Character pronunciations:

Gruyta:       Gr-eye-ta

Yrotena:     yar-ot-ena

Jafira:         (how it is spelt, jaf-ira)

Toto:          (completely obvious to me) toe-toe

Erilindia:   eril-india

Yondine:    yon-dine

Elidy:         El-lidy

Sampsen:   sam-ps-en

Satrelina:   sat-ril-ena

Gaferu:      Gaf-rew

Renyrulo:   ren-e-ru-lo

And the rest are in the movies so listen yourself for them…


Pointing out the obvious:      you won’t understand any of my work if you a) haven’t seen the films and you won’t understand this 1 without reading part 1!


Legal stuff


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My characters: Jafira, Toto, Erilindia, Yondine, Elidy, Sampsen, Satrelina, Gaferu, Renyrulo, Yrotena and Jayndene are under my copyright, if it helps out another lion king fan with names for their story then I will let them use it with an e-mail to notify me… other than that it will be a case by case basis.


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Anyway now for a brief reminder of where we left off last time… and prepare for possibly the best or worst thing that ever happened to your computer screen… part 2 which isn’t as sad but still sorrow filled as in a way it is slightly based on things that have effected me or my view of the world or plots similar to some of my sci-fi series’ writings that I am yet to have published mainly because I honestly can’t be bothered.    Anyway I’m rabbiting on about nothing you’re interested in so lets get back on track, last time we left with this… (The preview was more deceptive that you’d expect… continue reading to find out how)













TLK4:    what we had is gone…


Part 2





















Last time we ended with this:


Kiara:         (returns to the cubs and moves them to where Kovu is lying unconscious, little Simba complaining all the way because he was quite happy sleeping)


Jafira:         (sprints out of the den and hastily organises everyone who can fight (excluding Kiara) to fight…. She ordered the faster of the 2 leopards to go and retrieve Rafiki to fight and the other leopard and cheetahs were ordered to be the straggler destroyers… not bad for 5 minuets of organising)


‘army’:       for REVENGE (charges upon the hyena pack’s position without Rafiki nor the extra leopard yet as they would find it quicker to just go straight to the camp and attack from there)


Jafira:         (yells back towards the den but Kiara didn’t hear) we won’t loose!


The echo was heard by the army who charged upon the target position… nothing would stop them… the mere determination was enough to make many run and hide… but there was more yet to be seen…











And now the continuation…


Chapter 16:         pride rock:           the den:      For Revenge!


Kiara:         oh, my Kovu (crying) you must survive… you have to be the fatherly figure… the cubs need you… I need you… you have to live… (starts deeply sobbing)


Kovu:         (has a brief moment of consciousness) uh… (Tries to get up but collapses again and falls unconscious yet again)


(Violin solo for the music piece would be good here)


Kiara:         (starting to feel helpless and lies down with the asleep cubs)




The attack was ready… the silent lionesses, cheetahs and leopard were in position waiting for the last leopard and the mandrel to be in position and to start the attack… they arrived and got into positions completely surrounding the hyenas’ den area with several skeletons around… but there were no warthog skeletons and there were loud growls coming from somewhere in the middle with an obvious animal fighting but starting to loose… the lionesses, cheetahs, leopards and mandrel suddenly in almost unison broke cover and ambushed the place that the hyenas were holding… a fierce battle began with the ancient mandrel named Rafiki being the highest scorer for knocked out hyenas…


Rafiki:        (stick hits a hyena knocking him senseless) take that you stupid… (Hit another) and that…(hit another) this is for the Pridelands, (and another), this is for trying to bite me, (hit another) and this is for Kovu, (one powerful swipe knocking out 3 directly and the flying hyenas knocked out another)


                   They fought their way to the middle, where that animal had almost ceased squealing…


The animal:         (covered to heavily in shadow and voice sounding very difficult for it to speak) uh… Th…th…tha…than…ks… … … the…y’ve… … cut… m…y… th… thr… oat… op… ope…n… I… ca…n … hard… dl… y… t…Tal…k


Jafira:         (standing next to Rafiki who was in visual site of the animal and asks) who are you?


The animal:         (walks into the light because it obviously hurt to talk) (it was a warthog but it wasn’t Pumba)


Jafira:         you haven’t seen any other warthogs around here have you?


The warthog:       (nods his head) (points towards the east and with difficulty says) I… wa…was… def…en…d…ding…one…up…th…ere…bu…t…we…were… sep…e…ra…t…ed… he…wen…t… (Points further north)


Jafira:         thanks… Rafiki?


Rafiki:        yes?


Jafira:         could you look after him while I investigate this?


Rafiki:        no problem…


Jafira:         (runs in the direction the warthog had pointed)


                   Jafira was searching for a short time and fairly quickly found the warthog cowering under some shrubs… it WAS Pumba!


Jafira:         well you’re a sight for sore eyes Pumba…


Pumba:      (looks at Jafira, recognizes her but is very careful about doing anything because he was surrounded with knocked out hyenas and possibly some dead… his feet had teeth-marks in them and some blood was oozing out of the fairly fresh holes… he did his best to put his weight on them but his facial expression told everyone that it hurt to stand) Jafira?    Is it really you?


Jafira:         you bet! … we’d best be out of here… do you know who that other warthog is?


Pumba:      yes… my father…


Jafira:         (taken aback) really?    What is his name?


Pumba:      Sampsen… my only remaining family… from my species that is… I consider you lot family…


Jafira:         (smiles) either way… lets go


Pumba:      (struggling to walk) easier said than done Jafi-I-I-ra! (the I-I-I is when he steps awkwardly and squeals in pain mid word)


Jafira:         Pumba, we must make haste… the only knocked out hyenas may wake up…


Pumba:      don’t you think I know that?


