Hello again. Okay you know the trip in order to understand the following fan fiction you must’ve seen The Lion King 1, The Lion King 2, and read my The Lion King 2. But I have a question, if you haven’t seen The Lion King why are you even bothering with this website?

Okay do I have to run down all the © stuff?

Just in case. Characters like Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, etc. are all © of Disney.

I’m not quite sure who invented Tanabi, but he’s created and it wasn’t by me.

All other characters like Kyoto, and Cara are all © of me.

Also a fan fiction writer by the name of Kovu created Ed’s mom. I just borrowed her and altered the outcome of What Happened to the Hyenas, one of his stories. With his permission of course. So Ed’s Mother is © of Kovu.

So without further adue, I give you The Lion King 3!


The Lion King 3


{I’m not going to bother with characters.}

[By the way. I did do music in The Lion King 2 but I’m not going to do that now.]

(Dicamu is sitting on a cliff, disgusted.)

Dicamu:            (Speaking low enough so only she hears it.) Kiara, you killed Zira. Now you’ll be mine. I’ll get you Kiara, you and the traitors.

(She lifts herself up and starts toward the Outlands. She stops and feels a kick.)

Dicamu:            Trust me Kiara, my daughter or son will see that your breathing slows.

(She growls bitterly and continues her venture home. The landscape of the Outlands fills her rosy eyes. She flicks around and she hears the laughter of hyenas. She turns ready for anything. Instead of a large pack that she was expecting it is only three of them she relaxes but not enough to let her guard down. The female approaches her.)

(F) Hyena:            Well, well, well Bonzai what have we got here?

(A male hyena laughs and circles Dicamu.)

Bonzai:            Hmm… I don’t know Shenzi what do you think, Ed?

(The last one laughs at a response.)

Bonzai: Just what I was thinking a lioness on our lands.

(Dicamu gives a warning growl. Another female hyena comes up. She has a kind voice but Dicamu still doesn’t relax.)

Shenzi:              Ed! Why’d you bring your mother?

(Ed laughs.)

Ed’s Mom:            Now Shenzi Marie, try making friends with the lion before we kill her.

(Dicamu laughs maniacally.)

Dicamu:            Shenzi Marie? Ha! A hyena kill me! (Laughs.) I dou… (She stops in midsentence because the baby kicked again and it shows on her face.)

Ed’s Mom:       OH! You’re pregnant… when’s the baby due?

Dicamu:            (Snaps bitterly.) How should I know?

Ed’s Mom:       You know what we should stay with you until after the baby is born. Oh it’d be so nice! And we can find that Scar character that you hyenas were talking about.

Dicamu:            Scar? How do you know Scar? Never mind… I have a plan for you.


Act 1

A Cub That Finally is Becoming a Lion

(At the top of Pride Rock Simba and Nala sit and watch the sunrise.)

Nala:                Now that we know that Tanabi is still alive how are you going to justify you killing Scar?

Simba:              (Pauses thinking. Then he turns his head towards the Elephant Graveyard.) …I don’t know.

Nala:                (Keeps quiet for a moment.) An even bigger question Simba is who will command after you’re gone.

Simba:              Why’s that so hard? Tanabi of course.

Nala:                Simba… Kovu’s probably had more training.

Simba:              Nala think about it… I don’t want to leave with Tanabi angry at Kiara and Kovu because of what happened to my father after Adhadi died.

Nala:                Simba who’s Adhadi?

Simba:              My fathers father.

Nala:                Oh… his name was Adhadi?

Simba:              Yeah.

(There’s a long awkward silence afterward.)

Nala:                Don’t you think you should ask Tanabi what he wants to do?

Simba:              I’ll go ask him.

(Simba lifts up and leaves the gorgeous horizon. Nala sits there and faces the uprising


Nala:                Thank you Mufasa for bringing Tanabi back to me.

(She gets up and follows Simba. When they find their son he’s upturned on his back.

Nala giggles at the sight of Tanabi trying to get back on his back. But Simba doesn’t

waste any time.)

Simba:              Tanabi… when I die do you want to lead the Pridelands?

Tanabi:             Simba…

Simba:              You know you can call me dad right?

Tanabi:             No Simba, I’ve called you that since I could speak and that is how I will die. Anyway… no I do not want to lead the Pridelands.

(Simba looks disappointed but quickly lightens up.)

Simba:              You know you look just like a cub in that position.

(Tanabi looks away embarrassed. But he bounces up finally and leaves.)

Nala:                You seem disappointed.

Simba:              Why would I be? He chose his path, and now he gets to lead it. Either way he has to be a leader.

Nala:                Why?

Simba:              He has to lead himself on the path he decided on.

(Tanabi hears this but ignores it. He walks out side looking for something he isn’t sure what yet but he knows that it’ll be important. He sees a former outlander female and very pretty.)

Tanabi: Cara! Wait up!

Cara:                What is it son-of-a-king?

Tanabi:             Call me Tanabi and have you seen Vitani?

Cara:                She went to go tell Dicamu we can come here.

Tanabi:             Maybe I’ll catch her on the way back.

Cara:                You do that.

(Tanabi walks off. Cara sits and speaks out loud.)

Cara:                Silly kids, Dicamu is still loyal to Scar and Zira she wont come back.

(Meanwhile in the outlands.)

Vitani:               Dicamu! We can come to the Pride Lands.

