Simba and Nala were playing but not knowing they were wondering out of their territory.They were heading to the edge of the Pridelands.Suddenly

Nala looked up.Wow,she said,we`re at the edge of the pridelands.we better go.she said quickly turning around but Simba stepped in front of her.No way!,he said,lets explore.But Simba,said Nala,remember what happened with the hyenas?Oh yeah,said Simba,sadly,lets go.The two cubs turned around but another younger cub stepped in front of them.His fur was a light brown and his eyes were slightly out of focus.His mane was black and battered.He had the appearence of a lion who had not eaten for days.

Hello,he said with a evil grin on his face,you must be prince Simba.His grin widened.Then he said,I`ve been waiting to meet you.

Who are you?asked Simba bravely stepping in front of Nala.

I`m Nuka ,Scar`s son.The cub ansewerered.

So we`re almost realated,said Simba

Almost?What do you mean almost?When you die I`m gonig to be king.Said Nuka proudly.

What?growled Simba

Well I`m the only other male cub in the pride,Nuka explained,So when you die I`ll be left to take over the throne and theres nothing you can do about it.

Yes there is,said Simba,I`ll have a son by then.

First question,said Nuka,What if its a girl?Second question,who would be the mother?

Suddenly Nuka spotted Nala.

Ah I see,said Nuka,you`ve already got a girlfriend.Well I better take care of that.

Suddenly he lashed out at Nala and knocked her out cold.

Simba started growling.He felt like he was going to explode.For the first time ever in his whole life he let out a mighty roar.He pounced at Nuka  

and pinned him to the ground.But Nuka was suprisinly strong for such a small cub and threw poor Simba off him.But Simba was not giving up that easily.Simba let out a mighty swipe scratched Nuka around the cheek.A mighty battle began.Nuka pushed Simba down into a pond.Simba got up shook himself and growled at Nuka.Nuka started to growl too.Nuka bit Simba`s leg and before he could react poor Simba was sent smashing to the ground.Nala woke up just in time.The lioness hunting lessons from her mother had finally come in handy.She crept up quietly behind Nuka and pounced.Nuka tried to run but he was not quick enough.He let out a yelp.Simba woke up and re-entered the battle.Meanwhile Mufasa had grown worried about the cubs being out for such a long time.He sent Zazu to see what had happened.Zazu was flying overhead and happened to hear Nuka`s yell and dived down and saw all the commotion.All the cubs froze as they saw the bird swooping down to them.Simba was biting Nuka`s leg,Nala was just about to scratch Nuka and Nuka was biting Simba`s ear. 

Zazu cried ,I will get help!And flew away only to smash into a nearby tree.

All three cubs shrugged and resumed their battle.Zazu woke up from all the noise and nobody saw him fly for help.Nuka had both cubs pinned to the ground and his claws raised in the killing position.Any last words?He asked the cubs grinning.

Yeah,said Simba,Daddy!!!!He yelped,helplessly.

And then coincedently Mufasa pounced from behind a tree with Zazu flying at his heels.

Wow,said Nuka,thats service

just before being knocked to the ground by Mufasa.

Thanks dad.Said Simba

Mufasa winked back.


By Katie_Russell

P.S I wrote this when I was 8.