Lion King Outtakes

by: Suka Outlander


You know very well there are outtakes that they just didnt want to show you huh? Well Being an Outlander I just happen to know them. So set back and enjoy,


De Lyin Ting


 Scene 1, Act One


Simba is looking across the lands as a cub. Man, im gonna rule all this some day. thought Simba. kewl, I can tell everyone what to do ! he sheiked. Simba ran to a Rhino and told it to go jump in ther river. Simba was tossed into the mud by the angred Rhino. CUT ! yelled the director. Your not king yet. laughed Nala.


 Scene 1, Act Two


Simba is looking over the ledge at the lands below. Woah, Wats that down there? Simba looked over the cliff at a Zebra and slid off the cliff. Mufasa's muscled paw shot in the scene and grabbed his son as he fell of the cliff. That's the last time you get to have some of Rafiky's stash. said Mufasa with certanty. You should have just let him fall of the cliff. said Scar. Zira nooded in agreement. Cut ! The director just sat and rubbed his forehead.


Scene 2, Act One


Simba could be seen prancing around Scar with a contented look. Simb looked his uncle in the face.   BOO ! he shouted. Scar screamed like a girl and accidently jumped off the side of Pride Rock. He screamed all the way down. Looks like we'll have to replace him with some mean guy. said Nala. Cut ! yelled the Director.


Scene 2, Act Two


Simba was jumping arond his uncle when Scar suddenly lunged out and swallowed little Simba. The director pounced on Scar and began to kick him in the gut while yelling, We need him you stupid oaf ! Scar began to feel sick and, Well, Simba came back out, With a Tire, Bycycle horn, Some meat, and Mufasa's picture of Saribi. You idiot. chuckled Kovu. Cut, Makeup !


Scene 3, Act One


Simba and Nala were in the Elephant Graveyard when alot of sdnarling could be heard from behind. Sima and nala turned to find a snarling, Nuka? Cut ! Nuka, Your not in this film ! Go down to Burger King and wait till we call you ! Nuka growled and jumped off the set. Scene switches to a bunch of people staring at Nuka setting inside the Burger King eating 14 Whoppers.


Scene 3 Act, Two


Simba and Nala are in the E.G. agian. This time no snarling can be heard, Simba and Nala wait for miniutes. Simba fiannaly spins around and yells. WHERE ARE THOSE STUPID HYENAS? Simba opens his eyes and see the hyena trio standing in front of him. The hyenas chase after Simba. I knew I forgot to give those hyenas something. said Scar holding the scripts. Mufasa tackles Scar.


Scene 4, Act One


Simba is with his father as they set below the starlight. But dad I. You meant to disobeyed me ! said Mufasa. Simba began to cry. I was just trying to act brave. Simba, being brave dosent mean you go looking for trouble. Look to the stars, I shall naver forget what my father told me. Mufasa smiled and looked at the stars. There was a long pause. Mufasa smiled at the camera with a look of embarrasment. Cut! yelled the director.


Scene 5, Act One


Simba is running from the hyenas when he suddenly falls down a sloping cliff. Simba tumbles down the cliff and tries to stop. looking into the sea of thorns he cries. I cant ! The hyena trio then come skidding down the cliff and knock Simba off the cliff and they set there staring at the sea of thorns. Will someone help me already ! yelled the thorns. I aint goin in there said Shenzi. Ed set and laughed. Hey, For once Ed's got the right idea. laughed Banzi


Scene 6, Act One


Scar can be seen on top of Pride Rock announcing Simba's death. Simba, Who had barely begun to live. he suddenly runs inside of Pride Rock and gets a box of baloons and noise makers. So, Lets celebrate ! he yells and begins to sing a top the ledge. Everyone looks at him for a second. and then to the horizon. What? asked Scar. I was just trying to enjoy the moment. Cut !


Scene 7, Act One


Simba is looking across the scorched lands of his home. He gets that funny, grim look on hois face and the camera suddenly fall to the ground and alot of laughater can be heard. Im sorry, ah ah ah, it just that look, ha ha ha. The camera recenters on Simba and he makes that grim face agian. The camera falls once more and more laughater can be heard. the director walks over to the camera and operates it. Simba makes his grim face once more and the camera falls to the ground and we hear laughater agian. Thats' it ! yells Simba, Im going back to Iowa ! No...Wait. gasps the director. Someone changed the camers settings, Whenever it sets on you for more tha a second you turn pink and have bunny shoes. It wasnt me. said Scar. Dont look at me. said Zira. What? yells Simba. Simba aims the camera at Nala, she looks normal. then to Kiara, Timon, Pumba, Vitani, Saribi, And Sarifina. They all look normal. he aims it at Vitani and she appears with a bikini on ! He then looks to Zira who appears like the most beatfule thing on eatrh. Simba laughs and looks at Scar. He is all built and massively strong. Simba throws the camera and runs after Scar. The director looks at them runnning off. I thought it would make a good movie. sighed the director.


Scene 8, Act One


The battle between Scar and Simba is at its peak as they battle near ther ledge. Scar lunges at Simba biting him somewhere we cannot say. Simba rolls over in pain moaning while curled up in a heap. Let's see you have Kiara now ! yelled Scar. Kiara walks into the scen and taps Scar on the shoulder. Yes? SLAP ! Scar skidd's across the ground. Idiot. sighs Kiara before being pounced by Vitani. got ya ! she yells and pins Kiara to the ground. Pinned ya. she laiughed. Cut !


Scene 9, Act One


Simba and Nala can be seen atop Pride Rock roaring to the skys reclaiming their lands. Scar walks into the scene and makes faces at Simba. nuka then comes into the scene with ketchup and mustard all over his face. I feel sick. He pules all opver the newborn cub. Dang Whoppers. he colapses on his side. Zira walks on stage and asks if they have any more toilet paper in the restrooms. The hyenas slowly come on scene and ask when they are getting paid. Simba looks pissed. timon comes and loks at the camera, hey cool a big shiny one ! he leaps at the camera and smashes into the lens. Soon after a large cloud of green gas blows across pride Rock. The camera begins to wobble until it fiannaly falls on the ground. Chaos insues. Lions are running all over looking for clean air. We see Pumba walk past, It wasnt that bad was it? he looks at the camera. You dont think it was that bad do ya? the camera then goes static.


Scene 10, Act One


Simba and Nala can be seen at the tip of Pride Rock celebrating their victory. The camera switches to Scar with a detonator. The camera swithces back to Pride Rock in the near distance. A large explision erupts from the back of pride Rock causing the jutting rock to fall to the ground. There ! Now we have the tallest palace in Africa. says Scar. Scar and Zira simle as they run off to the Outlands. Nuka holds up a sign. The End?


De Lyin Ding Do: Nimbas Ride

(in progress)

Scene 1, Act One





Ya wanna Hear the most sickening sayings in De Lyin Ding?


1. Dad, Just alittle farther ! - Simba, Simba's dream.

2. What does this have to do with traning? - Kovu, Just for fun scene.

3. Roasty the Princess, Roasty the Princess. - Nuka, Wildfire scene.

4. Kovu ! Do it now ! - Zira, Gorge scene.

5. It's not his fault, I went off in my own. - Kovu, Outlands scene.

6. Oh come now Zazu, all you need is a little garnish. - Scar, Scar's rule scene.

7. Tell them the truth. - Simba, Murder scene.

8. Your heart will take you there. - Rafiky, Upendi Scene.

9. Your my favorite nephew ! - Scar, Pride Rock, Elephant Graveyard scene.

10. Pumba, not in front of the kids ! - Timon, The Hakuna Matata FART scene.