse, heck you can fire one if you want to." "How do you do that?" "Here i'll show you." Suka grabbed a rocket launcher and headed out the door, "Here, whats you name?" "Nuka." "Here Nuka aim that little dot at that termite mound over there," "NOOOO ! ! !" The lioness pounced on Suka, "That is our home!" "Oh I didnt know, here aim at that smaller one over there." "Okay. Now just push that little thing on the bottom. . . FFFOOOOMMM ! ! ! The rocket sped towards its target and atomized the mound. BBOOOOMM ! ! ! "Wow ! I want one of these." "By the way I never got you name madam," "My name is Zira." "May we all look at your guns?" "My weapons are your weapons." Each lion picked out a weapon, and began messing with it. "Ok, everyone do not pull the thing on the bottom," A lioness had the gun upside down looked down the barrel and pulled the trigger, Boom!... "This is what makes it shoot... "I will teach you all how to use a weapon." All of the Outlanders learned quickly. All of the Outlanders were training on a target range that Suka had constructed. Suddenly one yelled, "Help !" Suka ran to see what the problem was, the lioness was looking down at her gun. "It wolnt do anything anymore." Suka took the gun and pulled the trigger. tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. "Well this your next lesson everyone." click, "This is a magizine," "It holds the bullets, when this goes empty your gun wolnt fire till you put another full one in." Some didnt understand the concept of bolt-action. Everyone had there favorites. Nuka loved the duel Nano-tech Uzi's, Vitani could easily be connected to the Precison Rifle, Zira could shoot a bug off the branch of a tree from a mile away with the RSVG Sniper Rifle, Scar was in heaven as long as he had the W.A.S.P ( Wide Area Saturation Projectile) or the 90. Cal. Heavy Machine Gun, And Kovu could kill an entire pride with the RCX-6000 Chaingun. All of the other lioness's had favorites, And I myself was perfectly at home with the N.I.C.W (Nano-tech Individual Combat Weapon) A 7.mm Assault rifle with a 40.mm Gernade launcher. We decided we would move all of the weapons to our home, The Termite hill of the Outlands. while we where moving supplies Zira came up to me with a question. "Suka", "What are all the big things in the bottom of the plane?" "Oh, I havent shown you them yet, come with me." Suka led Zira to the belly of the plane. He opened the hatch on the plane to let some light in. Zira saw huge metal vehicles. Her scream got everyone's attention. Everyone came running to the back of the plane, "What is it Zira" asked Scar? Then he saw them. "What are they?" he asked "This is called a tank, most of our weapons cant even hurt it." "This is called a Helecopter it can fly up in the sky." "And this" he balked "Is what I like to call The Basilisk," everyone was amazed at what they saw. " What The Heck is That Thing ! " yelled Scar "This is an expremental vehicle, It can fly, float on water, or go on land." It was a menicing looking thing. Four rotors surronded all sides of it, It had huge titanium floats, and four propellers on the back, on the bottom was a pair of huge tank tracks, And it had a massive 300mm Cannon on the front, along with many other weapons. "Can we fly it ?" "Well" "I'll teach you how to fly it" anserwed Suka. Suka, Scar, Zira, Nuka, Kovu and Vitani got into the beast. With a massive roar the machine was brought to life, "Now where do you want to go?" "How fast can we get to the Pridelands?" "Dunno where is that?" "Here let me see if I can fly this thing." Scar lifted it off the ground, "Ok now just push forward on this", the plane soared through the skys in about 20 seconds they were over the Pridelands. "Is there anything we can shoot at them ?" "Yeah, Missles, Rockets, Heckfire cannon, Chai.."  "Heckfire cannon !" "I wanna use that." "Ok heres your controls, now point that at what ever you want to destroy." Scar pointed the crosshairs dead on Pride rock. "Ok this is how you fire it, now everyone hold on this is gonna be rough." With that Suka gave Scar the signal. Scar then fired the cannon. BOOM ! ! !The massive plane blew back a good 400 feet. The 200 pound shell hit Pride rock head on. and with that the huge rock crumbled. "Okay how do I shoot... Rockets." "This control right here, dont worry it dosent cause us to fly backward like the cannon does." With that Scar began to pelt the Pridelands with High Velocity Rockets. "Okay enough fun for one time, its Zira's turn at the controls." Scar whined but got out of the control seat. "Ok lets see how fast this thing can go, 100, 300, 600, 856" "Here push this button, but hold on." Zira pushed the Skull and crossbones button. With that the plane's afterbruners kicked in sending the plane well above 1,500 mph. "HOOOOLLYY SSSSSSSHIIITT ! ! !" yelled Zira. "SSSTTOOPP THHHHISSS DAAAMM TTTHINNNGG ! ! !" Suka slowed the plane back down to about 150mph."What in the heck just happened !" Asked Scar "We went into Overdrive." Replied Suka. Scar was still pressed up against his chair. "Lets go home and celebrate the death of all of our enemys" asked Nuka. "Sounds fine to me" replied Vitani "Home it is said Zira." When we got home Nuka wanted to play in the tank. I told him not to kill any endangerded speices and threw him the keys. From that day on I was considered one of Zira's sons.


Tuesday, May 6 1998, High noon, Outlands


One day we heard that the Pridelands were destroyed and Simba was very angry, We hadnt killed him, The Pridelanders had been down at Timon and Pumba's jungle. Zira and Scar were mad, very mad, very VERY mad. "We shall storm The Pridelands with massive force Nuka you take the Tank, Kovu you take the Helecptor, Vitani you take the Basilisk and Zira, Scar, and I shall lead the troops." "Lets tear them apart." "Or blow them apart" added Nuka Everyone laughed and took their positons. Vitani and Kovu would go in first and soften them up, Then Nuka will shell the shit out of them while The troops attack. "Everyone got it?" asked Zira "Yep", "Yeah", "Wooho", "Yes", "Lets go". The Pridelands were under massive fire in about 5 minutes. Simba and Nala took shelter in Rafikey's tree while we destroyed the Pridelands, Agian. There were huge explosions everywhere. The next thing to go was Rafikys tree, Vitani let the Dillion minigun take care of that. Fireing around 6000 shots every miniute. Eventully she stopped firing and we checked the tree, Rafiky was dead but Simba and Nala were'nt there. Zira WAS FURIOUS. "Where the heck is he?" We interrigated Zazu And found out that Simba and Nala were off hiding in Timon and Pumba's Jungle, and that we would never find them in there.

We planned another attack, but this time it was personal, Everyone was Armed with Miniguns, WASPs, Gernade launchers, Anti- tank rifles, And Napalm cannons. With the addition of the Tank, Helecopter, And Basilisk. It was time.......


Wensday, May 7 1998, Timon and Pumba's Jungle, Early Evening


"Dont worry Simba we'll protect ya," "Yeah they aint gonna fin..."BOOM ! "What was that !" Yelled Timon. Timon had never seen such a worried look on Simba's face, "That was the Warning shot" Said Simba. "Simba !" Yelled Scar. "Come out and play!" yelled Zira. Simba, Timon. and Pumba ran as fast as they could, trying to outrun Scar and Zira. Then The Basilisk dropped right down in front of them. They could see Vitani in the cokpit as she attacked, not to kill, just to scare, Suddenly pumba fell to the ground, Pumba? he had passed out. Wrong time buddy said Timon as Simba put Pumba on his back. Boom ! fffzzz Just then a tree next to Simba was chopped clean in two by an anti-tank rifle. "Run!" yelled Simba WHACK ! THUNK ! FWING ! TWANG ! FWANG ! FWUNG ! "Shit were under attack !" yelled Timon. BANG !  BOOM ! WHAM ! FWABOOM ! ! AHHHHH ! The trio ran till they got to Timon's Hideout, "Ok everyone be quiet," "Simba !" yelled Scar Suddenly Timon's hideout was attacked, in seconds it was destroyed. But three problems wern't. "Get them !" yelled Scar. The three of them ran until they got to the hideout in the cliffs. Thunck ! "Ahhhh! Timon im hit !" yelled Pumba "Help m"Thunk ! Thunk ! Thunk ! "Pumba !" Yelled Simba. "One down Simba, two to go." Yelled Zira. "Hammer Them !" yelled Scar Napalms, Rockets, Gernades, Anti-tank shots, and anti-tank cannon shells flew through the air destroying Simba and Timon. We found  Timon DEAD. Now... Where was Nala? "Zazu im gonna ask once more and if you dont answer me correctly i'll shoot you out of my anti-tank cannon." "Where is Nala?""Ok, ok she's hiding in the Elephant graveyard."

 "Please dont kill me." "I" wolnt. "This time its just gonna be us in the Basilisk." "I get turret yelled Nuka," "I get Cannon yelled Scar," "I get to drive yelled Zira," "I get copiolt yelled Suka," "I get The other turret yelled Kovu." "Pilot to co-pilot are we ready for take off?" "Roger Santa claws you are cleared to take off." "Over and out." "Lets go !"


 "The elephant graveyard, bring back memories Scar ?" "Yep, them Hyenas better be gone." "Nuka, Kovu Shoot anything that moves." "Hey theres some." "Kill em Scar." The Dilion minigun is put to work again, this time on hyeanas, And dang does it work good. "Theres Shenzi, Light'er up." "Shenzi swiss cheese any one?" "Sorry Scar dear I dont eat junk food," Said Zira


"NALA !" yelled Scar. "Ya know she cant hear you over the engines?" Said Suka "Well then i'll just shut them off". Said Scar scarcasticly. "I see Nala !" yelled Kovu. "Get her Kovu!" Yelled Zira

Kovu began to shoot at Nala with his 50 caliber turret, "Turn the plane so I can shoot her Dad." Yelled Nuka. "Ok, There is that better ?" boom boom boom boom boom boom...I guess so.


"I got her !" Yelled Nuka, "I got her Agian !" "She's down dad. land this thing." "10-4 Nuka." Scar landed the chopper. Nala was trying to pull herself away. The plane just sat there, then the door opened, very slowly, and out came Zira, Scar, Nuka, Vitani, Suka, and Kovu MIB style. "You are under arrest for being too dam good Nala," "Do you have any last words?" "Yeah tell Simba I love him" "No you tell him." Said Scar. Nala's eyes grew wide. Good bye Nala. Then all at once Zira, Scar, Suka, Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu whipped out MP5's and blew Nala away.


"Mission complete" Said Scar,

"We are victorius" Said Kovu

"Casaultys, alot" said Nuka,

"Our leagacy continues" said Suka,

"We are Dangerous alone" Said Vitani,

"Deadly together," Said Zira.

                                                                    Note: We never found Kiara,or Simba.


Outlands, The next day


The Outlanders were still celebrating their victory, Scar and Zira were drunk off their butts, And Nuka and Suka were deep in slumber from too much beer.

The next morning everyone woke up with a hangover, The cave was filled with moans and groans.

"Oh my frickin head !" yelped Scar as he fell out the bedroom door.

 Nuka was stoned, And Suka was in a haze.

Zira heard all of the commiton coming from the wasted family members.

"Breakfast is on !" she yelled into the hall

The sound of someone pukeing was the next noise to enter the hall...


Outlands 3 hours later


Everyone was fiannaly back to normal. "Suka, thats the last time I have a (Cold One)" Said Scar How is it that Zira wasnt hungover? Everyone started wondering. She too washed down a few. "Hey Mom !" yelled Nuka "Yes dear ?" "did you feel bad this morning?" "No, I felt fine, Why do you ask?" "How did you not get ( Hung over)?" "Simple, I puked it all out" Zira laughed. with that Nuka asked if we wanted to go for a spin in the Basilisk. We all agreed and got into the ship. Nuka wanted to drive, We were warry, but we let him drive. "Just dont kill us Bro" commented Vitani. "I wolnt" moaned Nuka. It was a fun ride, Nuka was better than we thought, he was doing very hard manuevers with ease. It was all fun until he tried to do a backflip. Wheeee... CRASH !!!


