The Dark Side of the Moon

Written by : Suka Darklion


Deep within the labs of the excentric millionare. Sir Raligh, Was his demented lab of creatures and potions. Sir Raligh had come back from Africa with some choice speicmens.  The locals called them "Outlanders". All were dead from the massive battle that had insued a day ago, But he could make them living once more. Sir Raligh had fiannaly found the sceret in the way of life. Alchemy. Sir Raligh had much to give. Alchemys main rule, What is taken must be given back with an equal saccrifice. Sir Raligh took the dead bodies and put them into preserving fluid. He warmed up the equipment in his cellar and prepared to animate the creatures. he decided he wanted to do more than just that. he gave them the minds of humanity. The subjects were then brought back to life. One of them stirred. Eventually they all had signs of life. Sir Raligh then programmed the machine to give them the life of humanity, With their original bodies and minds. The door to the cellar was burst down and a group of officers tackled Sir Raligh to the groun and handcuffed him. Mr Raligh, you have tampered with the ways of life for the last time, Your under arrest for the attempt of reviving animals. The police took him to the station. One of them unplugged the machine as he left. Sir Raligh was charged with repeated attempts of animal cruealty and was sent to jail for 20 years, About the rest of his life. Weeks later the house went up for sale. The new family found the items in the cellar and had them removed at once. All of the equipment including the specimen tanks were sent to Arizona for testing and disposal. When the truck arrived at Airzona the equipment was sent to be tested to see exactly WHAT it was. And the tanks were inspected and sent to the labs. The tanks were scanned and found life within them. They hooked up the tanks to life support and had a group of men gaurding the people nearby. The forms simply twitched and floated in the preserving luqid. The only thing that needed to be done to bring life was the Alchemic ritual. In the penituary Sir Raligh was settin in his cell thinking about his creations and what the US was doing to them. He knelled to the floor and thought of the only Alchemic ritual he could attempt within the padded cell. He took his only poession, a shredded scarf his famliy had passed down generations and layed it on the floor making a strange symbol. He chanted some odd words, By ma kaeich ! He bit his arm and blood dripped on the scarf. I bay ki in do, bi ja in so to ! he yelled as the scarf slowly sunk into the floor until it was only a marking. Two guards opened the door to his cell to see him inside doing something on the floor.  He then smiled and slammed his hands down on it. A massive amount of light flew from his hands as he saccrificed himself to bring the creatures to life. His body then disappeared in a flash. The guards looked at each other and screamed.