Jafira:         (chuckles and says) well, I’d better round up the troops and your father and all head back to pride rock… (runs on ahead as Pumba arrives next to Rafiki and Sampsen)


Chapter 17:         the grasslands:     good fortune at last


The return was a triumphant one… for a change the scent of good fortune was plaguing the air instead of the foul stench of misfortunate defeat… Pumba, despite being injured and lucky to be alive was in a great mood but his father was not so great… I honestly couldn’t blame him though… hardly able to talk… difficulty breathing.    Anyway none were as proud as Jafira was… Jafira had rescued the 2 warthogs and had lived to tell the tale… these hyenas, despite being merciless had fallen to an unlikely army.    The group returned to the den with the best news thus far in the season.    Though they returned to news that was depressing…


Jafira:         We won!   For a change this season we have good news to report… the hyenas were either killed or knocked out… we saved Pumba and his father, Sampsen…


Kiara:         (smiles for the first time in what seemed like years) that is the best news that I have heard in a long time… since our rule started our leadership has been plagued with bad news… drought, death, herds moving on, depression, severe injuries… the full works…


Jafira:         I know… the cubs were a blessing though…without them the great circle of life is broken… if it becomes broken then countless generations of kings and queens bloodline is lost… the bloodline hangs in the balance.


Kiara:         well the cubs are starting to become a handful…


Jafira:         (smiles) that was to be expected… several generations have past where there has been only a single prince or princess has been born… too much more of this and we would be wiping ourselves out.


Vitani:        (walks in with a satisfied look on her face) the monkey has returned home and says that he can still make the presentation of the cubs for tomorrow morning… the leopards and cheetahs are spreading the word along with Zazu and Yondine… I have let Pumba and that Sampson warthog to have some time alone to get to know each other again… I never got the chance to meet my father…


Kiara:         that is good to hear… (looks at the exhausted Jafira) Vitani how about tonight you lead the hunt?    Jafira has done so much for us in the past few days that I think she needs a little break.


Vitani:        (slightly surprised) I’d be honored…


Kiara:         (smiles) Jafira, you’ve earned a break… how about you look after the cubs and Kovu for a bit… it is getting late and I feel the urge to claw at a gazelle or a zebra…


Jafira:         sounds like fun… no problem


Kiara:         or as Pumba and Timon would say… before Timon died of course… Hakuna Matata… basically meaning no worries.


Vitani:        it isn’t long before it becomes too dark to see, being a night without moonlight… we’d better start soon…


Kiara:         I’m on my way.


Jafira:         (lies down with the barely infant cubs and the unconscious king) (chuckles towards Kiara)


Kiara:         (smiles and runs out of the cave)


Chapter 18:         the grasslands:     the nightly hunt


Kiara:         (perched as still as a rock over some grasses allowing for camouflage because of the drought and the twilight, her ability to be seen was so low that a gazelle could watch where she was for hours and still not notice her but light was fading)… (carefully moves beside Vitani and gestures that everyone else is ready)


Vitani:        (nods) (holds up her front left paw with 3 of what would be fingers where up, one lowered, then another, then the last one and all of them simultaneously broke cover and split the herd without difficulty… now all that was needed was to choose a specific gazelle or two to feed the hungry lionesses and the unconscious king (or rather just stuff some meet and water down his throat and force it down using it sticking out in his throat to assist them)


Kiara:         (makes a heroic leap at a gazelle at such an angle that would make you feel slightly nauseous just watching and strikes her front claws into the gazelle’s backside and slingshots herself round to it’s neck and bites hard at the windpipe… the two of them stop suddenly but Kiara’s hold on the beast’s neck with her teeth keeps her on as the gazelle struggles to get out of her grip… she crushes the gazelle’s windpipe and the gazelle quickly gives up)


Vitani:        (tries to strike at a gazelle but to no avail, similar result with all the other lionesses… she looks around and sees Kiara holding this gazelle’s throat as it stops moving and roars in triumph)


Kiara:         (muffled by gazelle’s throat) yay! I caught it, before anyone else! Hoo-rar!


Vitani:        (comes over followed by the remaining lionesses) well done Kiara, time to bring this meal to the den, need a hand carrying it?


Kiara:         (still hasn’t let go of the animal’s throat so her voice is still muffled) nope.


Vitani:        well, if you’re sure…


Kiara:         (nods)


                   The whole lot of them, walk home with Kiara in the best mood she has been in for a while but you can’t see her smile behind the gazelle’s neck, they march back to the den in triumph.


Jafira:         (outside the den almost leaping for joy)


Vitani:        (runs over to see what was going on)


Jafira:         hey, good to see you, best news this season has happened!


Vitani:        what?


Jafira:         the best thing this season…


Vitani:        (impatiently) and that is…?


Jafira:         Kovu, he is awake!    He is weak, but awake!


Kovu:         (with a little bit of difficulty because of his injuries walks to the mouth of the den and smiles)


Kiara:         (hasn’t noticed at this point because she is having a bit of trouble dragging this gazelle’s body up to the den)


The miscellaneous other lionesses:          Kiara!    Kovu!    Awake!


Kiara:         (still hasn’t noticed because she is trying to get this gazelle’s body over a rock)


Kovu:         (walks, or rather hobbles over to Kiara and lifts up the other side of the gazelle)


Kiara:         thanks, (notices it is Kovu) Kovu?


Kovu:         (drops the gazelle and smiles similarly to when Kiara recognizes Kovu similarly to after the fire in the lion king 2)


Kiara:         Kovu!    (drops the carcass’s neck, runs across the gazelle’s body and rubs his head up against his mane)


Kovu:         (winces a little because she rubs against a wound but continues to smile and says) Kiara, thanks…


Kiara:         for what?


Kovu:         for keeping me alive… most others would have left me to die, but you didn’t


Kiara:         you obviously need to get to know me a little better… (Chuckles)


Kovu:         hmm, well are we going to eat this beast or what?


Kiara:         (laughs)


Chapter 18:         pride rock:           The ceremony.


The word did get around, very quickly too… Kovu was back and the cubs were to be formally presented to the gathered crowd that morning with even more joy that Kovu was back and getting stronger by the hour.


Rafiki:        good morning your highnesses, you all know why I’m here I assume…


Kovu:         (after Kiara had told him over dinner he said to Rafiki in an obviously sarcastic tone) nope, not a clue.


                   The lot of them laugh… Kiara rounded up the cubs and brought them to Rafiki.


