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Please note:          I am an Australian with a British background and therefore spell things differently to the Americans, the most obvious example is mum as I spell it but you Americans spell it mom… there are several others but I am not going to bother going through them all.


Character pronunciations:

Jafira:          (how it is spelt, jaf-I-ra)

Toto:           (completely obvious to me as I had a cat once named Toto) toe-toe

Erilindia:          eril-india

Yondine:          yon-dine

Elidy:          El-lidy

Satrelina:          sat-ril-ena

Gaferu:          Gaf-rew

Renyrulo:          ren-e-ru-lo

And the rest are in the movies so listen yourself for them…


Pointing out the obvious:          you won’t understand any of my work here if you haven’t seen the films!


Legal stuff


The lion king and it’s sequels (TLKII: Simba’s pride and TLK 3: hakuna matata (or in the US it is called TLK 1 ½)) all the original characters (Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Serabi, Kovu, Kiara, Timon, Pumba, Zira, Vitani, Nuka, Zazu, Ma (Timon’s mother), Uncle Max and the rest of the merekat mob which I can say you don’t hear most of the names of… they are all property of the Walt Disney company.


My characters: Jafira, Toto, Erilindia, Yondine, Elidy, Sampsen, Satrelina, Gaferu, Renyrulo, Yrotena and Jayndene are under my copyright, if it helps out another lion king fan with names for their story then I will let them use it with an e-mail to notify me… other than that it will be a case by case basis.


The character Simba (Jr or 2nd depending on the scene) is copyrighted partially by Disney and by me partially so I am not honestly sure which category this goes under but yeah, you get that sort of thing story writing.


A quick note that ALL my work to date has not been recommended for an audience under the age of 10 at least!    Some even for over 15 year olds only because I am an expert in writing about tragedies, death and dealing with them so I portray them heavily and make graphic descriptions of injuries… so watch out… persons under 10, my stories are not for you unless you want to be traumatized for the rest of your life and by reading any of my works I don’t take any legal responsibility for any such thing because you have been warned…





















TLK4:    what we had is gone…


Chapter 1: pride rock: den:  what do we have left?


A severe drought has plagued the Pridelands in Kovu and Kiara’s first year of ruling the kingdom…


Kiara:         (almost panting from heat exhaustion) we will have to leave our place of rulership… I don’t know how much more of this lack of water I can survive…


Kovu:         that isn’t the Kiara I know!    The Kiara I know is brave and daring and…


Kiara:         (interrupts) had a belly full of gazelle and water… it is a pity my father isn’t here because I could really use his guidance… although I don’t think he has ever faced something as bad as this.


Kovu:         I don’t think any king nor queen has had such a bad start… if only Simba were here…    (walks out of the den with Kiara looking out at him lost in thought)


Chapter 2:  Flashback:                    Simba’s death…


                   Not long after the marriage of the to-be-king-and-queen (Kovu and Kiara) Nala had a tragic passing after she was hunting some wilder beast one turned around and stabbed her directly in the side with it’s horns, Timon and Pumba brought her back to the den but she died shortly after… Simba was emotionally traumatised and couldn’t forgive himself.    After believing that he had somehow caused Mufasa’s death but being proved wrong by Scar admitting that it was him.    Now he believed that he caused Nala’s death because it was her turn to bring in a large meal for the pride.    This had made him borderline insane and too weak to rule… out of sorrow he passed his royal powers to the new couple and wondered off into the shadows and sorrows that had become of his life.    For one last time Kiara tried to talk Simba out of thinking he responsible for his wife’s death…


The den about a month before the start of this story.


Kiara:         daddy, this has to stop, Nala went out of her free will, it was a dare from all of us, not your doing…


Simba:        Kiara, no… if I hadn’t have asked her to go out there she would still be alive… it IS my fault… 2 deaths have I had sitting on my shoulders, one lifted by scar admitting to murder and one that there is no way that someone else could have caused it…


Kiara:         isn’t that what you thought happened with Mufasa?


Simba:        (Sighs but can’t look Kiara in the eye) yes… I only hope that I will be able to see your child ready to rule before I die, I sense that both are close… I only know that you are the ones who must worry about this now… (Looks Kiara in the eyes)  We are one and alike, you and I, if you had lived my life you would be in my position now…

We are one and alike, our eyes, our compassion, our emotions… all the same… that is why I was so tough on you as a child, I almost got myself killed on several occasions.