Suka woke up in the plane upside down. Oh Nuka why did you have to do a stupid stunt ? Nuka, Mom, Dad ? Suka crawled out of the plane, Witch was destroyed, Vitani ! yelled Suka "Im under your paw" mumbled Vitani. Vitani ! Suka helped his sister out of the wreck. "Vitani have you seen Mom or Dad ?" "No not since the crash." "Im gonna pound Nuka when I find him" Groaned Vitani. Nuka,come out here so I can pound you. she yelled.Help.. Did you hear that? Help..  Quick over here, It sounds like dad. Dad ! yelled Suka. Suka it me, Nuka. he whined. Suka helped his brother up. Have you seen mother? No I havent, But im gonna go find her. He then ran off. I thought you were gonna kill him Vitani? Teased Suka. Sisterly love. Oh..NO !!! PLEASE GOD NO !!!! What the heck? Nuka where are you ? Over here replied. a broken voice. Suka and Vitani ran to see what the problem was. Nuka what are yo... Then Suka saw it... A lioness under a large beam, blood pouring from her side. Suka immedeatly knew it was his mother. MOM !!! yelled Suka. Suka ran over and hugged the bloody form of his mother. Nuka, is she dead? Suka had never seen a more broken look. I dont know, I can't find a pulse. he whined. Vitani had a look of nothingness, she wasnt moving, she wasnt blinking, she was breathing, but very slowly. Suka was crying uncontrolably, Mom.. MOM ! Vitani just stared and said. She cant be dead, We still need her... Suka felt his mother's neck... He felt... A PULSE ! Nuka shes not dead ! What ? Come and feel, Nuka ran down to his mother and felt her throat, and there it was a pulse, weak but clear.

At that moment Scar walked over the cliff. Whats all the crying about ? Dad ! yelled Suka and Nuka, in unison. They ran and caressed their father. Have you seen your mother ? yeah, she's down in the ravine. Scar ran to his mate, Vitani was standing beside her. Vitani im so glad your safe. Dad, mom's hurt, and we cant move the beam. Scar called for his son's at this moment Kovu came to the scene, he ran to his mother and yelled for help. The rest of the family soon came over the hill. Together they moved the beam and Scar went to get some water from the plane. Scar threw the water on his unconsicous mate. uhh.. Oww ! Whats everyone so sad about. Mother, we thought you were dead. Dead ! Ha. Your, mother cant be killed, but could someone help me up. Scar gladly helped his mate up. Dammit Nuka, look at my fur !!! I'll be red for weeks ! Sorry mother...


Middle of Nowhere, a few hours later


"Does anyone know where we are?" "I dont" said Scar "Neither do I" Said Zira. "Ok so we dont know where we are, were hungry, thirsty." whined Nuka "Things could be worse." Anserwed Scar Just then a pride of lioness walked over the next hill." Things just got worse." whispered Vitani "Who are you, outsiders?" questioned one of the lioness's We are from the Outlands, we are lost and in need of directions home. "Well then, you came to the wrong place." chuckled the lioness the lions advanced on the Outlanders. We must warn you we are ferice fighters. Warned Suka. Good, for once a challange. This is your last warning ! yelled Scar.

Oh, were not going to fight you, thats up to our king. Ok, Zira you stay here, I'll take care of this "King". No, not you, all of you. added the lioness. The six of us could kill an eleaphant. GOOD ! boomed a deep voice. The lioness's parted to allow a spot for their king to go through. The Outlanders had never seen such a large lion in any of their lives. "You will fight me." said the king. "As you wish" laughed Vatini, "Lets fight !" yelled Nuka "You will regret this" hissed Zira "Time to die" cooed Scar "You will perish" said Kovu "This will be an easy battle" said Suka. With that the battle insued, Zira went high, and Scar went low, while Nuka and Suka attacked from the rear, and Vitani jumped on his back and attacked him. Suddenly the king threw Scar AND Zira off of him with one swipe. Vitani was thrown off of his back, Then Nuka got the king in a neck bite. The king flung the lion off his throat, blood seeping out the wound. "First blood !" yelled Suka. The king attacked Suka with so much force, it sent Suka flying, skipping across the dirt. Scar enraged, Went for the king's neck,  Hit !  Scar now had the king in a neck lock. Suddenly Scar felt a Hot rush of pain across his back. He had been slashed by a loyal lioness. Zira immedeatly took to the lioness, pinning her to the ground slashing and clawing at her rapidly. Eventully killing her. Scar was still on the king's neck, The king was weakening, but so was Scar. Zira went to help her mate. She attacked the king's back, doing heavy damage to the lion. In the blink of an eye she was cuffed hard, Sending her skidding across the dirt. After seeing this Scar bit down with all his might, it felt as if any second his jaw would break, but he kept applying pressure, over the pain, and blood running down his throat. Eventully the king went down. "You have defeated our king !" yelled a lioness. "I'll kill you !" she yelled. Another lioness stopped her. "They just slaughatered our king, what chance do you have agianst them?" The lioness stopped "I guess your right.'

"We will lead you to the Outlands." This lioness was their queen. "Follow me" she said.


Convoy of lions 1 day later


The Outlands is over those next hills. Good luck with you pride. Wait, if you want you can become a part of our pride. Said Scar Thank you, but we decline. Our home is in the Borderlands. Well how about this, We shall form an alliance. Said Zira. We accept we shall call upon you if we need help. We shall do the same. Said Scar. With that the lions went their seprate ways.


Outlands 1 hour later, late evening


 Home yelled Suka. I'll race you there said Nuka. You're on! said Suka isin't nice to be home agian Scar? Yeah, I cant wait to relax in my den. Iv'e been walking on these paws for days, I need a rest. Suka and Nuka raced home, Nuka won. "Hey no fair you got a head start" said Suka. The first thing they did was go to their seperate den's and take a nap. The Outland family slept peacefully in their home.


Outlands, The next day


It was a cool and calm day in the Outlands. Nuka took the helecopter out to find the remains of the Basilisk. This time he didn't crash. Nuka came back with some salvageable parts. With these parts we constructed a Gryocopter. Outfitted with chainguns, Rockets, and 50mm cannon's. Nuka also salvaged the hellfire cannon. Also we took some of the parts and upgraded the tank and helecopter. I took the gryo, and looked for the plane that got me here. I found it half buried by sand, With Nuka's help in the tank, We got it out of the sand. I had an idea. When we got home with the bird I went to ask the family a question. Everyone I have a question for you all. when we get the plane fixed, I am going to the Russian Embassy in Russia. Does anyone want to go along? What are you going to do there? asked Scar. I have an old friend who could get us some heavy firepower. Like... said Nuka. Like new weapons, new vehicles, new technology, and...I have my destroyer up there. Whats a Destroyer? asked Zira Well its Ten times as big and ten times as powerful as the Basilisk. "I will go" said Zira. 'You cant split a family apart, I will go too." said Scar. "Hey, new weapons, im going." said Nuka. "I go wherever my brother goes." said Vitani "I will go" said Kovu. Ok then we're all going. Let's get to work on that plane.



1 month later


Okay, lets do a checklist.

Engines, check,check,check,miss


Stablizer's, check

Landing gear, check

weapons, BOOM !, tattatatatat,FOOOOM, check

Okay, all we need to do is check the fourth engine, and get that left wing fixed and we'll be airborne. Suddenly a strange lioness came running up to us, Help, (gasp) Im a Borderlander, (gulp) We need...help, Humans attacking our pride. Everyone get your guns, The Borderlanders are in trouble, We'll have to take the helecopter, since Nuka threw a catipillar on the tank. Everyone got their weapons and got on the helecopter. Within minutes we were in the Borderlands. There, thats their camp, Nuka, Kovu, Suka waste it with the turrets. The trio began wasting the camp, the humans returned fire. They ran out of their tents and buldings shooting at the helecopter with rifiles and shotguns. Hah! you'll have to do better than that, Theres lexon armor on this baby ! yelled Scar. The humans wernt even making a scratch, Littlerly ! The humans were getting blasted. within a miniute the base was destroyed. one human had a bullhorn, we could hear him speaking. They were poachers, hunting... What ! LIONS !!!  Scar landed the copper and got out with a sub-machine gun. What did you say you were hunting ! yelled Scar The human was terrified, There was a 500 pound cat walking toward him with a Sub-machine gun. What are you hunting ? yelled Scar once more. The human got all the courage he could and spoke." We were hunting..Lions. The human waited for his death. Nothing happened. Seconds ticked by and nothing happned. The human opened his eyes. There stood Scar still pointing the gun at him. You are brave to admit it to the face of your prey. Intoned Scar. Scar walked by the human and looked at all of the skins hanging in one of the destroyed tents. Tell me, why do you skin us, after you kill us. We use your skins for many things. Well,(Scar turned around to face the man) What could I make out of your skin ? The human begged for mercy. Scar was in a bad mood, And seeing his kind like this just made him even more mad. Scar, with justice in his mind made his move. He lept at the human... He grabbed the human's gun, and threw it into the helecopter's blades. It was chopped in half. Then he went to the man's jeep. Is this the only vehicle you brought? asked Scar Yes, why do yo... tatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatat ! Scar spent his magizine destroying the man's jeep. It need's a tune up. Scar then got back into the Chopper and took off, Leaving the man in the middle of the desert. The hunter then realized that one of the bullets had strayed and hit his water supply. Shit ! yelled the hunter. Scar took the chopper to the Borderland's. We have stopped the humans that were terrorizing you. Thank you! we owe you alot, many lioness's were killed by those humans. Why where they hunting us? They wanted our flesh, and meat. I left one of them to suffer. We are superiorly gracous. We just keep the lands stable. With that the Outlanders were off, back to the Outlands.


Outlands 1 week later


Ok we're ready to go to Russia, Now you're sure you all want to go along? Yes we all want to go with you, This family can't be seperated Said Zira. And within miniutes we were ready to takeoff. Engines,check, Rudder, check, Stablizers, check, fuel, check, food, check, family, check, check, check, check, check. Let's go! The massive plane took to the skys. Okay, What do we want from the Russian's? A tank, A Big tank, a REALLY BIG TANK! yelled Nuka. How about a REALLY REALLY BIG Tank? suggested Suka. We shall call it The Outland Monistary. NO, The Big Bad Outlander No, The Opressive Outland Omega. We shall first think of what we want. What it is to look like, What kind of weaponry, And what kind of "Thing" we are talking about. How about if we have a bunch of smaller vehicles in a Really big one. How about if we give them the Destroyer, and tell them to make it bigger, faster, stronger, meaner, and more dangerous. Exactly What is the destroyer? asked Scar. Here i'll make a drawing of it. Scar handed Suka a pen. Suka took a map sheet paper and drew a HUGE tank. Here, This is what it looks like.... What about weapons? Asked Zira. Well, This is a 400mm Rail Cannon, It launches a Unidebeleum Rail at around, 8,000 - 9,000 MPH. These are 140mm cannons, There are six of them. These are Diffrent types of turrets, Five in all. These are Saturaters. What are they? asked Vitani They launch a small tactial warhead. Firepower? asked Scar. Equlivent to 50 Lbs of TNT. Anything else? said Nuka. Yeah, The Saturn V-16:OE. What Are they? asked Nuka. They are Balistic Missiles. Firepower? Asked Scar. You really like power don't you Scar. Yeah, I do, The more you have, the less enemies you have. Well, It's an Equlivent to, A concentrated Nukeular Explosion. What kind of turrets does it have? asked Zira. It has a 50cm motar turret, Two anti-Aircraft turrets, How powerful? asked Nuka. 120 Caliber. And two 90cm rocket launcher turrets. So, how are they going to modify this, and make it any bigger? Who do you think made this? This is just a cruiser. They will have some stuff that will blow your mind. And they are freindly. So dont worry, We'll be with friends, Good friends. They are humans, They are constantly making new weaponry. Will they have new stuff that you didnt tell us about? Asked Nuka. Nuka, I promise you, there will be things that will blow your mind. said Suka.

