the missing part

It was dawn in the pridelands.Everyone was asleep.......Well nearly everyone.The queen was giving birth to her second child.The prince Tanabi was waiting anxiously with his father king Simba.Tanabi coulden`t take anymore.His mother had been in labour since the previous evening and Tanabi had stayed awake for the whole thing.His head drooped onto his shoulder as he fell asleep.Though Tanabi was still young he

was quite grown up for his age.Everyone said that he looked like his grandfather who he had never known but was anxious to meet though his father had never told him why

he had never met the mighty lion.He had met his grandmother though, Sarabi but she had passed away a couple of days ago.Tanabi awoke with a jerk,coming back to reality he heard his father`s voice.



Nala:Meet your brother and sister

Tanabi:brother and sister?

Nala:yes......We`ve decided to name the boy Kopa and the girl Kiara

Simba:Tanabi?Could you go and get Rafiki?Tell him they have been born.


Tanabi walked slowly down from the cave and past the lioness cave.He had expected them to be asleep as usual but instead they were sitting up.

Safarina:Hi Tanabi!How is your mother?

Tanabi:Shes given birth

Lioness:Ooooh!Girl or boy?


Safarina:Well congratulate her from me.Whens the cereomony?

Tanabi:Don`t know.....thats what I`m going to find out

Safarina:Whats their names?

Tanabi:The boy is called Kopa and the girl is called Kiara....I better go now...bye!

Tanabi ran forwards a little to make up for the time he had lost.He slowed up when he was near rafiki`s tree.All the thoughts were swirling around inside his still tired head.

Once he had been an only child,The future king.But he had competition. He would not have minded if it had been just Kiara....but another male?Would his father still pick him as king with two males to choose from?But before he knew it he had bumped into Rafiki`s tree.

Rafiki:Who calls so early in de morning?

Tanabi:Its me

Rafiki:I do not know any called me.

Tanabi:Its Tanabi

Rafiki:Oh Tanabi!De king`s son!

Tanabi:Yeah......My mother`s just given birth.

Rafiki: and you want to know when de ceremony is?


Rafiki:Oh why deeden`t you say so before?Come on we must veeset dem!Follow old Rafiki he knows de way!

Tanabi:But I know the way home too.

Rafiki:Yes but Rafiki knows a shortcut!

Full with regret,not knowing whether to trust the old monkey,He followed Rafiki.

Rafiki:By de way is it a boy or a girl?

Tanabi thought for a moment.This was his big chance to ditch Kopa and be king for sure!But then he thought of his parents trusting,loving looks and knew he coulden`t let them down.

Tanabi:Twins.A boy and a girl.

Rafiki:Exceelent!You must be proud!

Tanabi thought for a moment.Was he proud?Was he jealous?Well having a brother and sister can`t be all that bad.After all he`d have playmates day in day out and would never get bored.He put a huge grin on his face smiled and nodded.

Later while Rafiki,Nala and Simba were cooing over the cubs Tanabi began to have second thoughts again.Already he was getting less attention.He decided he would settle this once and for all.That night he ran away.He ran as fast as his legs could carry him.Far away from the pridelands he lay down on top of a rock and slept.

Meanwhile Simba was comforting Nala.They had woken up and realised their eldest child had gone missing.That morning Simba called a meeting between the pride.

There was lioness,Zira who diden`t care one bit and found the whole thing a joke.

Zira:Oh Simba I do feel sorry for the cub I really do....I coulden`t stand living with you either I would have ran away.Of course I would help if I diden`t have my paws full with training Kovu the future king.

Simba:Oh I killed the future king so that your son can take after Scar and be king!

For once Zira actully looked like she was listening,looking worried even.

Zira:No...wait...I diden`t!



Three small cubs peeked around Zira`s ankle.There was a male who was the eldest of the three who was called Nuka and two babies one was female named Vitani and the  other was another male named Kovu.

