The Royal Outland Alliance's Revenge

Enter a time where the Outland leaders, Scar and Zira are deceased, But The anger within the remaining Outland ranks have ignited into the hellish flames of revenge.

The remaining Outlanders, Suka, Vitani, And Nuka have sworn on their own blood,

Those murder's will pay with their lives, Their family's, their Religon, and with their Homelands.

Enter the next generation of Hate and Oppression.

The time for The Royal Outland Alliance's Revenge has come.

Suka and Nuka could be seen looking out the windows of the Hyclon-X3 at the fluffy clouds. Why did this have to happen? asked Nuka. Suka sighed as he looked to the sky. I dont know Nuka, I wish I knew myself, It wasnt their time, Not yet. Vitani came into the room to find her brothers still mourning the loss of their parents. Guys, They would hate to see us like this, they're still here with us in spirit. Nuka cried. But we cant see them, Or hug them, Or even get hit by them. Vitani drooped her head. I know. she sighed. But we have to move on, We are the new leaders of the Outland Alliance. If we wish to avenge their deaths we need to stop crying and stand proud, Remember, They are still always watching over us with proud gazes. Now, Get up, Stop crying, And prepare for the task ahead of us. We need to form a new HQ, And I have an idea for a battleship. As she looked out the window with a grin. Watcha got in mind? asked Suka. Well, The Hyclon-X3 is a great and massive vessle, Something had to make it, maybe we can arrange to have one built to our specs. Suka smiled and said. On one conditon. Vitani nodded. We put the Outland Symbol on it. Vitani smiled and the group began planning on the new flagship of the Outlands. Okay, its gonna fly, Incounter heavy barrages of munitons, Will have to be grand in size to hold all we have, And carry the Royal Outland colors. They came up with many ideas. One of Vitani's caught Suka's eye. The A.O.A.P. (Arial Outland Attack Platform). But they had not the resourses for it. One of Nuka's was thought over heavly. The Cryus. A large, battle station with every thing needed to sustain life and vehices. It was a large carrier like the Hyclon-X3, But it had hundreds of propellers that allowed it to rotate in all 3 axis, And could easily pull any arial manuever. It carried the Royal Outland Shield with pride. It was Tan and Chrimson with Gold trim and Many turrets. Also, This wasn't a flying box like the Hyclon-X3. It had a diffrent model to it. It looked like a cruiser off of the movie, Sky captian and the world of tomorrow. It was massive and very opposing at the front and came to a spike at the back. Suka had also came up with an intresting model. The Royal Outland Airship. A large battleship with many weapons capable of destroying praticaly anything in its path. It had many powerful cannons on all its sides. It was chrimson with gold accents and many symbols and designs. It was both impressive to look at and impressive to fight too. They eventually came up with the idea to combine their ideas. When the Hyclon-X3 landed in Russia a few days later they got out and put all the vehicles into a seperate hangar kept for them since the Ox3 had been built. Sadly the Ox3 didnt come back. Everyone was amazed when they were shown the pictures taken of the mighty Ox3 in ruins. What did this? asked one person. How could it? asked another. It dosen't matter what or how it did, What matters is how we destroy it. said a voice. A large man walked down the stairs from a small office. Lutinent Greys. he saluted. Queen Vitani. saluted Vitani. King Nuka. Saluted Nuka. King Suka. Saluted Suka. Greys saluted them. We have recived info the Ox3 has been destroyed. They nodded and showed him the pics. My god, Well, There is one hell of a gun out there somewhere. My, Even the Outland HQ was destroyed. he sighed. Indeed, Someone poesses a massive amount of firepower indeed. he said handing Vitani the pics. Well, Your gonna be needin another battleship if you wish to carry out your revenge. But sir, may I ask how we plan to stand a chance agianst, That. as he pointed to the pictures of the demolished Ox3. Well Nuka, We have no intel on whatever it is, But everything has a weakness. Now we will send scout jets out and they will investagate the remains. Then we'll find out if one or one hundered shots did this. Also we will gather intel on any evedence of anything being within a 50 mile radius of the area. We'll find out what did this, And it will meet a similar fate as the Ox3 did. Now, About that battleship. said Greys as he led them to the drawing board.

Meanwhile, back in the Outlands scout jets were already there survailing the area and investagating the wreck. Within a few miniutes a pilot came across a large pair of tank tracks on the east border of the Outlands. Dago Alpha This is Fido one, I am reporting a pair of tank tracks to the east at 30 clicks from the Ox3. Half of the group took off to the area where Fido One was circling. There were two massive tank tracks. App 30 ft wide each and streached to the eastern horizon. Fido One I am folowing the tracks search the area for any evdence of gunfire. Roger Dago Alpha. Fido One then flew low over the ground as he looked for the remains of anything supporting the possibility of gunfire. Soon he found a small patch of sand black as night. He landed in the sand and collected a sample of it. it seemed to be charred, the very sand was melted. He got back into his jet and took to the skys with the evedence of intense heat radating from something. The group reassembled over the Outland hill. Dago Alpha had found a strange substance on the ground, it slightly glowed and had to be put into a strong sample vial due to its constiancy and odd apperance. The group then flew back to Russia at mach 6.

When the group returned to the base the took the samples to the labs and prepared for their next mission. Meanwhile the Outlanders were with Greys constructing a model of their new flagship. Okay, We have input the three models into the replacitor. We will now merge the models and see the end results. The computer hummed as it ran through thousands of lines of code and merged the plans. About a half hour the computer had finished and the end result had come out. Okay, Here ya go. said Greys as he handed them the blueprints of, The Ox4 (Oppresive Outland Omega Oblivion). It was a massive airship with no wings. It was kept aloft by six massive rotors that spin on all three axis, And could rotate at any angle. The Ox4 would not be very manuverable due to its hulking size. The Ox3 was about a mile long. The airship was around 2 miles long. It also had the newest grade of armor. Indotridymithium. It was the strongest armor possible. It was composed of Dymithium, And Indotritanium molten together in a blast furnace. The armor could deflect any projectile and was blastproof up to a 4 megaton bomb. It had a main cannon like none of them had ever seen. It was a Pluse Phase Duce Induction Plasma Projection Cannon, or just the P.P.D.I.P.P.C. It was to be the most powerful cannon ever to be constructed. It would be powered by a massive Quad Phase Induction Nucular core. Virtualy unexpendable. The Plasma generated by the massive core could wipe out half the globe. The only weakness of the core was a constant flow of nitrogen coolant that constantly flowed through the core. Otherwise it would implode from the massive heat and wipe out the country/s below. It would take time to build though. A few years maybe. They would send the plans to Brittian. With their advanced equipment it would take 1/80 of the time of the Ox3's standards. Otherwise it would take 2 centuries. The group approved the blueprints and they were sent off to the warehouse instantly. Now, lets talk about your new positons and weaponry. Smiled Greys as he showed them a wide selection of new equipment. The group smiled as they looked at the line of the equipment before them. Armor, Weaponry, and Technology. Vitani picked out a lightweight full body suit, With nanotech inhanchments. Suka chose a heavy suit of armor, with sheild generating mechnisim, and Nuka picked a moderate suit of armor with added strength. The group then had to build their attire. Vitani wore a long, flowing black cloak with camo boots, pants and a red dress. Suka wore a thick coal black trenchcoat, leather gloves, and dark boots. And Nuka wore a red muscle shirt with ripped jeans. The group marveled at their appearances. They then all crossed their T's and dotted their I's. And were still known as the Outlanders. It was just the next generation of the Outland blood. Now focused on revenge they would comb the world for answers as to who ended their parents lives. They would look for the rest of their lives if they had to. The group of three then boarded the Basilisk and took off across the Russian grass. They were looking for leads to who could have done the great tradgey to their legacy. They had no clue where to start. As they were rolling across the Russian land their radio came to life. Outland One this is Greys please respond. Greys this is Outland One. Outland One, We have recived the lab results from the remains of the Ox3, There are traces of Uranium, Disydogen, Plutonium, And small amounts of Tircydogen. There are massive amounts of plasmatic energy on the metal. Also the pictures indicate only one shot caused the detonation of the Ox3. Lab tests indicate it was an unmeasurable amount of a unknown plasmatic energy with a strange signature and one hell of an erratic frequency. Was also located some molten sand a few miles from the Outland hill. It was molten by a high temp material. Tests indicate it was molten by ionised plasma burnoff from a VERY large cannon. It would appear there was a large vehicle with a massive plasma cannon of some kind that hit the Ox3 side on with tremendous force. Also, A scout plane has followed the receeding tracks back to the ocean, This was an attack from another nation. We curently do not know where the ship came from, Neither do we know if this vehicle came from a ship, or was the ship. We will radio back when we discover more info, Greys out. Well, Who the hell would do such a thing? asked Nuka. Suka looked to the horizon and frowned. I dunno myself, But im takin this thing to the first place I suspect, Japan. Suka took the controls and switched the Basilisk to fight mode and took to the skys as a storm brewed overhead.