(A laugh is heard in the blackness.)

Dicamu:            I like it here. Silly girl, I will never return to Pride Rock.

Vitani:               Let me guess, you are going to tell me I betrayed my own mother and therefore don’t deserve to have a friend such as you.

Dicamu:            Correct on the first one. Wrong on the second, you don’t deserve my company, traitor. But I do have some friends for you to play with.

(The hyenas come down. Laughing.)

Vitani:               I heard of you. How you failed to help Scar in the battle against Simba.

Shenzi:              He called us the enemy.

Bonzai:             So when there was nothing left of Scar’s dignity we left the Pride Lands.

(Ed laughs idiotically.)

Ed’s Mom:       That’s when they met me.

(Ed laughs. Vitani raises an eyebrow.)

Vitani:               Still, why are you working for another lion then?

B, S, E, &M:    (All laugh. Vitani smiles.)

Vitani:               Great I’m fighting a group of idiots. (She turns and walks away Shenzi starts to follow her.)

Dicamu:            Let her go. We’ll kill her when we get the chance but not now.

(When Vitani returns Tanabi is there to greet her.)

Vitani:               Hey Tanabi.

Tanabi:             Hey Vitani.

Vitani:               So what’s up?

Tanabi:             (Remains silent not knowing what to say next. Then he says.) Would you like to go find a meerkat to chase up a tree? (Thinking.) Why’d I say that?

Vitani:               (Smiles. Timon & Pumbaa sneak up behind them.)

T & P:              Boo! (Both lions don’t appear scared.)

Vitani:               Nice try.

Timon:              Now then what do you want to do?

Tanabi:             We have no idea.

Pumbaa:           You should come with us. We were about to go for a nice relaxing swim.

Vitani:               Sounds fun.

Tanabi:             (Smiles and follows the three figures going towards the Jungle.)

(Once in the jungle Timon and Pumbaa start singing Hakuna Matata. Vitani joins in about the time Simba begins singing. The three sing while Tanabi sits down wondering when he should come in. He decides he shouldn’t and all of them climb to the top of a waterfall. Timon and Pumbaa leap first followed by Vitani. Then Tanabi leaps down into the water trying to look impressive in front of Vitani and he hit the water in a belly flop.)

Vitani:               (When Tanabi resurfaces.) Are you okay Tanabi?

Tanabi:            (Embarrassed.) Yeah. I’m fine.

Vitani:               (Giggles.)

(Timon and Pumbaa get up and out of the water and start to leave. The lions stay in the water and circle one another. Timon doesn’t get it but Pumbaa drags him off trying to explain it to him. The lions continue circle one another. They pull up onto the beach finally and look up at the sky. They lay there all day and then the stars come out and they start to look at the stars.)

Tanabi:             You know what that looks like? (Pointing at star.)

Vitani:               What?

Tanabi:             (Thinking out loud.) You.

Vitani:               (Confused.) What?

Tanabi:             (Coughs realizing his mistake.) Uh… our cub that is.

Vitani:               (Giggles.) Our cub?

Tanabi:             (Coughs again.) Uh…

Vitani:               (Shakes her head.) Don’t feel to bad about liking me Tanabi. I understand… and I like you.

Tanabi:             R-Really?

Vitani:               Really.


Act 2

A Future Enemy


(Simba tosses and turns in his sleep.)

[Dream Sequence.]

(We see Simba running to save Mufasa like in The Lion King 2. He stops to take a breath, and then he sees Mufasa dangling over a cliff side.)

Mufasa:            Simba! Simba! Help me!

Simba:              Father!

(Scar’s laugh rings out clearly.)

Simba:              No, dad just a little farther! (Reaches out to grab him. Then he turns back and Scar has grabbed hold of him.)

Scar:                Gotcha! Trust me. (Mufasa falls off.)

Simba:              Wait a minuet I’ve already had this dream. Now I trust Kovu.

(Scar disappears and appears over the cliff.)

Scar:                Simba! Simba! Help me!

Simba:              You killed my father.

Scar:                Simba please help me!

Simba:              Never.

Scar:                I beg you!

Simba:              You killed my father why should I help you.

Scar:                You’ve already gotten your revenge for that. Please help me.

Simba:              I never forgave you.

Scar:                Simba, when I died it was you who ended me… you always said you didn’t want to be responsible for the death of a family member. Now you are. Help me!

Simba:              (Harsh and unforgiving.) Never.

Scar:                I give you my word as Taka, not as Scar.

Simba:              Why should I help Taka, he’s about as trustworthy as Scar?

Scar:                Because the story Mufasa told you is not the truth.

Simba:              Which lie is that Scar?

Scar:                The one about how Adhadi, my father, died.

Simba:              Oh yes the one where you threw him off a cliff like you did my father.

Scar:                Simba, that was a lie. The stampede happened exactly like the one you were in, only Mufasa was trapped in it. I told my father and he rescued him. He put him on the ledge one of the buffalo’s horns got a hold of his side he spun in and he tried climbing the ledge like Mufasa did when he was rescuing you. I tried to pull him up… but I was just too weak. His last to me was “Long live the king.” I told Mufasa about it and he was angry at me. We grew apart after that. Help me please.

(Scar’s grip slips noticeably, Simba looks down at the pitiful image of his uncle grasping hold of the side cliff. He contemplates on saving Scar or not.)

