Ok, As before in Dawn of the Outlands, There is a heavy presense of violent content, Nasty language, and this whole story is military based. The only reason I am puttin this whole thing up in the first place is beacuse this is my longest story to date. Also, If ya haven't read "Dawn of the Outlands", This story might not make sense. I suggest anyone below the age of 16, PLEASE turn away. You heard me, Go back to your home page children. For the rest of ya, At least TRY to enjoy my next chapter,


The Horizon Wars


Shall we catch up with the time?


The milita has resurfaced,  But pose no threat to the Outlands, yet. As for the Outlanders, They have been at work strengthning their military presance. The Ox3 has been totaly redecked with diffrent external modifations. The front bull bars have been replaced by a large strip of 6-foot spikes protruding from the front. The rear thrusters have been replaced with 4 J-8 jet engines. The whole thing has a diffrent paint job, Gold, Emerald Green, Tan, And Blood Red. The Royal Outland colors. And the newest additon is our banner. It is a picture of the cards of, Wealth, Death, Justice, and Honor, Over a picture of the Outland Sheild, A blood soaked golden shield with silver trim, In the center of the shield is a picture of a heart with thorny vins wrapped around it, and two jagged daggers going criss cross through it, Our family symbol. Also Zira and Vitani have compleated their ships. Zira's ship, The Punisher is a Ultra-heavly armored VTOL. Its main cannon is a deadly Rail chaingun cannon, A fast and deadly muniton. Its armor is over 3 inches thick. It is capable of speeds beyond 800 mph. Vitani's Hovertank, The Sidewinder, Is a vicous killing machine. Its main cannon is a 200 mm Sniper cannon, Very accurate and extreamly deadly. It carries moderately heavy armor. It is very light considering its armor's capability. It is a very fast and extreamly agile tank. Also the Outland Hill isnt defenseless anymore, Now it is protected by a host of smart turrets that kill anything hostile that comes within a mile of the Outland Hill. The hill itself is also armored. The whole base is covered by 6 ft thick Tungstine plated, Depleated Uranium, Dymithium cored armor. basicaly impenetrable. Also all of our vehicles have been upgraded with more tougher armor and upgraded weapon systems. The Outland army has become very resilient and efficent.  Also the Pridelanders have become more advanced in hand to hand combat, and weapons systems. Their ability to defend their land has also increased. They are now considered a threat, but have not declared war, yet.


Also their is rumor of a very powerful force headed towards the African savanna,  Rumor has it the force consists of a heavy military presense,  And word has it, They call themselves the Omi. A military force precise enough to overturn the Prideland military,  Outland unknown.


But anyways,  Up to the story already.


Outlands, Tuesday, June 4, 2000 5:43 pm

The crimson sunset of the Outlands lit up the ground and made it look as if the ground was covered in flames. Then a blast of fire was seen and the ground actually caught fire. Dam this flamethrower is working good now. said a suprised Nuka. The Outlanders were at work on new weapons inside the Ox3, The fleats of flashes could be seen in the windows of the beast. It has been a year since the war between the Outlands and the Milita. Nuka was out testing his newest weapon, The Hellbeast, A very powerful flamethrower, capable of turning anything living into a pile of ash in nanoseconds. Meanwhile the Outlanders were all working on their new weapons and other items of importance. Scar was working on advanced weapon systems for the Outland military presance. Suka was working on some documents that had to do with the hostiles in their lands, Number killed 146, Number left 34...33. Vitani was keeping an eye on the enemy detection net, Watching for any hostile forces, Every once and a while a savanna resedent would pass by. And every once and a while one would get shot out of bordom. Kovu was reloading their supply of ammouniton, They had just come back from a battle in the Borderlands. One that was victorius, one might add. And Zira was at work cleaning her rifle, as usual. Everything was as normal as any other day in the Outlands.

but...in the Pridelands, Things were not so perfect.


Pridelands, noon.

Kiara and Simba could be seen lying on the large promotory called Pride rock. I still cant understand why would they would kill mom, What did she ever do to them? asked Kiara. I dont really know, I guess they wanted revenge for...what we did to her parents. said Simba. What did WE do to them? asked Kiara. I cant really remember it that well, All I know is my grandfather did something to Zira's parents long ago. Just then Sarifina walked around the corner. I know what happened to her parents, Long ago your grandfather Ahudi was out patroling the lands, he came across a small family of lions, Outsiders. Ahudi went to talk to the group. Their were names were Mohara, and Kotan and this was their daughater Ushranda. They seemed to be a kind family. All this was shattered when a group of Prideland lioness's spooked a herd of Wildabeast, And they animals fled away, and right towards the group. All of them ran away from the herd, Then one of Mohara's feet landed in a gopher burrow, and was broke in an instant. Ushranda ran back to her mother and tried to help her up, Ushranda was a cub of 1 year and could not help her mother. Kotan realised this and ran back to help his mate and daughater, He picked up Ushranda in his mouth and whisked her to safety, And then went back to help his mate, but by then the heard was upon them both, Mohara and Kotan were instantly killed in the stampede of hooves. Ushranda ran to her parents and cried for them to get up, they had to get back home. But she saw the blood... And she then knew she would never see her parents agian, ever. Ahudi ran over to the trampled forms and the crying cub. He realised they were dead before he even got to her side. Young one, Are you alright? asked Ahudi. The're gone, Why, We loved each other so much, Why? was all the cub said. Ahudi realised that this had been a very strongly tied family, And that this cub had been shattered by this days actions. You may come and stay with my pride, We will take care of you and protect you. The cub turned to Ahudi and glared at him. Its your fault their dead, You could have saved them, but you just ran away, And left them to die. cried the cub. Anger isnt going to bring them back. said Ahudi. Then without warning the cub ran off into the desert. Ahudi was going to pursue the cub, but something told him not to. So he bid the cub a fair journey and sadly went back to the Pridelands. And that is all I know about it. said Sarifina. Well it wasnt Ahudi's fault that her parents were killed. said Kiara. No, but Ahudi didn't help them out, Why i'll never know. And she resents us to this day beacuse of that. Who are you even talking about? asked Kiara. Im talking about Zira, When she was young her name was Ushranda. But when her anger consumed her she chose a name to fit her new personality. So the name Hate itself was perfect. So Zira hates us beacuse Ahudi didnt help her parents? asked Kiara. Yes, And to this day she seeks to destroy us for that. Well, Anyways, We have other things to worry about. Now, lets go inside, its getting cold out. said Simba


Outlands, Evening

The Outlanders were in their high security home when the alarms raised. What is it ! yelled Nuka. Vitani ran to the radar sereen and Zira got a link from the cameras up. It appears to be a moderate force heading towards us. said Vitani. I dont have a visual. Said Zira. No, you shouldnt yet, they are still 10 miles out. said Vitani. Are they hostile? asked Suka. Unknown, The computer is not reckonsing the frequency, We have not seen this enemy yet, could it be the masses we've been hearing about? asked Kovu. No, This group is too light, But they still pose a threat. Very well. said Nuka. Im going to test my weaponry out on them. HEY ! You can test out my new body armor, it SHOULD repel any personal muniton, Just in case, Wear another vest under it. Nuka got armored up and loaded his new guns, Are they still coming for us? asked Nuka. Yes, They are headed straight towards our positon. said Vitani. Good, Anyone else wanna help me? Asked Nuka. Yeah, Count me in. Said Suka. Then lets go. said Nuka. And with that the brothers went out to play with their arsenal. Just in case you get into a jam remember, We're right behind ya. Said Scar. Yeah, but we wolnt need any help. said Nuka. Ya got that right. Said Suka as he loaded a magizine into his new rifle. LETS KICK ASS ! yelled Nuka as they ran out into the desert night with pleased thoughts, Hell, They were invincible with all of their technology, None were as advanced as the Outlanders. Then they saw the convoy coming over the hill, ok Nuka, You go first. said Suka. Nuka then pulled a gun off his back that looked like a rocket launcher, But this was something much worse, A new weapon he called a Nalpam Blaster, An unearthly powerful Napalm cannon, More powerful than Scar's Hade's Blaze. He then loaded a powerful canister into the gun, he then laughed a insaine laugh as he place the cross hairs on one of the tanks, Ok, Your turn, said Nuka as he prepared to fire. Suka then got a rifle off his back, it was HUGE ! Its barrel had to be at least 6 feet long ! Nuka smiled and asked. Whats that? I call this the Splinter. Suka then got out a large magizine, it had to be at least 3in wide and 8in long. How many shots ya got in their? asked Nuka. Four. said Suka as he showed Nuka one of the rifles massive shots. Cool. Now, Lets waste these pigs. said Nuka. Go. Said Suka. Nuka fired his cannon, The blast was so hot is singed their fur, The canister hit the tank "DEAD" on. The tank was destroyed. Suka then shot his rifle once, Twice, three, Four times before exausting his mag. Every shot hit its target precicley. All enemy forces deleted. Said Nuka in a computer voice. Lets head home and... the brothers then came face to face with a tank with its barrel pointing straight at them. Shall we run? asked Nuka. We shall. Said Suka. the brothers got into the gyro and tore ass as shells flew past them. Shit SHIT SHIT ! ! ! Yelled Nuka as he tried to dodge the shots, Mom, Dad, We are in need of assistance right away, We have been taken by surprise and are in the gyro trying to dodge shots from a tank. yelled Suka Over the intercom. Be there in a flash. said Vitani. And within seconds she was there at their side. Vitani and the tank began to tangle. Vitani was winning, Until the tank shot out one of her jet engines. Dam! they know my tank's weakness. Vitani got on the radio, Mom, Dad, We're gonna need your help. We'll be there quickly. said Zira. In about a miniute Scar and Zira were on the scene. Zira piloted the Punisher, And Scar had the Outland Royal Attack Apache, or Just ORAA. Together they tore the lone tank in two. Then it was time for Nuka, Suka, And Vitani to get insulted. So, You guys actually needed Mom and Dad's help? Asked Scar. Yeah..Moaned Nuka, I guess said Vitani, Yep..said Suka quietly...Aww come on, You KNOW you needed OUR help. said Zira. Whatever said Nuka over the radio as he flew off, Vitani had to be pulled home. Sad.


Outlands, Evening

Well, We know that was a Milita attack force, The question is. Why are they attacking us? Their attack force should not be agianst us. unless..said Scar. Unless what? asked Nuka. Unless they are being pushed out of their lands. said Scar. By what? asked Vitani. Dunno, probably another force headed our way, maybe a stronger one than us, NOT ! said Suka.  Well, What ever it is, We can take it out. There is no force stronger than the Outland Alliance, We shall crush this  'problem" in our fists. Said Kovu. We are going to send out a force to wipe out these militants once and for all. We are all going to head to the militant base in the Borderlands and wipe them out. said Scar. Well, What are we all waiting for, Lets get em ! yelled Nuka as he ran to his tank. With that the whole Outland army headed to their vehicles and prepared to destroy the enemy in the Borderlands.



The Pridelands were peaceful and quiet, Ever since the battle in the Pridelands things had been quite quiet. The two lands, The Pridelands, And the Outlands had not had a fued in years, But yet there was no truce. One didnt bother the other, So neither did the other. But lately there had been trouble in the lands. Natural types, fires, Storms, and Stampedes. Nothing out of the ordnary, But not at this rate. It seemed there was a supernatural presense in the lands. But what is totaly unknown. Simba was in the royal chamber of Pride rock when the alarms raised. Simba ran to his post and looked over his lands. There was a large force headed towards Pride Rock. the Pridelanders prepared to attack. Then the wave of military presense halted, And only a few actually came to Pride Rock itself. Who are you and What do you want? roared Simba. I am Killigan, The leader of the Milita. We have come in peace, We wish to form an alliance with you. What kind of alliance? asked Simba. You must know very well that neither of our armys can take down the Outland Military, But if we were to unite our forces we could overun them. said Killigan. And exactly what would you want in return? asked Simba sounding convinced. Leadership of the Outlands. was all Killigan said. Simba thought long and hard, You are positive we could overpower them? asked Simba. Yes, I am quite confident in my men, as well as your...Lioness. Very well, We shall form together to take out these Outlanders. said Killigan. Together ! yelled Simba. And with that the Milita joined forces with the Pridelanders.



MOM ! DAD ! yelled Vitani. Everyone ran to the security room. What is it Vitani? asked Scar. Here, listen. We shall form together to take out these Outlanders. Oh no, said Nuka. Together ! Oh no, Oh no ! Yelled Nuka. According to the computer those were the voices of Killigan and... And who? asked Zira. Simba.. said Vitani. The Milita and the Pridelanders are joining forces. said Vitani. The both of them will be a formidable force. said Kovu. Yes, Together they will pose quite a threat, Vitani, Set the turrets to eliminate any Prideland or Milita signatures on sight. Yes dad, said Vitani. Automated turret system online...tracking all Prideland and Milita positons...Tracking...Massive Prideland and Milita force headed towards Outland border... Arming defense arrays 1-20...Backup array online...System activated...Motion trackers online...Heat sensors online...All defense systems online...Code 3 base defenses online. droned the computer. Ok, Now I suggest we get into our vehicles and prepare for a heavy ground troop assault. Now, All defenses are online, We dont have to worry about our home. We shall attack them at the border, Then we shall retreat back to HQ, Here their forces will be eliminated in seconds. Now, Lets get em! yelled Scar.


Prideland, Outland border. Battlefront


Now, We shall attack their forces when they come to the front to defend their home, When they do we shall send half of our troops to the Outland base where our troops will bring that pile of wood splintering to the ground. They will then have no base, And they will not last for forever.



We shall be at the border in less than thirty seconds, prepare for assault, then all of the Outland Military began to powerup, Loaded their weapons, And prepare for one hell of a battle, they would be opposing BOTH the Pridelanders AND the Milita together. Not much in the way of skills and vehicles, but massive in numbers. On the other hand the Outland military had many vehicles varying from armored motorcycles, To the enormous Ox3. Few Outlanders would stay behind.




THERE THEY ARE MEN, LET EM HAVE IT ! Yelled Killigan as over 2,000 armed troops stormed into the Outlands. OPEN FIRE ! yelled Scar as his elite army stormed forward.The Prideland army let loose fireing rockets and missiles at the Outland forces. Tearing apart the landscape, And damaging only the smallest crafts. The Outland army blazed their armory on to the scene letting a barrage of rails, Hi cal ammo, HE rockets and all sorts of munitons on the Prideland army, Causing many deaths and few injurys. WE'RE LOSING ! yelled Simba in Killigan's face. Simba and Kiligan saw a Goliath vehicle crawl up onto one of the farther hills, It was enormous ! It carried the Royal Outland flag and colors. And on the side it had the letters, OX3. It looked as if it was written in pure chrimson. Send the Troops to the Outlands. said Killigan into the radio. Now Simba, Our troops will level their base, that is what they are protecting, Destroy it, Destroy them. said Killigan. The troops were shot out of the skys near the Outland Hill, Few died, Many lived, They stormed out of the ship only to find themselves surronded by turrets. Massive fire was unleashed on the ship destroying it in seconds. Back in the Pridelands Killigan listened as his men died in the Outlands. Now what do we do? asked Simba. Killigan turned to Simba, Those men had never lost a battle, My finest, Killed by a bunch of Outsiders, My army is in ruins. Killigan, We lost. said Simba. I KNOW !!! Yelled Killigan. then the Outland tanks began to approach the Prideland Heavy Assault Vehicle, or PHAV. Simba, Killigan, You have declared war on the Outlands. said Scar over the radio. Im afraid your assault has failed. said Scar. Scar, We have lost the battle, You may slaugather us now. Simba then put the radio down. You had a fine army. said Simba. Yes, Our men fought well, How were we supposed to know they poessed so much technology. said Killigan. No, Said Scar. You wish no to kill us? asked Killigan. No, We dont kill for fun anymore, Now we just uphold Justice and the protection of our lands. The Outland forces began to turn back to the Outlands. But the massive Ox3 still sat in its positon, Right in line with Pride Rock, Its main cannon Blazing and ready to fire. You shall stop these senseless attacks, or we will tear your lands apart, I hope you understand this is your last warning. said Scar. You killed my mother Scar ! yelled Simba. ...silence... Well, What have you to say about that? yelled Simba. Laughater could be heard next. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LAUGHING ABOUT ? Roared Simba. Its nothing, Funny for you that is. Its just, Well, Mufasa is dead, But my Zira never got her revenge, Sorry, I just couldent let her put HER name on that blood soaked Letter. chuckled Scar. She killed My mother? asked Simba still sounding enraged. Yes, I did. said Zira. And might I add, I did enjoy seeing the wife of my parents murderer, Breathe her last breaths. cooed Zira happily.  Now we have our revenge. said Scar. If you drop this now, the war between us is over. said Zira. If you're smarter than I think, You'll drop it. said Suka. We wouldent want to have to kill you too. said Nuka. So leave us alone. said Vitani. With that the main cannon lowered, and the roar dulled down to a hum. And with that tha Ox3 crawled back to the Outlands. Simba turned to Killigan and only said three words,




 It will be years before they try an assault like that agian. Laughed Suka. Yes, I do beleave Simba got the point when we had the cannon shoved up his ass. chuckled Zira. And hey, Look at all the salvage we got from those idiots. Yelled Nuka as he pulled the release on the back of one of the carriers. Tremendous noise insued as tons of scrap fell to the ground. Yeah. said Scar. Also, i've been thinking about something. said Vitani. What? asked Zira. Well, Remember when we went ro Russia, Remember how all of their technology was far below the surface, Could it have survived? asked Vitani. Possibly, And now that the base is in ruins, We can access Alpha-635. said Suka. Exactly what is Alpha-635? asked Scar. Well, To tell you the truth, I dont know. said Suka. But we could always find out. said Nuka in a curious tone. Well, We have nothing set to do tomorrow. said Zira. How about we go on a road trip. said Scar. Im down with that. said Nuka. Count me in. said Vitani. I am deffenatly going. said Suka. Count me in too. said Kovu. Then its settled, Tomorrow we go to Russia an find out just exactly what Alpha-635 is. said Zira.