Back at HQ Greys was overlooking some of the Outlanders ideas on new vehicles. he came across a document within the Outlanders folder. The blueprints to the Ox3 and stats on its abilitys. Greys saw something he didnt expect to see. The Ox3 was powered by a Quantum fusion driven engine. Greys sat and thought for awhile as he looked over the pictures of the Ox3 itself. It was a mystery how it was distroyed, There was little damage to the outside of the Ox3, Only plasma scaring. Greys sat and thought, The inital blast didnt distroy it, Something else did, Something within the Ox3 itself. Suddenly a lab offical came into the room with earth shattering news. The inital blast from the cannon did little to the outer armor, Beacuse it went THROUGH the armor without penetrating it. The energy travled throught the armor and hit, THE QUANTUM FUSION DRIVE ! Greys leaped out of his chair and yelled. It was an inside job ! Greys got to the radio and got ahold of the Basilisk. OUTLAND ONE COME IN, WE HAVE URGENT NEWS ! Vitani picked up the mic. Continue Greys. Outland One, We have news, The blast that destroyed the Ox3 was an inside job ! The cannon that distroyed it went THROUGH the armor and hit the Quantum Fusion drive causing a catstrophic explosion that tore through the Ox3's armor distroying it from the inside out. Someone knew of the armor's propertys, and the location of the Fusion Drive and thus discovered a way to destory the Ox3 internaly. You need to narrow your search down to people close to the family, Engineers that worked on the Ox3, and officals in your area. Greys out. The group looked at each other and smiled. One step closer. said Suka As he throttled the Basilisk up to full speed and flew through the skys to the island of Japan.

When the Basilisk landed in Japan the officals surronded it and prepared to fire. Suka climbed out and waved the white flag. We come in peace. he spoke. The General of the japanese army came out of a large building with his sword drawn. The group stepped out of the basilisk and looked to the approaching man. You, you are the ones who decemated our country with that infernal tank of yours. How dare you poison our lands with your footsteps. Sir, We have come only to ask questions about your attacks, We wish not to start war sir. The general sneered and looked to his secondhand man. Please follow us to the breifing room. Yes sir. saluted the man as the group walked into the breifing room. So, You have questions do you? he asked holding his sword in his hands. Yes sir, We are in need of assistance, Our leaders, Scar and Zira, The leaders of the Outland Alliance were killed a few days ago while trying to escape from a hellish attack, We were lucky to survive. But the reason why we are here is to ask you, Do you have any idea what kind of weapon could pass through armor as thick as the Ox3's and hit an object within. The general smiled and said. Well, if we did I would have sent you all crying home in your Basilisk as you call it. Do you have any idea who might then? We will assist you in any way if you can assist us with this mystery. The general looked to them and thought for awhile. Well, There is a large battleship by the name, Gatlist. It is a heavy carier that none of our fleet have been able to destroy, it supplies those blasted Brittish with Oil, Steel, and Petroleum. Take it out and we will look into this mystery with wide hands. But be warned, The Gatlist is a highly dangerous vessle able to destroy the toughest of aircract. You will need something a little more, manuverable than that tank. the general smiled. Thats not a problem. said Suka as he smiled at the general and said, We already have a tough enough plane with us. The general grinned and replied. Oh, Then show it to me. Suka led the group back out to the airfield and sat in front of the Basilisk. The general looked to the tank and said. So, Where's this plane you told me of? Suka climbed inside the Basilisk and sat at the controls. He picked up the com and asked the general over the speakers. How do you think we got here? the general replied. That tank has to be amphibous. Wrong. said Suka s he flipped the switches to the props. Six ports opened and out came six large jet engines, Suddenly three razor sharp blades snapped out from each jet and slowly spun in the light breeze. The general looked slightly impressed. Suka then started the engines and the rotors slowly picked up speed until they were spinning at very high velocity. Suka then switched on the jets and the tank slowly rose from the ground on a pillar of fire that was being expelled from the jets. The general looked on with a pleased smile as Suka disappeared into the clouds. I think that will do. he said to Vitani. Suddenly the Basilisk flew by the airstrip with so much speed it blew a pile of supply crates over. He nearly hit the top of a warehouse. Well, That WILL do as a airship, But what about firepower? Nuka quickly ran up to the general and said. What ever you do, Dont mention firepower to Suka, He'll end up blowing the whole airfeild up. The general smiled and said. well then, That would be enough firepower as well, When he returns give him these specs on the Gatlist and tell him he is cleared to attack it at his own risk. A few miniutes later Suka landed the basilisk and found his brother and sister looking over the specs. I guess its a go huh? he asked. The two got up and smiled. Indeed. Suka grinned from ear to ear and said. Well, Lets go meet those Brittish then. The group piled into ther Basilisk and flew off toward the positon of the Gatlist. Well, I guess we'll have to try another country. said Nuka. How about Brittian. Smiled Suka as he saw Gatlist below. Unidentifed plane, Report your buisness or be shot down. Gatlist, This is the Basilisk of the Outland Alliance requesting permission to land. over. Basilisk, Please report your buisness with the brittish. said the voice. We wish to attain information on a mystery of ours and we have information that you may find intresting. Basikisk, You are cleared to land, You will be escourted to the debrefing room. over. Suka landed the Basilisk and shut off the engines. The group of three got out and met the group of officals. What is your buisness here? We are here to speak with an offical about a mystery of ours and we have information on this ship that was attained by another country. The offical led them to a room with a number of objects on the wall. they were being scanned. Nuka suddenly stopped and the officers spun around like lightning. He slowly pulled his uzi out of the back of his pants and handed it to one of the officals. The group then continued on down the hall until they came to a large room. Please wait here while we have someone sent down here. The guards left and the Outlanders found their seats at a large table. As they sat and waited the brittish made a call to HQ and asked of a group by the name, The Outland Alliance and if the names, Suka, Vitani, And Nuka were valid. British HQ reported back with the news that they were valid and The Outland Alliance had reacently lost its leaders. They posed no threat to the Brittish. The captian of the Gatlist went to meet them personaly. He walked into the room and sat down infront of them. So, You are the remains of the mighty Outland alliance. he said. Vitani nodded and said. Sir, We have just come from Japan. We are looking for assistance with a mystery of ours. We also have brought info from Japan, We were sent to distroy this ship, They gave us this readout of this ship. We wish to know, is it accurate? The captian looked at them with a hard look and asked. Why would you want to know that information? Well, If it is accurate this ship is in the possibility of destruction, We would fight alongside you in battle, After all, We need the country of Brittan to stay strong, We have a airship in progress there. The captian lightened up a little when he heard of their allegance with the brittish. The captian looked over the read out and smiled, They think they can destroy us by shooting down our exhaust vents? he laughed. The group of Outlanders looked confused. Sorry, Our exhaust vents are on our port side, Thus unaccesable by a plane, it would be shot into oblivon. But what about a guided missile? asked Nuka. The captian suddenly lost his happy look. That could bring up trouble. he spoke So, What kind of Mystery are you trying to solve? asked the captian. Our flagship, the Ox3 was destroyed by an unknown weapon, We are trying to find out WHAT did it. So, How big was this Ox3? asked the captian. About a mile long. said Nuka. The captian nearly choked on his tea, A MILE LONG ! BLOODY HELL, THAT'S BIG! Yes, and it was taken down by only one shot, We need to know WHAT did it. said Suka And so would I. said the captian as he regained his breath. So, Can Brittan assist us with this mystery? asked Vitani. Well, I willl have to get in contact with HQ, But you can leave with confidence, We will do our best to help an allied nation. We have already decoded your frequency, Talk about a bunch of racket. You really have a strong frequency there. Thank you. said Vitani as the group left the room. They boarded the Basilisk and took off into the blue yonder. Nuka looked to his family and asked, So, What do we do now? Vitani looked to Suka and he answered. We go to the last place that saw the Ox3, We are going to California, The home of the Militant base, And where we will find answers, Now everyone suit up. The group prepared for battle while the Basilisk was left on an autopilot route to California. Suka put his heavy armor on and picked out a heavy machine gun and took along his trusty Uzi. Vitani took along a high powered Sub and a Desert Pheonix, A highly Modified Desert Eagle. Nuka took a chaingun and a RCP tec-90, A rapid firing auto pistol with a near limitless clip. The group looked to each other and waited for their landing. When the Basilisk landed in California a few hours later they touched down and stepped out of the Basilisk as their weapons shined in the glimmering sun. Okay, We're going into the Militant base, So watch your back, These people fight like rats as you know. Nuka, head in first and blow away anything that looks living. Next Vitani and I will meet up with you and storm the entire base. Now, Lock and load. The group approached the base and stepped inside. Nuka walked through the door and let a wave of lead fly through everything in the room. But there was nothing in the room, only total vacancy. Then a part of the wall opened and Nuka took cover. A man in a black suit came out and walked toward Nuka's positon. Nuka sprang up and held the RCP tec-90 in the man's face. Move and I paint the wall with your brain ! warned Nuka. The group came from hiding and approached the man. Who are you? he asked. Vitani smiled and looked at the man, The question here is, Who are you? she asked as she buried the barrel of her Desert Pheonix in the man's throat. Im only an investor trying to purchase this land from...From? asked Suka. holding his Uzi in his hand. The Milita. he choked. Very good, Now, We're going to let you go, if you so much as utter a sound, A syllable about our meeting, i swear, Your life will be a living hell. warned Suka as he pulled the bolt back on his Uzi. They let the man go and he walked out the door as calmly as possible. The group watched as he calmly walked out to his car and drove off. The group then entered the elevator and pushed the down button. The elevator slowly proceeded down to its destination. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. The Outanders saw a large room before them with a mass of people working at desks. Suka shut the door and pushed the next floor. On the next floor there were many computers and screens. Nuka pushed the bottom floor button. They came across a shopping mall of some kind. Vitani pushed the 8th floor button and the elevator rose to the eighth floor. They found a military base of some kind. The militant base. laughed Nuka. The group walked out of the elevator and quickly an offical looked up and saw the heavly armed six foot tall lions staring at him with guns drawn. The offical hit a red button and the base went into red alert. Vitani sighed and blew the man's head off with her Desert Pheonix. The group then proceeded to attack the base. Nuka ran down the halls, Chaingun blazing a trail of chrimson as they made their way to the Milita leader's office. When they found the large wooden doors they kicked them, THUNK ! It didnt even budge. So, Vitani opened it with the handle. They walked in and found the Leader looking over a map of Africa. Watcha lookin at? asked Nuka as he held his RCP tec-90 to the man's face. The leader looked up and saw the weapon in his face. And what do you intend to do with that? he asked. Nuka unsheathed his claws and slashed the man across the face. The leader looked up to Nuka with a grin on his bloody face. Without warning the man pulled some kind of weapon from the bottom of his desk and had the barrel in Nuka's face. The man puled the trigger as a hellish bang rung through the room. Nuka fell to the floor. Suka unloaded his Uzi in the leader as his body was ripped to shreads. Suka expended his 46 round clip, He flipped it over and loaded the full mag into the Uzi. Meanwhile Vitani ran to Nuka's side. Suka walked over to her side, Uzi still smoking. It was all too obvious, Nuka was dead. There was a clean hole through his head, And alot of pink and red was splattered onto the wall. Blood and brain matter. Suka then fell to the floor and cried for his brother. NUKA !!! he cried. Vitani looked to her brother with a look of sadness. He's with mom and dad now. she slowly said. Suka looked to her, teary eyed and embraced her as he looked to his fallen brother. Suka suddenly stopped crying and stood up. The tears stopped straming from his eyes, His muzzle twisted into a hideous mask of hate as he looked to his brother, And thought about his parents. Suka's anger was becoming overwhelming. The visions of his home, his lands, His family's strength. His strength was waining fast as a hellish firestorm blazed hotter than hell within his heart. His family's religon, His family's reptuation, And above all, His family, Slowly slipping away. Suka looked to his sister with a look of sadness and rage. She nodded and stood up and met him in a caress of unison. We will find out who did all of this, And we will totally gut them. said Vitani. Suka looked to his sister and smiled. I knew you'd understand. He then looked to his fallen brother and sighed. We cannot follow the same path as the rest of our family has, We have to stop this syndicate before we end up like them. Vitani smiled and spoke. I think I know how we can stop this all. She smiled and looked out into the hall. We need help, The help, Of our rivals, The Pridelanders.