Rafiki:        (breaks 3 of his strange melons and using his 2 hands he puts some of the juice over the 2 female cubs’ heads and then brushes off one hand and does the same with Simba Jr.    he then grabs a handful of dirt in each hand and sprinkles the sand over the 2 female cubs causing Toto to sneeze but Erilindia didn’t because she tried her best to hold it in and succeeded… but only for about 5 seconds.    He then pours the sand over little Simba Jr’s head and he sneezes straight away… Kovu and Kiara smile as Rafiki starts an amazing balancing act and holds the two female cubs, one in each hand and Simba Jr in his mouth and shows the 3 cubs to the animals gathered below… there was much rejoicing until Rafiki lowered the cubs to the ground… though confused they wandered over to their mother and father)


Kovu:         (smiles and lowers his head to the cubs as little Simba jr. jumps on his head as the animals start to move off)


Kiara:         (chuckles and picks up Erilindia by the scruff of the neck and takes her back to the den)


Kovu:         (smiles as little Simba starts wrestling with his ear, he picks up the tired out Toto by the scruff of the neck and follows Kiara nodding to Rafiki as he jumps down the side of pride rock and shortly after can be seen running towards the tree of life)


Kiara:         (puts down the tired Erilindia and holds her in her paws and starts giving her a bath, watches Kovu come in with his now signature limp)


Kovu:         (puts down the almost asleep cub from his mouth and him leaning down makes little Simba fall off with what sounded like laughing, Kovu smiled as Kiara did the same)


Kiara:         well that went well… any words about other prides because I had a strange feeling that there was the leaders from another pride down there…


Kovu:         really?    I didn’t hear about any and Rafiki would have told us if he had seen any.


Kiara:         but something tells me that there is…


Kovu:         (turns around and starts limping towards the caves main entrance) I will ask the herds… if your feeling is correct I wish to see what their intentions are…


Kiara:         (smiles) thanks


And with that Kovu kinda ran out of the door with him obviously having trouble because of his injuries.


Chapter 19:         the grasslands:     the truth and finding…


Kovu:         (adrenaline was making him ignore the pain his body was in because since the time he was unconscious he needed a run to get his joints moving and his adrenaline had built up) (comes to a herd of zebras and calls out) it is Kovu, the king, I have heard that there was the leaders of another pride of lions in the audience of today’s ceremony… has anyone heard or seen anything?


The zebra herd was startled but didn’t run but was watching Kovu and their fowls with eagle sharp eyes.    One zebra stepped forward and said)


Zebra 1:     you heard correctly, your majesty.


Kovu:         do you know of their intentions?


                   All was silent for about 5 seconds until…


Zebra 1:     He told us of his intentions yes, but also said that if we give information to anyone they will completely decimate our herd.


Kovu:         I will order a lioness guard if you tell me to ensure your safety.


Zebra 1:     (by this time Kovu assumed he was the leader) how do we know that your lionesses will not turn on us?


Kovu:         (to himself) damn, didn’t see that flaw in my plan… maybe I could lie my way out… nope that has already got me into trouble on other occasions… how can I get around this obstacle (it suddenly dawned to him) (he said calmly) I will kill any lioness that disobeys this ruling that I said a moment ago, even if it is my queen…


Zebra 1:     (sounding convinced) ok, they said they intended on finding out more about your pride because they were once, many, many, many generations ago were once part of our pride… they come from a prideland similar to this… your crazy monkey friend would know more about where they are precisely but they said they came from a palace called Incardel.


Kovu:         (to himself) Incardel… I remember a place called Incardel but when I went there it was derelict… as a cub it was, but it is possible that they arrived after then (to the zebra herd) I will head back to Pride rock and organize your guard force, as promised but we will keep our distance to start off with because I doubt they will hear about it, however my lionesses will be within striking range if they do decide to attack.


Zebra 1:     thanks… (sees a lioness behind Kovu and it is a strange red colour and yells out) Look out Kovu!


Kovu:         (ducks as a claw drawn paw swipes at him but misses, he turns around and makes an unblocked clean swipe at this red lioness’s head who is almost instantly knocked out… he thinks to himself, that was surprisingly easy)


Lioness:     (groans then faints)


Kovu:         (looks down fascinated by her colour but then out of nowhere a red furred, yellow maned lion comes out and prepares to strike at Kovu but stops with his paw up in the air and says)


Lion:          why did you attack my Queen?


Kovu:         (sounding surprised) I was defending myself from her swipe!


Lion:          wrong answer!    (draws claws)


Kovu:         how can she not be guilty when she took a swipe at me?


Zebra 1:     too true!


Lion:          Shut up, prey!


Zebra 1:     (cowers)


Kovu:         what do you want?


Lion:          what’s it to you?


Kovu:         what is it to the king of these lands?    Perhaps why you are intruding just for starters.


Lion:          you?    The king?


Kovu:         (nods)


Lion:          (laughs lightly) I was hoping I wouldn’t be found out until a much later date… ah, well… I’m honored to be in your presence, your majesty.


Kovu:         (thought) there is something not quite right about him… I’d best find out.    (normal voice) is there something you wish to say to me, about why you are here perhaps?


Lion:          (laughs lightly again and says) perhaps you should know my name first so you don’t interrupt my story…


Kovu:         (looks at the red lion with a confused look on his face) o…k then what is your name stranger?


Lion:          Jayndene…


Kovu:         ok Jayndene what is your reason for you and your queen being here?


Jayndene:   I am here because our family was once part of your pride… we left because of a serious drought many, many, many generations ago but became lost… the only way we knew where we were to go and that was the name of a place, pride rock… we asked the nearby prides and they directed us to your kingdom… however being separated for so long meant that our traditions had changed so my queen and I, who are the only survivors because our pride became nomadic.    Because of this most of our lionesses died out from not being adapted to these extremes… we only had one male too so we barley survived… only my queen who you knocked out and I have survived by also adapting to the harsh environment of the desert.    My wife and I wished to learn what traditions had changed so we wouldn’t offend you.


Kovu:         well… that explains a lot… but why have you come here instead of starting a pride of your own?


