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The Lion King III: Rosa’s Story

By Nala5



The Birth of the Gemini


It was twilight on the plains of Africa and an old baboon was up having his breakfast.  He sat silently eating his fruit; an old shaman’s staff lay beside him.  His name was Rafiki and he was the shaman for the creatures of the Pridelands.  Many of his friends from childhood were long dead, old memories resurfaced occasionally and for a moment he was young again.  He would remember when king Simba’s grandparents were alive and how he had settled in the Pridelands long ago.  Then he would count his blessings that the war between the Pridlanders and the Outsiders was over.  However his morning reverie was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a small blue Hornbill, Zazu the king’s Majordormo. 


“Rafiki. RAFIKI!” cried the bird as he approached the old tree that was the baboon’s inner sanctum.

“What is it now Zazu?” asked the old shaman.

“It’s the king’s daughter!” answered the distressed bird “She has given birth to cubs!  You’ve got to come with me!”

“So de cubs have finally come eh” said Rafiki with a laugh “I come den.”

Then Zazu flew off again toward the great rock that held the lions den, Rafiki grabbed his staff and jumped down from the tree intending to follow him quickly.  However he had to recover from the jump first, he was beginning to feel his age and above all a coldness in his bones.  It was a sign, he was sure of it, but for now he was going as fast as he could to the lions cave.


At Priderock all of the hunting lionesses (all of whom were some how related to the ruling family) were outside and on the edges of the great rock.  The older lionesses were inside the cave helping Kiara.  While the new grandfather was pacing on the promontory, while his son in-law Kovu was contemplating what fatherhood would be like.  Simba had been a nervous wreck when Kiara was born, and now he was a grandfather it felt like having two more children of his own. 


“Ah... Simba” said a very unsure Kovu “I thought I was the one having kids?  Yet you’re the one who’s more nervous.  Even more so than when I first came here.”

“I can’t help it!  I don’t want to make any mistakes with my grandchildren like the ones that I made with Kiara.” said the king

“What mistakes?  Kiara turned out fine!” said Kovu in surprise “Well except for the fact that she couldn’t hunt...” Simba gave him a look “And she had an overprotective father who never let her go anywhere alone.”

“Something might have happened to her!” said a still pacing Simba “What if she had been eaten? What if she had gotten lost? ”

“Hey I’m going to have to worry about those things too, but I’m not going to shelter my kids.” Simba raised an eyebrow as Kovu continued “I want them to learn to survive on their own, because someday I won’t be there to tell them what to do.”

“He has a point you know Simba” said Nala now approaching the two males “You’re going to have to give these children room to grow” she touched her nose to his “and find out things for themselves.”


Soon Zazu arrived with Rafiki.  Hours later Nala, Simba and Kovu were let in to greet the new cubs, as their exausted mother had a nap on the other side of the cave.  Kiara had given birth to twins a male and a female, was the oldest they were told.  The female was a peach-reddish color with black-stripped ears, and the male was all black from ears to tail.  They each got a nuzzle from their father, and one from each grandparents.

“Their names are Rosania and Brahme” said Kovu “I guess we get to use both names we picked out.”

The little cubs smiled and started playing a spirited game of tag.  Their grandparents had started to play with them, when Rafiki suddenly keeled over.  While the others kept the cubs distracted, Kovu and the other lionesses tried to help the old baboon. Sarabi and Serafina brought leaves and made a bed for him at the other end of the cave.  They suspected it was age finally catching up on him. 


But that night a cold wind blew through the Pridelands.  It woke the old baboon, and he sensed that something was not right with the land.  Try as he might he could not move, for his strength had not yet returned and the cold got to him piece by piece.  Then the female cub wakes up and walks over to him and reaches a paw to touch his shoulder.  Suddenly he stops shivering and the wind recoils and vanishes.  The cub smiles at the old baboon, then returns to her mother’s side and goes back to sleep.  Then the old shaman smiles as well and falls asleep.




Zira’s Waking



At the moment of the cub’s birth, something else happened on a riverbed miles away.  An older lioness lay on the grass; she was strangely alive and well taken care of.  After months of sleep and illness, we see her finally wake up.  She seemed a little confused and disoriented, trying to get a feel for her situation.  Her last memory was of falling from a gorge and into the river and seeing the face of Kiara the Princess of the Pridelands.  She ground her teeth at the thought of Simba’s daughter, the one who had brought about her son’s change of heart.  Then her daughter Vitani had sided with her brother and joined the Pridelanders.

“Someday I will have my revenge!” she cried.

Then a dark mist appeared and surrounded her and she heard a voice that chilled her to the bone.

“That day may be sooner than you think. Zira.” it said

She smiled and embraced the Darkness, and it spirited her away.  The laughter of her former mate Scar could be heard in the distance as the same cold wind blew by.




Rafiki’s Sudden Departure



As time went by Rafiki seemed to be improving.  The lions had listened to his instructions and gathered the herbs that he wanted.  It took weeks for him to finally be able to leave his bed.  Since the two cubs couldn’t leave the cave yet either, the old baboon entertained them while their parents hunted.  He enjoyed their company and had begun to teach them things about the outside world.  How the antelope jumped like crickets through the grasslands where many creatures hid themselves. 


“Don’t we eat the antelope?” asked Brahme the curious charcoal colored cub.

“Yes you do, but I believe you would want to know just what type of creature you are eating.” said the shaman slyly “There are quite a few varieties in your menu”.

“I guess so” Brahme said quite unsure of himself.

“So we destroy many lives then just to eat, Rafiki?” said his sister thoughfully.

“No Rosa! You remember what Granpa said it’s the circle of life.” said her brother.

“Either way we have to eat, my dears” said a voice from behind them.

“Hi Aunt Vi” said Rosa as she and her brother ran to greet the tawny lioness.

“What have you guys been up today?” Vitani said giving each a nuzzle.

“Rafiki was telling us about the Antelope, auntie”

“So you’ve been bothering the old monkey again huh” said Kovu as he walked into the cave.

“Daddy he’s a Baboon not a Monkey” said Rosa as Rafiki feigned indignance.

“Now you have to apologize to him dad” said Brahme with a grin.   Kovu made a face, but did so after a nudge from his sister.

“I’m sorry Rafiki” 

Then he heard Kiara laugh as she entered the cave. 

“How the mighty have fallen” said Vitani now laughing too.

Kovu sighed started to walk away as others began to enter the cave bringing with them two dead Zebra.  That night when everyone was asleep Rosa and Brahme approached the old shaman with a question.

“Rafiki how did our parents meet?” said Rosa

Rafiki who was still awake decided to tell them the whole story.  For he knew that Simba might not tell them the whole story and there were parts of it that even Kovu and Kiara didn’t know about.  So all through the night he told the story of Nala and Simba and then that of Kovu and Kiara.  When he was finished the old baboon fell asleep, and the cubs returned to their sleeping parent’s side.  They would understand it more as they grew older, but for now just knowing was enough.


Weeks passed and the cubs were let out of the cave with strict supervision.  They eagerly ran out onto the grasslands.  Their parents watched with amusement for a while, then went off to take care of Sarabi who was finally feeling her age.  The cubs were left with their grandfather.

“Now don’t go running off you two” said Simba

“What’s the point of being outside if we can’t have any fun?” said Rosa

“You can just be careful”

“Yes Granpa” said the two in unison and they were forced to listen to a lecture.  It ended when the two bored cubs started a game of tag, completely ignoring Simba adding on rules.  When the day was done Kiara took them out again after dinner to look at the stars.  They were joined by the rest of the pride who lay here and there and even Rafiki was well enough to come out.  Brahme and Rosa had fun pointing out different shaped they saw in the stars. 


Suddenly one of the lionesses cried that she saw a figure approaching Priderock and it looked like another shaman.  It looked like a female for she was slightly smaller than Rafiki with a thinner face.  They all watched with interest as she made her way up to the peak of the great rock.  She ignored the lionesses gasp and surprised looks.  Then headed straight for Rafiki, the old shaman stood with help of his staff and dipped his head in greeting.  She did likewise.

“You are the one known as Rafiki?”

“Yes, may I ask who you are and why you are here?” he said still leaning on his staff.

“I am Amelle and I was sent by Lukamo the Great One on the Mountain.” she stated pointing southward.

“What does the Ancient One want with me?” asked Rafiki

“He has requested that you come with me to the Mountain.  Others are already on their way.” she answered

He nodded and looked to Simba and Nala for permission to leave their kingdom.  They nodded and told him to be careful in his condition.  Then the two were off across the grasslands, little did any of them know that he would not return to the Pridelands for a long time to come.  The cubs watched sadly as their friend disappeared.




Secret Friends



The next day they were allowed out again and left to their grandparents.  However the two older lions soon fell asleep in the morning sun.  So the cubs had a better chance to explore their surroundings.  There were new scents and scents everywhere.  Rosa took everything in slowly while her brother was already way ahead of her.  He started to run towards a nearby hill so he could see the land around it.


“Bram wait up” cried Rosa running after him

“Sis you gotta see this!” he called

Rosa panting joined him on the hill.

“What a view” she said then she moved closer to the edge and lost her footing.  She rolled down the hill heading straight for a rock pile.

Brahme was running after as fast as he could

“Hang on sis!”

Just then she collided with something that had suddenly run in front of her.

Dazed she tried to get up, but her head was still spinning.