Far off below the earth's surface.

Deep within the earth a large group of people and creatures watched as Suka and Vitani left the compound via camera. We have suceeded in eliminating the leaders, Scar and Zira, We have decimated their homelands, Destroyed their flagship, And now we have ended Nuka's life. Soon those two will fall to our massive willpower and cunning ways. spoke a creature in a long trenchcoat. he walked to the desk and his face entered the light of the overhanging light. His face was horribly mangled and torn, It was blood red with two black markings on his sideburns. His face twisted into a sinister looking smile as he spoke. We need only to kill those two and we will have suceeded in destroying the entire Outland Alliance. We have gotten report they are having a massive airship built in Brittian, We shall send those tea sipping snobs a barrage of firepower that will erradacate that airship. Now, onto more pressing issues, As you just heard the Outlanders are going to try to form an alliance with the Pridelanders, I want you all to go down there and rip those Pridelands to shreds. I want not a shread of living tissue left over. Kill EVERYTHING. These Outlanders will fall, Now, Go and tear apart these Pridelands. The man stood up and left the light and his dark outline could only be seen as he seemed to mutate into some kind of animal. The group of people and creatures also got up from ther seats and left.


Simba was walking his beat when the smell of smoke caught his attention. He saw a large wave of fire slowly approaching as the billowing smoke blanketed the earth with a fine mist of ash. Simba yelled, EVERYONE GET TO THE SAFETY OF PRIDE ROCK NOW ! Groups of animals ran to pride Rock and seeked shelter within the rock. Suddenly the sound of a whistling bomb could be heard. Before Simba could even speak Pride Rock went up in flames. The H.T.A.D.C. (Highly Thermo Active Death Cluster) Hit with amazing force as it atomised pride Rock, Litterly, There wasnt a grain of granite left. The very ground had been atomised. All that was left was a massive crater where the bomb hit. The jet flew off with amazing speed as it returned to the unknown island.