[Real World]

(A clash lightning wakes Simba from his dream. He lifts himself and walks outside to watch the rain. The rain hits the ground hard. Simba is obviously relaxed. He stares into the heavens themselves and rushes out into the cold rain.)

Simba:              What do you want from me?

(Scar walks out of the clouds and glares down with his scarred eye. Simba looks away guiltily. Scar continues his mean glare down at Simba. Thunder rolls loudly as Scar opens muzzle to speak but he decides to remain quiet.)

Simba:              Scar the Lord of the Skies; I forgive you for killing my father but only if you forgive me for killing you!

(Scar once again opens his muzzle, there is a loud roll of thunder as he does so but he gets the message across fine.)

Scar:                Speak my real name, and I shall forgive you, Simba son of Mufasa Lord of All.

Simba:              I know your real name! It is…

(Thunder rolls across twice on the third time Simba yells it out.)

Simba:              …Taka!

(Scar bows to Simba.)

Taka:    Simba I release you! (Thunder rolls across as he disappears from the clouds themselves.)

(Three lionesses approach the mouth of the cave.)

Lioness 1:         All hail king Simba.

Lioness 2:         For the time that he remains alive.

Lioness 3:         Sereta, (The first lionesses ears perk.) Saika, (The second lionesses ears perk,) you know the rules no revealing the future.

Sereta:              Now, now Soa, you gave him more than he needs to know.

Simba:              Can I help you ladies?

Saika:               Ladies? Simba you flatter us.

Simba:              Come inside, it’s really cold out there.

Soa:                 Flattery and now an offer of warmth. Simba you are a good lion.

(The three lionesses bow to Simba.)

Sereta:              (Chanting.) Double, double toil and trouble

Saika:               Fire burn and cauldron bubble

Soa:                 Long live the king

Lionesses:         Say we witches three. Double, double toil and trouble

(A crack of thunder alerts the crones. They continue the chant. {I know I stole it from Shakespeare’s MacBeth. But… it’ll make since in a while.} Simba follows the crones with his eyes as they move around in a circle, dancing in the rain. They stop, as a crack of lighting strikes overhead. Thunder rolls out and all three of the witches laugh maniacally.)

Soa:                 We do not fear you!

Saika:               We’ll never fear you!

Sereta:              Not now not ever!

(They laugh until a strike of lightning strikes in the middle of the witches. They laugh harder now.)

Soa:                 Taka you have no power over us!

Saika:               Only the king of Pride Rock does!

Sereta:              Him, and the lord of the heavens!

(They laugh and start there chant again.)

Soa:                 We mark the end of an age.

Saika:               And the start of a new one.

Sereta:              Long live Simba, for the while.

(Simba cocks his head curiously.)

Soa:                 Your hate, Taka has started the end of this mighty dynasty.

Saika:               Despite, your attempts to make amends.

Sereta:              And now you can only watch the end of the longest dynasty in history.

Soa:                 Kovu will never see his kingdom.

Saika:               Or his son.

Sereta:              Or the end of Simba.

(The three witches continue the classic witch laugh. Thunder rolls but there laughter overpowers it. A bolt of lightning strikes overhead and the witches disappear. Their laughter hangs and Simba hears their voices say a few more things.)

Soa:                 If you think you’ve seen hatred

Saika:               You are wrong

Sereta:              Another evil slumbers

Soa:                 Awaiting her chance to strike

Saika:               Even now she’s passing on her hatred

Sereta:              Says we witches three.

(Only the pitter-patter of the raindrops hitting the ground remains. Meanwhile in the Outlands. Dicamu is squirming to give birth to a cub, Ed’s Mom and Shenzi are standing there helping her out. Then one cub bursts threw and gets cleaned by Dicamu.)

Ed’s Mom:            Congratulations.

Shenzi:              Yeah. Whatcha gonna name her?

Dicamu:            Kiua. (Smiles wickedly.) Something that kills.

(Ed’s Mom and Shenzi walk away. The three witches appear in front of the new mother.)

Soa:                 Congratulations, down fall of the greatest empire.

Sereta:              This one will grow to be three times stronger than any male lion.

Saika:               We witches three bless upon her three gifts.

Dicamu:            Who are you crones?

(The witches don’t seem to care about what she just called them.)

Soa:                 I, Soa the Gray, grant the child beauty. Beautiful as a rose.

Saika:               I, Saika of White, grant the child grace. As graceful as doe.

Sereta:              I, Sereta of Black, grant the child strength. Strong as an ox.

(The witches chant the last of each of their sentences.)

Lionesses:         Beautiful as a Rose
Graceful as a Doe
Strong as an Ox
Do we witches three bestow
Upon Kiua of Taka!

(They laugh and disappear again.)


Act 3

Tanabi Disappears

(Vitani and Tanabi are sitting at the top of the waterfall, alone. A light rain douses them but they stay there for a while then it starts to come down a little harder.)

Tanabi:            Aww… it’s starting to rain.

Vitani:               C’mon lets go before we get soaked.

(And with that the two cubs get up and start to walk away from the waterfall. Mean while in the Pride Lands, Kovu and Kiara sit next to each other, at the very edge of the Pride Lands. Behind them a lion sneaks up behind them.)

Lion:                 Um… excuse me?

(The two lovers turn around to greet the lion. They see that his mane hasn’t come in he’s a fairly young lion.)