Kiara:         hmm… (Sighs) if Kovu and I are the only ones who can make you feel happy before you… before you…


Kiara couldn’t say it, almost in tears over the subject…


Simba:        (finishing her sentence for her because she was on the verge of tears)… die…


Kovu:         (walks in and says) Simba, why do you blame yourself?    Nala was also out there with Kiara that day, she was out cutting off the wilder beasts escape… you had nothing to do with it, you were awaiting her return…


Simba:        promise me something, both of you…


Kovu and Kiara:                    (almost simultaneously timed) hmm?


Simba:        that you will live on, have a cub that will… be able to be a successor because I only hope that I will live long enough to see him or her before my guilt claims me… death is close, Timon has already died from age and Pumba has seen better days too… I doubt he will survive much longer… and neither will I… Sarifina, your mother’s mother, Kiara, she died under Scar’s rulership and Nala was able to continue because she knew it wasn’t her fault… a group of hungry hyenas ambushed her for meat… she didn’t survive long from what I heard… 

(Gets up and walks down to the water hole with Kovu and Kiara following) (Upon arrival he had brief flashbacks of Nala’s funeral as she floated downstream looking so peaceful on her back.    He closed his eyes and said) I will always be with you in the stars, I will guide you where I can…


Kiara:         I know you will… Mufasa and Rafiki told me…


Simba:        Mufasa?    Told you?


Kovu:         (looking a little bit more dumbstruck than Simba and just glared at her with amazement)


Kiara:         (didn’t notice the look on Kovu’s face) yes he did… he said he will be there for us too… Rafiki is also becoming older and I am honestly surprised he hasn’t shown his age in his actions…


Simba:        I agree but my father almost never helped me when I needed him… he must have thought I needed to be more independent than he was… (Continues towards the waterhole that Nala was laid to rest in, it was more like a large stream and it was about 20 yards to the north of the waterhole where he last drank)


Kovu and Kiara:                    (follow)


Simba:        (stops at the waterhole and without a word has a drink)


Kovu and Kiara:                    (sit down near Simba without a word)


Simba:        (gets up and walks over to them with a tear coming out of his left eye) I am too weak… I can’t go on… I know I must be happy again but I can’t… the darkness has almost completely consumed me and it is coming around tor the final attack…


Kiara:         then FIGHT it!


Simba:        I can’t I am too weak! … I know I can’t survive it… I must hold on but I can’t… I must lift myself up but I can’t… (Looks towards the ground sobbing, looks back up) this is the same spot where I cried for at least a day when your mother died… and here I am crying about it again in the same spot… I can’t go on… I just can’t go… (Exhales deeply while saying his last word) on…


And with that he passed out… Kovu straightened his neck to see if there was a pulse.    Kovu and Kiara saw it for the last 3 beats of this wonderful life… then it stopped…


Kiara:         NO!    (Her word dragged on and seemed to echo through time similarly to when Kovu was exiled again but it seemed to last longer and there were more echoes as time seemed to freeze)


Kovu:         (holds Kiara as she starts crying)


A few hours later all the remaining lionesses, Rafiki, Zazu and Pumba all arrive for Simba’s funeral in the same style as Nala’s funeral but with more tears with several wild animals watching from a distance with the older ones that remember him overthrowing Scar and the hyenas being full of tears.    None however were as teary as Kiara after loosing both her parents in a year and the mother of the previous king not long before them both… she however had been ill for a fair while and was able to go through the whole story from the start of Simba’s life through Kiara’s story up until that point 3 days after their wedding.    There were tears all round but Kovu was holding his emotions to be a shoulder to lean on for Kiara.


Rafiki, Pumba, Zazu, Kovu and Kiara carried his lifeless body into the water, by this time Kovu could no longer hold back his emotions and he cried with deep sobs… Simba’s lifeless body floated downstream and sank a little bit further down than Nala had done but was just as emotional.    Kovu and Kiara were crying together as Vitani came to comfort them but not making them feel any better.


The sorrows were very strong for a few days but then they started to accept that tears won’t bring him back and tried to return to normal life…


Back to real time…


Kiara blinked and remembered where she was dropping a single tear to the floor, she looked around.


Kiara:         (picks herself up off the ground and follows Kovu to see how badly affected the land had become by the drought thus far)


Chapter 3: pride rock: Top of pride rock:  devastation revealed…


Kiara arrives at the top of pride rock to find an exhausted Zazu and a worried Kovu… she had a brief dizzy spell but ignored it and looked over at the very brown grasslands and the heavily evaporated waterhole bank that was cracking in the heat.


Kiara:         whoa!    A fire could wipe out this whole lot in minuets!