Unidentified Island

We have destroyed the Pridelands as you wished sir. reported a half human snake person. The man in the trenchcoat picked up the snake person with ease and smashed his skull on the desk. THEY SET US UP ! YOU STUPID IDIOTS LED THEM TO OUR FRONT DOOR ! THEY HAVE A BEACON ON US RIGHT NOW ! The snake person got up and reconfigured his head. Ya dont have to get so pissed off boss. he hissed. The man in the trenchcoat looked to the snake person and smiled. The snake person looked at him with a worried look. Boss, No, Please, I didnt mean it ! He leapt at the snake person and slammed him to the floor, Ya wanna see me mad? He slammed the snake person's head onto the floor and pressed down. Boss, Please, crack... BOSS!!! SNAP ! The man in the trenchcoat suddenly smashed the snake person's head on the floor and laughed. Now im mad ! He looked to the rest of the group. Does anyone think im mad? They all nodded their heads and walked out of the room slowly. The man in the trenchcoat and set down at his desk as he wiped off his hands on a bloody towel, Not his first inside murder evedently. He looked over the intel on the Outlanders. He smiled as he looked at a shot of Suka. He smiled and lit the picture aflame with his lighter. My dear Suka, You are next. He smiled as he then looked the pics of the deceased Outlanders. He looked at Scar, Maimed and bloody. What a shame. he laughed as he crushed the picture in his hands. He looked at a pic of Vitani, He smiled as he spoke, Well, I get to destroy that work of art myself. He could have sworn it was getting extreamly hot in the room. He looked to a pic of Zira, He smiled as he looked twice. Well, that's a waste of stupidity. He grinned as he smashed the pic in his hands. He was shocked when blood came from the picture as he smashed it in his massive hands. he looked to his bloody hands and then to the picture. He wiped his hands off and picked the bloody picture up off the floor. He unfolded it and saw a hideous sight. He stared as he saw the most evil looking picture of a skeleton he had ever seen. It seemed to course with evil as it glared at him with empty sockets devoid of life. The man jumped from his desk when the whole room suddenly burst into flames. The man yelled for help as he slammed on the door. He grabbed the knob as it melted. The melting metal burned the hand clean off his arm. He screamed as he was burned alive within the room of flames. He fell to the floor screaming. And as he felt death coming over his soul he saw them, Scar and Zira, Looking to him with saddened expresions as his body melted within the room of fire.

Suka and Vitani landed in the Pridelands to find, Nothing left of Pride Rock. Suka looked to Vitani with a look of fear. What the hell is going on here? he asked becoming panicked. He set down and looked at the ash remains. Okay, Someone is following us, But yet somehow they are always one step ahead. said Vitani as Suka looked to the sky. He couldnt beleave it, their whole world was crumbling away swiftly. It seemed there was not escape from the destruction until a strange feeling came over Suka, Like his very soul was being picked up off the ground and caressed. Suka looked to his sister and said. I know who's doing all of this. Vitani looked to Suka with a look of confusion. And who would that be? she asked. Suka smiled, Remember way back the guard at Russia that asked for my Id card? Vitani nodded as she thought of the large guard. So? she asked. His name was Bardon Geuselut. He is the son of a very deeply seeded crime family. Now, Bardon was killed in that exploison way back then, But his father was not a member of the base. He is probably still living to this day. I remember when I went through the reports from the investigation of the Base I found a column about Bardon, It said he was killed in a Enemy attack. Now Bardon and I never did get along, Once I almost killed him, Anyways, I feel his father may have mistakenly put the blame on me, And is looking to get his revenge upon the one who didnt kill his son. My god, He killed our family for nothing. Suka sat and thought. Vitani went into the Basilisk and looked up the Geuselut family, She found mutiple family circles and members, One she centered her attention on, Bardon. He WAS a defense officer in the Russian army. She read on as his death was left at, Enemy attack. She then went down the family tree on branch to his father, Forellie Geuselut. He was killed in a unexplained fire yesterday, he ran a crime circle bent on... Suka looked up when Vitani's face became a look of pure horrior. Suka looked to the screen and saw it himself. Revenging his son's death, By eliminating the Outland blood forever. he was the one pulling the strings Suka. said Vitani. Suka looked to his picture as the bold red letters read, Deceased.

Why. was all Suka was able to say. Why, Our family? he cried. Suka fell to the floor and cried. Vitani patted him on the back and comforted him. No worrys now, its over. Suka looked to Vitani and frowned. But we were too late. he sniffled. If we would have acted quicker, All this wouldnt have happened. Suka looked to the skys as he thought back to all the times he disobeyed his mother and father, How it hurt him to think about all the times he hurt them. Everyone in the family had flaws, no one was perfect. But he just wished he could have saved them from that crash. Now they were in a downward spiral to destruction. Suka looked to his sister and cried. Why, Why did it have to be us, Were we just unlucky that day? he asked. Vitani comforted her broken brother and spoke. Its over now, There's nothing we can do, They are gone forever, But we are still alive, And we must continue on the legacy, If we dont, Who will? Her words comforted Suka as he thought of his beloved family once more before getting up off the floor. We have nothing to worry about anyways, Forellie is dead. Now, Lets get back to Brittian and get those Japaniese. Suka looked to Vitani and asked. Why the Japs? Vitani went back to the computer and showed him who supplied the Geuselut family with military support. The Japs. sighed Suka. Okay, Lets get back to Brittian and test out our new line of sea inforcement. Vitani piloted the Basilisk and flew back to Brittian.


At the japanese base the general watched on his vid screen as they prepared their assault group to attack the Basilisk in flight. They just had to wait until it came within radar range. The massive cannons shined in the sunlight as they waited to be summoned. The Basilisk never came to Japan. The general grinned as he lit up a fat cigar and looked to the sky and said. My dear friends, It looks like you have made the wrong decison about this ingagement. Now we will have to declare open war on you all. The general turned around and spoke. Prepare the troops, We have a country to decmate.

Nuka was flying the Basilisk when the radio came alive. Suka picked it up. Outland One, this is Greys. Continue Greys. Outland One I have someone who wants to speak with you. The radio was silent. Then a voice came over the silence. Hello my son. said the voice. Suka was stunned, he could only ask one question. Dad? Yes my son, it is I, Scar, I want to thank you for all you have done to restore the Alliance once agian. he spoke. But father, how is this possible? asked Suka. is this some kind of computer? he asked. Suka, I am speaking to you from my natural mind, My body is dead, But my mind still lives on, As does my body within the computer of the Ox4. Suka sumoned his sister as she put the autopilot on. Vitani was stunned as well to hear her father's calming voice. She asked a question. Dad, Did anyone else get a second chance? My dear Vitani, Its so good to hear you, Yes, We are all back to life, When the Ox4 is complete we will be by your side forever. spoke Scar. Hey dad, Who ya talkin to? asked a distant voice, it was Nuka, They actually were back. My son, I am talking to Your brother and sister. There was alot of commotion as Nuka's voice came over the radio. Hello? he asked. Hello Nuka, How are you? asked Suka. Nuka's excitement could easily be heard. Where are you? he asked happily. Well, We're heading to the base at this exact moment Nuka. said Vitani. The group talked for hours until they had landed at the base. Suka and vitani were amazed when they saw the Ox4 was coming along at breakneck speed. The main frame had already been constructed. Greys approched the pair as they marveled at the massive airship. Hello. said Greys as he too gazed at the massive frame before them. Suka and Vitani looked to Greys and smiled as they embraced and thanked him for bringing back their family. He took them within the labs where they met their living family. Vitani ran to embrace Scar. As she ran to him she ran right through him and ran into the wall. Scar looked to her and a tear slid down his computed face. My dear Vitani, I am only a holograph. According to Greys we may be able to be brought back, But funds are needed to experement, The Ox4 has drained their resourses. Until then our natural forms are being kept in cryostasis. Vitani got up and smiled at her father. I can easily deal with a picture of my father, As long as it has his brain. Brain, heart, and lungs. smiled Scar. Nuka walked up to Suka and smiled. That shot hurt more than ya think. he grined. Suka smiled and held out a paw. Suka draped his arm over Nuka's shoulder and was amazed when he felt Nuka's fur in his paws. Suka sat there and felt his brother fur and fiannaly hugged him. Vitani was stunned when she looked to her brothers embracing each other. She looked to Greys and frowned. Greys just smiled and said. oops. Vitani looked to Greys and then her father. She slowly walked up to him and felt his face. Vitani could feel her father's tears as he cried with happiness. Suka slowly walked up to his mother. I cant beleave it, I thought I would never see you agian. he cried. No need to cry my dear, We are still here, And we are very proud of the way you took control like you did. Scar looked to his children and smiled. yes, Indeed you two have made great leaps and bounds to keep the family name alive. Nuka cleared his throat. You have also done alot for the family. smiled Zira as she looked to Nuka. Now they are more than just holographs, They are something alot more advanced. The group of Outlanders looked to Greys. They are our latest invention. We call them, F.I.H.I.s. Or Fully Interactive Holographic Images. They are the next thing to actual life itself. Artifical intelegence? asked Vitani. No, Actual intelegence, You see, They have the minds and souls of their natural bodies, Weather you wish to beleave it or not they have a beating heart, Pumping blood, and fully active minds. And, Your probably thinking. What if we lose power? At that moment Greys shut off the machine and the holographic images of their parents began to fizzle. STOP IT ! yelled Suka as he jumped at Greys. Suka, I can assure you, They are perfectly fine. Suka looked to his parents as he got up off of Greys and stared in awe as his father sat looking at him with a funny gaze. How is this possible? he asked as he looked to his father. Your father's body is what is keeping him going now. You see, his body still functions, his Heart, Lungs, and Mind need not energy, Only blood. He is still holographic, But the real intresting thing is, The holograph is being powered by his mind's energy. Greys smiled as he brought the power back on. Suka and Vitani were in tears as they looked to him in awe. No need to thank me, I did it only to keep the family whole. he spoke. Suddenly the alarms rose, a large group of attacking forces were heading toward the base. Japs. said Suka. Suka and Vitani ran outside and saw the wave of approaching aircraft and land vehicles. Suka took the wheel of one of the defensive tanks while Vitani commandered the Basilisk.

