The Begining of a New Dawn


The story takes place at the spot of the epic battleground.


I have dreamed of nothing else for years ! challanged Zira. You dont have to do this Zira, We can still put the past behind us. insured Simba. And live my life as a symbol of disgrace and failure? hissed the queen of hate. I would rather jump into the ravine ! she scolded. Then Kovu and kiara ran to their seperate prides. Daddy, We must stop this war, All it does is end lives. cried Kiara. Mother, This battle will only prove to the world that you are willing to take a life. said Kovu. The parents stared at their children. Suddenly Zira jumped to attack Simba. Kiara got in the way and both Zira and Kiara went over the cliff. Kiara caught a upper ledge and began to scale the wall. Zira however caught a sheer slope. (Always happens to the Villan) She slowly began to lose her grip on the ledge, before anyone could look to see who screamed the waves had alrady carried her far down river. She fought the waves ferouciously, Trying to keep her muzzle above the cold fluid that was filling her nostrils and causing her to hack and cough on the luqid that was constantly filling her lungs. The queen rapidly fought the violent current. Energy waning fast a sharp and painful bashing agianst a rock woke the lioness from her thoughts of death. She continued to fight to stay alive, But alas, She could not stay afloat anymore. With heart ready to burst and lungs full of water that robbed her supply of oxygen the lioness vision faded into nothing as the queen of hate sunk into the depths of the raging river water.

Meanwhile in the Pridelands Kovu and Kiara were being throned as the new king and queen of the Pridelands. It was a celebration of happiness. All of the animals in the lands came to the event. Vitani just looked out to the horizon where the river could be seen far off in the distance. Vitani bid her mother a safe journey wherever she was going, Dead or alive.

Zira awoke on the bank of the river coughing up the water that had slowed her efforts to survive. She slowly pulled herself onto the bank and warmed her body in the remaining sun from the sunset. She looked at her surrondings, Not a bit fimilar to her wise eyes. She rose off the ground and saw a sight the tall grasses had hidden from her while she had rested on the bank of the now dry riverbed. There in front of her was a chrimson coated male looking to the sunset. She quietly approached this stranger. The lion turned his head to the sound of dripping water. Zira's fur was still wet and the remaining water ran off onto the dry ground. At first she was stunned, This lion was so fimilar, Yet so diffrent from what she knew. Hello Zira. he calmly replied. Well, I can see your plans of disposing of Simba are, how do you say, All washed up? he grinned at her and sauntered over to her. Scar? questioned Zira. Yes, Who do i look like? Simba? A lion suddenly came running twoards the pair. It looked much like Scar. MOTHER ! yelled the lion as he happily pounced upon his mother and gave her an uncountable amount of licks. Nuka, I thought I would never see you agian. cried Zira as she slowly embraced her son. Zira looked to her son and then to Scar, To her son and then to her mate. She approached Scar and asked. But your scar, Your mane, Your dead, So is Nuka, How can this be? she asked. Scar's look of happiness diminished. Look behind you Zira. Scar slowly said. Zira looked behind her and saw the dry river bed. It took Zira all of two seconds to understand. Her look returned to Scar. She slowly padded up to Scar and creid. Nuka looked to his mother and father. And also began to cry at the sight of his parents in such disamy. Dont cry my family, We are togehter agian, And now no force can seperate us agian. said Scar. Zira looked deeply into ther mate's eye's and gave him a kiss on the side of face. Scar then looked to Nuka. Well, We're fiannly reunited agian. I just wish my wonderful daughater was here. Zira looked to the froming night sky. The stars above could be seen announcing the coming of night. Then a thought hit Zira. If we are dead then do we still live in the Outlands? asked Zira. Yes, But it is now a fertile and lovely land. Where sandpits once sat now are wonderful sparkeling ponds. And our forlorn Termite hill has been replaced by a large tree that has been carved by the hands of time. Nuka looked over the lands noticing all of the fertile vegetation that grew in abundance. Come, lets go home. said Scar. The family walked to their home and took in all the splendor as the walked upon the soft moss that seemed to carpet the ground. Zira then saw her new home, It was a massive tree that had been carved by the hands of time like the finest carpenter. The family of reborn souls approached their home with splendor. Their new home was so majestic, It carried a royal feel to it, While showing its strength with its solid walls. Scar took his place at the top of their home and looked over their lands of green. Nuka could be found by Zira's side wherever she went. After death Zira's agression had disappeared and for once she enjoyed nuka's company fully. Nuka was no longer plauged by the termites that had infested their last home. And Scar was no longer a symbol of oppression and corruption. Now he had his true son, A wonderful land to watch over, And the love of his life, Zira, by his side for eternity. They all couldnt have been happier.


>From Pride Rock Vitani could see three stars glowing brighter than the sun itself, Yet with a light that was not painful to the eyes like an intense sunbeam. As Vitani looked to the group of celestial light a tear escaped from her left eye. She knew her family was happy and together agian and now forever. She looked to the den behind her and then back to the stars above. I belong with my family. she thought. Then she heard a voice in her mind, it was strange yet wise sounding. It calmly said. If you wish to shine as a bright star you must shine like the brightest fire inside. Vitani sat and thought for awhile. Shine like the brightest fire? She sat and thought to herself. Then reality hit her. She had to live the life that the kings choose for her. Meanwhile Sarabi was having doubts about her life as well. A thought ran through her mind and she ran to the great boab tree in the distance, Rafiky's tree.