Kovu:         (slightly playfully) yeah and you would know, I rescued you from one if you remember.


Kiara:         (sounding a little bit bleak) yeah, I remember.


Kovu:         hmm, we still haven’t had a cub yet?


Kiara:         no not yet… but judging by this… I would say that we may never…


Kovu:         I unfortunately agree…


Zazu:          no!    Never!    I have lived through 3 generations of this family and I wish to see a fourth!    I will see a fourth before I allow my son to be my successor.


Kiara:         give it a rest Zazu, it was only a suggestion.


Zazu:          it didn’t sound like one though…


They all look out over the horizon as the sun sets with a sense of fear starting.


Chapter 4:  pride rock: den: night: Kovu’s bad feeling


During the night Kovu awoke with a powerful feeling that there was worse to come… he got up and had a look outside to see a star filled night and Rafiki coming up to the den.


Kovu:         good evening.


Rafiki:        (surprised that someone was awake) oh hello Kovu.    How have you been?


Kovu:         worried… with Simba gone and a drought setting in I am fearful for what is to come… he always said that he would watch over us but I can’t be sure because we are yet to have a cub and with Simba and Nala gone we may not be able to secure the circle of life…


Vitani:        Kovu?    What are you doing… oh you have found that crazy mandril with the stick…


Rafiki:        well that is very nice young Vitani… and a good evening to you too…


Vitani:        (taking offence to this but choosing not to act upon her immediate anger) what have you been up to, using this monkey as someone to talk to Kovu?


Kovu:         yeah, pretty much…


Vitani:        (backs down seeing as her plan would only have worked if he disagreed) (sighs deeply)


Rafiki:        I have been talking with Mufasa and Simba through the winds and they have said that you will have a male cub very soon, I hope this is one less weight on your shoulders… I also wish to say that Simba has decided that now he has been reunited with Nala he is pleased and that he thanks you for trying to cheer him up when he was down…


Kovu:         that is good to hear… (Looks back at Kiara who is still sound asleep), probably best not to tell her now or she will be a bit grumpy in the morning… I will tell her when she wakes tomorrow… or better yet, how about you Rafiki stay here and tell her at sunrise?


Rafiki:        no, I am not really one for sleeping in caves… however I may as well stay, you may not remember in the morning with the nightmares…


Kovu:         (looking a little bit confused) how did you know about them?


Rafiki:        hoh hoh hoo!    I have seen it happen before… usually happens after an event that greatly affects someone’s life, in your case, Simba’s passing… he was the one who made you see the better way through him and Kiara…


Kovu:         o…k


Vitani:        you two can talk all you want but I would seriously recommend that we get some sleep.    (Walks out to the middle of the den and lies down to sleep)


Kovu:         sorry about her, she hasn’t been herself lately… I think it is her being jealous, although being my sister, is not queen… but I can’t be sure… either way I agree that we should get some sleep… Rafiki, where do you plan on sleeping?


Rafiki:        I have had my eye on that tree just at the bottom of pride rock… I will see you at sunrise.


Kovu:         (quite bluntly) ‘night


Rafiki:        (gestures his hand into a half wave, half salute and hurries off down towards the tree that he had said about)


Chapter 5: pride rock: den: The next morning: what has to be told…


As the sun rises, Rafiki climbs up to the den and wakes Kovu and Kiara who where stirring at that time anyway but Vitani was nowhere to be seen.


Rafiki:          good morning!


Kiara:         (screams lightly in surprise and Kovu gets up almost laughing but trying to hold it back to suggest he had no idea about Rafiki arriving that early on this day) whoa!    Gees!    What the heck was that for?    You scared me Rafiki.


Rafiki:        I’m sorry but I have some wonderful news!


Kiara:         (sounding a bit groggy but nods her head as though to say continue)


Rafiki:        Simba has said that he thanks you for trying to cheer him up when he was alive, he is now with Nala up with the rest of the great kings with their queens less strong but are still together… he said he wishes to apologise for putting you through what he did, all those tantrums and questioning why to live, he is deeply sorry… he has also said you will have a male cub born in the not to distant future and he says that you will probably be a better influence on it than he was on you and Kovu but he can’t see that far ahead…


Kiara:         o…k well it is good to hear from him but how did you hear this?


Kovu:         he told me last night in less detail but he said he heard this from their spirits through the winds.


Kiara:         hmm, well at least we know we will have a cub, did he tell you about what the not to distant future’s outlook for the Pridelands?


Rafiki:        unfortunately no… he may not know himself but I’ll let you know of anything further… anyway have you seen Vitani?    She is nowhere in sight.