The large wave of attacking craft swept down and unleashed wave after wave of lead. Suka fired the tank's main cannon at full hilt and hit every other plane. Vitani mopped up the remaining aircraft with short range missiles. the base's defensive systems took control of the ground forces as a large aircraft flew overhead. It was huge , On its side flew the japineise flag. Greys drove a strange looking vehicle out of a large hangar and aimed it's large cannon at the aircraft. The cannon let off a earsplitting shreik a sit effortlessly fired the shot. The large monition hit the airship dead center. Before greys could fire agian the airship was far gone. Those damn Japs have been a thorn in our side for so long ! yelled Suka as he climbed out of the defensive tank and walked into the Basilisk. He stepped inside and Vitani drove them back to the base. Everything was still in mostly one peice. Once the Ox4 is complete we will make those Japs pay dearly. chuckled Vitani. Indeed. laughed Suka as he looked over intel on the Ox3. Vitani saw what Suka was looking over and frowned. Suka, there was nothing we could have done, If we would have stayed we would have all died in the explosion. Suka looked to her and smiled. I know, im just thinking about something. Vitani looked to her brother as he grinned widely. What are you talking about? she asked. You'll see. he chuckled as she landed the Basilisk. Suka walked out and went inside the base with document in hand as he smiled widely. Suka walked ino the research labs and set down at a computer. he brought up info on the Outland's armory. He entered a code written on a peice of crumpled paper. Suka was amazed at what he saw. There before him was a letter left behind by Scar and Zira.

It read.

If you are reading this we have either been captured or our lives have been extinguished. Either way the entire Outland collective is in your hands. We have left behind the family fortune within the safe of the Ox3. You do waht you wish with the family legacy, its your turn at the wheel now. Also, The top secret files on all our tech is contained within this archive. You will find weapons and vehicles of mass destruction. use them wisely, As they should be handled with great care.

Further on down there was a more recent entry.

You have evedently found the code to the archives, You already know what happened to us evedently. As the preavious entry states, Everything is yours, respect what you have been given. Continue down the road of life, And make us proud.

Suka smiled as he looked at the files contained within the archive. Suka was stunned to see plans for Spacecraft, Orbital cannons, And personal weaponry that defy reality.

Suka saved the file and got to work on the plan to destroy Japan once and for all. Vitani came in and saw the blueprints. What are those? she asked. Our future. Smiled Suka. Vitani looked over the blueprints with wide eyes.


The K-9000 "Twister"

A highly powerful four barreled chaingun capiable of ripping any life form to ribbons in mere seconds. Weapon has its own gyro stabliser due to massive kick generated by weapon.


The Arc

This weapon will focus a massive charge, the weapons' sighting systems are top notch. When the trigger is pulled the weapon "paints" the selected area with a proton patch of energy, nanoseconds later sending an arc of extreme voltage hundreds of feet to its target as it tracks down the proton patch.


The Milstar XJ-9000

This orbital cannon hovers miles from the surface of the earth waiting patiently for a signal to fire. When activated the Milstar XJ-9000 will unleash 2,000 terrawatts of plasmatic energy hitting the selected target within an inch, Atomising all it comes in contact with.


The Nuka

This weapon is dedicated to our son, Nuka. The Nuka is a large tunnel boaring nuke. This weapon will tunnel app 30 feet under the ground as it approaches it's target. When target is located the nuke will surface below the target atomising it on contact, the force of the nuke is focused directly in the center of the target.

Suka smiled as Vitani red the file. So, What do you plan to do with all this ? she asked. Suka just grinned evily as he spoke. Well, Right now nothing...But these will be our secret arsenal if anyone ever seeks to destroy all that we have rebuilt so far. Vitani agreed and Suka closed the file. The as the two walked through the hall a loud noise was heard from outside. Suka looked out a nearby window to see an immense ammount of light coming from the east. Suka ran through the halls with Vitani tagging close behind. Suka was stopped by an offical with a radation suit on. What happened? asked Suka. The offical looked out the door and spoke. We are testing the Quad Phase Induction Nucular core. Was it sucessful? asked Suka nervously. The offical nodded and spoke. Better than we hoped, A panel on the wall read out all the statistics on the current experement.

Experement 125:  Quad Phase Induction Nucelar Core

Status: Fully Active,

100% Stable,

Operating within Acceptable Levels

Core Output: 27,000,000 Terrawatts a second

Core tempeature: 27,000,000,000 Degrees

Suka was very pleased. he bowed his head as he spoke slowly. Father...It works beyond your best expectations...Thank you father...

Vitani smiled as the Core was powered down. After a few miniutes Suka and Vitani entered the massive warehouse and entered a very large blastproof container. Within the container set the Nucelar Core itself. Suka marveled as the core was still steaming from its shutdown. After a few miniutes of personaly inspecting the Core Suka smiled and left with a wide grin. We  have made much proogress Vitani, With the hull nearing 50% finished and the first core operational and ready. It should only be another more year or two before the Ox4 will be completely finished. Vitani nodded her head in agreement. Yes, Soon we will be ready to take to the skys and be able to stage a full assault anywhere, anytime. Suka looked to the symbol on his necklace, The Outland Shield. Vitani, Do you think we should make another symbol for the Ox4? Vitani looked to Suka and shrugged. I dunno, Thought we'd keep the orignal symbol on it and carry on the family history. Suka nodded and agreed. I just wanted your opnion.

At this very moment Greys came running into the hall and ran into Suka and Vitani. Greys studdered  V.v.v.Vitani  S.s.s.s.Suka Just the lions I wanted to see, hurry. Follow me ! he yelled. Suka and Vitani followed Greys to a fairly large lab. So, What's the rush? asked Suka. Greys smiled and shut the lights off. Suka and Vitani only heard Grey's voice Ok, Bring them in. A bunch of clicking was heard, it almost sounded like claws agianst the floor. A moment later the lights came on and Suka and Vitani saw two forms before them. Scar and Zira. Suka smiled warmly and Vitani nodded. Greys just kept smiling...So, What did ya do diffrent? asked Suka. Scar and Zira looked to each other and smiled widely. Hummm, I wonder what could be diffrent about us dear. smiled Zira. Scar only shrugged as he grinned widely. Suka and Vitani looked to the two and frowned. I give. spoke Suka. Scar and Zira motioned for Suka and Vitani to come closer. Suka and Vitani stood before them. Zira asked Vitani to hug her. Vitani smiled and a tear slid down her face as she sadly frowned. What? Afraid to hug your own mother? she asked. Vitani smiled and hugged her mother expecting to go right through her. Vitani's body was abbruptly stopped by Zira's body. Vitani slowly opened her eyes as she felt her mother's warm body and Vitani felt her smooth pulse. Suka was stunned to see his sister hugging their mother. Scar tapped Suka on the head. Suka looked to Scar as he held up a razor. Suka raised a brow. Scar frowned and put the razor on his paw and made a quick yet painful motion as a few tears came from Scar's eyes as he slightly cut his paw. Suka amazed enough when a small amount of blood seeped from the wound, But the thing that amazed Suka the most was Scar felt pain, The tears in his eyes was proof. Pain is something only a living creature feels. Greys walked up to the group and smiled as he spoke. How's it feel to have them back? he asked. Suka and Vitani immedeatly pinned Greys to the floor. Greys couldent tell if the Thank yous came faster than the How can I repay yous, next to the How did you do its. One thing Greys COULD tell was they were very pleased. If you'll let me up I have another suprise for you two. Greys was let up and he called out a name the shocked them. Nuka, Come here ! Alot of clamber was heard as he slid through the room across the floor and ran into a table of tools and knocked everything off it as he slid into the wall as a few types of oil drenched his fur. Nuka got up three diffrent shades of brown as he slipped and slid up to his family. Hiya. he chuckled. Vitani hugged her oily brother as he slid across the floor on oily paws. Suka thanked Greys agian as he asked. How DID you do it? Greys smiled as he spoke. We'll, Lets just say every dog has his day...I was fooling around with my dog's DNA when it hit me...Cloning was such an easy process it wasnt even funny really, Extremely exciting really. Greys set down and explained it to the five as they cuddled closely. By the end of the talk they were all covered in oil.