Back in Arizona the creatures stirred within their tanks. This could not be detected due to the fact they already had shown signs of life. Then suddenly one of them opened its eyes and looked around the room. It felt the cool, calming fluid around its body. It breathed in the strange smelling air from its mask as it survailed its surrondings. It saw more of its kind around it. It touched the glass and tapped on it, First softly, Then harder, And harder. It suddenly slammed its paw agianst the glass. Everyone had left the room when they had given up on the project days ago. The lights were low and things were very quiet. All the lion could hear was the low hum of the machine he was in. he looked up and saw some kind of lever. He studied the lever and grabbed it with is paw and pulled it down. The fluid then drained from the tank and went down the drain. He looked around as he could now move around easier in his small tank, Just arms length wide. he punched the glass and his paw bounced back off with a dull thud. he looked around and pulled on the lever. Nothing happened though. He looked around as he heard some of the others moving around. He fiannaly got angry and slammed his shoulder agianst the glass over and over until he has caused the glass to crack. He then grabbed the lever with both his paws and hung on it as he bashed the glass with his feet. The glass cracked more and more intil it was very cracked and bowing outward. Suddenly the lever he was hanging onto fiannaly gave way and the lion fell on his ass in the tank slamming his back agianst the tanks wall. He growled and slammed his paws agianst the glass. It fiannaly broke slightly. The glass was very sharp, He picked up the lever and busted out the glass enough to get out. He leaped out of his tank and looked around. There was nothing else in the room other than the other lions. He looked in horror as he realised they were his family. He took an axe off the wall and slammed it agianst one of the tanks. WARNING, PREMATURE TANK RUPTURE WILL END IN PREMATURE END OF LIFE ! droned a computer voice. The lion understood it totaly though. He walked over to the computer and somehow knew how to operate it. The human inside him was kicking in. He armed the tanks and his family slowly came to life. He thanked the gods someone forgot to shut his tank off. Otherwise he wouldt be out at that moment. As soon as his whole family came to life he motioned for them to pull the lever above them. They did as told and the luquid drained from their tanks. he then told them to get back from the fronts of their tanks as he showed them the axe. They did as they were told and he busted the tanks open one by one. As soon as they were all free they began to remember everything. back at Pride rock, Everything. Including their names. Suka, The lion that freed them all turned the lights on and everyone slowly woke up from death. Soon they were all fully concious. Nuka smiled and asked, Does anyone else feel, Diffrent? he asked. Yeah, I feel, Smarter. said Vitani. Scar just looked around the room slowly. Zira was inspecting the equipment in the room. She came across a desktop computer and somehow knew how to work it and what it was. She was amazed as she got online and looked up premium meats. Everyone was feeling the effects of humanity coming over them. After a few hours after Suka's escape they all bacame curious as to what was outside the door to their room. They all bravely opened the door and walked out. they were in a brightly lit hallway with a few humans walking down the hall. A scream was heard from behind them as a female human saw them and yelled.                            HELP, ESCAPED ANIMALS !

A flood of noise was heard coming. The group of lions ran down the hallway and soon found themselves outside in the middle of the night. They ran to a large truck and all got in it and tore off into the dark night air. After a few miniutes they stopped at a small ravine and got out of the truck. Okay, Im a little confused, What are all of these new things, And how do we know what they are and how to use them? asked Nuka. Zira stared at the vehicle they just drove off in. I dont know Nuka, Some really strange things are going on indeed. she agreed. Scar was fiannaly begining to see the light. He walked over to the truck and turned it over and turned the radio on. Music ! shouted Nuka. he hopped into the truck and then his eyes grew wide. He stared at Scar with a look of amazement. Come my family, We have much to learn. The Outlanders all climbed into the truck. Scar shut off the engine. I want you all to have a turn at driving. he said. He got in the bed of the truck. Someone else drive. he said. Nuka hopped into the driver's seat and was amazed as he started the truck and put it into gear.  