BOOM !!! What was that ! yelled Kovu. We're being shot at ! yelled Vitani. Suka looked out the window, Who are these people? thought Suka. Suka got on the radio, Identify yourself ! yelled Suka..... This is Russian airspace, Turn around or be shot down. This is Suka Darklion, I am part of the Embassy, I am here on Business. We need weaponry. I repeat, This is Suka Darklion, I am requesting permission to land.... Suka Darklion.... This is Stragitic Air Command. We need your Code for permission to land, please transmit code, or code 3 defensive array will be armed. Q3O8DK-A65DKY-KGBLNT-6013-5...Transmit...Suka Darklion you are cleared to land. Whew, That was a close one. Sighed Suka. What do you mean "Close One"? Could we have been killed? Asked Zira. No, Its just, Iv'e never talked to S.A.C. before. Suka landed the plane in the hangar. Please stand by while the plane is scanned. Droned a computer voice. ..Scanning...Scanning...Scanning.. Sentient lifeforms detected. Oh no we're gonna die. Moaned Nuka. No we're not. Insured Suka. Suka Darklion, Sentient lifeforms have been detected on your plane, Explain. I have family from Africa, We have come on busniess. Suka you are permitted to bring your family. Blood tests will be taken. What's a blood test? asked Scar They take a drop of everyone's blood. Don't worry, we're family, We'll pass the test. Access Granted. droned the computer voice. The ship's bay door was opened and everyone got out of the plane. Man it feels good to strech. Suka and family then went to the access Shutter and Suka entered his passcode...409527203...Access Denied. What? 409527203...Access Denied... Everyone started to panic. Mom I dont want to die ! yelled Nuka. Easy now, Nuka, we're not going to die. Suka turned on the grid, Command?... Identify. Suka Darklion, 409527203... Yes, what is your status? Im at  Access Shutter 403. My pass no longer works. Soldier, that door is offline. Use the Bay Doors. Thank you command. Over and Out. Carry on. Suka went to the bay doors. Ok, Everyone hold your breath, 409527203...checking...Access Allowed. Everyone let out a sigh of releif. Suka lead his family to the Command Post for clearance to the Weapon Research Labs. Now everyone stay in the lobby, I'll be back in a miniute. I need to get clearance to the labs, Take my keycard for identificiton. Suka then went through the doors. Mother, I don't like this place. said Nuka Don't worry Nuka, we're with friends, Suka wouldnt lie. A solider came out of the door's Suka had went through. Hey, what are lions doing here? We are family of Suka Darklion. Who? Suka Darklion, He is part of the embassy. Well, do you have an ID card? We have Suka's, He left it with us for ID. Here, give it to me. The solider took the ID card and looked at it. Hmm... One moment. he took the card to a Security Panel. Control, I have Five lions claiming to be relation to a Suka Darklion, Is there clearance? Do you have an ID? Yes. he slid it through the slot.... Yes, There is clearance. Carry on Solider. The solider walked back over to the family and gave Zira the ID back. you are cleared. May I stay to see this Suka? Sure. said Scar. Thank you. Said the solider. In a coulple miniutes Suka walked through the doors. Suka saw the solider, Hello, What is your buisness here Suka?  I am here on business. What kind of Busniess? Weaponry kind. Oh. well good luck on your war Suka, With that the solider went on his way. Who was that asked Scar. Security. Lets get to the labs. I have a friend I want you to meet. Suka took his family to a service elevator. ID please. Suka slipped his card, Access granted. Security here is VERY tight. said Suka. Level. Sub 6 The elevator began to desend. Clang. Watch your step. Suka led his family to a large door. Ok, you have to stay here agian. I wolnt be long at all. Suka went into the office. Seconds later Suka came out with another lion. Everyone meet Kisasi. Hello my fine lioness. Said Kisasi Zira looked at him with a look of embarsssment. Im sorry, but im married. She answered. Who said I wanted to marry you? Kisasi laughed. Well shall we get to the labs? We shall said Suka. Kisasi and Suka put their keycards in at the same time. and the door opened with a loud CLACK !.


Research Labs, Sub 6 Level


Well everyone welcome to heck. And Kisasi opened the door. In it were so many diffrent rooms, testing all kinds of weapons. Nuka got excited, Kisasi, Am I authorized to "test" the weaponry. Nuka this is where you get to pick your new weaponry. Test all you want. Nuka ran to the Booths and "Tested" everything from Ballistic Weapons to Experemental Weapons, Such as the Pulse Tesla Cannon, Hydrodymethane Flamethrower, and other weapons as such. All of the Outlanders Tested weapons of their likeing. While Suka got his weapons out of his storage cell. Suka came back with all kinds of weaponry on his back, he put them down and began to reload and test them. All of the Outlanders had a contest to see who could shoot the best. Suka picked The Sleg Pulse Auto Rifile, a deadly pulse rifile with a powerful scope, and Devestating Auto Discarding-Sabot Rounds. Zira picked the Immelman PSG-560 A Super accurate Sniper Rifile, Capable of hitting a pen-dot from 5 miles away, Without being a Micrometer off target, No matter the wind. Scar took the Hade's Blaze, A Ungodly powerful Napalm Cannon, Capable of firing over 1 mile without heavy blowback. Nuka picked up the Duel Quad Lostech Machine pistols, Basicly they were Three times as fast, Three times as powerful, and three times the magizine capacity of his Nanotech Machine pistols. in short... He LOVED THEM !. Vitani used the Dorgana CVLR, a powerful Rail gun capable of going through Virtualy ANYTHING, And it's range is unknown, Due to the fact that when it was fired in the facility, It was clocked 50 miles away at an unmesureable speed in 00000000000123 Seconds, the rail went into space. And Kovu used the Torrent Cannons, A Weapon that fits over the shoulders, and the arms go into two control suits for the cannons, The cannons are basicly VERY power and fast Miniguns, Being fed by a 56,000 Round mag wore over the back. Kisasi saw us going to have a contest, He wanted to know if he could particapate. We agreed and the contest was on. First it was Suka, He put his gun on snipe and looked through his scope... BOOM! he hit hit the target Dead on. The contest continued till they got down to Kisasi, Who had no gun at the time. I'll be back he chuckled as he looked at Suka. Oh no, he's gonna show off. Kisasi came back with a keycard. Kisasi this is a contest where you use, GUNS ! Said Suka Kisasi smiled Besides, How do you hope to hit that target with a keycard. said Vitani Simply, Use what's behind that door. Kisasi walked over to the door and opened it. This is my Gun said Kisasi. The six of us stared in awe as we saw the biggest Telsa Plasma Cannon we had ever seen. The gun pulsed with energy. Ok, since Zira was the winner of the shootout, she gets to fire it. Kisasi charged up the cannon. The gun roared with power. WHEN I GIVE YOU THE SIGNAL, PULL BACK ON THAT LEVER ! yelled Kisasi over the cannon. Kisasi gave the signal.. vreeee wo...wo..wo.wowowowo BOOM !!!Everyone just looked in awe as the supercharged bolt of plasme atomized the target at the end of the range. WOAH !!! yelled Nuka I WANT ONE OF THOSE !!! He yelled. Ok, Kisasi Now that you have showed off, It's my turn. Suka walked over to another door. EVERYONE, Follow me. He snickerd. Suka opened the Bay doors, To reveal a HUGE tank, With writing on it that looked as if it was painted in blood "DESTROYER". This is what I was talking About. Said Suka. Everyone looked in disbelif at a 100' ft long, 30'ft tall, and 60'ft wide tank. So it really exists. said Scar. Can I drive it? said Zira Well, First we have to get it out of here. Then, you can drive it on the training course. Suka walked over to the platform's controls, entered a code and lifted up on the controls. Hold on. Suka pushed the lever back and the platform began to rise. up, up, And up, Until it got to ground level. Ok, everyone.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Ok there is enough room for all of us. Everyone got into the beast, and took their positons. Ok, Pull the Park Lock lever, Ok, now Engage the engine. Zira truned the Key, Nothing, Oh, Here push 49202 on the keypad. When Zira had put the code in, the tank's lights and controls came on. Ok, NOW turn the key. ReeRRerFFFWOOOMMMM! The tank's massive engines Roared to life, Bellowing their power with an earsplitting roar. >From the outside that is, Inside it was quite quiet. Now, pull back on the yolk, and push this lever foward, SLOWLY ! The massive tank slithered out of the bay. Crushing anything and everything that was unlucky enough to get in its path. Okay, your on a roll. HA HA HA ! get it, on a roll. hahaha. Suka taught everyone how to use all of the equipment in the Destroyer. Suka picked up the inter com and spoke. Now, everyone, We are going out into the desert to test this thing out. We have been authorized to shoot anything and everything that we please. So, shoot anything you wish. With that a roar of weaponry was heard. The family had a time in the tank, "Killing" any stump or rock  that they found hostile.


Thirty miniutes later


Ok, we have been summoned to the hangar. Said Suka over the intercom. The family drove their new toy into the bay. Suka, We looked over your plans to modify the Destroyer. We find that the process can be done, but we need funding in return. said the commander. How much? said Suka Give or take Fifty billion. What ! How can we get that much cash. Well, we are at war with Toyko agian, You take the Destroyer and level them, and we can get ahold of Yamashuri's Gold. Well over One Trillion there. Will you provide air support? Yes, we will come in after you have started the assault.  So we will be driving across the nation of Europe, in a tank. Yes, you will be a opposing target to the other nations, but we have informed the other nations that we will be sending a massive Non-Hostile military vehicle through their land. What are our paramaters? They want you to stay away from populated cities, and they said they will not tolerate fireing in any of their lands. Will one of them provide us with a ship big enough to carry the Destroyer? Yes, Britian is helping us with that. They are sending the Netherlewis. The Royal Battleship? Yes, they will meet you a O-1500 hours on the coast. They will be visible within 100 miles. So, when will we be leaving? Tomorrow. We are leaving tomorrow? Yes, now get your aresnal ready. And get some sleep, You'll need to be at your best. Yes sir. Ok, Everyone we are leaving tomorrow to go take the Destroyer on a real test. What? Tokyo. We need money to build the... New, tank. Dammit, we need to name it. So everyone get your weapons and get some sleep, Tomorrow we attack Japan.