Kiara:               May we help you?

(Kovu starts to choke and cough. The lion starts to back off.)

Kiara:               Kovu are you alright?

(Kovu coughs once more and he becomes slyer. His scar glows a funky purple but he seems relatively normal.)

Kovu:               (Slyer.) Yes Kiara. I am fine.

(Kiara turns to the lion.)

Kiara:               What did you do to him?

Lion:                 Nothing.

Kiara:               Really. The second you come up he starts choking uncontrollably. Some coincidence huh?

Lion:                 I just got here! How could I do something to Kovu?

Kiara:               Who said his name was Kovu?

Lion:                 Look! I know him through someone. I know for a fact that Taka is dead. Thereby making Kovu the only right eye scarred lion!

Kiara:               How do you know this?

Lion:                 Don’t you know that Adhadi himself laid down that law!

Kiara:               Who’s Adhadi?

Lion:                 (Repeating confused.) Who’s Adhadi? He was the one who found Pride Rock! The Pride Lands before that was basically a normal pride! Adhadi discovered Pride Rock! He was the greatest king that the Pride Lands have ever seen! Ever!

Kovu:               (Slyly.) Taka’s father.

Lion:                 Mufasa’s too.

Kovu:               Correct.

Lion:                 I was just looking for the Pride Lands so I could speak with Rafiki. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

Kiara:               First off who are you? How’d you get in here before Zazu found out?

Lion:                 You mean that bird?

Kiara:               Yeah.

Lion:                 He recognized me before I got in… my name is Mburuga.

Kovu:               No, seriously?

Mburuga:          It means magic to identify a wrongdoer.

Kiara:               Oh yeah that’s right, I heard about lions named that. They’re supposed to be like the best spell casters ever or something like that. Protectors I suppose we could call them.

Mburuga:          Who told you that?

Kiara:               My father.

Mburuga:          And who’s that?

Kiara:               Simba

Mburuga:          (Drops jaw.)

Kiara:               What’s wrong?

Mburuga:          (Shakes head.) Uh… nothing sorry. Do you know where I might find Rafiki?

Kiara:               He might be in his tree.

Mburuga:          Thank you for your time.

(Mburuga walks off. Kovu stares after him, while Kiara starts to lean against him again.)

Kiara:               Kovu, I love you.

Kovu:               I know.

(Kiara looks stunned so she turns around sadly and starts to walk off. Kovu grabs a hold of her.)

Kovu:               Where do you think you’re going sweet thing? (Smiles wickedly.)

(Mburuga runs as fast as his fairly small feet can carry him. He stops at the tree that Kiara gave instruction to. {Okay I know I didn’t say that up top but she did don’t ask stupid questions such as those.} When he reaches the tree he roars to get Rafiki’s attention. The old baboon comes down from his tree and the two souls embrace.)

Rafiki:               Why has the counsel come to Rafiki man again?

Mburuga:          Rafiki, the elders censed that Wicca has entered the Pride Lands again.

Rafiki:               I haven’t cast any spells.

Mburuga:          We know you haven’t Rafiki… we are more worried of Sereta has come back for revenge.

Rafiki:               No, Sereta can’t come back.

Mburuga:          How are you so sure?

Rafiki:               I do have protections spells against her return.

Mburuga:          I am sorry to say this Rafiki but…

(Tanabi and Vitani running home. They stop to rest and they can hear…)

Rafiki:               YOU DID WHAT!!!

(And back to Mburuga and Rafiki.)

Mburuga:          We tore down the magic walls.

Rafiki:               So Wiccan magic has reentered the Pride Lands.

Mburuga:          (Nods.)

Rafiki:               Do you know what she cast?

Mburuga:          (Shakes head.) No. But I heard that Simba grew up… …and he has a daughter.

Rafiki:               Yeah.

Mburuga:          I’ve been away to long.

Rafiki:               That you have Mburuga.

Mburuga:          Also we have some important news regarding the other prides out there if you would care to hear it.

Rafiki:               There’s only one other pride that I’d like to hear about. The Stone Pride.

Mburuga:          They finally settled in. Now they are refurnishing and soon they’ll be ready for attacking who ever they feel like. The counsel is most endangered.

Rafiki:               Why is that?

Mburuga:          Remember what happened when I founded the counsel.

Rafiki:               We founded the counsel.

Mburuga:          Sorry Rafiki… my memory of that far back is getting to me.

Rafiki:               Rafiki man still has some questions.

Mburuga:          Okay.

Rafiki:               The last these old eyes saw you, you were an old cheetah.

Mburuga:          And now I’m a lion adolescence. Curse upon me. I angered the wrong lion.

Rafiki:               Who?

Mburuga:          The high counsel. Which is weird because we founded the counsel. I tried tellin’ them that and they turned me into what I am now.

Rafiki:               Ah… that is all I needed.

Mburuga:          Mind if I go see Simba?

Rafiki:               He’s some where in Pride Rock or at least he should be.

Mburuga:          Okay.

(Mburuga bounds away. Rafiki stays.)

Rafiki:               Oh, if I could only reach the wise one’s around the world. Maybe I can. (Leaps into his tree.) Asante Sana Squash Banana! I call for you Grand Willow!

(Do I have to say it? Just in case, meanwhile somewhere in America. An old tree slumbers suddenly she awakens. {Obviously, Grandmother Willow.})

Grandmother Willow:   Kway Kway Noctora, I call on the baboon!