In Japan


The General of the Japaniese army looked to the sky with a smiled as he wiped his sword off with a soft rag. Today we send an attack squad to destroy this "War machine" in progress. First will come the high altitude bombers dropping heavy bombs and bunkerbusters for the underground warehouses. Then will come the ground assault wave, Tanks, Military and light aircraft. Then when they are brought to their knees we will deploy the finest peice of machinery ever to be built by japaniese hands. We shall introduce them to the Gardongo Assault Platform, Or GAP as will like to call it. The general instructed his troops exactly how and when they would attack. After that he walked into a door that shut quickly behind him. On the door it read.

Experement 4913



Suka walked past Nuka quarters to see him watching Tv as usual, Vitani was outside doing something, And Scar and Zira were enjoying being living once more. Suka was walking through the corridors thinking about what they would destroy with the Ox4 when the sirens raised. A large wave of attacking craft was headed directly towards them carrying heavy weapons. The base went into absolute chaos as people ran through the halls grabbing weapons from the armory and running outside. All defenses were at the ready in miniutes. The barrels of many tanks shone in the noon sunlight as they waited for the signal to fire. Soon the wave of aircraft could be seen, The aircraft were in the hundreds...Everyone took aim as the white flag dropped. A hellish amount of racket was produced as the entire base opened fire soon turning the wave of aircraft into a wave of fiery death. The aircraft kept coming and coming. The tanks kept firing as precisely and quickly as possible...But all they had wasnt quite enough, The wave was slowly approaching. The far horizon cleared as they could see the aircraft's numbers were dwindling. The remaining planes soon turned tail and went the other way. It seemed they were retreating...But the the rumbeling ground soon told diffrent. A wall of tanks soon made a rapid approach from absolutely nowhere. The firing soon continued, But there was a growing problem...Ammo was running short. Suka took to the skys in the Basilisk as the tanks approached. Vitani took control of the Sidewinder and sped off to the horizon. Nuka hopped into his tank the Firestorm and joined the fray. Scar and Zira looked to each other and shrugged, And took control of the Blood Asp and the Ragnorock. The battle was intensified as air support for the japs joined the fight. Fire and brimstone flew everywhere as shots rang out and whizzed by and atomised other craft. Rounds bounced off the heavy mechs as they took on the threats one at a time. Nuka blazed through millions of rounds as he ripped tank after tank to shreds. Vitani took aim and tagged one aircraft after another. Meanwhile Suka flew overhead raining down a wave of lead and rockets as he saturated the area with his arsenal. The battle was tense but they were victorious in the end only losing a handful of tanks. The Basilisk had a few dents, The Sidewinder had one of its jets heavly damaged, The Firestorm threw a track in the middle of the fight, The Blood Asp had moderate damage all over and the Ragnorock had suffered light damage as well. Not one bomb made it to its target though. As everyone counted up the kills and estmated the damage to the vehicles a very large blip was picked up on radar. It was moving fairly slow, but it had to be near a mile long. Greys looked to the Outlanders and frowned. We've got a serious problem...We have no defense agianst that. This was true, The tanks were low on ammo and alot were heavy damaged, And all the other vehicles were damaged. We cant fight them with just the Basilisk and Ragnorock. sighed Scar. What are we to do? asked Zira. Scar shrugged. Suka looked to Greys and asked a question. Greys, How much ammo do we have for the prototype assault tanks? Greys looked to Suka with a raised brow. Suka, We havent tested them yet, We dont know how they will handle combat...Well, Now's a good day to test them. Suka grinned and looked out the window at a large tank outside the window. It's really our only chance. spoke Nuka. Zira nodded as Vitani spoke up. So, Who's gonna take them on a test ride? Suka and Nuka stepped forward as they walked out the door. Sometimes I wonder about them. frowned Greys. Suka and Nuka took control of the two prototype tanks as they silently rolled off. The only sign of theire presence was the the ground shook as the 150+ ton tanks rolled along the ground. Zira and Vitani took command of the Basilisk and Scar fired up the Ragnorock agian as he stomped off to intercept the blip on his radar. Behind them came Greys himself inside a very strange looking tank. The group of vehicles waited for the rest of the tanks and choppers to arrive as they prepared to attack the object in the distance. Greys aimed at the object and powered up the cannon on his tank, it screamed with energy as it released a large orb of ionic energy that exploded with great force as it smacked the object head on doing a suprising amount of damage. The entire group opened fire as they engaged the Object. Zira took to the skies as she saw the Japainese flag flying on the side of the "Object". Everyone, This thing's from Japan, Their flag flies on its left flank. The large vehicle was only taking light damage, They just didnt have enough firepower to crack its armor fast enough. Suka and Nuka lined up their tanks and fired at the exact same area. The blast was quite large as a moderate sized peice of metal came flying off this thing before them. Suddenly the radio came to life. Dont you realise you puny weapons arent ever hurting slowing the Gardongo...Indentify yourself...My names is Nymegino, General of the Japaniese military, I have brought our warship, The Gardongo Assault Platform. We will crush you all like bugs. Zira grinned. I suggest everyone get out of here. she smirked as she armed the rail cannon and saturater missles. Everyone soon understood and fell back quickly. Zira flew the Basilisk higher and higher until she was out of the blast range. The crosshairs alligned on her HUD as the missles took aim on this "Gardongo" thing. The rail cannon hissed with energy as plasma ran along the cannon. The final crosshair alligned and the entire HUD turned red. The Rail cannon hit 150% charge as she fingered the Firing control. She snickered as she pressed the fire button. A pair of Saturaters took to the skies as the hunted down their target. The Gardongo relaeased chaff and deturrent mechinisms but the missles wernt even phased as the first missle hit hard tearing the front sector of the monstrosity to shreds. Within seconds the second hit home and blew the rear of the Gardongo to scrap. Now the Gardongo wasnt quite so mean looking. Then it happened...From the middle of the Gardongo came a massive cannon...One fitting the description of the one that destroyed the Ox3... The radio came alive agian. You have done far enough now ! he yelled. Now I will crush you with my mighty cannon !  Scans of the weapon indicated diffrent, This was not the cannon, This was a solid state Plasma projector, Still a very powerful armerment though. Zira reloaded the missle pods as she prepared to fire once more. Meanwhile the others kept the Gardongo's defenses occupied. The large cannon began to power up as it screamed with energy. The cannon then oriented and aimed directly at the Basilisk. Hellish flames jetted from the bottom of the Basilisk as it gained altitude rapidly. The cannon then aimed at the small grouping of craft. Just as the cannon prepared to fire the cannon was blown clean off the craft. Everyone looked as the cannon hit the ground and released a great deal of energy. Everyone looked to the skies to see the Hyclon-X3 hovering above. Everyone wondered but one thing...Who was driving it?