Russian Embassy, The next day


Ok, We have studyed the enemy, The best attack route is to wetland the Destroyer in shallow enough waters, Off the coast of Toyko. This is the path of least resistance, but it is the path of most danger. The Japaniese have powerful weapon technology, but we highly doubt powerful enough to penetrate the Destroyer's armor. Your goal is to cripple the city's deffense's and then find the location of the gold. Remeber, We will be by your side when you fire the first shot. We must bring Toyko to it's knees. We must succeed. Now, everyone has been out fitted with the latest Body protection armor. You will be immune to Seven millimeter shots and weaker. More powerful weapons will damage your armor, and Powerful weapons will penetrate it. What kind of weapons are we talking about? asked Suka. Standard issue is a .45 Cal pistol, and a 5.56 mm assault rifile. Your armor will deflect these projectiles. Combat issue is a 50 Cal Magnum pistol, and a 7.56 mm Sniper rifile. These munitons will damage your armor. Eventully making it useless. Heavy issue is a Magnum uzi and a 50mm Heavy machine gun. We must win before the enemy gets to this firepower. Though the whole time you will be in the tank. Unless you need to get out for some unknown reason. It pays to be prepared. None of the Combat personel have enough firepower to even dent the Destroyer's armor. But land defenses are unknown. It is unlikley that they are powerful enough to penetrate an Eight inch wall of solid Tungstine plated, Depleated Uranium, Dymethium cored Armor. Now Move out and make us proud. Make us proud and your gift will be MONSTROUS ! Now, move out. All of the Outlanders got all of  their gear. Guns, food supplies, water, weaponry, entertainment objects, ammo, documents, and Outlanders were loaded onto the tank. The Outlanders put all of their gear in their personal lockers. The tank was reloaded, refuled and tuned up. Are we ready?  Yes, Yep, Uh Huh, Yeah, Affirmative. Then lets go. The tank roared to life and began to roll out into the desert. The sunset was blood red, like their enemy's body's would soon be, Covered in chrimson, Scarlet, Blood. As Zira drove the tank into the chrimson sunset, Suka began to work on the blueprints on the... DANG ! New tank. We really need to name it. Scar came in when he heard Suka yell. What is it? said Scar. Oh, its nothing, Im just working on the blueprints for the new tank. What do you think we should put on it? said Suka. Well, A bigger rail cannon, Some bigger turrets, And i would like to have one of those cannon's like Kisasi's. Hey, you can have mine, if... If what? said Scar If you beat me in a shooting contest. When? NOW ! said Kisasi. Scar and Kisasi had their shooting contest. Kasisi won. Scar was a little upset about losing to someone younger than him. Next time, I'll beat you. Said Scar. The Outlanders were entering, another nation. Well this is where we hold our breath. said Suka. No gunfire happened clear through Afginastan, Packistan, Or any part of that reagion. Until they got to the coast. They saw the Royal Battleship... Under attack ! The Royal Battleship was being attacked by Airplanes of an unknown nation. Suka grabbed the radio, Netherlewis what is your damage report? Identify yourself unknown aircraft. Sir, This is Suka Darklion, We are on the coast, Do you need assistance? Over. Yes, Suka we are in need of assistance, We are taking heavy damage, Please assist. Ok people, you heard the man, Shoot those planes out of the skys. Everyone took a turret and began blasting at the planes. The planes changed their attack pattern, They were now heading towards us. They let an onslaught of ammuniton out on our tank. It wasn't even touching our armor. By the time they noticed this they were losing, Fast. They were all destroyed in a few more minuites. Dam! They're all dead, And we don't even have a scratch on us! Suka Darklion, This is the Netherlewis, Are you allright. Please respond. Netherlewis, This is Suka Darklion We're fine, They didn't even touch our armor. Are you capable of transporting us? Yes, We are capable of transport. Come out to the shore, We will meet you there. The Destroyer thundered onto the beach, Sinking two feet into the sand, Although this didn't cause a problem. The Outlanders met the Netherlewis out at sea. We are within range Netherlewis. We're on the the way. Over and out. Within miniutes the Destroyer was in the belly of the ship. On its way to Japan. Suka got out and took his family to the captin's quarters. Here we are sir. Said Suka Jolly good, Now, How are we going to launch you, when we get to Japan? You will take the ship to this point, Suka pointed to a place on a map. We will launch, and be able to cruise down the beach. Meanwhile you will go back out to sea, for precaution. We will take out the enemy with air support. When we clear Toyko, We will radio you so we can get the gold and the tank out of here before Japan comes down on us. Then what? We will be under fire when we evacuate ! Dont forget captian, You have the toughest tank in the world, onboard your ship. What about the ship though? We will down any airplanes that try to intervene. What about destroyers? Well, Why do you think our tank is called The Destroyer? I can take out a battleship in one shot from my main cannon. What! Yes, its a 400mm Rail Cannon. 400MM! RAIL CANNON! Yes, its EXTREMELY powerful. Well then, We have nothing to worry about. Except the dead soliders familys. Everyone laughed about this. Now everyone, Get everyone get some shuteye, We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. With that all of the Outlanders went to their cabins and fell fast asleep.


EVERYONE, UP NOW ! yelled the Captian. What, BOOM.. OH SHIT EVERYONE GET UP NOW yelled Suka. Everyone was up in seconds, It was around Five O clock, and we were under attack. A Japaniese scout had spotted us early. They had already sent for reinforcments. And they were here! We got into the tank and began to assault the Aircraft's. The ship was taking on alot of damage. But it was still floating. We had almost downed all of them when we heard that the jap's were sending a fleet of Destroyers out to eliminate us. We were going to have to start the attack early, But we would have to fight the Destroyers to get to the shore. But that is sucide ! yelled the Captian. If we dont start the attack now they will sink the ship. Said Suka. Very well, I just hope you know what your're doing. We'll get through this as long as we stick to this plan. Within an hour the Destroyers could be seen coming toward us. Ok, Everyone, Watch the true power of the Destroyer. All of the Outlandes piled into the Destroyer. And with that the cannnon began to hum, plulsate, and worst of all glow as it reached full power. Okay, Now watch us destroy those destroyers. With that a massive amount of noise began to emmulate from the cannon. It began to pulsate with energy. wo....wo...wo..wo.wowowo FWAFZZZZ! the massive cannon fired, The rail was there in the blink of an eye. The destroyer took a massive hit to the stern, and with that it sunk quickly ot the bottom of the sea. FWAFZZZZ ! Another one to the bottom. FWAFZZZZ ! Another one down. And all of the Battleships were gone. Suka climbed out of the tank, the barrel still glowing an errie blue. It's still hot. Said Suka. How did you get so much firepower? asked the Captian.That is my little secret. Said Suka. Well, we shall now head to Japan. Said the Captain, Still looking at the massive tank, As if it would fire at him at any miniute.


Toyko, Japan 7:35 AM


The sleeping resedents of Toyko knew not of what was slithering up the beach, With war on it's mind. A guard was on duty, He was watching the beach. He saw something that was on the beach. Something big, It just sat there so he guessed it was just an illusion or another firendly object. This was proved to be false as a rifile shot broke through the peaceful night air. The guard then fell to the floor, Dead, With a gunshot wound to the head. In miniutes the japaniese army was at the beach, By then the beast was already headed for town. The army began to shoot at the tank with powerful rifiles. It was even touching its armor. Then a soldier on a hill raised his rocket launcher to the tank and said goodbye to the tank. The rocket sped to its target, Atomizing on contact. A huge ball of fire was next to come. After that screaming could be heard. They approached the ball of fire and smoke. Suddenly a rain of lead poured down upon them, As something cleared the area of soliders. The smoke cleared, And the Outlanders could be seen, Guns drawn, Standing in front of a untouched tank. Dammit, Those basturds blew up my stash of reloading powder ! yelled Suka. Next time I tell you to put it on the inside you'll listen. Said Scar. Everyone got back in the tank and headed towards town. At this moment the Air support was here at our side. Within Miniutes Toyko was under massive fire, people were running in every direction, Trying to escape the massive tank. The Destroyer had destroyed half of Toyko by the time the army arrived. They stormed out of trucks with assault rifiles, gernade launchers, rocket launchers and all kinds of weaponry. But none of it even scrached the tank's armor. Then the Jap's thought they had won when the tanks arrived. But even their weapons wern't powerful enough to penetrate the armor. we were unstoppable. They could do nothing but watch as we destroyed their city. They were powerless. Until a strange looking vehicle rose over the hill. It looked like a UFO, but it was on legs. It stomped towards us. Then without warning it fired a large blot of plasma at our tank. It did little damage, Not enough to even be called a dent, more like a burn. Then it sprouted a cannon out from its under side. It was about as big as the Rail Cannon, But it wasnt a rail cannon. It had many cables going to it. And it had many rings around it's barrel. It looked like a HUGE laser cannon. But it couldent be, It was far to huge. Turrets were'nt doing much damage to the beast. It fired the Laser at us and did some damage, We now had a dent. Suka was tired of this thing, So he aimed the cannon at the contraption, and fired it. The cannon tore the "Thing" in two. The war was back on. We destroyed all of Toyko, And eventully we came upon a heavly armored fortress. The storage area of the gold. We aimed the cannon at the wall and Tore lose firing rockets, mortar, missiles, and rails. We stopped to see what kind of damage we had done, Sure enough there was a large hole in the side of the building. We loaded all of the gold on to the destroyer and Headed to the Netherlewis. We were just getting out to sea when the Jap's air support came to the scene. Everyone on the ship began to attack the airplanes. Within minuites the Japaniese army was at its knees. We had won, We had the money, we had proved we are the toughest, And we had the honor. And...

                              We would soon become tougher.


Russian Embassy, The next day


We have won. Said Suka to the Commander. You have made us proud. We will begin the construction of the... What do you want to call it? The Outland family looked at each other and all said. The Outland Omega. Well then, we shall begin construction on The Outland Omega. And your going to make it far better than the Destroyer? asked Nuka. Yes son, When you come back it will be far Tougher, Meaner, Faster, More Powerful, And the best part is you can take the Destroyer with you. How? We will fly it over to you. Sir, With all due respect Sir, The Destroyer Weighs 400 Tons. How do you plan to transport it. You've been hiding something, Havent you. The Commander Smiled. Yes, I have. Follow me to our latest Invention, The ASFSP. The what? The Air Supperiority Fire Support Platform. The comander lead the family in to the elevator. ID please. He slipped his card. Floor, Sub 9-246 Access Code Entry Suka please turn around, Suka did so and the commander entered his code. Access Allowed. The elevator began to desend, It went faster and faster till they were going well over 500Mph downward. The elevator eventully slowed. Have a good day sir. The Commander walked out first. Then a flash of bright light lit the eyes of the Outlanders. What was that asked Zira rubbing her eyes. Standard, said Suka, It erases the last miniute of your memory. So we cant remeber the code said Nuka. Yes, said The Commander. Not even the best of friends can be trusted with that info. Then he lead us to a HUGE hangar in the side of the cliff. And in the hangar was the biggest plane any of them had ever seen. This is the ASFSP. Your tank is already on board. Why didnt we just use that. asked Nuka.  And let everyone know of our technology? Said Suka. Exactly ! said the Commander. Now, Good luck on your trip home. We shall send the Outland Omega when we complete it, In about 2 years. Ok, we'll be waiting, And thank you. No thank you ! And your family ! We shall be allies for all time. With that the Outlanders Boarded the ASFSP And headed home, To the Outlands.


Outlands, The next day


Dang its good to be home. said Scar as he streached Well, I suppose i'll get supper ready. Said Zira Hey mom, What are we having tonight? asked Nuka Well lets see, Carabou ribs, Some veggie meal, And Some heart of Simba. Said Zira. I'll take two helpings of the Simba's heart said Scar. Sorry dear but we dont have any, You'll have to do with antelope heart. Well, How about some entertaniment. Said Suka. What? Said Vitani. Well, How about some Monopoly? Said Suka. Whats Monopoly? said Nuka. Here i'll show you, Suka ran to his den. After about an hour of digging he found it. Ok, here. Suka layed out the board. Here everyone read this. Suka passed the instructions to Kovu. Now as you will notice this is a special Monopoly. It's us! said Vitani Yep, this a one of a kind game. Only one in the world. Well, I get the Kissian piece, Said Suka I'll be me said Zira. I'll be Scar Said Nuka, I'll be.. Nuka said Kovu. I want to be Shada. said Vitani. and i'll be Simba. Said Scar. With that we began to play. You have wandered into the Shadowlands. Please pick up a Shadowlands card, You have been attacked by hyenas. Put all of your meat back in the bone pile. Dammit, I hate this game. I'd just kill them hyenas. Said Scar as he flicked a hyena piece across the den. Ok, time for bed. Said Zira. Mom, were not children, do we have to have a bedtime? Yes, otherwise you wolnt get up in the morning. Now, get your butts to bed. Said Scar. Nuka and Suka stayed up all night playing Monopoly.


Japan, Aftermath


Sir, We have identified the tank. Sir your not going to beleave this. Try me. said the general. It came from...Africa. And how do you know of this? Well sir we have an ally down at the sick bay. what is his name. Asked the general. The lion said his name was...Sinda...Siamba..Oh, he called himself Simba, Sir. And how can a lion help us? Well sir, he wants revenge on them, And he knows where this tank came from. Did he tell you where it came from? Yes, He said it came from a place known as the Outlands. Well, We'll just send a bomber over there and give them a wakeup call. The general laughed and picked up a phone, Yes get me the presedent of Japan, Reason, We are declaring war on Africa.


Outlands, Night


It was very early in the Outlands. Everyone was sleeping peacefully, Until a sound was heard, Coming from outside. Suka walked outside and saw a wave of lights coming, Then he saw the banner of Japan spanned across two planes. Shit! yelled Suka. Suka ran inside a screamed at the top of his very lungs.             EVERYONE GET UP NOW !