“Are you okay?” said someone behind her.  She looked up and found a sandy colored male cub dark brown eyes looking back at her.  He helped her up just as her brother appeared racing toward them. 

“Yeah I’m alright” she answered


Then she looked and saw her brother was laughing and rolled her eyes.

She turned back to the other cub and introduced herself.

“Hi I’m Rosania and that Hyena over there is my brother Brahme” she said

“I’m Vector” he said as Brahme stopped laughing finally.

“I just call her Rosa so don’t worry about the long name” said Brahme now grinning at his sister.

She glared at him then turned to Vector and said “You can call me Rosa if you like”

“Can I call you Rose?”

“If I can call you Vec you can call me Rose”



From that day on the twins always managed to sneak away from their babysitters to play with their friend.  They even managed to ditch Timon and Pumba as well as Zazu.  Their parents almost caught them a few times, but Rosa managed to convince them that they were just practicing camouflage.


“We’re driving them crazy” laughed Brahme

“I actually feel bad for them” said Vector “you guys are hard enough catch in a game of tag.”

“Don’t worry about it Vec” Rosa assured him “ever since our shaman left things have been kind of different anyways.”

“I just don’t want you guys to really get in trouble on my account that’s all, Rose.”

“We would have run away once in a while anyways, because of my grandpa’s talking” said Rosa rolling her eyes “He’s always telling us what not to do and how to be safe”

“More like how he wants us to be really” said Brahme frowning

“Alright” said Vector “as long as you guys don’t mind then” then he tagged Rosa and ran.


That night Vector told his mother about the twins and their games.  She just smiled thinking the cubs were imaginary friends that he son had thought up in his loneliness.  Though she did wonder where he wandered off to everyday while she hunted.  Weeks went by and they became the best of friends.



Then one day when Rosa was out getting hunting lessons from Kovu, Vector told Brahme that he and his mother were leaving.  When he returned home that day he told his sister when he managed to get her alone and she practically cried.   Later that night Brahme watched as she snuck out of the cave worriedly, but he didn’t wake his parents.  Rosa wandered all through the Pridelands keeping a low profile and avoiding predators of the night. 


As Vector followed his mother away from the Pridelands border he thought he saw something in the grass that resembled a pair of striped ears.  Without thinking he ran to it, luckily his mother hadn’t noticed yet.  Then straight in front of him was a pair of chestnut brown eyes. 


“I had to say good bye”

“I’ll never forget you Rose, you guys were my first real friends” he said sadly

“You were my first friend besides Bram”



Then he turned and left catching up to his mother easily.  Rosa wandered back to Priderock carefully and fell asleep just as the sun came up.  She slept all of the next day and no one except Brahme could understand why the cubs didn’t try to run off.  Even Simba was depressed by their lack of enthusiasm to play and ceased giving lectures for fear that it was his fault.




The Floods and the Rapids



Two days had passed and the cubs seemed content to play under their grandparent’s watchful eye.  Kovu had started to take Brahme hunting as well, but he had taken extra care to see that Rosa was not like her mother, completely inexperienced.  Some of the lionesses thought it strange that at such a young age both cubs were able to hunt for themselves.  Everyday Rosa caught herself a mouse or two for lunch; her brother usually preferred voles.  Simba was a little concerned, but then he remembered that was trying to correct the mistakes that he had made when raising Kiara.  Kiara on the other hand was proud of her children and in her turn taught them games that would help them learn more.  Play she knew was when cubs learned the most about their abilities and reflexes.  The young princess taught them leapfrog and a form of hopscotch in the sand.  Neither Rosa nor Brahme minded any of it, because they liked spending time with their parents.  There were even times that Timon and Pumba joined in the games.  Today they were playing regular old tag and Rosa noticed Zazu watching them.


“Do you want to play Zazu?” she asked

“No thank you my dear” he answered “I’m too old to chase cubs around anymore.”

“Gramma and Granpa can chase us around” she said convincingly

“Those two are very young compared to me” Zazu said with a laugh “I used to chase them around, even to the Elephant Graveyard once”

“Really Granpa said he never did anything bad when he was our age” said Rosa thoughtfully, not letting on what Rafiki had told them “Why would anyone want to see a bunch of creepy dead creatures anyways?”

“I have no idea” he laughed again “Trust me your Granfather was the mastermind behind it, though your Grandmother Nala was the one who caused me more trouble.”

“Why is that?” asked Brahme

“She was the one who always made the plans”

In the end they convinced Zazu to play too, leaving him feeling younger than he had in years.  The old bird began playing with them more and more after that.


A week later things began to change.  The nights were colder, then dark clouds appeared and it began to rain non-stop.  It was hard for the lionesses to hunt and one of them almost drowned trying to.  Soon they could only catch drowned creatures.  There was constant flooding and what was left of the herds had finally fled.  Water surrounded Priderock and their only chance of escape was to ride on logs that floated by to safety.  The lionesses began to jump on to the passing logs two by two on some.  Kiara grabbed Rosa while Kovu had Brahme with him both paires had landed on separate logs.  Then Vitani shared a log with Sarabi and Sarafina, helping the old lionesses stay on.  Simba and Nala shared one with Timon and Pumba, while Zazu had been blown into the heart of the storm.  They all had a rough ride down the rocky river-like floodplain.  It carried them miles and it became harder for the lions to hang on.  They were forced to jump through rapids and sharp rocks lay all around, where only harmless boulders had before the rain.  Then hours later a waterfall appeared ahead of them, but none could see it because of a dark mist that suddenly shrouded the area.  The logs were pulled in and disappeared as they went over the falls.




Two Got Away



Soon only Kiara was left, and seeing the fate of the other jumped off of her log and on to a small, uncovered patch of land. 

“You may have my mate and my son, but you will not have my daughter” she whispered grief stricken through her tears to the falls and its evil mist. 

Then Zazu managed to fly down to them.

“Kiara! Are you alright?” he yelled trying to be heard over the storm.

“Zazu!” she answered “Find Rafiki and tell him what has happened!”

Then the little blue Hornbill flew off into the storm in search of the old shaman.


That night the two slept in a tree high above the rising water level.  In the morning Rosa woke with the realization that she might never see her brother or the rest of her family and friends.  Kiara managed to catch some fish for breakfast and lunch.  The water level seemed to be dropping so they had more rocks to walk on.  They traveled around the falls and for a while neither of them said anything.  Days passed and soon they reached grasslands untouched by the storms, at night Kiara left her daughter hidden in the grasses as she hunted.  When she returned she would often tell her daughter stories of her own childhood and once even about her wedding day.  But it was only a matter of time before things took a turn for the worse.  For one night when Kiara was returning from a hunt the dark mist again appeared over the land.  She called for help and another sandy colored lioness came running toward her, but it was too late.  The mist had begun to fade taking her with it, and the last word the other lioness heard was “Rosa”. 


The cub had heard her name and ran toward the field just as her mother disappeared.  Rosa cried out for her mother as the tears fell down her rosy cheeks.  She fell down in the grass in despair.  The other lioness appeared behind her with another cub.

“I’m sorry child the mist took your mother,” said the sandy colored lioness mournfully “and she is not the first.” 




I Know You



Rosa turned and stopped crying and brightened up when she saw the other cub.  Then she smiled a little and called him.


It was his turn to look shocked now.

“Rose” he said blinking “What are you doing out here?”

“We got driven away from our home by water” she said shivering at the memory of the mist “and then the mist took everyone else.”

“I’m sorry” Vector said bowing his head “about Brahme and your family.”

“Thanks” she said still lying there “Mom was all I had left.”

He walked over to her and lay beside her trying to comfort her as his mother watched in surprise.  She hadn’t realized that the friends her son had told her about were real.  Then she looked at Rosa’s striped ears and guessed that “Brahme” had been the dark colored cub.  When the cubs were finally asleep she walked over and lay down beside them keeping them warm.  She had already decided to take Rosa with them.  It would be good for her son to have a friend especially at the end of the journey.  In the morning Vector introduce Rosa to his mother Shannra. 

“Why do you call her Rose?” Shannra asked curiously

“We have a deal, she can call me Vec if I can call her Rose” her son answered grinning

Then Shannra explained that they were traveling home after a long time of being away.  She offered to take Rosa along, she accepted and Vector was overjoyed.  Rosa then told them about the great flood in her family’s lands and how she and her mother had come to be on the plains. 


Shannra had taken a liking to the young lioness and in time would come to think of her as a daughter.  So the next night when her son was asleep Shannra confided in Rosa that she and Vector’s father had had a disagreement.  Even Vector had not known the real reason why he and his mother had left his father’s family’s domain, the Eastlands, to go traveling.

“So then you had to leave Vec’s dad?” asked the cub curiously

“Yes, because his father wanted to betroth him to someone” she said making a face

Rosa laughed then asked “What does betroth mean?”

“It means his father wanted to Vector to marry someone he chose for him” she said “but I wouldn’t let him do that.”

“But I thought you had to be in love to get married” the cub said

“You should love the one you marry, but some people are forced to marry someone they don’t love” Shannra said sadly.

“That’s not fair,” cried Rosa “I wouldn’t marry anyone I didn’t love”

“Good for you” said Vector’s mother smiling “and no it’s not a fair thing to make anyone do.  Especially when I married him of my own free will, making Vector do something that he never had to do is cruel.”