(A weird hole appears from nothing.)

Rafiki:               Grandmother Willow! It is good to see you again.

Grandmother Willow:   It has Rafiki. What do you need?

Rafiki:               You are one of the most high of the entire senior in the counsel that we all started.

Grandmother Willow:            So?

Rafiki:               Mburuga needs help now.

Grandmother Willow:            Does he now? Well you know there isn’t much I can do but… try The Great Prince of the Forest. I’ll stay where I am; summon me when you get the chance.

Rafiki:               Asante Sana Squash Banana, I call on the Prince wanana.

(Again The Prince of the Forest wakes from a slumber.)

Great Prince:    Come to me, Rafiki.

(Portal opens up.)

Rafiki:               Hello, Great Prince.

Great Prince:    Hello, Rafiki.

Rafiki:               Hold that thought. Asante Sana Squash Banana! I call for you Grand Willow!

Grandmother Willow:                Kway Kway Noctora, I call on the baboon!

Great Prince:    Hello Grandmother Willow.

Grandmother Willow:                Hello, Great Prince.

Rafiki:               Great Prince, the counsel says that the witches are back for revenge.

Great Prince:    We’re stuck here unless you’ve found a spell…

Rafiki:               (Interrupts.) NO! Both of you have important business to attend to. If you don’t go with this business the natural order of things will perish! PERISH!

Grandmother Willow: You are overreacting Rafiki.

Rafiki:               Looks like I’ the only one who can do anything to protect the counsel.

Grandmother Willow:                We are sorry Rafiki.

Rafiki:               There is nothing you can do about it Grandmother Willow, or you Great Prince.

Great Prince:    If we could we would.

Rafiki:               I know.

(Portal closes after one more apologies from the other founders.)

Rafiki:               Poor old Mburuga. Never again will he be able to become Mburuga. He’ll have to rethink his name.

(Mburuga was sitting there for a while.)

Mburuga:          I do don’t I?

Rafiki:               I am sorry Mburuga.

Mburuga:          We all agreed on what would happen should one of us be ban from the counsel, my new name is Sivyo, no name.

Rafiki:               I am sorry Sivyo.

Sivyo:               No you’re not.

Rafiki:               We agreed on it, Sivyo.

(Sivyo’s gorgeous purple eyes swirl and go cloudy.)

Sivyo:               (His voice is distant, and unsure.) Kovu not the same… …he’s an evil… I see the lion… …not very built out.

Rafiki:               Scar!

Sivyo:               No… (Sivyo’s eyes swirl once again and rest on a gray.)

(Meanwhile back with Tanabi and Vitani.)

Vitani:               I have to leave Tanabi there is something I need to do.

Tanabi:             Alright.

(Vitani leaves. Tanabi smiles happily feeling rather accomplished. He stands there thinking for a while and he doesn’t hear the cackling behind him. An unfamiliar sent fills his nostrils and he tenses up unthinking.)

Lioness1:          So, the young, prince has a crush does he?

Lioness2:          Indeed he does sister.

Lioness3:          Back away from the young lover, Sereta. You will taint his heart.

(Tanabi turns to greet the Lionesses but keeps tense.)

Sereta:              Oh c’mon sister. You have to admit it is funny. Isn’t that right Saika?

Saika:               Indeed.

Lioness3:          I don’t want you around one of the purest loves in the world.

Sereta:              C’mon Soa.

Soa:                 (Stands strong.)

Tanabi:             Can I help you?

Sereta:              (Wicked smile.) You can help me.

Soa:                 (Unsheathes her claws.) I am the balance. You will not touch him.

Saika:               (Goes closer to Tanabi. He backs up trying to maintain something.) There’s no reason in the world to fear me.

Tanabi:             There’s all the reason in the world to fear you.

Saika:               Name three.

Tanabi:             Easy, one you have an unfamiliar sent, I don’t trust anyone I don’t know. Two, you have the smell of magic which would make you a witch and I cant tell if you are a good witch or a bad one.
Three, Rafiki warned me not to trust any witch good or bad.

Saika:               I can justify each of those and I’ll work backwards.
Good witches are healers, so what is Rafiki if not a healer?
I am Saika the white the good witch.
And you trust Simba do you not?

Tanabi:             Simba is my father why wouldn’t I trust him?

Soa:                 Saika you know the rules he has to figure it out by himself.

(Back at Rafiki’s tree. Sivyo’s eyes swirl again.)

Sivyo:               They are here!

(Rafiki instantly knows what he is talking about and hops onto Sivyo’s back and they rush to Tanabi’s aid. While Tanabi is listening to what the witches have to offer.)

Sereta:              Tanabi you want information… we want a male. Do we have a bargain?

Tanabi:             (Contemplates on the witches offer. While Sivyo runs at full speeds to catch up with him.)

Rafiki:               DON’T DO IT!

(But he is a heartbeat too late. Tanabi shakes paws with Sereta a portal opens up and he steps inside oblivious of Rafiki’s warning. Soa stays back for the while.)

Rafiki:               Tanabi! (Runs over to Soa.) You are supposed to maintain balance.

Soa:                 (Turns sharply to him.) Wrong baboon! My order from the gods themselves is to maintain balance that is true but I cannot be held responsible for a lions own actions. If Tanabi wants information on business that is not his own then that is his choice. Not mine!