All of the Outlanders were in the living cave in moments. What is it asked Scar groggly. The japs are outside, With planes. Zira looked outside. Oh SHIT! she yelled. Everyone get in the tank now ! yelled Scar. All of the Outlanders ran outside to the tank. As the planes came over them, Shots could be heard. There were rockets, And bullets flying past them. luckly they all got in the tank alive. Kovu had been shot in the leg. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. moaned Kovu. Quick, Before they destroy our home ! yelled Nuka. Nuka, Suka, Scar, And Vitani got into their turrets, And Zira took the wheel. We began to return fire upon the Japs. The tank wasn't even taking a scratch, Sadly, Our home wasnt so lucky. The termite hill of the Outlands were being destroyed. NO !, Our home ! yelled Nuka. Nuka, its gone, There's nothing we can do about our home. Insured Zira. Then where will we live? Said Vitani. Well, I dont know, Its been our home for so long, I never thought about leaving. I guess we'll have to find a new home. We could move back to Russia. said Nuka. We could move to my sister's pride. Said Zira. Well, We'll decide that later, Right now, Lets first kill all of these Jap's. Said Scar. All of the Outlander's began to kill the killer's of their homelands. In miniutes the Outlander's had swatted almost all of the fly's out of the sky's. The Outlanders had won another battle, thanks to the Destroyer.  Well, I guess we'll have to find a new home. I know a place where we can go. Said Suka. Suka got into the Destroyer, and picked up the radio. Russian Embassy No. 6013-5 I am requesting air talk to S.A.C. Permission granted Suka. Commander? Identify. Sir this is Suka. Code? 6013-5 Hello Suka, What are you in need of? We are under attack by Japs, Sir, How do they know it was us? Suka, I don't know, We must have a mole. No, I dont think it's a mole, We had an enemy here in Africa, We haven't killed him, If anyone, It's him. Well, How does he know of your attack, And plus, How did he get to Japan? Well, That I dont know Sir. Your attendance is now required here. We will send a plane to pick you up. Now, About this Simba. We'll look into it. Now, you must get to a safe location. There is a place called the Pridelands, about 3 miles from your location. Sir, We destroyed Those lands. You can mark it off of the map. Well, lets see... Here, There is a land know as the Rimlands. Suka, That is the land's of my sister. Said Zira. Well sir, I just got good news, We have allys in the Rimlands. Pick us up there as soon as possible. A chopper will be there within the next day, or two. Keep out of sight, and lay low Suka, These are your orders, Please follow them. yes Sir. over and out. Okay, Everyone, We're moving to the Rimlands temporarly. We then go back to the Russian Embassy. How? Said Scar. A chopper is being sent, It will be here within the next day. Why? asked Nuka. We are in heavy danger, The Jap's know where we are, It's only a matter of time before they find, and kill us. Said Suka. Remember Suka, We have the strongest tank in the world. How are they gonna kill us? Well, for one thing, The turrets are almost out of ammo. Two, the main cannon is out of rails. And we're out of rockets. We'll have to fight in our armor if we incounter another assault. We will use the tank until it runs out of Ammuniton, then we'll have to fire out of the ports of the tank with standard weapons. Well, I thought we would have to get out of the tank. Said Nuka. No, Getting out of the tank would be suicide. Said Suka. We shall go to the Rimlands. Also, We could get more recruits for the battle. Battle? What battle? Said Scar. Dad, We're at war now. Japan is out to kill us, And they wolnt stop till one of us dies. Well then, I guess we have no choice. Nope, We have to get out of here. Now lets go before the Jap's come back. And with that all of the outsiders sadly left their home.  And headed to the Rimlands.


Japan, Three hours later


Sir, our attack was a failure, Shall we send more troops? No. This time we know where to be, That tank was Russian Military. Right? Yes Sir, Well then, You know where to send the troops. Sir, Are you suggesting that we attack Russia? Yes, That is where they will be going, Back to barrics to cry their little hearts out. This time I want more than just homes destroyed, I want their heads. Yes sir. The private went out into the hall and told command that the troops would be sent to Russia. Command was shocked, But they were under orders. They sent 1,000 troops to Russia. None of them would probably make it back, But the general had an idea. Weaken their defenses, And then deal the heavest blow. Suddenly a large lion walked into the room. So, you must be the Simba iv'e heard about. Yes, Sir. So, You want these outsiders dead? Yes, They killed many innocent lives. All of them were family. Well then, It seems we have a simulrity. We can wipe out those outsiders, We just need a little job done to seal the alliance. What? We need you to destroy a tank that was found in the Outland deserts. And if I destroy this "Tank"? Then we will wipe out the Outsiders. This ship is the Outlanders only line of deffense. If we destroy this Tank we can then easily rid the world of these.. Pests.

Well are you talking about the tank they used to destroy our kingdom with? No, Sadly not, This is a picture of it. the General passed a picture to Simba. Oh, This tank is huge, How do you expect me to destroy this beast? We have tanks too you know. Said the General. But not this big. No, But more powerful. We have new technology that can fire through a mountian. Well, Show me the tank then. Not tank, Attack Helecopter. Ok then, Lets get me ready. The two evildoers then headed deep into the Japan research facility.


10 miles from the Rimland border, Early morning.


Well, That was the best sleep iv'e had in a tank yawned Vitani. Its the only time you've slept in a tank moaned Zira. Nuka rolled out of bed, as usual, But this time he woke up faster than normal. uhhh...THUNK ! AHHH!! MY HEAD ! ! ! Yelled Nuka. Waking up everyone else in  the tank's warm interior. Well, I suppose im driving today. said Suka as he went to the cocpit. Ok, lets get this show on the road. Rurr..Rurr..Rurr. Shit. Not now baby. Rurr...Rurr...Rurr. Dam ! Suka got out of the cockpit. And went to the engine compartment in the tank. Well, Everything seems to be fine. Said Suka. Humm... The battery was charged, The gas was...Gasing, The pistons were turning, And the rocker was throttling. But the engine wasnt turning over. Dang. Well, Now we have a problem. Hey Scar, Scar wake up. Huh? The engines are dead. We're stuck. The dead engines are stuck? No, The engines are dead. This tank's not moving. Shit. Muttered Scar. Zira, Get up. What is it dear. Yawned Zira. The tank's engines are dead. We're not moving. Well, Did you check all of the components? Yes, I checked everything. Well one miniute and i'll be there. In about fifteen miniutes the engine room was crouded by ancious lion's wanting to get a move on. Suka continued to tinker with the engine, until they heard him yell. DAMMIT ! he yelled. Whats wrong Suka? Asked his nervous brother. Well, we blew a shank. is that bad? asked Vitani. Well, We've got a 400 ton tank with one leg. Huh? What? asked many mouths. We can get it started, but it wolnt make it very far before we blow the camshaft. When that happens, We're done. Suka got on the radio and got ahold of S.A.C. This is Suka. We have an emergency. Report in Suka. Sir, We've blown a shank on the Destroyer. How long do you have to go. 10 miles sir. Do you think the cams will hold together? I doubt it sir. We need you to send the ASFSP So we can transport the Destroyer. We'll need permission to cross the lands with it. Then hurry, please, We dont have a world of time. We shall be there tomorrow, We shall call sooner if permission is denied. Sir. Yes Suka. Either way can you send some reloading supplies. Name your poison Suka. Well we need Ammo for the Destroyer's guns. Do you need two more Missiles? No, sir we havent used that ordanance, Yet. We shall send supplies if permission is denied, Along with replacment parts for the tank. Thank you sir. You have saved 6 more lives. good luck, Command out. Suka, How do you get so many weapons for nothing ? Well, Im a elite solider. I get what ever I need to complete a mission. Anything. Anything? said Scar. Anything from 22 cal bullets to Nukelar Warheads, troops, and vehicles. I have access to all of our technology. Well, Lets continue our trip to the Rimlands. With that Suka throttled the engine and Zira then drove the tank onward to the Rimlands.


Rimlands, 15 minutes later.

How much longer can we go? yelled Zira over the roar of the engine. Not much further, Ive never heard it make so much noise. Then the engine suddenly lurched to a stop. click...click...click. Suka, it wolnt start. Said Zira from the cocpit. Suka walked up to the cocpit and told her the bad news. It's no use, We fried the rings right out of the pistons...We're not going anywhere. The ASFSP will see us here and pick us up. Scar, Theres someone outside the tank. Said Vitani. Scar looked out the port and looked at Zira. Hey Zira, Your sister's outside. Zira looked outside. Thats not my sister. Then who is it? asked Kovu. I dont know, But we're going to find out. Suka got his pistol ready, and put it behind him. Open it. Said Scar. The hatch opened slowly. In front of the hatch was a lioness. She looked at the lions in the creature and began to snarl. Who are you? asked the lioness. The hatered could be seen in her eyes. The question is, Who are you asked Nuka. I am Shina, What are you doing on our lands. These are the lands of the Rimlands. Said Zira casually. And what buisness do you have here? Asked the lioness. I am the sister of Mirhiza. You are no sister of my queen. Oh no? Then how about you lead us to my sister, then I shall prove your stupidity. I look just like her. Fine, But remember, You are no longer on your lands. Lead us to your queen. Follow me. Hissed the lioness.


Rimlands, Later


Queen Mirhiza, You have visitors, One of them claims to be your sister. Although my sister died years ago, Send them in. Said a dark form in the shadows, Examining its claws in the dim light. You may enter said the lioness. The group entered the lioness's den. The one who claims to be my sister, Come near. Zira walked up to the shadowly figure. You may look like my sister, But. said the dark creature, Grabbing Zira's muzzle, You are NOT my sister, I havent seen my sister in 13 years. Mirhiza, Its me, you stupid idiot. You cannot be my sister, But if you insist you are my sister, Then you can do what only my sister could do. You must bring down Eight of our kind to prove to me that you are indeed my sister. Eight? laughed Zira At at a time you mean, Right? I could take twenty down. You may talk like her, but I still dont beleave you. Then I will face Ten of your best. said Zira. It is done. Said the dark creature. The whole time its's eyes blazing like heckfire.


The lioness went out to the fighting area. Then out came Zira, But something was diffrent about her. Her eyes, They were...Glowing...Blood red. Her sister then told Zira she had one last chance to leave before her death. Zira just laughed. And miss out on all the fun? Fine, Everyone, Tear this lioness apart. Then Ten lioness attacked Zira, All, At, Once. They were all piled upon her in a massive pile of fur and fleash. Then a cry of pain was heard as something made a brittle snap. The pile of lioness shifted at that same moment. We feared the worst. Nuka ran to his mother, But was cut off by the Rimlanders. HAH ! That WAS no sister of mine. Then the pile of lioness began to move, Shift, And worst of all, A small stream of blood could be seen coming out from the bottom of the pile. Then all at once the lioness's began to fall off the pile. Something was alive in the pile. Then we heard the lioness begin to scream. All at once the lioness pile fell to the ground, And standing in the center of the pile was Zira. She stared at her sister with an evil gaze. Now do you beleave im your sister? No. Thats it. Fight me Mirhiza. But I could always beat you, Zira. So you belave me now. Yes, I cant beleave your still living. Im tougher than you think. Well how has it been in the Outlands.? All of the Outlanders looked at each other and told her the whole story.


Pridelands, The next day


Sir, this is Simba, I am in Africa. Good, Now you must head to the Outlands, The last know place the tank was seen. Yes sir. Simba then drove his attack helecopter to the Prideland border towards the Outlands.


