The Lion King 2 ½: More Hakuna Matata?


Hello everybody. I am StrayKat, which is me, who posted “Kiara’s Hunt” as a fan-fiction on Brian’s section of TLK WWW Archive – “Texts and Fan-Fictions”. I decided to make this funny script of how TLK 2 ½ would be like, so here we go!





BS:             Ingonyama nengw’ embala

MS:      Night

            And the spirit of life



BS:       Oh, oh, iyo

MS:            Mamel—


[pause, Timon is holding a remote control.]


Timon:              Pumbaa, I think we should change The Lion King once again!

Pumbaa:            [is munching on bug popcorn] Why should we? We already did The Lion King 1 ½…

Timon:              I know, but this time, it will be great. Better than the 1 ½! [throws away remote]

Pumbaa:             TIMON! What did you do with the remote?

Timon:              [nervously] I…I…threw it away.

Pumbaa:           [slumping in seat] NOW what are we gonna do?! [sits on a bigger remote, and the movie plays backwards]

Timon:              What did you do now, Pumbaa? [is quiet]


The movie begins!


Timon:              Here you go, little guy. A fresh basket of grubs! [shoves them in front of the cub’s face]

Rafiki:               Hehehe. It is a girl.

Timon: Girl…

Pumbaa and Timon:             GIRL???? OY!


Part 1


Nala:                Timon, Pumbaa, how would you like to name our new daughter?

Simba:              We can’t think of a name ourselves.

Timon:              How about “Fluffy”?

Pumbaa:             “Chibata”!

Timon:              “Rascha”!

Pumbaa:            “Kopa”!

Timon:              “Elly”!

Rafiki:               How about Kiara?

[everyone is quiet about the name]


Simba:              Great name.

Nala:                I agree.

Timon:              Kiara, what a charming name. [flutters eyes]

Simba: And you two are going to babysit her.

Timon: [eye twitching] D-Di-Did yo-you s-say b-b-BABYSIT????

Rafiki:               I’ve got to go. [hops away]

Nala:                Yes. Babysit.

Pumbaa:           Does she need to eat grubs?

Simba:              I guess not. I’ve already enjoyed grubs with you. Remember the time, the Slug-Slurping Contest?

Timon:              Y….yeah.


2 weeks later


Kiara:               Timu! Puma!

Timon:              N-Nice, K-Kiara...

Pumbaa:            What does she want?

Timon:              I think she wants grubs. [points to the basket of grubs]

Pumbaa:            No she doesn’t…she’s gnawing on your leg!!!! AAAHH!

Timon:              [looks] AAAAIEEEEEE!

Kiara:               Abagabba pooduh!




To be continued... J