“You won’t let that happen to my friend will you?” asked Rosa

“Of course not dear don’t worry” answered Shannra giving the cub a lick she lowered her head and closed her eyes, and was asleep within minutes.


Rosa stayed awake a while longer looking at the stars and one of them seemed to be falling from the sky and it was coming towards her.  It started to form a dark maned lion with a scar over one eye.  He started to advance towards her showing his teeth.

“Child of Kovu” he snarled and she saw a dark mist change him from transparent to solid color and form.  He extended his claws and she moved away from Vec and his mother hoping to keep him away from them.  She started to run all the time thinking that she had heard of this lion somewhere before.  The scar over his eye reminded her of the one that her father had supposedly gotten from his mother, Zira.  She stopped abruptly at a cliff that had suddenly appeared in front of her, and she could have sworn it hadn’t been there when she’d come this way before.  The darkness was all around her now and she could here the sound of paws coming towards her.  She turned around determined to fight before he got her.  The dark maned lion made to jump toward her, his eyes were as a lion hunting prey.  Then something stopped him mid-jump, he seemed to see something that brought back a fear he had had of a lion long gone. 


Rosa stood facing him with no fear in her heart; if she could at least distract this lion a little he might forget about Vector and his mother and just worry about getting her.  Eyes bright with a fire that had been burning in her ever since the darkness had taken her family, the young lioness seemed to glow with the color of a red flame.  The darkness drew back from her and flames surrounded her body.  The scarred lion started to growl, but held his ground, until a golden glow shone from behind Rosa.  Then the form of another lion appeared and he was transparent as he was no longer alive.  However Rosa still hadn’t noticed, as she was looking towards another young cub that was coming towards her.

“Rose!” he called glad to have found her, then her noticed the other two lions.

“Vec stay there!” she cried afraid that the darkness would take him.

Just then the scarred lion had turned to see the other cub and commenced in sending the dark mist towards him.  But Vector showed no fear of him either, as he was more worried about his best friend’s safety than anything else.  An aura of blue flames appeared around him and it too drove back the darkness.  The young cub ran to his friend and the red and blue flames shone together in the night.

“This is your doing, brother!” snarled the scarred lion retching as the cub’s blue flames cut through the dark mist that gave him power.

“No Scar it is no power of mine that saved these children” said the gold lion who had now moved to stand in front of Rosa and Vec “Keep away from them I have no wish to fight you!”

“Ah but it is I who have the upper hand Mufasa” laughed Scar “I have your pride and the spirit of your mate!”

“Leave here now or seek the judgment of your ancestors” said Mufasa in the same booming voice that Simba had heard years ago when he had spoken with his fathers spirit.

Scar, still laughing faded away with his darkness, his last words echoing in the night “The King of the Darkness will soon rule all brother and not even the ancestors can defeat him! ahahaha”

Mufasa bowed his head in remorse; Scar would never understand how precious life was and was too bent on revenge to care.  He turned around too see the two cubs standing together, their flames had vanished.

“Are you alright?” he asked concerned

“Yes sir” they said showing not fear, but curiosity

“Thanks for helping us” said Rosa then she turned to her friend “thank you for coming to get me”

“What are friends for” he said with a smile and she smiled too.

Then she turned back to Mufasa with a sudden realization.

“That other lion called you Mufasa. Is that really your name?” she asked hopefully

“Yes” he answered his voice low, but kind.  He looked at the striped ears and fiery brown eyes and it reminded him of his lost mate Sarabi.

“Then that other lion, Scar, really was your brother” she said sadly “I’m sorry.  I know what its like to lose a brother.”

Mufasa stared long and hard at her.  Then he smiled “I suppose you understand better than I do how easily life can change as well after what has happened, little one.”

“Rafiki told me about what happened before I was born.  He said you were his friend and Granpa Simba’s father.” she said

“Yes” said the lion nodding “Simba is my son and Rafiki is a good friend”

“What you did to my parents was kind of sneaky though” said Rosa with a mischievous grin

Again Mufasa looked shocked; he hadn’t realized how much Rafiki had told the cubs.

Vector then decided to cut in before his best friend embarrassed her ancestor too much.

“Um..Rose I think he’s here for other reasons” he said offhandedly

“Sorry” she said guiltily to Mufasa shuffling her paws

“It’s alright” he said “I kind of deserved that one.  I just wanted a way to mend the rifts in the pride and it worked to some extent.”

“You shouldn’t feel guilty about Zira” said Rosa “and I do appreciate you getting through to my dad.  hehe Rafiki did say he was a little stubborn”

“Are you sure you’re a cub?” said Mufasa laughing “I’d swear you were Nala otherwise.”

“But I’d never go to the Elephant Graveyard” she said indignantly

Mufasa pretended to look shocked and Vector laughed. 

“My name is Vector by the way” said Vec “and if you didn’t know her name it’s Rosa”

“Pleased to meet you” said Mufasa with a nod “thank you for helping Rosa.  She’s the only family alive I have left right now.”

“You know where my family is!” said Rosa “Are they alright!”

“I’m sorry my dear” said Mufasa mournfully “the dark mist has them.  Even the ancestors can’t find them.  But I do have a while before I have to go back up there, so I’ll walk you two back to Vector’s mother. Okay”

“Sure then maybe we can talk a little more.” said Rosa and Vector nodded.

So the three of them talked and walked.  Hours later the two cubs were again asleep beside Shannra and Mufasa had returned to the stars.  He was glad that at least one of his descendants was still safe and had left her with the hope of a future.  The ancestors were calling on the shamans for help, but neither could find the dark valley.




The Power of the Darkness



We now see a great valley separated by canyons and caves.  It is filled with wild things, gray gazelle and stranger creatures.  In the center of the valley is a great stone and on top of it are several caves inter-connected by tunnels.  A lion completely shrouded in darkness he watched the canyons below him.  They held his captives the lions that the dark mist had captured.  He had recently caught the Pridelanders.  How he hated them.  He watched as they woke up his most recent captive, Kiara.  The daughter of Simba and Nala that Zira had tried to use and abuse.  She had the heart of Kovu a fierce warrior and had born his children.  One thing that infuriated the dark lion was how much Kiara seemed to care for her mate and her cub.  He wanted to see the Pridelander’s suffer; he also had a deal with Zira to do just that.  Little did she know that this was also for the dark lion’s own personal revenge.  The dark lion also knew that there was still one cub left to get, for Kiara had born twins and there was still the female cub. 

“Scar” said the dark lion in a plain voice

“Yes Dark One” said the scarred lion coming out of the shadows

“Did you get Kovu’s daughter?” he asked expectantly though he knew the answer

“No Dark One.  My brother got in the way” replied Scar fearfully

“Then try again on a rainy night when the spirits are not watching” he said in a low growl “and make sure you do it this time.”

“Yes Dark One” said Scar firmly as he retreated “I shall not fail, for nothing can stop this darkness.”

“So Mufasa is around is he?” the dark lion said to no one in particular “Zira!”

“Yes Dark One” the lioness answered as she appeared out of a dark mist right next to him

“What of Sarabi?”

“We have her spirit” Zira actually smiled as she said this “her body did not survive the waterfall”

“Why are you smiling?” he asked with interest “Have you forgotten that it was I who saved you from a similar fate!”

“Forgive me Dark One.  I remember well” she said bowing “But Sarabi is a miserable Pridelander whose son caused my mate’s death!”

The Dark Lion actually laughed scornfully “Yes but even I know that it was not the claws of Simba that caused Scar’s untimely demise.”  He turned to look at her and said “You may do as you please for now, but don’t kill any of them.”

“Very well Dark One I shall obey you command” said Zira walking out of the cave she whispered to herself “But I will have my revenge!”

“Oh and Zira” called the dark lion “I have gained enough dark power to create the mirror. Be ready. ”

She nodded and left her master, wondering where Scar was and when he would return.  The old lioness worried that their new master’s control would cause a rift between them far worse than death had.  Time would tell and they would finally get their revenge.




A Rose in the Darkness



The Pridelanders had been exploring the canyon that was now their prison.  Kiara had been brought there that day.  She was happy to see that everyone was alive, but she was worried about Rosa.  What if their captor had caught her as well and was keeping her somewhere?  She stayed close to Kovu and Brahme not wanting to lose them again.  Her parents were with the other lionesses trying to find their mothers and Vitani who were missing from the group.  They had supposedly gone over the falls together, but the three lionesses had not been among the group.  Timon and Pumba were also missing and for hours it seemd everything was quiet.  Then a dark mist came and seemed to cloud their minds.  The only one who could see clearly was Brahme who was held close by his mother.  The dark lion appeared with Zira at his side and many lionesses backed away in fear from him.  Though others growled at Zira and called her a traitor.  She merely smiled as the dark mist started to take effect and flow through their minds, very slowly putting them under her master’s control.

“Now you will meet my master” said Zira grinning “For he is yours now as well.  He is the Dark King!”


The dark lion whom Zira had called the Dark King was summoning the dark crystals that contained the dark power to create the Mirror of Darkness.  He would see far and wide with it, and so conquer new prides.  Most importantly he would be able to see the location of Kovu’s other cub, and so completely control the Pridelander’s.  The Dark King started to shape the dark power and made the crystals form one large circular crystal.  An image appeared of a lioness and two cubs traveling together through the plains, one of the cubs had black striped ears like those of Sarabi’s.  His eyes were fixed on that one cub and he knew that she was the one he was searching for.  He signaled to Zira, who started to chant a curse in a long forgotten tongue and the dark power rose as a cat ready to pounce.  All of this was watched by a young cub only a few feet away in horror.