Kovu:         hey, you are right.    Ill go have a quick look for her, she is probably just out for water.


Rafiki:        hmm, but either way I should head back to my tree… I will return when your cub is born.    (Walks out of the den and hurries off back to the tree)


Kiara:         (looks at Kovu as if to say that he had known he was coming and made her jump)


Kovu:         (on the verge of almost cracking up laughing making it obvious to Kiara that he knew)


A few awkward seconds passed which was broken by Kovu walking out to find his sister.


Chapter 6:  The grasslands: Vitani’s disappearance


Kovu was out searching for his sister.


Kovu:         (sigh) I wonder where she is… it is not like her to be gone from pride rock without notice…


He continued searching until the sun was at about 1 third of the way through the sky when he found his sister wounded and lying down with a severe trio of slash marks down her left half of her rib cage and 4 teeth marks just above her right front paw and numerous other small cuts including a deep one across her bridge of her nose making her look almost comical but her mood was a totally different story.


Kovu:          what happened?


Vitani:        (opens her eyes and says) a rogue… please help me back… back to pride rock… brother…


Kovu:         ok, you may be a bit hurt from the trip but I will do my best…


Vitani:        I understand… (Almost unconscious)


Kovu:         picks his sister up and carries the loudly complaining lioness back to the den…


Chapter 7: pride rock: The den: Kovu’s surprise


Kovu:         (arrives back at the den with his loudly complaining sister on his back, he places Vitani outside the den and calls out for lioness assistance but to his surprise the lionesses tell Kovu to come inside and they will handle his badly wounded sister for now)


Kiara:         it’s about time, what happened there?


Kovu:         a rogue, what’s the problem?


Kiara:         I have something to show you… (She was smiling as she moved her front paw to reveal a cub facing towards its mother)


Kovu:         what!    I missed the birth… darn it.


Kiara:         (lightly laughs) I am not sure what to call it…


Kovu:         well it is a guy, right?


Kiara:         correct… any suggestions?


Kovu:         not off the top of my head… well this is certainly a highlight of this already dark season…


Kiara:         there is more… another 2 cubs, both girls…


Kovu:         3!    Whoa!    What are the chances of that?


Kiara:          I have no idea…


Kovu:         which ones look more like me and which ones look more like you?


Kiara:         I haven’t honestly bothered to check yet… let’s have a look, shall we?


Kovu:         hey, this lady here looks like me but with your eyes… this lady here looks like you but with my eyes… the guy looks like he will have a red mane but will have a dark body like mine, although he appears to have one eye of each… strange…


Kiara:         yes, this still gets us nowhere for names…


Kovu:         hmm, where is Pumba?    He is good at things like this.


Kiara:         yeah good point, I haven’t seen him for a while, not since I asked him to go looking for… (Looking horror struck)


Kovu:         ill find him, that rogue could easily get him… (Kicks off the wall and sprints past his complaining sister to the top of pride rock and spots the red mass and tail hanging up with a faint ‘Kovu?’ being heard.    Kovu runs after Pumba to escort him back then to find and fight off this intruder)


Chapter 8: The grasslands:          what you can’t see can actually hurt you.


Kovu:         (calling out loudly and running) Pumba! … Pumba!


He was searching for a short time but it felt like hours… he found the warthog backed up against a large stone with the rogue closing in… he was attempting to hold this rogue off with his tusks.


Pumba:          Kovu!    Help!


Rogue:       (In a deep voice) Kovu?    (Looks around and spots the lion going on the attack)


Kovu:         leave him alone… I will kill you if you dare go any closer to him.


Rogue:       (mockingly) you wouldn’t kill me!    I would kill you, you miserable coward.


Kovu:         WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!?


Rogue:       heh heh


Kovu:         if you touch him you have harmed my sister and a dear friend.    (Draws his claws and roars loudly with a full mouth open to attempt to scare this foe off)


Rogue:       so that cowardly lioness is your sister is she?    Well I seriously doubt she will survive.    (Turns to face Kovu in an aggressive stance)


Kovu:         (almost through clenched teeth) no you were the coward, leaving her to die like that… I will finish what she started, Pumba?


Pumba:      yes?    (Almost a snort)


Kovu:         warn the lionesses, if I fail this lion could easily harm the cubs.


Pumba:      cubs?    I thought there was only 1


Kovu:         there were 3, and we need your help with names… hurry back, ill take care of this atrocity.


