The Fate of Hate

Suka Darklion

The sun set upon the King and Queen of the Pridelands as they looked upon the masses behind them. Zazu came back from his scout to find Vitani and Suka in power. Zazu was scared as they approached him. Worry not, We need a mojordomo. said Suka. Zazu was still frightned but bowed to them. Suka and Vitani smiled and made Zazu feel a litle more secure. Zazu? asked Suka. Yes my king? gulped Zazu. One, Stop calling me that, Just call me Suka. And Two, When we clean this place up, Summon all the animials, We wish to let them know of the new rule. said Suka. Very well  . . Suka. said Zazu as he flew into his tree. He looked to Suka and Vitani as they sadly carried the bodies one by one. A few of the lioness of both prides had survived. They helped dig the graves for the deceased. Everyone was buried with equal Cerimonies, Stones, and Care. They all wept at the sights of their kind and leaders graves. It hurt Suka and Vitani the most, Due to the fact that they were the only ones with family. Suka looked to the skys. Its going to rain, We should go inside. said A lioness. We'll just stay out until it does. said Suka, please leave us if you wish. The Lioness went inside Pride Rock to shelter from the now pouring rain. Suka and Vitani stayed out in the drenching downpour as they wept. Their family, So living at once. Now, There wern't even any Pridelanders to mingle with. The Anger and evil of the Outlanders may have died that day, But it would always be remembered by Suka and Vitani, The only ones left. The next day they set out to find a new shaman and future advisor. As Zazu was growing in age, They wouldnt push him farther than he could go. Suka and Vitani already knew a shaman, Ariz. One of Zira's family. They ventured to the Rimlands and found her watching the lands. Ariz ! yelled Suka as he ran to her. She was offended for a second, But when she saw the faint brown stripe down Vitani's forehead she knew who they were. What are you two doing here? asked Ariz. We have come bering good and bad news. said Vitani. Ariz looked to her. Bad? asked Ariz. Vitani's smile quickly faded. The Outland pride has been wiped out, All but us. Along with the Prideland pride, We sent the princess Kiara on her way. Ariz wiped a tear from her eye. Everyone? she asked. Everyone. sighed Vitani. G..ood? stuttered Ariz. We are the new rulers, And we ask of your shamanistic arts. said Suka. Ariz looked to them and smiled. I would be glad to be the shaman of my sister's children. she said and walked off with them. Do you know of any advisors? asked Vitani. Ariz smiled and whistled. A strange looking lion came running, This is my son, Taka. Suka though of the translation of his name. The four then made their way back to the Pridelands with new members. The group came back to quite the sight, Something was very wrong. The graves, Had been dug up ! Suka and Vitani ran to see what was going on. Suka stared as they all understood what had happened. The graves hadnt been dug up, Something had come out of them, Something, Living. Suka and Vitani scanned the horizon and looked for any signs of movement. They then ran into Pride Rock to find a few lioness in a corner of the cave looking like they had seen, A ghost. Vitani ran over and asked them what was wrong. Suka stared in marvel as he found out what was the problem. There was someTHING at the other end of the cave with glinting eyes. Suka slowly paced over to it and the eyes shifted to him. Who are you? asked Suka. The form reveiled itself. Suka was thunderstruck when he saw who it was. No, your dead ! yelled Suka. No im not. said the creature. Suka gazed at the form before him. He stared at it as he flet himself shrink. There standing in front of Suka was the mighty king, Mufasa.

How can this be? asked Suka. You have claimed my lands in the name of the Outland blood. You have set the balance, But in a way I do not agree with. said Mufasa. Suka looked to Mufasa. But the Outland blood never caused the lands turmoil. said Suka. When your father Scar ruled these lands they became dry and barren. thundered Mufasa. What diffrence does it make? He had no control over the weather ! roared Suka. Vitani was staring in shock as her brother roared at the figure of Mufasa. He upset the balance ! Mufasa roared. He caused the deaths of many animals ! he roared agian. Suka looked to Mufasa with a look of anger. So, You are judging my family for something they didnt plan to cause? asked Suka. YOU are the the one that planned to kill in the first place, Think back to your cubhood, How you used Ahudi agianst little Taka, Making your father become inraged and beat your smaller brother within an inch of his life ! yelled Suka. Mufasa looked to Suka and looked ready to strike. Your family has been a scar upon my lands for years. I wished to end your family, That is true. But I wished to maintain the balance also. replied Mufasa. Balance... BALANCE ? yelled Suka. What in the hell balance are you talking about? Look around you, the lands are flourishing, UNDER MY RULE ! roared Suka. Mufasa looked at Suka and snarled. Give it time, The lands will decay, And your kingdom will deteorate before your eyes, Wait and see. The only reason the lands decayed before was due to YOUR pride's disfaith in Scar, THEY killed the lands ! yelled Suka. How do you see that in your puny mind? asked Mufasa as he unshecthed his claws. Oh, Gonna kill me cause I dont follow in your rule? yelled Suka. Answer the question ! yelled Mufasa. Your pride caused the death of the lands, They didnt trust Scar, Didnt hunt for BOTH lioness and hyena, Food became scarce in the Pride and the hungry hyenas exhausted the lands due to their hunger, The "balance" would have steadied if your lioness would have thought about someone else than themselves ! yelled Suka. Mufasa looked to Suka. You should know, You watched the whole thing happen. said Suka. Did ya enjoy it? asked Suka. Mufasa lowered his head. WELL, DID YA? asked Suka. No, I didnt, I felt sorry about my brother. said Mufasa. Why, Wished his father liked him better so he could learn the rules about being a king? asked Suka. Yes, I felt bad how I treated him in the past. That is why I . . Mufasa paused. That is why you what? Killed him? asked Suka. No, that is why I  . Gave him another chance, I met him in the sky with the great kings of the past. He told me he was sorry about everything he had caused, He just wished father had loved him. I felt gulity for his death. I wanted to speak with him after the great battle, But he never came to the sky. When he did and confessed to me, Well, I had to show him I was sorry, So I gave him another chance, Another chance to prove his ability as king. sighed Mufasa. Suka looked to Mufasa and said. Another chance? he asked. Chance at what? asked Suka. Life. said a fimilar voice behind him. Suka turned around and saw Scar standing behind him. Suka looked to Mufasa and hugged his massive chest. Thank you, My king. said Suka. The words, "My king" brought tears to Mufasa's eyes as he embraced Suka. Suka then thanked Mufasa agian and ran to his father. Father, I thought I would never see you agian. said Suka as he embraced his father's slick mane. Scar looked to Mufasa with tears in his eyes. The brother's watery eyes met. Oh father, To only have you will do the world for me. Scar looked to his son and smiled. Scar had a delimma when I talked to him. said Mufasa. Suka looked to Mufasa expecting the news with watery eyes... He said he couldnt live without his heart, and soul. At first I didnt understand. But when he clutched his chest I understood. I sadly told him I couldnt give him another heart. But I could give him back his old one. The smile on his face was payment enough, The embrace we shared was well enough. Suka looked to the setting sun outside as he saw a golden form come over the edge of Pride Rock. Suka was awestruck, he had never seen this lioness before, He looked at her for the longest time with unblinking eyes. Hello my son. said a fimilar voice. Suka was thunderstruck. Who was this? She had the body of some fantasy creature glowing within the sunlight, And the sound of his mother's voice. Suka was dumbstruck when she walked into the cave and set beside Scar. The whole time Suka HAD been staring at his mother. I guess you've never seen your mother in the light of the sunset. said Scar as he smiled. They nuzzled affectonatly as Suka heard another voice coming over the cliff. It was Nuka, He could tell by the sound and vocublary. But who was he talking to? Suka's question was answered as Nuka walked over the cliff with Vitani and Kovu by his side. Suka couldnt beleave it, His whole family was back. Suka then looked on as to expect some more lions to appear over the hill. Who are you looking for? asked Mufasa. Suka turned and said. Well, Simba, Nala, Ki. . . Suka was cut short by Mufasa's voice. My family is with the great kings of the past, This is your chance to rule the lands. Be sure to care for it well and remember your places in life. said Mufasa as he began to disappear with the coming dark. Remember who you all are, And your places in the great circle of life. Mufasa's form then disappeard from sight and back to the sky's above to rejoin his family as well. Suka walked outside and thanked Mufasa for all he had done for his family and him as well. He told Mufasa he'd never know how much he had given him. He thanked the great king once more and embraced his family in their new home. The Outlanders looked at each other and said the same thing at once. We're home !

The family of lions had fiannaly found their home. Their place in the great circle of life. Now they would rule the Pridelands and see their kingdom flourish before them. Sure enough, Within a year's time the lands still flourished. The Pridelands were now clean of all evil. Now they carried the Prideland name, and wore it well without war.