Brahme knew that the spell was going to do something horrible his sister and his friend, so he readied himself to do the only thing he could do in this situation.  Regardless of his own safety he broke free of his mother’s tight hold and ran toward the crystals that formed the mystical mirror, he extended his tiny claws and managed to dodge the Dark King’s claws as he jumped toward the mirror.  There was a faint glow to the cub’s claws as he attacked the thing that would have been used to harm his unsuspecting sister.  The image of the three lions seemed to fade as the dark power seemed to dwindle.  Then the crystals themselves fell to ground as the dark power ceased to hold them up.  The Dark King grabbed the remaining dark power in the air and sent it towards Brahme, but just then Kiara jumped in the way and got the full force of it.  The young lioness had broken free of the dark power’s control at the sight of her son in danger.  She fell to the ground and lay motionless, surrounded by dark energy.  Brahme had then tried to run to his father in fear, but was stopped by Zira who was ready to claw him to pieces.  These events also freed Kovu and some of the other lionesses from the spell of the darkness.

“Kiara!” said Kovu in shock as he ran at the creature that he had once called mother and pushed her out of the way.  Then grabbed Brahme before Zira could try to get him again and rejoined the others.

“Mom!” said Brahme in a low voice

The other lions were shocked and worried that Kiara might be dead.  The Dark King furiously leapt at Kovu and tried to take the cub.

“You will die you insolent little- YOU WILL DIE!” cried the Dark King as he clawed at Kovu who struck back refusing to let this lion take his remaining cub. 


In his rage the Dark King caused the dark power to react and teleport the lionesses and Brahme back to the canyon.  Kovu and Simba were sent to canyon another by themselves.  However the remaining dark power did not go away, rather it encased the unconscious form of Kiara, who had been sent into a deep sleep by the dark power.  The Dark King had her placed in a cave near his own; he stormed about for two days after for his anger was great.  He had wanted to kill Kovu and take Kiara for his own, but now as he and Zira had discovered the dark power’s hold over Kiara was great and it would take the call of a mate to get her to come out of it.  The Dark King knew that he would have to keep that wretched Kovu around to keep the balance of power.  Though now he would never get Kiara and that stayed in his mind for years, he was even more jealous of Kovu now.  Getting a scar like the one that Zira had given him had not turned him to the dark side as it had Scar, and he had gotten Kiara because of it.  The Dark King growled and walked off to his cave in the great rock. 


If my dark power can no longer track that little wench then she will be hidden from Scar as well he thought digging his claws into the stone floor of his cave.  Zira stood outside the cave and watched wanting to kill her grandson for what he had done.  She wanted to kill her son even more for defending the little brat, though Kiara had gotten her just deserts.  The old lioness seemed to smile a little at the thought of Kiara now trapped inside the dark power itself.




Meeting of the Shamans



Meanwhile Rafiki was climbing the last rocky path up the mountain to his destination.  He was not aware of the events that had taken place in his absence.  The old baboon had crossed many miles to reach the mountain of Lukamo the oldest shaman alive.  His apprentices often called him “the Great One” for his knowledge of the past and the greatness of the ancestors was greater than any others.  But what of his knowledge of new ways and the future wondered Rafiki.  He suspected that Amelle was one of Lukamo’s followers, though she had spoken little to him on their journey the old shaman knew that something was up.  There was always a reason when Lukamo wanted someone to come to his mountain.  Rafiki had not seen Lukamo since he himself had been an apprentice, though his mentor, Frizeil had warned him that Lukamo in his pride was sometimes foolish.  Frizeil had once had Lukamo’s brother for a mentor, so she had seen some of the inner teachings of the mountain.  Though why Lukamo would want to see him was still a question that burned in Rafiki’s mind.  He wondered if Frizeil was here as well, summoned by Lukamo.  The old baboon clutched his staff and walked slowly following Amelle up the rocky path, and he wondered how the Pridelands were doing in his absence.  Rosa and Brahme would be a little older now he hoped this visit would not take too long so he could return to them.  Strangely enough he found himself wondering if Rosa really wanted to be queen or if not, whether she would give the leadership of the Pridelands to her brother.  Brahme seemed to have an interest in the land and the desire to rule, but he loved his sister too much to take that right from her as Scar had.  Rafiki knew this because he had the ability to see into hearts, it was a secret he had long kept and no one except his mentor Frizeil knew about it. He had used this same ability on Kiara and Kovu.  The old baboon smiled a little at the memory, Mufasa's idea had indeed worked out for the best.  Mufasa had been a good and wise king, but at times he was still as mischievous as he had been in his cub hood.  For a while Rafiki was lost in though, then Amelle stopped abruptly, the rocky path had come to an end.  A small cave had suddenly appeared in front of them without his noticeing.  Amelle entered the cave and he followed reluctantly, the old baboon had no real desire to see what troubled Lukamo.  However when duty called Rafiki always answered, although as soon as he entered the cave he wished he had stayed in the Pridelands.  There was the scent of quite a few baboons in the air, all smelled of herbs and such; this verified that something big was going on.  The particular entrance area that he and his guide were now walking through was called the Catacombs, and it lead to several paths each leading to one of Lukamo's so called Towers.  He hoped at least Frizeil was here as well, so there would be someone around he could trust.  Amelle he though, was more likely to keep her mouth shut and ignore anything except Lukamo's orders.


They had climbed the path to Lukamo's own private tower at the very top of the mountain and they were about to enter when Amelle stopped suddenly.  Then she turned and whispered in his ear.

"Beware Lukamo's spells" she said with great seriousness "Something is not right on the mountain of Lukamo"

“What has happened?” asked the old baboon in surprise

“A darkness that we have been working against has taken Lukamo and all of those closest to him” she answered

“Is the one called Frizeil here?” he asked anxiously “Is she alright”

“Yes” said Amelle looking at him strangely “She is my mentor and she is managed to escape the power of the darkness with her soul, if that’s what you mean.”

“Then I can trust you, she was my mentor as well when I was younger” he said “I took you for one of Lukamo’s students”


At this she laughed hard and couldn’t look at him for a few minutes for fear she wouldn’t be able to stop.  It took her even longer to be able to talk again.


Rafiki just stood there; he was usually the one laughing at others for their silliness and confusion.  Eventually what ever you did came back to haunt you and he was no exception.  Though he was glad that Amelle was learning from a good teacher, and he was glad that Frizeil was alright. 


When Amelle could finally put on a straight face again, she explained that all shamans that could be of any help with Lukamo and his circle of trusted teachers had been brought here.   She led the way into Lukamo’s tower and the source of the problem.  Once inside he saw a group of about twenty baboons sitting in a circle meditating.  He could feel the presence of spiritual energy in the room.


In another corner he could see his old teacher Frizeil and another shaman intently watching the meditating baboons.  She looked up and saw him.

“Rafiki!  I’m glad your here” said Frizeal, she had more gray fur than the last time he had seen her.  Times had apparently been hard on her. 

“Yes I am here, but I am a little bit confused” said Rafiki “What has happened to cause the great Lukamo to fall under such a spell as this”

He gestured towards Lukamo and the other baboons in the circle as he said this. 

“They were conversing with the ancestors on a spiritual level” said Frizeil gravely “when a dark power interfered.”

“ – At first it was only Lukamo and several of his students that were caught in this spell” Amelle put in “then others tried to go in spirit and rescue them. –”

“ – Then the spell caught them too.  They were trapped by the Dark King” said Frizeil “and surely you know of him after what happened to you home lands.  Lukamo and his students were in the process of telling the ancestors that we have had no luck in finding his dark valley.”

“Dark King?” said a very confused Rafiki “What’s this about the Pridelands?!”

“You don’t know!” said a shocked Frizeil “the Dark King is an evil lion who stole tons of power from the ancestors, as well as following the teachings of dark ones long defeated!”

“The Pridelands were fine when we left them” stated Amelle “I saw it, everything was just fine when we left.”

Frizeil had a stricken look on her face and she placed a hand on Rafiki’s shoulder.

“You were one of my best students, you never failed me.  Yet now I have failed you.” said Frizeil “We learned from the ancestors that the Pridelanders were driven from their lands by floods caused by the dark power.  When they fled their lands they were captured.  I’m sorry.”


Rafiki was in shock.  He should have been there; it had been his duty to look after his friends.  Now all of them, including the cubs Rosania and Brahme were in the clutches of some mysterious evil entity and he had no way of getting them back.  Something deep inside of the old baboon just snapped.  Now he had nothing left to lose.  He clasped his shaman’s staff and walked toward the circle of enspelled baboons.


Frizeil and Amelle just watched in amazement, there are things in this world that happen for strange reasons.  What happened next was indeed one of the strangest of them all.


Rafiki spun his staff slowly in his paws and repeated the words he had read once learned from his grandfather many, many years ago.  He had never before remembered these in such clarity, but his resolve was that he had nothing left to lose.

“Ketcha whicca, show me the way.  Gyuru berya, this is my power will end this.”


Then Rafiki’s own soul seemed to float out of his, while his body just stood there.


He entered the realm that held Lukamo and all of the others.  Their souls appeared as dark wretched creatures that had been devoid of light for a long time, though it had not been that long, or so he hoped.  As the souls of his comrades came at him he opened his hands and the light of his magic shown brightly from them. 