Pumba:      (sprints to pride rock but hears the rogue’s loud talking and catches his name)


Rogue:       for your information my name is Elidy, I doubt you will need it though because you will be dead and your pride will be mine with your cubs killed to allow me total control.


Kovu:         (winces in anger) (dives at Elidy with claws out and teeth drawn)


Chapter 9: pride rock: the den: Pumba’s return to retrieve reinforcements



Pumba:      (comes rushing towards the den, sees the whining Vitani, runs in and yells with over the top of the whining Vitani and the worried Kiara) Kovu is in trouble!    That rogue, Elidy his name was, that attacked Vitani almost got me too, he is holding him off and judging by the opponent’s size I would say that he may need help!


Kiara:         oh no!


Vitani:        this rogue is ruthless, (Gasps) he won’t hold back, (Gasps) Kovu will need help! (Gasp) Kiara, it is your call.    (Gasp)


Kiara:         help him with all your might, Jafira, take charge of the lionesses.


Jafira:         yes ma’am


Kiara:         as for the rest of you, I need 2 to help Vitani and one to help me with the cubs… Satrelina, you stay with me, Gaferu and Renyrulo, stay with Vitani… the rest of you go with Jafira and help the king.


All remaining lionesses:          yes ma’am


A small pack of lionesses charged out of the cave led by Pumba and Jafira.


Chapter 10: the grasslands: the fight continues: Kovu VS Elidy


Kovu:         (now with a number of cuts, none too serious) (Kovu takes one hard strike to Elidy’s side ripping out a large chunk of fur and flesh from his underbelly with Elidy roaring very loudly)


Elidy:         (swiped Kovu across the face making him yelp in pain)


The loud and bloody battle continued as the lioness reinforcements closed in with the enraged warthog charging towards the fighting duo.


The battle wages on with a quivering Kiara keeping her cubs warm as the battle wages on, Vitani was scared by this rogue’s strength but knew that if Kovu has anything to do with it, she will survive.    The three other remaining lionesses, Satrelina, Gaferu and Renyrulo all followed their orders.


Elidy:         (receives a powerful blow to the side but Kovu was directly in front of him… the blow had dusks one almost piercing his flesh… from the shock he fell to the ground with a warthog quickly pinning him… Kovu approached)


Kovu:         thanks Pumba.    What do you want with the Pridelands and me, Elidy?


Elidy:         I will never tell you, you filthy cheat… (Notices the lionesses circling him all drawing their claws)


Kovu:         you will leave at once, as of now you are exiled.


Elidy:         (submissively) o…k


Pumba:      (releases him)


Elidy:         (slowly walks away but without warning makes a powerful surprise attack on Kovu knocking him down) seems the tides have turned… (Forgetting the lionesses)


A large number of clawed paws slashed the already wounded flesh of Elidy


Jafira:         never forget there are more of us than there are of you…


Elidy:         (walks towards the outlands with more injuries than Vitani had but only one that was about as bad as hers, the cowardly fighter walked off with Jafira and a small number of lionesses following her to be sure that he wouldn’t return)


Kovu:         (walked back to the den nursing some of his worse injuries with a few lionesses and a slightly shaky Pumba)


Kiara:         (watches Kovu arrive and calls out to him but he does not speed up, having trouble coping with the pain)


Kovu:         (almost collapses next to Kiara and with much difficulty said) he is taken care of, despite being strong he can’t take us all on.


Kiara:         (smiles)


Kovu:         (lies down exhausted)


Pumba:      you said something about naming the cubs…


Kiara:         no, I think that can wait until morning… I know it is mid afternoon but Kovu needs to agree and he is out cold after being so heavily wounded.


Pumba:      ok, if Timon were here he would be trying to hug the cubs despite them being already bigger than him… (Looks at the cubs then looks at the floor almost shedding a tear)… does Rafiki know yet?


Kiara:         (thinks hard for a moment) no I don’t think so… Pumba, would you save me the trouble of going to tell him, I would normally ask Kovu but… well you can see for yourself…


Pumba:      I understand… I am on my way.    (Leaves the den)


A few hours pass and the lionesses arrive talking about Kovu’s mighty battle, all naturally exaggerated and shortly after that Pumba arrives back and says that Rafiki now knows about the 3 cubs and he will be down here tomorrow to help naming.    Pumba also told Rafiki about the rogue that was known as Elidy, he was naturally worried and has said that for the time being he will be a scout for the area making sure that we have some notice if he tries to return.


Chapter 11: pride rock: the den: The next morning: Kovu’s awakening


The next morning everything was normal except for Kiara not joining the lionesses for hunting nor Kovu getting up to see the Pridelands as it was slowly being wiped out by drought nor to search for any intruders.