Rafiki:               Iko zi hapa kizee!

Soa:                 I will leave Rafiki. (Opens a portal and just before she walks through she looks back upon the baboon.) Iko zi hapa mzuza.

Rafiki:               Iko zi hapa kizee!

Soa:                 (laughs and walks through.)

Rafiki:               Simba ni mwendo umbua sisi sote.

Sivyo:               Would you mind speaking regularly? Not in the dead language of the saints?

Rafiki:               Simba is going to kill all of us.

Sivyo:               Kodi hobe.

Rafiki:               You are funny. (Hops onto Sivyo’s back and they depart.)

(Meanwhile with the witches.)

(They appear somewhere in a forest. Saika ushers Tanabi down. They order him to watch the scene that plays out. Tanabi looks and sees a tall figure standing on two legs holding a weird looking metal instrument. Pointed directly at a gazelle looking thing with a younger one.)

Soa:                 (Whispering to Tanabi.) Now you will see your precious “Circle Of Life” play out.

(With that three loud shots ring out. On the third one the female gazelle looking thing falls to the ground with a thud. Tanabi stands up and roars he runs towards the two-legged animal at full speed. The witches cackle and disappear.)

Tanabi:             (Thinking as he runs.) What am I doing? Why did I want to know this? I’m going to die. (He runs at full speeds and gets the better of the two-legged creature. Easily he pins the beast and slashes its throat.) (Thinking still.) It is dead… …how will I make it home?

(And with that he walks deeper into the forest.)

[In case you didn’t understand. I just killed the hunter that killed Bambi’s mother.]

(Back at Pride Rock. Simba is taking the news of his son’s disappearance hard. His old age appears as his mane is starting to go silver. He takes it hard and lies down.)

Simba:              Are you sure there is no way we can get him back?

Rafiki:               Positive.

(Nala is crying once again.)

Nala:                Damn it Mufasa quit taking my first-born child!

(Kiara and Kovu come in and try to comfort Nala. It fails as Vitani comes in and looks at the ground as tears roll down her cheek.)


Act 4


(Two months have passed since the disappearance of Tanabi. Everyone excluding the “royal family and friends” believes Tanabi to be dead. Meanwhile Tanabi has learned to cope with his new environment and respects his surroundings. He decided not to kill any of the gazelle like he once did in the Pride Lands, and returned to his old lifestyle like in the Outlands. He is eating bugs, one day in the Outlands. Dicamu is sitting with her cub curled up in her tail.)

Dicamu:            What is you’re name?

Kiua:                Mother don’t you know your own cubs name?

Dicamu:            Child of course I do I’m testing you.

Kiua:                My name is Kiua.

Dicamu:            What does it mean?

Kiua:                Something that kills.

Dicamu:            And what will you kill!

Kiua:                The traitors.

(Ed’s Mom and Shenzi walk in.)

Shenzi:              Our sources tell us that Tanabi is missing.

Dicamu:            Soon.

Ed’s Mom:       With all due respect why don’t you wait until you have an actual pride to back you up?

Dicamu:            You mean the Emerald Pride?

Ed’s Mom:       Who are they?

Dicamu:            You will see follow me.

(Dicamu stands up and lifts her cub by the scruff of the neck. She leads the hyena’s west. Farther than the Pride Lands. Speaking of which… meanwhile Simba is lying down. Rasping uncontrollably. Nala is standing there bowing in respect of the falling king. Kiara is huddled next to Kovu who is holding his head high enjoying the sight.)

Simba:              {Simba’s voice is cracking as he speaks.} Circle of Life.

Nala:                (Sadly.) It’s the wheel of fortune.

Kiara:               (Sadly.) It’s a leap of faith.

Kovu:               (Cockily, and leans down to whisper to Simba.) Long live the king. (Then says something out loud to cover his mistake.) It’s the path of hope.

Simba:              (Finally understanding who Kovu is.) You aren’t Kovu… You aren’t Kovu…

(Simba coughs and his heart stops beating. Nala and Kiara both start letting tears fall to the ground. Kovu stands triumphantly over Simba’s fallen body. He tosses his mane and allows fake tears to hit the ground. Nala starts to cough as well. But does not die Kovu is taken aback. Nala was supposed to die along with Simba. He gets to a really low growl but walks out to make the announcement.)

Kovu:               Simba’s death was a terrible tragedy. With the inspiration of both Simba, and Scar in mind we will rise out of the ashes of despair to greet the dawning of a new era! Long live NU-KOVU!! (Races to the top as it begins to rain and he roars out to the heavens. Then speaking quietly.) Proud of me now mother?

(Rafiki approaches Pride Rock to carry Simba out of the cave. He drops Simba next to his tree.)

Rafiki:               Tanabi, where can you be?

(And back with Dicamu and the hyenas. They have made it to lush grasslands where another bizarre formation of rocks is set behind a mountain. Moss covers the rock formation making it green. From the distance and during the rains it looks emerald. Dicamu still has her daughter in her mouth as the five of them approach the rock formation.)

Dicamu:            (Muffled since her daughter is in her mouth.) That rock formation right there is called Emerald Rock. C’mon we have to go before the hunters spot us. (They all race towards Emerald Rock. A large built lion jumps down from a tree.)

Lion:                 (Demanding not really asking.) What is it you want!