Rafiky was asleep in his tree when he felt the tree shake once, twice, the third time the tree shook so hard poor rafiky fell out with a yell. Saribi ran to him and looked at him as he stood up dazed. Why are you making all dis racket at a time like dis? I need your help, Can you somehow get me to the other side with my deceased family? asked Saribi. You mean ya want to becoome one of de dead? asked Rafiky. Yes, i do. said Saribi slowly. Dis I can do, But once you get to de other side you cannot come back. warned Rafiky. I understand. said Saribi. Very well, Rafiky climbed into his tree and plucked a gourd from the tree and began to eat it as he sat back down. What are you doing? asked Saribi. What does it look like i am doing? I am eating ! Come back in de morning ! Rafiky then disappeared from sight. Saribi slowly walked back to pride Rock. Tomorrow she would be reunited with her family once more. She sat down and watched the sun rise.


In the Outlands Scar, Nuka, and Zira were out looking over their new home. I cant beleave this is the Outlands. said Nuka. Its so, Green. He jumped into a group of flowers that threw seeds all over. Zira was setting on a rock enjoying the sun. Scar marveled at how her golden pelt shone in the light making her appear like a goddess. For she was his goddess. She was the one who saved him from himself on many an occasion. And he would do anything to make her happy. Scar then got a misjivous streak and crouched low to the ground and prepared to pounce his son. Nuka was laying a few yards from Zira in a small group of flowers looking at something. Scar could barely contain his laughs as he crept closer and closer. Nuka was watching a army of ants carry bits of leaves and other insects to their colony. Nuka laughed as he saw one of them was a termite. Nuka was suddenly pushed into the army of now enraged ants that began to attack Nuka biting him all over. Nuka fell to the ground howling and biting the spots where the ants were biting him. Go jump in the river! yelled Scar. All of this commotion awoke Zira who saw Nuka running to the river. With Scar rolling on the ground with laughater. Two can play at that game. She said as she slid into the grass silently. Scar ran to the side of the river and watched as Nuka rolled and tossed in the river trying to drown the annoying bugs. Scar was looking into the river, Setting on his haunches when something pushed him into the river. Scar fell into the river and began to cough and sputter. He looked to Nuka who was now in a complete bug frenzy. He then looked to the river bank to see Zira looking at him with a seductive grin. He crawled out of the water and walked up to Zira with a grin on his face spanning from ear to ear. Zira then knew what he had in mind, Zira wasnt wet . . . Yet. She ran as Scar ran after her.  She ran into the grasses and lost track of him. Scar, Scar? Stop playing games, Where are you? She sat and waited, She turned to go back when she was tackled by a soaking wet lion. Scar looked at her pleased. Your all wet. he said. Get off me you spongey spoof. She yelled as she tossed him off. things were as happy as could be in the Outlands.


In the Pridelands Saribi waited by Rafiky's tree until he sumoned her to follow him. She followed rafiky to a secluded area. Is this going to hurt much? asked Saribi. Nope, you will only feel a breif amount of pain, But it WILL be de worst pain you will ever experience, it should only last for a few seconds though. Saribi sat and waited while the baboon prepared. He took a glowing item from his pouch. Dis is de rock of harmony, If you are ready for the other world you shall fly to de heavens, if not you wil be falling a long way. Falling? asked Saribi. Yes, Falling, Look behind you. Saribi looked behind her, The world seemed to end witn a few yards. She looked over the edge, great, No bottom. she sighed. I really wish you would change your mind on dis. pleaded Rafiky. No, I belong with my family, and with my family is where i want to be. Very well. said Rafiky. I bid you a safe journey. rafiky then walked through the canopy and disappeared. She looked to the rock and then to the cliff. She clutched the orb and jumped from the cliff. She began to fall, She held onto the orb as it began to slow her fall until she had stopped and began to rise upward. She was heading to the other world !


Rafiky sadly walked back to the Priedlands and told everyone of Saribi's decision. Everyone took the news hard. It hurt Kovu beacuse it made him feel as if he didnt support her Like the king he was supposed to be. He hoped his mother didnt blame him from above.


Years passed on in the pridelands, mear hours in the Outlands. Time continued its march. One day The lioness were out hunting. it was like any other day, the sun was shining brigthly overhead and their was the soft scent of fresh grass on the cool breeze. Vitani had cornered a lone wildabeast in a small clearing. Something distracted her for only a second, Something moved rapidly in the grasses far off. When she returned her gaze to the wildabeeast she felt a sharp searing pain in her shoulder. The animal had spotted her and took her on and had impaled one of its horns in her shoulder deeply. She fought to free herself from its lock but the wildabbeast thrashed the loness around and caused more and more damage with each move. Vitani cried out for thel and the rest of the pride came to her aid. The lioness grouped up and quickly took the wildabeeast down together. Vitani fell of the animals horn when its head went limp. She fell to the ground moaning in pain. Her shoulder had been badly wounded. She also could have internal injuries and broken ribs due to the wildabeeast tossing her around. The pridesisters carried the body of Vitani back to Pride Rock for her to rest and get help from Rafiky. When Rafiky saw her his face turned to a grim frown. His head hung lower when he saw the wound. He inspected the wound and nodded his head. He walked over the Nala and sighed. This lioness is very badly wounded, She has internal injurys and two broken ribs, And she has lost alot of blood in the process. Rafiky went to work on Vitani trying to heal her wounds. When he finished he told Simbe the only way they would know was to wait until tomorrow morning. Then they would know. Kovu walked up to his sister and saw her take slow breaths in and out. slower than normal. He cuddled up to her good side and kissed her and prayed to the gods as he fell asleep. Please Vitani, Your all I have left, You have to be strong. Your Outland blood will save you. Kovu then went to sleep. Kovu awoke in the morning to check on Vitani. She wasnt breathing. Vitani? asked Kovu. Vitani ! he said louder now. She opened her eyes halfway and slowly said. I tricked ya.