One day in the Pridelands Vitani was complaining about pains in her abdomen. They knew exactly what was going on. Kovu had mated her a few months back. She complained for the rest of the day. Early in the morning a new cub was brought into the world. Vitani looked at her child and smiled. What should we call it? asked Kovu nuzzling Vitani. Is it a boy or girl? asked Vitani. Ariz smiled and said. Girl. Well, We shall call our future queen Kinga. said Vitani. Zira smiled as she thought what the name meant. Peace. Kinga was a shy and curious cub. She had all the characteristics of her mother, Vitani. Right down to the beginnings of long bangs that hung in her face. She was a medium chestnut color and had sapphire eyes. Zira congragulated her daughater and handed her Kinga. Vitani smiled as she cradeled her cub in her arms. Vitani let the cub suckle as everyone congragulated her and went to bed. The next day was one of importance. The presentation of Kinga. She was fussy that day but was silenced at all of the animals looking at her in awe. She batted her paw at a bird high in the sky. The animals bowed and welcomed their new queen. Commotion raised though at the thought of a new king. Vitani already had a cub, Only one though. Ariz and Zira were past those days and none of the lioness wished to mate. So it would have to be by rouge somehow. Scar sent out Taka to scout for a future mate for Kinga. Days later he came back with bad news. There were no cubs in any of the pride's at the right age. Scar and Zira were concerned about this problem. Scar looked to Zira and smirked. She knew what he had on his mind. She rolled her eyes and said. Tonight. Suka was quite sickened at what he heard that night. It is not right for anything to hear "that".

Suka woke up the next morning to see Scar with a wide grin on his face and an extra bounce in his step. Have fun last night? asked Suka. I have no clue what your talking about. said Scar smugly. Come on dad, Every lion in the pride heard you two last night. laughed Suka. Scar blushed and rubbed his forehead. That bad huh? he asked. It sounded like you two were killing a warthog in there. said Vitani as she brought young Kinga. Zira walked past looking at Scar the whole time with a smirk. Nuka had all he could take. This is gonna cause me mental issues later in life. said Nuka. A few days later there was word of a pregnent lioness in the pride. The family met to discuss this. She has been this way for months. said Scar. Almost time, We need to know who the father is. said Zira. Neither of the brothers spoke up. Just wait until the cub grows up. said Vitani. You'll know then. she laughed. Everyone had to laugh about this. Nuka fiannlay spoke up. It was me, I did it. he confessed. Ya mean ya did her. laughed Suka. Nuka smiled and looked to his parents who were smiling. Arent ya mad at me? asked Nuka. Mad? asked Scar. Dear how could we be mad at you? asked Zira. You've followed your instinct, We can't be mad at you for that. said Scar. Im glad you told the truth. said Scar. Now grow some balls Suka. smirked Vitani as she looked at Suka. Suka laughed and said. 5 miniutes honey. Vitani looked at him eyes wide open and walked off. Scar was left laughing. Good comeback son. he laughed. Aww she had it comin. laughed Suka. I guess you showed her who's boss. laughed Zira. They all began to laugh their tails off. Nuka walked out to the lioness and comforted her. Everything will be fine, I promise. said Nuka. He curled up beside her and went to sleep and awaited his son's arrival. Scar walked up and sat by his son. Nuka looked up and saw his father. He got up and talked to his father. Dad, im scared, Im not ready to be a father. he cried. Dont cry my son, you need to be happy my son. said Scar. How can I be happy? This lioness is in pain beacuse of me. cried Nuka. But you you think she blames you? asked Scar. Nuka just sat and cried. Scar bent down and picked up Nuka's moist head. Do you think she blames you? he asked looking his son in the face, No, Replied Nuka. Then stop crying, Crying is what's hurting her, You must be a man now and be strong for her and for your son. said Scar. I had doubts when your mother was pregnent, I had no one to help me, I promise you Nuka, Everything will be fine, Now go to sleep my son, You need your rest. Scar licked his son and went to bed. Nuka lied back down and thanked the gods for his wonderful family and soon to be son. Nuka then went to sleep on the cool grass beside his mate.