Outlands, The next day.


All of the Outlanders were loading their belongings onto the Ox3 and restocking it with food, water, and ammouniton just in case. Are we all ready to go? asked Scar as he powered up the engines. Wait, Has anyone even asked if we can go through their lands? asked Suka. Shit, I knew we forgot something. said Zira. I'll get the certian countrys on the radio and find out. said Vitani as she got up out of her chair. We did not plan this whole thing just to turn around. said Scar. Hello, This is The Outland Alliance, We are requesting permission to cross your lands in a non-hostile vehicle. Outland Alliance, What kind of vehicle are you planning to transport, please respond. Sir, We are transporting our Frontline Battleship the Oppressive Outland Omega. You may cross our lands, But hostile actions will be reported and ended. We understand, thank you for your permission, Outland Alliance out. Hey, We got permission to cross Europe. said Vitani. So, Lets go to Russia. said Nuka. Very well. said Scar as he powered the ship up to full throttle and the massive tank thundered across the lands. We should be in Europe by tomorrow. said Zira. Well i'll put the tank in auto-run. Now, Lets get some sleep. Then Scar ingaged the Auto drive system. System online...Automated drive system activated...Alarm systems active...All scanners and alarms are armed. With that Scar went to bed and prepared for the next day of exploration as he cuddled up to his mate Zira, and went to sleep. Meanwhile, Suka was looking out the windows of the family room with the amber lighting on low, And it caused the room to just barely be illuminated with a rusty tone. Suka looked out at the slow moving terriain as the Ox3 rolled across the African savanna. He felt so peaceful, He had a strong, smart, and loving family, Safe in their mobile superfortress like home. He loved to feel the floor vibrate as the tank's tracks rumbled across the dusty plains. It gave him a sense of power and strength. Out the bulletproof window was a sky lit up with so many stars, it was as if someone had went up into the sky and lit a million candles aflame to guide the creatures below.



The next day


Suka woke up to the whole family stareing at him. Why did you fall asleep on the couch? asked Zira. Well, Hey, I was comfortable, And it was a peaceful night, Can ya blame me? yawned Suka. No, I guess not. said Zira. Anyways, We are at the Russian border and about to set up base on the outskirts of the base. said Scar. Suka walked into the bathroom to do the morning ritual. Scar was driving the tank, Zira was cleaning the tank's interior, Nuka was being, Nuka. Vitani was up in the comm tower, And Kovu was working on the vehicles and preparing them for our exploration. Watcha doing? asked Nuka. Well, Im going to go up to the comm room and see how Vitani is doing. said Suka. Ha! You're in love with Vitani arent ya. said Nuka happily. No, she's just up there alone all day. Figure you should go up there and CHEER her up? asked Nuka. No, It my job, Im a brother, not a pest like you. Well I guess i'll go see what mom's up to. said Nuka. Suka turned around and looked at Nuka, Oh, you are? said Suka oily. Its not like that ! yelled Nuka. Well, you're either a momma's cub, or you're in love with our mother. Its neither, I care about our parents more. Oh, You do? Yeah I do. Well I know you like mom more than me. laughed Suka. But you're in love with dad too? Look, Just go have fun with Vitani. yelled Nuka. You be sure to have fun with Mom and Dad. yelled Suka as Nuka went to the control room.


Control room


 Watcha up to? asked Nuka. Well, Im trying to find the best way into Russia by land. said Scar. Cool, What are you doing mom? asked Nuka. Im looking for the best entry way into the Russian base without running into a defense system. They could still be active. said Zira. Well, Whatever we do, I want a BIG gun. said Nuka. Im sure they've got some nasty shit in there. said Scar.


Comm room


What are ya doing Vitani. asked Suka. Well, Right now im watching for any enemies on the radar. Seen anything lately? Nope, Well I did see a few jets. Think they were watching us? asked Suka. I dunno, Truthfully, Wouldnt you be slightly scared by the fact that there is a 300 ft tall tank in YOUR lands? What would Mom and Dad do without me, I can stay up here all day and watch all the security systems, let me tell ya it gets damm boring up here. What WOULD they do without me? Probably alot better. said Nuka. Aww shut up Nuka, The last thing I need up here is you, Go play with Kovu or something. Why, I can stay up here and annoy ya if ya want me to. No thanks. said Suka. Oh thats right, you two are in love. said Nuka. What ! yelled Vitani. Nuka get back up here now ! thundered Vitani. Yes? said Nuka slyly. Did you tell Nuka we were in love Suka? asked Vitani. Hell no, He brought up the whole thing. said Suka. Well, Suka, do you know who Nuka loves the most? asked Vitani. Yes, Lets say it on three. Good, One, You'd better not. said Nuka, Two, Okay guys you can stop now, Three, PLEASE, NO ! MOM !!! Yelled Suka and Vitani. Nuka ran down the stairs and ran straight into Zira. Im sorry mom, Are you alright? Yeah, Are ya alright MOM? yelled Suka. Im fine dear, Why were you running down the stairs like that Nuka? Nothing IMPORTANT. said Nuka. Nuka then went back upstairs. Well, i'll leave you two alone now. said Nuka. Get outta here. said Vitani. Aww shut up Vitani, No you shut up Nuka, you started the whole thing. Be quiet honey. said Nuka. Butthole, Kitty kisser, Loin loner, Fur face, furry puss, ENOUGH ! yelled Suka. Will you two please get a room. asked Suka.






I still dont understand what's going on, All of the Outlanders suddenly just disappeared. said Simba to the crowd of animals. Could it be a sign of a far tougher enemy on its way? asked a Prideland member. That I do not know. said Simba. All I know is there have been strange things happening lately. said Nala. For now we will just have to take things normaly, Knowing the Outsiders like I do, They've probably went off somewhere to increase their strength. answered Simba. Simba then walked off to go to the cave and rest. Is there anything we should worry about? asked Kiara. No, Not really. Simba said simpily. At that time Killigan walked around the corner. What are you doing here? asked Simba sounding mad.  I was just in the lands, Do you by chance know what the Outlanders are up to? asked Killigan. No, I suppose you know and want to TRY and kill them. said Simba knowlingly. Well, Not really, No, I was thinking about something more like ambushing them when they return. With what? im not losing any more of my people. You wouldnt have to. said Kiligan. Oh, then how do you propose we attack them, With sticks? asked Simba. No, We have new technology that WILL survive an Outland attack force. That would be something like a mobile bomb shelter, Due to their new ordnance it would have to be very formidable. said Simba. Yes, We have just that. Oh. said Simba. Yes, it is very powerful and almost unstopable. Almost? asked Simba. Well, Nothing is UNstopable. said Killigan. Very well, I shall go with you on this mission. said Simba. It had better stand up to them. It will. was all Killigan said.




Early morning


Everybody up ! yelled Nuka. Its time to dig ! Do we wanna get some new toys ! he yelled once more. No ! yelled Vitani. Go to bed Nuka. yelled Scar. Its too early, Go back to bed. moaned Suka. Zira just snorted loudly. Fine, I'll go by myself. said Nuka defiantly. Betcha he'll be back in an hour. said Vitani. I'll give him Half an hour. said Suka. I'll give you both two minutes to get to bed. groaned Scar.


Nuka was outside getting his tank ready. I'll just use this to move the heavy stuff. he thought to himself. And I'll use this impact sledge to break apart the medium sized things. Nuka then got to work tunneling through the mess. Within an hour he was to the compound wall. One step closer to the stockpile of the millineum. Gotta remember about the Security systems. Hmmm... I'll try and go find the schematic of the security placements. Nuka then went in the Ox3 and looked for the blueprints. If no one will help me then i'll just take all the credit. He happily thought. Now where would Dad put those blueprints? at about this time the family was beginning to wake up. Zira walked into the kitchen and got breakfast ready. Hey Mom, Do you know where Dad might of put the Blueprints of the base, Im to the compound wall. Oh really. said a tired lioness. Yeah, i've been working hard for awhile. Well, Just wait till your father wakes up, then we'll all get to work on it, Ok? Alright, i'll wait. said Nuka. He impatiently waited for the rest of this family to awake. After around half an hour Scar cmae into the kitchen. What are ya makin? asked Scar. Well, Iv'e got antelope ribs in the freezer for tonight, But for breakfast you'll have to eat dodo eggs and fried warthog. Scar lazily slid over to the table, What are you lookin at? asked Scar as Nuka looked at him intently. Well, I've been working all morning and i've got to the compund wall, I was wondering where ya put the blueprints. Asked Nuka intently. I've already told you Nuka, We'll get to work on it soon, Just be patient. said Zira. Suka and Kovu were next to enter the kitchen. Kovu smelled the frying warthog and went running to the pan of frying meat. Zira slapped his paw with the spatula. Keep your hands out of the food. she snapped. After breakfast the family went out to see Nuka's progress. He had dug a small tunnel through the debris and had gotten to the compound wall. Okay, Now we need to see whats on the other side of this wall before we go blasting anything apart. Scar went back tot he Ox3 and got the blueprints out of his personal drawer. Scar soon reappeared at the site and read the map. Acording to this, There should be a hallway right on the other side of this wall, And minimal security present. Nuka ran out of the tunnel and got the demolitons kit. Okay, This wall is about 2 feet thick, We should probably use two pounds of C4. Nuka set upt he explosive and ran out of the tunnel with Scar following behind. They met the rest of the family on the outside of the tunnel. Okay, Scar. Hit it ! yelled Nuka. Scar pushed the button down on the remote and the blast was heard, And then the dust flew out of the cave. Everyone took cover as the dirt flew. Seconds later the bunch got up and investgated the tunnel. Luckly the blast hadnt leveled the cave. But the wall had indeed been blown open. Yes ! yelled Nuka. I suggest we go in there and find out what is in there. said Suka. Very well. said Vitani. With that the family got their armor and weapons and prepared to go into the base. Now, I want all of you to have one of these. said Scar as he handed a caculator sized gadget to everyone. What's this? asked Zira. They are personal com links, With that you can talk to each other, Read maps, and schematics with them. They also have their own radar system, So you can track friend and foe. Its just in case any of you get seperated. Now, What is everyone taking in to the base? asked Zira. I personaly am taking my N.I.C.W. and a Desert Eagle, With plenty of ammo. said Zira. Im gonna take my Splinter and an Uzi. said Suka. Well, I plan to take my Sub's. said Nuka. Emmelmean. said Vitani. Im taking my RCX- 6000. said Kovu. Im taking the HellBeast. said Scar. Well then, Now that we all have our toys, Lets go and check this place out. said Suka. With that the Outlanders went into the hole blown in the wall. The hallways were dimly lit. The lights were low due to power loss. The place look like it had been hit by a bomb, Wonder why? The group began to search the hallways, Vitani intently watched her com link, Searching for any signs of life or security systems. Scar was just looking for something to shoot. Acoording to my com link, We need to be three levels lower. We should come across moderate defenses. Vitani Looked to a wall and saw a screen that was lighted brightly. This place still has power. she said quietly, We should be very careful, Odds are the defense systems are still online. The Outlanders continued to search through the base of darkness. Suddenly a light far down the hallway come on. And something could be seen standing where the light came on. Suddenly it disappeared, But it could still be heard, Zira did a thermo scan and screamed. Its coming this way ! The Outlanders swiched to thermo and saw the creature coming their way. It was an odd thing, But for now all that mattered was bringing the thing down. It screamed as it ran towards them. They took it down with a barrage of weaponry. It wasnt very resistant to weapons, Could probably be taken down with a pistol. Scar dragged the thing into the light and they were shocked at what they saw. It was a moderate sized animal, But it had no eyes, It had huge jaws, two legs, and a short tail. Also there was some kind of organ on the top of its head. This must be some kind of sensing organ. Said Zira as she inspected the creature. It raised that when it looked at us, it was pitch black, it couldnt have seen us. said Scar. Then how did it know we were here? asked Nuka. Well, The only way we saw where it was with thermo, It must see heat, Kinda like a Rattlesnake maybe. said Vitani. Very true, Now, the next question, Is there more? asked Nuka. Well, Somehow I think we're gonna find out. said Suka. The family moved on deeper into the base. I have a quick question. said Kovu. Yeah. said Scar. How much ammo did everyone bring? They all stopped in their tracks. I brought two cartridges of fuel. said Scar. I brought four more magizines of gernades, assault rifle ammo, and pistol ammo. said Zira. I brought what I have in my chaingun. said Kovu. I only have two more magizines for my PSG and four more clips of Uzi ammo. said Suka. Everyone looked at Nuka. I brought eight clips for my sub's and six clips of Machine Pistol ammo. I think we should get more ammo. said Scar. I'll go get more ammo. said Suka. I'll get six backpacks and fill em with ammo. said Suka. Ok, But be careful. said Zira. Suka walked off to get the ammo. We'll have to stay here until Suka gets back with the ammo. said Scar. The five sat and camped while Suka got the extra ammo. Suka was walking through the hallway when he heard a noise behind him. He spun around and aimed his Uzi at the noise. Nothing. Suka began to walk a little faster when he heard the noise agian. It was following him. Suka turned his thermo on and looked at this com link, There were a few signatures behind him. But they were too small to be the creature. Suka fiannly got out of the base and got into the Ox3 and got supplys and plenty of ammo. Back in the base the Outland family waited for Suka to return with the ammo. I hope he's not hurt. said Zira. Well, if your so worried get ahold of him on you com link. Yeah. said Zira. She turned on her comlink and tuned in to Suka's comlink. Suka, Suka, Are you there, Please respond. . . Yeah? asked Suka over the com link. I was getting worried about you, Are you ready to come back? Almost, Just gotta get some more supplys and I'll be ready. Im also bringing extra weapons, Somehow I think we'll need them. Well, Please be careful on you way back. said Zira. The same to you too, Oh, I detected something on my com link on the way out, Something smaller that the last creature, What are these things. thought Suka. Very well, We shall wait for your, SHIT ! yelled Scar over the com link. What is it? asked Suka. Scar was yelling TURN ON YOUR THERMO ! . . silence . . . Oh my god. Zira silently cried over the com link. What is it? asked Suka. Suka, You need to get down here now. she said. Look, Just send me what your seeing. said Suka. An image came over Suka's com link. Turn on your thermo. said Zira. Suka turned on his thermo and was shocked at what he saw. The whole room was covered with heat signatures, Hundreds, of creatures. I'll be there immedeatly. said Suka as he ran out of the Ox3 and headed to help his family. He heard gunfire as he shut off his com link. Inside the base the Outlanders were expending ammo rapidly trying to survive the swarm of creatures, they were now larger than a meercat. But there were many. Scar looked to his left as he saw a blinking red light far down the hallway. He heard something yell. Thy fight was true ! Scar realised who it was and yelled. GET DOWN ! All of the Outlanders dived behind a wall as a rocket was launched towards the creatures, Atomizing all of them on contact. the Outlanders slowly got up from behind what was left of the desk. Thy Blood is Pure. said Scar. Yep. Said Suka as he walked into the light. Suka gave everyone their ammo. and holstered another pistol, A sub, And another Uzi. I have filled these packs with ammo, Medical supplys, and water. Now, Lets get going. said Suka. With that the Outlanders went further into the base. Where, no doubt, More creatures lied in wait. So, Now we're not only here to find out what Alpha- 635 is, But now we have to kill a unknown foe. said Nuka. Life's got its way of screwing ya. said Vitani. I'll agree with that. said Suka. Well, According to my com we're nearing the shaft that will lead us to the sub level, Then we will have to repel down the shaft to get to the Alpha-635 level. said Vitani. Sounds easy enough. said Suka. Oh but theres more, The security syestem is still active on the Sub level, the security there is tight and powerful, Automated turrets, Whatever the Rayscan is, And high security doors and shutters. said Vitani. Oh, Dont worry, I brought my password. said Scar as he held up his hade's blaze. Yeah, and nothing's gonna stop the weapons Suka brought. said Kovu. Yep, Kovu's got the ammo pack for his chaingun. Zira's got the Tar-3. Scar has his Hade's Blaze. I've got my trusty 346. Repeater rifle. And Nuka's got his LosTech Quad machine pistols. Nothing is gonna stop us. Said Suka.