Uh, sir. Said Simba What is it Simba, Do you have a problem? Yes. What is it? Sir the Outlands have been destroyed ! Theres nothing left of the termite mound. Well this is where you come in find the Destroyer, And Destroy it, You may do whatever you wish with the Outlanders. Very well sir, Simba out. Simba lifted his massive chopper off of the ground. And was off following a pair of tank tracks in seconds. Simba followed the tank tracks to the tank itself. He flew over the tank once, Twice. What was up, Why wernt they returning fire? He landed the chopper. Suspicous of an ambush, he picked up a sub-machine gun that his boss gave him. Come out now ! yelled Simba. Little did Simba know he was yelling at a tank, That had no occupants. Sir, What is it Simba? Sir, Ive found the tank, There's no one on board. There is no one anywhere near. Could this be a trap? It might be, I suggest you get out of there before you find out. Just as Simba turned off his radio, He heard it, A gunshot. What are you doing here? Said a very fimaliar voice. Simba turned around to see Scar holding a rifile, a BIG one. I suggest you follow me. Said Scar. You wouldent want to start the party early now would you? Scar took Simba to the Rimland palace, A Huge underground cave. Hey Mirhiza, Bring the family and come see what I found lurking around the desert. In moments the whole Outsider family was where Scar was holding his prize. Simba? said a confused Mirhiza. Your're the one that tried to kill my sister, Arent you? I mearly tried to maintain the balance between good an.OOOFF! Scar kicked him hard in the gut. You KNOW what he was going to say. replied Scar. Well Simba, it appears you'll be joining us on our little trip. Said Zira. Oh, one more thing, Nuka. Yes dad? Go out to where our tank is, You can have whats parked beside it. Oh yeah ! New toy. Nuka ran off to see his new " Toy". Now, Simba how would you like to go to Russia? Asked Scar. in one peace. That can be arranged. Said Zira.


Meanwhile, in Russia


Well sir the Outland Omega is 53% complete. Good. The Commander went into the main lobby. Well Suka, it seems we'll be seeing you sooner than we thought. I must get him on the radio. With that the Commander went to his office, Suddenly the alarms raised. The Jap's are attacking. Within miniutes the Russian military was on the scene, Killing or destroying anything that wasn't on their side. The Jap's were taking a heavy blow, They had attacked too soon. The base was still on watch. The Russians mopped up the rest of the Jap's and captured some alive. The Commander went to see if he could get any info out of these men. Now, Im going to ask you kindly, What do you know about an attack on Africa. This man was solid. He wouldnt even budge. Ok, Im now angry. The commander got a Sub Machine Gun and pointed it at the Jap. It isnt loaded. Said the jap confidently. The commander aimed the gun at the corkoard at the other side of the room and tore it to shreds. Now, What do you know about the attack on Africa? The man didnt speak, The commander put the gun on single, and shot the man in the leg. tat ! AHHH!!! You shot me in the frickin leg ! He yelled. The commander put the gun to the Jap's throat. What do you know about the attack. He asked once more. I don... The Commander took the gun off the safety. OK !... We were going to attack a group of lions, In an experemantal tank of some kind. And? We couldnt penetrate its armor, but we did manage to get one of them in the leg. We heard you destroyed a Termite hill. My Russian enemy, We destroyed MANY termite mounds. Any big ones, Say the size of a small bulding? Well if you must know. Yes we did. I got away to see them What I guess was crying at the foot of the termite mound. Did you know that was the home of one of our oppratives. Well, What would one of your kind be doing with lions? He is a lion !  Have you sent anyone else out? Yes, We sent out an opperative named Simba. He will kill them, There is nothing you can do. Now, Since you have been so helpful, You get one previlge. What? A quick death. The Commander walked out the door and put a sign on the door. Contents to be sent to the blast chamber. Commander Niles. The Commander then got on the airways, Suka, Report in, Suka Darklion, REPORT IN ! Nuka was outside the tank when he heard someone yell. Nuka went into the tank with his Quadtech at his side. Suka, Report in if you can hear me. Nuka picked up the radio. Commander, This is Nuka. What do you need. Put Suka on the Radio. Well sir, I can't, He's at the Rimland palace. The tank broke down three miles from the border. What do you need? Well Nuka, We have info on the attack. They have sent an operative out to kill you all, His name was Simba. This might be the one who has been causing you all so much trouble. Well Sir Im happy to tell you he woln't be causing us any trouble. What, You've shot him down? No, better, We have him as a hostage. We want to know if we can invent a way to kill him in your labs. Yes, We would love to send whats left back to the Jap's, Maybe that would make tham change their minds. I shall tell Suka right away. Oh, Nuka, One more thing, Did you find the prototype chopper? Yes, It is right in front of me. Well we would love to have it for research. When we get there, Its all yours, The handling sucks. Over and out. Nuka then ran out of the tank to tell his family the good news. Suka ! yelled Nuka. What is it Nuka? I just got off of the radio with the Commander, The Outland Omega is halfway done, And we have been permitted to use the labs on Simba. Good, Anything else? Yes, The transport should be here soon. Just then Zira wakled up to Suka. Whats the matter? Nothing, The ship is on its way here. Now, Does Mirhiza want to go along? One moment and i'll check, Zira then walked off to go talk to her sister. Scar. Said Nuka. Yes son? When we get to the labs what kind of things are you going to do to Simba? Well, Lets just say it wolnt be funny, For him. You Nuka, Will be working on Vehicle and weapons technology.

Suka will be working on the Outland Omega. Vitani and Kovu will be in research, And Mirhiza will be allowed to enter any field she wants.

Scar ! yelled Zira. Yes? Mirhiza wants to know if she can be a part of our group, So? She needs your approval. Well, I suppose i'll go have a talk with her. Dont take too long Scar, I can see the plane coming. The ASFSP was indeed on its way to the Rimlands. The massive ship could be seen coming over the horizon. Suka, are you down there? Please respond. Said a voice over the radio. Commander this is Suka. We are ready for transport. over and out. Suka put the radio down and headed to the spot where the ASFSP was landing. We have been informed that your tank has broke down. Said one of the personel. Yes, send out the HAT. Yes sir, Right away. Whats a HAT? asked Scar It is called the Heavy Arms Transport. or HAT for short. The group saw a small vehicle that looked like a small tank. That little thing is going to move the Destroyer? Yes, It is alot more powerful than you think. They witnessed the little vehicle hook up to the tank and easily pull it into the ship's hangar. Well, Are we ready to leave? I guess. All of the Outsiders and Simba borded the plane. Next stop, Russia. The massive plane turned around and prepared to takeoff. The Commander came in at this point. Welcome to the ASFSP. Now, Who is this? Asked the commander, looking at Mirhiza. This is my sister sir. Said Zira. She's one of us. Said Scar. Well, We're glad to have you on our side Mirhiza. Now, When we get to Russia we will take Simba to the labs, You will then sign in to the main computer. After all of the tests and paperwork, You will officaly be a part of the Russian Embassy. You will then be able to invent your own weapons, Vehicles, And anything that will make you more efficent. Also you will get a keycard that gives you access to all sectors. Except Alpha-635. You will not be permitted there. The plane then began to exclerate across the savanna. The reason? asked Nuka. That is a clasified sector. Not even I have access. Said Suka. Please rember you will be free to leave Russia at any time, but your actions will be monitered. If any of you pass the Omeria code. You will be terminated. What is the Omeria code? asked Scar. The Commander looked all of us in the eyes and said, The Omeria code is a Extreame violiton. If you, Smuggle technology out of Russia and sell it to other nations, Use your firepower in a violent manner agianst another personell. or if you go to Alpha-635, Without permission. How can we get permission? asked Zira. If anyone declares war on Russia, You will be granted access. And only on these terms. If you follow all of the rules and respect your positon, You will be given more access, and rights. What positon and rights do we have? asked Kovu. Well, You all have diffirent ones. Zira, Suka,and Scar have Alpha-3, They are allowed to go anywhere except Alpha-635, They have full access to the armory. You(Kovu),Nuka,And Vitani have IndoAlpha-1. You are the highest authoity Indo Alpha. You have access to all of the research labs,and all sectors but Alpha-635, And my office. Why do they have higher ones? asked Nuka. They have proved their loyalty fully. You three are the next to be in their Sector. And Mirhiza, You are a newcomer, You may be a Alpha, If you take the oath, And prove your loyalty in battle. but for now you will be a Indo. Whats that? asked Mirhiza. That is the sector below IndoAlpha, You will have access to all of research and the armory. Sir I have a Question? asked Vitani. Yes, Will we be able to go on the floors where our family is? Yes, You all have access to all of the levels, Excluding Alpha-635. You just wolnt have clearance to work there. Oh, Ok I was hoping I still could see my family. Dont worry, I wouldnt seperate you from your family. Im not as mean as I look. You will learn that I am a devoted Commander to those who serve me, But those who cross me, I cut down. i hope all of you become loyal, id hate to have to downsize one of you, Or worse. What is worse? asked Scar. I'll answer that. Said Suka. If any of you get downsized, and commit a large crime less than 1 year after your punishment, The penalty is death. But the death penaly dosent come to any of you. You have to fall below the Sub-Alpha Omeria. And what is that? asked Kovu. This is the 12th lowest rank. But you all are above the 32th highest. You would have to commit murder, or worse to fall to that level. Whats the lowest level? asked Nuka. Suka, Kisasi, And the Commander looked at him. The lowest level is D-row. Death Row? asked Vitani. No, D-Row is a group of people that commit a Massive crime. Like what? asked Scar. Like bombing a lab. said Suka, No Suka. Said the Commander. Thats Sub-Kelo Omega-3. D-Row is Doing something that causes war, And ends up in many lives lost, And heavy damage to the base. What is D-Row then? asked Kisasi who had been silent the whole time. D-Row is where someone, or something gets sent to the ASX Lab. Whats that? asked Suka. Anitomical Surreal X-termaniton. And that is. Said Scar as the plane went through some turblence. This is where the gulity is injected with a chemical known as X-crement, Then put in a chamber with a large electrode mounted in the ceiling. The the subject is tortured by 200-400 Volt surges. The X-crement chemical reacts to the electricty. Causing Horrendous pain and agony. Then the subject is put to death by sending a 40,000 Volt surge into the chamber, This in turn makes the X-crement expand at a lightningly fast rate, So fast it makes the body of the accused to violently errupt in a ball of gore beyond explinaiton. In short it is the most painful and effective way to kill something. But dont worry, only one person was ever sent there in the last 26 years. What did he do? asked Vitani. He betrayed us all, and tried to sell our best technology to Japan. He didnt get away with it, Japan was furious, And in a fit of rage they sent a missle over to us. What did it hit? asked Vitani. It hit an Inframy full of innocent women and children. the group was amazed at this. Did any survive? Yes, one My wife. is she still around? asked Scar. Scar lets stop asking so many questions. said Suka Knowing how hard this subject was for him. Lets get to thinking on the new tank we are about to inherit. The Commander sensening this agreed. We are 53% finished with it, soon you will have the most advanced technology in our power. We have went over the list and everything has been intergrated into the tank. You will all then be able to modify it to your likeing. So, How big it it? asked Scar. It is about 1000' long, it stands 600' tall and is 800' wide. Its BIG ! What is the biggest weapon on it? asked Scar. Well, That would be the forward Pulse Rail Cannon. How powerful is it? asked Scar. We can all see what Scar's favorite subject is,.. Firepower. Everyone began to laugh, Well Scar, Its barrel is the size if you pinky... WHAT ! yelled Scar. Just kidding, Its about the size of your home, the Outland Termite hill. What ! Scar yelled, agian. Yes. How fast is it? asked Zira. Its top speed it 352mph, Which is pretty darn fast for a tank. Zira beamed, Fiannaly, a FAST tank. After that the Commander went back up to the cocpit, Before he left them he said one more thing. Since you are all entering the Embassy, you can all just call me Niles. Then he went up to the front of the ship.


Russian Embassy, Three hours later.


The plane landed in the Russian airspace hangar. And everyone got off in miniutes. Niles walked over to the group, Everyone, You now must sign into the main computer. then you will take a written test, And you then be given your personal ID cards.


