The Black Flower On The Edge Of The Cliff.

Written By: Suka Outlander

Inspired by: His family


To this day you can go to the edge of the cliff that fatefully flooded after the rainy season. There was an epic battle between Good and Evil on that very cliff. Good prevailed and evil was washed away forever. But there were some left behind after the epic battle. Some that could not be called Good, Nor Evil. They are the decendants of evil. The lost souls of the lands. They are the last living full blooded Outlanders left. With their leaders gone for forever, their religon shattered, and their hearts in ruins they sadly walk to the Pridelands with the rest of the group. The group meets at the promotory called Pride Rock. For everyone there there is a great deal of pride and happiness. For all but a handful, The lost souls, With no family here or there, only in the afterlife. The three lost souls are the decendants of Zira and Scar, The daughater of Zira and Scar and princess of the Outlands Vitani. The second son of Zira and Scar and prince of the Outlands Suka. And the son of Mirhiza Akus.

(Mirhiza is the full blooded sister of Zira, hence a full blooded Outlander)

These three souls decide they cannot live where they know no one, And making new bonds would be impossible now, The old ties could never be broken now, not after death. The group was walking off of Pride Rock when Suka saw something out of the corner of his eye, A strange, lonesome flower swaying in the gentle breeze. Suka went over to investagate this strange flower, There was only one. A very strange thing. Maybe for some odd reason it was put there. Akus didnt really know, Vitani and Suka knew why though. This was the exact spot where Scar landed when the hyenas killed him. Suka had tears forming in the corner of his eyes. Vitani could see her brother losing control of his emotions. We should get going. said Vitani. The group walked off into the sunset of gold and chrimson. These colors always brought tears to Suka and Vitani's eyes. The group was walking through the Grasslands searching for a new home. Akus had no clue where his mother could be found. And Vitani and Suka would never see their parents agian. The moon was high in the night sky, The moon's soft rays made the world below shimmer with dazzling brilliance. The group slowly moved through the grass as they all wandered through the cool grass. It had been awhile since they had eaten. And Vitani was aware of this. You two stay here, I'll go and get us something to eat. She slowly slid through the grassy plains without even a whisper. Hours passed, Daylight would soon come. Suka and Akus were getting worried, Suka mainly. We must go and find her. said Suka. But what if we come across something we dont want to. said Akus. Like what? asked Suka. Well, What if she's in a hunt and we scare off the pray or sumpthin. he answered. But what did you mean by, Something we wouldnt want to see? asked Suka. Akus just gave him a worried look. They both ran off into the grasses making much noise as doing so. Meanwhile Vitani was walking through the grasses with a wildabeast in her mouth, An heard of elephants had altered her course. She was heading straight toward the cliff where the battle took place yesterday. She walked throught the glimmering grasses. The moon's rays made them appear like diamonds, Cool to the touch as she sliped throught the cool splendor. She was pacing silently when she came across a sight that took away her breath. She didnt know how it caught her eye, But there was something on the cliff, Glisening in the cool moonlight. She got closer and froze as she saw it. A lone flower growing out of the cliff. The dew on this flower collected and fell to the ground like a tear. The part the shocked her was the fact of where this flower grew was the exact place where her mother fell to her watery death. Vitani was heartbroken as she looked at this flower, it was pure black, But it had to be the most beatful thing she had ever seen. She wanted to pick the flower and embrace it, But her paw was pricked by an unseen thorn. Vitani looked at her bleeding paw. Her heart stopped her. She just stared at it and thought, Mom always was rough around the edges. She looked back to the flower. It gleamed in the moonlight, A drop of her blood was on the thorn. Now you have a part of me. said Vitani as she layed down and cried. Suka and Akus soon found Vitani crying with a wildabeast by her side. What, Did ya know him? asked Akus jokingly. No, over there. bawled Vitani as she pionted to a flower on the cliff. What about it? asked Suka. Where is the flower growing? Vitani Cried louder. Suka looked at the lone flower. Its growing on the cliff right where . . . Suka then realised what had upset Vitani soo much. It grew right where Their mother fell to her unitmely and watery death. Suka slowly walked up to the lone flower and looked at it. Pure black, But yet it was the most wonderful thing he had ever seen. Suka wanted to somehow keep it. He thought about pulling it up but he thought. Would mom want me to pull her out of the ground she grew in? No. he thought. he then saw where Vitani had cut her paw on one of the thorns on the lonesome flower. Suka thought for a second and slowly a tear dropped from his eye and landed on the flower, it hit one of the pedals and ran off the side and landed on the ground. Mom was always kind rough, On the outside. thought Suka as he looked to the night sky, He knew one of those stars was his mother. So he just smiled at them all. Suka slowly smiled and looked back at the flower. A tear slid down his cheek as he