Simba was out on the ledge of Pride Rock watching over his lands when Nala came top his side. Simba, There is someone who wants to see you. Simba looked u at ther and asked, Who? I think he called himself Killigan. she though. Simba quickly got up and ran down the the bottom of the peak. There he saw Killigan grinning from ear to ear. What do you want? asked Simba sounding annoyed. I have something i need to show you, Come with me. Simba told Nala to watch over Pride Rock while he went to see what Killigan had this time. Killigan lead Simba to a mobile fortress. Simba stopped dead in his tracks whe he fiannly saw the whole thing. It was no where as big as the Ox3, But it was big. Simba was lead into the beast of a machine where Kissian showed Simba a screen. Set down my feline friend. cooed the oily human. Simba sat down in front of the screen. Kissian turned it on and opened a file named, Operation Nemesis. It showed an assortment of highly advanced vehicles and super weapons. What does this have to do with us? asked Simba. Well, For one, I found this in one of the Outland vehicles we DID destroy. Second, This is the location of the weapons base. And? asked Simba. And this is the location of the Outlanders. Simba was shocked, The Oulanders were at the high tech facility. We also got this footage from a spy plane that was over their location. Another video came up showing the Outlanders working on a tunnel into a mountian of rubble. That is the secret weapon facility. Killigan said into Simba's ear. Then it showed another video of a form running out of the tunnel and getting into the Ox3, Miniutes later he came running back out with a load of weapons and ran back into the tunnel. We havent seen any of them since. said Kissian. Simba layed back in the chair. What do you think happened? asked Simba. Truly we're not totaly sure, We tried to do a thermo scan, But we couldnt get penetration. That base is more advanced then we thought. In order for them to have gotten as far as time has allowed, One of them would have to be a resident of that base to have access to whatever else is in there. If not, Then something killed them. What could kill all of them? asked Simba. Something very mean. said Killigan.


Back in Russia


We're here. said Vitani. We need to go down that shaft as she pointed to a large door. Scar aimed his Hade's Blaze at it. Vitani did a quick check, The door's security system was down. Fire in the hole. Said Scar as he blew the door asunder. When the dust cleared they proceded down the shaft clear to the bottom. The further down they went the better things were looking. Less blown up that is. This could be bad. said Zira. By the time everyone got to the bottom of the shaft things were only slightly charred and coated with ash, As opposed to being totaly destroyed as the upper level. Alpha-635 may not even be damaged. said Kovu. Then it could be heard, Scratching noises, More creatures. Okay everyone, Get your weapons ready. said Scar. The noises increased more and more. By the time they saw its shadow, the roofing on the floor was bouncing due to whatever was walking on it. How big is this thing? asked Nuka. they aimed their weapons towards the celing expecting Godzilla. It suddenly jumped out from the shadows. It no bigger than a pig. Everyone aimed their guns at it. What the hell is that? asked Kovu. It looks like one of those creatures, But this one's diffirent. Its meaner looking. Indeed it was mean looking. It had moderate spikes protuding from its tail, and much bigger jaws. It looked like a walking bear trap. Whatever it is, Its dead. said Nuka as he shot it with his Quad pistols. The creature was shredded to pieces. Ha ! said Nuka. What did they do down here? asked Vitani. I dont know, But I get the feeling things are just gonna get worse. said Suka. He looked up and saw there was a large amount of material on the walls, Kinda like wasp paper, And spider web mixed together, I dunno WHAT they are, But if we wish to live, We're gonna have to kill em all, Im dam glad I brought more ammo. said Suka. Nuka sat looking over the creature. Shall we move on? asked Zira. Yes. said Scar. They continued to search the labs for anything interesting. There were some strange things, It looked like this was some kind of genetic lab. I wonder where all of the experements are? said Suka slightly scared. Scar walked up to a massive door, Let me guess, The shaft to Alpha-635. Yes. said Vitani. I dont think you can blast through it. she said. Vitani looked over the schematic. In order to get this open we need a Key, Passcode, And retinal scan. Suka walked up to the control panel. I can get the doors open, Can you get this to the bottom floor? asked Suka. Yes, We'll simpliy cut the cables and repel down the shaft. Said Vitani. Good. said Suka. Suka dug through his pack and he had just happened to have brouht his information. Okay, Suka stuck his key in the hole and turned it halfway. Access Passcode, You have thirty seconds. Suka dug through his stuff. You have twenty seconds. Defense array arming. Shit ! yelled Suka. Here it is. yelled Suka. You have ten seconds. Two autocannons came out of the walls. Oh shit ! yelled Suka. Okay, 409527 . . . You have five seconds, The cannons armed, DAM IT ! He yelled. . .203 ENTER ! he yelled. Defensive grid active, Now taking . .  Access allowed. Suka about crapped himself. That was close. was all he said. Retinal scan commecing. Suka put his face to the module. Scanning  . .Scanning . . .Checking . . . Authorizing . . . Access Allowed. With that Suka turned the key all the way and the doors slowly opened. There ! said Suka. Now its your turn Vitani. They all got in to the elevator, The doors shut and the screen came on. Please select floor. Ok Vitani, Do your thing. Vitani went out the shaft and put the explosive on the cables. Okay, She came back down and Suka said. Matinence access. Please enter code. 409527203.  Access allowed. The elevator then powered down. Ok everyone, Get on top. All of the Outlanders got on top of the elevator and latched their grapples into the wall. Okay. Blow it. said Suka. Vitani armed the thermite and it melted the cables in a super hot explosion, But not large enought to kill the Outlanders. The elevator began to fall it armed its brakes and stopped. Suka then yelled off a code 602850142 Access denied. Then the elevator fell to the bottom. CRASH ! ! ! It hit the bottom with an unholy crash. Okay, Lets go. With that the Outlanders began to repel down the shaft at around thirty miles per hour. Sure hope we got enough cable. said Scar as they zoomed down the shaft. The alarms on their repel gear began to go off. We dont have enough cable. said Nuka. Wait, Acording to mine I've still got a hundred feet. The alarms rang and their gear slowed the rope. Then the ground could be seen below them. Seventy feet! yelled Scar. . . Fifty feet !. . The ground was nearing. Thirty feet. . . Ten feet ! Hit the brakes ! he yelled. They all stopped their kits with a few feet left. Its only about a twenty foot drop, We can grapple up to our cables if we have too. said Scar. He looked below him. Ok, You all know how to land from this height. Scar cut his cable and fell to the ground. He landed with a OoooF ! Im okay, Come on down, Its not as far as it seems. Together they all cut their cables and landed not so gracefully. Welcome to Alpha-635. said Scar. They looked out and saw that there wasnt a scratch in these labs, Not even any damage to say except a few broken mirrors and vials due to the vibration of the explosion. They looked in awe at all the chemicals and formulas. Okay, Now that we have the location of this place we can come down here with a vehicle, Somehow. Vitani looked over the blueprints of this floor. Hey, Theres an armory here, A vehicle hangar, and an Aircraft hangar, We can fly into the hangar! she yelled. Good, it looks as if were about to get alot tougher. Now, Zira and I shall go to the hangar. said Scar. Nuka and I will go check out the armory. said Suka. We'll go check out the vehicles. said Vitani as she loked to Kovu. Ok, Report in when you get to your destnation, get ahold of us if you run into anything. Very well. said Nuka. We will. Said Vitani. And with that the family split up and went searching. Nuka and Suka were first to get to thier location, The Armory. Suka looked at the door tot he Armory. According to the com link, this door's offline. Nuka smiled at Suka and they both kicked the door down and walked inside. Meanwhile Scar and Zira were at the Aircraft hangar. There were a few planes still in the hangar. All of them full of fuel.

Kovu and Vitani were at the vehicle hangar, inside there were so many diffrent kinds of vehicles, Tanks, Armored vehicles, And something behind a huge door. Kovu gave the door all his chaingun had, But no penetration. Neither did Vitani's rifile. All at once they all said over their radios. You had better come here. They all meeted at the Huge door at the vehicle hangar. What do ya think's in there? asked Nuka. I dont know. said Scar. But I intend to find out. He said as he raised his Hade's Blaze to the door. Everyone including Scar got back as he prepared to fire. Open say's a me ! He yelled. He fired at the door and watched as the inferno did its duty to the door. When the smoke cleared Scar walked throught the smoke and then, BANG ! OH My Freakin nose ! yelled Scar. He had ran into an unfased door. Not even a scratch, let alone melted. Well shit. Now what? asked Scar. Suka and Nuka looked at each other. What if we go to the Armory? asked Nuka. Yeah, Theres a whole lotta guns there. said Suka. It only took the Outlanders all of two seconds to start walking towards the Armory. When they got in to the warehouse of weaponry Suka went back to the door he had been investagating. Wonder whats behind this? he thought. Suka tried to put in his code. 409527203. Access denied. Well crud, He kicked the door with his foot. THUD ! OWWW ! Dammit that hurt ! he cried. Scar walked over to he bawling son. Got a problem? he asked. Yeah, I fought the door and the door won. he chuckled. Scar looked at it for awhile. What do ya think's behind it? he asked. I dunno, Oh my freakin foot. Suka limped across the floor and got his rifle. Back away from the door. warned Suka. Suka aimed at the door's handle, I had a dog and his name  .  . was . . BINGO! Suka fired his gun and it blew the door open with an earsplitting. BOOM ! Never fire that dam thing inside agian ! yelled Zira as she covered her aching ears. Sorry, Got carried away, The door made me mad, It hurt my foot. he exclaimed. Whatever. said Nuka as he went into the room. Nuka stoped dead in his tracks when he saw what was in the room. Uh, guys, I think you'd better come in here. said Nuka slowly. The rest of the Outlanders slowly walked into the room. And what's behind door number one. said Scar as he looked at the massive arsenal of weaponry. There were more weapons then any of them could count. Most of them were weapons that none of them had ever seen. Plasma weapons mainly. Some looked quite sinister. Nuka picked up an odd looking weapon. I'd be very careful wtih that. said Suka. You have'nt a clue what it does. I wanna find out. said Nuka. Suka looked around the room. He saw a room labeled, Gun sighting and Weapons testing facility. There should be a firing range in there somewhere. said Suka. Nuka flew through the doors. Meanwhile everyone else looked over the masses. Suka looked at some kind of weapon. it looked like some kind of cannon of some sort, But yet there was no place for you to hold on, Also there was no trigger on it anywhere. Strange, Must be for something else than just man fired. Zira was holding an impressive looking weapon that looked like some kind of sniper rifle. But the weird thing about it was its barrel. In the middle of the barrel there was something, It got bigger towards the middle and then got smaller until it was normal at then end of the barrel. To Suka it looked like some kind of massive rocket. Scar was busy tying to pick up a large gun that appeared to be a ripid firing weapon due to its eight barrels and large, glowing canister on the bottom of it. I think ya got some kind of pulse laser there. said Suka. Dunno, Find out. said Scar as he went through the door. Vitani was looking at another weapon, But this one was more diffrent than all of them. It wasnt much bigger than a normal rifle. But it had many diffrent thigs on it like a small silo of some kind, Small glowing tubes running down the sides of the barrel, And so many wires going this way and that. Suka was about to see what Kovu was looking at when he heard a catrstophic explosion. Suka ran into the testing facility and found his family on the ground in shock. Suka ran up to his father and asked, What happened? Scar looked up at with fear in his eyes that quickly became a look of victory. What happened? asked Suka. Scar got up off the floor and dusted himself off, WOW ! yelled Nuka. Zira got up slowly and shook the ash from her fur and said. I'll never fire that thing agian. Suka looked at her gun. But something was diffrent about it. The barrel, Was gone. Whatever that was, it was NOT the barrel. It must have been a massive rocket. Suka picked up the gun and put another "Rocket" into it. He pointed it at the farthest target and pulled the trigger. Then, Something happened. The " Rocket" Split open and out slid another projectile. It glowed blue and pulsed with massive amounts of energy. Suka aimed it agian at the target agian and pulled the trigger agian. The Blue projectile flew down the two mile range and hit the target precicley. He saw the massive explosion, It was so bright and loud. He then saw the blast coming. He ran out of the room and shut the door just as the dust flew out of the cracks in the door. Suka still had the smoking gun in his hands. So, Waydda ya think? asked Scar as he messed with the knobs on another weapon. I think I have a new weapon. said Suka calmly. The Outlanders tested out weapons for hours. Until they all fiannaly got aquainted with their favorite weapons. Suka picked out a Plasma Carbine. A very powerful plasma rifle, the carbineous plasma will melt a hole through anything, including hostiles. Scar picked the HPTPC-6000 or High Powered Telsa Plasma Claw. A extreamly dangerous Sub-Atomic, Particle, Telsa plasma cannon. It was a very sinister looking weapon, And its looks dont lie, this is one nasty weapon. Nuka picked out a very fast ionic pulse cannon. A weapon capibable of blowing an enemy's flesh off their bones with extreamly rapid amounts of Ionic Plasma. Kovu picked out quite a weapon. The telsa Plasma Cannon. Sadly, it would have to be mounted on something, Due to it weighing 4 tons. Meanwhile Vitani had left in a helecopter to get the Royal Outland Appache. Kovu loaded the cannon onto a forklift and waited for Vitani to return with their escape plan. Zira and Vitani stil had'nt picked their weapons yet. Zira was putting all of the weapons in crates that they would put in the Royal Outland Appache when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see what she saw and had to get closer to too for real. Behind a window sat a bunch of what looked like some kind of suits. Zira went and got the familys attention. Hey everyone, Come here ! said Zira as she opened the door. They all got to the door at the same time. They were all amazed at what they saw. Suka stepped forward and started looking at one of them. There diffrent kinds of battle armor. They all began to look over their new discovery. There were all kinds of armor, Some of them had weapons for arms. Soon they had all picked out their own suit of armor also. Suka then disovered another room. Hey Everybody, Come Here ! yelled Suka. Agian the family came face to face with more technology. Upgrades for the battle armor, More weapons, Ammo for the weapons, And on the wall was a cabinet full of keycards and other unlocking items. Suka dug through the cabinet and found what he was looking for. he picked up a keycard and two very odd looking keys, They went to some kind of vehicle. On the tag it read. Experemental vehical 479- Codename- Star Adder. The other read, Experemental vehical 635- Codename- Blood Asp. I wonder what they are? asked Nuka. I've got a feeling we'll find out. said Suka. then everyone's com links came alive. Scar picked up his and answered, hello? its me, Vitani, Im under fire from some kind of vehice and need assistance. Vitani, Land the chopper in the hangar, We'll shut the blast doors right when you get in. Affirmative. replied Vitani. Suka ran to the control panel and prepared to shut the doors. He slid his card through the machine and prepared to pull the lever back to shut the door. Vitani could soon be seen with enemy tailgateing her. Suka shut the doors early. Vitani got the idea and kept coming toward the hangar entrance. Vitani landed in the hangar just as the doors went shut too far. The hostiles folowing her met an untimely death on the blast doors. Vitani got out of the chopper and ran to her family. Now, how about we get out of here? asked Zira. Not until I find out what's behind those doors. said Suka. Suka put the keycard in the machine and inserted the key and entered the keycode, 875-683. The machine turned on, Suka turned the key and the massive door opened very slowly. At first Suka didnt know what he saw. He waited until the door was half open. Suka and everyone else was thunderstruck. Standing there in front of them was a massive, 40 foot mech. They were all thunderstruck, it was huge, Also this was the first mech any of them had seen. Scar, Go and open the other door. said Suka as he gave Scar the keycard, keycode, And the other key. Suka simed evily and put the key into a hole on the mech's leg. he turned it halfway and a screen came up. Awesome. said Suka. He typed the keycode in on the keypad, 875-683. Then something on top of the mech opened and a ladder began to slide down to the ground. the ladder came to the ground and Suka began to climb it higher and higher until he got to the cockpit. He got into the mech's control's and began to study all the controls, Okay, Weaponry, Energy, Ballistic, And Missiles. Very cool, Okay, Now, How in the heck do ya get this thing to move. Suka put the key in and the controls came alive. There ! Suka grabbd the joysticks and turned the key. The massive mech stood up and became around 70 feet tall when standing. Okay, Offensive and Defensive measures, Dang, This thing's got everything ! yelled Suka. By this time Scar had the doors open and was in his mech. Suka easied the joysticks forward and the Mech slowly raised its feet one by one and slowly walked out of its hangar. This thing is so cool ! yelled Suka. Zira noticed more doors like the last. Zira turned on her comlink and got ahold of Suka, Who, Was making his Mech dance across the floor, He was moonwalking and everything. Yeah? said Suka. Stop messing around, Do you see all those other doors? asked Zira. Suka spun his mech around and saw many more doors since the lights had been turned on. Yeah, I do, Ya want me to open them? chuckled Suka. I would aprecitate it. she answered. Suka then fumbled around and found the weapon systems. Suka armed the Sidewinder missles and opened fire. the missles flew with amazing speed and atomised door #1. Scar then got the idea and started blasting open doors. In a few seconds all of the doors had been "opened". I wonder what these things run on? asked Suka. he looked over the control panel, hmm, Heat, Armor, Missles, Plasma, Ballistics, Energy? he wondered. According to the panel he had a full charge. Suka looked around and found a schematic. he looked over it and found "Power source" Suka was stunned. Hey guys. asked Suka over his com link. Everyone responded with a, What? These things run on Nuceular energy ! yelled Suka. Cool. yelled Nuka. We'll have to load up supplys for them, More vats of Plutonium and Urianium rods. said Scar. Yeah, We'll also need more ammo ! yelled Nuka. How are we gonna carry all of this? asked Zira. Nuka had found a mech that he liked, So he got in and, No key. Crap ! Suka. said Nuka over the mech's radio. Yeah? said Suka. We aint got no keys for these ! yelled Nuka. Suka then realised that. Go back to the labs and get all of the keys. said Suka. Whatever, As long as I get to drive one. yelled Nuka as he ran for the keys. Scar was messing with the mech when he pushed the red button on the Mech's control stick. The Mech suddenly flew up into the air and hit the celing. Hey, Be careful with my mech ! yelled Zira. Your mech, This baby's mine ! yelled Scar as he stomped away. Suka had gotten out of his mech for the moment. I hear you two are having a disagreement. said Suka. Yeah, look what he's doing to my mech ! yelled Zira as she pointed to him running through walls. Well, i think I can help. said Suka as he showed Zira a sign thata was in his mech, it read. Beware of the power Armor, They will power you Down ! Suka smiled as he showed Zira one of the Suits of Power Armor. Thank you Suka, Now if you'll excuse me I have a mech to catch. Zira climbed into the armor and flew after Scar and HER mech. She landed on top ad told Scar to get out of her mech. He simply laughed and stomped off. She read the schematic and learned how to "force" someone out of their mech, Mechjacking. She flew over to her mech and attached to it's data core and began to overide the system. Before Scar even knew what was happening he was ejected out of the mech. Zira got back out of the power armor and happily got into HER mech, The Blood Asp. Nuka had come back with the keys by now and Scar was looking for some action. he looked through the keys and found one that read, Ragnorok. He ran over to the hangar labeled Ragnorok, And was happy by his find. Meanwhile everyone else choose their Mech's. Suka took the Star Adder, Scar piloted the Ragnorok, Vitani activated the Mad Cat, Kovu took Yimir, And Nuka armed the Atlas. now that everyone has their mech's, Weapons, And supplys. said Zira, We can go home to the Ox3. Vitani has already turned on the autopilot in the Outland Appache, So no worrys there. added Scar. Now Lets go home ! yelled Nuka. the group stomped over to the entrance of the hangar, Suka saw something out of the corner of his eye. You all go ahead. said Suka. Suka aimed at the door and blew it open. Inside he found some very weird looking things. He loaded his mech with all of the weird objects and attached the vehicle to the back of his mech. ( all of this lifting was done with the mech) He then flew off and headed towards the Ox3. Within a few miniutes he was back home, Where he landed and showed everyone his prize. They were other weapons that could be attached to the mech's And the vehicle, Well, it was an odd looking heavily armored half-track tank. Everyone loaded their toys onto the Ox3. Well, Now we have a full hangar. Said Scar as he looked at their collection of 10 vehicles, All being very formidable.