Kovu:         (stirs to see Kiara licking her infant cubs and a warthog snoring lightly next to her) (groans as pain returns to him but struggles up)


Kiara:         (notices) good morning, Kovu


Kovu:         (groans and said in a raspy voice) ‘morning


Kiara:         (smiles) Pumba?


Pumba:      (stops snoring and says) (groan) what?


Kiara:         Kovu is awake.


Pumba:      And?


Kiara:         cub naming?


Pumba:      oh yeah!


Kovu:         what did I miss? (Leaning towards the right as though he was trying not to move a specific injury)


Kiara:         nothing yet… remember Pumba was going to help us naming the cubs?


Kovu:         ah yes


Pumba:      awl, they are so cute!    They are exactly the same amount as the amounts of lionesses and lions we have lost in the past set of seasons…


Kiara:         hey, you’re right… what are the chances of that?


Kovu:         no idea but I really wish to get back to resting because of these injuries so if you don’t mind I will do this lying down because otherwise my injuries hurt.


Kiara:         ok, no problem


Pumba:      hakuna matata.


Kovu:         thanks (lies down)


Kiara:         well I would say that we name the male cub after my father… he was a great man and this little one will be proud to share his name with such a legend… the male I think should be called Simba… in loving memory of my father who also proved what you believed about scar to be wrong.


Kovu:         yeah, Simba it is then for the guy… how about the ladies (suddenly winces in pain)


Kiara:         hmm, any suggestions Pumba?


Pumba:      hmm… how about Toto, it means little one, the one with Kovu’s colour fur and Kiara’s eyes, the runt of the litter… as for the other one no ideas yet…


Kiara:         Toto sounds fine, as for the other lady…


Kovu:         how about Erilindia, I have no idea if it means anything but it has a nice ring to it


Kiara:         sounds good, how’d you come up with that?


Kovu:         I haven’t the faintest clue but I think it is a great name.


Pumba:      I agree


Kiara:         So it is decided, Simba the second, Toto and Erilindia


Kovu:         sounds good, where is Zazu?    He said he wanted to see our cubs before he allowed his son to be his successor.


Kiara:         I don’t know, Pumba and I will look for him if you will keep an eye on the cubs… after all I haven’t been out in the light of day for almost 2 days.


Kovu:         no problem… (Gets up with difficulty and walks over carefully then lies down with the cubs who quickly come to him for warmth)


Kiara:         well they defiantly like their father… (Chuckles lightly)


Kovu:         (turns his head, lightly wincing in pain but glaring at Kiara who was dancing around a bit in victory)


Kiara:         (leaves the den without a word, jumping around still celebrating her ‘victory’)


Pumba:      (calmly follows)


Kovu:         (looks down at the cubs… little Simba becoming the adventurous one, Toto being the cuddly one and Erilindia being the one who looks out for her siblings… Kovu thought to himself that she would make a great leader of a pack)


Chapter 12: pride rock: the den: the cubs


Kovu was watching over the cubs that were a little bit of a handful because he couldn’t always keep up with his wounds… the cubs however didn’t annoy his injuries but took his mind off the pain, it was the only thing that could… the cubs grew up quickly with unusual personalities.    Toto was still the one who was always close to mum or dad, Simba was always getting into spots of mischief and was often hard to keep track of… his 2 different coloured eyes allowed him to spot things very easily and was often curious.    Erilindia was always the watchful one and looked out for her sister and brother… she truly would make a good leader of a pack of lionesses.    Kovu realised that Toto’s lack of independence may be a problem if it continues much after being an infant…


Kovu:         (heh) you lot are great to be with… a lot of fun.    It is a bummer that Kiara gets to have most of the fun.    I really missed the fun I am having now when I was a kid… trained to kill Simba the 1st… I really missed out on a lot…


Simba:        (roars very softly making Kovu look at him in surprise)


Kovu:         that’s my boy… I wonder if Kiara and Pumba have found Zazu yet… and when the presentation ceremony is due to be.


Simba:        (being naturally curious falls off a rock and yelps in pain)


Kovu:         (graciously picks him up and puts him with his sisters with his marginally wounded left paw)


Kiara:         (comes in with Pumba, Zazu and a smaller bird that looks almost identical to Zazu, minus the missing feathers) how are the cubs?