Dawn came and awoke the peacefully sleeping couple. Everyone else was wide awake and moving around already. Nuka told his mate he was going to see his father for just a second. He licked her and slowly walked off. He has the will to be a father. said Zira from behind the lioness slightly scaring her. Sorry my dear. said Zira. No harm. said the lioness. How long is it going to hurt? asked the lioness. Not long child, Not long. comforted Zira. She set down and talked to the lioness as Nuka talked to his father. Both pairs were talking about the soon coming responsibility of a child. Some parts were intresting, But others frightned them. Both Scar and Zira comforted the two with the same words. I've had four, You'll be just fine. Nuka was still worried about becoming a father, And his mate was worried about the pain and being a mother. Well, The time came later on that week. Singa was ready to give birth to a little cub. Nuka comforted his mate as his son came into the bright world. Ariz looked to the cub and asked what they wanted to call it, It was a boy. They both sat and thought for awhile. Duka. said Nuka. Singa laughed but happily accepted. Little Duka had deffenitly carried on Nuka's personality and "smarts". Little Duka got lost on the ground a foot from Singa. The poor dear. said Zira as she looked to Nuka and smiled. He's your's alright. she chuckled. Nuka directed his son to Singa to suckle. The cub finnaly found a nipple and drank the warm milk quietly. So, Was it as bad as you thought it was going to be? asked Scar looking to Nuka with a smile. Not really, Well, Not yet. said Nuka. Scar grinned as Nuka looked to his son. Trust me Nuka, You'll never be happier when he starts to show the signs of age. said Scar as he walked into the den with Zira. Ariz walked over to Singa and set beside her. Well, You dont seem to be in much pain. chuckled Ariz. Singa smiled and said. I thought it was going to hurt as much as a wildabeest stampede trampling all over my tail. said Singa. Ariz smiled. Did it? she asked. No. replied Singa. Ariz got up and looked to the horizon as she walked off. Just wondered. she said quietly. Singa sat and thought for awhile. The elderly Ariz has never been mated? she thought. Singa's thoughts were interupted by Nuka's presense. So, How are you two doing? asked Nuka. Singa smiled and Duka purred quietly. Nuka smiled happily. Nuka and Singa curled up together in the savanna grass as the sun set in the west. Suka was looking to his brother and his mate as he smiled. Well done Nuka, Show him everything you never got to see as a child. None of you got to see much of the Pridelands. said Scar softly. Suka turned around to see his parents looking at him. I was just looking at the sunset when I saw them setting together in the grass, Just glad that he gets to live in the Pridelands for his youth. said Suka. We're truly sorry none of you children got to roam in the grass or play in the waterhole. said Zira. Its not your fault, It was just our place in the great circle of life. confirmed Suka. Yes, But now we get to enjoy the lands for the rest of our lives. said Scar as he walked up to his elderly son. I just wish I could have enjoyed youth here. sighed Suka. Didnt you enjoy your life in the Outlands? asked Scar. Suka sighed, Dont get me wrong, I did enjoyed our home in the Outlands, it was our kingdom and we were all very proud of it, But it always seemed as if they always had something to brag about. said Suka. Zira then walked to Suka's other side and both parents caressed him. You could have been left as a rouge in the Outlands. said Scar. Or what if something had happened to either of us? Then what could have happened? What if someone would have been left behind? asked Scar. Alone. finished Zira. Suka smiled and hugged his parents tightly. Vitani walked past to see them in their embrace together. She stopped and smiled as they nuzzled each other. The bond the family shared had been strengthned massivly since the rule of the Pridelands. Vitani stared as her mother saw her staring at them. She lifted her head up and offered a hug, Vitani accepted and the family embraced. Later on that night Suka was awoken by the sound of someone up and walking around late in the night. Suka got up and found Nuka pacing the ground looking to the skys and then to the ground. Suka asked his brother what he was doing. Kovu looked to Nuka and smiled, He's still worried about being a father. he chuckled. Suka looked to Kovu and smiled. Im suprised you didnt take off with Kiara. He smiled. I have a life here with my family for once. said Kovu proudly. Suka nodded his head. Yeah, Things are fiannaly going good with our lives. said Suka. Kovu nodded his head in agreement. Yep. For once we are happy together as just what we are, A loving family. said Kovu. Suka walked off to the horizon into the sunset as he always did, One thing about Suka, He loves sunsets. smiled Zira from the peak of Pride Rock. It was indeed strange what Suka did almost every evening, He would walk to the far northern border and enjoy the sunset from the high vantagepoint of The elephant graveyard. Other lioness said he was homesick. But the truth was Suka was just marveled at the pure beauty of a sunset, The colors, Red, Orange, Tan, Yellow, and Burgundy Suka's eyes sprang open when he realised the colors he was listing off. True to what Suka had just said, He had very strong bonds to his family. His loyalty was unbeleaveable. There was nothing that could sperate him from his family, Not even death. Suka drew his strength from his dear family back at Pride Rock. Suka knew some day in the far future he would greive forever when that bond would be shattered by death. But that was not what Suka was putting his attention towards. Nothing negitive is gonna get me any positivity. he chuckled as he looked to the setting sun. Well, I guess its time ta go home. he said quietly. He had just turned around when he heard a voice behind him. And may I ask who you are? said the strange voice. Suka turned around but couldnt find the owner of the voice. Your really strange. said the voice agian. Suka rolled his eyes and forrowed his brow, You think IM weird? he asked. Look up in the tree you dork. Suka looked up in the tree and saw a dark lioness setting up in the tree. So, You like to come around here and watch the sunset too huh? asked the lioness. Suka smiled and said. Yeah, I think its wonderful. he smirked and went to walk off. Hey, Arent ya gonna tell me your name my furry fool. Suka turned around and his emerald eyes locked onto the lioness. My name is Suka, Eldest prince of the Pridelands my dear lioness. he said with a regal voice. May I ask your name? questioned Suka. The lioness looked at him and said. Kamira. Her pelt was one like Suka had never seen before, it was like the sunset itself. It was a mixture of Brown, Tan, Burgandy, and a small bit of red blended together. Suka smiled. Kamira, Would you like to come home with me? he asked. the lioness looked to him with her ruby eyes. My regal Suka, Im afraid I already have a mate. Suka dropped his head. May I know the lucky lion's name? asked Suka. She sauntered up to him and whispered in his ear. Love. Suka's eyes looked to this lioness with puzzlement. Waydda ya mean? he asked. Kamira rolled her eyes and rubbed agianst him with a long purr. I mean I love you. she chuckled. Suka felt as if was going to faint. She looked him in the eyes and smiled. She we go to your Outland home? she asked. Outland? he asked. Yes, iv'e seen you before coming from the Outlands to look at the sunset. Suka smiled, Well, We have a new home. smiled Suka as he looked to Pride Rock in the distance. Yeah right, Funny fur. she chuckled. No, Seriously, We live in the lush Pridelands now, After death we... The lioness's eyes shot to him when she heard the word death. What did you say? she asked. Well, Do you know of the great battle of the Pridelands and Outlands. The lioness nodded her head. Who do you think all those dead lions were? he asked. But how can this be possible? she asked. We're not quite sure ourselves, But we were given another chance after that ! he laughed. This lioness was not very amused. You expect me to beleave you? she asked. You dont have to if you dont want to, Im just telling you the honest truth. he smiled. The lioness looked to him and smiled a wide grin. Okay, take me home to the Pridelands then. she smiled. Suka grinned a massive grin as he walked home with this wonderful lioness. When Suka arrived at pride Rock with a lioness everyone thought she had been hurt or sumpthin. Suka walked the lioness to the peak of Pride Rock and smiled as she walked into the den with him. Inside the family was shocked to see Suka with this lioness. Suka smiled and introduced them to her. Mom, Dad, This is Kamira, Kamira this is my family. This is my brother Kovu, He thinks he's cute. chuckled Suka. Kovu grinned at this lioness. This is my crazy brother Nuka, He's a few gourds short of a whole potion. smiled Suka. Nuka kindly bowed but lost his balance and fell on his face. Everyone had to laugh. And this is my sister Vitani, The brains of the pride. grinned Suka. Vitani smiled and bowed her head. This mighty lion before you is my father Scar, Dont let his name fool you, He's quite the pussy cat. chuckled Suka. Scar gave his son a look of embrassment. And this grand lioness is my mother Zira, Kamira looked to this lioness as she remembered the meaning of the name. Im not like my name shows. she smiled. Kamira smiled and mingled with Suka and his family. Kamira couldnt get the thought out of her mind, How much Zira looked like her mother. Suka and Kamira were the perfect pair all the way down to what they both enjoyed, Just being together watching time pass them by. After about a week Kamira had become family. Now Suka's mate they had to do the symbolistic ritual of presenting themselves to the animals. They walked out onto the promotory of Pride Rock and roared in unison to the animals below. The animals all cheered and celebrated the introduction if Kamira into the Prideland ranks. Suka and Kamira went to the Elephant Graveyard to see the chrimson sunset unfolding before them. Suka smiled as the sunset lit up his mate's pelt in a dance of fire. They both set and watched as the chrimson light made the two glow in an embrace of warm flames of light. That night Suka and Kamira came home from the dazzling sunset. When Suka went into his den Kamira followed him. Uh, Watcha want? asked Suka. The lioness looked to him and then Suka was suddenly taken over by an intoxiciting scent. Suka didnt realise it, But Kamira was in heat and Suka was unaware of the scent. He looked at her with dizzy eyes and asked. My you sure look pretty. From there on things became very noisy and active for the most of the remaining night.

The next day Suka and Kamira released the news. Kamira was to have a child in a few months. Suka smiled proudly as he walked with an extra bounce in his pounce that day. Suka was worried about having a son, But with his wonderful mate things would be just fine. Suka was stopped by Nuka and his mate Singa, She was carrying Duka on her back as he slept peacefully. So, How are ya takin the kid thing? asked Nuka. Suka smiled happily and replied. Why things are gonna be just fine. Nuka laughed. Trust me, Children are a handfull, You'll be up all night and day. said Singa. Suka grinned. Depends on how much nerve ya got. he winked. Well, We should be going, Singa wants to show me a dense jungle she lived in once. said Nuka. Mind if we tag along? asked Kamira. Very well. smiled Singa as the two walked off. Suka ran to knotify his parents, Left Duka with them, and gave them both a hug and a kiss. Suka and Kamira followed closely behind. Singa lead the group to a far off jungle outside the Shadowland border. Geeze Singa, We've been walking for days ! groaned Nuka. Singa smiled. Not much further my dear. Soon a large expanse of dense foliage could be seen. We're here. smiled Singa. The small group looked to the dense canopy ahead of them. What's the name of this place? asked Suka. My family called it the Mistlands, There is a dense fog deep within the forest itself. Some say there are mystic spirits hiding within the mists themselves. warned Singa. Nuka looked deep into the tangle of vines and twisted branches. Lets go. said Singa. Nuka slowly followed Singa into the brush. Suka looked at the bramble of bush and looked to his dear Kamira. Shall we? he asked. She smiled and entered the brush. The group soon found themselves within a completly diffrent world. It was quite warm, dark, and extreamly humid within the depth of the brush. As they went deeper they soon began to encounter dense fog as the light decreased. The warm mist stuck to their fur and caused their very fur to cling to their sides with an uncomfortable feeling. As they entered the heavy mists of darkness, A strange sound was heard. Something was in the thicket. Singa froze. Everyone be very quiet. she whispered. The thing slowly moved through the dense brush as it heard their presense. Singa slowly lowered her bulk to the ground, Everyone mirrored her quietly. The Thing was looking directly at them with shining eyes. Singa didnt make a sound as it came from the brush. Singa slowly turned and looked to the small group and pointed to her nose. They all understood the message. It could smell them. Within the darkness of the brush this creature had to rely on its keen sense of smell. Soon a large row of razor sharp teeth could be seen glinting in the dim light. The creatures outline could be seen, it was massive. Singa slowly moved her paw to a rock nearby. She slowly wrapped her paw around the rock and quietly picked it up. The creature heard the shifting noise and looked to the location of the sound. Singa froze as the creature slammed its massive talons into the dirt at the ground next to Singa's side. Good thing she pulled her arm back. Thought Suka. The creatures massive talons dig through the dirt as it pulled it's coursed paw back to its side. Singa showed them the rock in the dim light, and held up three claws. On the count of three. nodded everyone. Singa showed her paw. 1, 2, 3. She tossed the rock as far as she could while lying down. The creature took off as it heard the sound. They all then ran from the deep mists, out of the humid depths and clear out of the forest itself. Suka clutched Kamira as he asked the question burning at both their minds. What the heck was that? Singa looked to Suka with a worried look on her wet face. I have no clue. she said with wide eyes. Everyone breathed heavly as they recollected their thoughts and ran back home to the Pridelands.

Meanwhile, Deep within the forest

A pair of sinister eyes found a trail of pawprints leading out of the jungle. The pair of crystal eyes locked onto the prints and the creature filled its nostrils with the scent. A harsh and hate filled voice crackled. Outlanders. The massive form then retreated into the foliage of the jungle. It will be the end of them all if I ever see them in my jungle agian. it growled.