Jayndene:   because our survival depended on others so we double backed our journey to see if we can rejoin our previous pride… and that pride belongs to you.


Kovu:         … I will have to talk to my wife and our lionesses about this… did you bring any cubs?


Jayndene:   (a tear passes down his cheek) nope… the desert wiped them all out… to be honest we barely made it.


Kovu:         I understand… gather your queen and come to pride rock… we will discuss these issues further…


Zebra 1:     (still quivering) they were the ones that threatened to kill us… if you have them under control you won’t need to send those lionesses.


Kovu:         ok… thanks for the heads up.    (looks at Jayndene) do you need help carrying your queen?


Jayndene:   her name is Yrotena, and yes, I am week from traveling great distances…


Kovu:         I understand… (picks up Yrotena by the scruff and starts carrying the queen on his back all the way to pride rock.


Chapter 20:         pride rock:           outside the den:   shadowed memories.


Upon Kovu’s return with Jayndene and Yrotena, Kiara was outside with Jafira and Vitani watching over the cubs playing in the grasses.    Kiara sees and points out Kovu.    Vitani and Jafira look and take a defensive stance but Kovu puts his paw up as if to say don’t worry but naturally they round up the cubs and Kiara and Vitani hide them with Jafira in front as she is the stronger of the 3


Kovu:         Kiara, Vitani and Jafira there is no need to be defensive, I could strike them down easily like I did with the now unconscious Yrotena.    They mean us no harm, but we need to judge them, once queen Yrotena is awake again, that is.


Kiara:         (almost growling) how do we know we can trust them?


Kovu:         that is why I brought them.


Jafira:         are you out of your mind Kovu?


Kovu:         is it not what Simba did for me?


Kiara:         after you saved me, remember?


Kovu:         … kinda, I did take some head injuries in my fight with that other lion…


Jafira:         that rogue lion, Elidy…


Kovu:         (sighs) yeah


Jayndene:   please, we only ask to join your pride because ours has died out from our nomadic lifestyle and we once were part of your pride, several generations ago…


Yrotena:     (wakes up and groans) (eyes come back into focus and she suddenly says whilst still in Kovu’s grasp) where am I?


Kovu:         (jumps in surprise and drops Yrotena, she falls onto the ground)


Yrotena:     where am I?    Jayndene?    Where are you?    (Backs up against a tree not noticing her husband)


Jayndene:   I’m here sweetheart… I’m here.


Yrotena:     where are we?


Jayndene:   pride rock.


Yrotena:     I’m dreaming right?


Jayndene:   nope, you and I are the only ones that made it, back to our former home…


Kovu:         (approaches the exhausted queen with caution) I am the king here, I mean you no harm, unlike what you were trying to give me earlier…


Yrotena:     oh, right… I had a peculiar dream though, that I was baring a male cub… very strange… red too, unlike you lot… very strange…


Kiara:         well, you are obviously no shape to fight, you are both less of a threat than I had initially predicted… I guess I over reacted a little bit, huh.


Vitani:        no, it is better to be safe than sorry Kiara… (moving from over the quivering Toto who was confused by all the commotion).


Jafira:         we shall watch out because I have got a bad feeling about these two, your majesty, may I take Satrelina, Gaferu and Renyrulo to search in case there are others preparing to ambush us?


Kiara:         I was just about to ask you the same thing, Jafira… would you hurry though because if they do exist then they could scatter.


Vitani:        for now we will give them the benefit of the doubt like Simba did with Kovu.


Kovu:         (perks up at the sound of his name) hmm?    Benefit of the doubt, I would agree…


Jayndene:   Thanks (smiles but there was something about his smile that made Kovu and Kiara nervous)


Yrotena:     I MUST be dreaming… I have dreamt of this day that we return to this home for years!


Kovu, Vitani, Kiara and Jayndene all sigh as we see Jafira and 3 other lionesses run off into the distance and split up in search of other lions/esses.


Chapter 21:         early evening:      pride rock:           outside den:         the shaman comes…


The bunch was gathered just outside the den talking with the 2 new arrivals, Jafira and the other 3 lionesses had returned without any luck of finding any other traces of lion or lioness apart from these two.    They were a little bit confused about traditions but were starting to understand when suddenly out of no where…


Rafiki:        (laughs making everyone jump in surprise) looks like I missed something.


Kovu:         we thought we would tell you in the morning… about our 2 new adults…


Rafiki:        well you should have asked me first, I could have told you where and when and who they are!


Kovu:         … I guess you’re right…


Rafiki:        of course I am right Kovu!    How could I not be?


Kovu:         I don’t know…


Simba (Jr):          (roars lightly which stops this argument immediately which makes Kovu and Rafiki stop and start laughing)


Rafiki:        (settles down)


Kovu:         (picks up his son and he crawls up on his shoulder as Erilindia is with Jafira and Toto is with Kiara)


Rafiki:        so… where are you two from?


Jayndene:   from a small pride that separated from this one several generations ago, we became nomadic and adapted to being a darker colour, red (smiles)


Rafiki:        (thinks for a moment and then says) the last set of lions and lionesses to leave the pride that hasn’t returned was during a drought 12 generations ago… before I became shaman here… I have only lived to see 3 generations myself so it was one of my predecessors… I can’t remember for the life of me who the shaman was though… the story checks out…


Jayndene:   as I said, Kovu.    We are what is left of that pride…


Kovu:         if Rafiki says it checks out I concur…


Kiara:         me too,


Jafira:         I’m still a bit skeptical myself… a bad feeling usually tells me a lot


Rafiki:        good to see tat some of the pride uses their instincts apart from when on the hunt…


                   There was a moderately long awkward silence broken by young Simba snoring, everyone laughed…


Kiara:         (voice over the top with a mock birds eye view of the lot laughing) those were the happy days… life was great, drought was about to lift because large storm clouds were seen rolling in that night.    These two new adults were a real blessing for us… (Blank screen) until one day, about 5 days later after we had started to fully trust these red others their queen gave birth… (birds eye view of the outside of the den as the red lion awaits the red lioness as she comes out of the cave carrying a little red fur ball) she named the male cub after her father, apparently, after I had told them the story of Simba and also said that I had named my son after him… she named him Gruyta.