What do ya say we go home now ? asked Scar. Fine with me. said Suka. Im right with ya. said Nuka. I wish to go home. said Zira. Very well. said Kovu. I could use a little R&R. said Vitani. Then it is settled, We're going home. said Scar.


Back at the mobile Fortress, Pridelands


Simba, You must look at this ! yelled Killigan. Simba looked at the screen Kissian was looking over. Simba saw the Outlanders getting out of the Ox3's hangar. Yeah, So the're back? said Simba. No, Thats not what I was talking about, then without warning the spy chopper was shot out of the sky. Dam, they know we're watching them. said Killigan. What is your point? asked Simba. They had some . . THING ! it looked like a massive, Metal, Man, im not kidding. Yelled Killigan. Well, I beleave ya, Those Outlanders are constantly coming up with new means of Firepower. said Simba. Now, What we should worry about is how do we stop it? asked Simba. I truly dont know. said Killigan. You make one. said Simba, I want you to slap together every scrap of armor we've got, I want you to mount every weapon you can on it. I want it to tear them apart ! yelled Simba. Well then, We'll need some massive firepower just to slow the Ox3. said Killigan. Then get some. said Simba.




The massive Ox3 could be seen thundering across the land. Its destnation was now set to the Outlands. Meahwhile the occupants were debating over what action they would take when they returned home. You know those Pridelanders will wanna attack us right when we get home. Said Nuka. Yes, Well, They will be attacking US, So, We could test out our new toys on their army. Said Kovu. Very true brother. said Suka. Whatever they DO try to do or not, We will be ready with our massive firepower and teamwork. said Scar. Yes, We are the Outland Alliance And we will stand agianst all invading forces. said Zira. Forever. said Vitani. Suka went down to the vehicle hangar to check out his new toy somemore, He looked at the many panels and switches in the cockpit. he began to look over his schematic and find out what all of the other switches and dials were for. Some were for the floodlights, Some went to the weapon systems, and a few others alligned the crosshairs on his HUD.


Meanwhile a few miles East a moderate amount of Milita forces had amassed in a large group. Now, you all know why we're here. said Killigan. We are here to intercept the Outsiders on their way to the Outlands, We must not allow them to pass. If they pass the barracade we have failed. Sir, What if they have new technology? asked a solider. Killigan walked down to the solider and looked him in the face. Well, dont you think we've prepared for that? asked Killigan eyeing the solider intently. Sir, yes Sir. sounded off the solider. Very good. Now, Prepare for a full scale advance. said Killigan as he saw a pillar of dust approaching from the West. The Outlanders were falling right into Killigan's trap.


Meanwhile, On the Ox3,

So, How much longer until we get home? asked Zira. We should see our home in the next few miniutes. Dad ! yelled Vitani as she ran down the stairs. Stop ! Stop The Ox3 ! yelled Vitani as she got to the control room. Scar hit the brakes and the Ox3 slowed down until it came to a complete stop. What's the matter? asked Scar. There's a large force waiting for us on the other side of that hill. said Vitani as she pointed over the next hill. Oh? said Scar as he looked at the radar. Sure enough there was a large mass of hostile forces very near. Scar homed in on the radar. There were many forces lying in wait . . on the other side of the hill. Scar scanned them all. 56 in all, Everything varying from Tanks the choppers, All waiting for a signal. The scan picked up to bad things, One, these were Milita forces, Killigan's army. the Pridelanders were aware of their presensance. and Two, There was a massive blip on the radar, And it was moving toward them slowly. It had to be the size of pride Rock itself whatever it was. Luckly it was miles away. We'll worry about that later, For now we need to get into our mechs and prepare for battle. said Zira. I'll get the Ox3's defensive systems online, All of you head on out. said Scar. With that all of the Outlanders headed toward their mechs and powered up. Within miniutes the Outland army was up and ready to fight. The Milita was also ready for an attack with hundreds of tanks, Helicopters, and infintranty. In a flash the Outland mechs burst through the doors on the Ox3 and opened fire. The Milita's forces stopped dead in the tracks in front of the unexpected force. Outsde the Ox3 stood 5 massive machines armed to kill, and ready to rock. The Milita still released their numbers upon the Outland mechs. Nuka went thundering out in the Ragnarok and tore loose ripping the tanks apart with deadly fire from his pulse lasers. The militant forces changed their attack pattern and aimed their attack upon the Ox3. Their fire was usless agianst the Ox3's massive sheilding. The tanks munitions simply bounced off the Tungstine plated,

Depleated Uranium, Dymethium cored Armor on the Ox3. They were helpless agianst the Ox3's wrath as it unleashed its munitons upon the forces below. The forces were ripped apart, as the Ox3 and 5 mechs combined their forces and tore loose. The Milita was not expecting a force as massive as this, The Milita was getting buried under the munitons. Soon the Outland forces became victorious. One scout managed to escape from the counter attack. He sped his jeep toward the figure in the distance, I must warn him, We still dont have enough firepower to penetrate the Ox3's armor. What the hell is that armor made of? We didnt even make a scratch in it. The solider flew across the land as he worried about the future attack and it uselessness. Meanwhile the mechs were put back in the Ox3 and then the Ox3 took off and continued its journey back to the Outlands.


Near the Outland border,


So, Waddya think we should do about the Milita when we get home? asked Nuka. Well, I suggest we set up a defensive grid around the Outland border and prepare for another attack. said Vitani. That would be a wise maneuver. said Kovu. Whatever kills em. said Suka. Well, Whatever we do, We should do it fairly soon. said Scar. He knew that the Priedlanders had increased their force including a wide array of weaponry. Scar drove the Ox3 into the Outland perimeter. The defensive systems came alive arming all arrays and preparing to destroy anything that tried to pass the Outland border. The Outlanders then prepared to defend their home while they plotted their course of action.


Meanwhile back in Russia


The massive base could be seen by a Milita spy plane from far above. It sent off a drone plane to see what exactly was in the base. The smill drone easily manauvered into the base going deeper and deeper into the bowels of the base. Then the scanners on the drone picked up alot of activity coming from ahead. The camera was switched to thermo and there was a wall of heat signatures miving toward the drone quickly. The drone was rapidly turned around and rocketed through the base at high speed. Then all of a sudden something blocked the path to the exit. he camera focused to see a large burrowing worm like creature setting in front of them. It acted like it couldnt see them. It was dragging its slimy tenticals across the ground for some reason. Then the heat signatures from behind rapidly increased, Like they were multiplying at a unimaginable rate. The drone was suddenly knocked out of the air by something. The drone's flying ability had been destroyed as it smashed into the wall of the compound. The camera refocused onto a strange looking beast with massive jaws, it looked like a walking bear trap. it looked to the camera and something raised on its forhead and then went back down. The drone than picked up a high level frequency scream as the "creature" destroyed the drone. But seconds before the drone's camera was destroyed something could be seen. Then the camera went static. Kiligan brought the image back up on the main computer. There was something that looked like a massive worm crawling throught the tunnel. Killigan inhanched the image. No, This was something else. Killigan then raised the lighting. he still couldnt tell what it was. Simba then looked to the screen and turned on the Thermo. Everyone at the Milita base was shocked at the scene they had captured. The image reviled a massive hoard of creatures. There had to be 10,000 heat signatures in all. And there had to be many more far below the ground. Killigan and Simba looked at each other and gasped. We've got a problem.




The Outlanders were planning their defensive agianst the arriving Milita when they got a destress call over the radio. As Vitani went to answer it she saw it was from the Borderlands. Mom Dad, Come here ! yelled Vitani. Everyone came running into the room to see who was sending out a distress call. Look who its from. chuckled Vitani. Scar and Zira almost hit the floor. They are the ones we helped long ago when they asked for help? said Zira. Okay, Arent we at war or sumpthin. said Nuka. Scar reluctantly answered the beacon. Come in Borderlands, We have you on our radio. Fellow Outlanders, We have a situation here. There is some kind of new creature in the savanna. Its some kind of .. AHH ! Get the hell away ! Ge. ...th....UHHH! The radio then went dead with silence. Borderlands, Borderlands do you copy? Can anyone hear me? Scar put the mic down and looked out across the savanna. Something's out there, Something very dnagerous. Scar slowly sat in the command chair with his head in his paws. Whatever it is, its taken the Borderlands. But what is it? asked Nuka. Im not sure, It had to be something quite strong to attack with enough force to cripple the Borderlanders so quickly. Scar just sat there. Those were our allies, Our only allies. We must take to the Borderlands and see if anyone is still alive. Scar said while getting up out of his chair. The Outlanders got to their vehicles quickly and headed across the horizon to the Borderlands where they would hopefully find a few Borderlanders still living.


The vehicles thundered across the drit with great speed, Within fifteen miniutes they were approaching the Borderlands. Scar was giving everyone the battle plan when Nuka's tank suddenly hit something quite large. Nuka spun his tank around and doubled back, Everyone else halted to hear what he had found. Nuka drove back to the bloody corpse of some creature. It was horridly disfigured by the 60 ton tank rolling over it at 45 Mph. Nuka studided it and then a though came to his mind. This creature, This was the same kind of creature they saw in the base back in Russia. Nuka got on the radio and informed everyone of the creature and its presanse in the lands. Though this time the Outlanders were packing some serious heat and armor. There is no way those things can bite trough our armor. said Nuka happily. Tne they could be seen, A large group of the "creatures were heading towards the Outlander's convoy. Let em have it ! yelled Scar. Massive artllery rained down upon the unlucky animals as they were torn to shreads by the massive firepower of the Outland Army.  Nuka sped his tank into the fray of animals running them down making alot of blood oozed from their mangled bodies. One even clamped its jaws around one of Nuka's Hellfire cannons. Nuka laughed as he spun the chanigun blending the creature into mush in the process. The rest of the Outlanders just watched as Nuka used his tank like a giant bulldozer, Crushing every one of those things that was unfortunate enough to get in his way. Eventually Nuka had turned part of the Borderlands into a plain covered with intrails and blood. Nuka stepped out of his now red tank with a grin on his face. Im gonna need to clean this thing up. he laughed. I'd say so. chuckled Scar. There's still a few on your bumper. Nuka looked to his tank and smiled. Hood ordniments.


Later on the Outlanders drove their convoy into the Borderland heartland. There was no sign of life anywhere. Scar stopped the Destroyer in front of the main base. We'll have to get out of the tanks to get inside. said Zira. We'd better put on our heavy armor. finished Scar. The Outlanders then exited their tanks and slowly entered the base. When they got inside a horrid sight was laid out before them. Body after body thrown across the room. Is there anyone alive in here? whispered Suka. A form to Suka's left moved. DONT SHOOT ! it yelled. Everyone was now looking to the lion covered in things that had been thrown around the room. Dont shoot, my name is Dargono, I am one of the Borderland military. Some kind of freak accident must have happened somewhere. These things, They came so fast ! By the time we had our security net up, more than half of the pride had come up missing. Scar comforted the solider. No reason to worry now, Your with us. said Scar. Suddenly something could be heard coming from down stairs. All of the Outlanders prepared themselves and went down the stairs slowly. Suka went to the solider. Here, you'll need this. Suka handed the lion a .44 magnum and a baggy of extra bullets. Thany you very much. said  Dargono. Everyone regrouped at the bottom of the stairs where the sound was becoming much clearer. Someone was yelling for help ! The Outlanders followed the sound to a secluded hallway where the sound of snapping and growling could be heard. Scar motioned for everyone to get ready to attack. HELP ! cried the unknown voice agian. Scar had to think, These animals couldnt hear. Scar picked up a Piece of tile and threw it across the hallway. It hit a grabage can and made alot of racket. The animals didnt even flinch. I heard something. said the mysterious voice. We are here to help you, These animals cannot hear you, But they CAN see heat, Mainly body heat. yelled Scar. What should we do? cried the voice. Get away from the door, Get as far away from the door as you can, But dont leave the room your in. Alot of movement was heard, The room had to be full of people. Scar began to count down. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Scar motioned for everyone to attack. At the signal everyone pounced from their hiding places and unloaded their weapons into the unsuspecting creatures. The animals were dead, You can come out now. said Zira. The door opened and a group of Borderland lions came out from the room. Scar counted 15. How can we ever thank you. said the lion with the fimilar voice. You can start by going out to the front of the compound with us. We have massive armor and firepower to protect all of us. Insured Suka. The Outlanders lead them to the fromt of the corridor where they found a group of the animals trying to tear apart the Outland vehicles. Hope they dont chip a tooth. said Vitani. Then the Outlanders began to fire away at the unsuspecting creatures. Everyone then boarded the tanks. The Borderlanders were astonished, They had never been in such advanced vehicles before. Now, Do any of you know if there are anymore lions hiding? Everyone got a no. Very well, Vitani, Run a thermal scan of the region. said Scar over the radio. Scar got a thermal reading seconds later. There were no other lions hiding. There was however a few Creatures hiding in the villiage still. The Outlanders took the Borderlanders back to the Outlands where they were treated for minor wounds. Now, We have a new problem. said Zira. Yes, Those lab creatures seemed to have found a way out of the base. It was of our own mistake not to seal the tunnel back up. said Scar. We are going to have to go deep into the base and try to locate WHAT is producing these things. Then we will focus our attention on the Milita. We all know there are four diffrent kinds of creatures. For idnetifation purpous I think we should name them. The smaller things you have seen running around we shall call, Runners. The more larger and agressive ones we shall call Shreikers. The underground worms we shall call Graboids, And then there is the Thing that is making all of these things. For now we shall call it, The Queen. Okay, Simple enough, I want you all to update your Comlinks with this new data. For it will be needed in combat on the field. With that the Outlanders ended their confrence and went to their own pleasures for the rest of the day.


Back in the Pridelands


Sir, We have been getting reports of vicous attacks on many prides wthin a fifty mile radius of the area. reported a lioness. Thank you. replied Simba. Simba got ahold of Killigan. Killigan, We have been getting reports of hostile activity in the lands, Do you know the source of this problem? Why yes Simba we do. They are origanating from a base far away in Russia. They are following the smell the Outladers left behind. Then they are after the Outladers correct? asked Simba. No totaly, Anything that puts off heat they will follow and attack. So, In order to defeat these tings we need to hide our heat? asked Simba. Affirmative. replied Killigan. So, We need to stop letting off heat huh. thought Simba. Well, That will be a challange, But it wil be filled. Simba then went into pride Rock and began work on a anti-heat emission tank.