Soon every Outlander had driven the truck and learned they knew just about everything about it. The night continued as Scar showed his family everything that they needed to know. Soon the rest of the family caught on. Within a day's time they had learned just about everything to do with the human race. They were the Outlanders, With human minds. Then a thought hit Suka's mind a 10:45 in the morning. They were much more powerful than the Pridfelanders now. Suka shared this thought with his family. Everyone agreed and made their plan. First we need a way to get back home. said Scar. We'll need money for that. said Zira, Cant ve money without work. said Suka, We cant go anywhere public to work. said Vitani, So we'll have to steal it. said Nuka. They all agreed on their plan to steal a vehicle that could transport them to Africa. That day they hijacked an intresting vehicle. They later found out it was called a Motorhome. There was alot of intresting objects inside it. They learned more. Everything from Cooking to World wars. Suka soon learned they needed an airplane to get to Africa. Scar drove on while everyone inspected the vehicle. Scar looked over a map and found somethng called a Base. Suka showe Scar a book that told all about bases. Humm, bases have defense vehicles and weaponry. Scar pulled the motorhome to the dside of the road and read some of the books. With his new knowledge he followed the map to this base. He learned he would have to have either some kind of code, Secret answer, or even just a rock. Scar was almost to the base when the motorhome stopped moving. He turned the key but it wouldnt start. Scar looked over the panel and saw something called "Fuel". Scar looked around and found the manual. Fuel was what a vehicle ran on, And they were out of it. They were right in the middle of a town too ! Anyways they gor out and walked the streets. Suka saw a store filed with all kinds of items. He opened the door and looked at all the items inside. He saw prices on all of them. He looked throught the wallet he found and counted $3,286.53. He smiled and picked out a trenchcoat and many other items. Suka saw someone coming, He knew this person would be scared, So he broke the ice. Dont be scared, I wish to buy these. smiled Suka. The man looked to him with a look of intense fear. How can you talk? he said slowly. I dunno myself, Can I buy these? asked Suka. The man slowly approached Suka and took the items and asked how he was going to pay. suka flashed his wallet. the man nodded his head and rang uyp everything. That will be $346.28. Suka counted out $350 and told the man to keep the change. He walked out of the store to see the rest of his family surronded by a group of people. They were asking questions and stareing in amazement. Suka walked up to Scar and asked what was going on. I dont know, Zira was off in this store and she came back with no money, All these stupid clothes and all these people. he said. Once everyone had finished shopping they walked out of the town on paw. A few people followed them for miles. Scar looked at the map, We're almost there, About 30 more miles. he confirmed. After an hour or two they had arrived at the gates. The Outlanders walked up to the gates and they opened automaticaly. Scar noticed a sign. WARNING: NO TRESSPASSING! Scar looked at it and sighed. Hopefully they dont kill us. They got to the entrance gates. There was a man operating the gate from a small building. Scar walked up to the door and knocked. The man opened the door and saw Scar looking at him. I wish to enter the base. he said. The man was drunk off his ass. He thought he was asleep in la la land. He gladly opened the gates in real life and let them in. Inside the base they saw many vehicles and people. A guard came up to them and asked. Who are you and what is your business here? Scar thought for a second. We are experements from the labs in souther Arizona, We are here to attian transportation. The gaurd looked at them and saw that they had gottn throught the gates. Carry on. he replied. He obviously didnt want to waste his time on them. They soon found a chopper with a full tank of fuel and took off.