The group ran to Pride Rock like an intense beast was chasing them. Singa and Nuka made it to Pride Rock first. Suka and Kamira soon followed. Nuka was to scared to talk and Singa was much too winded. Scar and Zira ran to see what ever could be wrong. Suka choked out one word. Trouble ! After everyone had caught their breath they explained it all. I was taking them to the Mistlands. explained. Singa. Scar and Zira nodded. The great forest of mists. said Scar. Singa nodded. We were deep within the forest when we came across some kind of great beast. We had to trick it with a rock to escape. explained Suka. Nuka still was frightned. It had these glowing crystal eyes and could only detect us by smell. he shreiked. Scar and Zira looked to each other exchanging glances. They both looked to the group and asked. Did this beast have massive talons on its paws? they both asked. Scar and Zira both became worried when the whole group's eyes grew wide and asked. What was it? Scar looked to the setting sun over the horizon and frowned. Zira spoke up. Long ago there was a great beast by the name of Akus. she explained. Suka's eyes grew wide. That's my name backwards ! he shreiked. Zira smiled at her son. My dear Suka, Your name was given to you only as your meaning, Revenge. Akus means. Egnever? asked Nuka. No Nuka, it means . . Zira paused. What's it mean? asked Vitani who appeared with little Taka by her side. Bloodshed. answered Scar. Akus has to be the most evil lion in the history of time itself, He is over 200 years old, No one knows how he is still living to this day. My teacher the great Ahudi told me of this Akus. answered Ariz. Some say he is a mystical creature from the other realm, Put on this planet for intentions unknown. she spoke. It is said he cannot be killed due to the fact he has no heart. she grimmaced. His blood is tainted with the sprits of all the long gone evil sins of Betrayal, Lust, Envy, Murder, and so on, All of the seven deadly sins. she finished. Everyone looked in shock. And this thing is within the area of my lands? asked Scar. Not really. said Singa. It is far off beyond the Shadowlands. You have nothing to worry about my king, He will not leave the jungle. replied Ariz. How can you be so sure? asked Zira. Akus lives in that jungle within the mists. He has no intention of leaving, trust me. I was told he never comes out of the forest. Not even to eat, he simply feeds upon the unfortunate animals that wander into his forest. sighed Ariz. Suka frowned and looked to Kamira. Hopefully we never see that thing agian. he shuttered. The family settled in and went to sleep early that night.


In the Mistlands

A lone lioness and her cub were travling through the lands when they came across a lush jungle. We will stay here for the night Sarga. Said the lioness. The two ventured into the Mistlands without knowing of its sinister resident. Both lioness and cub were young. Neither of them knew of the creature know only as Akus. As the two wandered deeper into the forest they came across a thick warm mist. The lioness looked to her cub and smiled. There must be water close. The cub returned the smile and happly giggled as they went deeper into the thicket. Suddenly a sound was heard. Branches were moving, Something else was in the forest. May I ask who that is? asked the lioness plainly. The mighty creature came from the bush and showed itself. The lioness and her cub both cowered as the massive Akus stood before them. Akus had to be 12 feet tall at the shoulder, His fur looked like a ashish grey, His eyes were crystal and his mane was blonde, All of this put together created the pefect fear factor upon his enraged face as he spoke. How wonderful, Young blood. he said as he licked his lips and showed his massive canines, over a foot long. The lioness picked up her cub in her mouth and took off as fast as she possibly could. The mighty Akus took one huge leap and landed upon the lioness. Everything happened in an instant to the cub. But with the lioness things were diffrent. The lioness saw her life flash by her eyes as she saw the massive Akus coming down at her. Her cubhood, Adolensent, Teen years, Her first love, her first heartbreak, Her family, Her mother and father, And now she saw her death coming. She felt it as the massive creature crushed her body under it's mass. Due to the impact the cub was shot out of the lioness's mouth like a cannonball, Hurtling toward the grassy area. The young cub watched as its mother was devoured by this massive beast. There was no screaming though. The cub couldnt understand why she didnt fight it to get free. The cub was young and didnt understand she had been crushed totally, Heart, lungs, spine, and all. Instant death. The cub did the only thing it could think, There was danger, So it had to run, But it always ran to its mother when there was danger, But its mother was where the danger was. Suddenly a voice came over the cub's mind. Run, Run away and never return. The cub cried and took off toward the southern border. Toward the far off direction of Pride Rock. Suka was off watching the sunset as usual with his mate Kamira. As Suka and Kaimra watched the sun set Suka could see Kamira was staring at something intently. What is it my love? asked Suka. Kamira looked to Suka and asked. What is that way off to the north? Asked Kamira as she pointed to a small figure to the north. Suka studied the figure. It's something small and moving, Humm, Im in the mood fer a snack, how about you? asked Suka. As long as its not some stringy meercat i'll be fine. she laughed. Suka took off to the north to capture whatever it was. Kamira smiled at Suka as he ran off. That lion would do anything for me. she sighed. Yes he would indeed. agreed Zira from behind. Kamira turned around shocked to find Zira setting behind her. Very sorry for scaring you like that, Just overheard your conversation awhile ago. So, You see somethin do you? she asked. As she looked to the Norther border. She locked her sight on a small form that Suka was headed straight for. Well, I guess you have. she smiled. Good eyes. grinned Zira. Kamira blushed. Thanks, that's what my mother always told me. She smiled. Who was your mother if I might ask? questioned Zira. She was a powerful lioness that looked alot like you. she smiled. Oh? asked Zira. Yes, She was the most beautaful lioness I have ever seen in my life. Smiled Kamira. She clamied she named me after her sister in honor. Can't say I ever knew her. Zira smiled. She already knew the whole story, This was her neice. Oh, That's a pitty. she frowned. Yeah, I didnt know any of my family much. she frowned and looked to the northern border. Your mother mysteriously diappeared and your father was killed in a massive attack by some beast. smiled Zira. Kamira looked to Zira with a look of amazement. How did you know? Asked Kamira. Well, I could lie and say im very wise. But the truth is I am your aunt. Smiled Zira. You mother had the very same mark upon her forehead didnt she? Kamira looked at Zira with a funny look. Your my aunt? she asked. Yep, Your mother, Mirhiza is my sister. smiled Zira proudly as she though of her sister. Is? asked Kamira, You mean Was, Dont you? asked Kamira. Zira smiled. Stay right here and i'll get someone for you to see. Kamira looked to Zira intently, You mean? Zira smiled happly and simply said. Stay here. Kamira happily pounced upon a rock and smiled happly. Zira soon returned with a lioness that looked just like her. The lioness had tears in her eyes as she ran to Kamira. The two lions embraced each other tightly. My dear Kamira, How have you been? asked Mirhiza. Kamira smiled and responded. I have been fine since I've meet Suka. Zira smiled. Mirhiza looked to Kamira and grinned. That silent and stalky Suka? asked Mirhiza smiling. Yep, Im soon ta have a cub. smiled Kamira. Mirhiza's eyes sprang open at her daughater's words. Your what ! yelled Mirhiza. Yes, I am soon to have a child. You mean you've...stuttered Mirhiza. Yes, We have. chuckled Kamira. Mirhiza felt dizzy. Well then, it looks like we have alot to catch up on. smiled Mirhiza as she walked off with Kamira. When they passed the smiling Zira. Kamira pounced upon her and gave her a huge kiss. Thank you soo much ! she yelled. Zira smiled. Well, Ya didnt have ta give me a fractured back over it. she grinned. Oh, Sorry. said Kamira. Oh dont worry, We're not that old. said Mirhiza. Zira smiled, Yeah, I was just fooling around with ya. she smiled. The two walked off into the Grasslands to catch up on each other's lives. Zira than smiled as she walked off to her den with a slight limp.