Then slowly the spell of darkness that held the other shamans faded and they became themselves again.


A vision from the ancestors was finally let through and it was received by all present.


A young stripe-eared female cub was being chased by Scar, when she was trapped she turned to face him.  There were flames all around her.  Then Mufasa and another cub with blue flames all around him showed up. 


All of the shamans, especially Rafiki were amazed at what they had just seen.


Then they were led back into their world, and plane, by Rafiki.  Frizeil, Amelle, and the others were in shock.  Other shamans now entered the room and greeted their friends and family who had been trapped.  Rafiki now had a new resolve and that was to find Rosa wherever she was.  There was hope for her family yet, and it gave the ancestors something to think about. 


Lukamo called Rafiki to him and told him that they would need his help in find the Dark Valley.  Rafiki agreed, he knew that Rosa would be safe for now.




This is My Family



Shannra and the cubs had traveled many miles in the past few days, and now they were almost at their journey’s end.  Rosa and Vector had decided to keep their meeting with Mufasa a secret for now.  They weren’t sure that Shannra would believe them and in such dark times some things were best kept quiet.  Vector had other things to worry about as well.  He had not seen his father for months and wasn’t sure if he would take his sudden departure as abandonment.  Rosa was worried about being accepted by her best friend’s family.  Shannra was surprisingly calm about the whole situation. 


Then came the night when they reached the border to the Eastlands, the lands where Vector’s relatives lived.  Shannra had tried to describe it to Rosa, but she said there were many things she had forgotten in her months away.  She was determined to come to an agreement with her mate. 

“It’s now or never” said Shannra that night “I’m not going to stay away for the rest of my life”


Vector and Rosa walked a little ways behind her.


“Stay with me” Vector whispered “There’s a bit of magic in my family and some of my relatives are a little too free with it”


“Huh” said Rosa perking up her ears


“I don’t want you to get caught up in a stray spell” said Vector looking away “I don’t want anything to happen to you”


“You’re a good friend” said Rosa smiling a little “There aren’t many cubs who’d face dark spirits like that, you know.”


“It was nothing” said Vector still looking down


“I’ll help you, ya know” said Rosa


Vec turned to look at her blinking.


“With what?” he asked confusedly


“Your betrothal thing” said Rosa as if it was perfectly obvious “I’ll help hide you from anyone your grandparents bring along”


Vector grinned.


“This could be fun” he said mischievously “Though I should warn you some of my distant cousins are after me too”


“We’ll see about that” Rosa said evilly


Shannra stopped and looked back at the whispering cubs.


“What are you two up to” she asked raising an eyebrow


“Why mother how could you think such a thing” said Vector in mock innocence


His mother moved closer and licked one of his ears.


“Because I know you” she said


“It’s nothing really” said Rosa


“I heard you” Shannra said with a smile “and I don’t object to it”


“What!” the cubs said together


“I’m sure you’ll each pick your own mates in time” said Shannra wisely “but until then I don’t think anyone else should make that decision for you”


“Thank you” said Vector gratefully


Then Shannra nudged them forward.


“It’s time to go home” she said “your father awaits”


“Just one question Mom”


“Yes dear” said Shannra raising an eyebrow and looking down at him


“Is what you said true?  Someday I’ll actually like girls?”


A chuckle was heard from a tree branch just above them.


“It happens to all of us” said the voice


A brown-maned lion jumped swiftly down from the tree.


Shannra tried to hide a smile.


“To what do we owe the honor Sabare” Shannra said raising and eyebrow


“I do believe you were coming to see me” Sabare countered “We have things to talk about”


“Indeed we do” said Shannra nudging Rosa forward “this cub has nowhere else to go and is now in our care”


Sabare was visibly taken aback, but then he smiled a little when he saw his son come to stand beside the female cub.


Vector looked up at his father.  Right now he only cared about one thing: that Rosa would be accepted into the Eastlands and into the family.


The young male approached his father.


“Will you accept her into the family?” asked the hopeful cub


“hmm” said his father “I’ll make a deal with you -”




“Easy Shan” said her mate holding up a paw “it’s reasonable.  I’m not going to bind him to anything serious.”


Shannra still looked worried.


“Shannra who are they?” asked Rosa as an older couple a lion and lioness approached them


The young lioness sighed.


“They are Thermonan and Quebell.  They are the leaders of this family and Vector’s grandparents.”


Rosa just stared at them.


The pair looked surprised as if they hadn’t expected to see their grandson back.


“Little one!  Is that you?” said his grandmother running up to him and hugging him


“Mother!  Not now!” said Sabare slightly annoyed


“Oh Sabby stop it!” Quebell said still hugging her grandson “It’s your fault he went away”


“That’s what I’m trying to talk to him about!” Sabare said frustratedly


Rosa laughed.


“Vec your dad’s kinda like my Grampa” she said


Vector tried to hide a smile as his father just looked up at the sky.


Then Vector’s grandfather Thermonan walked up to them with a slightly amused look on his face.


“What was it you were saying, son?” he asked curiously


Sabare sighed.


Vector was finally released from his grandmother’s grasp.


“What did you want Dad?” he asked his expression changing to a knowing one


Sabare stared at his son.  It’s time to test his mettle he thought.


“If we accept your friend will you consider a betrothal” said Sabare


Vector, his mother, and grandparents just stared at him.


“You’d just have to meet them and decide for yourself if you like them” Sabare continued “These are other parents who want this for their children.  No real decision would be made until you were full grown.”


Vector sighed and looked at Rosa.


“Yes Dad” he said slightly depressed


He thought about what he’d just done.  For my best friend then he thought to himself and then he thought of something else as well.


“Dad” he said looking up at his father again “I have a condition too”


Sabare looked surprised.




“Don’t ever betroth Rose to anyone” said Vector fire in his eyes “Let her be free to make her own choice.”


Shannra smiled a little at that.


“Well Sabare” she said raising an eyebrow


Sabare looked at his mate and then at his son.


“Very well, son” he said and they shook paws


Quebell walked up to Rosa and lay down beside her.


“You better get used to this sort of thing” said the older female with amusement “we’re a pretty strange family”


Rosa smiled a little.


“You’ve never met mine”



That night Vector slept in his grandparents cave with them.  While Rosa, though she was invited to sleep with them by Quebell, found a little cave of her own.


Actually it was an oversized burrow, but it suited her purposes.


She knew that Vector’s parents would probably want to be alone on other nights as well.


It would be kind of awkward sleeping with Vector’s parents.


Though she had slept next Shannra for the whole trip, Rosa wanted a little place of her own.


She had inherited Kiara’s independent spirit and Kovu’s skill of surviving it.



Rosa was left alone the following day, since Sabare had taken Vector to visit a pride elsewhere.


Shannra, she knew was off with Quebell and some of her sister-in-laws.


So it was just her, and she had decided to explore a path she’d seen.


What was the point of living here if she couldn’t explore it?



A little while later when she’d traveled in circles with one path leading to another, she finally stopped to rest.  The Eastlands were bigger than she’d thought.


“Come on girls!” said a voice from the bushes “We’ll lose the bet with Raolen if we don’t hurry”


“Why do Passion Fruits have to be so heavy?” asked another female voice


There was a thud and roll of several objects being dropped.


“At least it wasn’t Mango’s” said a third female voice “Now come one!  Help me lift this back up!’


Rosa decided to investigate and sure enough there were three female cubs trying to recover Passion Fruit.


So she walked up and without a word began picking up fruit and putting in back on the giant leaf with the others.

The other cubs looked at her strangely.


She just shrugged.


When all of the fruits had been recovered the three cubs said “Thank you” made to try and carry it again.


Though one of the edges of left open since there were only three of then and fruits began to roll to it.


Rosa quickly ran and held up that piece.


Then the four of them carried the leaf off down the path.


It was nearly a half hour later that they reached a meadow with a lone tree standing in the center.


There lay five male cubs, the leader, a light gray cub stood up when he saw them coming.


“So Thylandria you made it!” he said with a grin


The lead female cub with fur that was almost white just rolled her eyes.


“We win Raolen” she said triumphantly


“I’ll go talk to my sister” the gray cub said with a sigh


“Be glad you’re not related to her Rao” said a light brown male with blue eyes “we get this kind of thing all the time”


“Yeah and be glad it’s only apologizing to Taisuna” said another male cousin “What she made her brother do yesterday was much worse …”




The four females left the group to their conversations about lost bets.


“I am Thylandria” said the white furred female turning to Rosa “You must be Vector’s friend”


Rosa nodded.


“I’m called Rosa” she said


“I’m Malana” said the dark furred female and then she pointed to the golden female beside her “and this is my sister Rayla”


Rosa nodded in response and found Thylandria staring at her again.


“So what’d ya do that for?  Help us I mean.” asked Thylandria curiously “You didn’t have to, ya know”


“You looked like you needed help” Rosa said plainly “and my grandmother always said “It’s better to be a help than a hindrance””


The sisters Thylandria, Malana, and Rayla just looked at her and smiled.  Maybe this new cub wasn’t so bad after all.  Vector’s judgment of someone was usually right.



The next morning was a bright sunny one.  Rosa was up and about by midday.  She had decided to take time and explore her new home.  As she was passing the Great Rocks she heard someone call her name and turned.