Within the hour they were heading over the ocean. They still had a full tank of fuel and were mantaining a good speed. Geeze those were some stupid guards! laughed Suka. Yes, We are lucky is what we are. said Scar. Zira nodded her head in agreement.


After hours of flying in a tight and cramped chopper they were just entering Africa. They were runing low on fuel and had to land within the hour. They made it to the Rimlands when the alarms came on. Were landing. said Scar. They got out and streached. We're very close to home said Scar as he looked over the horizon. They then walked across the grassy plains for hours until the Outland hill could be seen in the distance. There it is, Home. said Suka. The family continued their journey until they were at the entrance miniutes later. They entered their home and went straight to bed in their dens.


The next day was one of excitement. They were back home, And know they had the advantage over the Pridelanders. Everyone Got the things they had bought in the town and tried them on. Scar had bought a red silk shaw, A black one, and A gold one that came mere inches from the ground. Zira had purchased a long, flowing type of dress, it only went around her chest, But dragged behind her a few feet, along with a pendant of a broken heart. Nuka bought a nice pair of shades and a bullet vest. Vitani bought a pair of combat boots, Camo pants and camo T shirt. Suka bought a long, flowing trenchcoat. It was dark as night with blood red trim and completly enveloped his body when he stood still, He also put on his necklace, It carried the symbols of the Outland pride. They made their way to the Pridelands that morning. They were nearing the Prideland border when a vehicle came from nowhere and scooped them all up into some kind of net and within the span of a second they were tossed into some kind of holding cell and were taken away. To where though none of them knew. Everyone woke up later on and found themselves within a large cage. Scar looked around and saw a small group of people looking trough a glass window. Scar looked at them and they stared at them. He fiannaly asked. Why did you put us in here? One stood forward with a content grin. Beacuse my friend, You and your family are the only of your kind, We followed your tiny chopper all the way to Africa. he smiled. We wish to be free. said Scar. Oh, Dont worry. We're going to set you free, We only wish to teach you everything you havent learned yet, You see, We have been observing your lives in the Outlands for decades. Your pride is like no other, Thriving in a otherwise dead land. The man smiled. If you will just follow the simple rules you will be out of here very soon. smiled the man. Scar slightly grinned, Just tell us what to do. The man smiled and pointed to a hatch that opened. Go in there, You will see seperate hatches with your names. said the strange man. They made their way into the seperat hatches and found strange looking chairs. A voice come from over a speaker in every room. Please have a seat. They all set in the chairs and they were strapped in. Have no fear. said the voice. They all became suddenly tired and fell asleep. They saw and heard things at their minds limits. Within an hour the visions stopped and they all woke back up slowly. Feel any better? asked the voice. Indeed I do. said Scar. Everyone agreed and were let into the main part of the holding cell agian. Now, We are going to let you out. said the voice. A door then opened and they walked out of the cage. The people slowly approached them. Now we are going to let you free. said the one armed man. He opened a door at the end of the hallway and they all ran outside and never looked back. Scar lead his family from the base and to a nearby woods. What did they do to us? asked Nuka. Im not really sure myself. said Scar. Scar looked around and saw the glow of a nearby town. We can go there and get help. said Scar. Zira grabbed him by his mane. Dont you remember what everyone did in the last town we went to? she questioned. Yeah, They were curious and careful. said scar. We CAN form an alliance with these humans. said Scar. Zira frowned and looked to the nearby glow. Ok, We'll go, But you had better hope nothing goes wrong to cause our family harm. she said slowly. The family walked off across the desert to the nearby glow of the town. When they arrived cars stopped on the road and people ran to their homes. Soon the blaring sound of sirens could be heard as the police came to the scene. They jumped out of their cars with weapons drawn. One approached them with a net of some kind. Scar broke the ice. Please, We wish to speak with you freely. said Scar. The man jumped back and looked to them with a look of amazement. The other officers still gripped their weapons, But their stare was more intent now. Did you just speak? asked the lone officer. Why yes I did. said Scar. The officer looked to them with awe. May I ask what you are doing here? asked the officer suspicously. The sheriff was stunned when the lion replied. We wish to make an alliance with your town. said Scar. What kind of alliance? asked the shreiff looking curious. We wish to return home to Africa, But have no way to get there, We would gladly rid the county of any nusance. said Zira. The shreiff scratched his head and thought to himself. How could you take down a criminal asked the shreiff as he looked at 5 cloaked lions with the ability to talk. Scar made a signal. All 5 suddenly leaped to their feet and threw off the wool cloaks. Beacuse we are the Outlanders ! thundered Scar. The shreiff looked in amazement at 5 lions standing before him in mysterious clothing. Scar stepped forward and looked at the shreiff. We can kill anything you can throw at us. said Scar, standing a few feet from the shreiff. The shreiff stood up and looked Scar in the face. We dont want some stupid circus freaks in our town. said the sheriff as he walked off to his car. Scar smiled as the shreiff walked off. If you wolnt accept us into your town, We'll just have to destroy it. laughed Scar as he turned his back on the foolish humans. Tomorrow we attack said Scar. With what? asked Zira. Scar stooped and looked at the town. We need to do some shopping. he said. The Outlanders waited on the outskirts of the town until the middle of the night. Okay, We attack that gun store tonight. said Scar. He ran out onto the street and signaled for his family to follow. He looked into the glass and saw all kinds of weaponry. He exposed his middle claw and stuck it in the lock. He sat there for a few miniutes listening to the door. Then there was a click. Scar turned the knodb and opened the door. Cheap lock. said Scar as he looked over the arsenal of weaponry. Pick what you like. said Scar as he picked out some choice rifles and ammo. The Outlanders cleaned the store out as they collected all of the ammo and weaponry. They made off with around twenty suits of body armor, thousands of rounds, and hundreds of weapons. Scar then left their mark. He took his claw and carved a symbol into the wood.