Suka had approached the figure. It was small, But it was a cub, A LION CUB ! Suka ran to the cub and it tried to get to its feet and run but it weakly fell over and cried. Suka approached the cub and said. Dont worry, I wolnt hurt you. he smiled. The cub still tried to get up. I cant scare it too much. he worried. he slowly approached it and set beside it slowly and didnt move. The cub soon learned he wasnt lying. It fiannaly gave up and looked to him, Still looking scared. Where's your mother? asked Suka. The cub curled up to Suka and cried. Can you talk or do you just speak in milk? asked Suka. I can talk a bit. she sniffled. Well, What's so wrong, ya sound like yer mother was killed. The cub looked to Suka with watery eyes. Oh, I understand. Suka frowned and looked to the horizon, No sign of its mother anywhere. Suka got back up and looked at the cub. Come on, Come with me, We'll take care of you, You woln't survive out here all alone. smiled Suka. The cub cried and held Suka's fur in its paws. Dont leave me. Suka picked up the cub and ran back to pride Rock. The cub looked scared, but it held on, So it trusted him. When Suka arrived at Pride Rock a few miniutes later everyone was supprised to see a cub lying still on his back. Zira approached her son with watery eyes. How could you? she asked. Shhh, It's asleep ! snapped Suka. Scar looked at the cub. Its tiny chest was rising and falling slowly. Where did ya find it? asked Nuka. Found it alone in the Grasslands. Kamira came to Suka. Is that what we saw? she asked? Yep, We saw a cub. Kamira smiled and looked to the cub. So, Where's its mother? asked Vitani. Suka frowned and put the cub on the ground and spoke. Never speak of its mother, She was apparently killed by something. he frowned. Zira looked to the cub and then to Suka. So, Who's gonna raise him? asked Zira. Hey, they found it, they raise it. said Nuka. Vitani smiled, Id gladly take care of it. she smiled. I am the only one lactating also. Very well. said Zira as she handed Vitani the cub. The pride quietly went to sleep and awaited the next day, to find out everything about the cub.

The next day the pride awoke to a building level of noise surronding the young outsider. The cub was from the the faraway lands of the Shadowlands, his name was Sarga. He said him and his mother were traveling though some place called the Mistlands. He said they were going through some thick forest when they heard something in the brush. Everyone frowned as they knew the story well. He said it was a large lion with crystal eyes and a blonde mane. Its fur was an ash color with brown streaks down its back. He said his mother picked him up in her mouth and tried to escape, But the big lion pounced on her and it caused the cub to be shot out of his mother's mouth. He said he witnessed the whole thing. He then asked. Why didnt she try to escape, Why didnt she cry or anything? Scar frowned and looked the cub in the face. Little one, That lion you were talking about, He was very big right? The cub nodded its head. So, What do you think happened when he pounced on your mother? asked Scar. The cub frowned. But that fast? He cried. Scar nodded his head as Vitani sauntered up to the cub. My child, When the mighty Akus leaps his pounce can kill an elephant in one blow. But how? asked the little cub. When Akus jumps he aims for the back of the animal and breaks their back killing them instantly. said Nuka. So that's why she didnt cry? it whined. Everyone nodded in agreement. But you may stay here with us if you want. said Scar with a warm smile. The cub cried and ran to Vitani, it's new mother. I guess that's a yes. she smiled. Very well, Today we shall introduce the world to Sarga. smiled Scar as he walked to the peak of Pride Rock and watched over his lands as his black main waved in the cool wind. Zira frowned at the approaching clouds. The rainy season is nearing. she sighed as she went into her den. Suka, Kamira and Mirhiza were out walking together talking about everything that had happened in their seperate lives, and about what was to come in their future. As the three walked through the expanses of the Pridelands Suka asked a question. Mirhiza? The wise lioness looked to him and replied What? What was our mother like in the past? asked Suka. Mirhiza smiled as her mind drifted back to the past. Your mother was a very active cub full of energy and very outgoing, Our parents were not the sinister figures some might tell you...Our father Kiyo was a very srtrong lion, No lion ever dared to question his wisdom...Kiyo was a strong and noble king, Our homelands...The Shadowlands was a land of mistlike clouds that blanketed the ground of our home, it was a dark and humid place filled with many strange creatures that defy explanation. Mirhiza then looked to the skys with tears in her eyes... And our mother... Suka raised a brow as he listened to Mirhiza explain their troubled past...She was no saint i'll say that...You never questioned her decisions...if you ever did you would cry yourself to sleep while bleeding...Mirhiza smiled as she spoke...But no matter what...She was a very protective parent in all the ways a parent can be...Im sure you would know the story, My sister and I are quite alike...We both look alike, and think alike...So you should have an idea how life for us was like...Just our home was a humid, mist filled land...Not a scorching desert...if Zira wasnt so concerned about getting even with Simba you would have seen a side of here rarely seen by anyone, A strong and very protective parent...Im sure you can already see some diffrence. finished Mirhiza. Suka nodded and agreed. Indeed, She is changing for the better, I just wish she could have changed sooner...sighed Suka. Mirhiza smiled. Suka, You have plenty of time to spend with everyone...Just remember my words Suka...No matter where you go, No matter what you do, You will always have your parents with you...Just look to your heart Suka...You may not have them in your life someday, But you'll always have them in your heart...Suka, I know how you feel about your parents and losing them...You always have them in your heart...But Suka, i'll tell you something our mother told us as she breathed her final breaths...My dear children, Always remember me in your darkest days and remember, My blood is in you all, And always remember...I always be with you no matter where you go...Mirhiza looked to Suka and smiled. Remember that Suka, She'll always be with you...No matter where you go... Suka smiled and embraced Mirhiza as he hugged her tightly. Thank you Mirhiza, Thank you very much ! Mirhiza smiled and hugged Suka. Anytime Suka, Anytime... the three walked on into the sunset together as the day ended...


Back At Pride Rock Scar and Zira were talking about the close incounter with the mighty Akus. Scar, For the safety of our pride we must not allow anyone to step foot in that jungle agian. No one is to ever step foot in the dark place ever agian...Im not sure Scar, Do you think he would leave the jungle and hunt us down? Scar looked to the horizon and frowned. I dont know Zira, I dont know if he would...Scar then turned to Zira and sighed. If he does ever leave that jungle...he'll follow our scent back to Pride Rock...And he will slaughater us all Zira...He wolnt think twice about killing us all...And kill us he would most certianly would. Scar looked back to the setting sun as he spoke...Zira, This a serious matter...You know just as well as I...Akus is a very evil lion...He stands over 12 feet tall and has no heart...Zira, We wouldnt stand a chance agianst him...We must leave pride Rock...Zira walked over to Scar and spoke...Scar, We died to claim these lands...Shall we not die to protect it? Scar looked his mate in the eyes...Zira...Do you really think we would even stand a chance agianst Akus? Zira nodded and slowly walked back into the depths of her cave and waited for her children to return...


Suka, Mirhiza, and Kamira were making their way back to Pride Rock when a strange feeling washed over all three of them...There was a presence somewhere...nearby. The group completly stopped and waited...Sure enough the grass gave way to a wide open plain...And walking the plains was a huge grey lion...Akus was out of his jungle...Things suddenly became deadly when Akus raised his head as his nose caught a strange scent on the wind...Outlanders. Akus looked to the east and saw the grasses swaying from where three lions ran for their life back to Pride Rock. Akus raised his head and grinned an evil smile as he spoke...Im hungry...And I smell food...Akus looked to the sky with a sinister smile as he laughed. Iv'e had Shadowlander, They are stringy and thin, Iv'e had Pridelander, barely any meat, just fat...And iv'e had Rimlander, fairly good actually...But iv'e never had Outlander...Akus smiled as he walked in the direction towards Pride Rock.


The group made it back to Pride Rock within a few hours...Suka ran to his parents as Mirhiza watched the plains for any signs of Akus. MOM ! DAD ! Suka ran into his brother Kovu as he sped through the caves of Pride Rock. Kovu ! Where are mom and dad ? Kovu threw Suka a weird look and replied. They went on a walk in the plains... Why ya wanna know? Kovu was left talking to a cloud of dust when Suka heard the word "plains". Kovu chased after Suka as he ran towards the plains...Everyone ! Come with me ! Vitani, Kovu, Mirhiza, Nuka, Singa, And Kamira took chase after Suka as he ran to the plains where he hoped he would find his parents...Alive.


Suka flew through across the dusty plains as he searched for his parents...he didnt find a single sign...Until he heard Vitani scream. Suka almost fell as he spun around and dashed off to see what was wrong...Suka found Vitani looking at something on the ground...Suka stopped and asked what was wrong...Vitani looked to him and said. Suka, look...She looked back down at the ground where their was a bit of fur and blood...Suka, Look around us...spoke Vitani. Suka looked to his immedeate surrondings only to find them covered with fur and blood...Suka looked to the ground and thought...A fight broke out here...Suka looked to all the blood and said quietly...Someone's hurt bad...maybe dead...