“Come on Rosa” said Thylandria approaching her from behind


“Come with us! Come with us!” cried Rayla and Malana from one of the trees


They made a perfect landing and proceeded in dragging off the new cub.


“Where are going?” Rosa asked quite bewildered


Rayla grinned


“We’re going to show you the waterfall”




From a little ways off another cub watched the four of them go.


Vector smiled.

“Good” he said


Rosa had been accepted by his cousins.  The three sisters were the best ones she could have made friends with.  He only wished he could give her own family back to her as well.


The young male sighed.


Maybe someday he could help Rosa get her family back from the darkness.

If there was a way they would find it together.


But for now he had to fulfill his part of the deal with Sabare.


Rosa’s freedom was the only thing that made some of those visits to places bearable.




Children of Vitani



The Pridelander lionesses were distraught after seeing their leader’s daughter suffer such a horrible fate.  Then their leader and Kovu had disappeared right before their eyes.  They still had each other, but there seemed no escape from the darkness.  For the past few days they had managed to catch something to eat and a small underground stream to drink from.  It seemed as though the Dark King wanted them alive for now.  Netlae and Silvanna two sisters, who had been with the pride for years, were helping Nala who was by now drowned in her sorrow.  The queen had seen her mate, her daughter, and her son in law taken from her less than a minute apart.  She felt like her whole world had come crashing down and all that she had know had been taken away.  After all that had happened, it seemed like the end.


“All gone. All gone.” Nala just lay there and stared straight at the pebble in front of her “Just like the rock all alone now.”


“We’ll find a way to get them back,” said Netlae said encouragingly “things have been bad before”


“Not like this, not ever like this!” said Nala clawing the ground “Go away! Leave me!”

Then she jumped up and ran in a random direction, trying to get away from it all.


“Your Highness please” said Silvanna “we’re trying to help!”  They ran after the queen, but she was to fast for them.



Brahme was left to wander on his own, no one had blamed him for what happened with his mother, but he felt the weight of it.  He had done it to save Rosa, his precious sister, and his friend Vector, and he had succeeded for now.  He wondered where his father and grandfather had been sent and if they were still alive.  All he had left was his hysterical grandmother, and he very much doubted that she’d want him around after what he’d done.  His only consolation was that his sister and possibly Aunt Vitani were still outside this place safe from the Dark King.  He had sensed some time ago that his great grandmother Sarabi had not survived the waterfall.  Though Serafina, he sensed, and he could not explain how, was somewhere with Vitani.  For some reason Brahme had always been able to sense certain things, it was like knowing statistics without the numbers and percents. 


One of the most surprising things he had sensed in the past had been the day they had met Vector, when Rosa had accidentally rolled into him.  The first time the two had looked at each other, Brahme had sensed a spark that was kind of like the sudden appearance of a flame after the striking of a matchstick, between the two.  He had never been able to figure out the reason for this and it had often puzzled him for hours on end.  However it also made him happy that this connection would strengthen the friendship between the two cubs.  The other lionesses had told him that the creepy lioness working with the Dark King was his own grandmother Zira. 


He had remembered the story that Rafiki had told him and Rosa, and he wondered how she could be alive.  The power of the Dark King was seemingly great, so it must have kept Zira alive somehow.  Brahme wondered why the Dark King would want to help Zira.  What could he gain in keeping Zira alive?  The cub kept thinking over the stories he had been told and trying to figure who the cloaked Dark King was. 


After a while Brahme decided to explore the perimeter of their living space.  Since he no longer had Rosa to play with, he felt kind of lonely.  So off he went through the grass, occasionally looking up at the rock walls that surrounded them all.  Though it was a realm of darkness you could still tell the difference between day and night.  It didn’t really make much of a difference, things like that were all he had to amuse himself with.  After about an hour he had traveled halfway around the place and was about to turn back, when he saw something moving behind the rocks to his left.


“Whose there?” asked Brahme nervously preparing to run away

“They’re all gone” moaned the lioness

“Gramma!” said the young black cub in surprise

Nala stood up and looked around.

“We’ll get them back someday” Brahme said comfortingly “Rosa will be okay too.”

“Rosa?” asked Nala confusedly

“Yes Gramma” said Brahme insistently “My sister!”

“She’s gone too” said Nala “I’m sorry little one.  I had forgotten that you need them all more than I do.”

“It’s okay Gramma” he said “I still have you”


Nala smiled a little and nuzzled her grandson.  She had realized that there was still meaning in her life, and she still had someone to live for.  The two of them walked back to find the rest of the hunting lionesses together. 


Long months passed by and Nala, Brahme and the rest of the pride managed to survive together.  They saw nothing at all of the Dark King in those months and were glad of it.  Nala had begun to teach her grandson how to hunt.  In fact each member of the pride had something to teach the little cub.  It kept their minds off of their present predicament.  Together they managed to find what game they could; it seemed that the Dark King had put the antelope there because he wanted them all alive for now.


Then one day when they were having their evening meal, the Dark King appeared and everything changed once again.

“So how is my Pridelander grandson?” sneered Zira

Brahme glared at her and said “I only have one grandmother.  Witch!”

“Why you little brat!” cried Zira unsheathing her claws and walking towards him

Nala got up and stood over him

“Back off Zira!” she growled


The Dark King just watched with impatience, he had no time for old rivalries.  Least of all Zira’s, which were so numerous even she had lost track.

“Enough Zira!” he said “I have other things for you to do than deal with the prisoners.”

“Yes Master” said Zira as she moved to stand beside him once again

“I’ve brought you our latest catch” said the Dark King sneering “She thought she could get away”

Zira laughed and both of them stepped aside to reveal an unconscious tawny colored lioness.


The Pridelanders were in shock, the lioness was Vitani, her fur was torn and matted and blood dripped from her nose.


“No one escapes the Dark King” stated an ostentatious Zira as the Pridelanders stepped towards Vitani


Brahme just stared at Zira, his twisted grandmother, the one who did this to her own daughter.  Then he did a double take, Zira was pushing something behind her.  There was something she didn’t want any of them to know about, and he was going to find it.


When all eyes were on Vitani, the little black cub went to work and crept over to where the Zira and her dark master were standing.  Then using his small needle-like claws he sent a direct thrust into the Dark King’s hind leg.


“Rowwwwrrrr!” the Dark King jumped up and spun around, knocking Zira over to reveal two cubs.


Nala was there in a flash with Silvanna and Netlae, each grabbed a cub.


Zira lunged at her grandson as Nala snatched him up.


“You’re running out of protectors little brat” Zira growled menacingly, digging her claws into the earth


The Dark King walked towards Nala, knocking over any lioness in his path.  When he reached her a loud THWACK was heard and he sent Nala flying towards the rock wall.


Brahme tried with all his might to help her up.


The Dark King looked directly at Brahme and said “You see what you made me do, others will get hurt if you do not obey me”


“You were trying to hide them from us!” Brahme cried glaring first at Zira and then the Dark King

He stood defensively in front of Nala.


“Leave my real grandmother alone!”


This earned him a smack from the Dark King, but he stood right back up again.  Fine, this was where he would be forced to live now.  But he was not going to let some coward who hid behind dark magic push him push him around.


He may not have the strength to fight a full grown lion right now, but someday he would be able to fight like a grown lion.  Then he would stop them from hurting his family, his grandmother especially.


Then the tide of the battle changed, suddenly Brahme saw his Aunt Vitani tackle Zira.


Zira screamed, though she would get little help from her master.  The Dark King just watched.


While he was distracted Nala heaved her self up and went for Brahme.  Some of the other lionesses moved forward to help their Queen.  Netlae and Silvanna still held the two cubs.


They all watched as mother and daughter swapped blows claw for claw.  In the end Zira was knocked unconscious and Vitani lay exhausted on the ground.


It was then that the Dark King used his powers to send Zira away back to her cave.  She was little use here.  He’d let Scar deal with her, and though he knew Scar’s love of her was slowly fading, the old lion would never have the guts to do anything about her.


Then the Dark King crept towards the other fallen lioness, the victor, she would meet her doom here.  Her other wounds were already starting to bleed again.  It would be a quick ripping of the throat.


He padded toward his victim longing for the taste of victory it would give him.  Just as he was about to perform the rite an old lioness and a dark cub stood in his way.


The Dark King narrowed his eyes.  This time he would kill the cub. 


Brahme stood his ground and braced for the impact of the King's claws.


But then something miraculous happened.  The two other cubs jumped in front of him.


This momentarily confused the Dark King, and the hunting lionesses were able to pull Vitani out of the way.  The shrouded lion was furious, deprived of his prey and his revenge.  He went over to Zira and forced her to her feet.


For some reason one of the cubs, a female, put her paw on Brahme’s.


“Thank you” she said


The Dark King turned to look at them all, there was an evil flare in his eyes.


“You have sealed your fates” he said “The Darkness will take your souls”


Nala growled.


“Get out of here!”


“Leave us to our prison” Silvanna said “If your so proud of yourself”


“Zira” called another lioness named Irala “You betrayed your own cause long ago.  We were welcomed into our old home.”


“Yet we see now that you would never except peace and the freedom they would have given us” said another named Lyna


Yena stood as well.


“You wanted blood” she said “Even if it was our blood and not just those who followed Simba.  That is why we followed Vitani and stand by her still.”


A fourth lioness, Mythene finished when she stood and looked Zira in the eye.


“That is why we stand by Nala now and her grandson.”