Killigan's Gunship


We are prepared to attack the unknow creatures in our modifed armor. shouted a militant. very good, Lets see how they react to our new armor. Two light hovertanks were sent out that were almost transparent. But they conciled 99% of all heat buildup and emission. in other words it was cold as ice. Thus invisible to these creatures. Unfortunatly the armor was very light and easily damaged. And when dadamged its anti heat propertys were rendered useless. A rifle could easily penetrate this tank's armor. But these creatures could not attack what the could not see. The test was a success. The tanks were then upgraded with a large plow like attachemnt on the front and light weapons housed inside the armor. The tanks were sent out agian and once agian passed the test. the tanks then attacked smashing into the creatures crushing them with the plow like attachments. Soon alot of blood was built up on the tanks armor and let of a great deal of heat. Kissian watched as his tanks were ripped to shreds. Well, They can pass the test of stealth. But they are not battle ready yet. Kissian then boarded his new destroyer. it was a large tank he called The Monilith. It was huge. It had to be the size of the Destroyer. Killigan laughed as he ran the creatures down. The Outland border was just over the next hill. Sonn he would cursh their bodies below his tank tracks. Killigan couldnt wait until tomorrow. The day they attacked.




The Outlanders were preparing to attack the hoard of animals when they picked up the  massive Milita Gunship approaching the Outland border. Those creatures will have to wait, We've got company. said Scar. The Outlnders then prepared for a full assault. Within miniutes the defensive arrays came alive as they detected an unknown wavelength, The Gunship. Scar manualy activated all defensive arrays from the Ox3 and armed all the defenses on the Ox3. The massive cannon began to hum louder and louder until it roared with omnious power. The Gunship could be seen far off in the distance. Fire a warning shot ! yelled Scar over the radio. Everyone let ther lead fly for a singel second, The warning shot. The beast still continued to approach. Scar ingaged the cannon. The barrel began to glow as the massive amount of energy built up behind the barrel. This is The Outland Alliance, Turn back now Killigan, Or have your entire fleet destroyed. Scar activated all defensive mesures. This is your final warning ! yelled Scar as he fingered the fire control. The fleet of steel halted at his words. Then the radio came alive. This is it Outlanders, it is time for you all to meet a bloody end. You have been given your final warning, TURN BACK NOW ! Thundered Scar. We will be forced to destroy you if you dont .. Out of nowhere shells began to fly. ATTACK ! yelled Scar. The Outland army let loose a mass of lead upon the Milita. All defensive systems active. droned a computer voice. Scar then placed the crosshairs of the cannon upon the Gunship. You were fairly warned, Now face the fury of the Outlands. Scar engaged the firing mechnisim. The cannon began to roar with a thundrous growl as the Super kinetic ball of energy prepared to fire. The cannon glowed a iradesant blue and suddenly turned white hot and the cannon unleashed its massive blast. The 600,000 ton Ox3 slid a back 300 feet as the massive cannon fired. The beam was so bright even looking the other way stung the eyes. The super kinetic beam hit the Gunship and atomised half of the beast. The cannon still roared as the blast changed and began to atomise the rest of the Gunship as the massive beam continued on across the savanna as it easily cut through the Gunship.The entire gunship was atomised when the cannon fiannaly powered down. The barrel glowed intensely with a iradesant white. A large amount of green gas could be seen billowing out of the cannon slowly. Super conductive plasma gas. nodded Vitani.


The remaining Milita were mopped up by the rest of the Outland Military. Soon after they collected salvage from the battlefield ther were many unfired shots to be collected and used or salvagedas well. Many diffrent weapons and a ton of salvageable armor. The Outanders collected all they could and returned to the very near Outland hill. Well, it seems the Milita screw up and were here to make it hurt. They must have figured we would have been out investgating the escaped lab animals. That was our intended plan. said Suka. Yes, we are lucky we stayed behind, otherwise we would have had to turn back around. By then some of our defenses could have been damaged. But we won and we are now focusing our force upon the escaped lab animals, We are sending out a squad of lion to attack the reported areas of activity, Meanwhile we will attack the base in Russia. Also due to our hostile engagement awhile ago we will be arming the Guardian. The massive canno upon our very base. We cannot afford to be under prepared. said Scar. Now, the troops are already setting out to the lands assinged to them so I suggest we haed out to Russia and end this nusance once and for all, Then we will focus our forces upon the Pridelands, our main target. With that said the Outlanders headed out to the Ox3 and headed off to Russia once more.


Within the hour they were well on their way to Russia making good speed. Suka was down in the engine room taking mesurements making sure their pride and joy was running tip top shape. When Suka finished his data collection he knoticed that the eingine had been running as good as the first day it ran. Suka marveled at it for a second. What power, This truly was a unstopable beast. But not once had its guns fired upon an innocent soul. Suka then took hs findings to the control deck and gave Zira the usual information. How are we doing? asked Suka. Well, currently we are 300 miles from our intended location. replied Scar. Take us about another day ta get there. said Zira. Suka then went to see what Nuka was doing. As usual he was in the armory at the shooting range. Engoying yourself? asked Suka. Nuka looked to his brother and smiled, Well of corse. Come on, Lets see who can shoot better. Suka jumped down into the pit and picked up aa M-160. Okay, your on. said Suka. Nuka aimed his rifle and shot the target dead on 100 yards down the range. Suka set his to 100 Yrds and aimed at it. Nuka put his paw in front of Suka's sight. What the hell? Nuka, get your paw away from my sight ! Nuka smiled and recoiled. Suka aimed the rifle at the target and took his shot. Dead on as well. Tie. said Nuka. Nuka then walked off to the Armory. Suka smiled and went back into the main room of the tank and picked out his favorite book. "The World Beyond The Horizon" and set on the couch. Scar was monitoring the Tv. And Zira was looking over the paper. Ya know, Ya gotta love this, This dam thing drives itself. said Scar contently. Good thing. said Zira. It would be too much for you to handle. she laughed at her comment. Scar grumbled and reclined in his chair while watching Adult Swim. Vitani was busy up in the comm room monitoring the Tv as well. She had armed the automatic radar alert. if anything came up she would know about it. She was much more intrested in watching "The Days of Our Lives". things were going good until the alert came on. Vitani drug her chair over to the radar screen and saw multiple signatures. Thousands. Vitani locked on to them and the computer idetifed them as a large group of, Shreikers, Runners, And Graboids. Vitani got on the intercom and calmy said. And if you look to the west about a hundred miles you'll see a large group of escaped lab animals. And thank you for flying Outland air. They were approaching the base. We should be there by tonight. said Scar. Then everyone turned in for the evening. Everyone migrated into the main room and collected around the tv. So, What's on the dish tonight? said Scar. He flipped through the channels until he came upon a movie with a Son that had been injured in a car crash with his father. The son would live, The doctors wern't so sure about the father. Time continued and the father eventually passed away in the hospital a few days later due to internal bleeding. The son went on in his life and made it in life. he soared as a manager in a buisness by the name of Kimego industrys. They produced the locking mechnisims in Home's, car's, and, other things. The man continued in life and was eventually haunted by his father's ghost. It constantly plauged him. Soon the man became unstable and one day leaped from his 56th floor office to the ground below. After a few movies the family retired into sleep upon the couch's and floor.


When the Suka awoke from his slumber he found Scar and Zira awake and Vitani and Nuka sprawled out on the couch asleep. Suka drug himself to the window and saw they had stopped, They must have gotten to the base. Suka slowly walked into the bathroom to do the morning ritual. Meanwhile Scar and Zira were up front planning on how we would enter the base and hope to stand a chance agianst the massive colony of creatures. When Suka finished in the bathroom he found his brother and sister awaking from their sleep slowly. Suka went to the comand room and found out what Scar and Zira were doing. We're planning on how to enter this base and hope to survive. said Scar. What about the battle armor? asked Suka. They've never been tested. answered Scar. Today's a good daa ta test em. said Suka. Scar looked to Zira and then to Suka. Very well, But I want you to report if you have any trouble. said Scar. Suka calmly walked out of the command room and fully awoke his brother. Hey Nuka ! Nuka ! Get up ! Nuka rolled off the couch and jumped to his paws. What the hell,S uka what are ya doin wakin me up so early? Suka looked at Nuka and calmly said. Nuka, it 2'o clock in the afternoon. Nuka raised a brow. Very well, Just let me get woke up a little, Why did ya wake me up anyways? Well, We've been given permission to go down into the base and test the battle armor. Cool, Just let me wake up. Is Vitani goin? asked Nuka. Heck I dunno ! You ask her, I gotta get ready. snapped Suka. Suka then walked off to the armory. Nuka wlked up to Vitani and nudged her, Hey Tani. Vitani ! Nuka rolled his soster off the couch, She landed with a thud. She instantly rose to her paws and found Nuka staring at her. Why in the heck did ya do that ! yelled Vitani. I wanted ya ta wake up. said Nuka. Well you could have done it a little softer. groaned Vitani as she walked off to the Control room. Nuka then went to get ready to enter the base. He found Suka already in his armor and messing with the controls. Lemme see, Thrusters, Autocannon. humm. Nuka then got into his suit of armor. While Nuka put his armor on Vitani came into the armory. So I hear you two want me to come along and protect your furry hides. laughed Vitani. No, We just wanted something to shoot if it got boring. said Nuka. Vitani snorted and began to assemble her suit. By the time everyone had gotten ready to depart it was getting dark. Well, Now tat we're ready, Lets go ! said Nuka as he jumped out of the hatch. Nuka landed with a loud THUD ! Suka jumped out of the hatch and slowly flew down with his trusters. You'll learn Nuka, You'll learn. The group then began to make their way to the base. I bet we'll kil a hunderd. said Nuka. I bet we'll find sumpthin we missed. said Suka. I think we have company ! yelled Vitani as she fired at a group of approaching Shreikers. The group then took to the approaching beasts, Weapons blazing. The warm sand was soon blanketed in bronze casings As the Outlanders opened fire upon the creatures. They fell fast, within miniutes they were all dead. Well, that was intresting. said Vitani as she walked toward the base. The group made it to the base and armed their comlinks. Ok, We know the drill, Go in, Blow up, Run out. said Nuka. The three then went down the tunnel into the dark base. Everyone switched to nightvision. The base walls were covered with blood and bodies. As they continued on into the base more and more dead bodies were appearing on the walls and the gore level was rising fast. These creatures were stronger than any of the three had predicted. They continued deeper into the base as the gagging smell of rotting flesh and the quickly rising level of gore began to challange their minds. What the hell are these things? said nuka. Whatever they are, This is way beyond the carnage we had figured. said Vitani. Suka sweeped the halls looking for any hostile creatures when he heard a sound, it sounded like some kind of steam vent. hisss hisss, Suka went to investgate when he found hte source of the noise. There was a shreiker opening its jaws at an unbeleaveable angle while gagging. All of asudden the Shreiker regurgated a very small animal, A baby Shreiker. Suka blew the hell outta the larger Shreiker and bagged the smaller one. Im gonna take this back to the Ox3 real quick. said Suka. Okay, We'll be waiting. said Nuka. Suka then ran back to the Ox3. he ran into the lab and put the animal in a chage and yelled. I dont got time ta chat, Caught a live baby. gotta go. Before Scar could even turn around to see who was yelling. Suka was already back running toward the base. Suka rejoined with Nuka and Vitani and they continued their journey. Suka's comlink came alive suddenly. Scar and Zira were running tests on the Shreiker. They said by the time this thing got to its normal size, It could crush an oil drum with its massive jaws. Any unarmored vehicle would be very seceptable to damage. Also they noted that these creatures reproduce without having a mate. All they have to do is eat sufficent amounts of food, and boom, reproduction. Their population was exponetial, Two make Four, Four make Eight. There could be millions by now. Scar advised that they turn back. Vitani was wary, Suka wasnt too sure about their journey anymore. And Nuka decided he'd rather live. So they all turned back to the entrance. Then, Out of nowhere something happened. The tunnel they came in suddenly collapsed. They were trapped. Vitani got on her comlink and yelled. RED ALERT ! RED ALERT ! We have been trapped inside the compound and need instant extraction. Nuka then pointed to something coming their way. it was underground and was throwing dirt as it sped throught he dirt. Nuka aimed and shot at it. No use ! yelled Vitani. That cant peneterate dirt. The creature was approaching quickly. Vitani aimed her rifle at it and fired rapidly. No good ! she yelled. Suka quickly pointed out a flight of stairs to their left. They all ran down the stairs as the creature followed them. It burst throught he stairs and plummeted down the stairwell. Vitani grabbed her comlink. We need help ! ther is some new kind of creature in here, it burrows trough the ground. Please asist. Then they could hear the massive Ox3 coming to life outside. Moments later a tremendouamount of noise was generated when the O3x crashed through the celing of the base near the tunnel. The trio of lions ran to the Ox3 and boraded it rapidly. Floor it ! yelled Nuka. Scar slammed the pedal to the medal and tore trought he base as he plowed trough the large corridors with the tank's massive weight and strength. But soon this proved to be a mistake as the lower floors began to sag with the tremendous amount of weight forced upon them. The Ox3 suddenly began to sink within the base itself. Scar floored the tank and burst through dirt and concrete as he made it to solid ground just in time. As he looked behind him the whole base collapsed in on itself. Scar slowed down and stopped the Ox3 to check on everyone. Scar and Zira ran to the Armory and found the trio smiling. Suka looked to Scar and said. That was exciting. They were just glad to be aboard the Ox3 agian. They then informed Scar and Zira about the new creature they incountered. So, They come up from the ground and grap ya huh? asked Scar. I think we should call them Graboids. said Nuka. Very good, We shall call them graboids. sai Scar as he throtled the Ox3 and headed to the horizon. So, What are we gonna do about the creatures? asked Zira. Well, We could atttack the base with a tatical strike. said Scar. Vitani could go up in the Basilisk and drop a tatical warhead. said Scar. I like the sound of that. said Vitani. It would kill them. said Nuka. Very well, prepare for a tatical strike Vitani. said Zira. Right away mom. said Vitani. Time ta cook those basturds. said Suka. Vitani headed to the Hangar and prepared to board the Basilisk. She check all the weapons systems and climbed into the cockpit and took the controls. Powering the massive ship up she opened the bay doors and took off into the skys. She got on the radio and gave everyone the warning she was gaining altitude for the drop. Everyone waited for her warning. Then she came over the radio. Hammer 1 down, Hammer 2 down, Hammer 3 down, Hammer 4 down ! she yelled as the heavy bombs flew toward their target. Everyone inside the Ox3 braced for impact. Then the hellish scream of the clusters could be heard. All of a sudden the faroff base went up in a massive cloud of fire and brimstone, Then a nother massive explosion, Followed by another, And another. The giant "mushroom" cloud had to be at least a mile high. The remains of the base smoldered as alot of screaming could be heard. The creatures were dying in agony from the heat. The inital blast had atomised the first 6 floors the next 3 were severly damaged. Alpha - 635 suffered a massive heat blast and moderate explosive damage. Vitani then flew the basilisk toward the Ox3. She then saw a massive amount of the creatures comoing in a massive group that nearly covered the whole ground for acres. Hey guys, We've got alot of company. said Vitani over the radio. Suddenly a creature smashed into her windshield with alot of force. The creature was smashed like a bug as it errupted on the windshield. Guys we got another breed of creature, these can fly ! said Vitani over the radio. Creatures were landing all over the Basilisk, trying to chew through its armor plating. Get off you stupid slops ! yelled Vitani. She did a sharp maneuver and many of the creatures were unfortunate enough to fall off and go through one of the 4 massive rotors. She continued to do manuevers as they tried desperatly to hold onto the wild vehicle. Their claws merely scraped along the lexon as they met their fate at the suction of the rotors. Things were starting to get gross. The windshield was getting covered by intrails and blood. Vitani was beginnning to get light headed. Time to land this thing. she said. Someone else has gotta do this for awhile. she said as she requested Scar to open the bay doors. She landed int he bay and got out of her bloody basilisk. She slid on the slippery entrails and chrimson and fell to the floor. Thud ! OWWW  ! she screamed as she limped into the Ox3's interior. Your turn. she said as she collapsed upon the couch. Nuka and Suka ran to their mech's and stomped out of the Ox3 with a need to destroy. Nuka let his dual auto cannons tear apart the graboids from under the soil. They stomped along the massive Ox3 as it continued to the Outlands. Lets just see ya try and get past me ! yelled Suka as he atomised a Shreiker with his Quad machine guns.