They made off with an armory strong enough to take out the entire county. They headed back to their hideout in the woods and prepared to attack the town the next day. They loaded up their weapons, put on armor and made their way across the desert sand. When they got to the town it was early in the morning, The sun was just rising over the horizon. The Outlanders weapons could be seen shining in the dim light as they walked into town. They stopped on a small dead end street of the small town and picked out their targets. Sunndely a roar of gunfire was heard as they opened fire upon the samll town. Everyon was running to the streets trying to find out what was wrong, They didnt know they were under attack. Many people were ripped to shreads by the wave of bronze as they ran for cover. Everyone soon realised they were under attack. People were running to the gunshop to get a firearm.  When everyone was at the gunshop they realised it had been cleaned out. The gunshop owner was in tears, His whole stock was gone. in a fit or rage he saw his custom weapons were even gone. He screamed as he hopped over the counter and ran to an empty shelf and pushed a button. One of the displays lifted up and reveiled a large rifle. He walked over and took the large rifle and loaded two large shots into it and put some of the ammo in his pocket. He walked out of the door and aimed the massive rifle at one of the lions. He aimed the twin barrel rifle at one and pulled the trigger. The rifle blew the little man on his ass as the twin bullets took down the large male. He got back up and loaded two more shots into the rifle. By now they were all runing at him, He fired wildly shooting and reloading at lightning speed as he held the gun agianst the side of his shop. He fired until he dug into his pocket only to find it empty. Then he saw the female aming a large pistol at his face. She walked toward him and took his rifle. She held the 44. Magnum to his head as she looked into the breach. Ammo. she hissed. She looked to the man and held him agianst the shop. AMMO ! she yelled. He spit in her face and she threw him across the street and thundered into the shop. She dug through the shelf and found the ammo and put it in her satchel. She walked off as the sky grew dark. She suddenly spun around and snarled at all the people as the lightning lit up her enraged face. She picked up her mate and walked off to the horizon. her family followed close behind watching the people as they waked off. The Outlanders checked Scar to see how badly he was wounded. When he heard his familys voices he slowly got up and clutched his chest. It went through. he said. He took off his silk shaws and there was a hole through his body armor. He took that off and revieled a slab of pure limestone with a jagged hole through it too ! That limestone was almost two inches thick. said Scar. Well, Your alive said Suka. Yeah, the bullet went right through me. said Scar as he saw the hole through the back of his shaws. Zira walked over to Scar and showed him the rifle. Scar smiled and looked at it. It was massive, its twin barrels were long and wide. The entire gun had to be 7 feet long ! Scar took two of the bullets and loaded the gun and looked to the town. Im going back tomorrow. he said as he walked into the woods. He spent all night highly modifying the rifle.