Zira snickered.


“You are all weak” she said “and the darkness will take you!”


“Maybe so Zira, but we can see the light” said one of the older lionesses “Where as you will never escape your own darkness”


“You really believe in the light?” asked Zira mockingly “You’re pathetic.  The light will never come, and you will all be trapped here for eternity!”


“Kiara will never awaken and your souls will never be saved” the Dark King promised “For none will ever know me.”


All of the lionesses looked at him strangely.


Know him?


How could anyone see through that Dark Mist covering him?


They would keep the faith they had.


But many wondered if it would be enough to save them.


A lioness could live to be over twenty years old.


Though many of the lionesses wondered if they would ever have cubs of their own, and watch them play in the sweet sunlight.


Would they ever have hope of such a life again?


So the Dark King left that day with Zira trailing behind him.


But he had left a cold feeling inside of them all.


It was only as they watched the three cubs play that things seemed a little calmer.


Brahme watched as the older lionesses talked.

Where had his Aunt Vitani come from?

And why did his Grandmother want the cubs so bad?


Brahme led the other two cubs to another corner.

“Are you guys okay?” he asked worriedly

He’d known Zira to do cruel things to his family.


The female spoke first.

“I’m alright” she said turning to the other cub “I think he is too”

The other male nodded.

“Apparently where cousins” he said “I’m Raille”

“I’m Brahme” said Brahme nodding politly “So your Aunt Vitani’s son then?”

The cub called Raille nodded.

“And your Kovu’s” he said “mother talked about you and your sister.  She said something terrible happened to your pride, I was always curious to find out.”

“Well as you can see it’s pretty bad” Brahme sighed “I hope my sister’s okay”

Raille blinked.

“She’s still out there?”

Brahme nodded.

“I’m glad of it” he said solemnly “I just hope she and our other friend are alright”

“I’m sure she’s fine if she’s with a friend” said the female cutting in

Brahme’s ears twitched.

“What’s your name?”

“Tellita” said the female smiling “my name’s worse than both of yours”

“Well I think it’s pretty” said Brahme and Raille looked at him strangely “like my sisters”

“Oh” said Telli a little surprised “Well thank you”


Raille rolled his eyes.

“Oh puleeze”

Telli nudged him.


“Ow!” Raille made a face “Yur such a mean sister Telli!”

Brahme grinned at Raille.

“My sister could do worse hehe” he said “always was a fierce one”

Raille grumbled.

“I suppose I’ll have to get used to it”

“So where do you come from?” Brahme asked turning back to Telli

“Another pride” she said sadly “My parents are gone”

“I’m sorry” said Brahme his ears drooping a little

Then Telli perked up.

“But then Raille’s parents took me in” she said a little more cheerfully “So I have a brother now”

“How fortunate for me” Raille grumbled



Things got darker as the sun went down.


Raille fell asleep in a corner, and the other lionesses one by one lay down for the night.


Nala called Brahme to her and he curled up beside her.


While Raille and Telli lay down against Vitani.


The night wore on and gentle snores were all that could be heard.


Telli woke up suddenly.


“The darkness where is it?” she said looking around


All she saw was the others still sleeping.  She’d had a horrible dream about giant dark lion, that she couldn’t see his face, coming to get her.


He had hungry eyes…


Those eyes!


Telli shivered.


Maybe a walk will help she thought then I’ll feel safer and go back to sleep


Though she’d never feel safer in that place, she’d settle for tired.


The young female walked around her new prison, it was filled with rocks and filled with an ominous darkness.


Then she saw there was a little place where she could actually see the stars.  Her mom used to show her the shapes in the stars.  She’d told Telli that all of her ancestors were up there.


Telli felt the tears come.  Now her parents were up there too, while she was trapped in this prison.




A little farther off someone was watching.  He was by far stronger than that little cub.  The lion put a curved claw across the scar down his eye.  Zira would train this cub to serve their master, he’d see to that.


Telli walked closer to the rock pile, this place was so big.  Was it really an entire valley within many?


The lion readied for the pounce…


Telli gulped.

There was someone out here with her!


He drew his claws and …




She turned.


“Brahme” she said in surprise


He looked concerned.


“Are you alright” he asked walking towards her


She heard a rustle and shivered.


“There’s something out there” she said nervously “I just went for a walk…I – I didn’t think there was anyone else here”


Brahme looked around, his ears twitching and turning in all directions.

“I explored when we first got here” he said curiously “There shouldn’t be anyone else here”


Then he heard a faint grumble.


Ah huh!


“We’d better get out of here” said Brahme “I don’t think Zira’s the only one he keeps up in those caves of his”


Telli nodded.


They made their way back to the others together.


She turned to him and smiled.


“Thanks” and Brahme grinned “you can call me Telli.  Tellita is a little much, though my mom liked it”


Brahme looked up, and he seemed to be searching for something that wasn’t there.

Then he laid down on the grass.


“I haven’t seen my parents for a long time” he said sadly “I don’t even know if my mom’s alive”


Telli lay down beside him.


I know what’ll cheer him up she thought and she sang an old song her mom had taught her one rainy day.


Telli:  You and me together we'll be
Forever you'll see
We two can be good company
You and me
Yes, together we two
Together, that's you
Forever with me
We'll always be good company
You and me
Yes, together we'll be

You and me
Together we'll be
Forever, you'll see
We'll always be good company
You and me
Just wait and see

Brahme just looked at her.


Telli looked away.


Brahme smiled and put a paw on her shoulder.

“At times you surprise me as much a Rosa did”


“My sister” he said solemnly “remember her name, okay?  Just don’t tell Zira or any of them.”

“What do they want us for?” she asked “They want your sister too don’t they?”


Brahme nodded.

“They want us all” he answered “I don’t even want to know what He wants my sister for”


Telli put her paw on his.


“He’ll never get her” she said “We’d better get back before you grandmother and my mom wake up and send everyone looking for us.”


When they got back everyone was still asleep, but it was starting to get lighter out.  The night was almost over.


Telli curled up beside her other mother.


Brahme walked towards his sleeping grandmother.

“Telli” he called back

“Yeah” she said lifting her head up




Wandering Soul



If you could read my mind, love,
What a tale my thoughts could tell.
Just like an old time movie,
'Bout a ghost from a wishing well.
In a castle dark or a fortress strong,
With chains upon my feet.
You know that ghost is me.
And I will never be set free
As long as I'm a ghost that you can't see. 

Sarabi had wandered for a long time in the darkness.  All she could remember was riding the river and falling down the dark waterfall. 

Were the cubs alright?

What was this darkness that had come over her?

She could feel someone’s hatred, it made up her prison.  But it couldn’t take her over.

Oh no.  The darkness could never take her over, because she had discovered the light within herself long ago.  It was what had kept her going during Scar’s reign.

Now she could only think of her family, that included the hunting lionesses.  They were cousins after all.

She was quite glad that her son had never gotten around to seeing his grandchildren betrothed.  Though he might have given up on the idea after Kiara and Kovu.

Still and all, it would be nice for Rosa to find a lion all on her own.  One that she loved, not just had the obligation to marry because of family honor.  Though Sarabi very much doubted that the girl would have stood for that.

No, Rosa was different indeed.  In their world love was not a force that tamed a creature, but rather gave them someone to fight alongside.  Companionship was always a welcome feeling.

Sarabi herself had missed it after Mufasa had died.  The return of her son and the birth of Kiara were the things that had brightened the second half of her life.

Now though, it was over.  The old lioness knew that she was dead, ever since that day at the waterfall she’d felt a sense of separation from any physical feeling.  Or at least on the living plain.  Now what she felt was spiritual and very new to her.

She longed to be free to roam as a spirit, and go up to the stars with her ancestors, friends, and mate.  Especially to see Mufasa again.

Who had caused this darkness?

And why?

There had to be some connection.  This wasn’t a sudden thing, it had to have been built up over time, this darkness.  Like it’s master’s hatred, it had happened over years and perhaps had something to do with the Pridelander’s past.

She had to find out what was going on.

But how?

She had once heard Rafiki say that if you concentrated your energy, and subconscious, you could be in other places.  Of course it had seemed a little crazy at the time, but now with this new rush of spiritual energy.  She felt that she could do it.

It was the only other way to see what was happening to her family.  There had to be a way to help them.  She had to try.

So she concentrated and the sense of spiritual energy grew.  Then suddenly visions came to her.


Rosa and Brahme running off and playing with Vector.


Sarabi gasped.  The two cubs, they’d had a friend.  It seemed that there was another lion besides Brahme that Rosa had trusted.

They got along well.

“hmmmm…” curiosity welled up inside of her

Then the rest came and it was a horrible shock to her.


Kiara jumping off the log with Rosa.


Then Rosa running towards the field yelling “Mommy!”


She saw her family trapped in the Dark Valley.

Then Kiara struck down by the darkness.


Tears began to fall down Sarabi’s muzzle.

As long as I'm a ghost that you can't see

How could this have happened?
The hero would be me.
But heros often fail
And you won't read that book again
Because the ending 's just too hard to take!



She saw Rafiki and how he’d saved the Shamans.

They’re attempts to find the Dark Valley had brought them no results, though they worked feverishly at it.  It seemed that the old shaman had taken an apprentice of his own as well.


So Sarabi watched, not knowing whether it was past, future, or present, as other prides were taken by the darkness.