Everyone came to the place where Vitani And Suka set...Many diffrent words were exchanged...What happened here? asked Kovu. Who's blood is that? asked Nuka, My god, this is orange fur. said Mirhiza, Surely this cant be Scar's fur. Assured Singa.  This is surely not how it seems. Said Kamira. Whatever happened here...I know one thing... Said Suka as he held some orange fur in his paws... This is mom's fur...And I think she's hurt...Maybe dead...Suka ran off to the west suddenly...Nuka and Kovu followed while everyone else paid their debts. Suka ran on and on until he saw a sight that caused him to run even faster. he saw a distant figure lying still on the ground..Suka ran up beside the figure...Suka already knew who it was...Suka slowly tapped the lion on the shoulder...The figure moved and moaned as it rolled on its side...Dad? asked Suka. Kovu ran off looking for Zira while Nuka set beside his father. Scar rolled on his side and looked to his sons...Dad, You okay? asked Nuka. Scar frowned and said Im me up...Nuka and Suka shouldered their father up and allowed him to stand...What happened? asked Suka. Scar looked to the horizon...Im not quite sure...Something came out of nowhere and attacked us...Oh dear...have you seen Zira? asked Scar suddenly becoming very worried. No, We have'nt, Have you? asked Nuka. All I remember is something attacking me and...thats all I remember...Scar clutched his side where three very deep slashes ran down his side.. I'll be fine. He smiled, but we have to find Zira. The group slowly went looking as the night went on...Miniutes turned to hours as they scanned the plains...Finding not a trace of Zira anywhere... Suka yelled till his voice was horse and dry...Even then he still shreiked... Everyone looked for the most of the night...But to no avail...She's out there and she's surely hurt...We have to find her...sighed Suka. You all go home, I'll find her... Scar looked to his son. You are'nt going anywhere Suka...We dont know what did this...And I am not going to lose you too...Now come one, We'll look more...Suka turned tail and ran the other way...Scar ran after his son as he ran into the depths of the night...Suka looked on and on...Looking everywhere he knew to look...He soon tired and slowed until he found a nice place to lay down for the night...before he knew it he was lost, And tired...Soon the world around Suka faded out...But not beore he talked himself to sleep... Mom, I'll look all my life till I find you agian...I'll never give up...How I love you for all you've done for me...


Suka awoke the next morning to find a lioness lying beside him...Suka was awestruck to find it was Zira...He cuddled up to her and cried...His warm tears dripped upon her muzzle eventually causing her to wrinkle her muzzle and awake...She looked up to see Suka and smiled...How did you sleep? Suka just hugged his mother's warm fur and cried...What are you doing way out here? asked Zira. Suka smiled and embraced his mother...I was looking for you...Zira smiled and looked her son in the eye and spoke to him. Suka, you cannot be out here, There is something dangerous out here...Do you see my side Suka...My blood? There is something very dangerous out here, You are in great danger...Suka looked into Zira's eyes and gently held her face with his paws and spoke to her face...Mom, Your the one in danger, My god your bleeding heavly ! Zira smiled and replied.  Iv'e got alot of blood Suka, Dont worry about me. Suka rolled his eyes and told his mother to lean on him, She needed to get home where she could get some help with her injuries. Of course Zira denyed being carried. She tried to walk on her own but could barely even walk. Suka stopped his mother and told her to rest on his back, She needed her rest...She tried to walk off agian but Suka grabbed her long tail... You'll have to drag me to get anywhere...Zira tried but was just way too weak. She collapsed on the ground and cried, Suka, Just let me walk on my own ! Suka shook his head and offered his help. Zira draped her paw over Suka's back and said. Son, You dont have to do this...I can walk...Suka grabbed his mother's arm and quickly pulled her entirely on his back...She shreiked as he did so...Zira was no lightweight due to her well built frame...but Suka carried his mother all the way back to Pride Rock without a single break. When Suka arrived at Pride Rock he laid his mother on the ledge and yelled... HELP !!! with the last breath in his lungs before passing out from exaustion...


Late that night Suka awoke inside Scar and Zira's den...Zira was asleep and Suka was lying beside her as she slept peacefully. Suka got up and found Scar setting outside the den. Scar turned to see his son emerge...Suka looked to his father who had tears in his eyes...How's she doing dad? asked Suka. Scar smiled and said. She's gonna be just fine...Suka, You did a very brave thing by going out all alone...You faced a life and death situation just to save one lion... You are very brave and loyal to do such a thing. said Scar. Suka looked to the den and spoke. That is no ordnary lion father...That is a strong willed lioness willing to do whatever it takes to make the family happy...And besides...Thats my mother. Scar hugged his son and thanked him. Suka, As your father I am already loyal to you for all my life...But what you did Suka...You saved all of us as well... You know without her I would shrivel up and die...And where would Nuka be without her? You did a very kind thing Suka...And i'll never forget you for it...Scar hugged his son agian and yanwed. gettin kinda late...Best get some sleep...Suka nodded and Scar went into the cave and went to sleep beside his mate...Suka set and watched as Scar hugged Zira tightly and silently cried. Suka smiled and just watched as his father cried out of happiness till he stopped moving and fell asleep. Suka walked out into the savanna and looked to the many stars above as they glittered and gleamed...He was so happy...He valued his life here so much it shined brighter than having every shining star above at once...Suka smiled as he laid down in the cool grass and talked himself to sleep...My dear family, I am so glad I was able to reunite you all with our most vital member...Without im sure we all would have fell into oblovion...IF only she knew how important she is to all of us...if only she knew I would give my life for her...If


The family awoke to find Suka asleep a few yards out in the savanna. But no one waked him...he needed his rest. Scar awoke to find his mate setting at the peak of Pride Rock...her favorite place to be in the morning... Scar walked up to her...Her chrimson eyes met with his as she turned her head to the sound behind her. She smiled when she saw it was her mate Scar. How are you today my love? she asked. Scar smiled and said. better than I have ever been. She smiled and looked to the snoozing lion a few yards away... Scar looked to his son and smiled. Zira, That lion there would do anything to keep us all together and happy. Zira looked to Scar and said. I beleave he would saccrifice his own life in doing so...As would Nuka and Vitani...We are truly blessed to have the most loyal children as we do. Scar grinned and agreed. Zira smiled and nuzzeled her mate affectionatly, The two lions loved on each other as Suka set a few yards away listening to every word of it and smiling as he listened...A lone tear slid down his cheek as he smiled and said...How I love them all.


Suka got up and walked towards his family and smiled widely. Vitani was the first to knotice him coming over the edge of Pride Rock. Well look who's here. she said getting everyone's attention. Scar and Zira smiled as they looked to him with pride. Nuka walked up to Suka and hugged him. Thank you Suka, My brother... he smiled as he looked to Zira and then to Suka. Vitani nodded and said. What you did Suka was stupid and Senseless...Thank you for being so senseless. Kovu nodded and said. You truly are the strongest. Mirhiza walked up beside Zira as Suka set before his parents. Scar and Zira looked to him as Mirhiza spoke. Suka, You have braved a situation of extreme danger, You have shown many signs of a Strong, Loyal, And dependable king...You Suka have shown loyalty in a manner that is unforgettable. For saving our dear Queen and...Of course, Your mother. We wish for you to be heir of Pride Rock. finished Mirhiza. Suka smiled and looked to everyone smiling widely. Suka set before his parents and spoke. Mother, Father...I cannot accept this great honor...I only wish to be what I am. if you want to Award someone who wants to be king...Then award my brother Nuka...He deserves to be king...I only want what I have right now...Nothing more. Scar and Zira loooked to Suka and said. You do not wish to be king then? Suka shook his head. No, i do not, I am not the blood heir, Nuka is. Suka smiled and walked back off of pride Rock and set with Kamira. She looked to him and smiled. My deatr Suka, You done so much for the pride...Why do you not wish to be king? Suka smiled and simply said...Too much responsibility. Later on in the day Nuka met up with Suka while he and Kamira were setting together under the great Boab tree. Suka, I wish to thank you for what you did back there...I hope your child is just as loyal as you. Said Nuka as he looked to Kamira's bulging belly. trust me Nuka, He'll be just like us. Nuka smiled, Hugged his brother and walked off into the plains. Suka wached as his brother disappeared over the hill. I wonder what he's up to? thought Suka. His thoughs were intturupted by a strange sound a few lengths away, Kamira's ears perked up as her sharp ears heard the sound...Suka told Kamira to stay while he figured out what it was. Suka looked and looked but couldnt find out what was making the sound. It sounded close...Very close.

Suka eventually gave up and retreated to the den with Kamira by his side. They slept peacefully as the sound began agian. Around pride Rock the sound continued...Past the Boab tree, past the border of the Outlands...Something was making alot of noise.

Far off in the distant plains a large figure set ripping away at the remains of some creature. It was Akus, And he had taken down an elephant. Akus wrapped his massive jaws around the creature's skull as he detached the head from the animal's body with little effort. He tossed it aside as he admired his handywork before devouring the animal.