But now was not the time to be standing still, There was still a massive craft to be defeated. A large array of weaponry armed on the Hyclon-X3 and unloaded a massive ammount of firepower upon the Gardongo ripping it to shreds in seconds. Everyone retreated as the core went insaine and tore the craft to ribbons. The Hyclon-X3 retreated to the base as everyone followed. When the Hyclon-X3 landed everyone was amazed to see Halon walk out of the craft wit a handful of Borderlanders. Heard you were havin a bit of trouble. he grinned. Damn nice ship though. he added. So, How did ya get here? asked Nuka. Halon smiled and said. Gunship's parked in the base already. Everyone was glad to hear he had brough the gunship, But Halon had bad news. The vehicle they had just distroyed...Was from Japan, But the general was not present in the thermo scan. Evedently he chickened out. chuckled Suka.  Greys nodded as he led them into the base. Halon followed to see all the various technologys at their disposal. Halon then brought up a saddening fact. So, How's the Ox3 doing? Everyone stopped in place, Including Greys. Halon frowned as he saw their expressions. Scar spoke up. It was distroyed a few months ago. Halon drooped his head. Im sorry. he muttered. Dont be. said Zira. Be thankful we're all still here. comforted Vitani.

Halon read the documentation on the attack upon the Ox3. So, it was caused by only one shot? asked Halon. Indeed. nodded Scar. Do you know of such a weapon? asked Suka. Halon frowned. No, I have never heard of such a thing, Its way beyond our technology. This was factual due to the Borderlanders had not discovered Plutonium yet. So, Whats this I hear about a Ox4? asked Halon. The Outlanders all smiled and lead him to a massive underground hangar. Say hello to the Ox4. smiled Scar. Before them was a half constructed monster of a craft. It has to be over a mile long! yelled Halon. 2 1/2. corrected Zira. So, What does Ox4 stand for? questioned Halon. Oppressive Outland Omega Oblivion. smiled Scar. Complicated. sighed Halon. So, What are you doing here? asked Nuka. Well, We have been traveling through the deserts following a very strange signature, We followed it to this location but all we found was this...sighed Halon as he led them to the Borderland Gunship. Inside the cargo hold set a very weird looking object. We found this object in the middle of the desert...not a thing more with a fifty mile radius... The "object" was a large, black, sphere about the size of a boulder. So, What do you think it is? asked Scar as he tapped it with a claw. We dont have a clue, All we know is it seems to be inpenetrable and it is letting off a very strange frequency. Scar smiled. Inpenetrable you say? Halon rolled his eyes. I'll have it taken outside immedeatly...

After a miniute or two the "object" was hauled into the middle of the desert. Before the rock set Halon, A few of his men, And the Outlanders. They stood before the "object" weapons drawn. Everyone stepped into the Destroyer as Suka took aim with his desert eagle from one of the portholes, The round merely bounced off the "object" harmlessly. Suka expended his clip into the thing with no affect whatsoever. Zira then smiled, Time ta crack this thing in half. She spoke as she loaded her RSVG with a massive round. The gun effortlessly fired the shot as it bounced off the "object" and then bounced off the Destroyer's armor. By now Nuka knew his nano tech pistols wouldnt phase the thing so he loaded a canister into his Napalm Blaster. The cannon let off a great deal of heat as it turned part of the object orange. Almost instantly it looked as it it hadnt even been touched agian. Halon's 5 men took a 80mm railgun each and unloaded on the beast...Still...Not a single scratch... Scar smiled as he took the controls of the Destroyer. Enough with the popguns. he smirked. Scar armed the Rail cannon and warmed up the firing mechinisim. Suka eyed his father, Dad, What if the rail comes back at us? Scar frowned. I dunno...I dont think the armor will deflect a direct hit, We'll just have ta take a chance. Zira tackled Scar to the floor. YOU WILL NOT PUT OUR FAMILY IN DANGER LIKE THAT ! she screamed as she clenched her fists. Very well, What shall we do then? he growled. I think I have an idea...she smirked. Zira turned to Halon. Halon..IS the cannon upon your gunship ready to fire? Halon smiled. I can have it ready in five miniutes. Halon walked off to the Gunship as the family looked to Zira. Exactly what are you thinking of? asled Scar. Well, its the largest weapon here at the moment... If that wolnt shear this thing in two nothing will... Everyone went to the gunship and found Halon powering up the cannon. Be ready in no time. he spoke. Halon aimed the cannon at the distant object and armed the weapon. Alot of noise was generated as the fusion drives came alive, Spewing massive amounts of plasmatic energy into the weapon's core. The cannon hissed as tempeatures rose erraticaly high. Fire bellowed out of the end of the cannon as it hit 50 %. The Outlanders then realised they had never seen the Borderland Gubship's main cannon fired. Damn ! yelled Scar as the noise became louder. His ears were pounding as the cannon hit 75%. The entire weapon glowed an errie shade of gold. What the heck is happening? yelled Zira. Oh the core's just overloading...That's all. smirked Halon. We're at 90%. he chuckled. Soon after an alarm raised as the cannon suddenly slammed back with a deffening CLANG !!! Ready to fire ! yelled Halon. He pulled the trigger and a very strange noise immulated from the cannon as it collected its energy in mere seconds. Then without warning the cannon fired a brilliant beam of solid gold. The beam hit the object directly as a catstrophic explosion errupted from the object. When the smoke cleared and everyone went to the Object jaws hung agape...the "Object" Was untouched...

What the hell is this thing composed of? cursed Scar. Halon shrugged. Scar set and though as everyone looked upon this object. So, We cant distroy it...humm. Perhaps we missed? thought Nuka. Halon frowned. I highly doubt it, There was an explosion, So we hit it... As everyone shrugged the object was taken to the labs to be anylised. So, Do you have the slightest clue what could have been causing this frequency? Halon shrugged his shoulders. Not a damn clue, it WAS massive whatever it was, But as quick as our scanners had picke dit up it disappated once more. We're not sure what it was, But I must warn you all for your safety. It was NOT of this earth. The craft could easily have been as big if no bigger than the prototype craft you have in production. I would advise you research a VERY powerful weapon system centered around firing through VERY heavy armor. I wouldnt doubt this thing is studying us, Waiting for us to make that one fatal mistake. What mistake? asked Scar. Attacking it directly. We have no clue how long we have been observed by this unknown craft, But it would seem they know your actions towards threats. I will warn you agian, We have little informaton on them, But what our scans did pick up... Scary stuff my Outland brethren, Extremealy advanced beyond our idea of undefeatable.

Scar simply smiled as he spoke. Well, If there IS anything wishing for a fight we'll damn well give it a fight. Halon grabbed Scar's arm and held it very tight and pulled Scar close to himself. Do NOT attempt to destroy it ! You will kill your entire family when this craft tears you newly made flagship to shreds, Scar, Promise me you wolnt attack it without our help, Promise me Scar ! Scar rolled his eyes. Halon, We Outlanders dont attack anything until we have it dead in our sights and we're absoutely sure we can annihilate it, We will not go on a sucide mission agianst what we do not know. The whole family was giving Halon a worried look. We're not stupid Halon. spoke Suka. We know when there is more danger than gain. comfirmed Zira. Scar just shook his head as he looked to Halon. So, How about we get to adressing that little issue with the Japanese army? spoke Scar. Halon nodded. Follow me. he sighed. Halon led the group to a room filled with schematics and battleplans. We have caculated this is the exact location of the destroyer of the Japanese army, The Gardongo Assault Platform. Nuka raised a brow. Didnt we just destroy that? Halon frowned. No, That was the prototype, Having much less armor and virtually no defenses to speak of. What about the main cannon? asked Suka. Well, Did you ever witness the cannon fire? Suka nodded. A fake huh? Halon shook his head, No not a fake, A test, They were documenting how you would act under pressure. Now they know your tactics...Anyways, We need to send over a heavy assault bombing fleet to distroy this beast before it get the chance to fight. You will need to take care of the ground assault. What about you? asked Zira. Halon smiled, We may not have much in the name of ground assault craft. But as of late we have investagated great amounts of knowledge and pure skill to create a small fleet of super craft unlike any the world has seen before. Scar raised a brow. Halon noticed it. What? I said they are the best of their kind, Im sorry, But we have the most advanced flying units around. Scar grinned. Then how would you feel about a friendly race? Halon grinned. Do you realy think you can defeat us? Scar grinned. We have always been a step ahead of you... Halon smiled. Very well, A race it is, Loser is the ground assault. Zira smiled, Halon, You have little in the means of ground assault vehicles. Halon grinned. Dont worry Zira, I plan to leave your clunky hunks in the dust. Halon then went back to his outdated flagship to contact this "super fleet"

Meanwhile Scar and all the other Outlanders prepared their craft for the race, Checking every single millimeter of their craft.