Static fade out


They were tearing apart the creatures when something appeared over the horizon. Another battleship, Much smaller then the collisial Ox3, About the size of the Destroyer. Identify yourself. warned Scar. This is the Borderland gunship, Please identyfy yourself. Hello Borderland gunship, We are the Outland Alliance. The Borderland gunship came closer and must have then seen the Outland symbol. Well hello, This must be the great Ox3. said The Borderland Gunship. In the Armor. said Scar. Where are you headed? askd the Borderland gunship. We are currently headed home to the Outlands. replied Scar. May we ask permission to follow? asked The Borderland Gunship. permission allowed, I must have the Id information on your Battleship or our defenses will fire upon you. The Borderland Gunship sent its info and Scar uploaded in into the Outland data base as (Freindly). So, What are you doing out here in your Battleship? asked Scar. Right now we are trying to elude a massive wave of unknown creatures. We can see your defenses are taking care of that. answered the Gunship. May I ask your name? asked Scar. General Halon of the Borderland army. he replied. My name is Scar, King of the Outland Alliance and King of the Outlands. said Scar proudly. So, These creatures were following you from the base a few miles back? asked Scar. Not really, They came from some kind of hole in the ground like a swarm of hornets. said General Halon. Really? asked Scar. Yes indeed. Scar then turned to Zira who had an equal look of confusion on her face. Well then, it seems the creatures have found another home. said Scar. Yes, These creatures, Do you know what they are? asked General Halon. Not really, All we know is how they all act seperatly and what their weaknesses are. answered Scar. Would you be willing to share this infromation? questioned General Halon. Gladly. said Scar in return as he sent the info over the link. Moments later halon came back on the radio. I thank you for this info, We did not know that they had seperate abilitys, We only thought they were evolving. said Halon. Yes, there are a few kinds, But there will soon be more surely. There have two reports of new species in one day. said Scar. They have quite the edge. said Halon. We shall show them the edge. said Scar as he throtled the ox3 back up to normal speed and continued their course to the Outlands.


A few hours later,


We are nearing the Outland area. reported Scar over the radio. Suddenly another wave of creatures could be seen heading in their direction. Scar engaged the defensive systems and told everyone of the incoming wave. Everyone took to a turret and began to fire upon the unsuspecting animals. They were violentlenty ripped to shreds as the weaponry of the Ox3 and The Borderland Gunship combined and caused an unimagineable of firepower. Within mere miniutes the creatures were torn apart by the blaze of ammouniton. The masive Ox3 continued the whole time a moderate amount of creatueres were unlucky enough to met their end under the tanks massive tracks. The Borderland Gunship wasnt any small fry either. It was basicaly a mobile weapons platform with very heavy armor. It also had a massive cannon at its rear that could easily take down anything in the lands. Possibly even the Ox3. This concerned the Outlanders, But they had been allies with the Borderlanders for decades, Their decival would undoubtly end the Borderlands, Due to the Outlands being their only allie in the lands. Still, The hulking telsa cannon was a object of survaliance. It would take a large amount of time for it to power up if they did use it. For safety mesures they warmed up the Ox3's main cannon. Ox3, We are detecting a massive amount of energy pulsing from the Ox3's interior, Please respond. Scar picked up the radio. Safety mesures. he said. Safety mesures in case something happens. said Scar. There was silience. What kind of trouble? asked Halon. Scar paused. There is a massive cannon upon your Gunship, possibly powerful enough ta take down our Flagship Ox3. Scar took a deep breath. You beleave we are going to fire upon you? asked Halon. Yes, A cannon of that size is quite intimadating. said Scar. There was a long silience. . . We did not come to start war, We came to reform our alliance, if you feel you cannot trust us we will continue on. said Halon. Scar put down the radio. Zira picked it up and asked a question. All we ask is can we trust you? she asked. Halon could be heard breathing slowly. We are part of the same religon, You can trust us. said Halon. Very well, Please follow us to the Outland hill. said Zira. The Ox3 crossed the Outland border with the Borderland Gunship following behind. Soon the alars rose and the main computer came alive. Code Alpha, Protocol 9. Scar went to the computer. The Outland main defenses came alive and targeted the Borderland Gunship. RED ALERT ! screamed Halon as he armed their defenses. Scar got on the radio and warned halon not to fire even one shot. Halon obeyed and Scar allowed the Borderland Gunship to proceed. The Outland defenses then went back offline. What was that? yelled Halon over the radio. Dont be alarmed, That was our defense arrray, We had to allow your clearance, If you would have reacted to them the main defensive grid would have come online. Scar replied. Both battleships were parked within the massive hangar below the Outland soil. So, How do you like our base? asked Zira. Halon looked around the cavernous base. This is a very impressive base. replied Halon as he observed the automated machinery check the Ox3's systems and statists. Would you like the system to check your Gunship? asked Scar. Halon shrugged. Scar engaged the system and it scanned the Gunship and then ran statistics. The scan ended and it found a hand full of errors. Well, it seem's your low on ammo, Your main cannon is offline, Your low on fuel, The armor as been heavily damaged, And your engine needs a tune up. said Scar. Halon walked over to the screen and looked at it. You can tell all that just by scanning it once? he asked amazed. Yeah, Why do think our equipment is so reliable? said Suka. If you will join the Outland Alliance we shall repair your Gunship and allow you to join the Outland army. Halon looked to Scar and Zira. our lands are in ruins, We hanve nowhere else to go. He looked at their calm faces. We shall join the Alliance. he calmly said. The rest of the Borderlanders then came from the Gunship. This is all that is left of our pride. said Halon. Very well, they will also be a part of the Outland army. Sca and Zira led them to the main base and prepared to inlist them in the Outland Alliance. Meanwhile Suka and Nuka prepared and sent out two drones to survail the lands. Scar and Zira enlisted the Borderlanders one by one, taking pawprints, blood samples, and background info. When Halon was the last to be inlisted into the army Scar looked to him and smiled. Halon, You have been chosen by the Outland's to be inlisted into the Outland Alliance. Well I know that. said Halon. Halon, We want you to be a leader like one of us. said Zira. Oh, Really? he asked. Scar nodded his head in approval. You have shown your loyalty through the years, you have earned it. he said. A strange type of helmet came from the small room's celing. What's that? asked Halon. This is a helmet tha makes you our salve. laughed Zira. What? yelled Halon. Scar chuckled. Dont listen to her, This is a mential scanner. It reads your mind basicaly, So we know what types of firearms you prefer, What really scares you so we can try to avoid it, Stuff like that. Zira was still chuckling to herself. I was just kidding. she chuckled. Halon set back down in the chair and let the helmet lay on his head. Okay, This might tickle a little, Now just relax and clear your mind. said Scar as he engaged the machine. It made a quiet hum for a few miniutes and then lifted back into the celing. Halon got up out of the chair and stood up. He got a smirk on his face and stood straight as a board. I am wating for your orders master. he droned like a lifeless computer. Very funny. growled Zira. Well, Welcome to the Outland Alliance. said Scar. Meanwhile Suka and Nuka were controlling their drones when they came across a large hole in the ground near the Borderlands. Should we go down it? asked Nuka. Lets. said Suka. they controled their drones deeper and deeper into the hole as Zira, Scar, And Halon come into the room. What are you two doing? asked Zira. Hey, We found a big hole near the Borderlands. said Nuka. Is it the one you were talking about? asked Suka. Suka brought up a picture on his screen he had taken with his drone. Halon's eyes grew wide. That's it. was all he said. Halon looked closer and they both desended into the hole until they came to a open area. It was like a large cavern of somekind. let's split up and search the place. said Suka. Okay, I'll look to the east, You look to the west. They then parted ways. What will you do if either of you find something hostile? asked Halon. Suka armed the autocannon on his drone. Nuka armed his chainguns as well. I understand. laughed Halon as he continued to watch the screens intently. Iv'e got something on thermo ! said Nuka. He slowly went around the corner where the heat signature was coming from. There was some kind of creature eating something. Nuka zoomed in on it and it was an unknown creature eating a dead . . . Borderlander. Halon droped his head to the floor as a tear slid down his cheek. Vitani comforted him. Kill it. said Halon. Nuka opened fire on the creature and it reacted to the shots and ran towards the drone quickly. The creature had been farther away then any of them had thought, This thing was huge ! Nuka's bulets wernt even hurting it ! Nuka hit the thrusters and flew out of the hole and sped the drone back to the Ox3. Vitani ran to one of the turrets as the drone returned. meanwhile Suka was trying to find the way back out of the hole. He saw a huge creature come storming his way. he jammed the thrusters on his drone and flew trouhg the tunnels until he came upon another open space, Here he saw a massive number of creatures. The unknown creature could be heard coming from behind him, Screaming it high pitched wail. When the rest of the creatures heard this they went into a frenzy of rage. Vitani came back into the room and said Nuka's drone made it. Suka flew his drone up to the highest point of the cave as the creatures below growled and jumped at his drone. Everyone in the room watched in awe as they all began to form a mountian of themselves and slowly created a small pyramid. Suka tried to go higher but the roof of the cave stopped him. They all watched in horror as they reached the Drone. The armored drone was grabbed by one of the creatures and was trwon to the ground. Suka flew it back up to the top of the cave but was stoped halfway by one of the creatures jumping on his drone and grabbing it in its mouth. The drone plummeted back to the floor and hit with a thud. The drone flew back up and Suka flew toward another tunnel. He zoomed through it and fiannanly saw the light of day. He threw the drone into the sky as it shot out of the hole and zoomed toward the Ox3. It slowed as it entered its pod. Suka let go of the controls and layed back in his chair. Whew ! That was one hell of a rush. he sighed. There were so many. said Halon. Yes, indeed ther were thousands. said Scar. I wonder what that big thing was? asked Nuka. I dunno, But you did discover it. said Suka. Nuka looked to him and smiled. That means I get to name it. Well, its quite tough, and fairly fast. I think i'll call it a Guard. he said. Very well, Go update the mainframe with the data you found. said Suka. Then Suka got up and went into the main room at set down on the couch. Later that night around 2:00 in the morning Suka awoke to the sound of noise coming from outside. He looked around but didnt see anything outside. And the alarms hadnt been tripped, So what was it? Suka walked through the Outland hill and went outside with his Uzi at the ready. he walked around to the repair bay and saw the light was on. He snuck to the entrance bay doors and peeked inside. There was a few Borderland lions doing something at a bench. He slid into the bay and looked through a few of the crates full of ammo. They were working on something, But what he couldnt tell. But he could hear them. And what he heard scared him, He turned on his recorder as they talked. That stupid Halon, He really thought we were outcasts. Now we're in the Outland army, We didnt have to even ask ! snickered one of them. I know ! And the best part is, None of them even know who we really are ! Not even that dope Halon ! Yeah. laughed the other. Now we have a direct shot at the Outland's elite heart. Now we can do what we set out to do. Suka listened intently. Yes, Now we have a direct shot as those Outlanders. Yet tonight we shall sneek into the base and use our access to our advantage. Yes, I cant wait to see those Outlanders bleed their dying gasps ! laughed to other agian. Suka was getting pissed off. Yes, I can see it now, the regal leaders, Scar and Zira slowly diying at our feet, We'll Kill that loyal slob Suka, And killing Nuka will be no problem. As far as that lovely Vitani goes, lauged the other, I get her, alive. he laughed. I have "Plans" for her. Suka silently snarled. They continued to laugh. Yes, I know what you want to do. Guess I'll have ta screw that Zira before I kill her, Or after. he laughed. Suka couldnt take it any longer, He sprung from the crates and weilded his duel Uzi's. They didnt even hear him jump on top of the crates. He put the barrels at the backs of their heads. Make one wrong move and I turn your head's inside out ! he hissed. Why are you... Shut up ! snapped Suka. I have been here, Iv'e heard enough to get you both skinned. He led them out of the bay.

Go ! he yelled. They obliged. And exactly how are you gonna prove this? asked one of them. I have my ways. said Suka as he led them into the base. he hit the red alert button, the whole base was alive in seconds. he put the two in a holding cell and got onto the Intercom. Everyone please report to the detention level immedeatly ! he yelled. he looked to the lions with evil stare. How dare you two. You should be ashamed of yourselves. They both smiled. Suka snarled a hidous snarl and waited for everyone to arrive. Halon saw two of his men in a holding cell and Suka looking at them with an evil gaze with two Uzi's on the desk. What is the meaning of this? asked Halon. Halon, I found these two "freaks" in the repair bay talking about something, I investgated and found them talking about killing off the Outland blood yet tonight. They were going to kill all of us while we were asleep. said Suka. The two had on innocent faces the whole time. Sir, Please, get us out of this cell, he attacked us with those Uzi's and said he was going to kill us. they cried. Halon looked to Suka with a concerned gaze. Suka smiled, Well, you put on quite a story there, Too bad you dont have somethig I have, they looked to him, I like to call it Evidence. Suka pulled out his recorder and rewound it and put it on the table. My dear family, The evidence. The recorder stopped and began to play. That stupid Halon, He really thought we were outcasts. Now we're in the Outland army, We didnt have to even ask ! he he. I know ! And the best part is, None of them even know who we really are ! Not even that dope Halon ! Yeah. ha ha ha. Now we have a direct shot at the Outland's elite heart. Now we can do what we set out to do. Yes, Now we have a direct shot as those Outlanders. Yet tonight we shall sneek into the base and use our access to our advantage. Yes, I can't wait to see those Outlanders bleed their dying gasps ! ha ha ha. Suka paused the recorder. By this time everyone was looking to the two with mixed looks of confusion and haterid. This is the worst part. said Suka. The tape continued. Yes, I can see it now, the regal leaders, Scar and Zira slowly diying at our feet. Scar became inraged. We'll Kill that loyal slob Suka. Suka raised his brows. And killing Nuka will be no problem. Nuka snarled at the two. As far as that lovely Vitani goes, lauged the other, I get her, alive. he laughed. I have "Plans" for her. Vitani looked to them with a look of anger. They continued to laugh. Yes, I know what you want to do. Guess I'll have ta screw that Zira before I kill her, Or after. he laughed. The whole Outland family was inraged by now. Halon looked to Suka with a look of disgrace. Im sorry, I didnt know. Suka looked to him. That's why we dont blame you, The tape is the only proof I need to trust ya. Halon smiled. Heck, they were gonna kill you as well. said Nuka. You are still welcome to stay, You have done nothing wrong. said Scar. Zira just cried silently at the thought. These two have disgraced their religon and fellow pride. said Vitani. They must be punished. said Halon. You are their leader Halon, you choose their punishment. said Scar. Halon looked to them with a look of hatrid. You two have disgraced my army, Disgraced the Outland Alliance, Attemped mass murder, Attemped Rape, Attemped to kill long standing leaders, And attemped to kill your fellow leader. Halon paused and closed his eyes. You do not derserve to live, But you do not deserve a quick end such as death either. he said opening his eyes. Halon looked to the Outlanders and asked. What would the punishment be in your army? he asked. With all the counts they have collected, Scar thought. Probably the guilty would be sentenced to death by the slow and painful process of being strapped to the burning sand's of the Outlands where they would die in the agnoy they would have caused. The burning sands would burn them, The intense sun would severly burn them, the dry air would dry them out, And the vultures would pick away at them until there was nothing left but bones, Bones that would then be buried within the constantly blowing sands. said Scar. Halon then returned his gaze to them. Then I pass my judjment. You two are here by sent to the far off deserts of the Outlands where you will be slowly baked alive, Your bones will be forever intombed within the sand so you will never be thought of agian. Halon then went up to the assembeled Outlanders. Agian I am truly sorry, I have disgraced you all. Scar looked to him with a smile, You had nothing to do with this. Did you Halon? All Halon had to do was answer the question. But he suddenly broke down crying. No, I didnt, I swear ! The Outlanders slowly went back to their rooms and lied awake for the rest of the night.



The next day.


The Outlanders had a family meeting before the sun even came up. That was a very disturbing turn of events. said Scar. Yes indeed, What if they suceeded in completing their job? asked Zira sadly. Then the Outland blood would forever fade away with the changing sands. said Vitani. Yes indeed, That could have easily ended our fine legacy. said Suka. If it wasnt for you we'd probably all be dead by now. said Nuka. Suka smiled, Im just glad I got to them before they got to us. said Suka. I have something I need to show you all, its disturbing, But those two are more than any of us thought. There is a massive pride near the eastern border of Africa that despises the Outland blood. said Suka. How do you know this? asked Scar. Suka frowned and said. Follow me. Suka lead the group to the repair bay. Suka walked up to the bench and the object was still there on the bench. This is what I wanted to show you. said Suka as he held up a small kit of objects. they were planning to kill us all and then, Destroy our leagcy's work. They all saw the seperate vials. They were going to take our blood? asked Nuka. Yes, Our blood alone is probably worth a fortune. said Scar thinking about all of their missins and outings. But this is what disturbed me the most. Suka showed them a small envelope. Inside was a letter with pictures of all the Outlanders, Their bountys, and a discription of everything Outland. Suka then read the letter to them all.


Agent 469 292

Here is the data on the Outland specs and targets. I want you to spill their blood,The vials provided are to be filled with the targets precious life blood. Succeed in this mission and you both shall become super rich. I have included detailed files on all of the Outlanders. Be wary if the base goes into red alert the mission is failed due to your demise. I only ask that you end their legacy forever. However you wish Just suceed.


Mission parameters


1.Kill all Outlanders.