After he had his fill he looked to the horizon Morning was soon coming...Akus sniffed the air for a moment before smelling something over the smell of dew, flowers, and smelled...good. Akus stood up and took a deeper smell. He couldnt quite figure out what this smell was...But he followed it toward Pride Rock.

As the sun rose over the horizon of the pridelands Zira woke up earlyest as usual. She sat at the edge of Pride Rock and took in the rising sun as usual. She looked across their vast lands just awaking from its sleep. A small heard of antelope were moving toward the west, the rainy season was almost here. There would be a family meeting today about the soon coming rains. The hunting partys would have to go out father out into the plains...where Akus was presently living. A new hunting plan needed to be formed. As the mists lifted from the ground Scar emerged from the cave sleepy eyed. Morning love. he yanwed. Zira cuddeled her mate as the sun rose above the horizon.

Far out Akus was following the strange scent toward pride rock as he though of how this new fleash would taste...he looked to the sky as he spoke. I will find you my love...I will destroy the world to find you and hold you agian...Then you and I will find that sweet tasting blood we got the pleasure to taste so many years ago...My love...I have found that blood...That sour as acid lies in the Pridelands love...And I will find you...


As the day grew warm Suka decided he was going to go out into the plains to find a fairly rare type of flower that only grew in a deep part of the Rimlands. Suka decided to have Nuka and Kovu come along with him. Vitani was busy babysitting and Kamira was not in any shape to walk such a distance. Suka hugged and kissed his mate and told her he would be back soon. Suka and Kovu met up with Nuka as he was telling his dear mate goodbye as well. Kovu knew Vitani was busy with Kinga so he just told her he was going off for awhile so he didnt upset Kinga. With that the three happy lions took off to the distant lands of the Rimlands.

As the group made their way across the Prideland border the near silence between the three was broken. So, How are things with you and kamira? asked Kovu. Suka grinned and replied. Never been happier in my life...Well, Actually I have been happier. Nuka smiled and nodded as he remembered the day they were almost seperated forever by death. Kovu smiled and said. Things with Vitani are just fine as well, You both should know that, She is a very devoted mother, As am I a devoted father. That you are. commented Nuka. The three talked on and on about everyting to do with Cubs, Mates, Favorite meat, And prefrences on what they like to do with their mates. Nuka's answer was to sit somewhere quiet and chat about how crazy the world is while sipping on the cool water from a cool river. Suka's respone was somewhat diffrent, he prefered to sit and watch the sunset over the horizon and watch the sun play a dance of flames upon his beloved mate as they calmly sipped the cool dew of the Acida tree. Kovu's response was somewhat expected. He would rather prefer to spen a night with his mate under a star filled sky and look at all the diffrent things that could be seen in the stars. The group walked on across the hot expanses of the outlands as they made their way to the Rimlands. Although they were brothers the three didnt talk much about their seperate lives, just the usual chit chat. Suka looked to the blazing sun as he brought up a good question. Hey guys...I have a question and I would like to know if you have any either. Whats dat? asked Nuka. Well, Do any of you ever wonder how our home, The Outlands can be possible, I mean, right next to a land as moist and fertle as the Pridelands? The group was quiet as thought ran through all three...That is a good question, Well, I have one i can lay on top of that...You all know mother before Simba screwed with our lives, how could such a strong and caring lioness turn to pure evil from such a pushover like Simba? Nuka twisted his muzzel in wonder. Dang you two are confusin me. he laughed. Nuka was about to try and top his brothers when he froze in place with absolute fear. Suka and Kovu looked to their brother as their gazes followed his they too were parilysed with fear. Standing before them was a being they wished never to meet face to face like so. As they looked upon the figure before them it spoke. Good day to you three. it hissed. Nuka gulped and Kovu shut his eyes as he prepared for what was next to come. Suka swallowed the lump in his throat and hoarsely spoke.



Akus smiled evily as his showed his foot long canines as he spoke. Hello, Outlanders. The three sat still as stone as he stared them down. So tell me, how are your parents doing? asked Akus as his lips seemed to water for some unknown reason. Well, they are doing just fine, May I ask why you are drooling. answered Suka. Akus looked to Suka with a look that shot ice through him. But his words caused all three lion's blood to chill. Why am I drooling you ask? Im simply hungry for something. Kovu fiannaly found his voice. Well, We should be going, We are looking for a rare type of flower for our mates. Akus's lips twisted into a sinister smile as he shot fear into all three with his voice. Well, isnt this a suprise, Im looking for something VERY rare...One of a kind you might say, Only one in the entire world, But i suppose i should let you go, Your not what im looking for anyways...But if you do get the chance...Tell you mother I said hi. With that the massive Akus slid off into the savanna grases. The three just set there for the longest time frozen in fear. Nuka was the first to speak. What just happened? Suka looked to the disappearing figure of Akus as he spoke. I think we just got very lucky. Very. said Kovu as he bent over sick to his stomach. After having time to recooperate and seeing Akus vanish completly the three continued their journey silently the rest of the way to the Rimlands.

When the group of three fiannaly made their way to the Rimlands they scouted for the rare flower only know as Esa Norba or "The Mystic". Suka scouted the plains where he found one of the mysterious flowers. Suka had to sit and think...if I pick this the flower will become even more rare...If I pick it i'll kill it. Suka sat and thought long and hard on what he could do to please his mate. Suka fiannaly thought of a way he could prove to Kamira he did find the flower, But didnt want to kill it. Suka walked up to the flower and took a petal off the wonder purple flower. There, you may still live, And I will still have a mate. Suka met up with his brothers. Nuka had only a leaf of one, While kovu had the whole plant. Suka and nuka looked to Kovu. You took the whole thing? asked nuka. Kovu, You killed it! yelled Suka. Kovu grinned and led the group back to Pride Rock.

When the group got back they gave their mates the gifts they had gathered. Vitani looked to Kovu with a strange look. Kovu, You picked th whole flower? she asked. Kovu smiled and hugged her. Vitani looked to Kovu with watery eyes. Kovu, This is a very rare flower ! Meanwhile Nuka had given Singa her present, A leaf off the great fower. Nuka, You really didnt have to prove to me you found it, I know you would have, but im glad you didnt kill it just for me. Nuka smiled as he nuzzeled his mate. Suka was showing Kamira his findings. Here, I want you to have this, Suka put the petal in her paw. I didnt want to kill it, And yet I wanted to share its beauty with my dearest mate. Kamira kissed her mate and they marveled at the purple petal as the stars lit up the sky.

Meanwhile out in the plains

Akus was looking to Pride Rock as he smiled ad said. I think its time I meet these Outlanders face to face, they would know best not to show agression to the king of killers, not even the deadly duo could take down something as massiave as me down. Akus made his way to Pride Rock as he sat and waited for morning to come.

That morning Suka awoke to see the petal he gave Kamira was still glistening. cool. he laughed. Suka went outside and met up with his family as they set at the ledge of Pride Rock ad looked over their kingdom. Taka, The king's advisor came running up to them winded as he spoke. Suka, Akus was seen in the Pridelands last night ! Scar looked to Taka as he explained it to the king. Scar's eyes spread wide as he took in every word. Then taka stopped talking and looked to Scar and waited for his answer. Yes, Go ahead, But we must keep this quiet, We dont need a pride full of lions going insaine. smiled Scar. Taka nodded and walked off. Scar looked to his family as they waited for an explanation. Inside the den. said Scar.

The family met inside the den as Scar told them what he had just heard. As you know, Akus is near, very near though. He was seen in the Elephant Graveyard last night. Now you all know what would happen if anyone outside the family found out about this. Everyone nodded and replied. Utter chaos, Panic, And Trouble. Scar nodded and explained that Akus was making his way to Pride Rock at this very moment. They couldnt just leave, So they had to stay, Preserve the peace as long as possible, And see exactly what Akus wanted, if it was a fight, Pride Rock would surely be renamed, Outlander Intrail's Hill.