Everyone got off the plane and filed into the recruting floor. After 5 hours of tests, paper work, and examining they were officaly in the embassy. Now, What do you say? Lets go and see our tank. All of the Outlanders went into the hangar that their tank was house in. Holy shit.. its huge. Yelled Scar. the main cannon was as big as a car. Scar went into the tank and began to look around, The interior was to Zira's speculations, Very tastefully done, it looked like he was in a mansion, not a tank. The tankit self was massive, Hey everyone, get in here and see this. All of the Outlanders came running in, along with a few workers that thought Scar was talking to them. They went back to the jobs when they found out he wasnt talking to them. Well, I have to say the interior is very well done said Vitani. Just like I wanted it. Said Zira. Well lets try and find everything in here. the group split up and went searching. Scar came upon the control room. So this is the brains of the opperation. A worker came up to Scar. Yes? Are you Scar? Yes. Well, here are the blueprints and schematics of the tank. Scar looked for the intercom. sir? Yes. I want to ask a question. Well? I want to be a part of your matinance crew. I shall tell Niles of your promotion. Oh thank you sir. Your welcome, Now get back to work. Yes sir. Scar fiannaly found the intercom. All OUTLANDERS please gather in the lobby. Scar then went to the lobby of the tank. Only two came. Zira and Vitani. Well, Wheres everyone else? asked Scar. We think they got lost. this is a big tank. No. I think they found what they were looking for. Nuka would be in the weaponry hold, Suka would be in the vehicle hanger, Mirhiza would probably be in the communation room, Kisasi would deffenatly be in the kitchen.This thing has its own kitchen?asked Vitani. Vitani, This is our new home, of coarse it has a kitchen.

Now lets split up and find the family. Within 15 minutes the family was reunited. Ok, Now. We know how to fet around in here. So, I suppose we should get to work on our weaponry. Personaly, Im going to work on makeing a tougher armor for the other vehicles and for personel use. said Scar. Im going to work on making my weapons. said Nuka. Communation technology. said Mirhiza. Advanced weapons systems and vehicle upgrading. said Suka. Biological torture rituals. said Zira. Weapons training. said Kisasi. And I shall work on the Basilisk. said Kovu. Very well, lets get to work.


Meanwhile, back at Japan.


Our main base has been destroyed, Our defenses down, And now your telling me Our opperative has been captured? asked the Japanise leader.

Yes, He has been captured. The leader just stared out of the window of the Japinese war machine, Simitar. A huge killing machine. We shall personaly go to the Outlands and Destroy that thing. Sir, We have gotten new info, the war machine is based in Russia. The Jap. leader looked to the informer. So, They are based in Russia? Well, Then we can take out BOTH problems on one desive hit. Prepare the Simitar for battle, We attack when The Simitar is ready.


Pridelands, Noon


We have been without a king and queen for about a year now. Said a fimaliar voice. Our very home, The Pridelands, Have been destroyed. My father's lands in ruins. It is time to get rid of these Outlanders for good. But how will we destroy them if they arent even here? asked a lion. We shall see to it that they WILL come back. But the termite hill is destroyed, What have they to come back to? Asked another lion. They never slayed all of us, They know very well that we will unite and attack them if they dont end us. But how do we kill them, You saw that huge metal beast. That is true, but they are still full blooded lions. They are no stronger than us, With the exception of Scar and Zira. What do you mean by that? The figure stepped out of the cave, it was Kiara, But she looked evil, dark colors, black and sallowed around the eyes. Scar and Zira are diffirent from all of us, I can't tell you how, I dont know myself. But they are much more dangerous than us, Also when Nuka and Suka are near Zira they become very protective, Going beyond the need of pain. With all of them combined together, they are basicly unstoppable. We must take them down one by one. Starting with Zira. Why her, You said Scar is just as dangerous. Yes, That is right, But if we take Zira out then the whole thing goes out of balance. We would then have a fighting chance. So, When do we attack? Whenever they come back. Said Kiara


Russia, dawn


Suka !, Mom, Dad, Vitani ! Nuka was running down yelling for help. Scar steped out into the hall and Nuka ran right into him. What's with you? asked Scar as he stood up. Dad, The japs, There coming for us, We must leave, But where do we go? asked Vitani. Well, theres only one other place to go to. said Scar. The Outlands. finished Zira. We're going back home? asked Nuka. Yes, its our only chance. We will take all of our equipment with us. Everyone get all of your belongings into the Ox3. we leave immedeatly. All of the Outlanders were running throught the base warning everyone about the attack and getting all of their stuff at the same time.


Russia, one hour later.

 All of the Outlanders were on the ASFSP and headed to the Outlands. When we get to the Outlands I want a perimeter set up, nothing comes in, Nothing goes out. Said Scar. We will only fight if we have to. But all of you are to keep your vehicles ready in case of an emergency. Odds are the Japs wil be looking for us, And the next place they will search will be our homelands, The Outlands. We must protect our home, The Termite Hill. For we do not know how much firepower they are bringing this time. Our weapons might not have any affect. We can only hope that they dont attack us. Said Scar. Heck, They wolnt even get through Russia's defense's. How will they know about our disapperance? said Suka. That is true my son, But you must remember, Japan might have more power this time around. said Zira. Well, all I can say is this, Nuka picked up his Lostech pistols, They aint gettin near my home !  He's right, Those are OUR lands, And we will fight to the deaths to protect them. We will not fall, We will presevere, And we will win ! yelled Kisasi. Lets kick some Jap butt ! said Vitani.


Russia, 2 hours later.


 The Jap's were at the front line of Russia, Remember men, Dont fire until you see the white's of their ass's ! Soon a huge battle erupted when the Jap's pulled a suprise attack. ATTACK ! ! ! The Russian army mercylessly pummeled the Jap's. One Japinese solider had the misfortune of climbing over a wall and finding a fifty caliber turret up his nose, Then everything got messy... the Russian's were anhilting the Jap's. Everything was going to plan, Until.

 A large blip was being picked up on the radar screen. it was monsterous, it had to be the size of a small city. And it was heading right towards Russia. Within miniutes a large metal object rose from the southern border. It looked like a submarine, on tank tracks. The Russian's first began to give it just the heavy weapon's, But it didnt stop, let alone take any damage, then the whole heavy Divison was assigned to it, it didnt even take a scratch, Then they gave it everything they had. But to no avail.




Suddenly the radio came alive with noise, Suka picked it up and dialed in the positon of the code, It was Russia. The battle was hopeless... The Jap's had a huge killing machine bareing down on them. It seemed to be invincible, None of their weapons could even dent its massive shell. We were warned to go somewhere else, Somewhere like the center of the earth. But we were headed home, No where else. They had just got a transmission that the war machine would soon attack. This was the odd thing. The machine bareing down on Russia hadnt even let off a single shot, Not even a pistol shot, As if they knew that our weapons were useless agianst its armor. They knew that a vehicle of that size had to have on BIG gun. indeed, The war machine was preparing to attack. We listened as Niles explained it so vividly. the cannon, So long and sleek. Slid out and down as if it was survaling the land that it was about to usurp, A large noise could be heard as it roared to life, It roared with triumph, it knew we would fall then it was so birght s... the radio then went numb, with dead silence. Russia's gone, there all dead, all of them. said Suka. So what do we do now? asked Nuka. Well, Now that we know what we're up agianst i suggest we go to the Outlands. What ! yelled Scar. Suk, They will expect us to be there, They will kill us all. cried Zira. Suka, we would all be killed. Said Vitani. Do you want us all to die? Asked Mirhiza. No, He dosent. Said Nuka. Iv'e known him all of my life, And if theres one thing I know, it's that Suka would never put us in danger. Well Nuka, your half right. i am sorry to say I WOULD be putting us all in danger, but if we dont go and protect our home, They'll destroy it, And then we'll have nowhere to run. I guess you're right. sighed Vitani. So, How do we beat them? asked Scar solomnly. Well, We know we cant penetrate their armor, And we cant storm the thing, But we can outmanuver it. If we could just find a weak spot... I can help. Said Simba. Everyone looked at Simba sourly. You are the one who divised this thing, How can you think that YOU can help US? asked Scar. I designed it, I know its weakness's, but you have to let me go when we get to Africa, So i can be with my family, Very well, How do we destroy it? asked Zira. On the rear there is a port for the exhaust, it is the only weakness, But it is protected by a shield, you must first shoot a explosive of some kind down the intake's on the generators on the deck of it. But you would have to be a dead accurate shot. theres only one of us thats a dead accurate shot... Everyone sadly turned and looked at Zira. We cant risk her life. Said Scar. No, its our only chance, I must go. I promise, I WILL come back alive. Well, thats one thing down, Now, Who's going to shoot the explosive down the exhaust tube?.... I'll go. said Kisasi. iv'e always wanted to fly, And plus im a good shot. Very well, you and Zira will be the ones to take it down, Simba we will drop you off a the Pridelands. Remember, Dont try anything funny. I only want to see my family, I do not want to cause war. Good, replied Vitani. Then maybe we can put this feud behind us then? asked Simba. We'll see about it. said Scar.


Pridelands, three hours later.


I swear, the next time I see Them, i'll kill em all. said kiara as she lied down on the charcoal ground. Then a large vessle flew over her. Good, there here, No, Wait... THEIR LANDING IN THE PRIDELANDS ! ! ! Kiara ran to Pride rock to warn everyone, but the massive ship was landing right in front of Pride rock.

NOOO! she screamed. She ran as fast as she could, and by the time she got to it, the hatch was opening up. ATTACK ! yelled Kiara. Everyone began to run up the ramp. And all at once stopped as they heard gunfire. Scar had fired off a couple of warning shots off into to the air. Dont even think about it, We have brought your king back, So do not try to attack us. Simba then walked out of the ship and ran to his daughater. Kiara ! Daddy ! The two ran to each other. Hugging and nuzzeling each other when they meet. Daddy, lets get rid of them while we still have the chance. Kiara, they brought me back. Dont you think we should respect them for that? i guess, But sooner or later we must. the ASFSP was now taking off to the Outlands. But why Kiara, Why? We have settled our diffrences now. we are at peace. Peace? After he killed your father? he explained to me why he did, And its not all that bad why he did in the first place. Now come on, lets talk.


Outlands, later. 