pourpously pricked his paw on another thorn. I'll never forget you. he quietly sighed. Akus bowed his head to his deceased Aunt. I knew her well, She was sharp and hard on the outside, But if you knew her as well as us. Akus looked to his only kin and smiled. You'd find she was a careing and loving lioness. The reason she was so hard was due to her past. She had went through alot in her years. Now she is in peace above us. finished Akus. Very good. said Suka. Vitani just cried silently. Suka embraced his sister. Shhhh, She would hate to see you cry. assured Suka. Vitani looked to the flower and cried. Mother, though you were rough on the outside we want you to know we saw only you, Not your impression of yourself. You were a kind and loving lioness that no one else saw. We shall never forget you. May your soul fiannaly rest in peace. The morning sunlight could be seen coming over the horizon. We should get going. said Akus. Vitani looked to Akus with a tearful look. But what if something happens to the flower? she asked. Now Vitani, You know Mom was a feirce survivor. said Suka calmly. She'll be fine, I promise. assured Suka. Very well. Vitani got up and looked to the flower once more. We'll never forget. sighed Vitani as she continued to cry. The group slowly walked off into the sunrise and the mists parted as the group headed off into the horizon. Meanwhile the dew on the flower collected and dropped off like a tear. The truth is this was a tear. A tear of nature to let the creatures below know their prayer was heard. The group silently walked out ino the plains. So, Where are we gonna live now? asked Akus. I dunno Akus, We've lived in the Outlands our whole live's, I really dunno. We could go live in the jungels far off in the East. said Vitani. Yeah, thats where Mom grew up. was all Suka said. Yeah, Well, We aint gonna find a home trudging through the mud. said Vitani as she flicked some mud off her paw. Akus was walking behind the group when he saw another flower. Hey guys? asked Akus. Yeah? asked Vitani still a little shaken. Isnt that where Nuka died? he asked as he pointed out another black flower. The group walked over to this flower to look at it. This one was diffrent, It was crooked and grew in circles and odd shapes. Vitani looked at Suka, Suka responded with. Nuka always was a little crazy. he chuckled and looked at this brothers grave. I wonder what is causin these flowers? asked Suka. My best guess is the spirits of the other world, to let us know that they are still with us in spirit I guess. said Vitani. Suka continued to look at this flower. Ya know, I think every flower has a trait of our kin. said Suka. Vitani looked at him with a raised brow. Really, Look, This flower is all crazy growing this way and that. Who had a mane that grew this way and that. Vitani looked to the plant agian. And the flower at Pride Rock. Vitani looked at him now looking intrested. It was thin and was kinda crooked. remind you of anyone? asked Suka. And we cant forget the flower on the cliff. It had thorns and had to be the most beatful thing any of us had ever seen. Kinda fimilar? asked Suka. Vitani looked up at him with tears in her eyes. Your right, Those are traits of them. said Vitani slowly. Now, We can rest to know that they are their normal selfs and they must want us to know. said Suka. Akus looked across the plains and sadly said. Do ya think we'll find Mirhiza's flower? Suka looked to him. Akus, Mirhiza's fine im sure. But if we do find her flower. You are more than welcome to come live with us. Akus looked to his cousin and said. Thank you, You truly are a family that sticks together. Till the end. finished Vitani as she got up and stood by Suka. You dont have to worry Akus, We'll never leave you. said Suka. And im sure we'll find your mother alive. said Vitani. Hopefully she didnt fall into a river, get eaten by hyenas, or trampled by logs. chuckled Akus. Suka smiled and looked out on to the horizon. Im sure our future is out there somewhere. said Suka. Suka, lets go live in the jungle where our mother lived. said Vitani. I dont know, Could we live with the fact that was where she lived. said Suka. Vitani got up and licked Suka's maw. Where WE lived. she finished. Yeah, I guess we could go live there, But first we must see if Mirhiza is alive. But I dont know where she lives. said Akus. I do. said Suka. In the Rimlands right? asked Vitani. Yeah, She's the queen there. said Suka. Akus suddenly yelled. MY MOM IS THE QUEEN ? he began to pant heavily, That means im a prince. he choked. Yep, prince of the Rimlands. said Suka. Well, if she's the queen then she's well protected. sais Akus. Yes, Very well protected. said Vitani. Now, lets get on the path to the Rimlands. said Suka. Very well. said Akus. Lead the way. Said Vitani. And with that the three headed towards the Rimlands, And Akus's future as prince, Maybe even king someday.




The three were approaching the Rimland border, Akus was doing his usual scan of the lands. Vitani was still a little shaken up. And Suka was watching for any signs of danger in the savanna grasses. Soon the grass would end and the Rimlands would begin. We'll be in the Rimlands soon. said Suka. Soon I'll find my future. replied Akus. Suka and Vitani nodded their heads in agreement. The group walked through the dusty plains of the Rimlands as they searched for the birth mother of Akus, Mirhiza. A distant figure caught Akus's eye. Whats that? asked a confused lion. Vitani looked over across the horizon. That's the Rimland palace, The boulder of Power. said Vitani. That's where we'll find Mirhiza. said Suka.





More to come