(Blank screen)


Kovu:         (voice over with the screen still blank) Gruyta became betrothed to our daughter Erilindia and Simba and Toto were to be following once they found a mate in the order of finding a mate first… but before they could begin Kiara and I had to teach the little cubs how to be king or queen, depending naturally on the gender of the cub.


Chapter 22:         the grasslands:     teachings of the old ways


(Scene opens with Kovu and Kiara with the 4 cubs following them)


Kiara:         here we are, atop of pride rock… look out over the land because all the light touches is our kingdom… a king or queen’s time as ruler rises and falls like the sun because as you all know we won’t rule forever or king Simba or king Mufasa would still be here today leading us.    The sun will one day set in a way of speaking on Kovu and my ruling and will rise with one of you being king or queen (she hadn’t told the cubs about the plans of who will rule first but the betrothal was known despite the little red cub, Gruyta had almost no idea what was going on and could barely speak as he was about 1 month old but he wasn’t too different to the other cubs)


Kovu:         now to explain the circle of life… there is a delicate balance of animals and plants as one… as king or queen you need to a) understand it and b) respect it… it contains animals from the nippy ants that look like they crawl but don’t, all the way up to the rhinoceroses, even the gazelle, hippo, zebra… every animal and plant.


Simba (Jr):          don’t we eat most of them?


Kovu:         huh?


Kiara:         yes but when we die our bodies become the grass, and who eats the grass?


Toto:          almost every other creature…


Kiara:         exactly right Toto.


Kovu:         alright, now for one to make it set in… say we took away all the antelope, what would happen?


Erilindia:   (looking a little bit confused) and the ant population would rapidly grow?


Kovu:         well done Erilindia.    When the ant population grows what happens?


Erilindia:   they nip you more often?


Kovu:         apart from that… (Silence all round) they eat a lot of the plant-life… and what would happen when there is greatly less plant-life?


Simba (Jr):          uh, other animals don’t get to eat like the zebras?


Kovu:         correct Simba, and the zebras and several other animals leave the Pridelands and that leaves us hungry without meat and we starve and leave too…


Toto:          wow!    That makes sense dad!


Kiara:         Gruyta, I noticed that you didn’t answer any of the questions… what is the problem dear?


Gruyta:       this doesn’t seem right, my parents are bred to be outside moving about but they are happy to take up a lazy life here… I don’t get it…


Kiara:         (smiles) well, you may as well get used to it… we still have a lot to teach you before we die ourselves… and judging by your parents, I’d say they would like it here not moving around too… but it is their decision.


                   The lot of them head out into the grasslands for further teaching




Jayndene:   I’m not sure how much longer we can keep this lie going…


The couple is down by a waterhole with no one else around


Yrotena:     you have to, it is for our own good, it’s our destiny after all…


Jayndene:   but they are like family to us now, you know how ours died out… (Trails off)


Yrotena:     it is also to ensure our little one’s future… we must keep it going Jayndene… we simply must…


Jayndene:   I know…


Chapter 23:         the grasslands:     the cubs at play


Gruyta was the quietest of the highly playful bunch but Toto was the least playful… Simba was the brave one and Erilindia was the leader of the cub’s gang, or so they called it…


Simba:        (running after Gruyta and Toto as he was ‘it’ and they were playing tag) (made a large dive at Toto but missed and rolled on the ground laughing)


Erilindia:   (came over to see if he was hurt and then suddenly…)


Simba:        TAG!    (And with that he ran after his sister and their friend Gruyta)


Erilindia:   (sighed and ran after them with a great amount of speed which made Vitani who was nearby raise an eyebrow)


Vitani:        (to Jafira who was lying lazily under a tree with Vitani who was watching over the cubs) that little Erilindia, she will be a great addition to our hunting band… she is fast and a great leader, always looking out for her siblings and friends.    (Looks over to Jafira)


Jafira:         (looks at the high speed cub tagging Gruyta) I think you’re right, Vitani… she would be a valuable asset to our hunting band.


Vitani:        (smiles which is rare for her) it will be a pity if when she is queen she is caught up in royal duties the whole time… (Lightly frowns at Jafira and says) it would be amusing if before these two get married if Simba or Toto got married themselves… (Smiles weekly at Jafira)


Jafira:         (recognizes a side to Vitani that she had never known about… her humor)… yeah, that would be amusing (smiles)


Both:          (look back over at the cubs playing)


Toto:          (now ‘it’) (runs after Simba at a fairly high speed, but Simba is faster but less maneuverable… he comes to some logs, attempting to loose his sister he slows down and swerves his body to avoid the logs but Toto doesn’t need to slow down and presses her advantage… she pounces on her brother and yells) TAG! (Then falls off laughing)


Erilindia:   (runs in at the wrong moment and Simba immediately pounces on her and yelling) TAG! (As he falls down behind his other sister taking her down with him)


All:             (laugh)


Gruyta:       (comes in looking as exhausted as the 3 siblings and then says) I think we should have a break… how about we go to Vitani and Jafira?


Simba:        (Laughing lightly) (Sarcastically) yeah, aunty Vitani is a lot of fun… (Starts chanting) aunty Vitani, aunty Vitani…


Toto:          (Gets up) I think that Gruy is right…


Gruyta:       Oi!


Erilindia:   (starts laughing and says) I think you’re right sis, looks like rain is coming and it looks heavy…


Simba:        (looking surprised) aw, guys, you’re spoiling our fun…


(From a short distance)


Vitani:        Lunch time cubs!


Simba:        (smiles) I think you’re right for a change


All:             (run towards Vitani)


Vitani:        (to Jafira) that did the trick…


Jafira:         (chuckling and trying to keep a straight face as the cubs approach)


Vitani:        your mothers will be here shortly with some zebra… it is time you tried meat…


Simba:        (eyes wide open) Wow really?


Vitani:        (nods)


Jafira:         (still struggling to keep a straight face but the cubs don’t notice)


Vitani:        NOW!