Dicamu:            Chongo, I’m surprised at you.

(The lion turns to reveal he only has one eye.)

Chongo:           How do you know my name?

Dicamu:            It is I, Dicamu.

Chongo:           Dicamu died the same day this place burned.

Dicamu:            Chongo, I am Dicamu. You should trust me!

Chongo:           Why should I trust you?

(A lioness’s voice rings out.)

Lioness:            Stand down Chongo.

Chongo:           Lazuli! I was merely…

Lazuli:               (Interrupts.) …Silence! (Chongo stops talking.) Dicamu we have a lot to catch up on. But first explain to me why you travel with four hyenas.

Dicamu:            They are in my debt.

Lazuli:               Kill ‘em.

Dicamu:            Lazuli… I can get something out of this.

Lazuli:               (Nods.)

Dicamu:            This is my daughter, Kiua.

Lazuli:               (Looks down at the cub.) Hello.

Dicamu:            (Whispering.) Kiua this is one of my oldest friends, Lazuli. Say hello to Lazuli and Chongo.

Kiua:                (Stuttering.) H-Hello.

Dicamu:            Who was that to dearest?

Kiua:                (Stuttering.) H-Hello, Lazuli and CH-Chongo.

Dicamu:            (Smiles in approval.) Good. Lazuli… Scar and Zira are dead.

Lazuli:               You come to me with news that I already have been told.

Dicamu:            So…

Lazuli:               …yes.

Dicamu:            And he’s…

Lazuli:               …he left last week.

Dicamu:            Interesting.

(Another lioness comes bounding up.)

Lioness:            Simba is dead!

Lazuli:               What about Nala?

Lioness:            Unfortunately not. But Kovu is in charge.

Lazuli:               That means that Nuka has become king.

Dicamu:            Nuka has died as well.

Lazuli:               I know darling but our Shaman has transferred Nuka’s soul to Kovu’s body. This is an interesting spell… Kovu is somewhere as a random lion. It is interesting.

Dicamu:            Do we know which lion?

Lazuli:               His father.

Dicamu:            Then what happened to Kovu’s father?

Lazuli:               Long since dead. But his soul vanished from existence… the body was dominated by Kovu. Kovu is controlling his father’s body. While his father’s soul has basically disappeared from existence.

Dicamu:            Sounds deadly.

Lazuli:               Yes… it is typical spell for Garnet to make.

Dicamu:            Tanabi has disappeared.

Lazuli:               Who is Tanabi?

Dicamu:            He was Zira’s ultimate weapon. Then he betrayed Zira for Simba. Apparently he is Simba’s son.

Lazuli:               So our attack upon the Pride Lands should be quick and decisive.

Dicamu:            There are no Outlanders left. Just Kiua and me.

Lazuli:               And this one is too little to fight.

Dicamu:            Correct.

Lazuli:               We will train her but first… Dicamu you have to step down as Kiua’s mother!

Dicamu:            Pardon?

Lazuli:               If you want Kiua to be raised properly she has to be my daughter!

Dicamu:            Last time I did that he was raised a coward.

Lazuli:               Dicamu you are getting old. You have a generation of children out there, and now you have another child. You will die before she can take over.

Dicamu:            Well aren’t we the pleasant one.

Lazuli:               You know what I say is right Dicamu. Just relinquish your daughter to me!

Dicamu:            I believe it’s more her choice than ours.

(Lazuli is enraged by Dicamu’s words. Instantly angry she pounced on her old friend and the two lionesses go into a fight of titanic proportions. Chongo looks confused, as he doesn’t know who to attack.)

Bonzai: Cat fight! Cat fight!

Shenzi:              Of course it’s a cat fight! They’re lions!

Ed’s Mom:            Oh dear what will we do.

(Ed sits there and claps laughing.)

[Fight scene. I’m a gonna do this normally. K?]

            Lazuli pounced with all her strength against Dicamu. Taken by surprise Dicamu fell backwards hitting the ground hard, but quickly recovers. She stands up and slashes at Lazuli, who in return backs up and slashes back. In the furry of combat no one saw the little cub start to sneak off northeast, towards the Pride Lands.

            Lazuli easily pined Dicamu and made short work of the finale and stood triumphantly over Dicamu’s still rotting corpse.

[Back to script.]

Lazuli:               It is settled. Dicamu’s pitiful attempt made sure of that… …Kiua is mine for the keeping. Where is the little brat?

(Somewhere in the savanna.)

Kiua:                (To self.) I will get away from all this… I’ll flee to the… no that’s where they’ll look first.

(Lazuli voice rings out.)

Lazuli:               Where’s your mommy little cub?

Kiua:                You killed her!

Lazuli:               Wrong. (Pounces the cub.)

Kiua:                Learn to pick on someone your own age!

Lazuli:               Brave words for something so insignificant. (Laughs and lifts the child up and walks away.)

(Back where Tanabi was so rudely left to die. Tanabi is sitting on a tree watching as the weird gazelle’s child is being raised by another gazelle.)

Gazelle Child:            Hello father.

Gazelle father:            Hello Bambi.

Bambi:              Where are we going to day?

Gazelle father:            We are going to meet someone who is in the trees.

Bambi:              Friend owl?

Gazelle father:            No.

Bambi:              Who then?

Gazelle father:            I know you are up there. Hop on down.

(Tanabi smiles and leaps from the trees. Bambi hides behind the gazelle father.)