2. Secure the Outland tech blueprints.

3. Obtain blood sampels.

4. Attain a picture of them all deceased.

5. Destroy all Outland technology.

6. Return to base un detected.


These are your objectives please follow them well as your lifes do depend on it



General Hellgas



Suka looked at everyone in the room at that point. We have a problem. was all he said. What should we do about the Borderlanders? asked Nuka. That is up to Scar, I need to put this into the safe room. said Suka as he assended the stairs. Suka came face to face with Kovu. Hello, Where have you been? asked Suka. Kovu pulled a strange looking object from behind his back. What tha hell is that? asked Suka. Kovu smiled and shot Suka in the chest. Suka flew down the stairs and landed in a bloody heap. Scar ran to the stairs and unloaded his Magnum. Kovu krept up behind Zira and put the gun to her head. I suggest you put the gun down. said Kovu as Scar turned around to see him holding the weapon to Zira's head. Scar stared at Kovu with a hateful look. Kovu then told everyone to head outside. As everyone walked past the bloody form of Suka Vitani knoticed that Suka was still moving slightly. They all went up the stairs and headed outside. Kovu set everyone on their knees and held the weapon to his shoulder. Why are you doing this? asked Nuka. Kovu glared at him. I am under strict orders from General Hellgas to kill you all. Zira stared at him, But Kovu, My son, Why do you wish to kill us? she asked. Kovu replied by kicking her in the gut. I am no one's property ! he yelled as she collapsed to the ground coughing. Vitani was about to make her move when she saw her comlink was on, Suka must have turned his on as a signal. She looked back to the base. She didnt see anything until she was vicously slapped across the face by Kovu. Scar couldnt see his family being assaulted by this moron. Vitani looked to Scar as Kovu looked to the horizon. She winked with her blackened eye. Scar nodded. Sudddenly Kovu spun around and smiled. Time to die. he laughed. He aimed the weapon at their heads. Now, Who should I kill first? He aimed at Scar's head. You will all die without your king. He aimed At Zira. What chance do you all have without her, He aimed at Vitani. Without a female the pride is doomed. He aimed at Nuka without you, Well, The pride would be better off. He then looked to them all with a sinister gaze. he aimed his gun at Zira's head and pull the trigger. BOOM ! Everyone looked to Kovu who fell to the ground covered with blood gushing out of his forehead. Then everyone looked to Zira. She was lying flat on the ground not moving. Scar walked over to Zira's still form. Scar fell to the ground and began to cry heavily. For there was a large hole going through her head, In short,


Zira was dead.


The Outlanders looked to each other in amazement. Scar was un approachable. When Nuka saw the still form he just lost it. Vitani could tell by everyone's actions what had happened. Suka soon came up behind them all with a sad look on his face. He dropped the sniper rifle to the ground and fell to his knees and acted like he was going to puke. Scar slowly looked over to Suka who was acting like the world had ended, For him, it had. Zira was dead. He had failed to protect his family. Suka slowly looked up to everyone with a deviod look in his eyes. Its over, We lost. he said lifelessly. Scar comforted Suka who wasnt making the slightest of movements. Suka just continued to stare at Zira's bloody form. He then looked to Scar and Smiled and began to laugh intensely. The world then fizzed out of vision. Scar took the virtural reality helmet off of Suka's head when his vitals began to grow dangerously high, Suka cried his eyes out as he ran to Zira and hugged her tightly. Well, I guess we'll have to do this more often. said Zira suprised. Suka cried his eye's out and buried his face in her fur as he cried heavly. Zira looked to Scar with a look of confusion. Scar smiled. He just witnessed his worst nightmare. Zira was still quite puzzled. Oh mother, That..it..I LOVE YOU ! Suka cried and whimpered. Scar brought up what Suka had seen in the virtual world. Everything he had seen was reviled to them all. Well, If the Borderlanders ever want to form an aliance with us its curtians. said Nuka. Now Nuka, This is just a simulation, The Bordelanders are our allies, This is just an example of what could happen. said Scar. Suka was still crying lightly, He was looking at his family. I thought that was real life. said Suka. Nope, When you came back from the battle we put you into the virtual reality chamber and continued the "day". said Zira. So, what was it like? asked Nuka. it was like real life. said Suka still a little shaken up. Suka looked around. Well, Now that that is over how about we see whats on tv? asked Nuka. You can. said Scar. Im going to run system check. said Scar. Im going to take a long warm bath. said Zira. Im just gonna lokk out the windows. said Suka. Im game for that. said Vitani. So Vitani and Nuka went into the main room. Suka soon followed and looked out the massive window at the rolling scenery as the Ox3 continued to the Outlands. We should be home soon. said Suka. Vitani and Nuka were fighting over what to watch. Nuka wanted to watch The Insaine Super Stunt Show, And Vitani wanted to watch  Our Lives As Widows. Just when they had agreed to watch Our Lives As Widows the alarms went up. Everyone headed to the control room and saw a large amount of creatures heading towards the Ox3's positon. Suka, Nuka, and Vitani headed to their armor and mounted up for another assault. Nuka headed out in his tank Firestorm. Vitani took to the skys with the Basilisk. And Suka took off in his Blood Asp. The wave of creatures was large, Quite large indeed, But something wasnt quite right, The creatures were moving away from them. Scar was stunned, Why in the hell are they going the other way? he shouted. Zira smiled, Maybe they've fiannaly learned their lession. she chuckled. Vitani then came over the radio, Dad, The're heading toward the Outlands. she said. Scar checked the navagation system, Sure enough, The wave of creatures was headed straight toward the Outlands. Suka fired away at the wave of creatures and some of them turned tail and charged at him. He responded by running at them full speed. The results were quite messy. The Outlanders fired away at the mass of creatures. Swarmers, said Scar. What asked Zira. Swarmers, thats what we'll call them from now on. he said. Zira nodded her head and looked on. The mass of Swarmers was nearing the Outland border. Scar armed the Outland defensive systems. They came alive with speed when the swarmer mass was detected. The Defensive grid lit up with firepower as the mass was quickly done in with power and speed. But then they saw it, There was something outside the Outland hill, It looked like a giant worm. Scar looked on, I think that's the queen. said Scar. Nuka looked to their home and saw the giant beast. he smiled a huge grin and slid his Backstreet Boys cd in and pumped up the volume as he tore off letting loose.  Everyone was left in tears as he screamed the lyrics over the radio, Complete with shrill laughs and explosions. The Outland Alliance took the creature on, it seemed Nuka's "moves" Wernt impressing the queen. Nuka stared at the massive creature as he let his quad Firestorm chainguns rip its organs out. Nuka made quite the mess of the queen. Later on everyone had a short meeting within the Outland base. Ok, We have eliminated all of our enemies here, All but those acursed Pridelanders. Now, You know they are our last target. Once we clear the lands of them, The Outland Alliance can reign supreme. Now, We shall attack the pridelands, Once this battle is over we will be victorious, Remember, no innocents, Just Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kovu, Saribi, Sarafina, Timon, and Pumba. Now, We have the location of Timon and Pumba's hideout. Suit up, We're attacking that now. said Scar as he stood up from the table. Everyone got their weaponry and got into the basilisk, Nothing else would be needed, We're talking about Timon and Pumba here. The Outlanders then took off into the sky.


Timon and Pumba's hideout.


Hey Timon, What's this bright red thingy mean? asked Pumba as he pointed to the radar. Timon spun around and stared at the red closing in on their location. That Pumba is bad news ! shreiked Timon as he jumped off his chair. Quick ! Follow me into the basement !yelled Timon. Timon and Pumba listened as the roaring outside grew. Soon they could hear something land and voices followed. Hello? Timon ! Pumba ! yelled Simba. Timon jumped to the window when he heard Simba's voice. Timon and Pumba ran out to meet Simba standing outside of the Prideland Chopper. What are you doing here? asked Timon. Well, Our radar has picked something up coming this way from the Outlands. said Simba. The Outlands ! screamed Timon. No worrys, probably taking the short way to the Pridelands. he said. Dont have to worry about Pride Rock, It is heavily guarded at this point. Simba jumped back into the chopper quickly. its still coming this way, Shit ! Its almost here ! yelled Simba. far off a roaring of wind could be heard. Soon agter the basilisk's trademark thunder was heard. Simba grabbed Timon ahnd Pumba and ran into the hideout. The trees bagan to blow gently until they were spinning in the feirce wind created by the Basilisk's massive rotor. It could be seen hovering over the trees. Soon after three lions could be seen sliding down a rope. Simba grabbed one of Timon's 5.56 turrets and aimed at the Basilisk. Why even try. he sighed. Simba then took his rifle and aimed at the two approaching lions. Boom ! He hit one of them square in the chest. It barely even phased it as he aimed at the head. Simba heard Timon shift and then felt the cold of someone staring at him. Simba looked to his left and saw Suka smiling and pointing a 50cal Desert Eagle at his head. If I were you id put that dowen and come out quietly. Simba frowned and made a move for his pistol. Suka quickly pulled the hammer back on his Desert Eagle and aimed for Simba's heart. Suka frowned with a look of pity. Simba walked out of the compound with Pumba and Timon following close behind. Soon after the rest of the Outlanders came to the scene. Scar congragulated Suka and gave him a quick pat on the back. He then looked to Simba with a look of concern. Scar walked over to simba and looked him in the eyes. We have been at war for decades, Now, We can put this war behind us, Or we can put you behind us, its your choice. said Scar. He looked at Simba with a look of concern. There was no anger in Scar's eyes. Simba breathed heavly, What would you do with us if we agree? asked Simba. Scar smiled warmly. You will live just like you do now, Just not as king of the lands, Only your pride. Simba looked at Scar with a look of confusion. You mean there will be no bloodshed? he asked confused. Scar smiled widely. Not at all. Simba thought for awhile. Scar extended his paw to shake hands. Simba was about to shake Scar's hand when a shot rang through the sky. A shot hit the ground right in front of Scar's front right paw. Scar looked to the bullet hole in the ground and looked back up at Simba, frowned and said. There's once you tried to kill me when I wanted to make peace. Scar turned and walked back to the Basilisk. Come everyone, This allegance just couldnt be trusted fully. sighed Scar. The Outlanders boarded the Basilisk one by one. Zira passed by Simba and quickly asked him. Why did you have that sniper shoot at him, We WERE making peace. she growled. I guess I should have listened to Mirhiza, No one outside the family can be trusted. She turned and got into the Basilisk. It then slowly took to the skys and disappeared over the horizon. Simba was left in a puddle of muddy thoughts. They actually wanted to make peace. Simba then looked to the area from where the shot came from. Simba waited there and like he thought he soon saw a figure coming through the brush. It was Kovu with the sniper rifle in paw. Kovu smiled, Bet you thought you were gonna get killed huh? he laughed. Simba looked to Kovu sadly. Kovu, They came to make peace. Kovu looed at Simba with an amused look. Yeah, Sure. he

chuckled. Simba looked up at Kovu and frowned. I think they DID want to make peace, There wasnt any anger there. Simba slowly walked off towards the Pridelands. Kovu was left alone in the jungle with only his foggy thoughts.




I cant beleave the day we came to make peace they fired upon us. said Vitani. Well, maybe they didnt know. said Nuka. I really dunno either. said Suka. The three thought among themselves when a blip appeared on radar. It was small. A single animal. Vitani zoomed in and saw it was, Kovu? Vitani got on the intercom and warned Scar and Zira Kovu was back, The two came running from the repair bay and into the comm room. Vitani showed them the shot of Kovu heading towards the Outland hill. Scar armed the anti personell weaponry and came on over a hidden speaker. Turn back now Kovu, You are no longer welcome here. said Scar. Kovu spoke but they only saw his mout move. Truly sorry, Cant hear You Kovu, You'll need a comlink. said scar as he activated the level 1 array. A few weapons activated and began to shoot at Kovu with rubber bullets. Kovu screamed in pain from the rubber ammouniton pelting his body. Leave now Kovu. said Scar louder now. Kovu's mouth moved agian. Scar frowned and spoke into the mic. Kovu, This is your last warning, Leave now. he said calmly. Kovu stood his ground. Scar shrugged his shoulders. We gave him enough warnings and chances, Now he's tresspassing. said Scar as he activated level 2. Kovu was rapidly shot with stun darts and tazer tags along with heavy rubber ammo. Kovu finnaly limped off back toward the Pridelands. Scar watched him walk away slowly. We would have let you in, If you hadnt have pulled that trigger Kovu. Scar then disarmed the defenses and went inot the bedroom to sleep. Later on, Nuka, Vitani, Suka, And Zira set down to watch a movie. Before Nuka,Vitani, or Suka could get into the move they had fell asleep. Zira smiled and covered up Nuka and went to bed.


The next day there was a strange fog outside. It hung very low, it almost carpeted the entire ground like a blanket. A very strange occurance in an arid desert like the Outlands. Anyways the day went as any other day on the Outlands, Fairly slow and quite laid back. It was a strange day out so there wasnt much they could do outside anyways. They mainly stayed inside and played games and watched movies. It was the normal Outland evening, Suka was setting looking outside as usual, Nuka was listening to music, Vitani was watching a reality show on tv, And Scar and Zira were spending time together in the living room. Quite the normal Night indeed. Nuka was looking outside when he swore he saw something move. He shurgged his shoulders and looked at the strange fog outside, It was growing in size. Then Nuka SAW something in the fog. He ran to the Comm room and looked at the radar. According to it there wasnt anything living outside. Now he knew he saw SOMETHING outside the window just a few seconds ago. He scanned everything, but there was no sign of it. He went back to the window and looked for it. Miniutes passed by but he didnt see anything. Come ta think about it, he didnt hear much of anything. He walked to the living room. Strange, They were there a second ago. But no one was there now. he walked to the comm room and picked up the intercom, Coud everyone come to the comm room, Something weird is going on. Nuka was getting scared, Something wasnt right. He then picked the mic back up, Make that the Weapon Supply area. When Nuka got to the weapon area he picked out a Desert Eagle, An Uzi, and a Shotgun. All with plenty of ammo. He then shut himself in one of the blast chambers. He just sat and waited for someone to come. Hours passed, About four twinkes later Nuka heard something outside the Blast chamber, He opened the door slowly and looked outside. there was Vitani, But something wasnt quite right. Then she turned to him and Nuka screamed as he slammed the blast door shut. Hhh..er ffff. .a..ce. he stuttered. Something was wrong, Nuka looked out one of the small turrets, He couldnt see anything until he saw something sulk into the dor and set on the floor. It was a human. Nuka set and thought to himself, What's that human doin out here? It responded to his thoughts and looked at him and its eyes opened wide as it saw him. it stubled over to him and slammed agianst the blast proof turret. Helplessy trying to get in it. Nuka looked out the turret as more and more people and lions came in. Soon he saw Scar, then Suka. Eventually his whole family was in the room. But somethig was wrong with them, They looked like the walking dead. It was like a move he had seen before called Resident Evil. Nuka's small brain then twitched. Shut it off ! he yelled. The world around him fizzed to nothing and he woke up in virtural reality tank. Lemme outta here now! he growled. Suka came in snickering to himself. Have fun did ya? smiled Suka. Nuka twisted his muzzle into a look of haterid. When I get off of this thing im gonna skin ya. he snarled. Suka looked to Vitani as she sauntered into the room. I would let him loose but he has this terrible look of misgief on is face. said Suka. Do you promise you'll not harm Suka. asked Vitani. Nuka looked to Vitani, I have no intention of ever speaking to him agian. Suka grinned and unstrapped his brother. Nuka slid out of the chair and looked to Suka with an evil grin. You said you wouldnt. said Suka. I lied! he hissed as he pounced on Suka and began to beat his head into the floor. You idiot, Get off me ! yelled Suka as he tossed his brother off him and walked over to Nuka who was in a crumpled heap. Come on, it was just a little prank. laughed Suka. Yeah, But no one likes it when THEY are the prank. snorted Nuka. Nuka walked off to the living room. he'll cool off. said Suka. Within an hour Suka and Nuka were playing Halo together in the Virtual Reality tank. They were on the level, I could have been your daddy... Suka had the Plasma pistol and a shotgun, Nuka on the other hand had an assault rifle and his trusty pistol. They were working as a team flanking the Covenant as a group when Vitani walked past seeing her brothers getting creamed. Looks like you two need some help. she laughed as she entered the third tank. Vitani spawned beside Suka with her standard sniper rifle and SMG. Together the three efficently flanked the Covenant and pinned them in ia airtight cage filled with lots and lots of dead ailens. They continued to the main part of the level, The control room. Nuka took a Ghost, Suka piloted a tank, And Vitani took to the skys with a Banshee. Together they took out the first wave of Covenant with ease, They now controlled the east side of the feild. Suka then proceeded in his tank and cleared the way for Nuka's ghost, While Vitani watched both their backs from the sky. They cleared a path clear to the entrance of the Control room. There four Hunters attacked the small convoy. Suka's tank was hit rapidly and Suka was soon killed and respawned back at their small base. Vitani doged the first ten fuel rods but was eventually hit, Luckly she was low to the gound so she jumped out and landed on Nuka's ghost. Nuka tore off and meet up with Suka on the way to their base. Okay, They've got us out numbered, Outgunned, And out classed. We need back up. said Nuka. Suka disarmed his tank quickly and was back within a miniute. Guys, meet our reinforcements. Then beside Suka spawned Scar and Zira. Scar had his little rocket launcher and a brute shot. And Zira had the covenant sniper rifle and energy rifle. Also, With Scar's entrance, Everyone was equiped with a Plasma sword. Now the team had grown in size and power. Also there were more vehicles at their base now. Nuka took another Ghost, Suka took the controls of his tank, Vitani hopped into a Banshee, Scar took an empty Wraith, And Zira took control of a Specter. Together they took their mobile forces to the battle line. Vitani landed her banshee and got on the turret on Zira's Specter. The two then took off towards the Hunters. The Hunters responded by firing at the Specter. This proved fatal as the fule rod missed and gave the Specter a boost. It mowed down one of the Hunters as if flew by the line of ailens. Vitani then took her turret and blew apart another before the Specter went up in flames. Scar blew another Hunter to bits with his plasma mortor. Only one Hunter was left. Nuka floored his Ghost and tore the Hunter in two in a bloody shower of inerds. The group then collected on Zira's new Specter and entered the small doorway into the Control room. They all came to a wide open room with alot of Covenant forces and a large energy totem in the middle of the room. They all fired from the safety of the Specter as Zira dodged the wave of plasma bursts and gernades. The mass of covenant forces was quickly disappearing. But the Specter was also taking heavy damage. Within the miniute they had killed the last Covenant. The Specter crashed to the ground as the rest of its coolant leaked out of a destroyed radatior. Well, I guess were walking. said Scar as they all walked into, The Control Room. They all looked around at the next area. It was a large open area outside with a massively long drop to the ground below. Only a bridge gaped the two walls. They saw a small number of Covenant forces lying in wait on the other side. Zira kneeled down and began to shoot them one by one in the head. By the third shot they realised what was going on and headed for cover. Everyone then jumped out of their places and attacked the aliens. Blue blood painted the walls as the aliens died. Everyone crossed the bridge and headed into the next room. They incountered another room like the last, But this one had a wall surronding the inner area on all sides but one. The "Dark Angels" as they called themselves wiped out the Covenant inhabiting the room. They continued to another bridge, This one being longer and having another bridge running parallel to the one they were on. Many enemies came from this bridge as they jumped across the gap between the two. Some didnt quite make it. The Dark Angels fought feircely as they made their way across the span. Just as they neared the door a stray Banshee ran into the bridge next to them and caused all the Covenant on the other side to meet their slow death. The Dark Angels then made their way into a wide open area that housed a large building atop a pyramid like structure. I guess we climb. said Scar as he shot a stray Covenant. They made their way to the building above.