The cubs:   (look around in surprise as Kiara, Jafira, Satrelina and Yrotena all jump out and catch a cub each)


Vitani:        Bath time!


The cubs:   (all at the same time) oh, no!


Kiara:         (holding Simba firmly and giving him a bath with him reluctantly going along with it)


Jafira:         (holding Erilindia who for some reason didn’t mind baths too much and didn’t struggle too much and Jafira was less harsh in holding her too)


Satrelina:   (holding Toto who was struggling a bit but was too tired to put up a real fight and therefore didn’t need to be held as still as the guys)


Yrotena:     (holding her son, Gruyta but he was putting up a real fight… he was held still but struggled less because he was quite relaxed and a little bit relieved to be with his mother)


Vitani:        (chuckling to herself)


                   The cubs were annoyed that Vitani and a few lionesses lied to give them a bath but Vitani then said…


Vitani:        do I ever break a promise?    We had to get you clean before you eat…


The cubs:   (look at Vitani with a look of disbelief on their faces)


Vitani:        (smiles) don’t worry, I didn’t lie, I just didn’t tell you the whole truth as Kovu and Jayndene are bringing back a zebra for you cubs to try… we also needed you clean first!


Simba:        (Still struggling) that I doubt!


Vitani:        (looks less pleased but still smiles as she really does want cubs of her own)


Kiara:         Vitani has spoken no lie young one, Kovu and Jayndene are due here shortly.


Simba:        (almost angrily) but won’t we get dirty from eating meat?


Kiara:         (smiles) this is a big day for the pride so we want you looking your best.


Simba:        (groans)


Kovu:         (coming over into view dragging a zebra carcass with Jayndene following closely)


Kiara:         (smiles) (at the cubs) who was telling the truth?


They feast on the zebra’s flesh and they had a great meal.    Shortly after there is a zebra skeleton, 4 sleeping cubs, 2 sleeping lions and 3 sleeping lionesses but Jafira and Vitani are still awake and talking


Vitani:        that was more tender than usual… Kovu picked the right one…


Jafira:         yeah, now these cubs are old enough to eat meat it will be easier on us to keep them alive…


Vitani:        (looks at the sleeping Simba and Toto who are sleeping back-to-back and then back to Jafira) you might be right there… but it was a fun ambush… the look on the cubs’ faces was priceless… (Smiles, which as I said earlier was very rare and hadn’t been noted twice in 1 day before).


Jafira:         (looks at the sun setting) ah, it has been a good day…


Chapter 24:         grasslands:           those happy days…


(Blank screen)


Kiara:         (Voice over) it was one of the best days of our lives… we only had few days where things were so great… (Screen turns to a wide shot of pride rock) it was a mighty kingdom, the cubs were mischievous but not out of control.    One day when the cubs were now teenaged and had learned much about ruling the kingdom but there was more to it than met the eye…


(Clear shot of the now teenaged cubs sitting around by a tree at twilight talking, Erilindia was next to Gruyta naturally, Toto was opposite them and Simba was up on a small cliff (about 3 feet up) and was looking down on the group).


Erilindia:   Do you remember when we were cubs and Simba and Gruyta went charging into a tree because you 2 were racing, I was trying to keep up because Toto was further behind and I didn’t want you to get hurt?    At top speed you and Simba went around a corner and all I saw over a few rocks was a tree suddenly shake.    (Smiles)


Simba:        (rubbing his head instinctively) or better yet, what I have been trying to forget…


Toto:          don’t let go of your cub-hood memories, bro… they will only come once…


Simba:        yeah, I know…


Gruyta:       (now considering himself more a part of the group and less an outsider) so do I… ‘Yeh got any stories that I haven’t heard?    ‘Cos I’m gettin’ bored…


Toto:          (laughs) I assume you have heard about the great king Simba, where my brother got his name.


Gruyta:       on’y ‘undred times.


All:             (laugh)


Jafira:         (still slightly distrusting towards the red lions and lioness but she is still trying to keep her instincts from taking control) (walks in) hey all, what did I miss?


Gruyta:       ah, nothing much Jaffie, just talking…


Jafira:         (ignores the nick-name) what about?


Erilindia:   life mainly… what brings you here Jaffie?


Jafira:         Pumba and Sampsen being experts at chatting about boring stuff… I came here because here everyone talks about decent stuff, it makes a nice change.


Toto:          I see… well have you got any stories that we haven’t heard Jafira?


Jafira:         uh… nope… if you’re all bored then perhaps we should go out and hunt cos I don’t know about you lot but I am a tad peckish.


Simba:        sounds like a plan.    Shall we start?


Erilindia:   zebra fine with everybody?


All apart from Erilindia:        yeah!


Erilindia:   ok, Jaffie, you going to lead?


Jafira:         (smiles) sure, why not?


Simba:        (jumps down and says) the nearest herd is to the east… we could make it before the sun is gone and we can strike with top camouflage level…


All but Simba:     right.


Jafira:         follow me and when I hand gesture you, drop down and be ready to strike when you are close enough in synchronization!


All but Jafira:      (nod)


The 2 lions and 3 lionesses move into the nearby area of the herd and Jafira gestures the others to drop, they all silently do… they move closer without a sound and all get in good positions to strike, Jafira holds up her paw and signals that they are to break cover once her paw drops… a few seconds pass then she lowers her paw and in unison they struck.


The chase was on… Simba and Gruyta attacked the same zebra at the same time, Gruyta latched onto the side distracting the now doomed zebra as Simba struck his teeth into the neck of the horse-like creature… it quickly gave up and collapsed to the ground with the 2 lions still having their claws in it… the lionesses didn’t have any luck but roared in triumph at seeing the lions holding their kill.


Jafira:         well done guys… well done, who wants dark meat and who wants light?


All:             (laugh)


The group enjoyed their feed but meanwhile back at the den the opposite was happening… who remained was under attack by some unknown pride.


Kiara:         (yelling over the group but Jafira and the ‘cubs’ don’t hear) Fall back to the den!


Kovu:         (roars as he strikes down some gold coloured lionesses to let his sister pull the warthogs and remaining lionesses and lion back to the den slowly moving back himself) there’s too many of them!    We need help!