The next morning Scar rose to the sky as he prepared to go back to the town. He strapped four suits of armor around his chest and headed into town. He held the rifle to his side. he had crafted a magazine for it. Now it could be fired 8 times before needing reloaded. He had three more magazines at his side. 32 shots in all. He also had his pistol at his side. A very powerful revolver with a long barrel. It could blow the bark off a tree with a single of its 5 shots. He had may more shots in a satchel at his side. He walked into town and stared at the gunshop. He wrinkled up his nose as he saw the gunshop owner looking at him from the shop's deck. Scar walked over and looked at the gunshop owner. You sure have alotta of nerve ta come around here. he said angrly. Scar looked at him and showed him the hole through both sides of his shaws. the owner looked at him and smiled. Did my Bull Rifle hurt ya? he chuckled. Scar looked at the man and hissed. Nice rifle. The gunshop owner smiled at him and said. So, Now yer gonna shoot me with it, right? Scar pulled the rifle from his back and held it in his paws. The owner just looked at him intently. Be a man. the owner said. I plan to. hissed Scar as he turned around and said. I plan to keep the rifle as payment for my shaws. He then walked off into the rising sun and walked off. The gunshop owner looked on as Scar walked off. Now that's a man. said the owner as he walked home. Scar arrived back at the woods a few miniutes later. So, Waydda ya do? asked Suka. I showed him what a real man would do, I gave him another chance. said Scar as he sat down and thought about the future. From that day the Outlanders were known as the bad guys, Terrorizing towns and killing ALL that stood in their way to the top of the food chain. They ended the lives of those who intrapped them. Then their minds fiannaly kicked in. The sadistic group of assains fiannaly found their call. To kill without Care, Conciousness, or Pity. They were the percet family of evil. The bold and sadistic leader Scar, Now know as Taka, The "taka" of lives. Massive build and fear of nothing. The war torn female leader Zira, Now known as Bloodlust, The bloodiest lioness around, with a lust for blood and agression unmatched. The goth of the group Suka, Now know as Darkness. The cloaked killer of the lands, Dark and Shadowy. The speed freak Nuka, Now know as Sling. The speed happy pryomaniac with a taste for speed and rapid sucession weaponry. The silent Vitani, now know as Slate. Her heart is as cold as her name after a near death experience. Her accuracy is unsurpassed as a sniper, And her trigger finger is unforgiving. They all form the darkest group of lions ever to walk the earth. The group is more into to kiling their prey just with their claws than anything. Really gets the blood flowing. reported Slate after killing a reporter. The group roamed the US as they cut a path through the heartland leaving a bloody trail of death in their wake. Eventually they ended up in New York, The city so populated they killed it twice. laughed Taka as they decended upon the city of angels. Chaos insued as they tore a path down Broadway turning it into a warzone. Roadside stores were demolished as they unleashed a wave of lead upon the city. They attacked with brutality and speed. By the time the police arrived, Broadway was now Deadway. The group waked up to the police and ripped them to shreads as they opened fire upon them. None of the police suceeded in hitting even one of them before being thrown to the ground and mauled. The Outlanders had become a new breed of evil. Then Bloodlust heard it, A plane, That meant an airport. She snarled as she ran to the area where the plane came from. The group soon came upon the terminal and smiled as they had found what they were looking for, A plane. They tore across the freeway as they made their way to the airport. They all suceeded in being hit rapidly by the oncoming traffic. Their bodies could be seen flying through the air as they were all hit by many of the oncoming vehicles. The terrorized civilans slammed on their brakes as the flying animals bounced off their cars. Eventually they had suceeded in jamming up one side of the freeway with wreckage as they bounced from car to truck. They walked on unphased into the next lane of traffic as their bodies were thrown into the air once agian. This time however they were not as lucky as this lane of traffic was mainly composed of larger trucks and semis. Taka flew across the meidan as he was hit in the head by a semi's side mirror.  By the time they made it to the other side of the freeway they had a fairly hard time getting to the airport. Due to many broken parts of their bodies. They eventually made their way to the airport and crashed through the gates as they entered the airport.  That one. pointed Sling as he pointed at a large jet. They boarded the large plane and slowly made their way to Africa. They had some "Errands" to do. Within three hours they had made their way back to Africa. By then they had lost most of their killing instinct as they remembered their "humble" nature. They retreated into the Outland hill as they made their plans. We shall attack the Pridelands tomorrow. Said Scar as he took n a deep breath. What ever came over us, The freeway, We were like zombies, My leg's gonna be hurtin for weeks ! yelled Scar as he looked at his wounded leg. Your leg, I got a reflector up my      @$$. moaned Nuka as he massaged his rump. You dont wanna know what I got sumpthin up. said Zira. Vitani just stared at her family you all are so unlucky. she said as she turned around, Everyone could see the word "MACK" imprinted into her back. We will attack when we heal. said Suka. Good plan. agreed Scar as he limped to his den. The Outlanders went to bed in pain that night. By the next week they were all feeling much better, Starved but better. I gotta have sumpthin ta eat. moaned Nuka as he rolled on his back in pain. Vitani and Zira had just left to find food. Nuka was just trying to get attention, As usual. Later on that day the two lioness came back with some food to feast upon, Enough to feed them for a few days. We attack tomorrow. said Scar with a mouthful of food. Dont talk with your mouth full. said Zira, With a mouthful of food.