Simba:And take your cubs with you.                                                                               Zira:We will be back Simba.                                                                                             She turned and left along with the other lionessess Simba had exiled,holding her cubs by the scruffs of their necks.Meanwhile Tanabi was trying to find food.He remembered his mother hunting and tried to copy.At the end of the day he had fourteen field mice,two birds and one baby zebra.To top it all off while he was hunting he found a giant deserted waterhole with everything he needed there.            His first day in the wilderness had gone well.After he had his giant dinner he started training for his massive comeback.                                                                                Two years later,back at pride rock,The family had still not got over the disserpearence of their TWO sons.Kopa had gone missing too.sometimes at night Simba and Nala argued over Tanabi and one night Kopa had gone to get a drink and heard the whole story.Kopa had such a pure heart that he set off to find his missing brother while his sister was on top of pride rock talking to his parents.                                    Meanwhile by the waterhole Tanabi  walked outside into the morning sunlight.Over the years he had grown a shining,flame-red mane and was twenty times bigger and stronger.He was ready to return home.

Meanwhile Kopa was nearing the waterhole.On the distance he saw a male lion washing his mane.

Kopa:Who are you?Are you my missing,long-lost brother Tanabi?                               Lion:ROOOOAAARRRR!!!                                                                                                   Kopa:huh?                                                                                                                        Lion:I am Max!Now get out of my terriotory!                                                                    Kopa:Do you know anyone called Tanabi?                                                                     Max:I said GET OUT!                                                                                                        Kopa:No!Not untill you tell me whether you know him!                                                  Max:ROOOOAARRR!

The mighty lion took a swipe at the cub but though small Kopa was fast and dodged.In his mind he had come to the conclusion this lion,Max,had killed his brother and was tetermined to kill Max.Meanwhile Tanabi was already starting his journey back to the pridelands when he saw the cub in danger.Of course Tanabi  diden`t know who the cub was.He stepped in front of Kopa and gave a mighty roar.The lion turned and ran.                                                                                         Tanabi:Coward.                                                                                                                 Kopa:Who are you?                                                                                                         Tanabi:I am Tanabi.                                                                                                         Kopa:Wow!I`ve been looking for you everywhere!                                                        Tanabi:Why?Who are you?                                                                                           Kopa:Don`t you remember me?I`m your little brother Kopa!                                             Tanabi:Kopa.....we meet again.                                                                                        Kopa:Why did you run away?                                                                                          Tanabi knew his plan was ruined.How could he kill this cub?Kopa was his own flesh and blood.Kopa had risked his life to search for his older brother.And another fact was that Kopa looked a lot like him.Tanabi smiled.He knew when he was beaten.He sat down and told Kopa the whole story.Kopa,of course,looked a little scared when Tanabi got to the bit about Tanabi killing Kopa.But Kopa had a pure heart and forgave his older brother.They started the journey back to the pridelands.The family were happy to be back together.Tanabi noticed just how much his siblings had grown.This was all to much for little Kiara.Her brother went missing a couple of weeks ago and come back with a huge and mighty lion called Tanabi who claimed he was her older brother.A couple of years later Tanabi announced he was leaving.Kopa and Kiara had grown up a lot since Tanabi had returned.In fact they were nearly fully grown.Tanabi was leaving with Kopa to teach his brother how to be a mighty lion.They would return one day to take the place on royal throne.Suddenly,when he was saying goodbye to his parents,Tanabi saw a adoselent lion from the top of pride rock.Kiara had claimed that lion to be a good playmate and very brave.He remembered well the day Kiara had come back from playing with him.He left with Kopa and ran to catch up with the lion who was on the outside of the outlands.

Tanabi:Hello whats your name?                                                                                       Lion:Kovu.                                                                                                                         Tanabi:I am the  brother of Kiara,the one you played with when you were a cub.     Kovu:You know Kiara?                                                                                                     Tanabi:Yes.I am trusting you to find a way to be with her and rule the pridelands while I am gone with my younger brother Kopa.When we return,I will take over.goodbye.

Tanabi left with Kopa running playfully.Kovu looked at them with confusion.

Kovu:Whatever.Who does he think he his?Like I`m gonna let him take over from me.Loser.


                                                 THE END