Tanabi: Hello.

Gazelle father:            I am the Great Prince of the Forest. Aren’t you going to say hello?

Bambi:              (Shakes his head.)

GPotF:             You’re not afraid are you?

Bambi:              (Shakes head.)

GPotF:             Then go on up and say hello. (Nudges him forward.)

Bambi:              (Is still dumbfounded.)

Tanabi: Don’t be afraid, child. I tried to save your mother.

Bambi:              When?

Tanabi:             Um… when the man got her… I got him back though. I tore him to shred… (Swallows as Bambi starts to look away sadly.) Look, I know how it feels, (lying) my mother died by one of those two legs too. But there’s a thing called the “Circle of Life.” You see… (Thinking.) How did Dad explain it to me…? (Speaking.) When a man dies he becomes the grass and you gazelle.

GPotF:             Deer.

Tanabi:             …Deer… eat the grass. While the human eat you… not all that pleasant I know but that’s how my father explained it to me.

Bambi:              So… you’re saying that when man dies they become grass and then we eat grass and then they eat us?

Tanabi:             Exactly.

Bambi:              (Whispering to GPotF.) He’s crazy.

GPotF:             He may be crazy but he’s right.

Tanabi:             It was good to meet you. Great Prince?

GPotF:             What?

Tanabi:             Where would I find the Pridelands from here?

GPotF:             You’d need a two legged water carrier for that.

Tanabi:             Where would I find one?

GPotF:             The closest one I can think of is over with Pocahontas.

Tanabi:             Where would I find her?

GPotF:             About thirty miles east of here.

Tanabi:             (To Bambi.) Good to meet you. (To GPotF.) Thanks for the help. (Runs east.)

Tanabi:             (To self as he runs.) I will get their Vitani.

(Nala and Kiara sit next to each other watching the sunrise. Still sad about Simba’s death the sun rises. The golden orb is almost a promise… a promise of a better day.)

Nala:                (Tired and sickly.) Soon I won’t see another one of these.

Kiara:               Another what?

Nala:                Another sunrise.

Kiara:               Oh. (Changing subject.) Kovu’s different.

Nala:                Different how?

Kiara:               Whenever I said I love you, he’d respond the same way. But lately all he says whenever I say that is I know.

(The two sit in silence for a while. Then a lion comes running up as fast as it could. The two stare at one another and as if by a silent signal, Kiara leaps down in front of it.)

Lion:                 Oh thank god I found you Kiara.

Kiara:               Who are you?

Lion:                 It’s me… Kovu.

Kiara:               No your not, Kovu’s inside the den still sleeping.

Lion:                 Kiara… it’s me… I promise you.

Kiara:               You’re not Kovu.

Lion:                 Kiara…

Kiara:               NO!

(She slashes the lion that claims to be Kovu to the side of the face. Kovu backs away and starts to cry sadly.)

Lion:                 (Sadly repeating their first words to one another.) Who are you Pride Lander? (Pauses a few seconds.) What are you doing?

(Kiara is starting to realize.)

Kiara:               My father never says to turn your back on an Out Lander.

Lion:                 (Lighter.) Do you always do what daddy says?

Kiara:               No.

Lion:                 Betcha do!

Kiara:               Oh my! How did this happen?

Kovu:               I don’t know but the lion in there isn’t me.

Kiara:               Rafiki will know Rafiki will…

(Rafiki was standing behind the two all the while.)

Rafiki:               And what will Rafiki know?

Kiara:               How this happened!?

Rafiki:               Well, it was definitely magic.

(The witches are heard from behind.)

Soa:                 You are a genius, Rafiki!

Rafiki:               I said it before and I’ll do it again! Iko zi hapa kizee!

Saika:               Relax we’re only here to change what has happened.

Rafiki:               I don’t care, Iko zi hapa kizee!

Witches:           Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Back to the way things were we witches declare
Or we’ll find the way in our lair!

Rafiki:               Not a very good spell.

Kovu:               (Starts to cough and wheeze. Kovu’s image is pulled out of the body and replaced with another.)

Lion:                 Who are all of you? Leave me alone.

(Nuka’s laughter is heard above and the lion runs off.)

Kiara:               HE’S BACK! Rafiki thank the witches while I run to go greet him!

(Kiara runs off.)

Rafiki:               Unlike you to do something not for yourselves.

Soa & Saika:    (Bow.)

Sereta:              We demand retribution!

Rafiki:               Iko zi hapa kizee!

Witches:           (Growl angrily and disappear.)

(Meanwhile back in the den of Pride Rock. Kiara bounds up to see her mate.)

Kiara:               KOVU!

(The two embrace one another compassionately. Nala sitting at the top of Pride Rock starts to choke and wheeze. She sits there for a while after he coughing fit then she appears to decide on something. She lies down and allows herself to choke and wheeze and eventually, her lungs stop working and her heart gives out.)

Nala:                (Smiles.) Here I come… (Dies.)



(The memorial service for Nala took place a day after her death. Kovu and Kiara spent the next few days catching up with one another. And Sivyo apparently ran away after the disgrace of loosing his name.)


Okay this story came up faster than I thought it was. I’m working on the Lion King 4. I would’ve kept it going but my computer sucks at the moment so right now I righting The Lion King 4 on paper. I will try to have The Lion King 4 up by… I don’t know.




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