They waited as soon a lone figure came over the horizon. it was Akus indeed. The group set and waited. Soon the pride caught on and tried to find out what the royal family was looking at. Soon A lone lioness found out as she saw the distant figure.  AKUS ! She yelled. SILENCE ! yelled Scar. Everyone keep calm! If you cannot keep your cool, get inside Pride Rock now ! About half the lions ran inside pride Rock where alot of talking began to grow. Keep them calm Nuka. asked Scar. Sure thing dad. said Nuka as he bounded off inside Pride Rock. Vitani, Check to make sure everyone hurt or weak is inside Pride Rock, They wolnt stand a chance if Akus means war. Vitani nodded and rounded up a few lions that were hurt and two that were old and unaware of the situatuion. Ok, Everyone who is still out here will have to fight...I truly hope he isnt wanting to kill us, remember the last time Zira? asked Scar. Zira nodded as she remembered her childhood and her near death experience with Akus, if not for Scar, She would not be living to ths day. Zira, or Ushrunda as her true name was, Was out in the Rimland plains innocently chasing a butterfly as a cub would do. She remembered the day like yesterday. Come back here you fluttery fool ! She chased after it until she became lost in a strange woods her parents told her never to enter. She cautoiusly continued into the woods as it grew darker with every padded step. She soon heard something, Hello? she squeaked. The sound was heard agian. Ushrunda laid low on the ground and cried. Soon a large lion emerged from the many trees and walked up to the young cub. Hello, little one. Hi. she whispered. What are you doing out here? he asked. Well, I was chasing a butterfly and followed it in here where..her sentence was cut short as the large lion cuffed her and sent her tiny body flying through the air until a tree stopped the violent movement. Ushrunda cried as she felt a warm sticky luquid running down her face...Blood, The impact of the tree had done its damage to the tiny cub. The large lion krept up to her and got right in her face. Her smiled as he licked the chrimson luquid off her face...How ever so delicous. he grinned as he exposed his massive teeth...In a few more seconds her life would be painfully ended. Another cub suddenly ran from the brush and bit down on the large lion's tail. He turned around and looked to the little cub. Oh look, Another morsel. Akus flicked the cub off his musceled paw as he rolled back from Akus's attack. Leave her alone ! he yelled. Ushrunda saw it was Taka, They had know each other for quite some time, But what he was amazed her, he was defending her with his very life. She tried to move but couldnt due to the sharp pain in her side. She watched as her parents came running to the scene. Her father instantly took to Akus while her mother picked up the her and Taka and ran them to safety. She watched as her father fought bravely agianst Akus. Eventually Ushranda's mother put her daughater and Taka down and watched as the two distant figures fought on. Ushranda's father was no king, But he was heavly built and knew how to kill just about anything from a mouse to an elephant. She watched as her father was taken down swiftly. her mother ran to the scene. Ushranda watched as both her parents were vicously mauled before her very eyes. She remembered right before Akus landed the death blow to her mother she remembered her mom yelling. Run Ushranda ! Run ! And do not return! Taka took her by the paw, Put her on his back and ran off to Pride Rock. Taka talked to her the whole time. He kept swearing, Ushranda, Dont worry, i'll never leave you, I'll always be ther to protect you, How I love you. Zira smiled as she remembered that day so clear. She looked to the horizon and saw Akus climbing up Pride Rock. Zira turned to her family and simply said. I love you all. Everyone hugged and kissed each other one more time. As they broke their bonds Akus came before them. They stood their ground. Hello. he said with a sly grin. Hello Akus, What do you want? asked Scar. Akus eyed Zira and said. I wish to ask of your asistance with a problem of mine. And this is? asked Scar. I wish to have my mate back, She is being held in a lab of somekind somewhere. I wish to ask of your help. he smiled. How can we help you? asked Zira. Well, I simply need you to distract the humans while I free her. And what will you do when you do so? asked Scar. I will disappear into the sunset forever. he smiled. I am standing before you asking for your help. he added. Scar looked to Akus and simply said. No tricks Akus, Or i'll find and kill this mate of yours. Akus nodded and smiled. So, When do we leave? he asked.


Later on that day Akus explained how they would free his mate. They went over the plan, They would seyt off the alarms and attract most of the security to the east wing, meanwhile Akus would "take care" of any remaining security in the west wing where he beleaved his mate was being held. They all agreed on the plan and prepared to leave tomorrow. As Akus slid off into pride Rock he smiled and said under his breath...Everything is going to plan my love. he chuckled as he went to sleep.

The next day everyone streached and prepared for the long treck across the savanna. Akus had been for quite some time when the others awoke to find him looking to the horizon. Good morning Akus. said Scar. Akus smiled and replied. Indeed, it is a good morning, I have to say, I slept peacefully last night...Must have forgotten how comforting it is to be with others. Scar nodded. We are a tightly bomded pride Akus...No family member ever goes without care or attention here. Akus smiled and said. So, Are we to leave today? Scar nodded. Yes, As soon as everyone is ready. Suka walked up to his father with a sad look. Father... Scar looked to his son. What is it Suka? Suka looked his father in the eyes and said. Father, I cannot be with you in the battle...Kamira is having our child...Scar's eye's widened as he heard the news. Well, if you wish to see your son be born I have no problem with that. Smiled Scar. Suka smiled and returned to his mate as the rest of the pride prepared for the long treck to the distant land only Akus knew of...Scar and Zira weren't to sure about all this...They just had a funny feeling this was a setup of somekind. But with or without this thought they decided the risk was not as great as the risk of Akus causing havok in the lands. They marche don hedward toward the unknow land. Suka watched as family left them behind, Suka wanted to floow and help them in whatever battle...But he wished to see his son brought into the world, So Suka stayed behind with his mate. His son was born a few hours after everyone had left. He was a beatful cub with every hue of red, gold and tan in his fur...This was obviously going to be a very wonderful cub. he had the eyes of his mother Kamira...The build of his father Suka... and the Outland blood pulsing through every vain in his body. True to word, Kamira was a full blooded Outlander Born from the sister of Zira, Mirhiza. Suka watched as his son squirmed and cried softly. Suka cuddled and loved his mate as she asked him. Suka, What shall we name...him? Suka set and thought...humm...What do you think? asked Suka. I think we should call him, Tukuda...Autumn Fire. replied Suka. Very well, We shall call him Takuda. Suka looke dto the horizon as he wondered how his family was doing.

Across the miles the Outland family was making their way to this so called base as the night wore on. As the dawn broke a small figure could be seen on the horizon...A building...No, A base of somekind. Akus smiled as he said. At last, We ar ehere my allies, My beloved, I am coming. Akus prepared himself at the flank of the base while the Outlanders purpously set of the alarms and distracted the guards. Shots rang out as the alarms raised. Akus took his chance and knocked down door after door as he looked for his mate. After finding and mauling a hanful of humans he heard a roar...Hopefully his mate. Meanwhile outside things were utter chaos. Screams and shots rang out as the Outlamders headed for the hills. Suddenly a strange alarm raised...A containment failure in the detention level. By the time the guards regrouped and entered the detention level Akus and his mate were making their way to the horizon. Opposite of the Pridelands...Scar looked to see two figures disappearing to the West. Good luck. smiled Scar as he led his family back home.

Back at Pride Rock Suka awoke in the middle of the night for absoultly no reason, his heart was racing and his head hurt. He looked to his surrondings and saw a calm cool savanna night. Suka didnt know what, But something wasnt right...He could feel it in his bones...Something wasnt right in the air. He could feel the weight of deceit on his mind. Akus had surely lied...If only Suka knew.

How right he was...

In a distand land Akus was setting in the wide expanses of the savanna as he looked to a dark shadow beside a tree. Dear, Must you be so seclusive still, Why cant we be close like we once were? The shadow looked to Akus with eyes shining gold. We are still close as can be Akus, Im just thinking...Why did they help you free me? Akus smiled. I promised I wouldnt come back. She smiled and asked. Did you lie? Akus's lips curled up in a sinister smile as he spoke. My dear Mokara, I NEVER tell the truth. Mokara looked to him and asked. All I ask is I get to taste that sweet luquid once more...She looked to the horizon, I cant even remember where we found it, it probably dosent even exist anmore. Akus looked to his mate and smiled as he spoke. Oh, it still exsists, it is in the body of a lioness, And I know exactly where she resides... I too cannot wait to taste such a luquid. Mokara looked to him with intrest as she slid from the shadows reveiling her massive size and bulk, her fur was black as night and heart to match. Tell me Akus...Where does this lioness reside and what is her name? Akus grinned as he spoke. Do you remember, it was a cub, Do you remember? he asked. She smiled and said, Why yes, I remember how you took its two parents down without even breaking a sweat. Akus smiled. Well, that cub has grown into a wise and formidable lioness, She lives in the Pridelands with her little family, And her name was Ushranda, But everyone calls her something else now. Whats that? asked Mokara. Akus smiled and looked to the horizon as he spoke.


By the time the sun had rose agian the Outlanders had returned to their home, All lions still living, Only a few suffered from wounds. Scar made his way up the peak to find Suka wathing over the lands with Kamira by his side, cradeling a cub of many colors. Suka and Kamira sensed their family's return and had seen them in the plains. Scar and Zira walked up to the pair and Suka and Kamira welcomed them home as the family was reunited once more.

But far out to the West...Trouble was brewing in the form of Akus and Mokara.

 More ta come soon !