Kovu:         (more energetic than when naming the cubs) coming along well, although I am starting to think that you get to have all the fun…


Zazu:          so these are the little bundles of joy I have heard so little about… Kiara has told me that the male is Simba the second, or simply Simba… and the ladies she didn’t have the time to tell me… Kovu?


Kovu:         (fairly bluntly) the two ladies are named Toto and Erilindia, Toto being the smaller one.


Zazu:          very nice.    When is the presentation ceremony planned for?


Kiara:         that is still being discussed, this has allowed me to go and inform everyone and Kovu to stay here because he is wounded.


Zazu:          I see, well this is my successor and son, Yondine.


Yondine:    hello, I have to be the apprentice to keep the family business going, according to my father it would disgrace our family if I didn’t follow the family business.


Kovu:         (groans to agree but made it not 100% obvious)


Kiara:         Rafiki is due to arrive shortly…



Chapter 13 (unlucky normally but in this chapter no one dies or anything like that): pride rock: the den: the plans



Kiara:         looks like Rafiki has arrived… I wonder when he plans to have the ceremony?


Rafiki:        (swings into the den) hello… so these are the bundles of joy… very nice…


Kovu:         names are:  Simba… the second that is for the male, of course, Toto for the smaller female and the other female is named Erilindia.


Rafiki:        you seem better than everyone has been saying Kovu… I heard it was quite a duel.


Kovu:         it was… these cubs have kept my mind off the pain and I am a little bit ungrateful that Kiara gets to have most of the fun with these little bundles of joy as you called them.


Rafiki:        I could do it tomorrow just after sunrise… is that all ok with you?    There won’t be as many spectators as in pervious presentation of cubs because of this drought but I can do it tomorrow morning if you can get the word out quickly.


Kiara:         sounds perfect Rafiki.


Rafiki:        (laughs briefly then hurries out of the den heading towards his tree)


Pumba:      I’ll start spreading the word (also leaves).


Kovu:         looks like it won’t be a bug ceremony then… this drought has made many animals from the Pridelands leave to survive… there is few left…


Kiara:         I know but there is only 1 way to know how big it will be… and that is time.


Kovu:         (looks down) you’re right…


Toto:          (yawns)


Erilindia:   (rounds up her brother and sister and snuggle up to Kovu chattering to themselves with undistinguishable language to Kovu and Kiara with the occasional weak roar)


Kiara:         the cubs are defiantly are fond of you Kovu… they will be saddened when you leave the den to try and sort out the Pridelands…


Kovu:         I know… (Looks up at Kiara) but they need someone to be with and at this time I am the non-energetic one…


Jafira:         (enters) Kovu… we may need your help shortly… our patrols are working their butts off but alone we can’t take on 3 or 4 hyenas… you I hear can however… they keep ambushing our groups when mainly we are alone…


Kiara:         call the other lionesses in and ill help Kovu… if he is able to fight then have the lionesses ready to back him up because being wounded makes for a more easily injured Kovu…


Kovu:         (Groans and gets up with a few light roars of complaint from the cubs) Kiara, look after the cubs… I will deal with these hyenas… with a bit of luck we may have a meal of carnivores tonight… (Winces slightly in pain) (Runs out of the den)


Jafira:         (Looks at Kovu running out like Kiara, then looks at Kiara and quickly says) looks like the plans for the ceremony will have to wait… ill back him up don’t worry… Kovu, a Duson or so lionesses and I can take down a large hyena pack no problem… Kovu’s injuries won’t make a difference (trying to keep Kiara in high spirits) well, I’d better make sure he is OK and doesn’t get into trouble…


Kiara:         good luck… to all of you (lies down with the cubs coming over to her to take in her body heat)


Jafira:         you have nothing to worry about (lied Jafira) (runs out of the cave after Kovu)


Chapter 14:          the grasslands:          from the heart with hatred…


2 lionesses are fighting to the death to defend themselves from these hyenas that are laughing at their pathetic efforts to survive against the 30 or so of them until…


a loud roaring is heard closely followed by the sound of several lions roaring with a few cheetahs and leopards included all charging at the crowd with a wounded lion leading the charge…


The large army of a lion, several lionesses, some leopards and 2 cheetahs comes charging at high speed at the murderous bunch with the 2 lionesses seeing this their spirits soar and they knock out 3 hyenas before the ‘army’ arrives…


Kovu:         (roars) they will fall… they will be crushed… they will DIE!!!


‘Army’:      (roars in triumph) (the line clashes with the disorganised army of the hyenas forcing them to loose the best chance for doing some decent damage to the impenetrable wall of carnivores.