Kiara:         Zazu and Yondine are on the way to get reinforcements!    I only hope we can hold out until they arrive… (Runs into the den growling and slashing back at some of the opposing lionesses)


Back to the triumphant hunters…


(Trumpet solo with a deep drumbeat would make some decent music here)


Yondine:    (circles the group and hastily lands in front of the group, he starts yelling) ATTACK!    ATTACK!    AT PRIDE ROCK!    HELP THEM!


Jafira:         (looks at the bird with a little bit of confusion) by whom?


Yondine:    I don’t know but your pride needs help (takes off to look for more help)


Simba:        we’d better get down there… everyone ready?


All but Simba:     (nods)


Jafira:         let’s get down there! (Starts sprinting towards pride rock with the ‘cubs’ in close pursuit)


Chapter 25:         pride rock:           the den:      the moment where everything changed… again


(Blank screen)


Kiara:         (voice over, yet again) it took them just over 2 minuets to arrive and help but it seemed like 2 weeks… amidst all the fighting Kovu had fallen.    (Shows an image of the fallen lion barely breathing as the red lioness Yrotena and Jayndene held the entrance).    Satrelina and I pulled him back further into the cave with the 2 red lions holding the border.    (Shows this).    Then hope came with Jafira, from nowhere jumped on one of the front lionesses with Erilindia, Simba, Gruyta and Toto attacking the other lions from the other side… they were surrounded and now outnumbered.    (Shows this).


Jafira:         (jumping off the knocked out lioness with her tail twitching she roared loudly forcing the opposition’s morale to fall dramatically).    Go back to whence you came!    And take your knocked out and dead with you!


The other pride obeyed and sprinted as Jafira had unknowingly knocked out their leader


Kiara:         (came up behind Jafira and took to the left of her with Satrelina took up her left as they approached the scattering pride, avoiding the cubs, they took those of their own that died or where knocked out with them as instructed but no smile came from Kiara…not knowing why Simba approached)


Simba:        what’s wrong, moth… (Sees the knocked out Kovu) oh…


The rest of the cubs join his side… and start crying… Kiara follows suit… even the mighty red lion, Jayndene was on the verge of tears with his wife crying by his side…


Kiara:         (voice over) Yrotena then said that it was too much and stormed out of the den crying… (shows this) her king then looked at me and followed his wife almost in tears himself… hope seemed lost until…


Simba (Jr):          he’s alive… (Straightens neck to see his pulse)


Kiara:         (looks over and smiles) (rubs a tear from her cheek with her front left paw) he might pull through… but these slash marks are deep, very deep… (Has a closer look) looks like he may have a hole in his lung… (bubbles are coming through the blood on his chest) yep… that’s for sure… (a tear falls on her unconscious husband) we’d better move him closer to the entrance for Rafiki… I doubt these injuries are survivable without him… Erilindia?


Erilindia:   (crying but controlling it) yeah?


Kiara:         would you help me move him to the middle so we can get a better look?


Erilindia:   (sniffs) sure…


Kiara:         (voice over) he was a sure deadweight and left blood trail marks on his dragging to the middle… Toto then ran to retrieve Rafiki who had some experience in the art of medicine and brought some large leafs to try and cover the wounds with them and several grass strands along with some herbs that I can’t pronounce the names of to try and speed up healing time and to reduce the pain for him… luckily he was in a coma and hadn’t lost too much blood when Rafiki arrived… he was lucky.    A few days passed on and I once again was looking after him…


Chapter 26:         flashback II:         Part 1:        Nala’s death.


Turns to another time, a few days later according to Kiara’s voice over


Kiara:         (voice over briefly) I was watching over him in the afternoon breeze… he was still in a coma according to Rafiki and he said he could be in it for a long time, or a short… he didn’t know… there was something about the reflection from my daughter, Erilindia’s eyes that reminded me of my mother Nala…  (Non-voice over) Erilindia, Toto… in a moment could you move your father over to the side of the den… I can’t bring myself to do it in his current state…


Erilindia:   (looks over) sure in a min.


Kiara:         (smiles and the eyes reflection that looked like Nala’s eyes when she was alive and brought on a flashback to about 1 year prior to this event)


The scene opens with Kiara and Nala running towards a herd of wildebeests laughing until they get close enough to be seen and heard.    They duck down low ready to start their silent approach.


Nala:          (gestures to Kiara to get further down)


Kiara:         (nods and obeys)


Nala:          (once getting Kiara and herself closer she signals to pounce and they are off)


Kiara:         (splits the group up with a high speed dive forcing a large wilder beast to head towards Nala giving her the perfect opportunity to strike)


Nala:          (takes her advantage and dives at the wildebeest but the wildebeest won’t go down without a fight and strikes her directly in the side with it’s horns upon her flight… it forces her to the ground piercing her flesh and bone and pinning her as the horns go right through her ribs and out the other side)


Kiara:         Nala!    (Runs over)


Nala:          (is released from the horns but is thrown as the wildebeest shakes it’s head and throws her to one side and runs off after it’s herd… but the damage had been done)


Kiara:         (comes skidding to a halt in front of her struck down mother) are you OK mum?


Nala:          (struggling to take breaths as the horns had pierced her lungs completely and they were rapidly filling up with blood) (groans) ‘elp…


Kiara:         (sees Timon and Pumba, she signals for them to help her back because she couldn’t bring herself to do it, they nod and obey)


Simba (Sr):          (sees the group and also sees Nala’s blood falling behind Pumba and Timon as they approach pride rock) Nala!    (Looks at Zazu says) get help now, she’s hurt badly!    (Runs up to Timon and Pumba and they gently puts her on the ground)


Kiara:         Mum?


Nala:          (still gasping for air) yeah…?


Simba:        (sighs in partial relies) you’re alive, thank goodness…


Nala:          uh… I… tried… but… I… I… fail…led…


Kiara:         no you didn’t mum… you WILL survive this (a few tears fell down Kiara’s face)


Simba:        Nala, you will make it… you must…


Nala:          uh…(exhales quickly)


Simba:        (now also in tears) (straightens her neck to see no pulse) (a loud roar is heard from Simba… followed by) NOOOO!!!