Scar would fly the Royal Outland Assault Appache.

Zira would pilot her custom vertical takeoff and landing craft the Punisher.

Vitani Would fly her hovertank The Sidewinder,

Nuka would drive his hotrod sled the Firestorm,

And Suka would take control of the Basilisk.


The Outlanders meet Halon out in the middle of the desert three days later.

Halon was sitting in the sand alone, With no super fleet in sight. Scar got on the radio. Halon turned on his headset. I figured you Outlanders wouldent show. Scar smiled and spoke. It seems your Super fleet broke down somewhere. No, They are just waiting for a signal, Here, let me show you your doom. Halon then spoke ove the radio. AJH-6, Formation Alpha. Scar looked to the sky... Seconds ticked by as the birds chirped happly in the distance... Scar tapped his claws on the dash of the ROAA impatiently. Still nothing on radar for miles...


Halon, Where are we going to get to actually see these craft? asked Zira. Just then a strange sound was sounded like crackling. After awhile the cracking noise became an earpeircing screem as four ultra sleek jetlike craft landed beside Halon. The Outlanders were in awe... These jets looked EXTREMELY fast... Sleek as a bullet with massive jet engines. So, Exactly how much is big boy there packing? asked Scar over the radio. Well, if you mean power it is drived by six Reverse Injection Quad Forced Hecto Stratation Plasma Driven Pulse Ram Hydro Engines, or R.I.Q.F.H.S.P.D.P.R.H.E's to be short. Scar was not impressed by the long name. Well they can ram as much Hydro as they please, But they aint beating pure craftsmanship. Scar then got on the secure channel. My family, By the looks of it this is going to be on heck of a fight to the finish. You are going to have to push your craft to the extreme and vastly beyond to beat these streamlined creations.

Halon then came over the radio, Shall we being the race alreday?

Very well Halon, First Nuka will be racing the smallest craft.


Very well, Speeder XJ-9 to the starting line. spoke Halon.

Nuka went to the line and revved his engine. As both prepared to take off a hellish amount of noise was heard as one of the jets on the small craft blew into oblivion sending the craft flying to the side. The Outlanders just watched as the small craft flew through the sky, When it landed in a heap no one could keep a straight face. It seems they can do things we cant. laughed Nuka. Well give the man a flying salute. Chuckled Suka. A blaze of fire indeed. snickered Zira. Vitani just laughed...And laughed. Well, I guess you forfet Halon. Outlanders-1 Borderlanders-0. chuckled Scar.


Very well, I shall choose the next craft. I wish to see Vitani race the Star-X6. Just as long as it wolnt blow up. added Vitani as she went to the line. Vitani let the twin jet engines roar on her hovertank roar with power as a meidum sized jet lined up beside her. The signal was fired and both craft took off in a flash of blazing fury. Vitani took the lead as she pushed the jets harder and harder. Soon the jet began to catch up slowly. Vitani remembered this was a no holds barred race... She engaged the magnetio impellers and sent her hover tank near the limit. She looked to see her Jets were reaching the rpm redzone fast. Vitani whipped the hovertank around as the jet made a wide turn. Vitani put every ounce of fuel she could muster into the engines. A split second later alarms raised, Her right engine's coolant mechnisim was failing, the engine was reaching 51% effency, At this speed it could blow any second... But her familys name was on the line. She continued across the dusty ground as she claimed first place as the jet screamed overhead a few seconds later.

Outlanders-2 Borderlanders zip ! yelled Vitani as her family congragulated her.


Enough games. whispered Halon. Now we arm the weaponry...

Halon Smiled as he took control of a craft so sleek and thin it looked like a flying sheet of steel. I wish to race that contraption. Spoke Suka. Suka went to the starting grid as the super sleek craft pulled up beside him. Suka heated up the turboprops and activated the hyperdrive. There aint no way on hell this thing is gonna beat me. he sneered as he throttled the basilisk's main engine up to full throttle. The shot was heard and the super sleek craft disappeared in no time. Suka was trailing close behind closing the gap quickly. The sleek craft flew past the marker and made a very wide turn. Suke pulled up on the yolk and sent the Basilisk into a spin. With absoulte presicion he ended up dead ahead of the craft. Suka flipped the switch to the Hyperdrive and left this craft in the dust. Suka was about to cross the finish line when a fleet of silver flew past the Basilisk. The jet had won...

Suka cursed as he landed the Basilisk. I was that damn close ! snorted Suka. Oh well, We're still in the lead. spoke Vitani. 2 to 1 Scar, And its my turn to pick. chuckled Halon. I wish to see our toughest craft have a battle with you Scar. Scar snickered. Very well. Scar climbed into the cockpit of the R.O.A.A. and fired up the engine and warmed up the weapon systems. Scar wasnt suprised to see another large chopper land next to him. Okay, lets have a good fight... First craft to stop functioning loses. Scar snickered. Halon, Our craft are built to the upmost standards, All you have is speed and agile pilots. Halon smiled as he stepped back to fire the starting shot. Halon raised the chrome pistol to the sky and fired the starting flare.

With that Scar took off into the sky as the sleek jet armed a various amount of diffrent weapons. Scar took evasive measures as the craft opened fire. lets see just how well you handle pressure. spoke Scar as he pulled an emmelman and pelted the craft with 50 caliber rounds. These craft were not very well armored at all. His 50 cal rounds easily periced the titanium alloy hull with little effort. Scar easily out manuvered the shiny fool as he shot the ever living crap out of it. Scar took high to the sky as he armed the tri rail chaingun cannon and prepared to open fire. Scar pulled the thrusters and overtook the the craft and opened fire on the rear end of the craft. The shiny craft was torn to ribbons as the 80 mm rails tore the craft apart. Scar gloated as the craft landed in a heap a few seconds after the ejection pod released.


3 to 1 Halon. Smirked Scar as he landed the R.O.A.A. with not one single scratch.


Halon sneered as he took the controls of the largest craft. It would seem it is down to the last two vehicles. Zira smiled as she asked. So, What kind of duel is this going to be? Halon just grinned as he spoke. I shall race you in the Stratrus XRJ-Infinity, Our most prized craft. Zira nodded and took control of the Punisher. The Stratrus XJR-Infinity powered up it's six massive engines as it prepared to takeoff. You do realise that craft is three times as big as the Punisher... Smirked Scar. Halon just grinned as he throttled up the ship. The starting flare was fired and the Stratrus disappeared in a fleet of irrdecent white... Zira throttled the Punisher up to full throttle only to have Halon blast past her and cross the finish line. Zira hadnt even went 300 feet... 3 to 2 smiled Halon.

You just had to show off didnt you Halon? smirked Vitani. It's as I said before, I've got you beat in speed. But we'll always have you beat in armor plating. smiled Scar as they planned their assault on Japan.

The Outlanders and the Borderlanders would attack the secret base in Japan and cripple Japan's war machine the G.A.P.

Meanwhile, In Japan.

Men, We attack in a few days... Your mission is to atomise the Outlander's Flagship in progress. A direct flight path over hostile Outland grounds would be sucide... We shall send off the array of missles from 150 miles, There we should be out of radar range, but close enough to launch the second asssault. A group of large carriers will bring in the bunker busters to penetrate the base's defenses. When the base has lost it's defenses we will release our main assault. One of our carriers will be carrying a prototype megabomb simply called, The A-TANC. Atomicaly Thermo Active Napalm Cluster. We WILL bring them down this time, We WILL suceed, We WILL win !


More will come in time !