Pumba:      (the warthog charges into the bunch with tremendous speed from the opposite side severely wounding a hyena)


The fight skewered on with the cheetahs tripping up the hyenas that tried to flee creating a disgusting mess until…


Kovu:          (roars very loudly)


A hyena:     (starts laughing as a lot of blood starts pouring out of a fresh puncture in his rear left leg)


The leopards:          (come charging to his defence)


Jafira:         (comes running to the wounded king that looked briefly at her then fainted with a loud echo of his landing with Jafira almost in tears)


The lionesses fight with vengeance but know that without Kovu they may not survive…


Jafira:         (in the aid of Kovu, straightens his neck and tries to clot the wound with some sand as Pumba comes running).


Pumba:      (gets hit by a hyena on his way forcing him to the floor as he wails and 2 hyenas take him by his feet and flee with the rest of the surviving pack in close pursuit)


Kovu:         (briefly becomes conscious to see Pumba squealing and being dragged away… he tries to get up but then collapses again… out cold)


Jafira:         NOOOO!!!    (The echo was heard from the den, which was a fair distance away)


Chapter 15:          pride rock:                    the den:          to bring dumb tidings home…


Jafira and 3 other lionesses bring the passed out lion back to the den with the remaining lionesses, leopards and cheetahs following with light sorrows and hopes that Kovu will survive.


Kiara:         (sees the dead-looking king and immediately starts crying expecting him to be dead, not noticing Pumba’s absence) it can’t… be… (Sobs heavily)


Jafira:         he fell gloriously in battle but he isn’t dead…


Kiara:         (looks up a little bit confused)


Jafira:         he is alive… but only just… it is unlikely he will survive the night…


Kiara:         (doing her best to not suffer from the heavy blow) (looks over at her husband and cries heavily)


The three lionesses put the limp king down on the floor as he shudders with a brief moment of consciousness…


Kovu:         (barely able to talk but does his best) uh… Ki….ar…a… they…(exhales heavily) they…have… Pum….bah… (Passes out again)


Kiara:         (Still very teary) he’s joking right?    (To Jafira)


Jafira:         (couldn’t look Kiara in the eye but said) no, he isn’t joking… the hyenas have him… by now he is probably dead.


Kiara:         this isn’t happening… this can’t be happening… it mustn’t be true…


Jafira:         (wacks Kiara across the front right paw and Kiara yelps in pain) this is real Kiara… believe me, I wish this were a dream… but it is not…


Erilindia:   (roars lightly as if to say notice us)


Toto:          (yawns)


Simba:        (snoring lightly)


Kiara:         (a tear falls from her right cheek and she says) Jafira, take all the lionesses apart from me, cheetahs and leopards… everything you can master and converge on the hyena pack’s position… retrieve Pumba if he is still alive and wipe those hyenas out… take everything you can… even Rafiki if that is necessary… I’ll stay here, look after this lot and wipe those pesky hyenas out


Jafira:         (looking exhausted but determined) yes ma’am.


Kiara:         (returns to the cubs and moves them to where Kovu is lying unconscious, little Simba complaining all the way because he was quite happy sleeping)


Jafira:         (sprints out of the den and hastily organises everyone who can fight (excluding Kiara) to fight…. She ordered the faster of the 2 leopards to go and retrieve Rafiki to fight and the other leopard and cheetahs were ordered to be the straggler destroyers… not bad for 5 minuets of organising)


‘Army’:      for REVENGE (charges upon the hyena pack’s position without Rafiki nor the extra leopard yet as they would find it quicker to just go straight to the camp and attack from there)


Jafira:         (yells back towards the den but Kiara didn’t hear) we won’t loose!


The echo was heard by the army who charged upon the target position… nothing would stop them… the mere determination was enough to make many run and hide… but there was more yet to be seen than met the army’s eye…


To Be Continued… there are still plenty of school holidays left…


Here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come…


Nala:           uh… I… tried… but… I… I… fail…led…


Kiara:         no you didn’t mum… you WILL survive this (a few tears fell down Kiara’s face)


Simba (Sr.):          Nala, you will make it… you must…


Nala:          uh…(exhales quickly)


Simba:        (now also in tears) (straightens her neck to see no pulse) (a loud roar is heard from Simba… followed by) NOOOO!!!


Returns to normal time and Kiara looks over Kovu’s almost lifeless body with the young Erilindia moving him with Toto’s help to the side of the den as the proud Simba (Jr.) walks in and asks


Simba:        how is he?


Kiara:         (Kiara, still holding back a lot of tears) not really a change from last time you asked… still in a coma…