The dark mist scoured their lands and they just vanished.

All that could be heard was Zira’s laugh.



That god forsaken pile of bones was still alive!


Then there was a dark shrouded lion looking down into the Dark Valley from a great rock.

Beside him were Zira and Scar.


But how she thought could they come back?

Suddenly she sensed there was something wrong, another presence.

The darkness was heavier than ever and it caused her great pain.


Her last vision was that of Rosa and Vec talking to Mufasa…



She felt a deep longing.

Suddenly a pair of claws struck her left side trying to push her down.  Tired as she was she lashed back with her claws.

The other creature roared and recoiled in pain.

Sarabi turned.

“Scar” she growled

“Hello Sarabi” Scar snarled “How do you like your new home?”

“I hate it like I hate you!” she took a fighting pose “What have you done to my family?”

“If you remember I was once a part of that family.  We could still be one you and I…” he said in a seductive tone

“I love my mate” was her immediate reply

“But he’s dead” said Scar with a malicious smile

“So am I”

“Ah but he isn’t here is he?” said Scar hopefully “You may never see him ever again”

“That changes nothing” said Sarabi confidently “I will see him again even if I have to wait a thousand years!”

“But I am here!” said Scar drawing himself up

“Did you hear me those years ago when I said NO! or are you just that stupid?” said Sarabi growling

“I let it slip”

“Go see Zira!” Sarabi said walking away and sitting with her back to him

Scar walked toward her and with a snap of his claws dark chains surrounded her.

With chains upon my feet.
You know that ghost is me.
And I will never be set free

As long as I'm a ghost that you can't see.

He stretched out a claw and brought her face up to his.

“But I wanted you long before I met her”

Sarabi went for one of his other toes and bit hard.

Scar’s scream traveled all they way to the Dark King’s cave.  The dark lion awoke, and he was not happy.

In a rage he leapt through the mist and was transported into the cave.  There he found his minion whimpering on the floor and proud Sarabi standing tall despite her chains.  The chains themselves were starting to dissolve due to Scar’s weakness.

The Dark King roared.  He was furious.  Scar had lost to a Pridelander lioness even with the powers he had given him.

“You are useless!” screamed the Dark King “Should I have gotten hyenas instead?”

After a while Sarabi was left alone again, as the magic of the chains finally dissolved.

What was going on?

She wished she could see Mufasa.  So they could finally be together again.

The former queen sighed, it was going to be long and she knew it.  Though she wondered when the war with the darkness would end.

One thing was for sure.  She’d never be with Scar, it seemed he and Zira had broken up.  They have given themselves up to this darkness and it seemed given up their love as well.


Sarabi sat down on the dark stone floor and concentrated her energy once again.

The visions returned with a flash of bright colors.


She saw Brahme, Raille, and Telli playing in their prison.  While Nala and the others listened to Vitani’s story.

Sarabi too perked up her ears, though she was really hearing with her mind.

“I was brought far down the river to the lands of another pride” Vitani was saying “They took me in and I spent many months there.  There was a lion who helped me and later fell in love with and he with me.  We were married and pretty happy.  I thought you all had died, because as much as I searched I could never find you.

Later I bore our first child, Raille.  It became apparent to the pride that there was a great darkness about, because other lions started coming from all over the place with tales of disappearing prides.

We took them in and did the best we could to understand what had happened, but it was forever the enemy we couldn’t see.

Then it came to our land, and all was covered in darkness.  I was with the others in another prison like this we spend many days there.  Then one night when the others were asleep mother came and took Raille.

The next day they came again and threatened to kill my mate, Kaemen if I didn’t come with them.  I didn’t know what else to do.  It was horrible, what that lion who calls himself King, did to them.

He used us as just to see what his darkness could do – ”

At this point Vitani started crying.

Nala put a paw on her shoulder.

“We’ve all faced hard times in this place.” she said “and they won’t be the last”

“How did Telli get here?” asked Silvanna “And who is she?”

Vitani bowed her head.

“She managed to escape the darkness’ effect on the pride and followed us here” Vitani looked towards the cubs and then lowered to a whisper “Her parents were from another pride, they were killed by Jackals.  We found her and took her in.  Hers was one of the pride’s taken by the darkness, they were coming to us like the others had.”

All the lionesses bowed their heads.

“So all of Africa is doomed” said one of the younger lionesses

“Not yet” said Nala “he can only use so much power at a time.  It will take him years.  Time is on our side.”


Sarabi opened her eyes and tried to take it all in.  Nala was right, time was still on their side.

But for how long?

There were still others out there somewhere.  Like Serafina and Timon and Pumba.  Even Zazu.  Though they themselves were probably lost.

She sighed.

“Guess I’ll try this vision thing again”

What she saw next was by far worse than the other visions.  It was even more ominous, because it hadn’t happened yet.


At first all she saw was darkness and then there were all of the pride lionesses.

A dark mist slowly covered them and stayed within them.

Silvanna, Vitani, all of them succumbed to the power of the darkness.

Last of all was Nala, she was the last to keep that hope shining in her eyes.


But it wasn’t over.

She saw the young cub Telli and then suddenly she was grown up.

Telli seemed well enough, she was hunting with grace and ease.

*Sarabi gasped*

It wasn’t at seeing the girl’s future self either.

But that her image was actually a reflection in the eye of the Dark King.

He was watching her every move!

In his great rock he was watching, and in the shadows of their prison.

He was ever watching…



Whatever Happened to Sarafina?



Sarafina looked out on a bright new morning.

She’d been awake for most of the night, remembering what had been.

The waterfall had been rough on Sarabi. The only ones who’d been with her when she died had been Sarafina and Timon and Pumba.

The other lioness had felt great remorse at seeing her friend go, but it had been her time. The only thing that had saddened Sarabi was that her family hadn't been there. Couldn’t be there… Though Timon and Pumba, who’d shown great emotion, had tried to make up for it.

The older lioness chuckled.

They’d tried to imitate all members of the family, while dancing around in their old ‘Hakuna Matata steps’.

And then…

An old song from her youth came back to her.

The brightest star is beyond my reach

But you were always there

Do you remember our younger days

When we used to hunt and play

Beneath the deep blue sky

You were always there when I cried

Or when someone died

We’d always be together

Cause time was on our side

Then came the part that the elders always sang, and that was now hers as well.

But now where older

And things have changed for us

Our time is all but done

And my tears have returned

Though instead of someone else

Now I’m losing you…

She found she couldn’t go on.

“Find the cubs for me won’t you Sara?” Sarabi had said with a smile “They’ll need your help before this is over.”

Those were her last words before she passed on.

The three of them buried her and left the waterfall soon afterwards for parts unknown. It had all seemed so final, but Sarafina was sure that they hadn’t seen the last of Sarabi.

Even the Duo seemed sure of it, or at the least they were trying to cheer her up.

They’d had to move quickly, because the ominous dark mist was still in the area.

What was it really?

And what had caused the great disaster in the Pridelands?

Sarafina sighed, and wondered if whatever it was, was even worse than Scar...

Now they were in this little cave, and there they stayed. The weeks went by and she’d gotten to know her companions a little more. The two made her laugh and overcame the dullness of her daily routine of hunting and eating.

Over time they’d told her about their lives.

Timon talked about his parents and uncle.

He’d told her that things hadn’t gone well for his father and that he’d had to leave the tunnels for years at a time. For there was only one shaman they’d known of, that was able to treat his condition.

Though now in recent years his need for treatment had become less and less. So now his parents had more time to spend with each other then they’d had before Timon was born. For a while he’d deigned to leave them alone, but now he wanted to go back for a visit.

He’d said Sarafina would love the Oasis.

“Besides” Timon said “I wanna see what my uncle is up to.”

After receiving some very confused looks he explained “I’ve heard that rumors that he has a girlfriend, which I don’t believe. But I wanna see if it’s true.”

They all kind of laughed at that. Grumpy Old Uncle Max falling in love!

If that was possible then anything could happen.

So that was where they were headed soon.

Pumba had little to say, because everyone knew how he’d gotten separated from his parents in a storm many years ago.

The older lioness lay there in the grass remembering her younger days and her mate Asaru. The father Nala barely remembered. He’d died a brave and proud lion, saving Mufasa and Scar from an almost tragic venture in the great river during a storm.

It was the reason she’d always thrown a flower in the river, and brought Nala to sit there on it’s banks always. That was where she’d told her daughter the sad story as a cub.

How the years had gone by…

She’d seen Nala grown up and fall in love. Then of course Kiara and her little adventures, right up to the ordeal with Kovu. Her grandson-in-law was her reminder that miracles could happen.

Now however it would be Rosa.

Kiara had refused to betroth her cubs to anyone, which was admirable in itself. Though she suspected Simba would have preferred it. There would be tension between him and Kovu about it when the cubs go older. However in the end it was the cubs who had the final say, and by then they’d be able to make their own decisions.

Sarafina had always wondered who they’d come to marry.

Watching Brahme would be funny. He was so easily confused or embarrassed.

Rosa however, was strong and a fighter. She’d one day be a warrior. It’d take a lot more than charm and looks to get her.

She’d be kind of cute like Kiara, but a little more sensible. Above all she’d be a wonderful mother when the time came.

After the Oasis they’d be heading east. Just because she had a feeling, that maybe someone would be there to greet them.

And somewhere up in the clouds, a golden king and a gray maned warrior watched…

To Be Continued…

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