Returns to normal time and Kiara looks over Kovu’s almost lifeless body with the young Erilindia moving him with Toto’s help to the side of the den as the proud Simba (Jr.) walks in and asks


Simba (Jr.):         how is he?


Kiara:         (Kiara, still holding back a lot of tears) not really a change from last time you asked… still in a coma…


Simba:        (sounding surprised) still?


Kiara:         (nods with a tear falling down her face) why are you so happy?


Simba:        Gruyta and I work well as a team and catch prey well… aunt Vitani said that if we keep our teamwork no one else would be needed for a hunting party!


Kiara:         (smiles but is obviously sorrow-filled)


Simba:        well you should give it up… dad’s chance of survival is slim, I think you should move on mum!


Kiara:         (gets up and paws her son across the face without her claws) if you EVER say anything like that again I will rip your face right off, got that?


Simba:        (Cowering because Kiara has never been this harsh) I… understand… (Looking up at Kiara in confusion)


Kiara:         (realizing what she is doing and sighs and says) sorry son… it is hard on us all… when you were a little cub I looked after your father just like I do now… he was seriously injured after a rogue named Elidy attacked him and Vitani… that is why both of them have scars and walking problems… though the scar over Kovu’s eye was caused by Zira, Kovu’s mother… Kovu wasn’t as badly hurt as Vitani but Kovu after about 3 days of my nursing he went out to defend our lionesses with all our remaining forces, excluding me… he came back knocked out but I nursed him for another 2 days until he came around… just in time for the announcement ceremony of you lot… he has never fully recovered but I WILL always stand by him when he is down… I won’t go into further details because Rafiki would be able to tell it better than I… since Kovu was attacked by Elidy I cherish every moment that he is awake because it reminded me how harsh the circle of life actually is…


Simba:        I think I understand what you mean by that…


Kiara:         (smiles) then you are smarter than you look, son.


Simba:        (smiles back, not rising the playful insult his mother had said and walks out of the den).


Kiara:         (watches him go and becomes once again lost in thought for her mother)


Chapter 27:         Flashback II:        part 2:        Nala’s funeral


Kiara:         (voice over) my thoughts went back to my mother… this time her funeral…


(Blank screen)


Simba (Sr):          (pretty much crying) Why?    Why did she have to die?


Kiara:         (also crying but not as heavily) as you said yourself daddy, it was just her time…


                   The camera zooms out to see Rafiki ordering the other animals into safe mourning areas and he approached Timon and Pumba, get into position to move Nala into the running stream but Simba approaches)


Simba:        I’ll help… Kiara… Kovu… Timon, Pumba… on three… one… two… three… (They all push the lionesses body into the water and roll her onto her back and let her float downstream… they watch her body float downstream and slowly sink but still in vision… they exit the water and Simba collapses almost three quarters of the way up the bank and cries with deep sobs)


Timon:       (climbs up Simba’s body and says just behind his ear) It’s all righ’ buddy… loosing parents and wives even is part of life, bud’… it’s ok…


Simba:        (kneels over and starts sobbing heavily) she was the one that brought me t’ face my destiny… she was my true believer… she was my wife… she was the only one who made me whole… though she couldn’t take dad’s place of guilt away, she tried… IT IS ALL MY FAULT!


Pumba:      (walks over and sits next to the sorrow-filled king) it is NOT your fault Simba… that wildebeest struck her in defense… there is nothing you could’ve done…


Simba:        yeah, there is Pumba… I challenged her to bring home the largest wildebeest to feed the pride… she rose to the challenge… it is all my fault… MY FAULT!


Rafiki:        (comes over and says) Simba, there is no way you could’ve known… therefore it isn’t your fault!    (Runs off, back to the tree of life)


Kovu:         Simba, Rafiki is right, (walks over to sit opposite Pumba, next to the grieving king)


Simba:        No!    I shouldn’t have let her go!


Kiara:         (walks over and sits down in front of her father) daddy, there is no way you could’ve known that the wildebeest would strike her… it is NOT your fault!


Simba:        Kiara… I can’t continue on as king in my sorry state… you and Kovu will have to take over…


Kiara:         (little bit surprised but still keeping her stance) it is not your fault!


Simba:        YES IT IS DAMNIT!    (Collapses down to the ground with loud sobs heard)


Kiara:         (looks at Kovu) I guess he’s right, he is in no fit state to lead the kingdom.


                   Returns to normal time… tears had started pouring down Kiara’s face and landing on Kovu which was enough to jolt him awake but too week to get up.


Kiara:         Kovu?


To Be Continued…


A sneak peak at part 3


Jayndene:   you’re right, this lie is easier to keep going than I thought…


Gruyta:       and which lie is that?    (Walks over)


Jayndene:   Gruyta, don’t ask… you’ll draw attention to us!


Gruyta:       and why is that a bad thing, dad?


Jayndene:   don’t ask Gruyta… it doesn’t concern you…


Kiara:         (comes up behind the fully grown red lion and says) by the sounds of it, it concerns us… Kovu may be out hunting but I can still interrogate to get what I need!


Yrotena:     Back down, your majesty (takes on an aggressive stance)


Kiara:         if you try you will be killed within 20 seconds… I guarantee it…


Jafira:         (comes up from behind Jayndene)


Satrelina:   (comes next to Jafira)


Erilindia:   (comes next to her husband)


Simba (Jr):          (takes up Kiara’s flank with Toto, Gaferu and Renyrulo being out hunting with Kovu)


Jafira:         I never trusted you… probably never will… what’s this big lie…


Yrotena:     I’ll never tell you!


Kiara and Jafira: (raise their front paws with claws drawn)…


Well the school holidays here in west Australia are almost over so it may take a fair while for part 3 to come out so be patient, as it WILL come out… I won’t have as much time in the same period to work on it but I will nevertheless do my best… this is only the beginning and I may even make a part 4!    This depends on how in depth I make part 3… I’ll keep you all posted…