Meanwhile, In the Pridelands.


Kovu was setting outside Rafiky's tree thinking to himself. Rafiky crawled out of his tree and sat beside Kovu. Why are you lookin so down in de eyes? he asked. I have disgraced both prides, Where am I supposed to go? asked Kovu. Rafiky grabbed Kovu by the shoulder and held him close. Kovu, Every one mekes mistakes, it is only de matter of where you tink you belong and where you can be forgiven for your mistakes. said Rafiky. Kovu sighed, I belong in the Outlands with my family, But here in the Pridelands is where I am forgiven. Rafiky looked to the ground slowly. You wish for your family to love you dont ya? asked Rafiky. Kovu looked to Rafiky and smiled. I just want them to approve of my actions. he sighed. If I go to the Outlands agian they will kill me. he sighed. Rafiky looked to Kovu. Dey will not kill you. he laughed. Im not so sure. said Kovu as he walked off. Rafiky frowned and looked to the horizon. If you only knew Kovu, Who your father truly was. Rafiky then jumped into his tree and cracked open a gourd and recorded the near peace between the two lands.


Back at the Outlands


The Dark Angels had reached the top of the pyramid and were entering the large door behind the building. They entered a very large hall and found another door. Scar opened the door and they saw a HUGE room with a strange glowing orb in the middle. They walked down the walkway to the pulsing orb. This must be the Control room. said Zira. Indeed. said Scar as he pulled out the Index. (A glowing object known as some kind of key) Scar looked across the panel and saw a hole in it. Scar proceeded to put the Index in it. The panel came alive and the orb glowed as it grew in size until if filled the room. Scar looked around slowly. Its the whole dam Universe ! he yelled. Scar pointed to far off galixys. They glowed when he pointed to them, Then stopped when he pointed agian. Then it all became clear, This was the controls for some kind of weapon. Scar yawned, Well, I think this is enough for now. he slowly said as he dissolved from view. Everyone else then disappeared and awoke in their tanks. Everyone got out and streached. Well, That was a fun game. said Suka as he walked to his bedroom and went to sleep. Everyone but Nuka went to sleep. he stayed up and played Doom 3.


The next day everyone awoke to find Nuka still in the tank. Geeze Nuka, Havent ya had enough? said Suka as he walked past. Suka did the morning ritual as he prepared for the day ahead. Suka found Scar and Zira setting in the control room. Somethin wrong? asked Suka. Zira spun in her chair and told him the news. There have been reports of some unkown force heading this way with massive firepower. Scar frowned as he looked at his control panel. There it is. he frowned as he pointed to a long and thin blip on the radar. What is it? asked Suka. It had to be a mile long ! Scar frowned and held Vitani to his chest as he said. A cannon. Suka was awestruck when he heard the word cannon. What? asked Suka. yes, there is a force of humans on their way here with, that. said Scar slowly. Well, lets fire up the Ox3 and fight! said Suka as he looked to his parents. We're not sure if we have the munitons to destroy that thing. sighed Scar. Oh good heavens, Are you tellin me you plan to do nothing about it? yelled Suka. Scar smiled at his son and laughed. Well of course we're gonna do sumpthin. Scar slowly paded over to the wall and opened the door to the hangar. The group ran down the hallway and ran to their seperate vehicles and took to the skys and ground. The group regrouped and took off towards the target in the distance. A massive blast was seen as the massive cannon fired. The shell hit the Ox3 with devestating force. We've sustained moderate damage ! yelled Zira as she armed the main cannon and put the crosshairs over the massive gun. The pins alligned and the cannon began to power up. Its omnious roar could be heard as the cannon bulit up a massive charge. Suka and Nuka took to the air with the Basilisk. The W.R.D. (Weapons Rearming Detection) radar picked up a blip of a massive cannon reloading. Suka dove the Basilisk as another blast came from the ground as a hellish shell flew past their right flank. Suka armed the Saturaters and let one of the small tactial warheads loose. It hit its mark with pinpoint accuracy. The ballistic missle did heavy damage as it blew the armor off the gun's side as the heat built from the explosion. The Ox3's main cannon was armed and ready as it roared with a hellish scream. Zira looked to Scar and she pulled the trigger. The cannon glowed a iradesant blue and suddenly turned white hot and the cannon unleashed its massive blast. The 600,000 ton Ox3 slid a back 300 feet as the massive cannon fired. The beam was so bright even looking the other way stung the eyes. The super kinetic beam hit the Gunship and atomised half of the beast. The cannon still roared as the blast changed and began to atomise the rest of the Gunship as the massive beam continued on across the savanna as it easily cut through the Gunship.The entire gunship was atomised when the cannon fiannaly powered down. The barrel glowed intensely with a iradesant white. A large amount of orange gas could be seen billowing out of the cannon slowly. Super conductive plasma gas. nodded Vitani. The Outlanders looked as the sand and smoke cleared. Before them lied a string of remains. The massive gun had been completly atomised. All that was left was a smoldering base. Well, That was easy. said Scar. Suka and Nuka were flying high above when they saw something else coming over the horizon. It wasnt very big, Possibly the size of the Basilisk, Scar smiled as he aimed the ballistic missle pods at it. The radio came alive. That was a wonderful show of firepower. The voice said.  Scar picked up the mic as everyone listened, Even Suka and Nuka 753 feet above. So, What do you want? asked Scar. Well, I would like for you to join my army, The Iron legion. Scar spoke. Sorry, But we are the leaders of our army, The Outland Alliance, truly sorry. Scar put down the mic and went to the controls and went to turn the Ox3 around. Well, in that case, We'll just have to destroy you. said the voice. Scar laughed and sat down in front of the controls. Vitani came over the intercom. Hey, There's soomething on the radar, its a missle, A class IX-5, 5 megaton, Scans indacate it is Nucelar. Scar sat and thought. 5min, 56sec until impact, The homing device has not been activated, Safe distance, 6 miles. Scar fired up the Jet induced turbines and turned the Ox3 around and powered up the turbines in a few seconds. Scar picked up the mic and simply said. Se ya later. Scar threw the turbines into overdrive and induced the turbofans within the turbines. The Ox3 took off with amazing speed as it hit 228 Mph in seconds. Within 30 seconds they had hit 985 Mph. Scar held the control yolk as he navagated through Africa. They were soon 12 miles away and Scar shut down the Turbofans and slowed the turbines down until they stopped. The Ox3 slid to a grinding stop as its tracks dug deep into the African soil. They watched the countdown as the missle hit with tremendous force. Scar looked to his family and laughed. What kind of idot would waste a perfectly good missile like that? Zira nodded. He didnt even arm the homing device on it, He was firing at a locolotive with a potato gun. she laughed. They watched as the radio came alive. Well, it seems you are much faster than I predicted. Zira picked up the mic and asked. What kind of moron are you? One of the finest. he replied. Now, You had best watch out for that approaching group of jets armed with fuel-air bombs. Nuka quickly armed the SADA missle packs and locked onto the far off signatures. Nuka armed the missile silo and three missiles shot out of the pack and hunted down the jets. A few moments two explosions were seen. Only two. Where did the other jet go? Their question was answered as they heard the whistle of a falling bomb. They braced for impact as the fuel-air bomb hit with heavy impact. Heavy damage inflicted. reported Vitani. Scar looked to Zira and said. This is it, Time to fry this guy. Scar armed the TAC bomb and locked onto the signature of the vehicle that was callin in all this trouble. Scar flipped open the door on the fire control and pressed it as he smiled and said. Time ta fry. The Outlanders watched as the Thermo Active Cluster flew toward the targeted object. Nice try. said the voice over the radio. A defensive chafdf has been detected. said Vitani over the intercom. Scar laughed. The missle isnt aimed at the vehicle your in, its aimed at YOU ! he laughed. there was silence. Then a irradesant explosion was seen far off as the TAC hit with force. Target destroyed. reported Vitani. Scar sent out a false check beacon. The radio on the unknow man's vehicle never responded. Everyone congragulated each other as the Ox3 rumbled back home. When they arrived the next day Scar had some news he had to tell everyone. Everyone got out of the tank to tell them they were offically the highest ranking Army, But a loud rumble was heard as the sky lit up with the blaze of a thousand lights and shots. The Outlands were under heavy attack and had to retreate. Scar armed the defenses on the base and held back the heavy amount of forces, But the Outlads defenses were being overrun slowly. They all knew what they had to do, they loaded all of their personal belongings as Nuka, Suka, and Vitani boarded the Basilisk and Scar and Zira got into the Royal Outland Attack Appache and took to the skys. They had to dodge and weave through the spray of lead. The pair of choppers flew through the wave of attacking forces as they eluded the force of attackers. Nuka and Suka were checking the systems on the Outlands as they were attacked. The turrets will hold them off for a few more miniutes. Luckly they do not have a strong enough armement to penetrate the Hill's armor. We should be able to circle Africa and BOOM ! The trio looked outside as they saw flames coming from the R.O.A.A.       We're hit ! yelled Scar as he tried to keep the chopper up. Another explosion was heard as the chopper was hit agian. Suka flew the Basilisk above the R.O.A.A. as he lowered the winch. We're going to hitch onto the chopper and assist you. said Suka as he lowered the winch onto the Appache below. Another explosion rang out as the Basilisk was hit in the rear. We're fine. Suka hitched the winch and Scar slowed the Appahe's blades as the Basilisk as it supported the Appache below. Another Explosion rang out as the Appache was hit agian. We're falling apart here ! yelled Zira. Nuka and Vitani took to the turrets and engaged the planes behind them. Nuka took down the F-17 to their left as it shot at the Basilisk. The feed from the Appached came up on Suka's grid. They were at 37% integrity. And the Basilisk was nearing 80%. If the Basilisk fell below 60% , The added weight of the Appache could cause it to crash and burn. Then, it happened. Another explosion was heard. While the pair of planes were nearing 36,000 ft a missle hit the Appache. The Basilisk suddenly flew up as the Appache disinigrated into a thousand peices. Suka screamed as he lost the feed to the Appache. Scar and Zira came over the radio. There was silence... Well, We had a mighty legacy. said Scar sadly. The trio above realised what had happened and Suka threw the Basilisk into reverse, The rotor made a inhuman crack as it inverted and spun the other way rapidly. The Basilisk dove at an extreame rate as they tried to catch up with the Appache. We want you three to know we'll always love you, Never forget this, let it guide you on your darkest days. And dont try to save us, it's our time, Let us go like leaders. The three were left in tears as they heard their parents last words. We love you too, We will always look up to you for guidance and support. There was only silience over the radio. We have always wanted to tell you children this, We..A large explosion could be seen far down where the ground was. Suka sat parylised at the controls as the Basilisk still plummeted down toward the ground. Vitani took the controls and slowed the plane and slowly decended to the crash area. Suka and Nuka were frozen in shock, Vitani was having a hard time seeing the ground through her tear streaming eyes. They eventually neared the crash area and landed next to a smoldering heap of metal. The rain caused the crash to let off a errie mist of steam. As they approached they heard the far off sound of shots in the distance. The trio soon came upon the bodies of their elders, They were Cold and Bloody.The three cried as they mourned the deaths. Suka and Vitani carried the bodies to the Basilisk and Nuka carried their belongings. The five took off into the skys. Suka looked over the bodies as Nuka drove the Basilisk. Vitani was setting with her head in her paws. Suka looked to Zira and Scar as he cried heavly. The mighty leaders of the Outlands were stone..cold..dead. The five took off toward the Outands as the sun set in the west.


When they arrived back in the Outlands they found a warzone. The Outlands had been decmated. But all the hostile forces had been destoryed. The Outland's mighty defenses were now a graveyard of scrap metal. The Ox3 was in flames, And the Outland hill had been totally destroyed. The group looked to their homelands now in flames. The group went into the remains of the Outland hill and went into the bunker deep within the soil. Mostly everything was in mint conditon. But they had no base and no army. The Ox3 was destroyed, And they had no leaders. Vitani went into the com room and got ahold of the Alliance HQ in Russia. This is Vitani, There has been a massive attack upon the Outlands, Scar and Zira are deceased. Please respond. Outland Alliance the is Sarkago, Leader of the High West Alliance. We have received your beacon and are ready to respond. Hello Sarkago, We are in need of a transport vessle large enough to carry the Outland alliance vehicle roster, Negitive the R.O.A.A and the Ox3. The Ox3 has been destroyed? replied Sarkago. Affirmative, We need transport to HQ for further planning. Affirmative, We shall send the Hyclon-X3. It should arrive there within the next few days. Sarkago out. Okay, Support is on the way. Said Vitani as she put the mic down. Well, Now we just wait. Suka then went into the Com room and contacted the Pridelands. Pridelands this is Outland One, Pridelands please respond. Outlands One this is Simba, What do you want? Simba, this is Suka, I have called to inform you of a massive battle that insued a few hours ago. Where their any casulties? Yes, Scar and Zira's lives were extinguished in the battle. There was a long silience. Our flagship the Ox3 has been destroyed, We are leaving in a few days, We wish you all the best of luck. Very well, Good luck Outlands One, We wish you well. Suka then put the mic down and walked out into the hangar. Suka and Vitani assembled the vehicles and prepared to leave. They packed all the equipment and weapons and sat and waited ofr the Hyclon-X3 to arrive. Within the next day they got report that Hyclon was approaching the Outland border. The carnage they reported was massive. The Hyclon-X3 hovered outside the bunker until the bay doors opened. The Hyclon-X3 Was massive, It was only suspended by a group of massive rotors at it's sides, it was utterly huge and had hundreds of turrets upon it. It landed outside and opened the massive bay doors and Vitani, Suka and Nuka drove the vehicles into the Hyclon-X3. Suka saved the Outland shield off the Ox3. And many other items off the once proud flagship. Sarkago walked into the massive hold and meet the group of Outlandrs. So, You are the legendary Outlanders? Suka nodded. I am Suka, Weapons tech and effective assisan. This is my sister Vitani, Technical master and an expert Assisan, And this is my brother Nuka, Vehicular stragiust and pryotechnic. Sarkago bowed and asked to see the legends Zira and Scar. The trio led him to the two body bags witht The Royal Outland symbol. Sarkago slowly opened the body bags and paid his respects. They were the finest we ever had, may they rest in peace forever. Sarkago led them to the command room and showed them their seperate rooms. When the Hyclon-X3 took to the skys Nuka asked Vitani, So, Waydda we do now? Suka smiled and said. We gut the SOB's that did this to our great army. And, Well, Find out who shot down the Appache, And utterly maim them. The trio smiled as they shook paws as the Hyclon-X3 slowly took to the skys.


The Outland Alliance,

In ruins,

The Children,



And Vitani,

 Angered to the very core,

What is next you ask?

Well read on in,


The Royal Outland Alliance's Revenge.


Suka lee Outlander