Home sweet home at last. Said Nuka as he looked out his window as he saw the Termite Hill coming over the horizon. Just as Nuka was about to run to tell everyone the good news about their home he saw it,  A HUGE... Thing, setting in the middle of the desert. Everyone come quick ! yelled Nuka. Suka set the plane to Auto pilot and followed everyone to Nuka. What? asked Zira. Look, there out in the desert, is that what I think it is? Suka suddenly ran to the cockpit and dived the plane near to the ground. Well great, We've got the enemy at our door step. We'll have to put up a defensive in front of our homebase. Then Suka landed the ASFSP in front of the Termite Hill. We will use this as a defensive base. Eveyone can use their own vehicles if they wish, otherwise you are ordered to stay inside this aircraft. Very well, lets get to work. The Outlanders quickly assembled for battle. If we win this war its over, No more will stand in our way. Then the Jap's began to attack, And fiercely too. They came in large numbers with heavy weapons. Nuka drove his sled out of the Ox3. now we're not talking about the thing you sled down the hillside with, no. not even close. Nuka's sled is a halftrack hotrod built for speed. In both firespeed and Velocity. And yet it carries heavy armor. Nuka let his Quad Firestorm chainguns blaze as he tore the first wave to shreads. Vitani then took off in the rebuilt Basilisk and destroyed anything that got too close to our home. Meanwhile Suka plioted the Ox3 and just ran over the opposition. While Mirhiza took the Destroyer for a spin, And before ya know it she was killin em left and right. Kisaisi took off in his custom chopper. All it had was every kind of missile you could think of. And Zira and Scar piloted the Royal Outland Apache. A vicious chopper able to take down ANY ariel assault vehicle. We fought with force and strength. Soon the Simitar could be seen coming over the horizon. It was bigger than we had hoped, But nonetheless we pelted it with all we had. Supprisingly what we had was enough, Hell. We were ripping it apart ! So, Of coarse it began to extend it's cannon. And its cannon was pointed directly at our home. We scrambled into a formation and tried to nudge the cannon, but it would be to slow. We had to do something before it fully extended, or our home was doomed. The cannon was already half extended when Suka came up with a plan. He explained it to all of us. It would work, if we made it in time. Suka positoned the Ox3 in front of the cannon barrel. The barrel hit the Ox3 and stopped extending. Then the cannon began to power up, just like we planned it would. Mean while Mirhiza positoned the Destroyer behind the Ox3. Right when the cannon was powered up Suka pulled the thrusters and the Ox3 rocketed away from the cannon barrel. And the Destroyer was right in its line of fire. We held our breath and hoped the armor would hold out. And then the cannon fired its massive blast. It hit the Destroyer head on. Then we lost radio contact with the Destroyer. The tank had absorbed the whole blast. As the smoke cleared it became clear...The tank didnt have a scratch on it. How? Well, The Destroyer's armor is made of many diffrent kinds of super strong metals, So it could take the heat, blast and recoil of the hit and The Destroyer's angled front end would just make the bolt bounce right off and nail the cannon itself. But there was a problem. That little stunt had ruptured the cannon's plasma core. Soon the core would overload and destroy everything within fifty miles. It was over, We had lost. The war was over, But we didnt win. Suka told everyone how proud of everyone he was. He told everyone he loved them, And he would always remember his family. Then out of nowhere something flew past Suka's window. It was Kisasi he said he wanted to thank us for all we had done for him, and that he loved us all. He said we were the only ones who showed him love. Kisasi was saying all of this as he pushed his chopper to its limits and way beyond as he actually lifted the machine off the ground and began to assend into the sky. He said he was proud to be part of such a powerful and trustwothy family. He said he would never forget all the times we shared as he went higher and higher into the great blue. Then over the radio we all heard him say. Everyone I just want to tell you that I lo.. BOOM ! ! Radio silence. Then there was nothing. We watched as the explosion came closer and closer, And then it hit us. It was so powerful, it almost tore our home apart. But it survived, as did we. We all gave our love and thanks to Kisasi, our hearts went out to him that day. And for once in my mind I heard him laugh. We all looked at our home and then meet at the entrance. We won. Said Nuka in a sad tone. Yeah, But we lost a member. said Zira almost crying. Hey guys, he wouldnt have wanted to see you cry like this, He wants you to smile and forget about it. Why else do you think he did what he did? said Suka in a reasuring tone. Yeah, I guess you're right. And hey we DID win this war. We're free now. said Vitani. Yeah, And we got a whole lot of weapons too. said Nuka. So, Wadda wanna do? asked Scar. I wanna lay down in my den and take a nap, That's what. said Suka. Sounds like a good plan. said Nuka. I agree yawned Vitani. A beauty needs her beauty sleep. Said Zira. And I need a nap with a beauty. said Scar. And im going home. said Mirhiza. Are you sure you dont want to stay? asked Suka. Yeah. I gotta get back home. I am a queen ya know, But i'll keep in touch. And then Mirhiza walked off into the desert. Well I dont know about the rest of you, But im gonna take that nap now. Said Suka. And with that all of the Outlanders went to sleep in THEIR home.


Outlands, The next day.


Dang it feels good to wake up in OUR home. Suka peacefully yawned as he literaly rolled out of bed. OOOFF ! Oww! That hurt ! Suka walked into the living cave and lied down on the floor. Hmm? Wonder where everyone is? Oh well, Whats in the coubords? Health food, Wildabeast breakfast bars, hyena jerky, and some leftover kilbasa. Dang! Well, I guess i'll have to go kill my own food. Suka walked out of the house and found Nuka scratching himself (as usual). Watcha up to Suka? asked Nuka. Well, One. im looking for something to eat, and two, Where's everyone at? I dunno, I think Vitani's out looking for you though. Now why would she be looking for me out there when she knows I would be in the cave. Well, I told her you were out in the desert. Why you little.. I oughta... Oh forget it, I guess i'll go look for her, Since you had a streak of immaturity. Suka then walked out into the desert to look for his sister and his parents.


Pridelands, noon


And how is Kiara today? Asked Simba. Im fine, I guess. Well, Want to go for a walk with me? asked Simba. Sure, I suppose I could. said Kiara. So Simba and Kiara went off together out into the Borderlands. Daddy, I have a question. And whats that? Why would Zira and Scar save you, I mean, Scar's wanted to kill you all his life, Why would he Save you? Well, I helped them out, I told them how to destroy the Simitar. And in exchange for that info, They let me go. I guess they are trying to turn over a new leaf. And that is a good thing. Now there will be no more wars between us. At least I think we are at peace. I can only hope. Otherwise, Well. said Simba. Yes, I know that would mean. answered Kiara.



In the middle of the Outlands, early evening


Vitani !, Mom ! Dad ! Where the heck is everyone? Suka? Vitani? Yeah, Nuka told me i'd find you out here. Well, He lied to you, I was in the hill the Whole time. Oh, im gonna pummel him when I get home. Vitani started to walk back to the Outlands. Hey, Vitani, Do you know where mom and dad are? Yeah, They Said they were going to go to the Elephant graveyard. Said they need to talk alone, think there're doin it? No, Probably just talking. Well, In that case I think I will go home with you. And i'll help ya kill Nuka. The brother and sister went back to the Outlands.


Hey Nuka ! Where the heck are ya? Yelled Vitani. Look I know you're hiding... Vitani looked to Suka and saw a very worried look. What is .. Quiet. said Suka. Vitani looked to where Suka was looking and saw a tank in the distance. Get the tank, i'll get the gyro. You go find out more about them without being detected. I'll go look for mom and dad. Suka and Vitani went to their vehicles and powered them up. Suka noticed the Firestorm was gone. Nuka's tank. He had to be out there somewhere. I'll find him. said Vitani. You just go find our parents. Suka and Vitani went their seprate ways.


Elephant graveyard


So, Do you really think they will attack? I dont know, The milita has been after us ever since we attacked Japan, I think Japan was one of their suppliers. mayb.. Get down! yelled Scar as he heard a noise, the sound of a oncoming vehicle. I hear it Scar, What is it? A gryo ! Sh... Wait.. Its Suka ! Whats he doing out here? Dunno, Find out. Scar got out of his hiding place and flagged Suka down. Suka landed and they meet at the door. We have.. Both yelled. A problem. said Suka.

What? there is a large force coming towards the Outland hill. Vitani is trying to get more info on them. Can you identify it? Yes, It appears to be a large group of milatary vehicles, Also I am picking up alot of heat from their location. Just then the radio came alive. Suka ! Come in Suka ! Vaitani yelled over the radio. Yes Vitani, What is it? We are under fire, heading towards your location. Out. Ok, They are leading them right to us. said Scar. Yes, We will take them out when they come over that hill. said Zira. Then they all took their weapons out of the Gryo. Soon the Firestorm could be seen coming over the hill, Then the Destroyer. Okay, let em have it ! yelled Suka. Then Scar began to unload his Hellraiser on the oncoming front. And Zira sniped out most of the turrets. Suka just let a wave of lead loose from the front chainguns and let loose a salavo of rockets. By then Vitani had arrived in the Destroyer, We all took our guns in and manned the turrets. Meanwhile Nuka spun his sled around and slid right into place beside the tank. Vitani and Nuka exchanged glances and let their lead loose. Vitani let the 50mm auto's do the job. And Nuka Let down a wall of bronze fury as he expelled around 560,000 rounds a miniute. Needles to say, they tore loose. Well enough firepower to blow a hole in the moon, And plenty enough to wipe out a convoy of military vehicles. All heat signatires eliminated. replied Vitani over the radio. Ok, Lets get home and get to arms.


Outland convoy


We are under attack by what seems to be the milita. Their leigon is unknown. They have moderate firepower, That back there was just a scout group. Now, We must begin construction of our own vehicles. said Scar. Nuka, Suka, and I (Scar) Have our own vehicles, Zira, and Vitani still need vehicles. You shall build what ever your mind can come up with. Now, what are your plans for your vehicles? Vitani, Well, I was thinking about something like a hovercraft, With a big sniper cannon thing. Fine, Now Zira, What plans do you have? Well, I was thinking about a flying tank of some kind, one that had massive armor, Would be very fast, But silent as the night breeze, And had some sort of rail gun like the Destroyer, But smaller. Well Zira, You are describing a vehicle we call a VTOL, Short for Vertical Take-off and Landing, But with heavier armor, And that gun you were talking about. Well, You all have your ideas. Now we just need the parts. We could just salvage the parts from all of the enemys we destroy. said Nuka. Thats a fine idea, We shall use their scrap to our advantage. said Scar.




The Milita could be seen heading towards the Pridelands, But not for war. No, They were amassing forces agianst the Outlanders. The milita supplied the lions with weapons and training. Now Simba, You say we can defeat them by taking out the one called Zira? asked a solider. Yes, Either her or the eldest male, Scar. But if we want to be at an advantage, we must take her out. said Simba. But how, Zira is almost invincible. asked Kiara. Nothing is invincible, She can be killed, you just have to know how to attack her. Said Killigan, The leader of the Milita. Zira is only mortal, She can be killed with weapons or causing massive damage to her body, Its nothing that hard. said Killigan. Well, I think you will think diffrently when you see her face to face. said Simba. Oh i'll see her face to face. Said Killigan. Right after I blow her heart in half.




We must eliminate them all before they cause a problem. Said Scar. With our superior weaponry we shall wipe them off the face of the planet. said Zira. Well, What are we waiting for, Lets get those parts we need. said Nuka. With that all of the Outsiders agreed on it and got to their vehicles. Scar got in the Royal Outland Appache, Nuka got in the Firestorm, Vitani got in the Destroyer, Suka got in the Basilisk, And Zira piloted the Ox3. With that the Outland convoy headed to the Pridelands to desteoy theirt enemy the Milita, But no Pridelanders were to be harmed. The masive convoy of firepower headed off into the sunset and as they left their lands they could feel a surge of power as thier vehicles pounded the ground with strength.


Pridelands, Battlefront


It was becoming dark, But night wasnt setting in, It was only noon.

 (To this day this weather phenoem has never been explained.)

The Outlanders were on their way to the Pridelands to end this war once and for all. Wether it men tlife or death, One side would win and the other would never be seen agian. So, you suggest we go after their queen? asked a solider. Yes, According to Simba she is their weakness, If we kill this Zira then they will be at a disadvantage and we will then be able to rule these lands once and for all. said Killigan. Then the massive Outland convoy rolled over the hill. Then over the howling wind a voice could be heard over a bullhorn. " All Pridelanders are to seek shelter at once, We are not opposing the Pridelanders, We come for the Milita members only. " Then the convoy rolled on down the hill and towards their enemy. little did they know that the Milita and the Pridelanders had joined sides. The massive tanks stormed the Pridelands, The Outlanders quickly got the idea of war when all of the Pridelanders began shooting at their tanks with machine guns. So now they had TWO forces to deal with. The milita fought hard, And the Pridelanders fought, but not well due to their lack of skill in weaponry. On the other hand the Outlanders werte mopping down the milita. Soon the Pridelanders got smart and stopped their assault when they saw their pride was not the one being attacked, And besides. They sucked at shooting. The Outlanders noticed this and focused their full force upon the Milita. The cowardly Milita began to retreat, And quickly so. they began to take to the skys. Now was shopping time for the Outlanders. Lets see, I'll take that BOOM, that BOOM, and two of those BOOM, BOOM. Many vehicles were shot out of the skys. The battle here was over. The Outlanders were victorious. Now it was time to clean up the mess, the Outlanders took all they needed and went back to the Outlands. And Simba's pride took all they needed and did their best at vehicles. It seemed that their would be a peace between the prides, Until Saribi, The mother of Simba, Was found dead in a puddle of her own blood. Their was a note on her corpse. Dear Simba, I hope you can enjoy life without your dear mother, Your friend, Scar.

That basturd killed my mother. You frickin... I'll get you for this Scar, I'll get you for this !!!


The End ?


This part of my story is complete, this part. I made this story to begin the dawn of a new era, The Era of Evolution. To put in short the dawn of the Outlands. I hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I have. Now, it is time for the next era, the Era of the Wars, or to put in short, The Horizon Wars.