The next day they had everything planned. They were going to attack those acursed Pridelanders and become the leaders for once. They slowly made their way to the Pridelands with war on their minds. They devised a plan too attack from all directions, that way they had the element of suprise and there would be no way for the Pridelanders to escape either. The Outland pride then made their way to the Prideland border as they assembled for battle. They attacked with precison, Crushing the Pridelanders with speed. Soon they had the rulers by their throats. Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kovu, Saribi, Sarifina, Timon, Rafiky, And Pumba. They cornered them inside Pride Rock. Now, It is time for our reign. said Scar as he looked to Nala. My how you've grown. he smiled smugly. Why should you care? asked Nala. So, You havent told her our little secret Sara? Well Sarafina, Now is your chance, Your chance to tell her who her father is. said Scar grinning widely. He is. she whispered. What? asked Nala. Sarafina looked to Nala and said. Nala, Scar is your father. Nala looked to Scar and passed out with a dull thud. Took that hard as I thought she would. said Scar as two Outland lioness carried Nala off. Now, You all took part in our deaths. Scar looked to Timon and Pumba. My lioness wish to speak with you. said Scar. Two more Outland lioness carried off Timon and Pumba. I promise you, They wolnt KILL them. he laughed. They didnt kill anyone. He then looked to the 5 in front of him. Unfortunatly, You five have. But we're back, And, Well, We arent just going to let you get away with it. Even when you killed us we came back. We have been a black scar upon your blood soaked lands for eternity, Now we erase the part about you. said Scar as he sat amongst his family. Take your pick. said Scar as he adored his family. I Claim Simba. said Scar. The rest of the Outlanders then looked to the four left and smiled. I get HER. said Vitani as she pointed to Kiara. Well, Ya know I want Kovu. said Nuka. Nala's mine. said Suka. Well., it looks like everyone's picked. Humm, Saribi and Sarafina are still left. Well, technacly they didnt lay a paw on any of us. Your free to go ladies. said Scar as his gaze fixed on Simba. The two lioness didnt budge. Scar smiled and looked to them. I said you can.. Saribi suddenly slashed Scar's face. Scar looked to his paw to see blood. He smiled at it and sighed. Fine, Have it your way. he rored to the skys and the Outland lioness ripped the two aging lioness to shreds. Blondes. said Zira as she readied for attack. Well, Time to end this show. said Scar as he gave the signal to atack. The battle was swift and bloody. The true defining batte was now, The two warring prides had fiannaly set their diffrences. But at a devestating price. All but one Pridelander was left living, Kiara. And two Outlanders, Suka and Vitani. Meanwhile, Simba, Nala, Kovu, Nuka, Vitani, Zira, Scar, Rafiky, Sarafina, Saribi, Timon, and, Pumba set dead in their own pools of blood. Suka, Vitani, and Kiara looked over the mass of maimed bodies. The Great kings, Scar and Simba, The loyal queens, Saribi, And Zira, The princes, Nuka and Kovu, The princess Vitani, The elders, Saribi and Sarafina, And the comical Timon and Pumba. . . Dead, All of them. Gone.


Suka and Vitani added up the masses while Kiara cried. We came this far. said Suka. Vitani cried as they piled their dead family on one side of the cave. Well, Now what? asked Vitani. Suka eyed Kiara. The only question is, What about her? Vitani looked to Kiara and cried. Exile I guess. said Suka. Kiara was exiled from her home as Suak and Vitani claimed the Pridelands. The pridelands was now under ruly by the son and daughater of hate itself, What is the lands fate? Well, Read on in,


The Fate of Hate


Suka Outlander


Tuesday, March 08, 2005